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					           Ross Mason
             Ross Mason created HINRI (the Healthcare Institute for Neuro-
             Recovery and Innovation) Ventures, HINRI Labs, and the HINRI
             Foundation in August 2007, after a bicycle accident left him paralyzed
             from the collarbones down. He is the Vice-Chairman of the Georgia
             Department of Community Health Board ($13 billion annual budget),
             and Chairman of the Georgia Free Clinic Network, which provided
free medical care to 150,000 homeless, indigent, and uninsured Georgians in
2008, and saved the state almost $500 million.
Ross is a healthcare entrepreneur, investor, and former strategic advisor to
Volkswagen’s Healthcare Venture Accelerator Fund, which invested 280 million
Euros in 90 companies, including 30 early stage healthcare companies. He was
a former Associate in Private Banking at Morgan Stanley (New York, London,
Zurich, Moscow and Atlanta) and created a real estate investment/development
company in Moscow, Russia that he owned and operated for 12 years. He first
became interested in healthcare after working in an AIDS hospital in Zambia.
Ross graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Industrial Engineering and
the Wharton School, with an MBA in Finance.
Prior to his accident, Ross was actively involved in triathlons, wreck/cave/ice
diving, surfing, rock/ice climbing and was a NASCAR certified driver. Today,
Ross uses that same energy and enthusiasm to explore new therapies,
treatments, and scientific/medical breakthroughs to improve the quality of life for
those suffering from spinal cord injury, brain trauma and other neurological
HINRI Ventures, LLC (“The Fund“) invests in early stage companies that are
focused on addressing central nervous system injuries, diseases, and disorders.
The three areas of investment focus are - regenerative medicine, healthcare
information technology (including assistive technologies for the disabled), and
health transformation. The Fund works with US Military leaders (Department of
Defense, Armed Forces Services Organization, and the Veterans Administration)
and HINRI Labs to conduct clinical trials with portfolio companies in Atlanta,
Boston, and Palo Alto.
HINRI Labs is a non-profit partnership between the Center for Health
Transformation, the US Military, Emory, Georgia Tech, the Shepherd Center,
Stanford University, and the Palo Alto Veterans Administration. The objective of
HINRI Labs is to build a nationally recognized nexus for academia, science,
medicine, business, philanthropy, and public policy to advance patient-centered
research, rehabilitation, restoration, and recovery from neurological impairments
due to injury, disease, or congenital causes.
HINRI Foundation funds organizations and projects that make living with
paralysis, brain injury and other neurological diseases more productive, creative,
independent, and fun. The Foundation advocates for, and proposes legislation
important to, the disabled community and sponsors athletic events to educate,
inform, and promote health. There is a strong focus on military outreach to assist
all active and retired military personnel with mobility impairment from a spinal
cord injury or a traumatic brain injury.
                                        ROSS MASON
                                     641 Loridans Drive NE
                                       Atlanta, GA 30342
                                        (404) 775-0404

THE WHARTON SCHOOL, University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA
Masters of Business Administration – Finance May 1997
GIP Program – Latin America

Bachelor of Industrial and Systems Engineering June 1992
Student Body President

Russian Language Program Summer 1997

British History and Literature Summer 1988

Objective - Create a nationally recognized nexus for academia, science, medicine, business,
philanthropy, 2005 - Present
and public policy to advance patient-centered research, rehabilitation, restoration, and recovery
from neurological impairments due to injury, disease, or congenital causes
Focus – Translational Labs for Wounded Veterans (Atlanta, Palo Alto and Boston)
Platform Partners – The Shepherd Center, Emory, Georgia Tech, Harvard, MIT and Stanford

VOLKSWAGEN – Incubation Campus Wolfsburg (ICW - Consultant to the Director) San
Francisco, CA
Venture Accelerator – Global Strategic and Financial Advisory Work 2000 - 2004
    • Assisted in the investment of $350 million VW investment fund and 90 in-house start-ups
        with strategy, fundraising, capital structure, client acquisition and M&A activity
    • Served as an advisor on the deployment of 500 million mark investment in healthcare,
        entertainment, mobility and IT at ICW; (with a focus on providing strategic solutions for
        the 400,000 square foot healthcare start-up community)
    • Developed Internet and eCommerce strategies for healthcare organizations and business
    • Strategic Advisor to VW healthcare accelerator with over 30 early stage companies
    • Represented VW and other European corporations, institutions and individuals in Silicon
        Valley to negotiate business partnerships and develop relationships with the top Venture
        Capital firms and high tech corporations (Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, HP and Oracle)
    • Created partnerships in Milan, Toronto, London and New York (head of all strategy for
        business development in the FSU)
TMP Worldwide (Andy McKelvie - creator and owner of the Yellow Pages; Founder of New York, NY
   • Wrote investment strategy for Blackfin Capital a $500MM hedge, arbitrage and private
       equity fund 1999
Genesis Equity Partners (GEP) and Aslan Asset Management – Partner of the Frank
Russell Company 2002 - 2003
   • GEP - Introduced European partners and potential investors in Germany, Switzerland,
       Great Britain, Italy, US and Canada
   • Aslan – assisted in the launch of the private banking business on the West Coast by
       making introductions to potential investors 2001 – 2003

Early Stage Companies
    •   Raised $10MM for 4 internet start-ups
    •   Assisted 5 start-ups in raising $20MM

Co-founder and Managing Partner of Health Care IT firm 1999 – 2002
    • Negotiated and secured a pilot project with Blue Cross, Blue Shield of South Carolina
    • Incorporated company, raised start-up capital, wrote the business plan and hired
       management team
    • Created advisory board and board of directors including: Patrick G. Hays - retired in
       January of 2000 as CEO of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association ($150 Billion in annual
       claims), which governs the 60 Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations nationwide; Fred
       Brown, immediate past Chairman of the American Hospital Association;Bob
       Andrialis, CEO of Mergent, Inc. who formerly ran U.S. operations for Standard and
       Poor's; Antoine Abdallah, CTO of Envoy Corporation, the largest processor of medical
       claims data in the United States

Associate in Private Banking 1997-1999
    • Raised and invested $100MM in capital
    • Created a database of 12,000 high net worth individuals in all 50 states
    • Lived and worked in New York, London, Zurich, Moscow and Atlanta

Founder and CEO of a Real Estate Development firm which provides 1993 – 2002
Construction, renovation and property management services in the former Soviet Union
   • Generated an 80% to 120% compounded annual return on $250,000 of capital invested
       in twenty development projects
   • Negotiated and signed $12MM in leases and completed $1.2MM of renovation contracts
   • Designed financial models to project company cash flows and access tax liability
   • Prepared market analysis and turn key relocation proposals for Hughes Aircraft and
   • $15MM in total revenue
   • Provided Corporate Relocation Services, clients include: Coca-Cola, Unisys, Philip Morris,
       KPMG, US Embassy, USAID,
      Chase Manhattan Bank, Pepsi-Co., Deloitte & Touche and Credit Lyonnaise
   • Solicit clients with target market campaigns
 •    Created a network of corporations, off-shore accounts and accounting strategies to
      minimize taxes

 •    Fellow – Newt Gingrich’s Center for Health Transformation
 •    Vice Chair Georgia Department of Community Health Board - appointed by Gov. Sonny
      Purdue on 2/7/05 ($13 billion budget for 2008)
 •    2006 Class of Leadership Georgia and the Coverdell Leadership Institute
 •    Association of Black Cardiologists – US Board of Directors (also on the Development
      Committee – raise $25MM for national headquarters); National Board – The Maynard
      Jackson Foundation for the Elimination of Healthcare Disparities
 •    Founder Samaritan’s Road – For profit consulting firm for domestic and international
      healthcare and environmental non-profits
 •    Chairman Georgia Free Clinic Network Board (association of 100 free clinics – provides
      free care to more than 150,000 Georgians and saved the state over $500 MM in 2008)
 •    Mercy – Athens, GA: faith-based medical clinic providing care to 5,000 patients per year
      (former Board Member)
 •    Former Volunteer – Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy; launching the 0-5 reading
      project in GA’s rural counties
 •    Established a foundation to work with Russian children in 10 countries and 50 cities of
      the Former Soviet Union (FSU)
 •    Hosted a group of Silicon Valley executives on trip to Moscow, Russia for Young Life;
      facilitated the gift of a 100 acre
     camp outside of Moscow; created investment syndicate to purchase additional former
     Young Pioneer camps all over the FSU
 •    STINT – summer missions project with Campus Crusade for Christ in Leba, Poland 1989
 •    Missionary with Operation Mobilization in St. Petersburg, Russia – summer of 1993
 •    Taught English as a second language in Perm, Russia - school #44 using Slavic Gospel
      Association materials
 •    Worked in an AIDS hospital in Zimba, Zambia – summer 1999
 •    Young Life – Woodleaf Committee, Palo Alto

 •    Sport Diver magazine published an article May/June 2000 issue on trip to the arctic –
      worked on a walrus and bowhead
     whale documentary for National Geographic (1999) and Discovery Channel (2000)
 •    Speak conversational Russian – scored a 2 on the US foreign service language exam
 •    Carter Center’s Atlanta Project – set up computer systems and multi-media cubicles to
      train volunteers and
     implement training programs for the twenty cluster coordinators (1992)
 •    Set up an exchange program for the Regents Global Center in the Ural Mountains (1993)
 •    Served as a an intern in the Georgia House of Representatives (1990), Georgia Senate
      (1992) and Governors Office (1991) and a political consultant on US Senate and
      Congressional campaigns in 1990 and 1992
 •    Interests include: poetry, skiing, golf, tennis, climbing (rock, ice and mountain – Rock
      and Ice Magazine wrote an article on ice climbing trip to the Arctic in February 2000
      issue) and SCUBA diving (licensed
     advanced open water, rescue, cave and ice diving)
 •    Completed the Escape from Alcatraz and Pacific Grove triathlons
•   NASCAR Certified Level I – Graduate of Jim Russell Racing School: Techniques of Racing
•   Internships: Sam Nunn, Zell Miller, Nathan Deal, Frank Stancil; and worked on campaigns
    for Gov. Perdue, Johnny Isakson, Saxby Chambliss, Paul Coverdell, Ralph Reed, Johnny
    Grant, Bill Stephens, Brian Kemp, Doug Holt and Bob Smith