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Bruins Donation Request Form - Donation Request Form


									                                       Chilliwack Bruins
                                  Donation Request Form
                          (Please print this form and mail to our office)

Organization: _____________________________________________________

Description of event: _____________________________________________

Event Date: __________ Expected # of people: ____________________

Contact Name: ____________________ Title: _______________________

Phone: _____________

Email address: ____________________ Fax #: _______________________

Purpose of Donation: Live Auction         Silent Auction Raffle Prize Other

Terms and Conditions

    1. Applications considered must be from either a children’s charitable organization or
       health organization.
    2. Please note that the Chilliwack Bruins already donate to several Fraser Valley
       Minor Hockey Associations and cannot be approached by its member teams.
    3. Successful applicants must pick up their donations at the Bruins office.

Please mail or fax this request to:

Chilliwack Bruins Hockey Club
45323 Hodgins Avenue
Chilliwack BC
V2P 8G1
Attention: Barry Douglas
Fax #: 604.792.4656

Please submit at least four weeks prior to the date of your event.
All applications will be accepted however, not all submission will receive a donation.

Signature: _____________________________Date:

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