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SO    product ca
                         Showcase your brands with a variety of medallions!
                         Our round medallions are available in a variety of
                         sizes and provide a large printable area which will
                         improve the visibility of your brands.

                                         Why change the tower when
                                         you can just switch the cap!
         Lit Dome                                 Choose any of the medallions featured
         SIZE: 3.228” or 82mm                     on this page and combine them with this
         PRODUCT CODE: X900500                    innovative tower that accommodates a
         FEATURES: Our Lit Dome is                double or single sided interchangeable
         perfect for lit towers with              tower cap. This innovative technology is
         either bulb or LED lighting.             perfect for beverage companies that are
                                                  looking to increase brand awareness but

          Fish Eye                                don’t want to break the budget to do so!
         SIZE: 3.228” or 82mm
              3.149” or 80mm
              2.362” or 60mm
         PRODUCT CODE: X900220
         FEATURES: The Fish Eye creates an
         interesting eye catching look when
         viewed from an angle because of
         its convex shape. Use the Fish Eye
         in an LED lit holder or in a non-
         illuminated holder. Available in 3
         diameters: 82mm, 80mm & 60mm

         Ceramic Badge
         SIZE: 3.228” or 82mm
         PRODUCT CODE: X900150
         FEATURES: This white glazed product
         is used in a non-illuminated tower
         and offers an old world look and feel.                                                    Beer Tower
                                                                                                   PRODUCT CODE: BB102292-C

         Clear Plastic                                                                             & X900220
         SIZE: 3.228” or 82mm                                                                      FEATURES: This 3” diameter
         PRODUCT CODE: X900222                                                                     column is fitted with an
         FEATURES: A slight beveled edge                                                           interchangeable double or
         creates a traditional look to this                                                        single sided tower cap with
         medallion. This product is great for                                                      medallion. Choose from
         LED illuminated or non-illuminated                                                        Chrome or Brass finish.

                                                                                             Tower Cap
                                                                                             with Medallion
                                                                                             PRODUCT CODE: BB103440-C &
                                                                                             FEATURES: This Tower Cap with
                                                                                             Medallion fits all 3” diameter
                                                                                             columns (1, 2 & 3 tap). Choose from
                                                                                             2 models: double or single sided in
                                                                                             either chrome or brass finish.

                                                         TAP HANDLES
                    Tap Handles are an excellent choice
                    to broadcast your brands!
                            We custom brand all of our Tap
                            Handles with vinyl decals or a
                            Pad Printing process. All printing
                            is done in-house which allows
                            for shorter lead-times and the
                            highest quality output!

                                                           Add a splash of
                                                            color to your
                                                             tap handles
                                                           with more than
                                                            100 colors to
                                                            choose from!

Contour Round
Pub Handle
SIZE: Height 11.5”                                               Shotgun Tap Handle
PRODUCT CODE: X920220W                                           SIZE: Height 4.5”
FEATURES: This large Tap Handle is                               PRODUCT CODE: X920001
available with a Contour or Conical                              FEATURES: Often referred to as the
bottom piece and a Round, Oval                                   “Euro Stubby”, this tap handle is perfectly
or Round Corner Square top piece.                                paired with a branded medallion to create
The choice is yours! These entire                                the most effective merchandising of your
Tap Handles feature a metal plated                               brand. The metal plated (chrome or gold)
(chrome or gold) ferrule, ring & finial.                         ferrule features two Allen screws that allows
Standard paint colors: White, Black,                             the handle to be positioned perfectly on the
Red, Blue & Green. Custom paint                                  tap or faucet. Standard colors: White, Black,
colors available.                                                Red, Blue & Green. Custom colors available.

Small Pub Handle                                                 Large Pub Handle
SIZE: Height 9.25”                                               SIZE: Height 11.5”
PRODUCT CODE: X920101                                            PRODUCT CODE: X920201
FEATURES: A scaled down version of                               FEATURES: Slim and tall, this large Pub Handle is
the large Pub Handle, this model has a                           sure to attract everyone’s attention. This handle has
traditional British shape and features a                         a metal plated (chrome or gold) ferrule & finial and
metal plated (chrome or gold) ferrule &                          is available in these standard colors: White, Black,
finial. The small Pub Handle is available                        Red, Blue & Green. Custom paint colors available.
in these standard colors: White, Black,                          An oval shield can be added to this tap handle to
Red, Blue & Green. Custom paint                                  increase the size of the branding!
colors are available.

    FRIDgES                                                                   Our fridges come
                                                                                complete with
                     Single Solid Door Sub Zero                              everything needed
                     Cooler-Forte S16                                         to pour cold draft
                     PRODUCT CODE: RE900110-BR
                     SIZE: Width 27 9/16”                                        beer in style!
                           Depth 24 9/16”
                           Height 79 3/16”
                     FEATURES: This 16 cu.ft. cooler has 4 temperature
                                                                                         Single Door Draft
                     settings below 32 o F. This unit will allow you to                  Fridge-KC24
                     serve bottled beer at or below the freezing point                   PRODUCT CODE: RE801024-BR
                     without freezing the contents of the bottle. An                     SIZE: Width 24”
                     illuminated merchandiser with branding gets the                          Depth 31 1/8”
                     attention of your customer and the frosty cold                           Height 38 1/2”
                     beverage will quench their thirst and keep them                     FEATURES: This durable restaurant grade beer
                     coming back for more! The capacity of this unit is                  fridge is built to last. The branded KC24 has a
                     323 - 12 oz bottles.                                                304 stainless steel countertop, chrome plated
 Less thano                                                                              3” diameter single tap tower with a tower cap
        32 F
                                                                                         medallion, branded door panel, 3/16” beer line,

                     Countertop Solid Door                                               clamps, a built in stainless steel drip tray and

                     Sub Zero Fridge                                                     5” casters. For security the unit is fitted with a
                     PRODUCT CODE: RE900104-BR                                           cylinder-keyed lock.
                     SIZE: Width 18 7/8”
                           Depth 21 5/16”
                           Height 33 11/16”                                              Single Door Draft Fridge
                     FEATURES: This solid door compressor cooled                         PRODUCT CODE: RE901059A-BR
                     fridge has 2.5 cu ft of capacity and holds 60-12oz                  SIZE: Width 23 11/16”
                     bottles. If you want to serve ice cold beer then you                      Depth 23 15/16”
                     need this fridge as it has a temperature range of                         Height 33 1/4”
                           o     o
                     21.2 - 28.4 F. A digital temperature display will                   FEATURES: Cold Beer is always on tap with this
                     generate interest in the product being chilled and                  6.4 cu.ft single keg consumer rated beer fridge.
                     help drive sales. Brand the front and 2 sides for                   Add your graphics to the front door and voila,
Less thano
       32 F          maximum impact.                                                     you have a great marketing piece! This unit is
                                                                                         complete and includes the following: Tower, Drip
                                                                                         Tray, Keg Coupler, Primary Regulator, Beer & Gas

                     Countertop Glass Door                                               Line, Clamps, Aluminum Co2 Cylinder (empty),

                     Sub Zero Fridge                                                     Glass Rail and Casters. Holds ½,
                     PRODUCT CODE: RE901273-BR                                           ¼ and mini barrel kegs.
                     SIZE: Width 19 1/8”
                           Depth 21 5/16”
                           Height 36 1/2”
                                                                                         Triple Door Draft
                     FEATURES: This 3 cu. ft capacity compressor cooled                  Fridge-KC90
                     glass door sub zero fridge offers a temperature                     PRODUCT CODE: RE801090-BR
                     range from 25-41 F. The LED digital temperature                     SIZE: Width 90”
                     display is very effective in driving interest towards                     Depth 27”
                     your super cold beverage. The self closing door                           Height 36 3/4”
Less thano           features a low energy heat tempered double glass                    FEATURES: Long lasting, wear resistant, steel
       32 F
                     pane and keyed lock. Capacity is 98 - 12 oz bottles.                exterior with 304 stainless steel countertop.
                                                                                         The branded KC90 has two chrome plated 3”
    Other Glacial Models Include:                                                        diameter single tap towers each with a tower
    ERGO S3    FORTE V17                                                                 cap medallion, branded door panels, 3/16” beer
    ERGO 2.5   FORTE V21                                                                 line, clamps, a built in stainless steel drip tray,
    ERGO 3     FORTE V27                                                                 air distributor and cylinder-keyed door locks.
               FORTE V38

                                                   FRIDgES & cOOLERS
                                                   CBS provides a Cool, Branded solution for
                                                   beverage companies through its large
                                                   inventory of Fridges and Coolers.
Single Glass Door
Cooler-Forte V12
PRODUCT CODE: RE900080-BR                                    Whether you are dispensing draft, cooling
SIZE: Width 23 3/8”                                          bottles or cans or want to be unique and
     Depth 25 7/16”                                          serve your alcoholic beverage at sub zero
     Height 66 15/16”                                        temperatures we have the cool solution
FEATURES: The V12 is a single glass door cooler              for you! Create a merchandiser out of your
that holds 221-12oz bottles on three adjustable              cooling equipment by branding the front,
shelves. Illuminated branding at the top of the              sides and top with our high quality graphics!
door increases the visibility of your brand.

                                                                                          Maximize your brand visibility!
Double Door Glass Cooler                                                                                          CBS will design and
PRODUCT CODE: Forte V25                                                                                           install full fridge wraps
SIZE: Width 39 1/16”                                                                                              for maximum brand
     Depth 25 7/16”                                                                                               exposure on all 4 sides.
     Height 79 15/16”                                                                                             This is a great product for
FEATURES: This compressor cooled beverage                                                                         promotions or marketing.
cooler has two sliding glass doors and room
for 465 -12oz bottles. Illuminated branding
at the top of each door increases the
visibility of your brand.

Can-Shaped Cooler
SIZE: Diameter 13 3/4”
     Height 29 1/2”
FEATURES: This thermo-electric cooled can
dispenses 18-12oz or 16oz cans through
an internal gravity feed system. The can is
manufactured from vacuum formed high
impact plastic and is cooled by an interior fan.
Generate impulse sales by placing this branded
can on the check out counter.

                                                   Under Counter                                Countertop
Refrigerated Barrel                                Compact Fridge                               Compact Fridge
PRODUCT CODE: RE901209-BR                          PRODUCT CODE: RE900055-BR                    PRODUCT CODE: RE900017W-BR
SIZE: Diameter 18 1/8”                             SIZE: Width 20 5/16”                         SIZE: Width 17 1/2”
     Height 33”                                         Depth 22 1/4”                                Depth 18 5/8”
FEATURES: This barrel design is eye catching            Height 32 1/16”                              Height 19 5/8”
and features 2 interior baskets that allow for     FEATURES: The space saving design            FEATURES: This compact countertop fridge
easy product rotation. Eco friendly R134a          on this under counter compact fridge         looks amazing when the top, front and 2
refrigerant is used in the factory engineered      is perfect for dorm rooms, offices,          sides are covered with graphics! Perfect for
cooling system that is housed in the durable       apartments, cottages and home bars.          dorm rooms, offices, apartments, cottages
metal cabinet. Wrap this cooler with your                                                       and home bars.
company’s graphics and watch the sales roll
in. Capacity is 52 - 12 oz cans.

CBS lights it up! We have North America’s largest
inventory of illuminated draft beer towers.
         Choose the tower that best represents your
         brand and we will produce the graphics to
         personalize it! CBS has an In-house graphics
         department that is dedicated to delivering the
         merchandising solution that will drive sales
         revenue. Our minimum order for a custom tower
         is one, that’s right, ONE!

                                              Five Tap Lit Fusion “T”
                                              PRODUCT CODE: BB102041-05CK
                                              FEATURES: The “T” tower has been
                                              transformed! Vin Service has added a
                                              European flare to the trustworthy “T”
                                              tower. Made from extruded aluminum,
                                              decorated with the innovative “Plug
                                              & Play” Lit Medallions, this tower will          Eight Tap Lit
                                              definitely enhance your brands. The Fusion       Fusion Bridge                             Two Tap Sexy
                                              is available as an illuminated or non            PRODUCT CODE: BB102041-10CK               PRODUCT CODE: VBB102096A-CK
                                              illuminated tower. Choose from 3-6 taps.         FEATURES: Wow! This beauty from           FEATURES: The Sexy line of towers is
                                                                                               Vin Service is sure to turn heads.        the latest offering from Vin Service in
                                                                                               This pass thru or as we like to call it   Italy. This unique European design is
                                                                                               a bridge tower is the big brother to      available in Chrome or Gold finish, Iced,
                                                                                               the Fusion “T”. Aluminum transfer         Condensated, or Glycol cooled. Choose
                                               Three Tap Lit Python                            blocks are standard on this tower         from 1 to 4 taps either Illuminated or
                                              PRODUCT CODE: BB102252E-CK                       and you can choose from 8 or              non-Illuminated.
                                              Features: The Lit Python is a European           10 taps in an illuminated or non
                                              design that features LED lighting and            illuminated configuration.
                                              branded medallions. This tower is
                                              available in Chrome, Gold or a Dark
                                              Nickel finish.

One Tap Milano                                                                             cBS has the
FEATURES: This European tower is made from brass                                          capabilities to
and plated with Chrome, Gold or a Dark Nickel finish.
                                                                                          produce high
The Milano can be set up as an illuminated or non-
illuminated tower, the choice is yours.                                                  quality prints for
                                                                                           your brands!

                                                             NOvELTy ITEMS

                                          Our creative graphics team specializes
ID-A-Tube                                 in bringing your ideas to light or print.
FEATURES: This is a CBS designed                              Do you need a promotional item printed, a
product, the ID-A-Tube; it is used to                         banner designed and printed or maybe just
identify beverage lines so each and                           some decals made? We offer high quality
every time the product is connected to                        prints, exceptional customer service and a
the correct tube. Use it on Beer, Soda,                       talented design team that is dedicated to
Liquor, Wine, Water or Juice lines.                           delivery of creative solutions….every time!

                                                    Market your
18” x 24” Chalkboard                                brand effectively!                                                   approach
PRODUCT CODE: PP3561824                             With our top of the line equipment
                                                                                                                       to everyday
FEATURES: A quality made chalkboard                 anything is possible! Bring us your
with a walnut trim. Branded, this product           weird and wacky promotional products.                                 objects!
can be used as a promotion piece in                 We don’t care about the shape, if you
your customer’s establishment. 24”x 36”             think it will drive sales of your brand
Chalkboard is also available.                       we will attempt to print on it!

      “A” Frame Chalkboard
      PRODUCT CODE: PP356001
      FEATURES: Our “A” Frame Chalkboard is
      durable and made to last. It features metal
      legs and two chalkboard surfaces to write
      on. Branded, this is a great marketing tool
      to drive customers to your brands.

                                                                                              Portable Keg Cooler
                                                                                              PRODUCT CODE: CL105562-BR
                                                                                              FEATURES: This steel belted premium
                                                                                              cold plate cooler has a tower cap
                                                                                              medallion and branded case that will
                                                                                              maximize your brand visibility. Special
                                                                                              event dispensing never looked so good!

CBS is a supplier that is focused on the Beverage Industry.
From our humble beginnings more than a decade ago to
today we constantly strive to provide the highest level of
customer service. Our staff is committed to this and works
diligently to provide our customers with high quality,
innovative products and solutions.

At CBS we welcome the opportunity
to earn your business!

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