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					      ROB ROY
         23 June 2007

2007 Martin Currie
Rob Roy Challenge

                    Thank you for supporting the 2007 Martin Currie Rob Roy
                    Challenge. This programme provides information about
                    the event for participants, support teams, volunteers
                    and sponsors.
                     The 2006 Rob Roy Challenge raised £380,000 for charity,
                     a wonderful achievement in the event’s inaugural year. In
                     2007, with the commitment of the participants and the
generosity of their sponsors, we hope to raise even more.
Working with our partners at Events & Activities Ltd, we have retained the same
55 mile route as in 2006. This proved to be tough, but achievable, with 93% of
participants completing the course. We have reshaped the social programme to
place more emphasis on the Saturday afternoon and evening activities, leaving
Sunday free for breakfast and travel home.
I would like to express my gratitude to our corporate sponsors, without whose
support we could not run such an ambitious event. We have listed them on page
16 and many are also submitting teams.
Good luck, and I hope the weather is kind to us.

Willie Watt
Chief executive, Martin Currie Investment Management Ltd

                                                 “This charity event will cover
                                                 55 miles of the spectacular
                                                 Rob Roy Way”

The charities                                  5
Itinerary                                      6
The route and site maps                        7
Contact information                            9
Contact information and
Kenmore site map                              10
Support team information                      11
Top tips                                      12
Saturday afternoon activities                 14
Prize categories and fundraising              15
Our corporate sponsors                        16
Event supporters                              17
2007 participants                             18

For an electronic version of this programme, and
up-to-date news on the event, visit

         The team at Events and Activities are looking forward to the second Martin Currie Rob
         Roy Challenge. As ever it has been a pleasure working with the Martin Currie Charitable
         Foundation and the three partner charities - CHAS, Cancer Research UK and Habitat for
         Humanity. They have done a fantastic job in helping to promote the event and recruiting
         marshals and support staff.
         We have created a wonderful Saturday programme at Kenmore for the participants,
         support teams, family and friends. This will include massage and physio for the weary, a
         traditional Highland games, children's play area, Rob Roy battle re-enactment, Golden
         Lions parachute jump, traditional Scottish dancing, pipe band, sumptuous highland feast,
         a ceilidh, Scottish & Newcastle bar and a spectacular fireworks display.
         We will be providing support and refreshments at all the main check points and water stops, and
         you can even stop for complimentary cream teas at Ardeonaig, during the final cycling stage!
         Well done to everyone taking part, and thank you for raising funds for the three partner
         charities. See you on 23rd June!

         David Fox-Pitt
         Managing director and founder of Events and Activities Ltd

         Two years ago a group of staff from Martin Currie met to talk
         about how we could build upon the company's long-standing
         charitable activities. We discussed ways in which we could raise
         more money for good causes, while also enabling us to become
                                                                              Charitable Foundation
         involved in a broader range of community activities. This led to
         the establishment of The Martin Currie Charitable Foundation. In 2006 we awarded
         funds to over 60 different charities, sent volunteering teams to Sri Lanka and India with
         Habitat for Humanity, and launched the first Martin Currie Rob Roy Challenge.
         Martin Currie staff select the charities to benefit from the Rob Roy Challenge. For 2007 we
         have retained the same three charities as in our inaugural year, and they have done a
         fantastic job in supporting the organisation of the event, particularly in recruiting marshals
         and helping to promote the Rob Roy Challenge to their own contacts. They are Children's
         Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS), Cancer Research UK and Habitat for Humanity.
         On behalf of the trustees of the Martin Currie Charitable Foundation, I would like to
         thank all the participants and your supporters for your commitment to ensuring the
         success of the 2007 Martin Currie Rob Roy Challenge.

         Keith Swinley
         Chairman, Martin Currie Charitable Foundation

                                                                           THE CHARITIES
Martin Currie Investment Management has nominated three superb charities to benefit from the
event. Reflecting the company's Edinburgh base, and clients in the UK and around the world, the
company's 226 staff have selected local, national and international charity partners for 2007.

Children's Hospice Association                       We provide life-changing information to
Scotland (CHAS)                                      patients, their families and friends, and run
                                                     cancer awareness campaigns to help people
The Children's Hospice Association Scotland          reduce their risk of the disease. One in three of
(CHAS) runs Scotland's two children's hospices,      us will get cancer at some point in our lives.
Rachel House in Kinross and Robin House in           Our ground-breaking work, funded
Balloch. These hospices provide respite care,        overwhelmingly by the general public, will
terminal care and bereavement support to             ensure that millions more people survive.
families from across Scotland who tragically
have a child, or children, with a life-limiting      Find out more at
condition. Both Rachel and Robin House offer
love, life and laughter; they are places where the
whole family can rest, knowing that their child
or children will be cared for by an expert team.
By taking part in the 'Martin Currie Rob Roy         Habitat for Humanity
Challenge' you are helping CHAS to provide a
vital lifeline to many families across Scotland -    Habitat for Humanity is an international house
thank you!                                           building charity with representation in 100
                                                     countries. The vision of Habitat for Humanity is
Find out more at                    a world where everyone has a decent place to
                                                     live. They want to eliminate poverty housing
                                                     and homelessness from the face of
                                                     the earth.
                                                     Habitat for Humanity campaigns tirelessly to
                                                     increase access for all people to affordable
                                                     shelter by helping people in need to build or
Cancer Research UK                                   renovate a home. They offer a broad range of
Cancer Research UK is the world's leading            tangible and practical building solutions to the
independent organisation dedicated to cancer         problems of sub-standard housing and
research. We carry out scientific research to        homelessness.
help prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. We
have discovered new ways of beating cancer
that together have saved hundreds of                 Find out more at
thousands of lives across the world.       


        “Martin Currie Investment
       Management has nominated
          three superb charities to
          benefit from the event.”

    Friday 22 June     2.00 pm to 11.00 pm   Registration at Drymen Town Hall

    Saturday 23 June   6.00 am               Late registration at Drymen Town Hall
                       7.00 am               First start for walkers, Drymen Road Cottage
                       8.00 am               Second start for walkers, Drymen Road Cottage
                       8.30 am               First walkers begin arriving at Aberfoyle
                                             checkpoint, sponsored by UBS
                       11.00 am              First walkers begin arriving at Callander checkpoint,
                                             sponsored by IBM, where they will switch to bikes
                       1.00 pm               Bronze cyclists start finishing at Balquidder
                                             checkpoint, sponsored by Eban
                       3.30 pm               Silver cyclists start finishing at Killin checkpoint,
                                             sponsored by Jones Lang LaSalle
                       2.00 pm               Gold cyclists start arriving at Kenmore finish.
                       2.00 pm onwards       Activities begin, sponsored by Deutsche Bank,
                                             including children’s play area and games.
                       5.00 pm onwards       Feast begins with participants and support teams
                                             eating and drinking at their leisure. Rob Roy Bar
                                             opens, sponsored by Scottish & Newcastle plc.
                       6.00 pm               The Golden Lions parachute jump.
                                             Sponsored by Events and Activities Ltd
                       7.00 pm               Rob Roy Battle re-enactment by Battlescar
                       8.00 pm               Ceilidh with Piper Active, sponsored by
                                             Morgan Stanley
                       9.00 pm               Prize-giving, hosted by David Fox-Pitt (event
                                             organiser) and Willie Watt (CEO, Martin Currie)
                                             followed by special prize draw for all participants.
                       9.15 pm               Ceilidh resumes
                       10.30 pm              Fireworks, sponsored by IBM
                       11.00 pm to 1.00 am   Ceilidh resumes

    Sunday 24 June     7.00 am to 12.30 pm   Sunday brunch served.


                                                        “Gift Aid allows the Martin
                                                        Currie Charitable Foundation
                                                        to maximise the benefit from
                                                        your donations."
                                                                        THE ROUTE AND SITE MAPS

All participants have been issued with a route map, prior to the event. Please bring these with you.

Map of the complete route                                              Start: Drymen Road Cottage
                                                                       From the Town Hall take the minor single-track
                                                                       road north out of Drymen for four miles to the
                                                                       start car park of Drymen Road Cottage.
                                      LOCH TAY

            CHECKPOINT #4

     BALQUHIDDER                                 LOCH EARN
                                                                                                                          a g e s tag


        LOCH DOINE

                                                                                                                                        i me

                                                                                                             inc l
                             LOCH LUBNAIG


                                                                                                                      n g s t op

      LOCH VENACHAR                    CHECKPOINT #2

                      CHECKPOINT #1
                                                                       Checkpoint 1: Aberfoyle
                                                                       Support vehicles should continue along the
                                                                       single track road to Aberfoyle via the village of
                                                                       Gartmore. The checkpoint is based beside the
                                                                       Scottish Wool Centre.

Registration: Drymen Town Hall
§ From Glasgow - Take the A809 from
   Bearsden and follow north to Drymen.
§ From Edinburgh - Take the M9 from
   Edinburgh to Stirling followed by the A811
   to Drymen. The Town Hall is in the main
   square in the centre of Drymen.                                                                                   er
                                                                                                                          a g e s tag


                                                                                                                                        i me

                                                                                                             inc l


                                                                                                                      n g s t op


    Checkpoint 2: Callander                                                Checkpoint 4: Killin
    Support teams should continue North along the                          Support teams continue north along the A84
    A81 to Callander. Before crossing over the                             via Lochearnhead, turning off to Killin on the
    bridge into Callander turn left at the                                 A827 by the Lix Toll Garage. The checkpoint is
    roundabout and follow signs to Wheels Cycles.                          situated just off the High Street.

                                                      a g e s tag                                                            a g e s tag
                                                 er                                                                     er


                                                    1½                                                                      2
                                                                    i me

                                                                                                                                           i me
                                                   hrs                                                                    hrs
                                         inc l

                                                                                                                inc l
                                             di                                                                     di

                                                  n g s t op                                                             n g s t op

    Checkpoint 3: Balquhidder                                              To the finish: Kenmore
    Support teams should drive back into Callander,                        Support teams follow the A827 along the north
    cross the river and turn left onto the main street                     side of Loch Tay, for 17 miles to Kenmore.
    and head north along the A84 to Balquhidder.                           Participates should follow the route on the
    Follow the signage to the checkpoint.                                  south side of Loch Tay. See overleaf for map of

                                                      a g e s tag


                                                                    i me

                                         inc l


                                                  n g s t op

                                         CONTACT INFORMATION

David Fox-Pitt, Event organiser      07710 446 332
Emergency numbers                    To be provided at registration
Event HQ - Landline                  01887 830 434
Event HQ - Mobile 1                  07710 446 332
Event HQ - Mobile 2                  07717 742 095


          “You can even stop for
     complimentary cream teas at
       Ardeonaig, during the final
                  cycling stage!”

     Contact address:
     Kindrochit House    
                                                                                        t   s&
     Ardtalnaig                               en
     By Aberfeldy                              ev
     Perthshire PH15 2HX                                                               ACTIVITIES

     You will also be provided with a card at registration with the contact numbers.
     The website at also contains a wealth of information about the
     event. We will be posting the results on the site as soon as possible after 23 June.



                                                                                             ROB ROY
                                                                                                 23 June 2007
                                       CYCLISTS ENTER FROM SOUTH


                                                                   “Mobile Rob Roy Challenge support
                                                                   teams will be available during the cycle
                                                                   stages to provide technical support”
                                                   SUPPORT TEAM INFORMATION

Each biking/hiking team must have a support         § Mobile phone
team. They will meet participants at each of the    § Basic first aid kit
checkpoints along the route and provide
                                                    § Puncture repair kit or spare inner tube
refreshments, food, clean kit, replacement kit
and encouragement. They will ensure you check
in and out of the checkpoints, and monitor your     The support teams should
general condition - are you dehydrated, do you      provide/carry for the participants:
need clean/dry clothes, have you got enough         § Spare boots/trainers
supplies in your backpack?                          § Spare clothes/waterproofs
The support teams will congregate in the car        § Sunhat, sun cream and sunglasses
parks at each checkpoint where participants can     § Midge repellent/net
meet them at their vehicles. Support teams
                                                    § Cycle shorts
should not attempt to meet participants at
additional water stops as there is insufficient     § Vaseline
room for cars.                                      § Basic first aid kit - blister repair kit, zinc
                                                        oxide tape and foot powder
Each checkpoint will have facilities provided by
the Rob Roy Challenge team - toilets, first aid,    § Energy drinks
physiotherapists, masseurs, water, indoor           § Energy food
shelter. And marshals will be posted along the      § Food (e.g. soup, pasta, fresh and dried
challenge route to guide participates in the            fruit)
event of an emergency.
                                                    § Mobile phone and whistle
                                                    § Woolly hat/gloves
Each participant in the Challenge                   § Spare socks - Anatom’s ‘SmartWool’ socks
should carry the following in their                     or ‘x-socks’ are both ideal
backpack :                                          § Towel
§ Waterproofs                                       § Spare boot laces
§ Warm clothes e.g. fleece                          § Cycle helmets
§ Water 2/3 litre Camel Back is                     § Spare inner tubes
   recommended                                      § Torch for post-event party
§ Energy food
§ Rob Roy map                                       Bike maintenance
§ Compass                                           We advise team members to carry with them a
§ Zinc oxide tape                                   small puncture repair kit. Mobile Rob Roy
                                                    Challenge support teams will be available
§ Sun hat
                                                    during the cycle stages to provide technical
§ Sun cream                                         support.

        TOP TIPS

     § Feet - Trim toenails and use foot powder.       § Stretching - Warm up before starting and
        Tape your feet with zinc oxide (Army type          stretch both during and after walking.
        recommended) before you start to protect           Remember to stretch down after the event.
        areas prone to blisters. Walk about at home
                                                       § Hydration - Drink regularly. We
        in bare feet as much as possible.
                                                           recommend at least 2-3 litres of water
     § Socks - High quality socks provided by              between each checkpoint. Use the
        Anatom and x-socks are ideal. Change your          Camelback/Platypus water container. Mix
        socks at each checkpoint. It is important to       energy drinks with water. Drink plenty of
        keep your feet as dry as possible.                 tea (herbal or decaffeinated is best), soup,
     § Boots - Light Goretex type boots are fine.          water and eat plenty of fruit.
        Make sure they fit, allow for foot expansion   § Dehydration symptoms - Thirsty, not
        and insure they are well broken in.                going to the loo, dark coloured urine and
     § Trainers - Fine in dry weather on most of           minor headaches.
        the Rob Roy Way, although not                  § Blisters - If you feel a potential blister
        recommended in wet conditions.                     forming, stop and deal with it there and
     § Rubbing - Wear lycra cycle shorts and use           then. Puncture the blister with a pinprick,
        Vaseline to prevent chaffing.                      drain and dress it. Zinc oxide tape, if

   properly applied will prevent most blisters          § Check points and support teams - Keep
   forming in the first place.                               stops at checkpoints to a maximum of 20
§ Temperature - Maintain a constant body                     minutes or your muscles will begin to seize-
   temperature and prevent your body from                    up. Support team members must make
   overheating by continuously adjusting your                sure that they are well prepared to receive
   clothing. Zip tops make this easier. If you               the walkers with chairs, food, clothes and
   feel cold put your hat on.                                sock changes, first aid and replenishment
                                                             of water and food supplies.

 !   Insect alert – Midges, Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease
       Midges – You have probably heard about the dreaded Scottish midges or Culicoides. If you haven't
 it is because Highland tourist operators tend not to mention them. But at the Rob Roy Challenge team
 we believe that 'forewarned is forearmed'. By taking a few simple precautions, your experience will not
 be disrupted by them. The first time you encounter a midge you will probably just feel itchy as the bites
 are not painful, just irritating. And the insects themselves are so small you can hardly see them.
 Midges shouldn't be a problem if you're walking, or there's a breeze, although they can become a
 particular nuisance in still summer evenings. Both Boots' own brand insect repellent and Jungle
 Formula have been proven to work well.
 We have also heard about a miracle midge repellent that some of the locals have apparently been
 using for years. It is also kind to your skin, as its success against midges was, it seems, a complete
 accident. The product is called Skin-So-Soft Dry Oil Body Spray, and it is produced by Avon, who
 have kindly agreed to provide participants with a free sample within the event Goody Bags. Have a
 look on their website at for additional supplies.
 Ticks are tiny spider-like creatures found in grassy, wooded and heathland areas. They attach themselves
 to small and large animals where they actively crawl about until they find a suitable site; they then start
 to feed by biting through the skin and sucking blood.
 Lyme disease is an illness caused by the bacteria which live in the guts of some ticks. Symptoms usually
 start a few days after being bitten. The first sign is often a pink or red rash around the site of the bite
 which can increase to a large circular patch up to 50-75 cm in diameter. Sometimes the rash can be very
 faint and difficult to see. Rashes appearing within a few hours of a tick bite are not caused by Lyme
 disease, but could be an allergic reaction to the bite.
 Flu like symptoms may occur which could last several weeks, but usually settle down with correct
 antibiotic treatment. More serious symptoms can occur weeks or months after if the initial symptoms
 are not recognised such as joint pain, facial palsy and loss of sensation in the limbs ; it is therefore
 important to check yourselves for ticks after the event.
 Prevention is the best way so please take note of the following measures:
 1. Keep your skin covered, wearing trousers tucked into your socks and a long sleeved top will help.
 2. Use appropriate insect repellents over clothing and exposed skin.
 3. Examine yourselves thoroughly after the event, they can get everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE!
 4. Do not try to dislodge ticks with your fingers and do not apply any substances to try and remove
    them. Instead, gently remove attached ticks with tweezers as soon as possible, grasping them as
    close to your skin as you can.


          “We have heard about
       a miracle midge repellent
    that some of the locals have
apparently been using for years."

     On Saturday afternoon and early evening there will be a range of activities at Kenmore, sponsored
     by Deutsche Bank. These will offer the opportunity for participants, support teams, volunteers,
     friends and families to relax and have some fun.

     Activities will include hammer throwing, haggis rolling, caber tossing, spear throwing, welly boot
     chucking and sheep fetching. There will be a soft-play area and a range of games for children.


                                                                “On arrival at Kenmore on Saturday
                                                                evening, there will be a sumptuous
                                                                feast and party”
                                      PRIZE CATEGORIES AND FUNDRAISING

You will be asked to confirm at registration which prize categories you are eligible for.

              Prize categories                                  Sponsor
              The top fundraising team                          Morgan Stanley
              The top fundraising company                       Biggart Baillie
              The fastest team                                  Turcan Connell
              The fastest mixed team                            Maclay Murray & Spens
              The fastest veteran team                          Henry Abram & Sons
              The fastest financial team                        BNP Paribas
              The fastest accounting team                       State Street
              The fastest team with a dog                       EBAN
              (walking stage only)
              The best fancy dress team                         Bowleven

The prizes, with the exception of the top fundraiser cups, will be presented at 9.00 pm on Saturday
evening in the main tent.

Fundraising                                          Gift Aid
It is important that each team member raises a       Gift Aid allows the Martin Currie Charitable
minimum of £400, or £1,600 per four-person           Foundation to maximise the benefit from your
team. All sponsorship cheques must be made           donations. This means that for every pound you
payable to the Martin Currie Charitable              give, we get an extra 28 pence from the Inland
Foundation, which will allocate the funds to         Revenue, helping your donation go further.
three selected charities - Cancer Research UK,
                                                     This means that £10 can be turned into £12.80
Children's Hospice Association Scotland and
                                                     just so long as donations are made through
Habitat for Humanity.
                                                     Gift Aid.

Cheque payments
                                                     Sponsorship forms
Cheques should be made payable to the Martin
                                                     These are available to download from the
Currie Charitable Foundation and sent to:
                                                     document library of the website at
Martin Currie Rob Roy Challenge            
Martin Currie Investment Management Ltd
Saltire Court
20 Castle Terrace


     We are delighted to have received the generous support of our sponsors, without whom the
     Rob Roy Challenge could not be possible.

                                                                EVENT SUPPORTERS

The Martin Currie Rob Roy Challenge is receiving tremendous support from a number of individuals
and organisations, who will enhance and enliven the event. Our special thanks to:
Abernethy Trust - Volunteers provided by Phil and Rosemary Simpson
AG Barr plc - Providing all the bottled water
Alan White - Sweep team
Anatom Ltd - Sponsor and suppliers of free SmartWool socks for all participants (
Avon - Providing complementary Skin-So-Soft Dry Oil Body Spray for all participants
BNP Paribas - Sponsor of the water stops
Boys Brigade, Inverness
Charlie Methven - Land owner at Balquhidder checkpoint
Charlie Pirie of Atholl Adventures - Road marshals and Highland Games
Chief marshals - Sir Andrew Ogilvy-Wedderburn (Aberfoyle), Mrs Celia Creswell (Balquhidder),
Miss Sue Currie (Killin) and Miss Holly Hunt (Kenmore)
Cowal and Trossachs Forest District
David Cowan at Kettle Produce - Donating all the fruit
Deutsche Bank - Sponsor of the Saturday activities
Drymen Village Hall Committee
Eban - Sponsor of the Balquhidder checkpoint
Fi Lindsay - Athletes Angels - Co-ordination of medical and massage therapy.
Glasgow Scouts
Greenparka Digital Communications - Designers of the event website at
Group Captain David Dowling - Land owner at Killin checkpoint.
HeeHaw Multimedia - Filming and DVD production (
Honey Stinger - Sponsor and suppliers of free energy gels and bars for participants
IBM - sponsor of the Fireworks and Callander checkpoint
Intelligent Office UK - Sponsor of the pipe band and Scottish dancers
Jamie Andrew - Mountaineer and adventurer, who is completing the event on a customised bike designed
by Wheels Cycles of Callander
John Macpherson - Killin Community Council
Jones Lang LaSalle - Sponsor of the Killin checkpoint
KallKwik Business Design and Print - Printing of Rob Roy Challenge materials
Kenmore Highland Games Committee
Mark Shimidzu of Wheels Cycles, Callander - Bicycle hire and checkpoint
Mountain Rescue
Nutrimix - Suppliers of complementary recovery milkshakes (
Peter Harper of British Red Cross
Morgan Stanley - Sponsor of the Piper Active Ceilidh band
Police Force
Robin Menzies - Kindly donated the shower facilities at Kenmore
Rob Roy whisky - Kindly donated by Morrison Bowmore Distillers
Rucksack Readers - Sponsors and publishers of the route map (
Scottish Ambulance Service
Scottish and Newcastle - Hosting and managing the Rob Roy Bar
Scottish Off Roaders
Sir Malcolm MacGregor of the Clan MacGregor - Clan Chief
St Andrews Ambulance
Steve Lindridge - Event photographer (                                           17
Strathmore Water - Providing bottled water
The Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park
The London Marriott Business Council - For donating luxury bed & breakfast vouchers for the charity
prize draw.
The Scottish Woolen Centre, Aberfoyle
UBS - Sponsor of the Aberfoyle checkpoint
         2007 PARTICIPANTS

     This is a revised version to reflect the changes made by 1 June. If you have any amendments or wish to check the status
     of your team, please contact Carolyn Mackay on 01556 504367 or

     Team name                     Company                           Participants (team leaders in bold)
     Aberdeen Team 1
     - Creaking but Standing       Aberdeen Asset Management         Michael Turner, Stephen Turner, David Scott, Calum Foreshaw
     Aberdeen team 2
     - Pot Noodle                  Aberdeen Asset Management         Ed Conroy, Mark Gordon-James, Andy Brown, Jonathan Allison
     Aberdeen Team 3               Aberdeen Asset Management         Brett Jollie, Nicola Johnston, Gordon Stewart, Stuart Overend
     Aberdeen Team 4               Aberdeen Asset Management         James Thorneley, Bill Greenhalgh, Jon Rudling, Joe Jackson
     Aberdeen Team 5               Aberdeen Asset Management         Ann Dewar, Jill Gillespie, Alison Scalley, David Scalley
     Aberdeen Team 6               Aberdeen Asset Management         Tracey Van Loggerenberg, Thevins van Loggerenberg,
                                                                     Kristen Rossvoll-Booth
     Abrecco Squad                 Abrecco                           Myles Byrne, Aaron Hamilton, Paul Watson, Al Donald
     Team Powerball                Active Sports Ltd                 Jamie Miller, Steven McLean, David Merriman
     Would you Adam and Eve It     Adam & Co                         David Hamilton, Colin Macdonald, Mike Ramsay, Alisdair Wilson,
                                                                     Richard Lockhart
     A Dam Fine Group              Adam & Company                    Chris McKenna, Graham Renton, Alan Young, Peter O ’Donnell
     Life is Guid                  Anatom                            Yvonne Wilson, Rebecca Mills, Carolyn McKerchar,
                                                                     Rachel Sylvester, Sarah Maguire
     The Muppets                   Anatom                            Steve Baynes, Kenny Stewart, Stevie Connor, Jon Hall
     Too Hot to Trot               Anatom                            Gordon Fraser, Fraser Hughes, Mark Staddle, Nick Moss
     Torro                         Anatom                            Andy Blair
     Apollo 1                      Apollo Group                      Mick Grist, Louise Wilson, Sonya Thorne, Natalie Dowling,
                                                                     Deborah Bluck, Emma Marr, Phil Bruce, Tom McBurnie
     Artemis 1                     Artemis                           James Davie, Michael Barker, Mark Tyndall, Lindsay Whitelaw,
                                                                     Fiona Willson Beales, Edward Murray
     Artemis 2                     Artemis                           Lisa Davie, Dawn Stuart, Derek Stuart, Jenny Simpson, Andy Gray,
                                                                     Annabel Hurst
     Axa Framlington               Axa Framlington                   Anja Balfour, Nicola Egan, Michaela Rayner, A N Other
     Barclays Wealth Edinburgh     Barclays Wealth                   John Robertson, Mark Little, Nicola Gillespie, Lauren Moss
     Barlcays Wealth Glasgow       Barlcays Wealth                   Craig Forbes, Jonathan Dobbin, Diane Wilde, Andrew Keen
     Bell Lawrie Glasgow           Bell Lawrie                       Jon Fitzpatrick, Neil McDonald, Tracy Russell, Anne Cassells,
                                                                     Scott Stirling, Sandy Fraser, Peter Keys
     Bell Lawrie Edinburgh         Bell Lawrie                       Kris Barclay, Linn Denholm, Colin Maginnis, Roddy MacNeill,
                                                                     David Hourston, Fiona Forrest, Kenny Lean
     Biggart Baillie Badgers "W"   Biggart Baillie                   Chris Noble, Alastair Peacock, Afshan Khan, Carron Rand
     Biggart Baillie Badgers "X"   Biggart Baillie                   Alastair Barclay, Claire Mitchell, Craig Smith, Damien Bechelli
     Biggart Baillie Badgers "Y"   Biggart Baillie                   Donald Lindsay, Euan McSherry, Iain Mclean, Ingrid O'Neill
     Biggart Baillie Badgers "Z"   Biggart Baillie                   Emma Keil, Joanna Hamilton, Peter Graham, Vivienne Stuart
     Moorgate Marauders            BNP Paribas Securities Services   Sean Quinn, Anthony Roberts, Nick Emmins, Graham Hewing-
     Rob Roy Racers                BNP Paribas Securities Services   Michelle Leeson, Mhairi Petrie, Barry Kennan, Mark Carey
     Rob Roy Rockets               BNP Paribas Securities Services   Laura McKenzie, Paul Walker, Andrew Neilson, Colin MacLean
     Rob Roy Rovers                BNP Paribas Securities Services   Andrew Wilson, Michael Corcoran, Amanda Wheeler, Dean Harvey
18   C A Mediaprint                C A Mediaprint                    David Bryden, Darren White, Craig Green
     Team CR-UK                    Cancer Research UK                Andreea Stanciu, Louie Trajkoski, John G Hatchett
     Is Rob Roy harder
     than Braveheart?              Cancer Research UK                Laura Boyd, Neil Clarke, Neil Clark
     Commsworld                    Commsworld                        Mark Wright, Jane McVey, Debbie Tomlins, Paul Moore,
                                                                     George McCallum
     No Pros                       Crown Office &
                                   Procurator Fiscal Service         John Dunn, Graeme Jessop, Mark Quinn, Gavin Mitchell
Team name                    Company                       Participants (team leaders in bold)
Pawnie Bill &                Crown Office &
His Jolly Ranchers           Procurator Fiscal Service     Alec Martin, Lafai Lafai, Alexander Prentice, Anthony Bonnar
Fully Committed              Crown Office &                Alison di Rollo, Dawn Lewington, Carolyn McLeod, Lynne Barrie,
                             Procurator Fiscal Service     Leanne Cross, Gavin Yates
BYOB - Bring Your Own Bike   Crown Office &
                             Procurator Fiscal Service     Laura Irvine, Sara Evans, Gillian Tait, Lesley Smith, Marie Kicinski,
                                                           Kirsten Cockburn
Danske Bank                  Danske Bank                   Alistair Palmar, Christian Hillkirk, Julie Smyth, Helena Olsson
Deloitte Devils              Deloitte                      David Claxton, Igor Brkic, Caroline Butterfield, Craig Campbell,
                                                           Nathalie Christie, Irvine Conner, Steve Almond, Katie Carey
Deloitte Devils              Deloitte                      Paul Cowley, Tim Corfield, Craig Cosham, Carole Dick,
                                                           Dougie McAndrew, Stephen McElhinney, Ian Smith
Deloitte Devils              Deloitte                      Kent Mackenzie, Ross Millar, Neil Mclean, Jamie Patridge,
                                                           Chris Terry
DM Rambling Smoothies        Dickson Minto                 Morag Harvey, Janet Stevenson, John Waller, Sergio Weingarten
Field and Lawn               Field and Lawn marquees       Cameron Stewart
Edinburgh Forthside          Forthports plc                Nathan Thompson, Ian Kerr, Malcolm Butchert, Hugh Watson,
                                                           Graeme McGinty, Dennis Jones
Team Rocky                   Glasgow Investment Managers   Fiona McLean, Gillian Meechan, Graeme McDonald, Jane Devlin,
                                                           Amanda Pitman
Return of the Jedi's         Glasgow Investment Managers   Gary Marnoch, Martin Brown, Kenneth Harper, Mike Balfour
IBM1                         IBM                           John Reid, David Smith, Fiona Cullen
IBM2                         IBM                           Drew Crawford, Myra McShannon, James Spafford,
                                                           Beverley Bruce
IBM3                         IBM                           Steve Hamblin, Paul Robertson, Drew Craig, Jon Waters
IFDS                         IFDS Ltd                      Stephen Chennells, Andrew Drapier, Jason Harris, Fiona Rising,
                                                           Paul O'Keefe, Charlie Pedro, Ashley McGrath, Gary Head, Alex Neal,
                                                           Caroline Knight
Jones Lang La Lyrca          Jones Lang LaSalle            Scott Campbell, Chris Mitchell, Greg Mackenzie, Noel Tiffney
Jones Lang La Va Va Voom     Jones Lang LaSalle            Simon Bashford, Ben Reed, Craig Wallace, Andrew Neilson
Jones Lang L'Assassins       Jones Lang LaSalle            David Boyce, Jason Hogg, Neil McCreath, Douglas Wood
Jones Lang Lethargic         Jones Lang LaSalle            Neil Tweedie, Alisdair Hogg, Hunter Booth, Craig Watson
Jones Lang La Walk           Jones Lang LaSalle            Stephen Denham, Charlie Prentis, Alan Robertson,
                                                           Campbell Beaton
Jones Lang La Premier        Jones Lang LaSalle            Neil Cockburn, Andrew McCracken, Alexander Fraser,
                                                           Carol Morrison
Lightbody Group team         Lightbody Group Ltd           Martin Lightbody, Julie McDermott, Delwyn Hart,
                                                           Maureen Dunlop, Fiona Currie, Crawford Currie
Surprise Package             Martin Currie                 Tom Walker, Claire Walker, Jane Will, John Anderson
MC Master Minds              Martin Currie                 James Fairweather, Matt Farr
MC Racers                    Martin Currie                 Donny Hay, Jamie Andrew, Joan MacDonald, Maureen Kenny,
                                                           Michael McCloy
MC Mafia                     Martin Currie                 Stewart Higgins, Eddie Stormont, Murray Anderson,
                                                           Angela Rafferty, Len Riddell, Kenneth Lowe, David Sheasby,
                                                           Anthony Murphy
McPain                       Martin Currie                 Ben Smith, Craig Stewart, Shing Chi Cheung, Linda McMurray,
                                                           Heather Mason                                                           19
MC Hotties                   Martin Currie                 Alan Burnett, Peter Baillie
MC Smooth Operators          Martin Currie                 Alan Davidson, Neil Wiggins, Gena Lau, David Robertson,
                                                           Murray Keiller
MC Invincibles               Martin Currie                 Joseph McGann, Stewart Struthers, Andy Sowerby, Alex Porteous,
                                                           Euan Wilson, Tim Hall, Willie Watt, Ralph Campbell,
                                                           Magnus Graham, Nick White
Mazikeers                    Mazars LLp                    David Marshall
         2007 PARTICIPANTS

     Team name                  Company                             Participants (team leaders in bold)
     McCash & Hunter            McCash & Hunter                     Paul Trodeen, Paul McGregor, Philip Trodden, Craig Harvie,
                                                                    Alison McKean, Jane Timson
     Mercer                     Mercer                              Eimear Neeson, Helen Freer, Jenny Weinstock, Hannah Burns,
                                                                    Alice Tippel
     The Mformers               Mform Ltd                           Francis Ghiloni, Eamonn Rice, Scott Finlayson, Gordon Swan,
                                                                    Rael Almeleh
     Network Rail 1             Network Rail                        Martin Arter, Philippa Murphy, Brigitte Over, nick de Bellaigue
     Crocks for Gold            Network Rail                        Jane Austin, Steve Sandford, Celene McIntyre
     Thameslink Trekkers        Network Rail                        Andy Mitchell, Lee Conway, Mark Clapp, Damien Gent,
                                                                    Dave Mountford
     JAAM                       Network Rail                        Amanda Henderson, Andy Charlesworth, Joan Heery,
                                                                    Murray Banks
     The Red McGregors          Network Rail                        Paul Reilly, Sharon Ross, Daniel Payne, Richard Walker
     Powell Publishing          Powell Publishing                   Derek Burles, David Powell
     The 5 Carrecaminos         RBS Trustee & Depository Services   Lisa Saunders, Craig Houlihan, Russell Gordon,
                                                                    Gemma MacPherson, Laura Juste
     Broory                     RBS Trustee & Depository Services   Marc Shiels, Steven Milne, Ross Scott, Chris Reilly, Gary Florence
     Ringway Mico Boys          Ringway Specialist Services         Kevin Amos, Richard Minchin, Graham Sheppard, James Weatherill
     SOS                        Ross FCL                            Simon Ross, Nicola Ross, Michael Henderson, Suzanne Boyle
     Sand Aire                  Sand Aire Ltd                       Joan Major, Alexander Scott, Jeremy Suffield, Chris Davis,
                                                                    Stephen Hunt
     Glengyle Flyers            Scottish & Newcastle                Neil Anderson, Adrian Chambers, Paul Donachie
     Kellie's Heroes            Scottish Widows                     Jeff Casson, Ian Robertson, Gordon Kellie, Jason Wallace
     Who dares wins             Seymour Pierce Limited              John Howes
     Sgurr1                     Sgurrenergy                         Maggie Bass, Richard Boddington, Neil Doherty, Gareth Brown
     Sgurrenergy2               Sgurrenergy                         Eilidh Winkler, Gordon Day, Robbie Gibson, Andy Lewin
     Sgurrenergy3               Sgurrenergy                         Gregory Dudziak, Ian Irvine, Steve McDonald, Adam Spearey
     Sgurr4                     Sgurrenergy                         Jo-Anne Roberts, Pamela Phillips, Peter Clive
     Grumpy Old Men             Springfords LLP                     Keith Murdoch, Brian Ferguson, Graeme Ritchie, David Lees
     SeeDeeDees                 Standard Life Investments           Derek Quinn, Pauline Scott, Jim Conway, Stuart MacArthur,
                                                                    Iain MacCormick
     Wheeler Dealers            Stocktrade                          Graham Swan, Greig McNeill, Nicholas Pearson, Malcolm Whyte,
                                                                    Robert Irving, Christine Birse, Stephanie Reay, Adele Taylor,
                                                                    Nicky McKinlay
     Right Bunch of Scrubbers   The Royal Bank of Scotland          Callum Pringle, Nolan Duke, Bobby Cranston, Kevin Woodcock,
                                                                    Stuart Smith
     Thornhill 1                Thornhill                           Elly Lawther, Michael Fitzhugh, Des Brennan, Greg McMaster
     Thornhill 2                Thornhill                           Peter Hillier, Stewart Heggie, Tony Knott, Nicola Lyne
     Huffers & Puffers          Turcan Connell                      Cathy Leitch, Alexander Rentoul Montgomery,
                                                                    Richard Channon Hyder, Haig Bathgate
     Adam's Crew                Turcan Connell                      Adam Gillingham, Martin Macnulty, Gillian Macnulty,
                                                                    Simon Mackintosh, Catriona Mackintosh
     The Determined Team        Turcan Connell                      Nick Silverstein, Peter Quinn, Gerard Quinn
     Gingerlocks & the
     Three Bears!               Turcan Connell                      Suzi Reid, Robert Hair, Shane Presley, David Murray
     TC Blonde Brigade          Turcan Connell                      Vicky Leggate, Heather Mitchell, Eilidh McFadzean, Nicola Kerr
     Young Fit Boys             Turcan Connell                      Paul Barr, Stuart Neilson, Alasdair Mitchell, Mark Gillies
     Parents Day Off            Turcan Connell                      Paul Forrester Smith, Cherie Hamoudi, Alison Paul,
                                                                    Yvonne Littlefield
     White Haired Mann          Whitehead Mann                      Craige Vollmer, John Lockett, Laurence Maheo, Damien Berthou
     Harte Beats                WJ Harte Construction Ltd.          Stuart McNeill, Adam Baillie, Andrew Gormley, John Pringle
     Harte Aches                WJ Harte Construction Ltd.          Billy Campbell, Mark Hamill, Mark McGuire, Kevin Smith
     Harte Failures             WJ Harte Construction Ltd.          Graham Macaulay, Alan Blair, Scott McDonald, Sean Taylor
Team name                     Company   Participants (team leaders in bold)
Audere-Est-Facer                        Amy Allen, Paul Winick
Buzzard                                 Timothy Wright, Michaela Wright, Lindsay Buchan,
                                        Rosalind Buchan
Double Trouble                          Sue Hay, Xanthe Dunn
Eastern Promise                         Jacqui Donaldson, Anna Thompson, Beth Coalter
Gnomes                                  Allan MacLeod
Kelly & Co                              Jo Kelly
Le D.A.S.H.                             Sara Reed, Dawn Waitt, Ann McIntosh, Lorna Fraser,
                                        Graeme Forbes
                                        Jeremy Hart, Dave Gillon, Kevin Lilburn, Gillian Forbes,
                                        Jamie Lonsdale, Iain Davidson, Andy Dunlop,
Les Beaux Forts                         Tom O'Connell, Ann O'Connell
Margaret Mary Kearney                   Gillian Docherty
Muppets                                 Ali Stewart, Richard Moffat, Nora E Anderson, Duncan Stewart
North n South                           Jensen Lodge, Joanne Ewings, Graham Corker
OneSelf                                 Nick Goldsmith
Pandy's Army                            David Brett, Barbara Brett, Martin Purvis, Valerie Purvis
Piiiigs in Spaaace                      Jim Jarvis, Charles Saywell, Andrew Archibald,
                                        Jamie Verden-Anderson
Polwarth Flying Plodders                Koren Calder, Claire Swatton, Jeni Fairbairn, Julian Blake,
                                        Claire Donald, Graham Burgess
Puffing Pedalers                        Fiona Glasgow, Lizzie Frost, Jo Canning, Hayley MacLeod
P.V.C.                                  David Culliton, Vincent Mcguire, Paul Tweedie
Ringway 1st Team                        Pat Weatherhill, Rob Gillespie, Tony McGrath, Rob Gourlay
Rob Roy Rascals                         Sandy Shand, Robin Panton
Stew Darling                            Stew Darling, Mark Proctor, Paul Easter
Southern Softies                        Campbell Gillies, Chris Kelly, Ian Gillies, Adam Rees
Speedsters                              Claire McCool, Tinker Fraser, Lynne Menzies, Emma Fursman
The Ant Hill Mob                        Cameron Walker, Craig Robertson, Anthony Robertson
The BNCs                                Douglas McAdam, Colin McAdam, Nick Gilmour,
                                        Jamie Mackinlay, Bruce Galloway
The Gogar Hotshots & The Wild Bird      Tissie Murrell, Phyllis Mackie, Anne Stronach, Heather Wright
The Hardy Scots                         Ian Scott, Morva McKenzie, Lorna Hay Smith, Trish
The Rock Hoppers                        Anne Featherstone Smith, Robbie Smith, Louise Talbot
                                        James Talbot
The Ugly Bettys                         Claire Wishart, Trish Foggo, Lisa Stewart
Team Tont                               Suzanne Swan, Mathew Matonti
The Trottin Chatters                    Colin Logan, Fiona Logan, Vanessa Churchhouse,
                                        Robin Churchhouse
The Yee Haas                            Sophie Hay, Clare Shepherd
Tom Kelman                              Tom Kelman, Sally Jackson, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Flaherty
Two Old Bar Stewards                    David Sloman, David Mulligan
Uphill Wonderers                        Jason Taylor, Zoe Taylor
Wads for Charity                        William Dickie, David Turpie, Alasdair Sloan, Alistair Briggs
Warrender Park Gents                    Colin Orr, Iain Lamond
West Linton Western                     Anne Ewing, Diane Beards                                        21