OFC_BSNL by xiangpeng


									Optical Fiber Cable in Transmission Media
(A Report on the Training at BSNL, D.T.T.C, Salt Lake, Kolkata)

                       Sujoy Mukherjee
            (Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata)
                E-mail: sujoy mukherjee@ieee.org

                       Papri Chatterjee
    (Bengal Co llege of Engineering and Technology, Durgapur)
               E-mail: paprichatterjee@yahoo.co.in
This report throws a light on the different aspects of Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) as a
transmission media. A major section has been dedicated for providing the theoretical
background required for using the OFC. Working principle, characteristic curves,
different modes of fiber used have been discussed. The use of OFC by BSNL for the
modern telecommunication has been vividly portrayed with the concluding section
dealing with the future expansion of this project of using OFC.
                                                                 Sujoy Mukherjee
                                                                 Papri Chatterjee

We are awed and humbled by the assistance provided by Prof. S.B.Choudhury, Principal,
D.T.T.C. Salt Lake, Bidhannagar Telephone Exchange and the contribution made by Mr.
Manish Sudh.
We express our deep appreciation and thanks to all the faculty members and technical
advisors of different departments of D.T.T.C who have imparted some invaluable training
in the course of the Summer Training for the students of Engineering, in the year 2004.

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