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Transportation from Chicago O’Hare Airport to Lake Geneva is available by car rental, limousine and
airport bus service.
Car Rental
All the usual rental companies (Avis, Budget, Hertz, National, etc.) are located at the airport. For the best
price, we recommend Ace Rent-a-Car. You must ask for the Fermilab rate which is $34/day, unlimited
mileage. Telephone 1-800-323-3221.
Reservations for limousine service should be made in advance. Hi Life Limousine, LCC: 1-(262)728-9111,
fax 1-(262)248-7322. The rate from O’Hare to Lake Geneva is $125.00, plus gratuity. Be sure to ask for
pickup instructions.
Airport Bus Service
O’Hare Wisconsin Limousine (OWL) 1-800-621-4153, fax 1-(312)-251-3108. Reservations must be made
in advance. Be sure to ask for pickup instructions. Fare is $25 each way.
                               O’Hare Wisconsin Limousine
                                  Airport Bus Service
                                   For Reservations Call 1-800-621-4153
                                           Fax 312- 251- 3108

                                  To Best Western Harbor Shores:
                              Bus Departs O’Hare at 11:30 AM & 6:45 PM
                      Arrives Best Western Harbor Shores: at 1:15 PM & 8:15 PM

                                               To O’Hare:
                   Bus Departs Best Western Harbor Shores at 8:10 AM & 3:45 PM
                             Arrives at O’Hare at 10:00 AM & 5:30 PM

                                        Fare is $25 each way

Transportation from General Mitchell Airport, Milwaukee, to Lake Geneva is available by car rental and
reserved shuttle.
Car Rental
Alamo - 1-800-327-9633/ TDD 305-468-2132
Avis - 1-800-831-2847/ TDD 800-331-2323
Budget - 1-800-527-0700/ TDD 800-826-5510
Hertz - 1-800-654-3131/ TDD 800-654-2280
National - 1-800-328-4567/ TDD 800-328-6323
Enterprise - 1-800-325-8007/TDD 800-736-8227
Thrifty - 1-800-847-4389
Dollar - 1-800-800-4000

Milwaukee County Shuttle Service
Shuttle operators provide scheduled service to downtown hotels and business locations. AIRPORT
CONNECTION provides door-to-door airport service to hotels and all other locations in Milwaukee
County. You can contact AIRPORT CONNECTION at 1- 800-236-5450 or on-line,
The fare from the airport to Lake Geneva is $57.50 each way for one person—shared rides are less, for
example 5 persons would be $104.
    Directions to Best Western Harbor Shores – Lake Geneva, WI:
        Lake Geneva is located in Southeastern Wisconsin, approximately ten miles north of the Illinois state

        Hwy I-43 is six miles to the north.
        Hwy I-94 is 27 miles to the east.
        Route 12 is on Lake Geneva's eastern border.

        Lake Geneva is located approximately ninety minutes from O'Hare International Airport in Chicago.
        It is also about forty five minutes from General Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee.
        Transport to Lake Geneva from airports can be arranged through:
              o O'Hare Wisconsin Service - OWL, Chicago, (312) 251-3102
              o Limousine Services, Milwaukee (262-248-7266).
        There are also local airports nearby to accommodate small aircraft:
              o Grand Geneva Resort & Spa (800) 558-3417
              o Lake Lawn Airport (262) 728-7950 ext. 2911 (800) 338-5253.

Directions from Chicago O’Hare to Best Wester Harbor Shores:

Start:   Chicago O'Hare Intl Airport
         10000 Bessie Coleman Dr
         Chicago, IL
         60666-5037 US

End:     300 Wrigley Dr
         Lake Geneva, WI
         53147-2049 US

Distance: 71.29 miles

Total Estimated Time: 1 hour, 26 minutes

             Driving Directions                                                              Distance

               1. Start out going Northeast on DEPARTURES.                                   0.70 Miles

               2. Merge onto I-190 E.                                                        1.91 Miles

               3. Merge onto I-294 N via exit number 1C toward MILWAUKEE/I-90
                                                                                            13.16 Miles
                  W/ROCKFORD (Portions toll).

               4. I-294 N becomes I-94 W (Portions toll).                                   29.64 Miles

               5. Take the WI-50 exit- exit number 344- toward KENOSHA/LAKE GENEVA.          0.35 Miles

               6. Turn LEFT onto 75TH ST/WI-50 W. Continue to follow WI-50 W.               25.30 Miles

               7. Turn LEFT onto WI-120/S BROAD ST. Continue to follow WI-120.               0.22 Miles

Directions from Mitchell Airport (Milwaukee) to Best Western Harbor Shores:
Start:   General Mitchell International Airport -- MKE
         300 South Howell Avenue
         Milwaukee, WI
         53207-6156 US

End:     300 Wrigley Dr
         Lake Geneva, WI
         53147-2049 US

Distance: 52.55 miles

Total Estimated Time: 56 minutes

             Driving Directions                                                              Distance

               1. Start out going Northwest on DEPARTURES.                                   0.21 Miles

               2. Take AIRPORT SPUR/WI-119 W.                                                1.53 Miles

               3. Merge onto US-41 N/I-94 W toward I-894 W/MILWAUKEE.                        1.50 Miles

               4. Merge onto I-43 S via exit number 316- on the left- toward MADISON/FOND
                                                                                            38.74 Miles
                  DU LAC.

               5. Take the US-12 E exit- exit number 27A- toward LAKE GENEVA.                0.37 Miles

               6. Take the CR-NN ramp toward ELKHORN.                                        0.30 Miles

               7. Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp.                                         0.50 Miles

               8. Merge onto US-12 E.                                                        7.67 Miles

               9. Take the WI-50 W exit- exit number 330- toward LAKE GENEVA.                0.26 Miles

              10. Turn LEFT onto WI-50 W.                                                    1.26 Miles

              11. Turn LEFT onto WI-120/S BROAD ST. Continue to follow WI-120.               0.22 Miles

Driving directions from Fermilab (about 61 miles; 1 hour, 50 minutes):

Start out going North on Kirk Rd. to IL Route 38.
Turn West on IL Route 38.
Continue West on IL Route 38, thru Geneva, approximately 10 miles to IL Route 47.
Turn North on IL Route 47 and continue about 35 miles.
IL Route 47 becomes WI-120. Continue approximately 7 miles thru Lake Geneva.

Located in the heart of downtown Lake Geneva where you are just steps away from the beautiful lake you
will find lodging at the Best Western Harbor Shores, or The Cove of
Lake Geneva, . We have negotiated a very reasonable rate of $66 per night at
Harbor Shores and $69 per night at The Cove (state & local taxes of 10.5% apply) . Reservations must be
made by telephone or fax for these blocks of rooms with a reference to WIN03, Fermilab. To assure these
rates and availability, reservations must be made by _____________.
Do not make reservations by e-mail or online!

For reservations at the Best Western Harbor Shores, call 1-888-746-7371 or 1 (262) 248-9181,
fax 1(262)248-1885.

For reservations at The Cove of Lake Geneva, call 1-800-770-7107, or 1(262)249-9460,
fax 1(262)249-1532.

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