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The partnership approach to
employers’ liability insurance
The partnership approach to
employers’ liability insurance

                                             Cares has been developed for clients
                                             who recognise the importance of risk
                                             management strategies and want their
                                             insurers to support and reward them
                                             for good practice.

Partnership                                  Improving risk profile and                       Dedicated underwriting
Cares delivers a partnership approach to
                                             financial performance                            By providing dedicated underwriting and
employers’ liability insurance through an    The Cares product from QBE aims                  risk control managers, as well as individual
active dialogue with all stakeholders on     to make a significant contribution to            claims handling arrangements we ensure
workplace safety and well-being. Its risk    a company’s financial performance,               a united approach to rehabilitation, as well
prevention and incentives programme          particularly to its overall profitability. Its   as a long term commitment and pay-back
rewards good management and the              long term benefit is improvement of the          to clients.
rehabilitation philosophy accelerates an     organisation’s risk profile and helping
employees return to work. This minimises     valuable employees back to work.
both the cost of individual claims and the
consequential disruption to business that
accompanies accidents at work.
Meeting clients’ needs
Our approach addresses many of the                                                                     6
concerns clients have when purchasing                                          2
employers’ liability cover from insurers,
•   Rewarding those who have invested
    heavily in risk management                                       3                                            5
•   We take an active interest in the client’s
    business throughout all stages of the
    relationship and place a great emphasis
    upon client retention
•   We are always looking for solutions to
    problems without placing unreasonable
    and impractical demands on how to
    improve the situation
•   Helping clients budget their premiums
    so they can plan from one year to the        Our approach at QBE is to understand the        1.   Assured and valued employees
    next                                         client’s individual requirements and develop
                                                                                                 2.   Broker
                                                 a strategy that actively involves them in the
•   Providing a full detailed analysis of any    management of risk and promotion of active      3.   QBE account managers
    claims experiences and explain how           risk management within the workplace.
    outstanding estimates are determined                                                         4.   Risk management providers

•   Showing how clients can reduce costs                                                         5.   Appointed loss adjusters
    that are not insured.                                                                        6.   Rehabilitation specialists
QBE recognises the                            What does Cares provide?                   •   A proactive rather than reactive
importance of the broker                      •   Top quality risk management advice
                                                                                             claims service
and client relationship                           and assistance                         •   A practical approach to rehabilitation,
We recognise the importance of the broker                                                    minimising claims costs and overall
                                              •   A financial bonus that rewards risk        interruption to business
and client relationship and have developed
                                                  management implementation
Cares so that we can further enhance and                                                 •   A flexible bespoke solution tailored
support it. Our underwriters and other key    •   A commitment not to penalise for           to each individual’s needs, focusing
stakeholders will commit to working with          the unfortunate incidents that do          on prevention of claims, welfare of
you, to identify and manage the risk on an        occur in the workplace and for which       employees, feedback and consultation
on-going basis and we are committed to            insurance is designed to cover             with insurers overseen by an overall
developing a long-term mutually beneficial                                                   account manager
                                              •   An open dialogue between clients,
                                                  brokers, insurers and their            •   A competitively priced product that
                                                  representatives including risk
Exclusivity                                       managers and loss adjusters,
                                                                                             aims to make a significant contribution
                                                                                             to a company’s financial performance,
To demonstrate our belief in this approach,       with no hidden secrets or surprises        corporate and social responsibility.
we have made Cares an exclusive product.

We will offer an exclusive quote, ensuring
stability and security throughout the
agreement and enhancing the quality
of service and support we provide.
                                                                                              Our underwriters are fully empowered
                                                                                              and supported by a wealth of actuarial,
                                                                                              technical and administrative support,
                                                                                              enabling us to provide robust and
                                                                                              sustainable solutions to all of our clients,
                                                                                              at all stages of the relationship. We are
                                                                                              committed to meeting client service
                                                                                              requirements for policy documentation,
                                                                                              claims handling and review meetings and
                                                                                              consideration of mid-term amendments
                                                                                              to coverage or policy structure.

                                                                                              We actively seek to establish a strong
Your commitment                                Casualty                                       tripartite relationship, involving clients and
                                                                                              brokers alike in all elements of our service
To participate in the Cares programme          QBE are recognised as a market leader          proposition. Constant review of client
we ask that you and your client agree to a     for Casualty solutions across the UK. We       requirements and regular communication
multi-year programme and the completion        have built on our reputation as the largest    allow our suite of services to develop in
of the agreed risk management programme.       Casualty insurer in the London marketplace     line with the evolution of our extensive
                                               with dedicated underwriters based in all the   client base.
If the concept of rehabilitation and risk      key locations around the UK.
management appeals then Cares from
QBE may offer a solution. Please talk to       We provide high level proactive account
one of our underwriters for more information   management, liaising closely with colleagues
or visit            within the risk management, claims and
                                               rehabilitation teams.
About QBE

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Intended for broker use only.
Please refer to our policy wordings for our terms
and conditions and any exclusions that might apply.
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