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					             Southw est Region
                   FUNDING AND NEWS BULLETIN (62)

      An initiative of George, the South West Funding Advisers
                  Forum, supported by Sport England

                                End-October 2010
                                End-October 2010
      This bulletin has been developed from a range of data sources - we particularly
             acknowledge the information provided though GRANTfinder Ltd,
                   Grants Online Ltd and the Charities Information Bureau.

      If you wish to subscribe – please contact your local FAN bulletin co-
                 ordinator or FAN lead in your area (see page 5).

  Feedback on general issues in relation to this bulletin is welcome (please
  contact with any comments). In addition
    to the bi-monthly bulletin, the linked South West funding information
   database, developed by the Charities Information Bureau South & West
      (CIB), is available. It offers not only a FREE searchable facility for
     individual project searches but also ready to go packs for particular
     themes, such as Sport, Health & Social Welfare and is accessible at

      It also tells you how to reach a funding adviser local to you. You can
    register by filling in a form online, which is sent to CIB to verify that you
   are a South West organisation/resident. Once approved, a username and
                        password will then be issued to you.

Funder                SECTION 1 - NEW GRANTS AND GRANTS WITH                        Deadline    Page
                      DEADLINES                                                     2010
                      (1) Community and Community Development                                   06
Sita Trust            Funding for communi ty projects within a radius of a waste    Various     06
                      proce ssing operator
Capacitybuilders      Charitable advisory service to close                          Info only   06
Community             Funding for inter-faith community projects                    Info only   06
Youth Justice         Support form beneficial youth community work                  11 Oct      07
Board’ s
Friends Provident     Support for community groups                                  11 Feb      07

Archi tectural          Supporting regeneration of historic buildings in the UK             09 Feb      07
Heritage Fund
Hilden Charitable       Funding aimed at supporting the disadvantaged                       26 Nov      08
People’s Postcode       Supporting good causes in a variety of areas                        10 Nov      08
Martha Lane Fox         Supporting socially excluded people                                 31 Jan      08
William and Jane        Funding for places of worship built before 1896                     31 Mar      09
Morri s Fund
Tesco Charity Trust     Community awards from large British supermarket                     Various     09
Joseph Rowntree         Established grant making trust announce s new funding               04 Jan      09
Charitable Trust        opportunity

                        (2) Sport, Culture and Leisure                                                  10
Commonwealth            International arts awards from the commonwealth                     30 Nov      10
Henry Moore             Support for the vi sual arts                                        19 Nov      10
Idlewild Trust          Supporting arts and the preservation for the benefit of the         25 Feb      11
                        public of buildings and items of hi storical interest or national
Sport England           Facilities funding for sport                                        16 Dec      11
BBC                     Funding for young people’s musical theatre schemes                  30 Nov      12
Wren                    Support for community, heritage and environmental projects          29 Jan      12
Ofcom                   Funding for communi ty radio initiatives                            09 Nov      12

                        (3) Education and Lifelong Learning                                             13
BT                      Telecom company supporting education through                        TBC         13
Woodland Trust          Educational planting packs now available to community               Info only   13
                        groups, school s and youth groups
Youth Music             Funding for music making activitie s                                10 Dec      14
Institute of Physi cs   Physics grant scheme is currently open for applications             08 Nov      14

                        (4) Health and Social Welfare                                                   15
Dowager Countess        Funding assi stance for health care projects                        31 Jan      15
Eleanor Peel Trust
Hilton Foundation       Supporting activitie s in education and health                      09 Nov      15
Wellcome Trust          Financial assi stance i s available to facilitate early-stage       19 Nov      16
                        small-molecule drug discovery

                        (5) Green Issue s                                                               16
Patagonia               Green grants from clothe s company                                  28 Feb      16
DFT                     Local sustainable transport funding opportunity                     Info only   16
Prince's                Funding for beneficial countryside projects                         TBC         16
Countryside Fund
Biffa                   Pond digging fund                                                   01 Jan      17

                        (6) Economy                                                                     17
Technology Strategy     £18 million competition to support collaborative “research          18 Nov      17
Board                   and development” across six key technology areas

                        (7) EU/International                                                            18
EU                      Call for Proposals - The Thematic Networking of Twinned             01 Feb      18
EU                      Call for Proposals Town Twinning Citizens Meetings                  01 Feb      18

EU                    Consul tation on next-generation EU programmes                   30 Nov        18
Briti sh Council      Connecting cla ssroom s scheme extended                          Various       19
EU                    Financial support i s available to independent producers for     Info only     19
                      TV programmes that involve several European
EU                    Financial assi stance i s available for developing integrated,   12 Apr        20
                      safer, 'greener' and 'smarter' pan-European transport
EU                    Broadband in rural areas by 2013                                 Info only     20
EU                    Leonardo Da Vinci programme - preparatory visi ts grants         10 Dec        20
EU                    Funding through European culture programme                       Various       21

                      (8) Mi scellaneous                                                             21
Intuit UK             £500 from leading software company                               19 Nov        21

Funder                SECTION 2 – ONGOING GRANTS                                       At any time   Page
                      (1) Community and Community Development                                        22
MotherCare Group      Funding from mothering projects from leading high street                       22
Foundation            chain
The Gibbs Trust       Chri stian community project support                                           22

Arkleton Trust        Supporting communi ty development in rural areas                               22

Esmee Fairbairn       Support communi ty development through three key areas                         23
Plunkett Foundation   Stepping in to support community pubs                                          23

O2                    Programme for young people                                                     24

Nationwide            Small grants support to address housing i ssues and                            24
Foundation            homelessne ss among vulnerable groups
Garfield Weston       Grants in the areas of the arts, community education,                          24
Foundation            medical, environment, health, religion, welfare and youth
New Look Group        Foundation offers support for various themes                                   25

                      (2) Sport, Culture and Leisure                                                 26
Barclays Spaces for   Monthly sporting awards from high street bank                                  26
Old Possum’ s         Supporting a broad range of the arts                                           26
Practical Trust
Ladbrokes             Funding for sport and other areas from high street                             26
Torch Trophy Trust    Bursarie s available for youth sport and di sability                           27

                      (3) Health and Social Welfare                                                  27
Noel Buxton Trust     Funding for social welfare projects                                            27
Drinkaware Trust      Funding for alcohol education projects                                         28
ACT Foundation        Grants for enhancing quality of life for those in need                         28

                      (4) Education and Lifelong Learning                                            29
Mark Leonard Trust    Supporting environmental education in the UK                                   29
Dep. for Education    Free computer programme changes format                                         29
Britannia             Funding offered for numeracy and literacy projects                             30

Equitable Charitable   Funding for educational projects for the young and              30
Trust                  disadvantaged
James Caan             Dragon’ s Den inve stor offers funding through charitable       31
Foundation             trust

                       (5) Green Issue s                                               31
Carbon Trust           Specialist support to busine ss and the public sector to help   31
                       cut carbon emissi ons

                       (6) Economy                                                     31

                       SECTION 3 – LOTTERY UPDATE                                      32
                       Lottery update                                                  32
                       Big Lottery summary                                             35
                       Other Lottery di stributors - summary                           44
                       SECTION 4 – AREA FAN NEWS (contacts)                            50
                       4a Cornwall (CFAN) Sylvia Johnston                              53
                       Tel: 01208 832763 or 01208 832765
                       4b Devon (DEFAN) – Richard Pears                                54
                       Tel: 01392 265348 or 07921 941101
                       4c Dorset (DOFAN) – Eleanor Porteous                            59
                       Tel: 01305 221246
                       4d Glouce stershire (GeFAN) – Barbara Pond                      61
                       Tel: 01452 528491
                       4e Somerset (SOMFAWN) - Jodi Boxell                             63
                       4f Wiltshire & Swindon (WSFAN) – Jane Butler                    65
                       Tel: 01380729279
                       4g Former Avon (FANWOE) – Balbir Nirwan                         74
                       Tel: 0117 9396645
                       4h North Somerset FAN – Angi Lewis                              76
                       Tel: 01934 836952
                       4i B&NES (FAB) – Katherine Tanko                                77
                       Tel: 01225 330090


                       BBC Children in Need – SW                                       78


(1) Community & Community Devt.     (2) Sport, Culture & Leisure
Community Action                    Sport
Community Development               Arts & Artists
Community Safety                    Danc e & Drama
Volunteering                        Herit age
Capacity Building                   Libraries
Social Enterprise                   Music
Civic Participation
Crime Reduction

(3) Education & Lifelong Learning   (4) Health & Social Welfare
14-19 Provision places              Children & Families
Early Years                         Direct Payments
Childcare                           Domiciliary Care
Homework Clubs                      Learning Disabilities
Lifelong Learning                   Mental Health
Nurs eries                          Supported Living
Post 16 learning                    Valuing People
Skills Development
Study support OSHL
Vocational Training/Education
Youth work 13-19
(5) Green Issue s                   (6) Economy
(Energy and Environment)
Re-cycling initiatives              Local purchasing
Energy management                   Financial support
Renewable energy                    Market Towns
Land Use & Environment              Regeneration
Management AONBs, Country Parks     Tourism
and Open Spaces
Archaeology                         Rural Transport
County Farms                        Trans port safety

(7) European/International          (8) Mi scellaneous
All themes                          Advice and advocacy
                                    Cons ultation
                                    One stop shops
                                    User involvement
                                    Customer support
                                    Mentoring, staff training and
                                    Various categories (range)


(1) Community and Community Development
Funding for community projects within a radius of a waste processing

Under the Sita Trust‟s Enhancing Communities Programme grants of up to £50,000
are available to not for profit organisations, community groups, parish councils, local
authorities and charities for projects that make physical improvements to community
facilities and historic buildings / structures. There are now 70 new qualifying SITA UK
waste treatment sites included in the programme and new funding opportunities for
communities in Avon, East Anglia, Kent, London, and Yorkshire. SITA will accept
applications from projects which are within 3 miles of qualifying SITA UK waste
processing sites.

The next closing date for applications is 10 am on the 4th January 2011 for the Fast
Track Fund (formerly Small Grants Scheme) scheme and 10 am on the 29th
November 2010 for the Core Fund (formerly Large Grant).

Website: Enhancing Communities Programme (UK)

Charitable advisory service to close: info only

The Government has announced that Capacitybuilders, the government agency
responsible for improving the advice and support available to charities, voluntary
groups and social enterprises in England, is to close. Capacitybuilders was
established in 2006, and since then has awarded £100m in grants to improve the
support available to frontline civil society organisations. Capacitybuilders will fulfil
their commitment up until March 2011, including all payments of grants and
contracts, and will discuss with grant holders how they must arrange final reporting
and payments. Further details on the closure will be announced shortly....

Website: Government Announces the Closure Of Capacitybuilders (England)

Funding for inter-faith community projects: info only

This Community Development Foundation scheme is still open for applications and
they are encouraging organisations to apply for grants to produce work during
interfaith week (21-27 November 2010). The scheme seeks to create opportunities
for dialogue and collaboration between different faith groups within local

Applications will be accepted in the date and time order that they are received by
CDF, until the total value of the eligible, relevant applications received equals the
overall value of the fund.

The maximum grant is £6,000.
Potential applicants are encouraged apply as soon as possible. Further information
can be found at the website below.

Support form beneficial youth community work

The Youth Justice Board‟s scheme aims to recognise and reward examples of the
effective use of the media or promoting programmes to encourage understanding of
youth work in the community.

Applicants should submit printed material, videos/DVDs, software, websites,
ebulletins, exhibitions or events that work to promote the activities, reputation or
understanding of the youth justice system. A news or feature piece (print or
broadcast), as an applicant's example of a best piece of work with the media,
together with other pieces as evidence of ongoing coverage, where appropriate, must
also be submitted.

In 2010, there is just one award category: Communicating Youth Justice Award. The
Award will be presented at the Annual Youth Justice Convention 2010 and the winner
will receive exclusive use of the „winner 2010‟ logo for use on corporate stationery.

Youth offending teams (YOTs), secure establishments, youth inclusion programmes
and any other programmes, projects or organisations that receive funding from YOTs
in England and Wales are eligible to apply.

The deadline for applications is 11th October 2010.

Support for community groups

The Friends Provident Foundation makes grants of up to £200,000 to not-for profit
organisations for projects that address financial exclusion within disadvantaged
communities. The funding is distributed through the Financial Inclusion Programme
2009-2012. The Foundation will consider applications for work that will make a
strategic contribution to the overall outcome of financial inclusion in the UK. The
Foundation will consider requests for capital or revenue funding, core funds or project
costs. The Foundation is willing to consider applications from any type of legally
independent organisation, but can only support work that is legally charitable. Actions
previously supported through the Foundation include; making money management
advice available to young people via mobile phones and interactive digital TV; a
research project to look at the difficulties that people with a learning disability are
having in gaining access to banking services.
The next closing date for applications is the 11th February 2011.

Website: Friends Provident Foundation (UK)

Supporting regeneration of historic buildings in the UK

The Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF), which is a registered charity that promotes
the conservation and regeneration of historic buildings in the UK. Funding is available
to voluntary organisations building preservation trusts to regenerate historic buildings
to create community and education facilities, workspace and homes. To be eligible to
apply for funding through the AHF, organisations need to be a registered charity and
the building(s) must be listed, scheduled as an ancient monument or in a
Conservation Area (if in a Conservation Area, it must be of acknowledged historic or
architectural importance). The project must also involve a change of ownership
and/or a change of use. Previously funded projects include turning run down historic

buildings into community theatres, resource centres, community learning centres,
workspaces, places to live and community meeting places, etc. The next closing
date for applications is the 9th February 2011.

Website: Architectural Heritage Fund (UK)

Funding aimed at supporting the disadvantaged

The Hilden Charitable Fund has announced that the next deadline for submitting
applications is the 26th November 2010. Within the UK, the Hilden Charitable Fund
makes grants to projects that address disadvantages, notably by supporting causes
which are less likely to raise funds from public subscriptions. In particular, the Fund
wants to support projects that address homelessness; asylum seekers and refugees;
Community based initiatives for disadvantaged young people; Penal Affairs.
Preference is given to supporting small community organisations with an income of
less than £200,000 per year. During 2009 the average grant given was £5,000.


Supporting good causes in a variety of areas

The People‟s Postcode Trust have announced that they are now accepting
applications for funding in Scotland and England and have also opened applications
in Wales for projects of £5,000 and under. Through the Trust funding of between
£500 and £10,000 (£2,000 if not a registered charity) is available to small
organisations and community groups operating in the areas of Poverty Prevention;
Advancement of Health; Community Development; Public Sports; Human Rights; and
Environmental Protection. Within England, the Trust will now only accept applications
from Yorkshire and the Humber; North East England; Liverpool and Merseyside; and
the Midlands. Projects supported can last for up to 3 months. Previous projects
supported include Bishopton Village Nursery which received a grant of £825 to
support children‟s learning and Scottish Native Woods, an organisation that exists to
rescue, restore and expand Scotland‟s native woods- woodlands that are natural to
Scottish landscape. The organisation received a grant of £9,958 to thin out trees,
reinstate and repair paths and reinstall drainage systems. For projects above
£2,000, the closing date for applications is the 10th November 2010.

The application process for projects under £2,000 will now be a rolling monthly
decision process.

Supporting socially excluded people

Antigone was founded in 2007 by Martha Lane Fox (of Martha Lane Fox‟s
Foundation). This charitable trust works with a small number of charities each year
who work with socially excluded people. Their particular interest is helping charities
think through how they use web and mobile technologies.
Applicants need to show that they:

      Are improving people's lives.

      Are managed by inspired and dedicated people.

      Have ambitions for developing their work on a bigger scale.

Applicants should be registered charities.
The next deadline for applications is the 31st January 2010.

Funding for places of worship built before 1896

The William and Jane Morris Fund is open to applications from churches, chapels
and other places of worship built before 1896. The Fund offers grants of up to £1,000
towards work concerned with the conservation of decorative features such as,
stained glass windows, sculpture, furniture, internal monuments and tombs, and wall
paintings. Grants towards major structural repairs and fabric maintenance may be
considered under exceptional circumstances.
The Fund‟s committee is composed of Officers of the Society and Fellows with
expertise who are able to advise on applications.

Applications must be received by 31st March for consideration in the May.

Community awards from large British supermarket

The Tesco Charity Trust Community Awards Scheme provides one-off donations of
between £500 and £4,000 to local projects that support children and their education
and welfare, elderly people and adults and children with disabilities.

Previous projects supported have included part funding to purchase minibuses;
befriending schemes; luncheon clubs; and day trips / social trips – for elderly /
disabled people; sensory garden or room projects; breakfast and after-schools clubs;
playground equipment in schools and outdoor classrooms. For example, Addington
High School received funding towards the development of an outdoor classroom.
Dyslexia Action received funding towards parent awareness courses.

Applications for grants for children and their education and welfare should be made
between the 1st December and the 31st January or the 1st May and the 30th June.

Applications for grants for elderly people and adults and children with disabilities
should be made between the 1st February and the 31st March or the 1st August and
the 30th September.

Established grant making trust announces new funding opportunity

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust has announced that its grant making
programme is open for applications. Within the UK, the Trust makes grants to both
organisations and individuals for activities that relate to: peace and conflict resolution;
promoting racial justice; power and responsibility; and quaker concerns. The Trust
tends to fund work that is on a national level and there are no maximum grant limits
although the Trust does stress that costings need to be realistic. Previously
supported projects include: Asylum Aid, which assists people seeking refuge in the

UK . Asylum Aid received a grant of £203,170 from the Trust to support a project that
enables women fleeing serious human rights violations to gain protection in the UK.;
and the University of Liverpool received a grant of £75,000 from the Trust to
undertake an audit of local democracy in Burnley and Harrogate .

The next deadline for applications is 9 pm on the 4th January 2011

(2) Sport, Culture and Leisure
International arts awards from the commonwealth

Visual artists, dancers and choreographers who are citizens of Commonwealth
countries are being invited by the Commonwealth Foundation to apply for the 2011
Commonwealth Connections international arts residencies. The Commonwealth
Connections international arts residencies aim to increase mutual understanding
between people from different cultures though artistic exchange and to give arts
practitioners opportunities to learn new skills and share their experiences. Seven
residencies will be offered for a period of between three to nine months in another
Commonwealth country. Each residency is worth up to £8,000.

The deadline for receipt of applications is the 30th November 2010.

Commonwealth Connections International Arts Residencies 2011 Opens for
Applications (UK)

Support for the visual arts

The Henry Moore Foundation supports a wide range of projects and activities in the
visual arts in the UK in the following six categories:

      New Projects

Grants are available for exhibitions, exhibition catalogues and commissions. In order
to encourage ambitious proposals, a small number of grants may be awarded as
follows: £40,000 (exhibition), £15,000 (exhibition catalogue) and £60,000

      Collections

This category of minor capital grants is intended to help public institutions acquire,
display and conserve sculpture. The maximum sums available are the region of
£15,000 (acquisition), £20,000 (display) and £20,000 (conservation).

      Research and Development

The purpose of the category is to assist sculptural projects that require funding for
more than one year, whether creative (e.g. a contemporary commission), academic
(e.g. a permanent collection catalogue) or practical (e.g. a long-term conservation
project). Maximum sums are in the region of £20,000 per annum.

      Fellowships for Artists

The Foundation awards grants worth £6,000 each to artists, supported by host
institutions, for two to six month Fellowships. Joint applications may be made at any
time and the number of Fellowships awarded will depend on the resources available
in any year.

      Conferences, Lectures and Publications

Sums up to £5,000 are available. A publication might be a book or a journal but not
an exhibition catalogue or a permanent collection catalogue.

      Post-doctoral Research Fellowships

The Foundation annually awards a small number of one-year postdoctoral
fellowships in the field of sculpture studies at a British university. The awards are
primarily to help scholars recently awarded PhDs to prepare a substantial publication.
Applicants must show that they have an affiliation with a university department.

Applications can be made at any time and are considered on a quarterly basis by the
Grants Committee.

The final deadline for applications to be considered by the Grants Committee in 2010
is 19th November 2010

Supporting arts and the preservation for the benefit of the public of
buildings and items of historical inte rest or national importance

The Idlewild Trust is a grant making trust that supports registered charities concerned
with the encouragement of excellence in the performing and fine arts and the
preservation for the benefit of the public of buildings and items of historical interest or
national importance. Occasionally it also supports projects that conserve the natural
environment. The Trust's interest is national and it is unlikely to support a project of
local, parochial interest only. During the last financial year to 31 December, 2009,
the Trust received 301 applications and awarded 59 grants totaling £125,000.
Applications are considered twice a year. The next deadline for applications is 25th
February 2011

Website: Idlewild Trust (UK)

Facilities funding for sport

Sport England has announced that its Sustainable Facilities Fund will re-open for
applications from the 1st November 2010. The fund will be available to organisations,
including applicants from sports clubs, voluntary or community organisations, local
authorities, and education establishments, such as schools, colleges and

The Sustainable Facilities Fund invests £10m a year of Lottery and Exchequer
money into innovative projects capable of transforming the places where people play
or take part in sport. The Fund is aiming to invest in projects that are sustainable in
financial and sports development terms and can demonstrate it will benefit all
sections of society. Priority will be given to projects with a collaborative or consortia

approach which can demonstrate the potential to grow and sustain participation in
community sport.

The funding is for the development of the capital infrastructure, this can include
contributions to the costs of new build; modernisation; and major fixed equipment
where it is an integral part of a project.

The closing date for applications will be 5 pm on the 16th December 2010.

Funding for young people’s musical theatre schemes

The BBC has announced that its Performing Arts Fund - Young People's Musical
Theatre scheme is now open for applications. This is a new scheme that will award
£200,000 in grants aimed at encouraging young people to take part in musical
theatre. The scheme is open to any non-profit theatre group who have a youth
section or are made up of members under 25. The Scheme intends to provide
support to the Groups to enable them to carry out training and development of their
Group, attract new audiences to any performances they put on and to attract new
members to their Groups. In each case, it will be for the Group to put forward their
proposal stating what the Grant will be used for. Groups can apply for grants of
between £500 and £5,000.

The closing date for applications is 5pm on the 30th November 2010.

Support for community, heritage and environmental projects

WREN which provides funding for community, heritage and environmental projects in
areas close to landfill sites by awarding grants for environmental, heritage and
community projects has announced the next application deadlines for 2010. Funding
is available through three grant programmes. The small grants programme which
provides grants between £2,000 and £15,000 with a total project cost of under
£50,000; the WREN Main Grant Scheme offers funding of between £15,001 and
£50,000 and the Biodiversity Action Fund which provides funding of between £75,000
and £250,000 to deliver biodiversity improvement projects under Object DA. Eligible
organisations that can apply for funding include environmental organisations,
voluntary groups, charities, not-for-profit organisations and community groups. The
application deadlines are the 9th November 2010 for the main and small grants

The deadline for the Biodiversity Action Fund is the 29th January 2011.

Funding for community radio initiatives

The Office of Communications (Ofcom) has announced that the next fund round for
Community Radio Fund will open for applications on the 12th October and close on
the 9th November 2010. The Community Radio Fund has been established to help
fund the core costs of running a community radio station.

These not-for-profit radio stations have a social purpose, and work to involve their
target community in running the service. Under the fund, Community Radio Stations
are being invited to apply for funding to support their core running costs.
These core costs can include; management; administration; financial management &
reporting; fundraising to support the station (grants and commercial funding);
community outreach; and volunteer organisation and support.

There is no upper limit of grant that can be applied for. Grants can only be made to
community radio licensees ("Licensee") which are broadcasting under a community
radio licence (and not an RSL, for example).

During the last bidding round 35 Community Radio Stations received grants ranging
from £5,000 to £17,000

(3) Education and Lifelong Learning
Telecom company supporting education through competition

BT has announced that it's Big Voice competition is now open for entries. The Big
Voice Competition is open to groups of between five and eight students working
together to develop innovative yet practical ideas on diversity and inclusion in the UK
such as; how could your community become a better place for all the people who
live, work and go to school in; and how those ideas can be communicated though an
inspirational short film. Big Voice will provide a film crew to do so, and then will show
the film on giant screens in city centres around the UK as part of the build-up to the
London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games. All winning proposals will receive
the same support: 3 days of shooting with a small crew equipped to a professional
standard, plus 30 hours of post-production services (editing, music dubbing, titling,
etc.). Each film will be given a budget of £1,000. The deadline for submitting
proposals is summer 2011 half term.

Website: Big Voice Competition (UK)

Educational planting packs now available to community groups, schools
and youth groups

The Woodland Trust has announced that Community and Youth Groups as well as
Schools can now register to receive free tree planting packs. The tree planting packs
are designed to help plant more trees, hedges and copses in their local shared
spaces - by a church, community centre or playground for example, or on patches of
land that are currently unused. Community Groups, Schools and Youth Groups can
apply either for either planting as a small wooded area or 'copse' or planting a

These packs will be delivered free to schools and youth groups in March 2011.

For further information click on the link below.

Funding for music making activities

Youth Music, the UK's largest children's music charity has announced its grant
making programme is open for applications. Through its "Open Programme", grants
of between £5,000 and £30,000 are available to support projects that provide music-
making activities for children and young people in support of Youth Music's goals.

Youth Music will fund any non profit-making organisation more than one year old,
that is committed to music-making activities for children and young people up to 18
(or up to 25 if they have special educational needs, disabilities or are in detention).
Youth Music aims to support music making activities principally in out of school hours
such as during weekends, holidays as well as in breakfast and after schools clubs.
Youth Music understands that programmes may need to begin in school hours
especially if the proposal involves encouraging first time participation in music. To
help with this, Youth Music will consider applications for programmes where up to
25% of the time is spent in school hours. The proposed programme should aim to
encourage children and young people to eventually make music outside of school
hours. For example, Youth Music has supported At Risk – Hitting the right note, a
project providing tutoring and MC‟ing to At Risk Young People in Norfolk.

The closing date for applications is the 10th December 2010.

Physics grant scheme is currently open for applications

The Institute of Physics has announced that its Public Engagement Grant Scheme is
currently open for applications. The scheme provides grants of up to £1,000 to
individuals and organisations to provide positive and compelling experiences of
physics to public audiences through engaging and entertaining activities and events.

The scheme is open to all and provides funding for individuals and organisations to
organise public engagement with physics activities.

This includes, but is not limited to, members of the Institute of Physics, researchers in
academia or industry, schools, museums, community groups, not-for-profit
organisations, arts groups and libraries.

Previous projects supported include a pre-school rocket-building workshop that
engaged children (mainly 3-5 years old) and parents in a fun and informative rocket-
building workshop; and First steps into astronomy which held a number of activities
to raise public awareness of the impact of astronomy on our daily lives and the
importance of space exploration.

Applications must be received by 12 noon on 8th November 2010

Website: Public Engagement Grant Scheme (UK)

(4) Health and Social Welfare

Funding assistance for health care projects

The Dowager Countess Eleanor Peel Trust supports the following types of charities:

      Medical charities - research and care specifically aimed at benefitting older
       people, to include Alzheimers, Macular Disease, Prostate Cancer,
       Parkinson's Disease

      Charities in connection with old people - Old Age, Homes, Carers

      Charities for people fallen upon hard times - Disabled, Hospital, Hospices, Ex

      Natural or Man-made disasters, Mental Health (including drug and alcohol

      Homelessness.

Preference is given for bids from the North West England but applications form other
parts of the country are also accepted. The Trustees like to focus on capital projects
from small to medium sized charities where grants will make a difference.
The closing date for applications for those who have not previously applied for or
received a grant is 31 January 2011.

For further information see

Supporting activities in education and health

Organisations that work with young people have the opportunity to apply for grants
through the Hilton Foundation.
Organisations such as charities and other not for profit organisations can apply for
grants ranging from a few hundred pounds up to £30,000 per year for up to 2 years
that meet one of the Foundation's chosen areas of focus.

These are:

      disabled children;
      children in hospital;
      homelessness; and
      life-limited children in hospices.

Previously supported projects by the Foundation have included Oakington Manor
Primary School which received a grant of 1,000 towards equipment for journalism
projects and Ratho Primary School which received a grant of £168.48 to provide
'healthy living' water bottles for all of the children at the school.

The next closing date for applications is the 9th November 2010.

Financial assistance is available to facilitate early -stage small-molecule
drug discovery

The Wellcome Trust Seeding Drug Discovery Programme is open for applications.
Funding of £1m-£3m is available for eligible projects.

The deadline for the current round is 19th November.

Website: Wellcome Trust website

(5) Green issues
Green grants from clothes company

Patagonia, the clothing and outdoor gear company, has announced that it is seeking
applications for funding through its Environmental Grants Programme. The company
are most interested in making grants to organisations that identify and work on the
root causes of problems and that approach issues with a commitment to long-term
change. The company are seeking to support small, grassroots activist organisations
with provocative direct-action agendas, working on multi-pronged campaigns to
preserve and protect the environment. Most grants are in the range of $3,000 to

This is an international grants programme and projects supported in the UK have
included Buglife which received a grant of $7,800 towards its work to prevent the
extinction of different invertebrate species; and the Marine Conservation Society
which received a grant of $10,000 towards its work to ensure the UK's seas remain fit
for life by taking a leading role in helping government, industry and the public to
jointly manage and protect the seas.

The next closing date for applications is the 28th February 2011

Funding for Environmental Projects (UK)

Funding for beneficial countryside projects

The Prince's Countryside Fund has been set up to help rural areas in the United
Kingdom to become more sustainable. The focus areas for the Fund are:

      projects to improve the sustainability of British farming in areas of deprivation;

      projects to improve the sustainability of rural communities; and

      projects to reconnect people with the countryside.

The total amount of funding available in each application round will vary. Minimum
and maximum levels of funding for each funding tranche will be specified in the
application documentation. The Fund can pay for a portion or the entirety of the costs
of a project and applications for capital, project and resource funding will be

Applications will be accepted from organisations that can demonstrate the support of
the community which will benefit from the project and show evidence of consulting
the community.

Application forms and a deadline date are expected to be made available following
the Trustee's meeting in October 2010.

Until then, the Fund is accepting outline proposals by e-mail, although an application
form will still need to completed when these become available.

More information can be found on :-

Pond Digging Fund

Biffaward has announced that the third and final round of the Pond Digging Fund will
open for applications this autumn, and will close in January 2011. Funding is
available to provide new, clean water habitat for wildlife by creating an extensive
network of new ponds across the UK. To qualify for funding projects must target at
least one pond-associated Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) species; include three or
more ponds at one site, or a pond complex (i.e. a cluster of ponds). Single ponds
may be considered depending on the target species; the landowner/manager should
be eligible to receive Biffaward funding, but public access is not required; and sites
should be located (i) within 10 miles of a landfill operation (current or disused) or
within 25 miles of a Biffa operation.

(6) Economy
£18 million Competition to Support Collaborative “Research and
Development” across six key technology areas

The 'Technology-Inspired Collaborative Research and Development Competition
2010' will open for applications on 12th October to support two or three year
collaborative projects to develop enabling technologies that will lead to the creation of
other products and processes and support future development.

Core technology areas covered by the competition include:

   1. Advanced Materials.
   2. Biosciences.
   3. Electronics, Photonics and Electrical Systems.
   4. High Value Manufacturing.
   5. Information and Communications Technology.
   6. Nanotechnology.
   Projects are expected to be at the proof of concept stage and develop towards
   demonstrator level.

Expressions of Interest to the first application round must be received by 18th

The second application round will open to applications on 13th December 2010 and
close on 27th January 2011.

(7) EU/International
Call for Proposals - The Thematic Networking of Twinned Towns

The European Commission has indicated that there will be a new call for proposals
under its thematic networking of Twinned Towns initiative, which is part of the new
Active Citizens for Europe Programme (2007 -2013). Through theThematic
Networking of Twinned Towns initiative grants are available for towns with existing
town twinning links to come together in thematic networks that address issues of
common concern. This Programme provides financial support for conferences and
workshops that address specific themes, involving at least three towns, developed
within the framework of existing town twinning agreements. These events should be
the starting point for future joint initiatives between the twinned towns. The maximum
grant to be awarded is €22,000 per project. A maximum of €40,000 per project can
apply if at least 10 towns participate in the project. The minimum grant awarded is
€2, 500. Applications are accepted from municipalities and twinning committees,
local and regional governments and associations representing local authorities. The
closing date for applications will be the 1st February 2011.

Call for Proposals Town Twinning Citizens Meetings

Under the Town Twinning Initiative, which is part of the new Active Citizens for
Europe Programme (2007 -2013) grants of between €2,000 and €20,000 are
available to support Town Twinning citizens meetings. Town twinning citizens'
meetings consist in bringing together a wide range of citizens and citizens' groups
from towns already twinned to further develop strong, informal and personal relations
between their citizens, to reinforce the participants' commitment to European
integration; and to contribute to the development of an active European citizenship.
To be eligible the applicant needs to be the municipality or its twinning association in
which the meeting will take place.

The deadline for applications is the 1st February 2011.

Consultation on next-generation EU programmes

The European Commission is launching public consultations on 3 planned
programmes, due to replace 3 existing programmes from the beginning of 2014:
Education and training programme – to replace current Lifelong Learning programme

Youth programme – to replace current Youth in Action programme

International higher education programme – to replace current Erasmus Mundus

The consultations will be open until 30th November 2010.

Results of the consultations will be published on Directorate General for Education
and Culture's website
The results reports will give a consolidated and anonymous analysis of inputs
received and indicate how the Commission will take them into account in preparing
its proposals for the new programmes.

Connecting Classrooms scheme extended

The British Council‟s Connecting Classrooms is a global programme that creates
partnerships between clusters of schools in the UK and others around the world.
These partnerships bring an international dimension to young people‟s learning, to
improve their knowledge and understanding of other cultures and prepare them for
life and work as global citizens.

Grants are available to schools to support the development of partnerships and cover
project-related costs. Local authorities and other coordinating bodies can also
receive grant to cover the costs of coordinating the project for their cluster of schools.
Connecting Classrooms in East Asia and Latin America is offering grants of between
£1,000 and £2,500 (countries included under both of these regions are Indonesia,
Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and
Venezuela). Other regions also open to application at present are India and Sri
Lanka and Sub-Saharan Africa.

A local authority/federation of schools or other coordinating body can apply to the
programme with a cluster of schools that want to work in an international partnership.
The number of schools in the cluster depends on the country(ies) they choose to
work with.

The deadline to work with partners in East Asia, India and Sri Lanka and Latin
America is 29th October 2010. The deadline to work with partners in Sub-Saharan
Africa is 4th February 2011.

Financial support is available to independent producers for TV
programmes that involve several European broadcasters

New Call for Proposals under the Media 2007 Programme for Support for television
broadcasting of European audiovisual works.

Financial assistance is available for independent European television production
(fiction, animation, or creative documentary) involving the participation of at least
three broadcasting companies from several Member States of the European Union or
countries participating in the MEDIA 2007 Programme.

The total budget available to this call is €10.4 million.

A maximum grant of €500,000 per work for fiction and animation projects can be
awarded and €300,000 per work for documentary projects.

The closing dates for receipt of proposals are:

       15 November 2010.

      28 February 2011.
      20 June 2011.

For more information, visit the European Commission - Media website (opens new

Financial assistance is available for developing integrated, safer, 'greener'
and 'smarter' pan-European transport systems

Transport (including aeronautics) is a Thematic Area of the Cooperation Programme
under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Financial assistance is available
for developing integrated, safer, 'greener' and 'smarter' pan-European transport
systems for the benefit of all citizens, society and climate policy, respecting the
environment and natural resources; and securing and further developing the
competitiveness attained by the European industries in the global market.

New call for proposals under the Seventh Framework for Cooperation in the Field of
Transport (including Aeronautics) for Sustainable Surface Transport (SST).The total
budget available for this call is €18,000,000.

Proposals should be submitted by the closing date of 12th April 2011.

Broadband in rural areas by 2013 – info only

On 20 September, the European Commission presented a major Radio Spectrum
Policy Programme (RSPP) in order to liberalise large portions of the radio spectrum
for the benefit of wireless internet access providers. 1 January 2013 is the deadline
for liberalising the 800 MHz band, which will enable broadband to be rolled out in
rural areas. This strategy is part of the Digital Agenda‟s pledge to bring broadband
internet services of at least 30 Mbps to all Europeans by 2020. Currently, 70% of
Europeans in rural areas have access to broadband. The Commission will take
advantage of this to further harmonise other aspects of EU Telecommunications,
such as the Galileo satellite navigation service and the Global Monitoring for
Environment and Society (GMES) programme.

More info- Emily:

Leonardo da Vinci programme - Preparatory Visits Grants

Schools and Colleges engaged in Vocational Education and Training (VET) that wish
to get involved in the European Union's Leonardo Da Vinci Programme can apply for
funding under the Preparatory Visits Grant element of the Programme. The Leonardo
da Vinci programme is part of the European Commission's Lifelong Learning
Programme and aims to build a skilled workforce through European partnerships.
The Programme funds overseas work placements and the development of training
materials with the objective of improving the provision of Vocational Education and
Training (VET) across Europe. The aim of Preparatory Visits Grants is to enable

potential applicants and participants to meet European partners prior to submitting a
Leonardo Da Vinci project.

A number of schools have successfully accessed Leonardo Da Vinci including
Yewlands School in Sheffield which received a grant of €17,299 for a project that
aims to take 10 pupils in year 10, undertaking NVQ Business German on a two week
work experience placement to Germany.

Pupils are from a socially and economically disadvantaged area, and project aims to
increase their experience, widen horizons, improve business language skills and
employability skills.

The maximum grant available for a preparatory visit is €1,000.

Applications must be submitted at least 8 weeks before the activity start date and the
final deadline for applications is the 10th December 2010.

Funding through European culture programme

The European Commission has issued the next call for proposal under the Culture
Programme (2007 -13). Through the Culture Programme the European Commission
provides financial support to enhance the cultural area shared by Europeans with a
view to encouraging the emergence of European citizenship. Through this call the for
proposal, the European Commission specifically wants to support; cultural project;
Literary Translation Projects; Support for European cultural festivals; Support for
Organisations Active at European Level in the Field of Culture; and Cooperation
projects between organisations involved in cultural policy analysis.

The Culture programme supports projects, organisations, promotional activities and
research in all branches of culture, except the audiovisual branch for which there is a
separate programme named MEDIA. The funding available is open to Cultural
operators, including cultural enterprises as long as they are acting in a non-profit-
making cultural capacity.

For more information including information on the level of funding available and
various closing dates for applications, please click on the link below.

(8) Miscellaneous

£500 from leading software company

Software Company Intuit UK has announced that up until Friday 19th November
2010 it will be awarding £500 each fortnight to a winning UK charity, chosen from a
final shortlist of five as voted for by the public. To enter Charities need to outline
what they would do with the £500. Members of the public will then have the
opportunity to vote for their favourite charity. All the shortlisted charities will receive a
free QuickBooks Pro package worth almost £500. The closing dates for the

remaining challenges are the 14th October, 2nd November and 19th November


Community and Community Development
Funding from mothering projects from leading high street chain

The MotherCare Group Foundation has an interest in projects which: ensure the
good health and well-being of mums-to-be, new mums and their children; special
baby-care needs and premature births and parenting initiatives relating to family well-

Local charities can request help through the „Area Managers Fund‟ by asking your
Mothercare Group's area manager.

For more information, see

Christian community project support

The Gibbs Trust supports:

      Innovative undertakings by Methodist churches and organisations;

      Other Christian causes, especially of an ecumenical nature; and

      A wider category within the fields of the creative arts, education, social and
       international concerns.

Grants given are usually between £1,000-£3,000.

Supporting community development in rural areas

The main work of the Arkleton Trust is organising seminars, workshops and
publishing information about rural development issues.
It also administers some small funds including the John Higgs Memorial Fund - which
seeks to identify groups doing specific development, community or educational (not
within schools) work in rural areas, which are either struggling to start, having trouble
in maintaining valuable activities, wishing to develop in new or unfamiliar areas, or
seeking to evaluate their work. In addition, the fund tries to assist these groups to find
the right person to help and guide their efforts.

To learn more about this trust, see

Support community development through three key areas

The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation allocates funds to specific strands of work. There
are currently four funding strands and there is a separate application process for
The current strands are:

      Biodiversity – Aims to help develop a greater knowledge and understanding
       of certain habitats and their associated species leading to practical
       conservation outcomes. They will consider applications from research
       organisations, practical conservation charities and voluntary nature societies.

      Food – The aim of the Food Strand is to promote an understanding of the role
       of food in enhancing quality of life. It will prioritise the enjoyment and
       experience of food rather than its production and we seek to enable as many
       people in the UK as possible to access, prepare and eat nutritious,
       sustainable food. We are interested in work that influences policy and practice
       across a range of food-related areas. A mix of practical projects that have
       wide significance, and some research and policy based work is expected.

      Museum & Heritage Collections – This strand will focus on time-limited
       collections work including research, documentation and conservation that is
       outside the scope of an organisation's core resources.

      New Approaches to Learning – Devising, testing and disseminating new
       approaches to teaching and learning that address current and future
       challenges in state schools and pre-schools.

Full guidance and further details are available on at

Stepping in to support community pubs

A co-operative movement has stepped in to offer assistance to the 82 communities
left stranded by the cancellation of the Community Owned Pubs Support Programme.
Representatives from a variety of co-operative organisations have agreed to provide
support to the organisations that expressed interest in the scheme.
The summit was held at the first co-operative pub in England, the Old Crown in
Hesket Newmarket.

The Community Owned Pubs Support Programme was initially set up under Labour
by the Plunkett Foundation to support local pubs threatened with closure. However it
was axed by the coalition government following the election.
Plunkett Foundation chief executive Peter Couchman said:

“We are pleased to say the outcome of the Co-operative Pubs Summit is that the Co-
operative Movement will be developing a package of support to help the 82
communities that have asked for help with saving their local.

“The support will not be at the same level as it would have been, but those choosing
to go down the co-operative pub route will receive support from highly experienced
co-operative developers.”

Programme for young people

The O2 programme supports projects by young people (13 - 25) that have a positive
impact upon their community. The new programme Think Big will offer young people
up to£ 300 in grants as well as training, support and mentoring from a number of
youth charities. These include the National Youth Agency and UK Youth.

Examples of projects that could be supported could include fighting knife crime,
starting local youth groups, teaching skills to other young people or renovating
community spaces. Eligible projects should be run by young people for young
people, and may have the opportunity to apply for a further £2,500 to continue their

Street Factory in Plymouth received funding. The project offers street dance classes
for local children.

Applications can be submitted by individual young people or groups of young people
and can be submitted at any time.

Small grant support to address housing issues and homelessness
among vulnerable groups

The Nationwide Foundation offers small grants to charities offering support to
address housing issues and homelessness among vulnerable groups.

Grants of up to £5,000 are available to registered charities with incomes of under
£500,000. Further information can be found on

Grants in the areas of the arts, community education, medical,
environment, health, religion, welfare and youth

The Garfield Weston Foundation offers support to organisations that are registered
charities and excepted or exempt charities such as churches, hospitals, educational
establishments, museums and housing corporations. Founded in 1958 the Garfield
Weston Foundation is a UK based, general grant-giving charity that makes grants in
the areas of the Arts, Community Education, Medical, Environment, Health, Religion,
Welfare and Youth.

Applications are considered individually by the Foundation and the following issues
are taken into consideration:

      The financial viability of the organisation;

      The degree of need for the project requiring funding;

      The amount spent on administration and fundraising as compared to the
       charitable activities;

      The ability to raise sufficient funding to meet the appeal target;

      Whether the organisation has appropriate priorities and plans in place to
       manage its activities.

There is no limit on the size of grant. In the past, the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School
received funding for the refurbishment of facilities in two Edwardian houses which
have been converted into a number of studios and practice rooms; RHS at Harlow
Carr in Yorkshire received funding to build a dedicated education space to house a
library, lecture and theatre rooms, online access, kitchen facilities and storage.

There are no application deadlines.

Foundation offers support for various themes

The New Look Group Foundation supports local projects related to the following

Learning through access to education:

      Formal education or vocational training
      overcoming truancy
      seeking an apprenticeship, or
      developing life skills.

Learning through accessibility:

      Helping to promote an inclusive approach to life, irrespective of physical or
       mental ability.

Learning to deal with issues:

Helping people to help themselves and their friends by tackling anxieties linked to
such issues as eating disorders, obesity, body image, bullying, alcohol or substance
abuse Preference is given to local schools, community groups, and registered
charities in the following areas:

      Educational activities aimed at helping people to help themselves;

      Regenerating local communities and promoting a positive 'community spirit';

      Activities which help people to feel included in local community life who might
       otherwise feel excluded and which promote positive self-esteem and

To get more details, e-mail or see

Sport, Culture and Leisure
Monthly sporting awards from high street bank

Barclays Spaces for Sports has announced the launch of its new Community Sports
Award. The Award is a new award to recognise the outstanding achievements of
individuals and groups that use sport to benefit communities across the UK. Each
month, the winner of the award will receive £1,000 for their group or organisation, a
limited edition trophy and will be entered into the end of season award to win a
further £5,000. Nominations can be made for any individual, group of individuals or
not-for-profit organisation. All entries must be made via on or before 5.00 p.m. on the 20th of
each month.

Supporting a broad range of the arts

Old Possum‟s Practical Trust supports charitable organisations that work to increase
the knowledge and appreciation of aesthetic interests.

Its main areas of interest are:

      History

      Arts

      Architecture

      Literature

      Music and

      Theatre

Further information can be sought through e-mailing or looking online at

Funding for sport and other areas from high street bookmakers

Funds are directed towards a wide range of causes, including: schools, hospices and
hospitals, youth support, medical, social sciences, arts, environment and animals,

How To Apply:
In the first instance, the support of a local shop should be secured in raising funds on
behalf of a cause. Any monies raised are then banked with the trust, with
consideration of additional funds being added by Ladbrokes taken by the trust's

grants committee.

When To Apply:
The grants committee meets monthly to consider applications.

Catchment Areas:
UK (communities in which the shops and businesses of Ladbrokes Betting and
Gaming Ltd or Ladbrokes eGaming Limited operate). Shops in Corsham and
Chippenham, Swindon, Bristol, Exeter, Exmouth, Falmouth, Newquay., Penzance,
Tiverton, Gloucester, Stroud, Cheltenham, Bridgewater, Yeovil, Taunton, Crewkerne,
Bridport. See website for full listing.

General Notes:
Funding comes not from the Ladbrokes company, but via the fundraising efforts of
head office and shop staff, customers and 'Event Days'.

Ladbroke Betting and Gaming Ltd
Imperial House
Imperial Drive

Bursaries available for youth sport and disability

The Torch Trophy Trust offers bursaries to help volunteers improve their skills as
coaches or officials in youth sport and sport for the disabled.

A bursary will cover 50% of costs up to £1,000. Awards can be used for: Providing
funding for volunteers; or encouraging and helping club workers at voluntary level.
The trust doesn‟t have deadlines – all applications are looked at as they are sent in.

See for more details

(3) Health and social welfare
Funding for social welfare projects

The Noel Buxton Trust focuses on three main areas:

      Welfare of children in disadvantaged families/children in care - Available for
       families with children of primary school age and younger, children in care can
       be considered up until they leave care

      Penal reform - Welfare of prisoners and their families, rehabilitation of
       prisoners and work with young people at risk of offending.

      Sustainable development and education in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Applicants are usually expected to be registered charities.

The maximum grant is £4,000 but is usually for much less.

Applications may be made at any time. Successful applicants will normally hear from
the Trust within six months.

Go to to find out more.

Funding for alcohol education projects

The Drinkaware Trust “Ideas Fund” awards small grants of between £100 and £2,500
to local community (and occasionally national) initiatives designed to promote
responsible drinking and reduce alcohol related harm. The Trust funds projects
ranging from public education campaigns, peer-led education schemes, educational
theatre work, conferences, provision for educational materials, training, workshops to
other educational events.

In particular the Trust welcome applications that aim to further the strategic
objectives of the Trust, which are:

       To reduce alcohol misuse amongst under-18s; and

       To raise awareness about long term health harms caused by hazardous or
        harmful levels of drinking.

The Trust accepts applications from; registered charities; other voluntary
organisations; and statutory organisations and partnerships. In addition the Trust also
makes grants of up to £25,000 for larger projects that undertake direct, hands-on
work with individuals and the community as well as grants of up to £100,000 to help
larger scale projects pack a more powerful punch or reach a wider audience.

An example of a previously funded project is "Party Safe" a partnership project
between Rivington School and a local group called Youth Express. Young people
from the latter organisation worked together to produce a ten to twenty minute DVD
demonstrating the dangers of drinking to excess and showing how quickly things can
get out of control.

Another example is ´Early Break´ in Manchester that uses a bus which acts as a one-
stop shop, providing a place where young people can learn more about alcohol
safety and talk openly about alcohol.

Applications can be submitted at any time.

Grants for enhancing quality of life for those in need

Individuals in need and charities that work to enhance the quality of life for people in
need (specifically the mentally and physically disabled) can apply for funding the ACT
Foundation's grant programme.

The Foundation makes grants to support:

   the modifications to homes, schools, hospices etc;

   the provision of specialist equipment such as specialised wheelchairs, other
    mobility aids and equipment including medical equipment to assist independent
    living; and
   financial assistance towards the cost of short-term respite breaks at a registered
    respite centre.

Grants can range from £100 to several millions.

Examples of grants that the ACT Foundation has made are:
Woodlands School – Hydrotherapy pool for disabled children; and
Whizz Kids – Mobility aids for children.

Applications can be made at any time.

(4) Education and Lifelong Learning

Supporting environmental education in the UK

Not for profit organisations and organisation with a charitable purpose can apply for
funding through the Mark Leonard Trust. The Mark Leonard Trust is one of the
Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts and focuses on environmental education in the

In particular the Trust seeks to support projects that focus on:

       finding practical ways of involving children and young adults;

       sustainable agriculture and bio-diversity;

       sustainable transport, energy efficiency and renewable energy; and

       youth work that supports the rehabilitation of young people involved in anti-
        social or criminal activities.

Projects supported in the past have included:

a grant of £10,000 to the Federation of City Farms and Community gardens towards
a pilot project in Coventry to develop food growing activities in schools; a grant of
£10,000 for „Web of Hope‟, towards the Youth Prints environmental learning project
with disadvantaged young people in Worcester; and a grant of £10,000 to Plumpton
College to complete the construction of an environmentally friendly classroom.

Applications to the Trust can be submitted at any time.

Free computer programme changes format

The Government has announced that due to the success if the Home Access
Programme, only 15,000 grants are left to award. The original aim of the £300
million programme was to provide 270,000 low income families a free computer and
free broadband access to close the digital and educational divide between rich and

Due to the success of the programme Home Access are now inviting applications for
computers for children with severe disabilities or Special Educational Needs.
Organisations, schools and Local Authorities can download posters and other
promotional materials to raise awareness of the scheme within their community.

For more information how parents can apply for a Home Access Grant call 0333 200
1004 or visit to get more information and request an
application form.

Funding offered for numeracy and literacy projects

The Britannia Foundation offers grants and donations between £1,000 and £25,000
to registered charities and schools working within education, particularly numeracy
and/or financial literacy.

Their focus is to support local communities where there are higher densities of
Britannia employees and customers.

The Foundation prefers buying specific items of equipment but in some
circumstances will consider capital expenditure and salary costs.

Funding for educational projects for the young and disadvantaged

The Equitable Charitable Trust is an education charity. It makes grants totaling up to
£1 million each year towards projects for children and young people under the age of
25 who are from disadvantaged backgrounds or disabled.

The Priorities of the Equitable Charitable Trust are:

      Education projects or services that support the learning and development of
       disabled children and young people;
      Formal education projects for disadvantaged children and young people that
       support delivery of the National Curriculum (i.e. curriculum enrichment
       projects) or that deliver accredited vocational learning that will increase
      Education projects that will help increase participation in, or improve the
       quality of, education for disadvantaged or disabled children and young people
       in developing countries.

For overseas projects, Trustees particularly wish to support projects with potential to
deliver benefits over the medium to long term.

Grants can be made for project costs, capital expenditure, equipment and/or the
salary costs of a post.

The majority of projects funded by the Trust take place at local or regional level,
though national projects and those benefiting children or young people overseas (in
developing countries only) are also supported. Grants for overseas projects are only
made through UK registered charities.
The length of funding can range from one to three years with grants of more than one
year paid in annual installments, with installments beyond the first year dependent on
receipt of progress reports that are satisfactory to the Trustees.

The size of grants ranges from £2,500 to £30,000. Most are for sums between
£5,000 and £20,000. It is rare for a multi-year grant to exceed £10,000 p.a. and most
multi-year grants will be for sums between £5,000 and £7,500 p.a.

Applications can be submitted at any time and are considered monthly by the
Trustees. The Trust does not have an application form, but recommends that
organisations follow the guidelines on

Dragon’s Den investor offers funding through charitable trust

Established by the Dragon‟s Den investor James Caan in 2006 this charitable trust
supports charities involved in various activities including:

      Promoting education (including social and physical training) – Examples:
       awarding scholarships, maintenance allowances or grants tenable at any
       university, college or institution of higher or further education. Helping in the
       development of schools in underprivileged areas

You can see information about the foundation on
but for details about how to apply for the fund, you should e-mail

(5) Green Issues
Specialist support to business and the public sector to help cut carbon

The Carbon Trust, which provides specialist support to business and the public
sector to help cut carbon emissions, has announced it is now accepting applications
under its new Entrepreneur Fast Track Programme. The Fast Track Programme,
which brings together the Carbon Trusts Applied Research Programme and its
Business Incubation schemes aims to support the most commercially viable and
innovative carbon saving technologies. Under this programme, the Carbon Trust will
offer a customised package of support to companies and organisations that may
include; research and development grants up to £500,000; expert commercialisation
advice (up to a value of £70,000), and investor and business network opportunities.
Applications can be submitted at any time.

(6) Economy


News update on National Lottery: To be reformed

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced that the National Lottery will be
reformed, bringing an extra £50 million each to arts, sport and heritage.

“The National Lottery was created in 1994 and, since that time, around £25 billion
has been raised for good causes,” said Mr Hunt. “But the founding vision – that it
should primarily benefit the arts, sport and heritage with funding for projects that
would not otherwise get off the ground – got lost along the way. Today I am putting
that right.”

A Statutory Instrument, laid before Parliament, means that from 2012 the original
good causes will once again receive the 20 per cent share of the total, the same as in

Voluntary and community sector benefits:

Mr Hunt also pledged that funding for the voluntary and community sector (VCS) –
key players in the Government‟s plans to create a Big Society – will be protected. It
should rise from current levels of £564 million a year in 2009 to more than £630
million a year by 2013, when the Olympic transfer comes to an end. In Many cases
the greater shares going to the arts, sport and heritage will also directly benefit the
VCS sector.

BIG's International Communities Programme

BIG has announced that their International Communities programme, which will run
from 2010-2015 will open to applications in autumn this year. The programme aims
to help disadvantaged communities overseas by supporting work that tackles the
causes of poverty and deprivation and brings about long-term differences to the lives
of some of the most disadvantaged people in the world. Voluntary and community
organisations who are working with partnerships with NGOs overseas will be able to
apply for grants of between £50,000 and £500,000 to fund projects in all parts of the
developing world which will improve education, health, allocation of natural
resources, human rights, and/or livelihoods .

Youth in Focus

Through Youth in Focus we are making up to £30 million available for projects in
England that support vulnerable young people through difficult changes in their lives.
There are certain groups of young people who need more support at important
stages in their lives. Youth in Focus will help some of these young people.

Please note that this is a targeted programme aimed at specific groups of young
people. If your project is targeting young people more widely your project may be
suitable for Reaching Communities or one of our other grant programmes. You
should not apply to Youth in Focus if your project does not specifically target one of
the groups below.

Community Sustainable Energy programme: Changing spaces

Not for profit organisations such as community groups, charities, schools, colleges
and faith groups, etc are being invited to apply for funding to install renewable energy
technologies (such as wind turbines and solar panels) and energy saving measures
(such as roof and cavity wall insulation). Under the new Community Sustainable
Energy programme £8 million will be available for the installation of microgeneration
technologies and energy efficiency measures (Capital grants) and £1 million for
project development grants. The maximum Capital grant available is £50,000 or 50%
of the project costs. The maximum project development grant is £5,000 or 75 per
cent of the study cost - whichever is lower. The funding programme is being
managed by the Building Research Establishment on behalf of the Big Lottery
Fund's "Changing Spaces" Programme. Project development grants (for studies
investigating the feasibility of installing any combination of the technologies ) will be
awarded on a first-come first-served basis until all funds are spent. Capital grants will
be awarded on a competitive basis at quarterly selection panel meetings. The next
application deadline is 5 pm on the 29th October 2010.

Community Sustainable Energy Programme (England)

Change to Policy Direction for the Big Lottery Fund : info only

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is seeking views on the
proposed wording of a new policy direction for the Big Lottery Fund (BIG) to take into
account when it makes its funding decisions on Lottery grants.

This policy direction will require BIG taking into account the need to distribute money
to projects that would assist people and local communities served by the voluntary
and community sector.

Existing grants from BIG are not expected to be affected and decisions on which
projects to fund will remain with BIG.

Responses to this consultation are invited until 29th October 2010.
To see the consultation and respond, please go to:

Funding scheme for community groups re-opens

The People's Postcode Trust, a trust set up by the “People‟s Postcode Lottery” in
April 2009, has announced that it will re-open for applications on the 11th October

Funding of between £500 and £10,000 (£2,000 if not a registered charity) will be
available to small organisations and community groups operating in the areas of

Poverty Prevention; Advancement of Health; Community Development; Public
Sports; Human Rights; and Environmental Protection. Projects supported can last for
up to 3 months.

Previous projects supported include Fairbridge Scotland, which received a grant of
£8,877 to run two courses to aid in citizenship skills and raising participants
awareness of the conflicts and barriers that they may have with others in the wider
community and Scottish Native Woods, an organisation that exists to rescue, restore
and expand Scotland‟s native woods- woodlands that are natural to Scottish

The organisation received a grant of £9,958 to thin out trees, reinstate and repair
paths and reinstall drainage systems.

Funding for local wildlife projects

Community Wildlife will fund projects that bring local people together to discover,
enjoy or protect the wildlife in their local area.

The programme will fund between £300 and £10,000 for projects that:

      Improve rural or urban environments for people to enjoy, for example by:
       protecting wildlife habitats creating a nature trail, woodland walk or wildlife
       garden for people to enjoy
      Improving natural community spaces, such as rivers, ponds and woodlands.
      Get people more active and healthier, for example by: exploring parks, rivers
       and the countryside to look for rare or endangered species encouraging
       people to take up gardening or go on nature walks
      Providing opportunities for children to learn about nature through play.

The programme has two rounds: 22nd September 2010 / closed; 24th November
2010 (open).

If you are unsure of anything or would like further help, please call 0845 367 0610,
email: or look online

Lottery funding for youth music projects

The Youth Music Open Programme is available for organisations wishing to apply for
grants of £5,000 to £30,000. It works with the most disadvantaged young people,
providing funding for music projects for young people and free access to music
activities for children.

Funding is available to not-for-profit organisations that are over one year old.
Participants must be 0-18 (or up to 25 with special educational needs (SEN). Projects
must include structured music-making activities for children and young people which
are planned to advance their music skills. Activities must involve training and
development and must take place principally outside of school hours.

The Youth Music Open Programme is available for organisations wishing to apply for
grants of £5,000 to £30,000.

The Open Programme targets nearly £2m of Youth Music's funding towards projects
that support our goals of:

       Early Years – advancing the learning and development of all children in their
        early years (0-5) by aiming to ensure universal access to high quality music
        making in England.
       Challenging Circumstances – improving the life chances of children and
        young people marginalised by society, vulnerable, often hard to reach, who
        who have the fewest opportunities in the most challenging circumstances by
        supporting them to achieve their full potential through engagement and
        progression in music making.
       Encouraging Talent and Potential – realising the musical talent and potential
        of children and young people by ensuring opportunity for all to develop their
        talent regardless of background or chosen genre.

Application is online. Please check eligibility, read the application guidance and
contact your Regional Executive Officer (REO)

You can apply at any time, but there are three remaining closing dates for
2010/2011; 10th December 2010 for grants offered by mid March 2011; 10th March
2011 for grants offered by end May 2011.

Applications received after the closing date will not be considered until the following
closing date.

For more information, please look at the Youth Music website


 Programme                                   Budget           Launch Date

 The International Communities               The programme    Launched: Sept 2010
 programme                                   will run from    “We will announce the level of
 Open Programme                              2010-2015 and    funding for grants bet ween 1
                                             the budget for   April 2012 and 31 March 2015
                                             2010-2012 will   when BIG‟s overall funding for
 This is the Big Lottery Fund‟s way of
                                             be up to £25     that period has been finalised”.
 helping disadvantaged communities

 Youth in Focus:
 Open Programme                                £30 million    Launched: July 2010
                                                              Closing date: 30 November
 Supports vulnerable young people
 through difficult changes in their lives.
                                                              (Briefing events : September
 lives. Projects to be run bet ween
 June and November 2011.

Targeted groups:

   Young carers
   Young people leaving care
   Young people leaving youth
    offenders‟ institutions


   Building or refurbishment work

The BIG Local Trust:                                                th
                                         £200 million   Launched: 27 July 2010
Closed Programme                                                        rd
                                                        Closing date: 23 September
Investing int o 100 - 150 urban and                     2010 (closed)
rural neighbourhoods that have been
overlooked for funding. The funding
is to set up an independent charitable
Trust that will support local funding
schemes in the targeted

50 areas chosen for investment,
including Swindon, BANES,
Weymouth and Former District of
Restormel (Cornwall).

Force s in Mind
Closed Programme                         £35 million    Launched: 25 June 2010
                                                        Deadline for expressions of
Aims to support the psychological                                   th
                                                        Interest: 13 July 2010
well-being and successful and
sustainable transition of veterans and                                  nd
                                                        Closing date: 22 September
their families into civilian life.

Community Wildlife:                       £2 million    Launched: 2 June 2010
Open Programme                                          Programme has 3 round:
                                                         21 July - closed
Funds projects that bring local people                        nd
                                                         22 September - closed
together to discover, enjoy or protect                        th
the wildlife in their local area.                        24 November

                                            At least £300
Reaching Communities                                            Open: – running programme
                                            million will be
Open Programme                                                  but oversubscribed and thus
                                            awarded to
                                            projects making
The themes and outcomes will                a difference to
provide the policy framework for this       the lives of        Please consult the Big Lottery
programme, but the emphasis will be         individuals and     website to obtain the lat est
on projects identifying and offering        communities         information and application
solutions to local needs to improve         most in need,       forms.
the lives of people most in need.           until 2013.
The programme is open to registered
                                            The programme
charities, other voluntary and
                                            will continue to
community groups, statutory bodies,         make awards of
including schools, charitable and not
                                            between £10, 000
for profit companies and social
                                            and £500,000
enterprises.                                and will provide
                                            funding for up to
This programme aims to:                     five years.
      bring real improvements to
       communities and to the lives
       of people most in need,
       including those who are hard
       to reach
      support projects that respond
       to the needs of communities
       and actively involve them

NOTE: Projects must demonstrate
how they meet at least one of the
four Big Lottery outcomes

Awards for All                                                  Open
                                               in 2007/08
Open Programme
                                                                • Grants are available of

All Projects must help to deliver the                           between £300 and £10,000.
Big Lottery Fund‟s outcomes                                     • Only one application can be
There is now no need to send                                    considered at a time.
documents such as accounts and
bank statements with applications.
There is now no need for signatures                             You can apply if you are:
on the application forms                                        voluntary and community
If B IG wants to fund the application, it                       organisation, school, parish or
will make a conditional grant offer.                            town council, health body.
Following conditional offers, BIG will
ask for signatures, bank statements                             You cannot apply if you are a:
and any other documents needed.                                 Individual or sole trader, private
Awards will then be confirmed if                                profit-making organisation,
those documents are satisfactory                                statutory organisation other
Awards for All projects must meet at                            than those listed above,
least one of BIG‟s outcomes:                                    organisation not established in
                                                                the UK.
•          People having better
chances in life with better access to
training and development to improve
their life skills

•         Stronger communities with
more active citizens working toget her
to tackle their problems
•         Improved rural and urban
environments which communities are
better able to access and enjoy
•         Healt hier and more active
people and communities
Applicants need to think about what
changes do they want to make to the
lives of the people they want to help,
and how will those changes help
achieve one or more of the four Big
Lottery Fund outcomes

Heroes Return
Open Programme
                                                            1 April 2009 - 31 January 2011
                                                            £150 - £5,500, depending on
WW2 vet erans from the UK, Channel                          the number of people taking
Islands and Republic of Ireland can                         part and the destination
apply for travel and accommodation
costs to visit the places where they
saw active service. They can also
receive funding to take part in an
official commemoration in the UK.

Open to Veterans who fought with or
alongside British forces in World War
2 and who are resident in the UK and
the Republic of Ireland. War widows
and widowers of veterans are also
eligible for funding, and carers and
spouses can rec eive funding to travel
with veterans.

The Changing Space s programme                              Community Space s
Closed Programme                          £200m focusing
                                                            Open Programme
                                           on community
                                              spaces,       The Community Spaces
Big Lottery Fund's "Changing                 community      programme, run by Groundwork
Spaces" Programme: Project                 enterprise and   UK, opened on 19 March 2008.
development grants (for studies            access to the    It will fund comm unity groups
investigating the feasibility of               natural      who want to improve loc al
installing any combination of the           environment     green spaces such as play
technologies ) will be awarded on a          (Changing      areas, community gardens,
first-come first-served basis until all    Spaces fund)     parks, wildlife areas and village
funds are spent. Capital grants will be                     greens, kick-about areas and
awarded on a competitive basis at                           pathway improvements.
quarterly selection panel meetings.                         Deadlines:
The next application deadline is 5 pm
on the 29th October 2010. Closed.                           Small and Medium grants -
                                                            available on a rolling basi s
Details of wider funds:                                     until January 2011

      community spaces –                                   Large grants - closed on 9
       developing good quality,                             January 2009 (Closed)
       accessible community spaces                          Flagship grants - closed on
       which local people can take                          30 January 2009 (Closed)

           pride in
          local community enterprise –          Local Food Closed
                                                 Due to an exceptional high level
           making the links bet ween
           food, exercise and health, and        of demand, the groundbreaking
           encouraging the sustainable           Local Food programme is to
                                                 suspend acceptance of new first
           use and reus e of resources
           and building sustainable local        stage applications, with effect
           economy                               from Friday 21 August 2009.
          access to the natural
           environment – improving the
                                                 Acce ss to Nature Closed
           natural environment and
           encouraging access                    (Nat ural England) Access to
                                                 Nature is now scheduled to
                                                 close its Stage 1 applications by
What activities will this programme
                                                 1 February 2010 with Stage 2
                                                 applications to be received by
The Big Lottery want this programme
                                                 4 May 2010. (Closed)
to fund a range of activities. Projects
are likely to include:
                                                 The Community Sustainable
                                                 Energy (CS EP) Programme
           Physical improvements to
                                                 Open Programme
            local green spac es,
            community gardens,                   This run by BRE (B uilding
            allotments, footpaths and            Research Establishment), whic h
            nature reserves                      opened on 7 April 2008. The
           Local food growing and               programme will help
            retailing, box schemes,              community-based organisations
            farmers markets and                  in England reduc e their
            composting                           environmental impact through
           Access to the natural                the installation of energy saving
            environment through better           measures and microgeneration
            information and signposting          technologies (producing heat or
                                                 electricity on a small-scale from
           Educational projects which           a low carbon source). The
            raise awareness of local             scheme will also fund
            environments and wider               development studies that help
            environmental issues                 community organisations to find
                                                 out if a microgeneration and
                                                 energy efficiency project will
                                                 work for them.
                                                 Opened 7 April 2008 – The
                                                 CSEP Project Development
                                                 grant stream closed to new
                                                 applications at 5pm Friday
                                                 8th October 2010.
                                                 The final Capital grant
                                                 application deadline has also
                                                 been moved to 5pm Friday
                                                 17th December 2010.

                                                 The Ecominds Programme:
                                                 Run by Mind, opened on 18
                                                 September 2008. This
                                                 programme is for a range of
                                                 groups who want to encourage
                                                 people with experience of
                                                 mental distress to get involved
                                                 in environmental projects, such
                                                 as improving open spaces and

                                                               wildlife habitats, designing
                                                               public art and recycling.
                                                               Small bids (£0 to £20,000)
                                                               12:00 noon Friday 30 April
                                                               2010 (closed)

Closed                                     The original £25    (Now closed).
                                           million budget      29 October 2007 - 29 May
                                           was increased to    2009.
The aim of this programme will be to
                                           £29.5million in
influence loc al and national policy
                                           view of demand.
and practice by funding the
production and dissemination of
evidence based knowledge.
It will support res earch on issues
identified by the VCS; increase V CS
capacity to do research into areas
that are of interest to them; help the
VCS to use and disseminate
research; involve beneficiaries and
users; help develop better services
for beneficiaries; and promote
partnerships between the VCS and
the research community.
Community Learning
Closed                                       Up to £120m
                                                               1. Community Libraries
This comprises two strategic                Libraries up to
                                           £80m and Family     Now closed.
programmes under Community
learning: Community Libraries and           Learning up to
Family Learning.                             £40m over 3       2. Family Learning
Community Libraries intends to
support the development of a number                            Now closed.
of flagship community libraries.
These will provide a place for lifelong
learning within disadvant aged areas.
It includes a wider range of activities,
roles and partners than thos e
traditionally provided by most
libraries. This will help to develop
their pot ential to offer a focus for
community activity and development
by widening their traditional role and
providing a community resource.
The Family Learning programme will
focus on wider family issues, family
relationships and support activities
that will improve numeracy, language
and literacy skills or accreditation.
Secret Millionaire
Closed                                     Lottery funding     Now closed.
                                                               8 May 2009 - 21 December
                                           wort h £1 million
The Big Lottery Fund (BIG) and             has been made
Channel 4's TV programme, The              available for
                                                               Funding of £300 - £10,000.
Secret Millionaire have teamed up to       people to apply
                                                               Now closed.

give viewers of the programme a            for, or nominate
chance to act on the charitable            projects to apply
inspiration fuelled by the show.           for grants of
                                           between £300
                                           and £10,000
                                           from the Secret
                                           Millionaire Fund.
Young People’s Fund 2
                                                               5 December 2007 - 4 April 2008
Closed                                        Fund value
                                                               Funding of £200, 000 - £5 million
                                             reduced from
                                            £76m to £68m
Projects that will improve local                               Now closed.
communities and offer more
opportunities to young people.
To the VCS to support youth led
local, regional or national projects
that offer more opportunities to young
people. The over all aim of this
programme will be: to mainstream
participation of young people aged
10-18 (but up to 25 if they find the
transition to independent living
difficult); and to help achieve the five
E very Child Matters outcomes.
            Being healthy.
            Staying safe
            Enjoying and achieving.
            Making a positive
            Economic well -being.

Parks for People Programme.
Closed                                     Local Authorities   Now closed.
                                           as well as other
                                                               17 January 2006 - 30
Between 2009 and 2013, £20 million         not for profit
a year will be available for projects      organisations       September 2008
involving urban or rural green spaces      that own public     Funding of £250, 000 - £5 million
designed for informal recreation and       parks and
enjoyment. This can include:               gardens can
                                           apply for grants
        Parks                             of between
        Public gardens as well as         £250,000 and £5
         squares                           million.
        Walks and promenades, etc.

Priority will be given to projects that:

        The community value as part
         of their heritage meets local
         social, economic and
         environmental needs
        Actively involves local

Closed                                                           Now closed.
                                            Programme up to      This is now a two-stage
The programme will deal with the            £155m to be          application process. The
following key issues:                       committed by 31      amount of cash into the first
                                            March 2009           round (now closed) has been
                                                                 increased from the advertised
        helping organisations to           Provides capital
                                            and revenue          £60m to £93 to cope with the
         increase the financial and
                                            £10,001 to           demand. The Big Lottery
         other resources open to
                                            £500,000 for         announced that the decision
         them, including through
                                            projects up to 5     had been made to cut the
         support in fundraising and
                                            years within one     number of rounds from three to
         financial management
                                            region. Higher       two on the basis that most
        improving knowledge and                                 organisations eligible to apply
         skills in organisational and       limit may apply if
                                            more than one        have already done so. The
         project planning and
                                            region involved.     timetable for the later
         management                                              application wi ndow will be
        helping organisations to have                           announced in the New Year.
         more influence on local and
         national policies relevant to                           7 May 2008 - 27 August 2008
         their work
        supporting trustees and
         ensuring that organisations
         are run efficiently and
        promoting networking and
         sharing of knowledge and

In addition, Big Lottery want
infrastructure bodies themselves to
be more financially stable, to provide
more consistent support to others to
achieve the outcomes listed above,
and to be able to make contact with
and support organisations that they
have traditionally found hard to
Myplace (Department for Children,
Schools and Family funded)                       £190m           Now closed.
Closed                                                           The deadline for receipt of
                                                                 Expressions of Interest was
Capit al funding for world class                                 29th June 2009.
facilities. All aims must be met:                                The programme is now closed
                                                                 for applications.
   more young people, parents and
    communities feel that young
    people have exciting and safe
    places to go in their leisure time
    where they can get involved in a
    range of activities;
   more young people, particularly
    the most disadvantaged,
    participat e in positive leisure time
    activities that support their
    personal and social development;
   more young people have access
    to information, advice and

    support services in places they
    feel comfortable;
   stronger partnership working
    between local authorities, third,
    private and public sector partners
    to plan, deliver and operate
    financially sustainable youth
    facilities with/for young people.

            Fund                           Contact details             When                      Organisational type                      Amount

Heritage Grants:                  E-mail:   Grants     of    over     Any public, charitable or not for profit   £50,000 upwards
Main Grants Programme:            Website:      £50,000 and under         organisation who would like to
offering grants of more than                                   £1million                 undertaker a heritage project
                                                               Country and Regional
£50,000 for projects that
                                                               Committees meet four
relate   to    the    national,                                times a year to make
regional or local heritage of                                  decisions on Heritage
the UK (except the Channel                                     Grants of over £50,000
Islands and the Isle of Man).                                  and under £1million –
                                                               June,       September,
                                                               December and March.

                                                               £1 million to £5million
                                                               applications: 30
                                                               September 2010,
                                                               with a decision in
                                                               February 2011.
                                                               Applicants have just
                                                               over 18-months to
                                                               work up their second-
                                                               round application.

                                                               applications to be
                                                               submitted by 28
                                                               September 2012 for
                                                               decision in February

Heritage Lottery Fund –         E-mail:   All applications                                                   £250,000 - £2m
Landscape Partnerships          Website:      through a two round      Partnership
Representing a range of                                      process. The first-
heritage    and     community                                round is competitive
interests to tackle the needs                                and assessed in one
of     landscapes,      whose                                UK wide batch. The
various elements may be in                                   deadline for first-
different partnership                                        round applications is
                                                             28 February each
                                                             year and decisions
                                                             are made in July in a
                                                             single batch by our
                                                             Board of Trustees.

Heritage Lottery fund –         E-mail:   At any time.             Projects need to be related to the        £3,000 - £25,000
Young Roots                     Website:      Young Roots is a         local and culturally varied heritage of
Young Roots offers grants of                                 rolling programme        the UK.Youth organisations.
between      £3,000     and                                  and there are no         Schools and colleges may also apply
£25,000. The scheme aims                                     deadlines for            for projects outside the main
to involve 13-20 year-olds                                   applications. You will   curriculum (i.e. after school clubs)
(up to 25 for t hose with                                    receive a decision on
special needs).                                              your application
                                                             within 10 weeks from
                                                             us receiving your
                                                             fully filled-in

Heritage Lottery –                E-mail:   At any time.            Community-focussed             herit age   £3000 to £50,000
Your Heritage                     Website:                              groups
Celebrate the heritage

Heritage Lottery –                E-mail:   The first round is      Not for profit organisations               £500,000 - £2000,000
Townscape Heritage                Website:      competitive and
initiative                                                     assessed in a
To help communities to                                         national batch. The
regenerat e historic parts of                                  deadline for first-
their towns and cities                                         round applications is
                                                               30 November each
                                                               year and decisions
                                                               are made in April.

Heritage       Lottery     and    E-mail: customers@english-   England: 30 June        Charitable groups                          Up to £200,000
Engli sh Heritage                     (Grade I plac es
Cons erve      and      sustain   Website:      of wors hip) and 30
heritage at risk – in places of                                September
wors hip.                                                      (Grade II plac es of
                                                               wors hip) every year.

Repair Grants for Places of       E-mail: customers@english-   Two competitive         Places of worship                          £10,000 to £250, 000
Worship in England                    batches per
Urgent repairs to the fabric of   Website:      financial year. The
the building only and is open                                  closing dates for
to all listed places of worship                                applications are as
which are in regular use as                                    follows:

public places of worship.                                        • Places of wors hip
                                                                 listed grade 1, 11*,
                                                                 11, A, B or C – 30
                                                                 June• Places of
                                                                 wors hip listed grade
                                                                 11 – 30 September

Sport England –                 From 01 November        The Sustainable Facilities Fund will   Details yet to be
Sustainable Facilities a                                         2010, applications      support projects that are capable of   announced.
small number of large                                            can be submitted to     generating enough revenue to
awards each year, focused                                        Sport England up        maintain high standards, a varied
on projects that will stimulate                                  until 5pm on the 16     programme of sporting opportunities
the market by demonstrating                                      December 2010.          and outreach work.
innovative approaches to                                         The assessment of
facility provision that                                          applications will not
increase sports participation                                    commence until after
                                                                 the closing date and
                                                                 any applications
                                                                 received after this
                                                                 date will not be
                                                                 accepted. Applicants
                                                                 will be notified of a
                                                                 funding decision
                                                                 approximately 10
                                                                 weeks after the
                                                                 closing date.

Sport England Small        At any time             Community sport projects which         From £300 to £10,000
Grants Programme                                                                         seek to increase participation,        but the total project
                                                                                         sustain participation or develop       cost cannot exceed

                                                                                           opportunities for people to excel at     £50,000
                                                                                           their chosen sport.

Sport England                                        Sport      England‟s      Sportsmatch    There is no maximum
Sportsmatch                                                           The Sportsmatch      programme makes awards to not-for-       capital project cost and
                                                                      application portal   profit organis ations running projects   all capital expenditure
                                                                                           at a community level which meet one      However the maximum
                                                                      closed at 5pm on
                                                                                           or both of Sport England‟s objectives    capital grant which
                                                                      Wednesday 13th       of Grow or Sustain.                      Sportsmatch          can
                                                                      October 2010.                                                 award is £25,000. Will
                                                                                                                                    not     fund      capital
                                                                                                                                    projects that involve
                                                                                                                                    refurbishment or land

Football Foundation            E-mail:                                At any time          The maximum grant available is           While the Foundation
Small Grants /                 enquiries                        £20,000 and t here is no limit to the    will never pay more
Build the Game                                                                             total cost of a project this could       than 90% towards the
                               Website:                                                    contribut e towards.                     cost of a project, the
                                                                                             average level of grant
                                                                                                                                    we provide is 50%.

                                                                                           Football clubs, multi-sport clubs,       The most we can pay
Football    Foundation     –   E-mail:                                At any time          local       authorities,  educational    is 90% of the project
Facilities Scheme (capital)    enquiries                        establishments, registered charit able   costs, but we will only
                                                                                           organisations and unincorporated not     award as much as this
                               Website:                                                    for profit organisations.                in exceptional

                                                                                                                            Minimum grant is likely
Arts Council – Grants for          E-mail:                          At any time   Those involved in t he arts, i.e.         to be £200 and the
Arts                               enquiries uk                 performers, public       organisations    largest in the region
For arts activities that benefit                                                  (including local authorities) voluntary   £200,000.
people or that help artists                         organisations, promoters
and art organisations to carry                                                                                              All applications for
out their own work                                                                                                          £10,000 or less will
                                                                                                                            have a decision within
                                                                                                                            six weeks.
                                                                                                                            Applications for more
                                                                                                                            than £10,000 will have
                                                                                                                            a decision within 12

National Funding Review

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has undertaken a strategic review of its
55 public bodies as part of the Government's transparency and cost-cutting drive.

The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics and Media, has
today announced a range of cuts and mergers of DCMS public bodies following a
review undertaken over the first few months of the new administration. The review
has been undertaken to improve transparency, cut costs and increase accountability
and efficiency of public sector bodies

Significant outcomes of the review include:

    Abolition of the UK Film Council.
    Abolition of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.
    The merger of UK Sport and Sport England.
    Further consideration of the role of English Heritage, the Heritage Lottery
     Fund and the National Heritage Memorial Fund.
    Confirmation that the DCMS intends to merge the National Lottery
     Commission with the Gambling Commission.
    A range of other Committees and Advisory Councils were also abolished or

Some key functions of the abolished bodies will be transferred to other, existing
organisations; further details and timings of the changes will be finalised over the
summer. DCMS will continue to review its arms-length public bodies to identify
further strategic cuts and savings.

Further information is available from the DCMS website.

St Monica Trust Community Fund: grants available in 2011

In 2011 St Monica Trust will again be seeking to fund organisations working with
older people living with a long-term physical disability, impairment, or physical health
problem, where substance misuse is, or has been, a contributing factor. We open for
applications on 1st July 2010 and close on 30th September 2010.

Grants of up to £10,000 will be awarded to organisations which fulfil all the following

•       Benefit people (over 55 years old) who have a physical disability, impairment
or physical health problem where substance misuse (including drugs, alcohol or
addiction to prescribed medication) is, or has been, a contributing factor.
Consideration will be given to projects working with people under 55 only if their
substance misuse can be shown to have aged them prematurely.]
•       Benefit people living in Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset, South
Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire, Bath & North East Somerset and Wiltshire.
•       Are a properly constituted, not-for-profit organisation.

(Please note: we do not fund buildings, adaptations to buildings or minibus

Grants of more than £10,000 will be considered only if substantial impact can be

In addition to the above criteria we also have a particular interest in funding
organisations which:
•       Are seeking to provide support services for older people with addiction issues
and their families e.g. counselling services, telephone helpline, support groups
•       Are seeking to provide information services for the client group e.g. directory
of local services, creative resources, information packs
•       Wish to provide training in this area e.g. for front line workers such as care
and health staff
•       Are working in collaboration with others
•       Are smaller local projects or organisations

Our website has more information and will
have application forms to download from 1st July 2010. You can also phone us for
more information or an application form on 0117 949 4003. The closing date for
applications is: 30th September 2010. Successful applicants will be notified in
January 2011.

Don‟t forget there are no deadlines for our grants to individuals – we consider these
requests on a daily basis. More information about the financial help we offer to
individuals and how to apply for this help is at:

Cotswolds Conservation Board Sustainable Development Fund

The Cotswolds Conservation Board Sustainable Development Fund has been set up
to encourage innovative projects that help to achieve more sustainable ways of living
in areas of countryside of great natural beauty and diversity. Projects may enhance
and conserve local culture, wildlife, landscape, land use, economy or the quality of
local community life. They will seek to ensure an improved quality of life for everyone,
now and for future generations.

The level of grant support varies. For example, voluntary sector applicants can be
considered for a grant of 75% of total project cost. Whilst larger grants can be
considered; these will only be available in exceptional circumstances and in most
cases this will require a considerable contribution in kind, such as volunteer time or
loan of equipment, premises, land etc. Local authorities will only be considered for
grants of up to 50% of project value. Currently the maximum grant we can consider
giving is £13,000. However, most offers are much smaller than this; which enables
more projects to benefit from the Fund.

Proposed projects should have the demonstrable support and involvement of the
local community, and demonstrate partnership working and social inclusion.

Who can apply?

Public, private, voluntary sector, individuals, businesses or community groups can
apply. Individuals or businesses can only be beneficiaries where the project shows a
clear benefit to the wider community.


Successful projects will demonstrate they meet ALL of the essential criteria AND at
least one of the desirable criteria. Whilst they do not have to be located within the
Cotswolds AONB, projects must demonstrate how they will benefit the AONB.

It will not be possible to give grants to every project which satisfies the criteria; due to
its small size. Therefore it is a competitive process. The Grants Sub-committee will
decide which projects will receive grants. Future dates of Sub-committee meetings
and the deadlines for receipt of completed applications are available on our website.

Visit the website for further eligibility information, to get an application pack and
access a map of the AONB which includes areas of Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire,
Wiltshire, BANES, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, and South Gloucestershire:

Before you complete your application you should first speak to the Sustainable
Development Officer on 01451 862035 (available on Mondays and Thursdays only)
or email

Helping hand scheme supports local groups

Each year Wilkinson Hardware Stores make contributions from company profits to
community initiatives within the company‟s trading areas through the Helping Hand
Scheme. The scheme offers vouchers and financial support to local groups, charities
and organisations within the store‟s catchment area and is particularly interested in
supporting education, family, sports and arts projects.

Please note, as of June 2009, funds have all but dried up / very limited funds are

To apply for funding, write to:

Lesley Banks
Sponsorship Administrator
Wilkinson Hardware Stores Ltd
J K House
Roebuck Way
Manton Wood
S80 3YY.

Tel: 01909 505505.

FAN contact details :-


Sylvia Johnston
Tel: 01208 832763 or 01208 832765


FAN contact details – Richard Pears (
Tel: 01392 265348 or 07921 941101

Bulletin contact details – Eddie Gooding
Tel: 01392 382076
North Devon Council – Community Councillor Grants
Current Status:
Open for Applications
Financial assistance is available for projects or services which benefit the North
Devon Community.

Maximum value: £1,500

There is no set limit on the size of the grant which can be applied for. However, the
size of grant usually awarded is as follows:

      For projects covering an electoral ward - up to £1,500.

Extended Description:
North Devon Council's Community Councillor Grants scheme is in place to support
community and voluntary groups to help develop activities and facilities that will
benefit the socio-economic culture and environment of North Devon.
These are awards for a specific project such as an event, a new or re-furbished
facility or a pilot of a new service. The grant seeker will approach the district
councillor of their ward for support in their application. They are time limited. All
project grants will be subject to a funding agreement. The budget will be split equally
amongst the district councillors.
Latest Information:
Applications are accepted and considered throughout the year.
Key Criteria:

Organisations eligible to apply include:
    Voluntary organisations.
    Community organisations.
    Village hall committees, Parish Councils, other community and voluntary
       sector organisations.

Proposed projects and activity should fall under one of the following headings:
    Sports.
    Culture and heritage.
    Environment and sustainability.
    Social welfare.

       Community.

The project must demonstrate:
    A need for the activity.
    A need for financial assistance.
    Local community support.
    Local benefit in accord with corporate strategies.
    Measurable benefit.
    Environmental sustainability.

Applicants to this fund should have the following:
    A constitution
    A bank account.
    Independently signed off accounts.
    Not-for-profit aims.
    Open access (within target group).
Eligible Expenditure:
Eligible expenditure includes:
     Core running costs.
     Specific projects such as an event, a new or refurbished facility, new
        equipment or the pilot of a new service.
     Equipment.
Funding for the following will not be considered:
    Donations.
    Projects which cover an area which is primarily the responsibility of another
      funding agency.
    Double funding from North Devon District Council sources.
    Out of area activities.
    Fund-raising events.
    Projects which promote religious belief or political activities.
    Twinning.
    Civic events.
    Memorials.
    Retrospective funding.
Application Procedure:
Contact North Devon Council for further information and application forms.


Community Grants:
/nonlgcl_community_grants_intro.htm) »

North Devon District Council: ( »

Useful addresses and contacts for this scheme:
Lucinda Tomlinson Grants Officer
North Devon Council
Community and Leisure Services
Civic Centre

EX31 1EA

Tel: 01271 388433

Contact North Devon Council

Application Form and guidance –

Dartmoor Sustainable Development Fund

The Dartmoor Sustainable Development Fund has been set up to encourage
innovative sustainable development projects that help to improve the quality of life for
current and future generations. The Fund will support proposals that focus on
environmental, economic, social and cultural aspects of life.

The level of grant support will not normally exceed 50%. For the voluntary sector it
will not normally exceed 75%. Up to 100% will be available in exceptional
circumstances and in most cases this will require a considerable contribution in kind,
such as volunteer time or loan of equipment, premises, land etc. Although there is no
prescribed maximum or minimum grant, the average to date has been around

Proposed projects should change the attitude and behaviour of individuals and
communities in ways that enhance understanding of sustainable development and
the role of Dartmoor National Park Authority, while promoting co-operation and social

Priority will be given to eligible projects that:

1.    involve young people and combat social exclusion;
2.    encourage links between urban groups and those resident in Dartmoor National
3.    demonstrate innovation or best practice;
4.    lever in contributions from other sources;
5.    add value or new dimensions to existing sustainability projects; and/or
6.    have little access to alternative public funding; and/or
7.    bring organisations together to co-operate in tackling problems or promoting
        new ideas.

Visit the website for further eligibility information and to get an application pack:

Before you complete your application you should first speak to the Sustainable
Development Officer on 01626 831067 or email

Fund for innovative ideas

Springboard is an investment fund created to support the development of innovative
ideas that will have a significant impact on the economy of Devon, Cornwall and the
Isles of Scilly.

Seedcorn funding to support early-stage development, feasibility studies or step
change activities

There is no set intervention rate; investments will typically be between £50,000 and

The Springboard Fund will not provide displacement funding if there is another
source that will provide the funding.

Public, private or voluntary sector organisations are eligible to apply in Devon,
Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Applications can be made at any time and projects will be assessed on viability,
value for money and the overall impact it will make. Grants are discretionary.

Application forms are available to download from the website, supported by proof that
the recipient is compliant with current UK legislation.
South West Regional Development Agency
Tel: 0845 600 9966


Small grants programme for Devon

The Devon Community Foundation, which is an independent charity committed to
supporting local community causes and providing grants to support local causes, has
announced a new grassroots small grants programme for local community groups
and charities. Community Groups and Charities in Devon, that are volunteer led and
with an annual income of up to £30,000 are eligible to apply for a grant of between
£250 and £5,000 over three years.

The grant can be used for activities that increases or develops the capacity of small
voluntary and community groups. Examples of the type of activities that can be
funded include:

   Staff costs to enable employment;
   Training for volunteers;
   Putting on local events or workshops;
   Measures to achieve a quality award or improved standards;
   Activities to support community activity;

Additional activities to expand an existing funded project; The purchase of equipment
to benefit the group such as a computer, oven or furniture, etc.

The foundation is quickly running out of funds for the Grassroots Grant Scheme -
apply now to avoid disappointment! It is likely that the next round in September
maybe the last standard round to be held, as almost all of the funds available have
now been awarded. Therefore, if you are planning to apply to the Grassroots Grants
Scheme make sure you apply now. We have Outreach support available should you
require help with your application - go to the Grassroots Grants page for further

Sir John and Lady Amory's charitable trust

Funding for good causes, with a particular emphasis on Devon.

Apply in writing.
Catchment Areas: Devon, and elsewhere in the UK.
Donations in institutions exceeding £1,000 each went to: Knightshayes Garden Trust
(£17,000); Relief for the Elderly and Infirm (£1,400); Tiverton Market Centre (£2,000);
and Churches Housing Action Team, Dorchester Abbey Appeal, Queen Alexandra

Sir John and Lady Amory's Charitable Trust
The Island
Lowman Green
EX16 4LA

Tel: 01884 254899

FAN contact details – Eleanor Porteous (
Tel: 01305 221246

Dorset AONB Sustainable Development Fund

Funding for projects that will help to care for the Dorset AONB and the people who
live and work in it.You will need to check whether your project lies within the AONB
boundaries, although in some cases projects from outside these areas can be
supported. Broadly, AONB is looking to support projects that:
• Conserve and enhance natural beauty and heritage
• Support the social and economic well being of communities in a sustainable way
• Add value to local products
• Improve the quality of life in rural areas
• Have the support and involvement of local people or meet a recognised local need
In particular projects that encourage everyone to get involved, including young
people, remove barriers to all people‟s enjoyment and involvement in the countryside
and encourage links between urban groups and those resident in the AONB. Grants
of up to £20,000 are available; please see the website for deadlines.

Tel: 01305 756782

East Dorset community development grants

Funding is available to a wide range of voluntary organisations in East Dorset that
work with, and for, the community. The council‟s Grant Aid Schemes are designed
to assist voluntary organisations and individuals who would not otherwise be
supported. Groups working on lifelong learning projects, supporting young people
and the elderly, the disabled and those disadvantaged by social exclusions will be
given greater priority. Grants of up to £10,000 are available to cover both capital and
revenue costs, other funding will need to be secured.

West Dorset

Advice and various capital grants are available to community or voluntary groups
working to generate, develop and promote economic and social wellbeing within
West Dorset. Will give funding for new projects, including capital items, and a
contribution towards running costs.

Tel: (01305) 251010

Wessex Watermark

Support community and voluntary projects that will directly benefit the environment in
the Wessex Water Region. Grants of between £100 and £1,500 are available for
project costs, with an additional award of £2,500 which is made to a selected special
project. Other funding will need to be secured.

Tel: (020) 7591 311

The Community Foundation Bournemouth, Dorset, Poole

The Community Foundation administers a variety of funds which aim to support not
for profit voluntary and community groups across the whole of Dorset. Funds include
     Sports Relief
     JP Morgan
     Burning Issues
Grants vary from £150 - £10,000 depending on fund. Applications can be sent at
anytime. For any further information or an informal chat please call.

Tel:     01202 292255

FAN contact details – Barbara Pond (
Tel: 01452 528491

Gloucestershire Grassroots grants scheme

The Grassroots Grants programme is funded by the Office of the Third Sector and
delivered into Gloucestershire by the Gloucestershire Community Foundation. This
programme will run until March 2011; however it is anticipated that grant making will
cease in December 2010.

Grants of between £250.00 and £5000.00 are available to small groups to help
respond to the diverse needs of communities and should therefore be used to fund a
wide range of activities. Projects can apply for a one-off payment, or payments
spread over 3 years (2008-2011) or apply for separate grants but you cannot apply
for more than £5000 in total.

Projects must have been active in your local community for at least 12 months prior
to 31 December of the year in which you are submitting the Grassroots application,
and be able to evidence this.

Projects do not need to be a registered charity, but can be a community group
without charitable status, but you must be of charitable purpose and „not for profit‟.
If your project is operating under an umbrella organisation, you need to be able to
demonstrate your independent decision-making (ie have your own management
committee) and financial management; you should have your own set of rules or
constitution, and your own bank/building society account.

The project must be volunteer led or with a large volunteer input and also have evidence of
income of LESS than £30,000 per annum. This should be taken as an average over the last
three financial years, or over the life of your organisation, if it is less than three years.
This income rule may present difficulties for small groups that traditionally have
minimal annual income but have undertaken a major fund-raising effort for a specific
purpose, such as a Village Hall refurbishment project for instance, because this
impacts on their average income over the three year period.

Grants Development Manager:
Jane Jarman

Tel: 01452 656385 / 6

Funding for good causes – with a preference for Gloucestershire

D G Albright Charitable Trust provides funding for various causes including medical
and children's charities.

Funding NOT For: Individuals
Apply in writing

Catchment Areas:

UK with a preference for Gloucestershire
General Notes:

Donations included those to: St Mary's School - Bromesberrow (£6,000); Maggie's
Centres (£5,000); Bromesberrow Parochial Church Council (£2,500); British Empire
and Commonwealth Museum, the Countryside Foundation for Education, the Family
Haven – Gloucester, Game Conservancy Trust, Gloucester Family Support,
Gloucestershire Macmillan Cancer Service, SSAFA Gloucester Branch and St.
Luke's Hospital for the Clergy (£2,000 each); Butterfly Conservation, Dean and
Chapter - Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucestershire Association for the Blind,
Gloucestershire Life Education Centre, Swaziland Charitable Trust, Taste for
Adventure Centre and the Three Choirs Festival 2008 (£1,000 each); Castle Gate
Family Trust and Gloucestershire Historic Churches Trust (£500 each); Bibles for
Children (£300); and Breakthrough Breast Cancer (£250).

Old Church School
Hollow Street
Great Sommerford
Wiltshire SN15 5JD
Contact: Richard G Wood, Trustee
Tel: 01249 720760

FAN contact details – John Skrine
Tel: 01823 250805
Bulletin contact details – Jodi Boxell (

Small grants for communities

The Somerset Community Foundation is a local independent charity that raises funds
and distributes grants to a wide range of community projects and voluntary groups
that benefit local people.

We support children, youth groups and older people, those with special needs or
disabilities, sports groups, and art and drama projects; aiming to build stronger
communities for the benefit of everyone in Somerset

The Foundation administers a variety of funds for grant making and will be able to
advise on which grants programme fits your needs or recommend an alternative
funder if the project falls outside the Community Foundation's criteria. Please call
01458 833133 to talk to a member of the grants team.

Jocelyn Blacker
Grants and Finance Manager
T: 01458 833133

The Wellbeing of Yeovil Association

The Wellbeing of Yeovil Community Association was founded in 1980 by local
businessmen to support worthy causes which benefit those living in Yeovil and
surrounding communities. Over £400,000 of grants have been awarded towards
projects large and small in recent years. Grants are contributed towards the capital
element of projects such as building costs or equipment.
As a matter of policy the Association does not normally contribute to the running
costs (revenue) of projects.

A committee chaired by Tim Chappell MBE meets in January, March, June and
September each year to consider applications for grants. In the last couple of years
the Wellbeing has made over 30 grants including contributions to projects at West
Coker School, East Coker Pavilion, Sutton Bingham Canoe Club, Nether Compton
village hall, Yeovil Amateur Boxing Club, Time Out Together playgroup, Yeovil
Shopmoblity, St Peters Church hall, Urban Warriors Yeovil and Yeovil Hospital‟s
Flying Colours appeal.

If you have a worthy cause or project from which the local community will benefit then
consider applying to Tim Chappell 01935 812922 or email for help from the Yeovil Association. Alternatively if
you or your firm would like to make a donation or join the Association then they would
be very pleased to hear from you.

Somerset Partnership Fund

Projects run by Voluntary and Community groups that aim to enhance the wellbeing
of the people of Somerset are eligible for grants from Somerset County Council‟s
Somerset Partnership Fund. Although the fund cannot act as the sole contributor to
a project, grants from the fund can provide up to a maximum of 50% of the group‟s
total project costs. The maximum contribution towards a project from this source is
£5,000. Decisions will be made against the following criteria:

   1.   How much the project promotes the objectives of the Local Area Agreement;
   2.   That there is evidence that the project is needed locally;
   3.   The commitment of other organisations;
   4.   The ability to cover on-going costs;
   5.   The ability to make the project happen.

The Voluntary and Community Groups concerned should make applications directly
to Sue Sheppard (phone: 01823 356 711 or e-mail:

The decision panel meets every three months.


FAN contact details – Jane Butler (
Bulletin contact details – Graham Harris
Tel: 01225 713226

Mike Slade Scholarship (Sports funding in the community for Wiltshire )

The Sports Development Team of Wiltshire Council has launched a talented athlete
grants scheme to help identify and support those young people living in the county,
who are training and competing at a minimum of national level. Five grants of £1000
are being made available which will help young people to achieve their goals and
work towards gaining success at the highest level in World and Olympic Games. For
junior residents specifically in the South of the County we are also administering the
Mike Slade Sports Scholarship award which is now open for application. For full
details of both schemes please email

Wiltshire and Swindon Intelligence Network website (WSIN)

A new website has been created to provide access to a wide variety of information
and research for Wiltshire. The new site,, is available
to all and aims to support planners and policy makers, community leaders and
politicians, voluntary groups and the general public in using accurate data. More
information can be viewed here.

This site includes the ability to search for funding (see Wiltshire & Swindon Funding
Network section) and replaces the Grantnet search facility that Wiltshire Council
previously offered.

This service is in addition to the excellent database run by the Charities Information
Bureau. The WSIN offers three sites with information for businesses, community
groups and social enterprises. These portals give access to:

      60 second funding search or category browse for easy and quick access
      24 hour update for comprehensive funding information
      Full scheme & contact details linking you directly to funding providers
      Local information, support and contact details to help your organisation meet
       is potential
      Local news bulletins on community issues in your area

Your ability to access individual schemes depends on the nature of your organisation
and the activities it is engaged in.

Village Hall Grant Scheme for Wiltshire

Community First administers the Village Hall Grant Scheme on behalf of Wiltshire
Council . The scheme is for local communities wishing to provide, extend or refurbish
Village Halls.

Grants are available for major capital projects of £10,000 or more.

Funding For:

Major repairs such as a new roof or heating system.

Funding NOT For:
Normal repairs and redecorations.

Catchment Areas:
County of Wiltshire. Not Swindon.

Carol Southall
Village Halls Adviser
Community First
St. Joseph's Place
Wiltshire SN10 1DD
Tel: 01380 722475

Wiltshire Community Facility & Biodiversity Grants £1,000 - £45,000

Most of the county falls in an area eligible for Landfill Communities Fund grants for
capital spending on community facilities or biodiversity projects.

Eligible projects include:
•        Community centre / Village hall improvements
•        Play areas, skateboard parks, BMX tracks
•        Conservation & Biodiversity projects including village pond restoration and
        community gardens

And applicants can be:
•     Community organisations
•     Parish or town councils

Applications are considered for:
•      normally no more than 40% of the total project cost
•      average £10,000-£25,000
•      projects where the remaining funds needed have been mostly identified.

Call or email the Grants Office at Community First to find out if your project may be
eligible & for details of the application process.

Community First on 01380 722475 or

Wiltshire Council - Community Area Grants

Funding Type:
Up to £5,000 available

*Up to and including £1,000 may be available for small projects, where there will be
no need for you to find matched funding and applications for the whole project can be

*For funding requests over £1,000 financial support from other sources must be
identified (matched funding), which can be made up or in part by contributions in
kind. No more than 50% of the total cost of a project will be awarded.
Funding For:
To help provide facilities, equipment and activities that are important to the local
community. Projects should demonstrate a link to local priorities/community plan and
evidence of an identified community need. Involvement of your local Councillor is
desirable. To find out the name of your Councillor please see or
contact the Council on 0300 4560 100

Funding is not for:
Political or Religious activities; Statutory bodies to fund their core services (includes
direct funding for schools/PTAs); Sole benefit of individuals; private - profit
making/commercial organisation; Running costs - e.g. rent, rates, electricity etc;
Work which has already started.

This includes projects where orders/instructions have been agreed and resources
committed; Projects which could reasonably be expected to secure finance by other

How To Apply:
Applicants are encouraged to discuss their project with the Community Area
Manager in advance of submitting an application. A list of Area Managers is given in
the Guide to Funding Community Awards at the above webpage.

Applicants are encouraged to make electronic applications which may be found on
the Council's website

Otherwise paper applications remain acceptable. Submit your application to the
relevant Community Area Locality Team. A full list of the Teams and maps of the
area covered are given in the Guide to Funding Community Awards at the above

When To Apply:
Applications will be considered at each Area Board meeting, applications must be
received a minimum of 6 weeks before the relevant

General Notes:
*Where the total cost of a project is over £50,000 a business plan should be
*Where the total cost of the project is over £10,000, three quotes must be provided
(with your preferred supplier identified in Section 3 of the application form). Where
the total cost of the project is under £10,000, some financial evidence e.g. a quote
which you intend to use must be provided.
*Contributions In kind either as volunteer time or materials may be costed into your
project calculations, based on a maximum of £50 per day for general volunteers and
£100 per day where professional/technical advice is provided e.g. architect drawing
up plans. Please include this information in section 3 and 6 of the application form.
*Applications from Town and Parish Councils will not normally receive more funding
than that contributed by that Town or Parish Council, since they are able to raise
funds through the precept.
*If your project requires planning permission, building regulations or any other form of
licence or approval, this must be obtained before submitting your application.

General enquiries: Tel: 0300 456 0100
Northern Locality Area Board: Tel: 01249 706448

Central Locality Area Board Team: Tel: 01225 18441
Southern Locality Area Board Team Tel: 01722 434236

Real help for communities: Modernisation Fund

The fund aims to help third sector organisations be more resilient to the impact of the
economic downturn.

Bursaries of £1,000 are available for organisations to pay for initial advice on how
they can become more resilient and work more closely with others to increase their
impact, and grants of up to £10, 000 to help pay costs involved in moving towards
collaboration or merger. Interest-free loans of between £30,000 and £500,000 are
also available for third sector organisations with existing plans for mergers and
collaboration or other activities to help them prepare for difficult times.

More specifically, funding is available for helping organisations that are providing
services to those worst hit by the recession. The funding will be targeted at helping
these organisations overcome barriers to collaboration and merger, or take other
steps to adapt to the recession.

The funding will be targeted at third sector organisations with an annual income of
between £150,000 and £750,000 which are wholly or primarily engaged in recession-
related services under the themes of: Well being and health; Advice, information and
guidance; Loss of income, training and skills. The third sector includes voluntary and
community groups, social enterprises, charities and cooperatives.

For further information or an application form contact Charities Information Bureau
South & West (see contact details below).

From June, Capacitybuilders will be offering £1,000 bursaries enabling third sector
organisations to receive advice and support with the aim of identifying the options
they have to improve their resilience, including collaboration or merger.

From the Autumn, grants of up to £10,000 will be available for organisations who
received a phase one bursary and as a result want to make further progress towards
collaboration or merger.
Capacitybuilders, the Government Agency responsible for supporting the third sector
has announced that as part of the Governments cuts it has had its overall budget for
2010/11 reduced by £1.3m. Capacitybuilders runs a number of grant programmes to
increase the effectiveness and sustainability of third sector organisations.

Please note: Capacitybuilders, the Government Agency responsible for supporting
the third sector has announced that as part of the Governments cuts it has had its
overall budget for 2010/11 reduced by £1.3m. Capacitybuilders runs a number of
grant programmes to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of third sector

Capacitybuilders' existing grant holders will be unaffected by the cuts, and committed
grants will continue to paid - as will bursaries awarded under the Volunteer
Management Programme. £1m will be saved by cancellation of further new awards.
A further £0.3m savings are being achieved from smaller under-commitments and
underspend across all of Capacitybuilders‟ current 2010/11 programmes and
research budgets.

Real Help for Communities: Modernisation Fund
Charities Information Bureau South & West
Unit 7a
Bath Road Business Centre
Bath Road
SN10 1XA

Tel: 01380 729279

Wiltshire young peoples opportunity fund

Both the Youth Opportunity Fund and the Youth Capital Fund are managed by a
group of young people from the local area. Support is provided for activities that
involve young people aged 13 to 19 (13 to 24 for those with special educational
needs or disabilities), to help them to run activities and projects they would like in
their local area.

Funding Type:-

*Small grants between £50 and £3,000.
*Large grants from £3,000 up to £100,000

Funding For:
The Youth Opportunity Fund supports activities such as:
-youth councils;
-dance projects;
-environmental projects;
-developing projects that benefit other young people.

The Young People's Capital Fund supports activities such as doing up buildings, or
buying mobile resources, youth shelters and ICT equipment and so on.

Projects that achieve some or all of the following Every Child Matters outcomes are
more likely to succeed.

Those: that are illegal or immoral; that show active discrimination of particular groups
or that are racist or prejudiced in their aims and outcomes; from political group; for
projects which seek to indoctrinate young people; for items that should be provided
by the state (e.g. school books, disabled access etc.)

Voluntary based youth organisations for young people aged 13-19 years (or 13 to 24
for those with special educational needs or disabilities).

Please see website for guidelines. Application form can be downloaded from the
website. All applications must have the support of a voluntary or community group or
the local Youth Development Co-ordinator.

In Wiltshire, a total of £648,165 is available for the Opportunity Fund and £510,354
for the Capital Fund over the next three years.

Wiltshire Youth Development Service
Operational Office
Estcourt Crescent
Wiltshire SN10 1LR

Tel: 01380 735781

Fax: 01380 729634

Support for older people

Support is available for elderly people through Age Concern (Wiltshire). The trust
aims to promote the well-being of older people in order to make later life a happy,
fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Age Concern Wiltshire Services include:
* Support service.
* Activity projects.
* Community safety, public education, presentations and campaigning.
* Gardening service.
* Home support.
* Nail care.
* Products and services.
* Research and consultation.
* Technology club.
* Traders scheme.
* Volunteering.

Use the web link or contact the trust by telephone for full details.

Age Concern Wiltshire
13 Market Place

SN10 1HT

Tel: 01380 727767 (Administration helpline)

Salisbury City Almshouse and welfare charities

Elderly people - primarily those who have been resident within the Salisbury District
for more than 5 years, and are assessed to be in need of sheltered or very
sheltered accommodation.

Three units of accommodation are available for consideration for elderly women
who are resident outside of the Salisbury District. Young families, with preference
given to single parents, and already resident within the Salisbury District can also be
accommodated in a small number of general needs houses/flats. People of all ages
who are referred by Social Services, medical practioners or other similar bodies are
also considered for grants for relief in need.
Applicable to those in the Salisbury District
Areas of interest include clothing, equipment, heating, furniture and
holidays. Education: schoolchildren for clothing; college students for study/travel
abroad, books, equipment and instruments; people starting work for uniform/clothing,
books, equipment and instruments. Elderly - to provide sheltered almshouses for
needy elderly people and a small number of general needs accommodation for
young families.

Minimum of £100, maximum of £300. Grants given in 2003 was £21000.

Apply by application form, which should be sponsored by a social worker or other

Applications are considered month relief in need grants are related to the needs of
each applicant. Must be reasonable, and must take into account assistance
available from other sources.

Clerk to the Trustees,
Trinity Hospital,
Trinity Street,

Tel: 01722 325640

The Community Foundation for Wiltshire and Swindon – comic relief

Funders Overall Aim:
To empower local people enabling them to create lasting change in their
Funding For:

To support community groups running projects that:
*increase local services
*builds skills of local people
*increase community cohesion
*respond to local economic needs
This work can cover a small geographical area such as a housing estate or village
but will also consider work covering a larger area such as a town or borough where
there is evidence of community involvement. Projects should be run by local people
directly affected by the issues they are dealing with and priority will be given to small,
locally based groups or organisations in areas of disadvantage that have a clear
understanding of the needs of their community. This can also include "Communities
of Interest" which will cover a wider geographical area. Want 50% of funds to go to
sports projects that:
*increase access to spot and exercise for people who face social exclusion and
*help people who are experiencing difficulties in their lives
Funding NOT For:
Individuals; statutory organisations including schools; to fund trips abroad; to fund
buses, mini buses or other community transport schemes (not including transport
costs forming part of a project); to fund building costs, including access adaptions to
Who Can Apply:
Community groups, residents associations, community centres, social enterprises,
Community Interest Companies and credit unions.
How To Apply:
Complete an expression of interest form on the website, they will let you know if you
are eligible for this fund and or any other funds. If appropriate they will send you an
application pack.

Catchment Areas:
Wiltshire and Swindon
For applicants in other area, contact their local Community Foundation. Details of
local Community Foundations can be accessed using the following link:
The Community Foundation for Wiltshire and Swindon - Comic Relief
48 New Park Street
Wiltshire SN10 1DS

Tel: 01380 729284

The Salisbury Diocesan Aid in Sickness Fund

Aim: To give assistance to those in need who are suffering from severe illness and
where income from other sources is not sufficient to provide a standard of comfort
which appears necessary in any individual case.

Funds Distributed:
£4,000 (2008/09)

Funding for: Medical; health; sickness; relief of poverty.

Children/young people; Elderly/old people; people with disabilities.

Application in writing.

Catchment Areas:
Salisbury and 25 mile radius

The Salisbury Diocesan Aid in Sickness Fund
Mrs Meg Able
36 Moberly Road
Wilts SP1 3BY
Tel: 01722 329677

FAN contact details – Balbir Nirwan (
Tel: 0117 939 6645

Funding Bristol’s youth community groups

Bristol Children & Young People's Partnership Fund is a new fund set up by the
Council providing grants for small voluntary and community sector organisations
working in Bristol with 8-12 year olds, for the purposes of improving the transition
from primary to secondary school.

The aims of the fund are as follows: To increase confidence and self-esteem in
children; to increase positive social and communication skills and ability to make and
maintain friendships and narrow the gap in achieving positive outcomes between
those children who are disadvantaged and children overall.

The maximum grant is £5,000.

Applications can be made at any time.

Express Programme

Description: Grants from the Express Programme are awarded to small, local
voluntary and community organisations where a small amount of funding can make a
difference in disadvantaged areas. The work of your organisation must benefit people
who are disadvantaged or isolated. People may be isolated due to poverty, disability,
age, location or culture. Priority is also given to groups that:

  * Enable people to take opportunities that would otherwise not be available to
  * Involve local people in improving their community.
  * Reflect the concerns and priorities of people living and working in the area.

Area : West of England (Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset,
South Gloucestershire).

Amount: The maximum grant is £2000.

Closing Date: We accept applications to the Express Programme at any time and
there are no closing dates. Applications are considered as and when they are
received and applicants should be notified of the outcome within six weeks.

Guidelines: Please download and read the guidelines below before applying for a

To apply: Read the guidelines then apply online or download an application form,
complete it and return it to us by post or email.

Quartet Community Foundation supports small, community-based charities and
voluntary groups in the West of England whose work benefits local people. We give
grants to a broad range of causes and welcome applications from both new and

established groups. For more details of all the funding streams available from Quartet
Community Foundation or for an application form visit or
call Ronnie Brown at Quartet Community Foundation on 0117 989 7705. You can
also register to receive their monthly bulletin by clicking on the E-newsletter link in
their home page.

Grass roots

The Quartet Community Foundation has announced that it will launch a £1.3 Million
Grant Funds for Local Groups on the 1st September 2008. The Grassroots Grants
scheme will support local community groups with an annual turnover of less than
£20,000 to develop and run projects that meet a range local needs. Grants of up to
£5000 will be available to support activities that will make a difference in local
neighbourhoods. The funding is divided across the four unitary authorities of the
West of England according to population and need levels and the three year totals
available include; £582,000 for Bristol groups; £197,000 for Bath and North East
Somerset groups; £241,000 for North Somerset groups; and £280,000 for South
Gloucestershire groups. In addition, the Foundation has issued the Grassroots
Endowment Challenge. This provides individuals and companies with an opportunity
to increase the impact of their giving by 50% - at no extra cost to themselves. For
every two pounds donated to the challenge, an extra pound will be added by
government until March 2011. Money raised will be invested in a fund that will
support local community projects.

Applications are invited from: 1st September 2010.

FAN contact details – Angi Lewis (
Tel: 01934 836952

Grass roots

The Quartet Community Foundation has announced that it will launch a £1.3 Million
Grant Funds for Local Groups on the 1st September 2008. The Grassroots Grants
scheme will support local community groups with an annual turnover of less than
£30,000 to develop and run projects that meet a range local needs. Grants of up to
£5000 will be available to support activities that will make a difference in local
neighbourhoods. The funding is divided across the four unitary authorities of the
West of England according to population and need levels and the three year totals
available include; £582,000 for Bristol groups; £197,000 for Bath and North East
Somerset groups; £241,000 for North Somerset groups; and £280,000 for South
Gloucestershire groups. In addition, the Foundation has issued the Grassroots
Endowment Challenge. This provides individuals and companies with an opportunity
to increase the impact of their giving by 50% - at no extra cost to themselves. For
every two pounds donated to the challenge, an extra pound will be added by
government until March 2011. Money raised will be invested in a fund that will
support local community projects.

Bulletin co-ordinator/distribution – Katherine Tanko
(; Tel: 01225 330090

Grass roots

The Quartet Community Foundation has announced that it will launch a £1.3 Million
Grant Funds for Local Groups on the 1st September 2008. The Grassroots Grants
scheme will support local community groups with an annual turnover of less than
£30,000 to develop and run projects that meet a range local needs. Grants of up to
£5000 will be available to support activities that will make a difference in local
neighbourhoods. The funding is divided across the four unitary authorities of the
West of England according to population and need levels and the three year totals
available include; £582,000 for Bristol groups; £197,000 for Bath and North East
Somerset groups; £241,000 for North Somerset groups; and £280,000 for South
Gloucestershire groups. In addition, the Foundation has issued the Grassroots
Endowment Challenge. This provides individuals and companies with an opportunity
to increase the impact of their giving by 50% - at no extra cost to themselves. For
every two pounds donated to the challenge, an extra pound will be added by
government until March 2011. Money raised will be invested in a fund that will
support local community projects.

Free broadband access to 500 disadvantaged children

Residential broadband provider Virgin Media has teamed up with the e-Learning
Foundation to give free broadband access to 500 children from low income families,
who are not already connected to the Internet at home. The project is part of Virgin
Media's 'Power to all People' initiative which includes the e-Learning Foundation and
UK online centres, which support adults in getting the skills required to use ICT

Low income families from 16 primary and secondary schools in five cities -
Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle, Nottingham and Liverpool - will benefit from this
initiative. Each family involved in the project will receive a free fibre optic broadband
connection for a year, together with training for parents at UK online centres to help
demystify computer use and the Internet and give guidance on how to kee p their
children safe online.


BBC Children in Need
Children in Need Distributes £14.8 Million

BBC Children in Need raised a record-breaking total of £20,991,216 following the
Appeal night last November. BBC Children in Need has awarded £14.8 million to 422
projects across the UK working with disadvantaged children and young people and
have announced that this spring they will be allocating the first of three rounds of
grants this year. All grants are targeted to areas where they will make a real
difference and are allocated geographically to ensure that all corners of the UK
receive a share of the money raised, and projects supported work with children and
young people who may be affected by homelessness, neglect, abuse or poverty, or
those who are living with a serious illness, disability or psychological disorder.

The minimum grant awarded was of £600 and the maximum £182,683.

There are four general grant deadlines each year: 15 January, 15 April, 15 July,
15 October (

BBC Children in Need distributes grants to properly constituted not for profit
organisations that work with disadvantaged children below the age of 18 living in the
UK (including the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).

Their disadvantages will include:

      Illness, distress, abuse or neglect
      Any kind of disability
      Behavioural or psychological problems
      Living in poverty or situations of deprivation

Applications should demonstrate how your project will change the lives of children for
the better. It should be entirely focused on children. Where possible and appropri ate
it should take into account children‟s views and involve them in decision making.
Organisations must have:

      A constitution or governing document
      Their own bank/building society account
      At least two unrelated cheque signatories
      A written child protection policy
      Adequate and appropriate insurance

Grants can be awarded for up to three years at a time, but one year grants are only
given for:

      Capital Projects

      Seasonal Projects e.g. holiday playschemes
      Holidays and outings
      Equipment & Welfare Funds

The Appeal does not give grants for:

      Trips abroad or projects abroad
      Medical treatment or medical research
      Unspecified expenditure
      Deficit funding/repayment of loans
      Retrospective funding
      Projects unable to start within twelve months
      Distribution to another/other organisation(s)
      General appeals or endowment funds
      The relief of statutory responsibilities
      The promotion of religion
      Projects for pregnancy testing or advice, information or counselling on
       pregnancy choices

 BBC Children in Need, PO Box 76, London W3 6FS. Tel: 020 8576 7788

 Local Information for the south west:

 Key local regional statistics, for the last full grant year which is Oct 07 to Sept 08,
 for the South West are:

 307 requests received to the value of £20 million
 127 grants awarded totalling £3.7 million
 41% of applicants were funded
 amount awarded to value requested was 19%

 1 Emma Beeston
 Regional Manager - South West
 BBC Children In Need

 T: Direct Dial 0117 974 7600(x017600) • Bristol Office 0117 974 6600 (x016600) •
 Central Helpdesk 020 8576 7788 (x0267788)
 F: Local Fax 0117 974 6690 • Central Helpdesk Fax 020 8576 8887
 A: Broadcasting House, Whiteladies Road, Bristol BS8 2LR.


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