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					Nur841 Business Plan Assignment:

Students will develop business plans as part of the assignment for NUR841. Students
will form into work groups (with a maximum of 5 me mbers) by the third week of
class. In the third week of this class, there will be a seminar on business plans and
why they are important for APNs. Each group will be expected to develop a
business plan for an ‘ideal’ Clinic, Nursing Center or Nursing Service for which
APNs are providers. The plan needs to have a realistic financial plan including cost
and methods of reimbursement.

Components of the plan include:

Purpose and mission statement
History of Business
Marketing Plan
Organizational Structure
Financial plan
Ope rating or Manage ment Plan
Executive Summary

The emphasis should be on businesses that APN's could be a significant partne r in.
The financial information needs to be as accurate as possible. You will be given
some tools for this component. Your mission statement is an important component
and should be determined in the beginning of the process. A clear definition of
services will help determine the success of your business plan. The financial
component has to have some future projections, as most businesses don't make
money in the first year or two. Remember you will need to find funders for your
project if you were really to develop the business.

You will also be expected to come pre pared to present this business plan to the class.
The business plan will need to be presented in a professional format as if you we re
presenting your plan to potential investors. You may use power point or other
visuals if you like.

Developing the business plans will help you have an understanding of the finances
and marketing needs of your future practice. As you develop the organizational
structure and manage ment plan you will develop awareness of questions and issues
which will be important to explore in your future employment opportunities.
Your business plans will be evaluated on need, feasibility, creativity, completeness
and overall quality of the presentation of material. The project will require your
entire group participation. Each individual will need to be an integral me mber of
the team. Your grade will be a group grade.