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  2009 - 2010

      1         27/03/2011

     The Northamptonshire Police Authority is the independent Statutory Body
     responsible pursuant to the Police Act 1996 for securing the provision of an efficient
     and effective Police Force for the County of Northamptonshire.

     To achieve this, it is required to take into account the following:

        Statutory Objectives prescribed by the Home Secretary and any national
         performance targets imposed to achieve these;

        Local Objectives determined by the Authority and such local performance
         targets as may be required to achieve the same;

        The local Strategic and Police and Performance Plans agreed by the Authority
         and the Force;

        Directives and Codes of Practice issued by the Home Secretary as to any
         measures to be taken by the Force.

     The Authority currently comprises seventeen Members, of which nine are Local
     Authority Members appointed by Northamptonshire County Council, and eight are
     Independent Members appointed by the Police Authority, one of whom must be a


     The Business Plan of the Authority is intended to comprehensively describe the
     Vision for the Authority, its functions and mode of operation and its proposals for
     development and progression in the future to achieve such Vision and Objectives,
     setting out the Authority’s intentions and priorities for the forthcoming year and

     The Plan, which represents a summary of a number of different strands of Authority
     policies and procedures, cannot however be read in isolation, but must be seen in
     the context of its other published Policies, Strategies and supporting documents,
     including its Governance Framework and Equality Scheme. In particular the Plan
     needs to be seen in the context of the drive for greater efficiency and effective
     policing through increased collaborative working within the East Midlands Region.
     The Business Plan is also directly integrated with “Policing Northamptonshire” – the
     existing approved document which incorporates The Strategic Plan 2007–2010 and
     The Local Policing and Performance Plan 2008–2009, the latter of which is in the
     process of revision.

     Similarly the Priorities and Objectives which are itemised in paragraph 7 cannot be
     taken in isolation insofar as they all represent related strands of a common theme.
     Consequently they must be considered in the more global context of effective
     policing within the County, of which they represent constituent elements.

                                             2                                  27/03/2011
3.   AIMS

     The common Strategic Aims, reflecting the expectations of the Authority for future
     delivery of Policing within the County, are as follows:

        Effective engagement with our diverse communities and partnership

        Developing and promoting the role of the Authority

        Ensuring that our plans reflect local need

        Ensuring our police service is challenged and held to account for the
         standard of service provided

        Ensuring more effective use of resources

        Representing Northamptonshire on local, regional and national issues


     To achieve these aims, the Authority has set itself the following Vision:



     At best, even a flexible Business Plan can be no more than an imperfect snapshot
     of the state and intentions of the Authority at any fixed moment of time given
     changing patterns of policing and society and of regional and national governance
     generally. Therefore the Plan is intended as a working tool to assist in the future
     development of the Authority. It is intended that the Authority will build sufficient
     flexibility into its procedures and policies to accommodate such changes in the
     future as they occur.

     Whilst there is no doubt that inclusiveness for all Stakeholders and increased
     partnership working is an essential major factor in the way forward for all
     concerned, the Authority will endeavour to ensure that the resources it commits to
     these activities activate maximum benefit and that duplication of effort is avoided.

     Key to the future of the provision of the policing service will be the growth in the
     population of Northamptonshire. Therefore it is essential that the Force and
     Authority work together to ensure that the full extent of the anticipated growth in the
     county is recognised nationally and that this is reflected in the allocation of funding.

                                            3                                     27/03/2011

      In planning for the future any organisation must be aware of the key risks that may
      adversely affect its performance against its objectives. Listed below are the key
      risks which may impact the Northamptonshire Police Authority and of which the
      Authority must put in place measures to minimise the chances of these risks

                   Sir Ronnie Flanagan’s Review of Policing published February 2008
                    and changes arising from this
                   The Governments “Green Paper” on Police Reform published July
                    2008 and changes arising from this
                   Potential Force ACPO recruitment and succession planning around
                   Costs and benefits of collaborative working
                   Population growth in Northamptonshire
                   Potential inspection in 2009 by Audit Commission/HMIC


7.1   Performance

      The Authority will:

         continuously monitor, by way of a robust and challenging performance
          monitoring regime, the operational performance of the Force. This will ensure
          continuous improvement to all aspects of the Service, particularly when
          compared with other Forces and Authorities, and the achievement of closer
          collaboration and working arrangements with other Forces and Authorities;

         provide leadership and strategic direction to the Force, holding the Force and its
          Chief Officer to account for the effective performance of their duties and

7.2   Partnership

      The Authority will:

         closely work with statutory, non-statutory and all other partners, both locally and
          in the East Midlands Region as a whole, to promote a co-ordinated approach to
          the reduction of crime and disorder and to address public perceptions and fear
          of crime

         be committed to the development of the children and young peoples agenda and
          the principles of “Every Child Matters”

                                             4                                    27/03/2011
         consider, in conjunction with the Force, options for pooled and shared services
          and resources to maximise their benefits and improve the efficiency of service

7.3   Community Engagement/Consultation

      The Authority will:

         seek to ensure that full and effective consultation and engagement takes place
          with local communities to identify their local policing priorities and thereby inform
          the Local Policing and Performance Plan;

         ensure that information on policing issues is available and that there are
          mechanisms in place to ensure public views are taken into account.

7.4   Standards

      The Authority will:

         ensure that not only the Force but also its own employees and Members
          observe at all times high standards of conduct in their duties and responsibilities.

7.5   Diversity and Equality

      The Authority will:

         will promote fairness and equality in the performance of the functions of both the
          Force and the Authority;

         ensure that Members and Officers actively promote diversity and equality in the
          execution of the functions of the Authority.

7.6   Resources

      Taking into account external constraints, the Authority will:

         make available sufficient funding and other resources to enable the provision of
          an efficient and effective Police Service within such constraints;

         ensure that Value for Money is obtained in relation to its Budget and that all
          resources are properly accounted for by implementing open and transparent
          financial processes capable of meeting internal and external audit and scrutiny.
          Where it is in the best interests of the Service consideration will be given to
          pooling and sharing services with partners.

                                              5                                     27/03/2011
7.7   Self-Improvement and Development

      The Authority will:

         provide Members of the Authority proactive and timely officer support, enabling
          both Members and officers to play an effective part in the performance of the
          Authority’s statutory duties and its relationship with the Force and other bodies;

          at all times monitor and measure its performance against agreed internal and
          external targets and objectives;

         ensure the business of the Authority is carried out effectively, ethically and


8.1   Performance

      The scrutiny role will be continuous, in relation not only to all relevant crime
      statistics but to more general aspects of Police service, including Policy Objectives,
      Performance Targets and the strategic operation of particular individual service
      areas; it will involve continuous reporting to the Authority, the monitoring of such
      statistics by Members individually and collectively, and consequent feedback to the
      Force. Through this robust monitoring the Force will be required to put into place
      initiatives/actions to redress any failing performance which the Authority will closely

      Additionally, there will be extra focus on the qualitative issues raised through our
      consultations with partners and our communities to influence the content and
      targets set out in our Local Policing and Performance Plan (LPPP).

      The LPPP will be monitored through the Performance Monitoring Committee and
      Members will have the opportunity to question and challenge performance against
      targets. The Authority will request that the force puts measures in place to ensure
      that any deviance against the Plan will be reduced and ensure that performance will
      be increased to meet the levels of demand.

      Training for Members to participate in and effectively achieve this will be provided
      on an on-going basis.

8.2   Partnership

      The Authority’s participation in partnership working must be seen at many levels,
      ranging from the statutory relationships with the CDRP and the LAA to the many
      informal working and liaison arrangements with a variety of representative and
      voluntary bodies and informal groups.

      The Authority will:

         effectively engage with and, where appropriate, participate in all of these at both
          Member and Officer level as appropriate;
                                             6                                     27/03/2011
         specifically through its dedicated Partnership and Collaboration Committee, take
          a lead both in this rapidly developing world of statutory partnership, with the LAA
          and the Safer Stronger Communities Board and its work with the CDRPs;

         the Authority will work with all 41 Safer Community Teams to oversee and
          monitor local policing priorities and how they are being tackled at a local level.

      The list of delegations to the Partnership and Collaboration Committee contained in
      the recently revised Governance Framework and reproduced in Appendix I clarifies
      in more detail the nature of the more significant of these inter-relationships involved.
      Members and Officers will play appropriate and dedicated parts in supporting such
      a cross-cutting approach to the formation of multi-disciplinary policies and
      procedures, recognising that policing can no longer be seen in isolation and that the
      pooling of knowledge can be as effective as financial and physical cooperation on
      the ground.

      The Authority will also:

         be supportive of third sector organisations, including the Independent Advisory
          Group and the Northamptonshire Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Alliance;

         appoint to and co-ordinate the ICV Scheme to ensure that it continues to be run
          efficiently and effectively.

8.3   Community Engagement/Consultation

      In conjunction with more formal partnership arrangements is the strategic priority of
      effective Community Engagement and Consultation, which is at the heart of
      effective local policing.

      The Authority will:

       continue to recognise that accountability to the public for policing is at the
          cornerstone of its functions and that community engagement is key to this;

       take a co-ordinated approach to consultation and engagement activities in
          accordance with the Authority and Force Consultation Policy;

         continue to seek more effective public consultation to complement the
          relationships generated by neighbourhood policing, using all appropriate data
          and feedback, to support this process. The results of such consultation will help
          inform the priorities at a Force and local level;

         primarily through its lead Committee, the Authority’s Equalities and Engagement
          Committee, give particular emphasis to citizen focus, the work of the Safer
          Community Teams and the targets set by the Local Policing and Performance
          Plan (LPPP) in relation to the need to build public confidence in policing.

                                             7                                     27/03/2011
8.4   Standards

      The Authority will:

         support the processes which ensure that high standards of behaviour and
          conduct are maintained at all times in relation to both the Force and to the
          Authority and which are clear, transparent and effective.

8.5   Diversity and Equality

      The Authority will:

         support and assist the mainstreaming of diversity and equality within the Force
          and Authority;

         through its Equalities and Engagement Committee, ensure that the Equality
          Scheme is implemented and reviewed on a regular basis;

         in conjunction with the Force, develop its relationship with hard to reach
          communities across Northamptonshire and continue to build on existing
          arrangements, including the Northamptonshire Policing Disability Advisory

8.6   Resources

      The Authority will:

         further develop its budgetary consultation and settlement processes to ensure
          that they remain timely, transparent and fully take into account all necessary

         monitor progress against Revenue and Capital budgets, ensuring that the Force
          maintain a realistic staffing plan which maximises staffing and recruitment
          resources and targets;

       keep under review the Reserves position with particular attention to capital
          pressures and any Grant Settlement shortfalls;

         represent the Force at Regional and National level through its officers and
          relevant Members, to advance the case for such appropriate share of the
          National Budget as properly reflects the size and growth of the County, and
          consequent policing issues;

         Engage with, consider and implement through its Resources Committee those
          other functions and delegations within its terms of reference in relation to
          Resource issues, reviewing its own terms of reference from time to time to
          ensure that they remain at the cutting edge of good governance.

      Resources are closely linked with Performance, the continuous monitoring of which
      is intended to maximise and prioritise the use of finite financial resources in the
      prevention and apprehension of crime. To achieve this, Members of the Authority
      at their meetings will keep the effective management of such resources under
                                            8                                 27/03/2011
        continuous review. Collaboration within the East Midlands has and hopefully will
        continue to achieve efficiency savings.

8.7     Self-Improvement and Development

        The Authority will:

           keep under review the internal structure and governance of the Authority so that
            it remains fit for purpose, and that its Committees, working parties and
            representation on other bodies continue to reflect the changing demands upon
            the Authority. To this end, the Authority is revising its Financial Regulations and
            Contract Standing Orders, and these will remain subject to on-going scrutiny to
            maintain their inclusiveness, integrity and accountability;

           through its Resources Committee, provide and update as necessary a staff
            structure providing optimum assistance to Members, supported by effective
            personnel and training polices,; the current structure in this respect being
            exemplified in parts (i) and (ii) of Appendix II of this Report showing the
            allocation of specific responsibility and of the Officer support network. These will
            be re-visited in the near future;

           Where appropriate, give individual Members or groups of Members specific
            responsibilities in relation to individual functions of the Authority, for which
            appropriate training will be received. The work undertaken by Members will be
            reviewed bi-annually at Police Authority meetings to ensure accountability and
            that all Members are aware of the progress being made and any barriers that
            may have arisen (such initial areas of responsibilities being as exemplified in
            part (iii) of Appendix II);

           Put in place in respect of all the foregoing, training, seminars, forums and
            discussion groupings to enable the effective professional development of all of
            those concerned within their areas of operation, activity and interest.

      January 2009

                                                9                                    27/03/2011
                                    APPENDIX I


   Overseeing and monitoring the work of the Regional Collaboration Board/Joint

   To oversee, monitor and review both Force and Authority activity within the Local
    Agreement Framework with particular emphasis on the Safer Stronger Communities

   Overseeing and monitoring the performance and development of the seven Crime
    and Disorder Reduction Partnerships

   Overseeing and monitoring developments in relation to the roles and responsibilities
    of local Councils arising from the Local Government White Paper and its impact on
    the Force and Authority

   Responsibility for developing and monitoring the Local, Regional and National
    Partnership and Collaboration activities of the Authority

   The development at all levels of relationships with partners to assist the Force and
    the Authority in performance improvement

   Overseeing, reviewing, monitoring and challenging the Force in relation to how the
    level 2 gap is being addressed.

                                         10                                  27/03/2011
                                          APPENDIX II(i)

Peoples Policy Network    Responsible Officer   -    Chief Executive
                          Responsible Member    -    Mr R Wootton

                                                11                                             27/03/2011
                                                       APPENDIX II(ii)

                                        STAFF ALLOCATION (as of January 2009)

       CHIEF EXECUTIVE                                   TREASURER                         DEPUTY CHIEF EXECUTIVE
              F/T                                        P/T: 2.5 days                              F/T

          NPA Improvement                                      Finance                                  3 x CDRPs
               Strategy                                 Resources Committee                   Finance: Members Allowances
 Performance Monitoring Committee                MKSM Emergency Services Group                             Budget
Partnership & Collaboration Committee                  Regional Collaboration                             Training
        Standards Committee                  Treasurer to East Midlands Joint Committee                      HR
        Liaison: ACPO, Chair                            Grants Funding Group                                ICV
          Counter Terrorism                         Liaison: Chair of Resources                           NLGBA
           Growth Agenda                                                                           Equality and Diversity
            Crimestoppers                                                                              Performance
       Black Police Association                                                                        Liaison: Chair
     County Hate Incident Forum                                                           Partnership & Collaboration Committee
                 IAG                                                                       Equalities & Engagement Committee
     LAA Chief Executives Group                                                            Performance Monitoring Committee
             APA Council                                                                       Independent Custody Visitors
 APA Peoples Police Network Group                                                                 Professional Standards
 Safer Stronger Communities Board
        Regional Collaboration
          ACPO Complaints
         Member Complaints

                                                                12                                                        27/03/2011
         OFFICER                                  CO-ORDINATOR                      TREASURER
           F/T                                      P/T: 4 days                          F/T

  Equalities & Engagement Committee              Services for Committees                Secretarial Duties
Partnership and Collaboration Committee                    ICVs                          General Admin
               3 x CDRPs                            Member Support           Building & Housekeeping Maintenance
          CDRP Support Group                           Complaints                        IT Maintenance
APA Neighbourhood Policing Policy Group
 APA Community Engagement Network

                                                           13                                              27/03/2011
                                          APPENDIX II(ii) (continued)

                              COMMITTEE          MONITORING             COLLABORATION              ENGAGEMENT
                                                 COMMITTEE                COMMITTEE                 COMMITTEE

Chief Executive          Treasurer           Chief Executive          Deputy Chief Executive   Deputy Chief Executive

Treasurer                                    Deputy Chief Executive   Consultation &           Consultation &
                                                                      Engagement Officer       Engagement Officer

Deputy Chief Executive                                                Chief Executive

                                                       14                                                   27/03/2011
                                                      APPENDIX II (iii)

                                       ALLOCATION OF MEMBER AREAS
                                     OF SPECIFIC OR LEAD RESPONSIBILTY

Suki Bassi             Protecting Vulnerable People                       Deirdre Newham       Performance
Julie Brookfield       Children and Young People                                               Counter Terrorism
Stuart Farrar-Hayton   Children and Young People
                       Nightsafe Strategic Board                          Simon Schanschieff   Resources
                                                                                               NSIR Lead
Julia Faulkner         Business Engineering Review Team
                                                                          Cllr Ben Smith       Transport Collaboration
Cllr David Garlick     NLGBA Chair                                                             County Travellers Unit

Cllr Jim Harker        Property/Estates                                   Cllr Michel Tye      Citizen Focus

Jackie Haynes          Police Appeals Tribunals                           Robert Wootton       Technical & Forensic
                       Training                                                                ASB Strategic Board
                       HR                                                                      HR
                       Independent Custody Visitors

Cllr Derek Lawson      Safer Stronger Communities Board
                       Force Communications Centre
                       Feedback Forum

                                                             15                                                 27/03/2011

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