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									                                               Colorado Business Educators
                         Affiliated with the Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE)
                                       and the National Business Education (NBEA)

                                                                                            VOLUME XXIX
                                      The newsletter for Colorado Business Educators

CBE Members:

Congratulations on another successful school year!

I hope you are enjoying a relaxing summer and that those
plans include joining me and other educators at the
2009 Summer CACTE conference in Fort Collins,                                            IN THIS ISSUE:
July 14-16!                                                                              President-Elect message ....... 2
                                                                                         Fall Conf. preview ................ 3
                                                                                         Fall Conf. registration .......... 4
It will be a great conference and I hope to see you there!                               NBEA recap .......................... 6
                                                                                         Fall Conf. 2008 recap ..... 7-11
                                                                                         CCCS contacts .................... 13
                                                                                         BEST awards ................ 13-14
                                                                                         Membership form............... 16
Teresa                                                                                   M-PBEA Conf. 2010 ........... 17
                                                                                         Video Production class ....... 18

Teresa Yohon, CBE President

                                                                                        KUDOS to:

                                                                                       CBE for being awarded the
                                                                                       M-PBEA conference in
                                                                                       June 2010!

                                 A MESSAGE YOUR PRESIDENT-ELECT!

Greetings! As this school year has wound down for many of us, I have had a chance to reflect on a few of the items
that have affected me and our organization.

The first reflection that I have is the difficult times that many of you are facing economically in your school district
or your college. Funding for many of us is declining or is in a state of decline. The CBE board has recognized this
and we have made a conscious effort to keep our costs low and get the most for our dollar for our next conference.
Speaking of our next CBE fall conference, it will be held:

                                                    September 24-26, 2009

                                                    Embassy Suites Hotel

                                                    Colorado Springs, CO

The registration cost will be $99.00 for CBE members and the room rate will be $84.00 a night. This is a lower rate
than last year! If you stay at the hotel, breakfast will be free and at 5:00 PM every night there is a manager’s
reception. Again these are all free if you stay at the hotel. There will be a link on our website: www.cbeweb.org
coming soon to register for this conference and the hotel rooms. If you want to make reservations at the hotel before
the registration is posted online you can do this by calling the hotel direct at (719) 955-6848 and tell them that you
are with the ―COLORADO BUSINESS EDUCATORS‖ conference that should be blocked. DO NOT WAIT

There are many great workshops that are currently being planned including using rubrics, a pre-conference activity
workshop: Teaching Financial Literacy on Thursday, September 24, etc.

The last reflection that I have was the national NBEA leadership conference that I attended held in Chicago in
April. I felt very honored to be among so many experienced colleagues that were willing to share their time and
educational experiences with us. Specifically, the workshop that had the greatest impact on me was the QuickBooks
Pro workshop which stepped you through every angle of QuickBooks. When I left that workshop, I felt confident
enough to start QuickBooks from scratch and work through every aspect the program confidently. I also gained a
lot of knowledge from attending the Podcasting in the Classroom, The New Entrepreneurs, Update on Economic
Education, and Personal Finance and Business Finance workshops. It was an amazing experience and I would love
to talk and share my experiences to anyone interested or considering going to a NBEA conference in the future.

I look forward to seeing you all at CACTE in Fort Collins!


Ryan Fluckey
CBE President-Elect

                                   CBE FALL CONFERENCE
                                   SEPTEMBER 24-26, 2009


New Economics standards
Career Education resources for post-secondary
Business Use of Social Medias (Twitter, Facebook,
What Businesses Want in Employees

The pre-conference on Financial Literacy will focus
on resources and teaching methodologies based
on new Colorado Financial Literacy standards.

BEST awards are recognized (the form is in this newsletter), as are secondary and post-
secondary teachers of the year and The Donald L. Moore award—see our website for more

The registration form is on the next page!

                                DON’T MISS IT!

                                                2009 Colorado Business Educators Fall Conference
                                                September 24 -26, 2009
 CBE 2009 Fall Conference
                                                Embassy Suites, Colorado Springs, CO
 Registration Form

Name ________________________________________________________________________

School/School District ___________________________________________________________

Address (for mailing conference info) _______________________________________________

City ___________________________ State ________ Zip Code ________________________

Home Phone ___________________________ School Phone ____________________________

Email (for conference confirmation) ________________________________________________
If you would like your confirmation sent by ―snail‖ mail to the address above, check here. _____

Registration Fee:
                                                                                Cost          #    Total
CBE Member (postmarked by September 4, 2009)                                    $ 99
CBE Member (postmarked after September 4, 2009)                                 $119
Non-CBE Member (postmarked by September 4, 2009)                                $119
Non-CBE Member (postmarked after September 4, 2009)
2009-2010 CBE Membership                                                  $20
2009-2010 CBE Student Membership                                          $ 5
2009-2010 CBE Retired Membership                                          $10
2009-2010 NBEA/M-PBEA Membership                                          $80
2009-2010 ACTE/CACTE Membership                                          $100
 Make check payable to CBE.                                                        Total
 We cannot accept credit cards or purchase orders.
 Refund policy: Conference registration fee may be refunded if cancellation is requested
    at least seven days prior to the conference. No refunds will be issued after this date.

Special Pre-Conference Activity: Teaching Financial Literacy
Thursday, September 24, 2008, 8:30 – 4:00 p.m.

You invited to attend a FREE session sponsored by the Colorado Council on Economic Education on
Teaching Financial Literacy. New Colorado financial literacy standards will form the basis of this pre-
conference. This pre-conference workshop is available only to CBE conference attendees.

Additional pre-conference information will be provided via email. Be sure that the email address you
provided above is one that you check on a regular basis.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, CHECK HERE ► _____ Yes, I want to attend!!

Ms. Lucinda Carpenter, Box 128, Creede, CO 81130

                                 Colorado Business Educators
                                       Program of Work
                                         2008- 2009

I.    Membership
      Goal 1: Develop a list of Colorado business teachers, including new 2008-2009 teachers.
      Goal 2: Contact all business teachers via email or mail about ACTE/CACTE/CBE and
      NBEA membership and support available.
      Goal 3: Develop CBE guide.

II. Professional Development and Opportunities
        Goal 1: Increase attendance at CBE Fall conference by 15%.
        Goal 2: Increase submissions for professional awards by 25% (including BEST Awards).
        Goal 3: Plan professional development activities by regions for 2009 -2010 school year.
        Goal 4: Develop mentoring and program support team.
        Goal 5: Develop lesson plans based on standards.

III. Communication
       Goal 1: Update CBE web site a minimum of once a month with current news and teacher
       Goal 2: Continue development of online communication tools, including online newsletter,
       blogs, list serve, and downloadable resources.

IV. Organization

      Goal 1: Develop regional organization structure and update CBE board representation to
      reflect the change. Structure will be in place in 2009 -2010.

                         What can YOU do to be involved?
                   Your association is only as strong as YOU are!!

                        CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, APRIL 7-11, 2009

                                                         Eleven business educators attended the national
                                                 convention in Chicago. Those attending were: Don
                                                 Moore and Pat Jaynes, Coronado H.S.; Ryan Fluckey,
                                                 Delta H.S.; Renee Stegner, Ellicott H.S.; Dawna Hanes,
                                                 Jen Marty, Marshall Nielson, Fountain-Fort Carson
                                                 H.S.; Cindy Nobles, Pagosa Springs H.S.; Cathy Tkacik,
                                                 Pueblo South H.S.; Carol Sessums, Sangre de Cristo
                                                 H.S.; and Laurie Urich, CCCS. Six of those attending
                                                 the convention were first timers who enjoyed their

                                                        NBEA’s informative advertisement was right on
target. ―The NBEA 2009 Convention will be the most session-filled convention ever! Gain new
knowledge with over 70 concurrent sessions, 25 computer workshops, general sessions, and a great trade
show. This is an exciting opportunity for networking and professional growth!‖ On Friday afternoon,
attendees could select from seventeen roundtables. The three general session speakers were: author
James Bradley, ―Flags of Our Fathers;‖ Dr. John Whitcomb, ―Capitate Your Kids—teaching Teens
Financial Responsibility;‖ and author Roger Axtell, ―The Do’s and Taboos of International Business.‖

        In addition to the many sessions and workshops, the attendees were able to
interact and interchange ideas with the vendors. New and exciting materials are
forthcoming as we try to keep abreast of ever-changing software and hardware. The
silent auction was very successful with several people winning money or other
valuable items.

      Time was also available to enjoy the sights and sounds of Chicago. What a
wonderful city Chicago is!

       Make your plans now to attend the 2010 National Business Education
Association Convention, March 30-April 3, in San Diego, California. First time attendees should visit
NBEA’s website throughout the fall to register for monetary awards which are available to only first- time
attendees. NBEA’s website is www.nbea.org . Check with your CBE officers for additional information
on monetary awards that may be available for first time attendees.

                                     Don Moore
                                     Retired Representative

                                COLORADO BUSINESS EDUCATORS
                                       Business Meeting
                                       October 11, 2008
                           Johnson & Wales University, Denver, Colorado

Call to Order              President Teresa Yohon called the meeting to order at 8:35 a.m. at Johnson
                           & Wales University.

Introduction of Officers   Officers for 2008-2009 were introduced.

Approval of Agenda         The agenda was approved as presented.

Approval of Minutes        Minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.

President’s Report         Teresa Yohon thanked the group for attending the conference. She reported
                           that changes at the state level are being implemented. Members can stay
                           informed by accessing the CBE and CACTE web sites. She will maintain a
                           blog on the CBE web site and will provide updates.

Treasurer’s Report         Treasurer Linda Malers distributed copies of the budget approved at our
                           meeting during the CACTE Conference. As of October 2008, Linda reported
                           a checkbook balance of $19,942.68, a Southwest Bank CD account balance of
                           $3,387.96, and a US Bank CD account balance of $9,131.33 for a total of

OLD BUSINESS               Fifty lesson plans are being developed by teachers participating in the CSU
Resources                  course. These plans will be posted to our web site in the spring and will be
                           launched at the CACTE summer conference. Members are encouraged to
                           use the resources available online. Jerry Clayton agreed to set up a wiki and
                           will send an email invitation to join when it is ready for use.

                           Membership stipends and scholarships are available to CBE members that
Membership stipends        wish to attend the NBEA conference. Several people commented that this
                           conference is great and has informative sessions.

NEW BUSINESS               The CACTE 2009 Summer Conference will be held in Fort Collins on July 13-
2009 CACTE Conference      16. Teresa led the group in a discussion of the workshop topics that
                           members would like. A number of suggestions were given including best
                           practices, career clusters/plans of study, emerging technologies, and
                           sessions geared for community college instructors as well as sessions geared
                           for new teachers. It was suggested that we utilize our teachers throughout
                           the state for presenters. It would also be helpful to have a list of member
                           teachers and the classes that each person is teaching. We might want to
                           offer some type of leadership development workshop similar to the LDI
                           workshop at M-PBEA. Patti offered to get more information on this topic. It
                           was suggested that we build time for committee work into the agenda at

2009 Fall Conference       It was announced that the fall conference will be held in Colorado Springs.

                           Members expressed approval of that site.

Host for Mountain-Plains   The CBE Board plans to submit a proposal to host the 2010 M-PBEA
in 2010                    Conference in Fort Collins. If the proposal is accepted, more information will
                           be provided. The Conference is usually the third week in June.

SPEAKS                     Monday, December 15, is the deadline for submissions to SPEAKS. If
                           something great is going on in your school, please consider writing a short
                           article. It is also fun to read personal news about our members—weddings,
                           new babies, etc. Send your submissions to Patti. Postcards will be mailed
                           out for the next two issues which reference the electronic newsletter
                           available online.

Certificates and           Certificates and conference evaluations were handed out. Evaluations were
Conference Evaluations     collected at the door.

Adjournment                The meeting adjourned at 9:10 a.m.

                           Respectfully submitted,
                           Nancy Meiklejohn, Secretary

           2008 BEST AWARDS
First      Last         School
Teri       Asnnussen    Berthoud High School
Sandra     Bailey       Pikes Peak Community College
Lucinda    Carpenter    Creede Schools
Tamra      Collins      Otero Junior College
Rebecca    Diggs        La Junta High School
Ryan       Flukey       Delta High School
Brandee    Gallegos     Lewis-Palmer High School
Amber      Hall         Littleton High School
Gladys     Kelher       Grand Junction High School
Keith      Lobdell      Mountain View High School
Linda      Malers       Swink High School
Nancy      Meiklejohn   Pikes Peak Community College
Donald     Moore        Coronado Digital School
Susan      Musil        Greeley Central High School
Patti      Ord          Overland High School
Krista     Schenck      Moffat County High School
Carol      Sessums      Sangre de Cristo High School
Julie      Sigmund      Gilliam Detention Center
Barb       Slattenow    Rocky Mountain High School
Donna      Sorensen
Cathy      Tkacik       Pueblo South High School
Lola       Vierheller   Westminster High School
Teresa     Yohon
Jennifer   Zuech        Trinidad High School

                                   CBE GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP

       All members of CBE pursuing graduate degrees should be aware that a $300 scholarship for
graduate study is offered to individuals meeting the following qualifications:
       1. Member of CBE.
       2. Minimum of one-year teaching experience in Colorado in business education field.
       3. Successful completion of 10 semester/15 quarter hours toward and advanced degree in
           business education or related field.
       4. Degree sought must be in field of business education or related field.

       Written application must be made by September 15 to the CBE President and should be in letter
format containing the following information:
       1. Teaching experience.
       2. Work experience
       3. Level of degree being sought.
       4. University/college being attended.
       5. Plan for the next school year (objectives).
       6. A copy of a transcript or grade report.

        The recipient will be named and payment will be approved at the October or fall board meeting.
The stipend will be presented at the conference or sent to the recipient immediately after if recipient is not

                                         RETIRING TEACHERS

      Do you know someone who is retiring from business education this year? Or, do you know
someone who retired from business education last year?

        Has that person been a member of CBE, NBEA/M-PBEA, or CBE, CACTE/ACTE? If you are
uncertain of their membership, please submit their name(s) and the CBE Executive Board will determine
this information.

       A retirement certificate will be presented to each retiring member at the fall meeting of CBE to
which the retiring teacher(s) will receive a special invitation—if CBE knows about the retirement. Please
send the following information to Teresa Yohon, CBE Past President (her contact information is in this
newsletter): the retiring teacher’s name, school, street address, city, and zip code!

                  Thank you for helping us recognize our retiring teachers!

If you need assistance with your program approval, advisory committee, FBLA or PBL chapter,
please Laurie or Debbie—they are here to support and help you!

Deborah L. Ramirez
Colorado FBLA-PBL State Adviser
9101 E. Lowry Blvd., Denver, CO 80230
303.595.1583, Fax: 720.904.2545
Visit Colorado FBLA-PBL: www.fbla-pbl.cccs.edu

Laurie Urich
Program Director for Business and Marketing Education
9101 E. Lowry Blvd.
Denver, CO 80230

Give yourself the pat on the back you deserve! Keep track of all the things you do for
Business Education and FBLA-PBL for the 2008-2009 school year—attend conferences,
manage computer labs and other technologies, participate in committees and other
professional development opportunities through CBE and your school district. There are
many ways you can EASILY earn the required points needed. Complete the BEST
Award form in this newsletter or on the CBE website and submit to the current past-
president of CBE by September 15, 2009 (that will be Teresa Yohon after July). You
will be recognized at the Fall Conference for doing what you do BEST—being a
Business Teacher in Colorado. If you have any questions, please contact the current
CBE Past President, Cathy Tkacik at ctkacik@aol.com, or
catherine.tkacik@pueblocityschools.org. Cathy’s mailing address:

Cathy Tkacik, CBE Past President
Pueblo South High School
1801 Hollywood Drive
Pueblo, CO 81005

                      All CBE members are eligible EVERY year!!
                 Don’t delay—start keeping track of your activities today!

               Bookmark it! CBE is on the web at:


               Check it regularly for important information and updates
               about our association!
                                                                   BUSINESS EDUCATOR AWARD—B.E.S.T.
BUSINESS                                                                                                         STUDY                           TEACH
  EDUCATION                       BELONG                           EXCEL                                         (PROFESSIONAL                   TRAVEL
BEST AWARD = A TOTAL OF                                                                                          DEVELOPMENT)                    TECHNOLOGY
                                  Professional Membership          Awards/Honors                                 Education—Involvement           Experience—Connections
Name                                                                                                                                                                                  2 pts
                                                          5 pts                                                                         1 pt
                                  Organization                     Awards                           5 pts each   Credits (current yr)            Years Teaching                        per
                                                          each                                                                          each
                                  ACTE                             Association                                   Graduate
                                  Colorado ACTE                                                                  In-service                      Section Points
School                                                                                                                                                                               10 pts
                                  CBE                                                                            CED                             Visits
                                  NACEBE/NATBE                     Non-Association                               Section Points                  Out-of-District School (List)
                                  NBEA/M-PBEA                                                                                           10 pts
                                                                                                                 Grad Degree (List)
                                  ISBE                                                                                                   each

School Address                    DPE                              Section Points
                                  FBLA-PBL                                                                                                       Business/Industry (List)
                                  T.I.E.                           Presentation/Publication/Grant
                                  NEA/CEA/LOCAL                                                                  Section Points
                                                                                                      10 pts                            5 pts
Principal                                                          Date
                                  OTHERS                           Location                                      Conferences             per
                                                                                                                                         day     Bus./Industry Partnerships (List)
                                                                                                                 CBE Fall
                                                                                                                 NBEA                            Section Points
NOTES:                                                                                                                                                                               5 pts
                                  Section Points                                                                 CACTE                           Technology
 Include activities from Aug 1                                                                                  ACTE                            Email
   to July 31                     Leadership Roles
                                                                                                                 ISBE                            Website development
 Print with Ink or type                                  10 pts
 Place additional information    Organization
   on another sheet                                                                                                                                                                  10 pts
                                  FBLA/PBL Advisor                                                               Other                           Adv. Technology
 Must be current CBE                                                                                                                                                                each
   member                         State Officer Advisor                                                                                          Distance Learn/Teach
 Awards to be given at the       Assn Officer                                                                   Section Points                  Certification (Cisco, MS)
   CBE Fall Conference            Executive Member                                                                                               System Administrator
                                                                                                                 Business/Industry      10 pts
 Members are encouraged to       Committee Member                                                               Employment              each
   apply for award annually
Return by Sep 15 to               Section Points                   Section Points                                                                Section Points
 Cathy Tkacik
CBE Past President                                                                                               Section Points
3250 Lally Rook Court                                                                                                                            Column Points
Colorado Springs, CO 80906        Column Points                    Column Points                                 Column Points
                                                                                                                                                 GRAND TOTAL

                                                                               CBE BOARD ROSTER 2008-2009
       OFFICE/                                        HOME                          HOME                            WORK                            WORK
                            NAME                                                                                                                                                        E-MAIL
     COMMITTEE                                       ADDRESS                        PHONE                          ADDRESS                          PHONE
   Executive Board
   President          Teresa Yohon          5151 Boardwalk Dr F-3          970-482-8596                                                                                tyohon@comcast.net or
                                            Fort Collins, CO 80525         970-217-3672                                                                                Teresa.Yohon@colostate.edu

   President-elect    Ryan Fluckey          13300 Valley View Dr.          970-835-4727                 1400 Pioneer Rd.                   970-874-0838                rfluckey@deltaschools.com
                                            Eckert,CO 81418                                             Delta, CO 81416                                                fluckers@hotmail.com

   Past President     Cathy Tkacik          3250 Lally Rook Ct             719-579-8088                 1801 Hollywood Dr.                 719-549-7747                ctkacik@aol.com
                                            Colorado Springs, CO 80906                                  Pueblo, CO 81005                                               catherine.tkacik@pueblocityschools.org
   Secretary          Nancy Meiklejohn      770 Houseman Rd.               719-683-2792                 100 W. Pikes Peak                  719-502-3269                nancy.meiklejohn@ppcc.edu
   2008-2010                                Colorado Springs, CO 80930                                  Colorado Springs, CO 80903

   Treasurer          Linda Malers          25129 Rd. BB                   719-384-5790                 P. O. Box 487                      719-384-8103                linda.malers@swink.k12.co.us
   2007-2009                                LaJunta, CO 81050                                           Swink, CO 81077

   Secondary          Rebecca Diggs         11187 Rd. B                    719-462-5055                 1817 Smithland                     719-384-4467, Ext. 305      rdiggs@lajunta.k12.co.us
                                            Manzanola, CO 81058                                         LaJunta, CO 81050

   Secondary          Lola Vierheller       9749 Meade Cir                 303-465-1529                                                    303 857-2717 x5243
                                            Westminster, CO 80030-2640
   Post-Secondary     Brenda Rhodes         621 N. 6th St                  970-580-5881                 100 College Ave                    970-521-6716                brenda.rhodes@njc.edu
   2 Year                                   Sterling, CO 80751                                          Sterling, CO 80751
   4 Year
   Mountain-Plains    Angela Satterly       150 Cherry Street              719-346-6008                 Burlington HS                      719-346-8455                asatterly@burlington.k12.org
   rep                                      Burlington 80807                                            380 Mike Lounge Dr.                FAX 719-346-5599
                                                                                                        Burlington 80807
   Publications/      Patti Rish Ord        4414 South Kalispell Cir       720-313-5915                 Overland HS                        720-747-3827                pord@cherrycreekschools.org
   SPEAKS                                   Aurora, CO 80015                                            12400 E Jewell Ave
   2006-2009                                                                                            Aurora 80012
   Web Coordinator    Lucinda Carpenter     Box 128                        719-658-0261                 Box 429                            719-658-2220                lucinda@creedek12.net
                                            Creede, CO 81130               719-588-0754                 Creede, Co 81130

   Retired            Don Moore             P.O. Box 1122                  719-471-9264                 Coronado Digital School            719-328-3600                Mooredl@d11.org or
                                            Colorado Springs,CO 80901-                                  1590 W Fillmore                                                donatmoo@aol.com
                                            1122                                                        Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Email list: tyohon@comcast.net; Teresa.Yohon@colostate.edu; rfluckey@deltaschools.com; fluckers@hotmail.com; ctkacik@aol.com; catherine.tkacik@pueblocityschools.org; nancy.meiklejohn@ppcc.edu;
linda.malers@swink.k12.co.us; rdiggs@lajunta.k12.co.us; brenda.rhodes@njc.edu; asatterly@burlington.k12.org; Mooredl@d11.org; donatmoo@aol.com; lucinda@creedek12.net; pord@cherrycreekschools.org

                                        Colorado Business Educators
         Affiliated with Association for Career & Technical Education & National Business Education Association


Home Address__________________________________Home Phone (___)_____________________

City, State, Zip_________________________________E-Mail Address__________________________

School____________________________________School Phone (____)_________________________

ACTE Membership # __________________                           NBEA Membership # _____________________

                                                                   REGULAR          RETIRED        STUDENT        AMOUNT
Unified Member--Association for Career & Technical
Education (ACTE) $60; Colorado Association for
Career & Technical Education (CACTE) $40; National
                                                                       $200.00         $111.00         $65.00
Business Education Association/Mountain-Plains
Business Education--(NBEA/MPBEA) $80; Colorado
Business Educators--(CBE) $20
ACTE $60; CACTE $40; CBE $20                                            120.00           61.00           25.00
NBEA/MPBEA $80; CBE $20                                                 100.00           60.00           45.00
International Society for Business Education
(ISBE) must be NBEA member $30;                                         130.00           90.00           75.00
CBE                                                                      20.00           10.00          5.00
FBLA/PBL Professional Dues                                               23.00          —              —


 ACTE/CACTE and NBEA/MPBEA membership are based on anniversary date. They are good for 1
   year from date of joining. CBE membership dues are based on a fiscal year of July 1 - June 30.

*CBE, NACEBE, FBLA, and PBL dues must be                                    *NBEA, ACTE and CACTE dues may be
       paid by check.                                                              charged. Please provide the
                                                                                   following information.
Make checks payable to CBE and send to:
                                                                            Name on account_______________________
       Mrs. Lucinda Carpenter                                               Acct.No.______________________________
       Box 128                                                              Mastercard or Visa______________________
       Creede, CO 81130                                                     Expiration date________________________

IN JUNE 2010!

How will you help?

Stay tuned for more

                               DAN HOFF, CORONADO HIGH SCHOOL

Over the course of a teaching career we all find ourselves thrust into teaching a subject or subjects in which we have limited
experience. This is how I ended up teaching a video production class with no prior knowledge. By mere luck and through
desperation, I acted on three specifics that made all the difference.

The Ideal Plan
Fear of failure totally took over! A couple of textbooks existed which looked thoroughly boring but, technically sound.
However, nothing existed on the scope of developing a career and tech appropriate video production studio or what type of
equipment to put in it. So I started with an idea.
The main concept was to erect a studio that could provide students with varied skills. A weekly newscast provided these
opportunities. The vision consisted of a Producer, Editor, two Graphic Designers, four Anchors, two Camera Operators, two
Lighting Technicians, two Sound Technicians, two Script Writers, a Crawler Designer, and six Field Producers. These
positions did not cover all the students on the roster, but students could double-up with others or be available for unforeseen
duties. (This helped cover student absences on filming days). All of these tasks were gleaned from lists found on the internet
or books in the local library.

Luckily, some archaic equipment from the district had been passed down through the years to the school. With no prior
knowledge of what anything was, I sorted it all by what looked similar. Then I called our school district video staff and set up
a ―working‖ meeting. When they arrived, I explained my vision and pointed at the sorted equipment. The studio was plugged
in and functional in 45 minutes. They demonstrated how to make the cameras capture and push out video. This had to be the
most rudimentary studio ever. It was slightly more functional than two tin cans and some string.
New equipment was desperately needed to get the class started. Time was short to acquire and learn about new equipment
before getting it into students’ hands. Drawing off the success of getting the studio up that quickly, I realized it would be
easiest to find people with resources (both financial and intellectual). After looking up the email addresses and phone numbers
of local news stations, camera shops, current video teachers from other districts, super-savvy computer students, the district’s
Director of CTE, and Coronado’s principal, I called and emailed each one with a letter explaining what the vision was for the
video production class. Each of these contacts helped in at least some direct or indirect way. The news stations didn’t have
extra sets, but they did furnish the names where they bought their items and offered to mentor us. Camera shops gave
discounts and steered me towards low-cost but effective equipment. Video teachers from around the state were all willing to
share what they were doing and how to build studio equipment for cheap. The computer students, after telling them what I
envisioned, all came back with what software and hardware they believed would be best suited for the studio. They even
included a list of pros and cons for each and their recommendation! i The CTE Director of our district and the principal both
came through with what was considered painful amounts of justified money, but they were assured that it was bare bones
budgeting. It was amazing how each one of these people built more momentum. In the course of a month, we had a plan,
some money, and a dozen industry people willing to help.

No day-to-day curriculum or workflow had been written. So, after quickly reviewing two textbooks about Video Production,
one book was selected and a class set was ordered. In order to really gain knowledge, the decision was made to just jump in
and start doing some newscasts even before reading books or doing projects. The first week of school was the target for the
first production. The students seemed eager, and I wanted to prove that the money wasn’t going to waste. A very simple show
was produced. We made the announcement and proceeded to push out four minutes of solid static. The next week went better;
we pushed out five minutes of intermittent scratchy audio and no video. Disappointing, yes, but the students got better each
week and became even more determined. The third week went off without a hitch. ii See the third week on
http://www.classickugrtv.com/viewer.php?s=1&id=09082006 The productions were very simple and certainly do not reflect
the progress the students have made on subsequent productions. However, they were effective for a variety of reasons. iii
After a few weeks of this type of planning, a natural workflow emerged. Unfortunately, specialization was occurring as well.
Students were instructed to become more than one-dimensional videographers. The following week when they came to class
they drew jobs blindly from a jar. This resulted in another residual success by sheer accident. iv
Now that the students had simplified the workflow, some of the students were beginning to find idle time. Luckily, this was a
foreseeable potential problem. When second quarter began, the students were informed that in addition to their regular job
they were to complete a quarter project and an outside assignment as well v. The quarter project was defined by a rubric and
chosen from a pre-determined list I had made. The outside assignment was pretty open-ended. When students found idle time,
they were to work on their quarter project or do research on their outside assignment. Both the quarter project and outside
assignment were due at the end of the semester.
A semester outline of curricular tasks was developed prior to the term. The decision was made early on that the curricular
tasks must remain flexiblevi. This flexibility provided an opportunity and a perception that everything could be dropped or
changed if needed. Many items were moved, shortened or deleted all together.

In The End
So many things ―just worked out‖ for both the instructor and for the class. This was attributed to breaking the job into three
definable areas--only acting on one area after the previous one had been researched and completed. By following these
protocols, nothing seemed so overwhelming, and this really gave everyone focus with deadlines. After some reflection, this
wasn’t anything more than acting on a simple idea, focusing on getting the students career and tech appropriate skills, drawing
upon experience from people within the district and outside the district, getting students in position for quick success, defining
high standards, staying flexible with arbitrary parameters, some dumb luck and above all…a fear of failure. vii
In the end, the classroom book got used once a week for vocabulary and the finer points of video production.

 The student results: Apple iMAC computers over PC’s, Final Cut Express editing software over Pinnacle, Vegas and Adobe Premier editing software.
Students claimed that the Apple hardware and software were ―commercial products‖ not amateur products. A few adults claimed this was way off mark and a
waste of money. In hindsight, the students were dead-on. Also, by trusting the student recommendations they had more buy-in and wanted to use this

  Go to www.kugrtv.com for all of our shows. We also provide them free through iTunes found under KUGRTV as podcasts. We have over 100 subscribers
from around the world.

   Teachers loved the idea of having the students professionally dressed. All I did was empty the closet from my thinner days, stopped by Goodwill once and
emailed the staff asking for clothing donations. The residual result was that the anchors acted out the part. It was make-believe. The graphics combined with
the professional music enhanced the viewing experience for teachers and students alike. The green screen was simple to do and made a big impression. The
show was never bound by the set. Each week it could be themed. In order to get the students to look at the camera we removed the monitor that was in the
desk. Instead we bought a very cheap KVM switch that allowed us to hook multiple monitors from one computer that ran the scrolling script. Then we placed
each monitor, running a ―teleprompter‖, under each camera. The crawler text at the bottom served two purposes: one was to get sports info in and the other
was to stick in last minute info that arrived late or was forgotten. Finally, the camera switching technique keeps viewer attention by changing scenes every
three to eight seconds. All of these items created a robust viewing experience and workflow flexibility for us behind the lens.
   Students grumbled at first about the blind draw but, this gave each student a variety of well-rounded skills. Each student was cross-trained by another
student. It created a studio that was never disrupted by sickness or missed assignment. Many who said they would never get in front of the camera ended up
being some of our best anchors. It also provided a great deal of communication and sense of teamwork.

 Quarter projects included: a tour of the school for new students and freshman, voting and survey procedures for prom/senior surveys, school emergency
procedures, club teasers/commercials, sport season yearbooks and others. The outside projects included local news internships, cooperative filming of district
events with administrative staff for local cable TV, filming community meetings for the city and the local library.

      A list containing my bare bones equipment and beginning semester outline are available upon request. Please email me at hoffdr@d11.org

  I fear failure as an adult…as many of us do. The next generation doesn’t mind mistakes. They jump right in and try to make it happen. They know that

they are going to fail a lot at first but nobody is going to get hurt over it. I wish we had more of this risk-taking attitude as adults.

Dan Hoff is Business Education Department Chair, KUGR TV Producer, Website Administrator and FBLA Advisor at
Coronado High School, Colorado Springs, CO. Contact Dan at hoffdr@d11.org


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