Brechin Elementary School PAC Meeting

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					                 Brechin Elementary School PAC Meeting
                         Minutes :February 20th

Attendance: Sarah Sherman, Quinn Morrison, Elaine McQuade-Lumsden, Diane
            Goodman, Andrea Shortt- Patton,Kelly Tracey, Leah Jeanett, Tara
            Patrick, Ryoko MacColl, Linda McCandless, Colleen Clothier.

Chaired By: Sarah Sherman-PAC Chair.

Meeting Commenced: 6:30pm.

Minutes reviewed and passed: Sarah also reported on the Woodlands Vision
Committee meeting held that caused the PAC meeting to be carried over from
February 13 to February 20th. This is an important issue to parents who wish to
have their voices heard. Note: that both Woodlands and NDSS will be closed as of
2012 and the discussion being held by the committee is regarding the need or value
of having a highschool in the community. The information from this meeting is
posted on the PAC board which also lists future committee meetings and dates that
information will be heard by the SD#68, the next community meeting where a
presentation by the Woodlands Vision Committee will be held on March 11/08.
Please see the PAC board for further details.

-Copies distributed and verbally discussed.

  Elaine McQuade-Lumsden distributes copies and a verbal-
                      discussion follows.
-The Balance Sheet shows: -$5,551.10in the TD Gaming/Bingo Account.
                             -$11,448.55 in the TD General Account.
                             -$14,991.88 in the Playground Account.
-The Profit And Loss Sheet for January/08 shows $1004.73 in total income,
                                                    $428.52 in total expenses,
                                                    $576.21 as total net income.
          Total Liabilities And Equity at $31,991.53.
-Dialog regarding the Capenwray Gr.7 fundraiser dance is started with The Profit
and Loss Detail For Gr.7 Hollywood Dance showing an income of $834.45, before
expenses and $506.00 after payout to RSM Productions, (who provided the DJ
services which totaled $328.45 altogether). It is noted that PAC feels it can probably
reduce such entertainment costs in the future by interviewing other DJ Services for
such events.
- PAC notes the $557.00 shortfall of funds needed to pay for the Gr.7 Capenwray
trip and will offer the Mothers Day Baskets fundraiser to the Gr. 7 class.
-Elaine brings forth discussion regarding revised expenses pertaining to The
Brechin PAC Budget,(which was modeled after last years). It is noted that there
have been savings in several areas such as: X-mas Potluck Dinner, Meeting
refreshments, bank service charges and cancellation of the Wavemaker Leadership,
to name a few. A resulting $2,173.00 savings (compared to last years Budget) has
been realized. Since only $150.00 has been budgeted for Fine Arts Preformances
(with actual money already given to the school totaling $707.45 for F.A.P.) A motion
to increase funding to Fine Arts performances in the school is put forth by Elaine
Mcquade Lumsden and seconded by Kelly Tacey.
-Conversation regarding the issuance of tax receipts for donations to Brechin PAC
is brought up by Elaine McQuade Lumsden. After careful investigation into this
matter, we find we are restricted by our status as a Registered Non Profit
Organization. In order to be able to issue such receipts, we need to become a
Registered Society which entails a regimented process and involves spending
copious amounts of money on bookkeeping charges on a yearly basis.
However, it is worth mentioning, that for those who choose to make such donations,
claiming a tax credit on their annual federal income tax may be possible. Please
refer to Revenue Canada or your accountant for further information!
-Elaine offers new information regarding requests by PAC for parental donations
towards supported activities such as fieldtrips. By laws state PAC may ask for such
donations as long as the request is on PAC letterhead. Sarah will have her husband
Len create a PAC letterhead with the Brechin Logo.
-Questions regarding regulations pertaining to the length of time Bingo and Gaming
monies may be held in account without spending are as follows:
Gaming Monies- 36 months. Bingo monies: 12 months.

-Copies distributed and verbally discussed.
 Diane Goodman reports we have a total of 197 children enrolled. There are
currently 8 from within catchment and 8 from outside the catchment area who are
enrolled in Kindergarten. She relates that anyone knowing a child from within our
catchment area that would be starting Kindergarten next Sept. should have the
childs caregivers contact the school a.s.a.p.
-Diane reports a very successful ‘July in January’, ‘Millenium in Motion’ and
‘Power Of One’.
-4 basketball teams pee wee’s and bantams have started.
-FSA’s are completed.
-Parent Child Mother Goose sessions to start on March 07.
Jump Rope for Heart Feb.21.
-Recent assemblies have included Ladysmith Jump Starts, Cowichan Secondary
doing “Cinderella” and Woodlands Gr. 8 Concert Band!
-Read a Thon wrap up with the Clippers Feb 28! They will read and play floor
hockey with students!!! Month end will see several staff with “makeovers!” if read a
thon targets are met!
_Mr. Johnson and Ms. Clothier’s classes will be featured at assembly at months end.
-Grade 7 Parent night at Woodlands to discuss transition on March 3.
-Report cards issued on March 12.
-Spring Break March 15-25th.
-Mrs. Marshall is a new teacher who has filled in for Mrs. Baltzer who has left early
on maternity leave due to medical complications. PAC wishes Mrs. Baltzer good
health. ,Mrs. Whipps may return to work (and begin teaching for the first time at
Brechin) after break.
-Books For Kids-March 13th-16th 30 hours of volunteer time needed for school to
share profits-please see Vicki Dods.
-Please note-There are to be NO PETS on school property-this includes inside the
school and Diane will incorporate this into the upcoming newsletter. Discussion held
based on unable to say yes to small dogs, no to large dogs, some children have fears,
allergies, etc. So in order to be fair, no dogs will be on school property in future.

-DPAC Update- Linda McCandless reports that there was heated discussion
between parents and teachers with the school officials regarding FSA’s at the last
meeting. Discussion primarily revolved around whether FSA’s are mandatory and
whether parents can “opt” their children out of such testing. An appropriate
avenue of information sharing between teachers who support “opting out” of FSA
testing and parents was hotly debated. Another meeting for DPAC is scheduled for
next week. More to come.
-Quin Morrison –Reports that Serious Coffee sales have increased slightly and
thinks they should continue. She feels it may be easier to wait longer between
placing orders so there is less paperwork.
-Sarah Sherman brings forth discussion regarding Jean Apland’s memorial, which
was tabled at November/07’s meeting. It is decided that the music room will become
“The Jean Apland Fine Arts Room” and a plaque will be unveiled at a dedication
ceremony to which her family shall be invited. As well PAC has voted on approval
to purchase/have produced a banner up to $400 to be permanently on display in this
room. The date for the unveiling is to be announced. As well a picture/plaque for
Mr. Harvey Hill will be purchased and this will be dedicated to his interest in
science. Suggestion to place this in the hallway or library. Andrea Shortt-Patton
makes a motion on this, which is seconded by Elaine McQuade- Lumsden.


Burger Night At The Foundry: Sarah Sherman reports that there are still
volunteers needed for this fundraiser to run 50-50 draws, help with Silent Auction
and sell tickets. The possibility of other events such as “Balloon Buys” at the event
is discussed. Discussion was to have fun, sell tickets, and not overdo the activities to
allow all persons helping to participate in fun event and spend time with their
spouses/friends/family, etc. Please pick up donation letters in hall by PAC board.
Gr. 7 Hollywood Dance- Ryoko Macoll reports a great success for the students who
all enjoyed this event. It is decided that the Gr.7’s should write notes of Thanks to
the supporting businesses. The possibility of hosting an All Schools Dance at the
end of the year is discussed. Great event! Thank you to the few parents who did
show up to assist at this event. More grade 7 parents are needed to assist at events if
the grade 7 class is to attend Camp Capenwray this year. Thank you to the many
staff of Brechin who helped out yet again! Thank you to Mr. Hooper for all the hard
work he did towards this event, including getting donations toward food/drink from
the community.
Playground Committee: The playground committee reports that Brechin has been
passed up for both the Solicitor Generals and the BCCPAC grant. They are still
waiting for The Rick Hansen Foundation to reply. Currently they are actively
pursuing a well known charity for endorsement of application for a grant offered by
them, and are preparing to present a proposal to various city clubs, organizations
and city council. The Power Point presentation is scheduled for parents, class reps
and teachers, is to take place after next months PAC meeting. PAC will advertise
this event at the school and in newsletter, etc. the more parents, to view the
“PowerPoint movie” the better. Pizza will be included! Dinner and a movie night
with PAC!

Hot Lunch: Andrea Shortt-Patton reports a very successful Hot Lunch in January
and wishes to thank all the volunteers who came out to help! THANKS!! $ PAC
made a profit of approximately$380.00 last month! Kelly Tracey makes a motion
that PAC pay for Andrea to acquire Food safe certification at a rate of $35.00 and
Elaine McQuade Lumsden seconds the motion. This is a reduced rate and the
course will be offered soon at Fairview (save approximately $40.00 for the course
this way!)

Cookie Dough Sales- Sarah Sherman reports that our ever popular Cookie Dough
fundraiser will begin on Febuary 25th ! Orders will be due back by March 12th.
This year PAC is pleased to be able to add peanut free dough for those with
allergies! Cookie dough order forms will be sent home with all children and the
allergy (peanut) free versions will be available next to the PAC board for those who
prefer or need this version. PAC earns less money on peanut free based on less being
sold, however, PAC feels that all children should be included in this annual event.
Assistance/volunteers are always appreciated and please contact Sarah if you are
able to help in any way with this fundraiser. The dates of this campaign are: Feb 27
to March 12. Orders will be placed so that they come in about 1 week after spring
break. The information distributed will include all pertinent dates.

Fun Fair: Sarah Sherman brings forth conversation related to The Annual Fun
Fair. Although Fun Fair is fun, after much discussion and careful evaluation, it is
decided that The Annual Fun Fair is not plausible as a fundraiser or fun event this
year. Noting last years fair required the usual time, energy, money and parent
power to stage, it netted a disappointing profit of only $286.00. Because of it’s heavy
reliance on parent volunteers, an equally weighty commitment of time and labor
from those volunteers, PAC finds it is impossible to co-ordinate this affair. The lack
of parent volunteers for Fun Fair and events in general, brought up ideas regarding
having “manned events” IE: Cyber City, etc. for this fair several months ago.
Surveys were sent out to the senior grades and a feel for what would be enjoyed was
collected and discussed. However, these events are not only expensive, but also
somewhat “exclusive”, as not all children and their families would be able to afford
them, or even take part in enjoying them, due to certain restrictions such as height
and age, etc. PAC recognizes that our school is economically diverse and supports
inclusiveness of all it students. (PAC did consider having these events in addition to
the lesser expensive events this year due to need to have help and fundraising) this
PAC is under increased pressure to raise funds for our playground while still
meeting it’s obligations to support school activities (such as Fine Arts funding) and
provide funding for curriculum based materials.           With this in mind, Sarah
Sherman offers an alternative of booking John Kaplan’s Fundraiser Magic Show.
(A very well known fundraiser for success.) This is a very exciting opportunity
which would give us the tools to raise considerable funds. PAC is researching this
further as a viable option for an event which is both unique and potentially very
profitable! Should PAC find a suitable venue, it intends to book it and market this
event to the entire community. There would be several piggyback fundraisers to
promote the show and increase our profit being staged in the months before the
magic show. John Kaplans’website can be viewed at:
A vote was taken and all favor the change, save one. Linda Mc Candless moves that
we pass into business cancelling the Fun Fair and researching to other options to
replace it, which are more profitable, namely, John Kaplans’ Fundraiser Magic
Show.      According to the information provided, this is more cost effective for
families and earns more income. Families can attend this event for under $40 for a
family of four, vs. spending money at Fun Fair at several areas of the event. As well
this will be marketed to the whole SD#68 and Nanaimo community. Andrea Shortt-
Patton seconds the motion. It is worth mentioning that although the Fun Fair as an
event is cancelled, PAC intends to stage a free “mini Fun Fair” at our First Sports
Day event at the end of the year,-complete with prizes! PAC as always appreciates
those who are able to assist with the fundraising magic event and with the mini Fun
Fair at sports day.

Next PAC Meeting: March 12th, This meeting PAC will offer pizza for those
attending. An important power point presentation regarding The Playground
Committee’s median will be shown. Class Reps., teachers and parents are all
encouraged to attend. PAC would also like to thank the grade 7 leaders who
continue to assist with childcare at the PAC meetings.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:00 pm