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									Technology and Ministry
Resources for Christian
  Computer Centers
             Andrew Sears

     Association of Christian
   Community Computer Centers, (617) 282-9798

      Technology and Ministry Conference
          February 22, 2003, Boston

 AC4’s Collaboration on Grant for
 Boston Compassion Capital Fund Grant
 Other Resources for Computer Centers
 About the Association of Christian
  Community Computer Centers
AC4 Collaboration with
 the Beaumont Grant
           About the Beaumont
 The Beaumont Foundation’s Vision is
  “To fulfill the promise of the Information Age by providing
  Americans access to technology and the skills to use it.”
 About $350 million in technology equipment will be
  granted to support low-income students and their
  support communities
 Funding will be provided over 5 years in all 50 states and
  the District of Columbia
 Funded as part of settlement in Shaw vs. Toshiba, an
  historic $2.1 billion class action case
          AC4 and the Beaumont
   AC4 is collaborating with the Beaumont
    Foundation to serve as their primary
    intermediary with Christian organizations
       AC4 helps Beaumont Foundation to get the word out
        and helps sites in applying
       AC4 will provide sites receiving Beaumont Foundation
        grant with Technical Assistance
   AC4 plays a role in the application process, but
    final decisions are made by Beaumont
   Must be a 501(c)(3) organization or government agency
   Must be serving individuals at or below poverty level
   Must have committed leadership and capable staff
Group A States are eligible in 2003 & 2005, Group B
States are eligible in 2004 & 2006
             Group A States                       Group B States
Alabama                Nebraska        Arizona           Minnesota
Alaska                 New Mexico      Arkansas          Missouri
California             New York        Connecticut       Nevada
Colorado               North Dakota    Delaware          New Hampshire
District of Columbia   Oregon          Florida           New Jersey
Hawaii                 South Dakota    Georgia           North Carolina
Idaho                  Texas           Indiana           Ohio
Illinois               Virginia        Iowa              Oklahoma
Kansas                 Washington      Kentucky          Pennsylvania
Mississippi            West Virginia   Louisiana         Rhode Island
Montana                Wyoming         Maine             South Carolina
                                       Maryland          Tennessee
                                       Massachusetts     Utah
                                       Michigan          Vermont
           General Information
 About $20 million available for community grants in 2003
 Grants range: $20,000 to $100,000 of Toshiba
  equipment only
 Only one application per site - organizations with multiple
  sites may submit separate applications for each site
 Grants must supplement, not supplant, current
  technology efforts
 Collaboration with schools and community organizations
  is strongly encouraged
 Submit applications early
 Provide all required supporting documentation
 Applications must be submitted through the BFA website
                 Funding Availability
   Massachusetts organizations will not be able to apply until Fall 2003
   Roughly one half of funds will go to community and faith-based
   One third of community grants will be distributed in years two (this
    year) and three
        Large portion of current grants pre-assigned to Boys and Girls clubs and
         Gates Foundation
        Leaves roughly $20 million available each year for community grants for
         years two and three
        Organizations can re-apply in years four and five
   Two thirds of community grants will be distributed in years four and
   Grant funds are allocated on a state-by-state basis based on poverty
    population of the state, which means level of competition may vary
    by state
                Funding Priorities
   Want organizations with high chance of success
       Low risk tolerance so they are not focused on “new”
        higher risk sites
   Organizations starting new computer labs
    should have other factors to demonstrate high
    chance of success
       long demonstrated history
       large budget
       proven model (i.e. Boys and Girls Club, etc.)
                 Funding Priorities
   Organizations will have an advantage when applying
    through an affiliation with a national organization (like
    AC4) that can provide support and training for
    technology programs
   AC4 members can get code to apply through AC4
       AC4 will provide feedback on early drafts of grant
       AC4 will also provide “first read” in formal review process
       All final decisions will be made by the Beaumont Foundation
            For More Information
 Visit:
 Call AC4 at (617) 436-7052 or E-mail us at
       AC4 members should call to get code to apply
        through AC4
   Visit to find out more about
 AC4 Support in Grant Process
 AC4    will support grant recipients through:
     Information Distribution
     Assistance in Applying for Grant
     Training
     Curriculum Materials and Manual
     Capacity Building Manual
     Two full-time staff to support sites
Boston Compassion Capital
       Fund Grant
      About the Boston Compassion
          Capital Fund (BCCF)
 Supported by the federal Compassion Capital
  Fund grant
 BCCF Partners = United Way of Massachusetts
  Bay, Black Ministerial Alliance, Emmanuel
  Gospel Center, Boston Ten Point Coalition
 Funds available in 2003
    $1.9 million for program expansion/ replication

    $980,000 for technical assistance efforts
BCCF Program Expansion/ Replication
        Grant Information
   Grants for program expansion or replication
   Program priority area = youth services
      Both for organizations providing direct service and for

       organizations that build capacity of other
   Geographic priority areas = Dorchester, Jamaica Plain,
    Mattapan, Roxbury, South End
   Funding level = typically $20,000 - $40,000
   Timeline
       Round 1: Due = March 6, 2003   Announcement = May 1, 2003
       Round 2: Due = July 17, 2003   Announcement = Sept. 30,
        Eligibility and Funding Criteria

   At a minimum, applicants must:
       be a faith-based organization, or a community-based organization
        working collaboratively with faith-based organizations
       have a 501(c)(3) designation, or a 501(c)(3) fiscal agent
       have paid staff or plans to hire, at minimum, a 25% paid staff
       operate within at least one of the five priority Boston neighborhoods
        (Dorchester, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, Roxbury, South End)
       have a demonstrated record of at least one year of program
       submit a complete application
   BCCF funds may only be used to support non-
    religious social services; BCCF funds may not be
    used for religious worship, instruction or
            Selection Criteria

 Applications consistent with BCCF
  guidelines and objectives will be assessed
  based on:
    Organizational capacity

    Program relevance (youth outreach/
     organizational capacity building)
    Program outcomes

    Sources of funding/ relative financial
 A more detailed description of these criteria
  is provided with the application materials
        Contact Information

    more information or an
 For
 application, please contact:
        The Black Ministerial Alliance
        2323-2328R Washington Street
        Roxbury, MA 02119
        Phone: 617-445-2737
 AC4  has dozens of lesson plans for
  teaching computers at
     Includes Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc.
     Includes lessons for youth and adults
             Book: “Using Theology to
 Instructional
  Teach Technology”
     Find more at:
                     Fund Raising
   Research Grants by Visiting Associated Grant
    Makers Office in Boston for free
       Have database of thousands of foundations
       55 Court Street, Suite 520, Boston, MA 02108
        Phone: 617.426.2606
       Locations of other libraries at:
 Get sample grants from AC4
 Develop your program
Other Grants for Tech Programs
 Visit   Grants Page at AC4’s Website at
 Subscribe     to Tech Grants Newsletter at:
 List   of Tech Grants at:
General Discounted Software

   AC4 Discounted Software Info Page
   Software to Serve Participants and
       Get $30 most Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec products
       At and at
   Software for staff
       Get copies of Microsoft Office XP Professional for $65
       Order at
              Computer Donations
   Gifts in Kind International (
       Cost $125 to register and must be Non profit 501(c)(3) and use
        software for service to community
       Cost $225 for 5 used computers 486 & above laptops/desktops
       Network hubs for $50
       Provide great discounts (90% off) on office products, projectors,
        clothes, etc.
   Computer Refurbishing
       Accept computers along with clothes other donations
       Have a minimal acceptance standard (I.e Pentium or above)
       Request written agreement they are transferring software license
        with computer
         Web Site Filtering Software
   Filtering Service by Promise Keepers (
        $5.95 per month for existing DSL or cable modem connection
        Filtered dial-up Internet access for $15.95
   Filtering Server or Client Software
        CleanWeb (
        CyberPatrol (
        Cybersitter (
        CyberSnoop (
        Net Nanny (
        Net Shepherd (
        Safesurf (
        Watchdog (
        We Blocker (free at
        X-Stop (
             Becoming a Certified
             MOUS Testing Center
 MOUS Certification in Microsoft Office
 Costs $495 to become a certified testing center
       comes with 10 tests & practice software
       Additional tests are $50 each
   To sign up call Alex McCabe at DDC Training
    Services (800-528-3897 ext. 315)
       ask for their application and order form to become an
        iQ Testing Center for MOUS Exams
        Other Good Tech Discounts
   Low-cost Web Hosting
       Visit
   Low-cost LCD Projector
       Plus Vision (Lightware Series): $1,100
   Low-cost Conference Call Service
       12 cents/minute per person for an 800 access number or 9
        cents/minute per person for a number in 617 area code
     Ask for Mike Comerford at Netspoke at
        781-528-2275 and tell them you are associated with AC4
   Low-cost E-Commerce
       Microsoft bCentral FrontPage Commerce Manager ($100 per
        year for 25 items) using Card Services International (3.5% with
        no monthly fee)
About the Association of
 Christian Community
  Computer Centers
      Association of Christian
    Community Computer Centers
   Mission:
       To support Christian community computer centers
        across the world as they address the digital divide by
        providing computer skills to make a living and a
        spiritual foundation to make a life
       To assist the 300+ identified existing Christian
        community computer centers and help others get

   Web:
   E-mail:
Locations of Christian Computer
              Joining AC4

 Must   be AC4 member to apply through
 Join online at
     Cost $20 for orgs with a budget < $500k
     Cost $20 for orgs with a budget > $500k
 Formore information send E-mail to or call at 617-282-9798
    Benefits of AC4 Membership
   TRAINING to better run your computer center
       conferences, workshops and conference calls
       Info on equipment, grant information and software
        hardware donation information.
       Computer Curriculum manual
       Capacity building manual for your tech center
       conference calls
       E-mail list
       Website
    Benefits of AC4 Membership
       Ability to participate in grants program including
        grants for new computers
   PARTICIPATION in future programs
       Currently investigating program to provide full-time
        Americorps staff to computer centers
       Starting a computer ministry
       Consulting to improve your computer center
       Web design
Other Information Resources
        and Networks
   Association of Christian Community Computer Centers
        E-mail List:
   Community Technology Centers Network
        Good E-mail list and go to national conference each June
        Provides Community Technology Center start up manual
   Christian Computing Magazine:
   Youth Learn:
        Provides manual and E-mail list for youth and technology
   Compumentor:
        Provides technology information to non-profits
   Visit HUD’s Neighborhood Networks at
   Adult Literacy E-mail Lists:
   NTIA Report: “Falling through the Net”
Digital Divide
                           Information Economy

        Manufacturing                                                             Computer Industry     ***

                            Jobs Down 55-65%*                                            Jobs Grown to 7.4 million &
                                                                                         Increasing 6.5% per year

                            Once provided 52%
                            of jobs to some groups,                                      65% of all jobs use computers
                            but now only 28%**

                                                                                         90% of all jobs use computer-
                                                                                         related technologies
* In a range of Northern cities between 1967-1987, When Work Disappears
** Statistics are for inner-city black men in Chicago
*** Other sources include Bureau of Labor Statistics and Department of Commerce
                           Information Economy

       Manufacturing                                                              Computer Industry     ***

                           Jobs Down 55-65%*                                             Average wage in IT-producing
                                                                                         industries was $58,000

                           Once provided 52%
                           of jobs to some groups,                                       346,000 IT jobs remain vacant
                           but now only 28%**                                            nationwide and 1.7 million
                                                                                         need to be filled by 2003

* In a range of Northern cities between 1967-1987, When Work Disappears
** Statistics are for inner-city black men in Chicago
*** Other sources include Bureau of Labor Statistics and Department of Commerce

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