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PE Budget Request Form - PERA BUDGET REQUEST.doc


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									                          PHYSICAL EDUCATION & RECREATION BUDGET REQUEST
Heads of Activities:
Archery                             Connie Bauman              Pilates/Fusion Fitness      Patty Magill/Julia McPhee
Badminton/Racquetball/Squash        Wendy Berry                Sailing/Lake Waban          Tessa Spillane
CPR/First Aid                       Jenn Grunzweig             Swimming                    Bonnie Dix
Cross Country Skiing/Recreation     Britt Salapek              Table Tennis                Liang Liung
Dance (ALL!)                        Samantha Cameron           Tennis                      Brian Kuscher
Fencing                             Gamil Kalouby              Weight Room/Cardio          Keri O’Meara/Lacy Gillotti
Golf                                Sherry Makerney            Yoga                        Liz Owen
Games                               Bonnie Dix/Dorothy Webb

As the Head of an Activity, you play an important role in the ordering, inventory , and storage of equipment used in physical
education classes. Please review your responsibilities below and then submit the necessary information by August 15 to
ensure that all approved orders may be placed, received, inventoried, and stored before the beginning of the academic year.

Activity Head Responsibilities:
* Consult with colleagues in your assigned activity area and submit ONE prioritize list of equipment purchase requests.
* Complete a PERA Equipment Order form. Make sure this information is accurate and legible.
* Be sure your costs include SHIPPING.
* Placed orders for APPROVED equipment, either on your own or in coordination with the Front Desk staff.
* Store equipment after it is inventoried and submit a written receipt for ALL received purchases.

Budget Requests are reviewed in consultation with the Department Budget Officer and approved based upon the following
(1) Requests are in line with current student enrollments in the activity area.
(2) Requests are prioritized by “needs” first, followed by “wants.”
(3) Rationale for each Budget Request is sufficient.

ACTIVITY HEAD                                                           ACTIVITY

The following budget lines are currently used for operating expenses in physical education:
LINE              PURPOSE                                               RECENTLY USED BY
6106              Student Wages                                         Swimming
7002              Equipment Rental/Lease                                CPR
7003              Repair & Maintenance                                  Racquet Sports, Golf, CPR
7154              Academic Audiovisual Supplies                         Various Activities
7187              First Aid Supplies                                    Athletic Training Staff
7189              Instructional Equipment                               Various Activities (balls, racquets, etc.)
7269              Books                                                 As Needed

LINE              ITEM                                         QUANTITY                    PRICE TOTAL
7189              Racquetball Racquets                         4 @ $25.00                  $100.00     $100.00
7003              Croakies                                     6 @ $2.75                   $16.50      $116.50
                  Shipping                                                                 $12.00      $128.50


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