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Singapore Infocomm Technology Roadmap ............................................. 6
Key Players .............................................................................................. 7
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Market Access into Singapore ................................................................ 13
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Overview of Singapore
Singapore is a small nation of about 4.48 million people. The country gained
independence in 1965 and has come a long way in a relatively short time.

Singapore‟s GDP in 2006 reached S$209,990.9 million or US$132,161.2 million.
This represented a 7.9% y-o-y growth. Positive growth was recorded across all
sectors, with the manufacturing sector in the lead at 11.5%1. Per Capita GDP was
about US$29,424 in 2006, up from US$26,876 in 2005.

Singapore‟s political scene is also highly stable stability. The stable political
climate is also conducive to businesses as confidence levels are high.

Doing business in Singapore
It pays dividends to do some background reading to gain an understanding of
where Singapore fits in a South East Asian business context, and to its long-term
trading role in the region. This will assist you to evaluate a Singaporean's views,
possibly help determine where his/her company fits in a broader market context,
and enable you at least to ask some of the right questions in order to assess
whether the company would represent a good business fit for you.

Singapore is a small market basically but it can act as a gateway to Asian
markets, particularly Southeast Asian markets where access to these markets for
an Israeli company is limited.

Singapore is one of the best wired sites on the Internet. You can obtain a good
flow of information on Singapore through surfing the Internet.

Information on government agencies and policies is easily available on the web. A
contact directory on key government agencies and personnel can be accessed
online at www.sgdi.gov.sg.

Singaporean business people, like most Asian businessmen, deem having a good
„guanxi‟– meaning relationship – with their contacts, a vital element in business
discussions. Building relationships over lunch and dinners meetings are common
practices here. Most importantly, meeting face-to-face add a personal touch to
business discussions compared to email correspondences.

Singaporeans, like other Asians, tend to place more store on outward displays of
respect. Being more consciously polite on first meeting will help create a more
favourable impression. Do not be too aggressive and pushy.

Be clear in your speech and make sure the person you are speaking with actually
understands what you are saying. A Singaporean generally has good spoken
English, but his/her comprehension may differ from your own. Ask questions to
confirm you have a common understanding of what is being discussed. It is
important to be sensitive to 'Yes' or „OK‟- it does not necessarily mean "Yes, I

    Singapore Department of Statistics, GDP 2006

Economic Department                                                                           3
Embassy of Israel in Singapore
                                             Singapore Info-Communications Market | Page 4

agree." It may simply mean "Yes, I hear you." Do take time to ensure you
understand the response being conveyed. Singaporeans typically are quite quiet
at meetings and will not ask too questions, unless really interested.

Many Singaporeans may also avoid saying "No" as openly. Again be sensitive of
any unspoken signals being given. Most important of all, listen and observe.

Singaporeans have quite a lot of respect for government authority. If you would
like to meet up with big organizations or government agencies, it is normally
easier to open doors through the Embassy of Israel.

Bring a large supply of business cards. As in other Asian countries, the exchange
of business cards is an important beginning to any meeting. Cards are typically
exchanged with both hands with the text facing the receiver. Similarly, cards are
received with both hands and briefly perused.

Singapore is warm throughout the year, hence business attire of shirt and tie
would suffice in most meetings.

Avoid visiting Singapore around Chinese New Year or December. Chinese New
Year normally takes place during February. Mid-November to December is a
school vacation period and people may travel out. In addition, people normally
start to clear their leave at the end of the year and hence most people may not
be around.

Overview of Singapore’s info-communications
Singapore is one of the most wired countries in the world with a nation-wide
network of fiber optic cables connecting the whole island. Third generation (3G)
networks and services in Singapore were rolled out in early 2005. In early 2005,
the iDA issued six Wireless Broadband Access (WBA) spectrum rights in the
2.3GHz and 2.5 GHz frequency bands and by end of 2006, consumers and
businesses can expect to enjoy more wireless access options from more operators

Despite growing competition, Singapore's infocomm technology industry
continues to advance, raking in revenues of S$37.89 billion in 2005.

This figure is a near 8 per cent rise from the previous year. In 2004, industry
revenues stood at S$34.77 billion, a 6 per cent increase from S$32.83 billion in

Today, the ICT industry contributes over 6 per cent of Singapore's GDP.

Almost two-third of business R&D is in the ICT sector.

Singapore‟s mobile market is quite saturated, since mobile penetration rate is
over 100%.

Economic Department                                                                     4
Embassy of Israel in Singapore
                                                             Singapore Info-Communications Market | Page 5

There   are    3   mobile   operators in  Singapore, namely    Singapore
Telecommunications (SingTel), Starhub and MobileOne (M1).  All 3 mobile
operators have 3G licenses.

Operators are looking for ways to increase revenue and keep capex low.

Through our interaction with the 3 local operators, here are some of the key
areas of interest that we have identified:

      1.    Convergence technologies
      2.    Messaging solutions
      3.    Mobile advertising
      4.    Mobile TV
      5.    IPTV
      6.    Next generation network
      7.    Wi-max

Figure 2 Mobile Market Statistics in Singapore, Jan – Apr 20072

           CATEGORY                               JAN            FEB          MAR          APR

           Mobile Market
           Total mobile phone subscriptions     4,689,300      4,729,700    4,788,600    4,848,100
           (2G + 3G)                            1,899,000      1,852,000    1,795,700    1,745,600
           Total post-paid subscriptions (2G)   1,836,900      1,863,200    1,911,400    1,961,500
           Total pre-paid subscriptions (2G)      953,400      1,014,500    1,081,400    1,141,000
           Total number of 3G subscriptions        955.00         911.33     1,001.66       959.67
           Total number of SMS messages            million        million      million      million
                                                  104.6%         105.5%       106.8%       108.1%

           Mobile penetration


The latest study on broadband usage in Singapore reveals a broadband
penetration of over 50%, while Internet penetration amongst households is at
66% of the population. About 59 percent of the 1.1 million households in
Singapore have broadband access.

Wireless@SG is a wireless broadband programme developed by IDA as part of its
Next Generation National Infocomm Infrastructure initiative. It will be run and
developed in the next two years by three local wireless operators who will deploy
a wireless broadband network in Singapore. Users can enjoy free, both in-door

    Source: Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

Economic Department                                                                                     5
Embassy of Israel in Singapore
                                                            Singapore Info-Communications Market | Page 6

and outdoor seamless wireless broadband access with speeds of up to 512kbps at
most public areas.

Wireless@SG is powered by the network of three wireless operators: iCell, QMax
and SingTel

Figure 3 Internet Services Market Statistics in Singapore, Jan – Apr 20073

         CATEGORY                                 JAN           FEB          MAR          APR

         Dial-Up Internet Services
         Total Internet dial-up subscriptions   1,516,300     1,514,500   1,515,300    1,514,800
         Total Residential Internet dial-up     1,470,400     1,469,000   1,470,300    1,471,700
                                                  45,900         45,500      45,100       43,200
         Total Corporate Internet dial-up
         subscriptions                             33.8%         33.8%        33.8%        33.8%
         Internet dial-up penetration

         Broadband Internet Access
         Services                                779,000        783,800     796,500      808,500
         Total broadband subscriptions           706,600        711,000     722,000      733,500
         Total Residential broadband              72,400         72,700      74,500       75,000
         subscriptions                           414,100        417,000     425,100      431,800
         Total Corporate broadband               357,900        360,100     363,600      368,800
         subscriptions                             3,100          3,100       3,000        3,100
         Total xDSL subscriptions
         Total cable modem subscriptions           3,900          3,600        4,700       4,800
         Total leased line Internet
                                                   63.7%         64.1%        65.1%        66.1%
         Total subscriptions using other
         broadband Internet access method

         Household broadband penetration

Singapore Infocomm Technology Roadmap
Today, Singapore has a vibrant and dynamic info-communications technology
(ICT) industry. The strong growth in this sector is driven by key government
initiatives. The ICT sector is regulated by Infocomm Development Authority of
Singapore (IDA). This sophisticated industry through various government support
and programs has made Singapore an ideal test bed for ICT technologies and

In 2006. Singapore launched a new ten-year infocomm masterplan that will
propel the nation into 2015 and beyond, with a line-up of activities and goals that
spell benefits for the people, businesses and the global community. The vision is
to turn the country into an Intelligent Nation and Global City, Powered by

    Source: Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

Economic Department                                                                                    6
Embassy of Israel in Singapore
                                                  Singapore Info-Communications Market | Page 7

infocomm. The masterplan recommends the way forward for Singapore, into a
future where infocomm will bring a sea change and become intrinsic in the way
people live, learn, work and play.

Led by the IDA, iN2015 is a multi-agency effort that is the result of private,
public and people sector co-creation.

The iN2015 masterplan outlined four key strategies:

         To spearhead the transformation of key economic sectors,
          government and society through more sophisticated and innovative use
          of infocomm
         To establish an ultra-high speed, pervasive, intelligent and trusted
          infocomm infrastructure
         To develop a globally competitive infocomm industry
         To develop an infocomm-savvy workforce and globally competitive
          infocomm manpower

In harnessing infocomm technologies for the key economic sectors, some key
recommendations include the use of personalised services to enhance healthcare,
education, tourism and e-government; seamless delivery of financial services and
supply-chain management.

The Next Generation National Infocomm Infrastructure will be put in place by
2012, capable of delivering broadband speeds up to 1 Gbps, and offer pervasive
connectivity around the country. The infrastructure will also be IPv6 compliant
and will enable an exciting host of new broadband-enabled services and
applications, such as immersive learning experiences, telemedicine, high
definition TV, immersive video conferencing and grid computing.

See www.in2015.gov.sg for more information and reports for download.

Key Players
This section will provide a brief profile of key companies in the Internet, fixed line
and mobile telecommunications industry of Singapore.

Tel                              :   +65 6838 3388
Fax                              :   +65 6732 8428
Website                          :   http://www.singnet.com.sg

Launched in 1994, SingNet is the leading Internet Service Provider in Singapore
and a wholly owned subsidiary of SingTel. As at 30 June 2006, it has 372,000
broadband lines and 71,000 dial up customers.

Economic Department                                                                          7
Embassy of Israel in Singapore
                                                           Singapore Info-Communications Market | Page 8

SingNet caters to a wide customer base and offers a full range of Internet
services with different usage plans to suit home and business users. It was the
first ISP in Singapore to launch a broadband service, providing customers with
surfing speeds of up to 512Kbps using ADSL technology. SingNet is also the first
broadband ISP to introduce supplementary email accounts, child-friendly services
and movie-on-demand (Movie Magix) to its users. With SingNet Wireless Surf,
customers can now gain broadband wireless access on the move using their
laptop and wireless LAN cards at more than 300 SingTel Wireless Surf Zones

SingNet is also a Domain Name Registrar accredited by the Singapore Network
Information Centre (SGNIC).

Figure 4 Subscriber base, Singnet as of 31 March 20074
Type                                                          Subscribers

Broadband                                                        421,000

Starhub Online Pte Ltd
Tel                                  :   +65-68255500
Fax                                  :   +65-68726204
Website                              :   http://www.starhub.com

With its industry-leading flagship service, MaxOnline, StarHub Online Pte Ltd is
the fastest-growing Internet Service Provider in Singapore. MaxOnline is the
unlimited, 'always-on', plug-and-play residential cable broadband service offering
high broadband speeds and excellent home networking capabilities. MaxOnline
Ultimate is Singapore's highest residential broadband service, with download
speeds of up to 100 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 2 Mbps. Other residential
broadband packages include MaxOnline Premium and MaxOnline Express, the
former offering residential broadband speeds of up to 12 Mbps; the latter with
speeds of up to 6 Mbps.

Figure 4 Subscriber base, Starhub as of 31 March 2007 5
Type                                                          Subscribers

Broadband                                                        329,000

    Source: SingTel news release on quarterly financial results, 31 March 2007
    Source: Starhub press release on quarterly financial results, 31 March 2007

Economic Department                                                                                   8
Embassy of Israel in Singapore
                                                           Singapore Info-Communications Market | Page 9

Pacific Internet
Tel                                  :   (65) 6872 0322
Fax                                  :   (65) 6872 6674
Website                              :   http://www.pacific.net.sg

Pacific Internet Limited, or PacNet, is the largest teIco-independent Internet
Communications Service Provider (ICSP) in the Asia Pacific region by geographic
reach. The company has direct presence in seven markets – Singapore, Hong
Kong, the Philippines, Australia, India, Thailand and Malaysia.
PacNet runs a round-the-clock IP network with strong international peering
relationships, enabling it to offer integrated and secured data, voice, and video
services to customers with interests in major commercial centers in Asia and
globally. Today, the Group‟s network reliability and diversity are an industry
benchmark as it maintains connectivity for customers even in regional outage

PacNet‟s ability to service global and Asian businesses, as well as consumers is
driven by more than 10 years of experience in delivering localized and regional-
based Internet services. PacNet remains one of the few profitable NASDAQ-listed
Internet Service Providers with strong emphasis on revenue and profit growth.

Figure 5 Subscriber base, PacNet as of 31 March 2007 6
                         Corporate Business Base                        Consumer

                       Broadband         Leased      Dial-up           IP    Corporate           Total       Grand
                                           Line                  Services     Business    (Broadband,         Total
                                                                                 Total    Dial-up & IP

Subscribers              7,849            611       6,853           919      16,232          83,532        99,764

MobileOne (M1)
Tel                                  :   +65-68951111
Website                              :   http://www.m1.com.sg

In December 2006, MobileOne (M1), of which state-controlled Telekom Malaysia
and Malaysian state investment arm Khazanah Nasional own nearly 30 percent,
launched its first island-wide wireless broadband service, „M1 Broadband‟. Using
its newly upgraded 3G network that is now the first to offer High Speed Downlink
Packet Access (HSDPA),that provides broadband Internet access anywhere a
phone signal is available. M1 Broadband offers initial downlink speeds of up to 3.6

    Source: PacNet press release on quarterly financial results, 31 March 2007

Economic Department                                                                                   9
Embassy of Israel in Singapore
                                                 Singapore Info-Communications Market | Page 10

Mbps in the Central Business District and up to 1.8 Mbps for the rest of the island.
This will increase to a top speed of 14.4Mbps by the end of 2007.

No exact figures on subscriber base available. Based on M1‟s press release on 28
Feb 2007, it stands at over 10,000.

iCELL Network
Tel                              :   (65) 67734284
Fax                              :   (65) 67734264
Website                          :   http://www.icellnetwork.com

iCELL Network is one of Singapore's pioneer Wireless ISP and a leading IT
solution provider. iCELL designs, builds and operates Internet and Wireless
infrastructure. The company provides business systems mobility to corporate and
consumer users. As an early adopter and advocate of MESH Wireless technology
in Singapore, iCELL actively designs and implements solution in MESH Wireless
infrastructure for Enterprise and Metro Wireless. The adoption of a MESH Wireless
architecture significantly spearheads unprecedented launch of new applications in
communications and security surveillance in Singapore and ASEAN markets.

Subscriber figures for iCELL are not publicly available.

QMax Communications
Tel                              :   (65) 67960350
Fax                              :   (65) 67960343
Website                          :   http://www.qmax.com.sg

QMax Communications Pte Ltd is a broadband infrastructure and technology
company offering “Anytime, Anywhere” high speed wireless broadband
connectivity. It is part of the QMax group of telecommunication and data
communication companies. The company was awarded the largest range of
wireless broadband access (WBA) spectrum by IDA at an auction held in May
2005. In March 2006, it became the first service provider in Singapore to
successfully deploy and commercialize a wireless broadband service using the
WBA spectrum (or commonly known as WIMAX).

With strong support from its major shareholder, Creative Technology Ltd, a
worldwide leader in digital entertainment products and portable media players,
QMax Communications Pte Ltd is poised to be one of a new breed of broadband
infrastructure and technology companies offering consumers a chance to
wirelessly access digital media for communication, entertainment and learning at
high speed.

Subscriber figures for QMax are not publicly available.

Economic Department                                                                        10
Embassy of Israel in Singapore
                                                 Singapore Info-Communications Market | Page 11


The key players in the mobile telecoms industry in Singapore are SingTel,
Starhub and MobileOne. The table below ranks the major mobile telcos in the
country by their market share of subscribers.

Figure 6 Mobile telco market share by subscribers, 2006
Rank     Company                           Technology                        Subscribers
                                                                (as of 31 March 2007)
1        SingTel                              GSM; 3G                                 1.82
2        Starhub                              GSM; 3G                                 1.59
3        MobileOne                            GSM; 3G                               1.378

Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel)
Tel                              :   +65-68383388
Fax                              :   +65-67328428
Website                          :   http://www.singtel.com

In Singapore, SingTel has had more than 120 years of operating experience and
has played an integral part in the development of the city as a major
communications hub in the region. In Australia, Optus serves more than six
million customers. It has driven the competition as the challenger brand and led
the way in technological innovations and breakthroughs.

SingTel is a major investor in many of the world's most sophisticated submarine
cable and satellite systems. The Group is the second largest satellite operator in
the Asia Pacific.

SingTel also operates a pan-Asian chain of world-class data centres, providing a
suite of managed hosting telco solutions branded EXPAN. Data centres are
located in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. Through
marketing alliances, EXPAN is also available in eight other markets including
China and India.

The Group's other major investments in the region include Advanced Info Service
of Thailand, the Bharti Telecom Group of India, Globe Telecom of the Philippines,
Pacific Bangladesh Telecom of Bangladesh and Telkomsel of Indonesia. Together
Economic Department                                                                        11
Embassy of Israel in Singapore
                                                 Singapore Info-Communications Market | Page 12

with its regional partners, SingTel is Asia's largest multi-market mobile operator,
serving more than 124 million customers in seven markets.

SingTel employs about 20,000 people worldwide and had a turnover of S$13.15
billion (US$8.41 billion) and net profit after tax of S$3.78 billion (US$2.42 billion)
for the year ended 31 March 2007.

Tel                              :   +65-68255500
Fax                              :   +62-68726204
Website                          :   http://www.starhub.com

StarHub is Singapore's second largest info-communication company and the sole
operator delivering a full range of information, communications and
entertainment services over fixed, cable, mobile and Internet platforms. StarHub
operates a 3G mobile network in addition to its GSM network and has launched i-
mode mobile Internet services. StarHub also operates its own nation-wide HFC
network that delivers multi-channel cable TV services (including Digital Cable and
High Definition Television), voice and Internet access (including ultra-high
residential broadband access of up to 100 Mbps) for both consumer and corporate
markets. StarHub is listed on the SGX-ST.

Tel                              :   +65-68951111
Website                          :   http://www.m1.com.sg

M1 is a leading mobile communications provider in Singapore, with more than
one million customers. It provides a full range of mobile voice and data
communications services over its 2G/3G/3.5G network.

M1 also provides international call services to both mobile and fixed line
customers. It has partnered operators globally to provide its customers coverage
and roaming services in over 200 countries and territories.

With a newly upgraded 3G network, M1 became the first mobile operator in
Singapore to offer High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) in December
2006 when it launched „M1 Broadband‟ - Singapore‟s first true-island wireless
broadband service.

Widely known as an innovative operator with an established brand, M1 aims to be
the leader in personal voice, business and data communications, focusing on
value, quality and customer service.

Economic Department                                                                        12
Embassy of Israel in Singapore
                                              Singapore Info-Communications Market | Page 13

M1 is listed on the Singapore Exchange and its current major shareholders are
SunShare Investments Ltd, Keppel Telecoms Pte Ltd and SPH Multimedia Private

Market Access into Singapore
Doing Business in Singapore’s Telecoms Market
Singapore is a small market for consumer products and Israeli companies should
look at the region as a single potential market, rather than a single country.

Due to restrictions in direct entry to the neighbouring markets of Singapore,
Israeli companies should consider working with a strong local partner that has
good regional coverage. Using Singapore as a gateway can help reduce entry
barriers to the sensitive regional markets.

Partnerships in Singapore’s Telecoms Industry
There are many local and international system integrators in Singapore.

SingTel has a fully-owned subsidiary, NCS, that is a software house and system
integrator and hence it is highly unlikely that NCS will win projects that are put by
the other operators.

It is easier to push new technologies to M1 as they are more receptive and may
be able to work direct with vendors as they have the capability to do the
integration work themselves.

Nexwave Technologies is a sister company of Starhub.

Captured in the following pages are the key suppliers to Singapore‟s telecoms
industry. The key suppliers and contract details covers all three segments of
telecommunication in this report, namely Internet and Mobile.

Economic Department                                                                     13
Embassy of Israel in Singapore
                                                Singapore Info-Communications Market | Page 14

List of Useful Contacts

Government & Regulatory contacts

Infocomm Development Authority                Ministry    for     Information,
of Singapore                                  Communication   and   the   Arts
8 Temasek Boulevard #14-00
Suntec Tower 3                                140 Hill Street
Singapore 038988                              #02-02 MICA Building
Tel: (65) 6211 0888                           Singapore 179369
Fax: (65) 6211 2222                           Tel: +65-62707988
Website: www.ida.gov.sg                       Fax: +65-68379480
Email: info@ida.gov.sg                        Website: www.mica.gov.sg
                                              Email: mica@mica.gov.sg

Media Development            Authority   of
Singapore (MDA)

140 Hill Street
#04-01 MICA Building
Singapore 179369

Tel: (65) 6837 9973
Fax: (65) 6336 8023
Website: www.mda.gov.sg

Economic Department                                                                       14
Embassy of Israel in Singapore
                                       Singapore Info-Communications Market | Page 15

Trade Associations
Singapore infocomm Technology        Association of Telecommunications
Federation                           Industry of Singapore
SITF House                           9 Temasek Boulevard #19-01,
55/55A Neil Road, Singapore 088892   Suntec Tower 2,
Tel : (065) 6325 9700                Singapore #19-01,
Fax : (065) 6325 4993                Singapore 038989
Email : info@sitf.org.sg             Tel: +65-98503102
Website: www.sitf.org.sg             Fax: +65-68363865

Economic Department                                                              15
Embassy of Israel in Singapore
                                        Singapore Info-Communications Market | Page 16

Distributors & System Integrator Companies

Alcatel-Lucent Singapore              Datacraft Singapore
750D Chai Chee Road #06-06, Lobby 2   6 Temasek Boulevard
Technopark@Chai Chee                  #26-01 to 05 Suntec Tower Four
Singapore 469004                      Singapore 038986
Tel: +65 6240 8380                    Tel: (65) 6517 2000
Fax: +65 6240 8581                    Fax: (65) 6517 2001
Website: www.alcatel.com.sg           Website: http://www.datacraft-

David-Stephenson Communications       Ericsson Telecommunications Pte
Tan Boon Liat Building
315 Outram Road #01-03                510 Thomson Road
Singapore 169074                      #18-00 SLF Building
Tel: +65 622 77515                    Singapore 298135
Fax: +65 622 77512                    Tel: +65-68808600
Website: www.dst.com.sg               Fax: +65-62590168
                                      Website: www.ericsson.com

Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific          IBM Singapore
                                      7 Changi Business Park Central 1
138 Depot Road
                                      The IBM Place
Singapore 109683
                                      Singapore 486072
Fax: +65 6462 9077
                                      Tel: +65-6418 1000
Website: www.hp.com.sg
                                      Fax: +65-64182000
                                      Website: www.ibm.com.sg

LogicaCMG Singapore                   NCS Pte. Ltd.
                                      5 Ang Mo Kio Street 62
150 Beach Road                        NCS Hub
#08-01/08 Gateway West                Singapore 569141
Singapore 189720                      Tel : (65) 6556 -8000
Tel: +65-6415 7800                    Fax: (65) 6556 -7000
Fax: +65-6338 2959                    Website: www.ncs.com.sg
Website: http://www.logicacmg.com

Nera Telecommunications               Ntegrator

109 Defu Lane 10                      4 Leng Kee Road #06-03/02
Singapore 539225                      SIS Building
Tel: + 65 6281-3388                   Singapore 159088
Fax: + 65 6383-9566 / 6383-9577       Tel: (65) 64796033
Website: www.neratel.com.sg           Fax: (65) 64722966
                                      Website: http://www.ntegrator.com

Nexwave Technologies                  Singapore Computer Systems (SCS)
5 Clementi Loop                       7 Bedok South Road

Economic Department                                                               16
Embassy of Israel in Singapore
                                        Singapore Info-Communications Market | Page 17

Level 2M, Toll Asia                   Singapore 469272
Singapore 129816                      Tel: (65) 6827 8888
Tel: +65 6849 4040                    Fax: (65) 6827 8899
Fax: +65 6849 4037                    Website: www.scs.com.sg
Website: www.nexwave.com.sg

ST Electronics (Info-Comm             SUN Microsystems
                                      1 Magazine Road #07-01/13
                                      Central Mall
100 Jurong East St. 21
                                      Singapore, 059567
ST Electronics Jurong East Building
                                      Tel: +65-64381888
Singapore 609602
                                      Website: www.sun.com
Tel: +65-65676769
Website: www.stee.stengg.com

Economic Department                                                               17
Embassy of Israel in Singapore

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