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Brie & Cranberry Phyllo Purses                               Shop the Market

Ingredients                                                  South Market
1      pkg    phyllo dough                                   Alex Farm Products
1      lb     Unsalted butter Brie                           Chris' Cheesemongers
1      lg     onion, sautéed                                 Olympic Food & Cheese
1      pkg    Fresh cranberries                              Domino's Food Ltd
1      tsp    sugar                                          Lively Life
              Salt and pepper to taste                       Peter's Health Foods
2½    lb      wheel of brie, or delice de                    Family Foods
              Borgogne                                       Golden Orchard
                                                             Harbourfront Foods
Cranberry-Onion Mixture                                      Schefller's Deli & Cheese
                                                             Phil's Place
Sautée the finely chopped onion and then                     Ponesse Foods
add the cranberries and sugar. Season
mixture with salt and pepper to taste.                       North Market
                                                             Bilski Farms
Prepare 3-4 sheets of phyllo by brushing with                Murray Colwell
melted unsalted butter and stacking. Cut sheets              Marvin Gardens
 into 4-5 inch squares (a pizza wheel cutter works           Marvin's Produce
 great) Into center of each phyllo square place a            Willis Shank
1 inch chunk of brie and one cranberry. Gather               Sovereign Farms
up all sides of the phyllo to form a bundle or little        Douglas & Edith Webb
purse that is cinched in at the top with the jagged          Best Baa Farms
edges of the phyllo at all angels. If the sides don’t        S Evanoff
adhere, brush on additional melted butter to keep            MC Dairy
 in place. Place onto a lined cookie sheet and bake
later from frozen. Bake at 350 for about 10 min or
until the points of the purses turn golden. These end
up being very pretty and I love the flavor contrasts.

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