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This document describes the allowances that assessment associates can claim for whilst providing
services for Edexcel. You will be required to complete all the details on a claim form.

You will be required to complete a separate form for work completed for each department.

Travel Expenses

You are expected to use the most cost-effective form of transport.

Car mileage will not usually be paid for training events or Edexcel meetings held in London unless
previously agreed by an Edexcel member of staff. Requests should be made in writing, by letter or
email. Confirmation of this agreement should be attached to your expense form. Car journeys for
the purpose of centre visits to London do not require authorisation provided that reasonable parking
facilities are available at the centre.

In the event of travel to or from a vacation address, travel expenses may not exceed those from the
usual residence.

Assessment associates based abroad and travelling to the United Kingdom for meetings, training or
to carry out assessment services can claim a maximum of £40.00 towards travel costs to and from
the U.K. in total. Once within the U.K., Edexcel will reimburse standard travel costs in accordance
with the Travel & Subsistence guidelines.

1. Public Transport

1.1 Rail

Travel to meetings/visits organised by Edexcel, within the UK, should normally be by rail. You
should aim to purchase the cheapest available ticket – Edexcel will not reimburse the cost of 1st
class tickets. You must enclose a receipt or your ticket with your claim form. Claims without
receipts will not be paid.

Where the major portion of a journey is made by train, car mileage may be claimed for one return
journey from home to the nearest appropriate station if public transport is not available.

1.2 Taxi/Minicab

Claims for taxis and minicabs will be accepted only where public transport or the use of a
private car is not available or not appropriate. The use of a taxi from a railway station to the
meeting venue is acceptable where there are concerns over personal safety e.g. when travelling
late at night. When claiming for taxis or minicabs, brief details of the circumstances that made such
travel necessary, together with receipts, should be provided.

1.3 Other forms of public transport

Prior authorisation from Edexcel must be obtained before any expense is incurred for travel by air.
Actual expenses will be reimbursed where supported by receipts.

1.4 Hire cars

Hire cars may only be used in exceptional circumstances, where there is no appropriate alternative
and must be authorised in advance by an Edexcel member of staff. You should hire the cheapest car
available from a reputable car hire firm. The car must be hired in your own name, and not on
behalf of Edexcel. Edexcel will reimburse the cost of car hire only, and you will not be entitled to
claim mileage allowance. You remain responsible under the car hire company’s terms and
conditions, including any damage sustained to the car. You must submit the receipt for the car hire
to Edexcel, together with the authorisation obtained from an Edexcel member of staff.

2. Car Rates

Where it is necessary to travel by car, reimbursement will be made as below.

(a)   Mileage to meetings/visits to centres will be paid at the rate of 40p per mile. This rate is to
      cover the running costs, e.g. petrol, oil, tyres, etc., as well as the depreciation of the average
      use of a medium-sized car.

(b)   Car parking charges necessarily incurred will be reimbursed up to an expected maximum of
      £15.00 per day. If tickets or other evidence of expense cannot be provided details of the
      circumstances should be given instead.

(c)   Toll charges for a private car will be reimbursed where necessarily incurred. Details should be

Under no circumstances will parking or other fines be reimbursed.

You are reminded that your car insurance should be amended so that it includes use for business

Edexcel reserves the right to verify the mileage claimed for by using the Microsoft AutoRoute
computer software.


1. Overnight accommodation

If you are carrying out an visit and need to leave before 6.30am or will return home after 10.00pm
you are entitled to an overnight stay. You must only book up to or the equivalent of a 3* hotel.

Drinks, newspapers and other purchases are not reimbursable and must be settled individually
before leaving the hotel. If a telephone call from a hotel is necessary on Edexcel business, the
account should be settled individually and the cost reclaimed as an expense; a brief explanation of
the circumstances should be provided.

If you stay with friends or relatives instead of booking into hotel accommodation an allowance of
£30.00 may be claimed.

2. Subsistence without Overnight Stay

Edexcel will reimburse reasonable expenses for a meal and refreshment costs providing the
expenses are necessarily and exclusively incurred as a result of providing Edexcel work.

The following are the expected maximum that may be claimed for meals and/or refreshments:

Refreshments incurred during travel                               £5.00
Lunch (where not supplied)                                        £7.50
Breakfast (if journey commenced before 6.30am)                    £5.00
Evening Meal (if journey ends after 8.00pm)                       £24.99

These are not allowances; you must provide a receipt with your claim.

3. Childcare Expenses

Childcare claims will only be provided if:
o they are for Saturday meetings or where extended arrangements are needed over and above
    normal arrangements
o   you have used a registered childminder
o   they are accompanied by receipts.

Childcare costs that do not adhere to the above will not be reimbursed.

You are reminded that the revised Terms and Conditions, under which contracts are now issued,
state that all fees and expenses claims for work completed for Edexcel must be submitted to the
appropriate Edexcel member of staff within 3 months of that work being completed. Failing this,
Edexcel reserves the right not to reimburse those fees and expenses. We will only reimburse
expenses where original receipts are supplied.
We reserve the right to refuse to pay expenses at our discretion.

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