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One community’s story of
       preparing for HIE
Lakeland Vital Statistics

Licensed Beds: 339
Beds in use: 339
Inpatient days: 67,120
Admissions: 15,375
Length of stay: 4.4
Number of physicians: 282
Southwestern Vital Statistics

Annual Visits: 150,000
Locations: 8
Providers: 70
Specialties: 6
HIE Definitions
 Health Information Exchange (HIE)
      The act, process or an instance of sharing health information
 Health Information Organization (HIO)
       An entity for governance or ownership of HIE activities
 Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO)
       An HIO governed, owned or largely funded by the state
 Private HIO
       An HIO governed or owned by a single non-government
 Community HIO
       An HIO within a specified geography with multiple
Why Do HIE

“When computerized information is
 available at the time a physician sees a
 patient,…medical errors can be
 dramatically reduced….In a fragmented
 health care system, IT can help integrate
 and coordinate care.” (AHA, 2006)
Why Do HIE

Fully standardized HIEI could yield a net
 value of $77.8 billion per year….The
 clinical impact of HIEI for which
 quantitative estimates cannot yet be made
 would likely add further value. (Walker,
 Pan, Johnston, Adler-Milstein, Bates,
 Middleton, Health Affairs, 2005)
Clinical Systems & Stimulus Package
In the old days—Orders
In the old days—Results
Next step—Orders
Next step—Results
                                                              Practice – No EMR
                                                              Browser View
                                                              Filter / Sort
                                                              Batch Print

                                                              Practice – EMR, No HL7
   Hospital                                                  • Image Data

   Assistant                                     PDF         • Manual Indexing
                                                             • Filename Based on
                                                       EMR      Patient Data

                                                              Practice – EMR / HL7

                                                             • Discrete Data
                                                             • Directly Into Chart or
                                                       EMR   • Alerts & Flowsheet
That’s all well and great but…
       What if you want to collaborate
        with a shared patient record?
Community EHR—Pros

Communication / Collaboration
Reduced redundant services
Standards of documentation
Pooled expertise
Shared customization
Reduced cost
Community EHR—Issues

Common patient identifier
Access control
Separate billing
Community EHR Model