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Generate Income with Insurance L


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Media Contact:
Ashley Emery
BDD Corporation

              Generate Income With Insurance Leads:
The online lead specialist are looking educate outside markets on the benefits of buying
and selling insurance leads to generate income.

West Palm Beach, FL (February 18th, 2011)—, an online insurance
lead marketplace, reaches out to unique markets, educating them on the benefits of
selling and buying insurance leads. has been buying and selling leads for 3 years and has grown to become
one of the largest insurance lead companies within the Nation. currently
buys and sells insurance leads in health insurance, home insurance, life insurance and
auto insurance.

With nearly every American owning a vehicle, with some families owning multiple
vehicles, the demand for automotive insurance is high. As the economy continues to shift,
consumers are frequently looking for affordable insurance policies to fit their unique
needs. Users are pushed online more and more to shop and compare insurance quotes
through websites such as and

Online companies can expand their yearly earning by becoming an affiliate of by place an online form for users to be able to enter their personal
information for an insurance quote. For every lead entered into the form and then
purchased, you earn money. The amount of money earned by selling or purchasing an
insurance lead various and is dependant upon multiple factors.

If you are currently a website that discusses any subject matter of health, life, home or
automotive information then all you need to do to begin earning money is to place the
simple “Request a Quote” button and form on your website.

For more information on how you can earn money with insurance leads contact at 1.888.500.2620.

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As one of the premiere lead companies on the web, prides itself
on using innovative methods for lead generation. buys and sells in all
verticals of insurance. Always on the lookout for fresh leads, uses
grassroots marketing, as well as traditional methods such as pay-per-click, search engine
and affiliate marketing to seek out its clients.

About BDD Marketing and Management
BDD Marketing and Management is a full service company. Founded on a deep value
system and backed by a highly motivated staff, BDD is a breakout company with a fully
customizable menu of business options to fit every need. To get to know BDD Marketing
and Management better please go to

For more information on contact Ashley Emery of BDD Corporation at


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