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Why a Chinese Website?                                                              Your Advantage | Everything in One Hand
Why an English Website is not enough to communicate with your potential Chinese     We support our customers in all areas of Internet-Communication in China and Asia:
customers?                                                                            Web design & Software tools partners
  China is a major economic power with high business potential                        Professional Translation, Copy Write service & Up-dates
  The Internet is booming in China and has the largest number of users                Domain registration, Web hosting & ICP registration
  The Chinese Business Community is using actively the internet                       Chinese Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  The Chinese language is the most spoken in the world                                Web Shop solutions & CMS applications
  The majority of your customers and business contacts do not speak English           Internet Marketing & E-Commerce
  The internet is a major marketing tool in China and the 1st source of searching   Your existing or new website can be completed by us rapidly and with the highest
  company information                                                               quality standard. We offer a complete solution combining our Chinese marketing
                                                                                    expertise, our technical know-how and offering you an enormous cost advantage.
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Your Website | Everything is Possible                                                 Our objective is to offer you a very competitive package with the highest quality
We are dedicated to present your company and products in the most innovative          standard. We will address all details with you at the beginning and then complete
way, in order to catch the attention of new potential customers. A Website is often   the design within your lead time requirements. Follow the example of many of our
the first tool to impress your customers. The information and design should be        clients and visit our website for more details and reference projects.
up-dated regularly to follow the innovation and progress of your company. A simple
up-date is not sufficient to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Our experienced team will offer you marketing ideas and technical creativity to
create the right internet tool for your company:
  Design and Layout: Flash, static HTML, dynamic content or CMS based (Typo3, …)
  Shop/E-commerce solutions
  Database technologies

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