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					Paddy Tally
Planning and Preparation for a County Senior Team
Strategy, Structure and Systems

    Planning and Preparation for a
         County Senior Team
Fail to prepare

Prepare to fail
Fail to prepare properly,

      You will fail!
• Quality knowledge and understanding is
  essential when putting together a backroom
• Agreement from the backroom team on a
  strategic plan on the way forward
• Build a sound and durable structure that will
  withstand the challenges of the year/s ahead
             Role as Team Coach and Trainer

• Responsibility for the individual and collective
  Strength and Conditioning of the players
• Work closely with Team Manager and fellow
  coaches to ensure continuity
• Liase on a daily basis with the medical team
  with regard to injured players and plan
  appropriate re-hab training
• Constantly reflect on and review practice
            What is Periodisation?

• Periodisation is planned long-term
  variation of the volume and
  intensity of training to prevent
  overtraining and promote optimal
  performance at the desired time.
      Defining Volume and Intensity
• Volume- amount of work
  performed per exercise, per day,
  per month (sets x reps)
• Intensity- the power output of
  the exercise (power = work/time)
               Estimating Volume and Intensity

• Training intensity- Average level of exercise
  intensity, per week, per month
• Exercise intensity- Monitored by calculating the
  relative intensity (% of maximum exertion)
• Training volume- estimated by volume load
• Exercise volume- estimated by average % of
  exercise exertion
                  Periodisation Cycles
• Macrocycle -long period of time, one
• Mesocycle - medium length of time,
  several weeks to several months
• Microcycle- short length of time, one or
  more weeks
                          KEY POINT
Periodisation involves shifting training
priorities from non-sport-specific activities
of high volume and low intensity to sport-
specific activities of low volume and high
intensity over a period of many weeks to
prevent overtraining and optimise
Matveyev’s Model of Periodisation: Appropriate for
                                    Novice Athletes
Modifications of Matveyev’s Model of
 Periodisation; for Gaelic Games Players
                 Periodisation Periods
• Preparatory-
• Transition-
• Competition-
• Active rest-
                  Transition Phase
• Modification to Matveyev’s
  original periodisation model,
  break between high volume
  training and high intensity
               Competition Period
• In Gaelic Games with long season,
  may last 9 months
• Peaking- very high intensity and very
  low volume
• Maintenance- moderate intensity (80-
  85% max) and moderate volume (2-3
  sets, 6-8 reps)
                            Active Rest
              Any time during the training year
•   Restoration
•   Remain physically active
•   Lasts 1-4 weeks
•   Mental and physical break from sport
            Microcycle- competition phase
Day        Activity-Focus   Duration      Intensity
Monday     Gym-Power        40 minutes    90% Max
Tuesday    Pitch-Football   70 minutes    High
Wed        Gym-Strength     40 minutes    Medium
Thursday   Pitch-Football   50 Minutes    Med/High

Friday     Pool Session     25/30 Mins.   Low
Saturday   Rest and         All Day       Low
Sunday     Game             70+ Mins      Max!
              Coaches duties
•   Planning and monitoring gym sessions
•   Match analysis-video review
•   Planning pitch sessions based on analysis
•   Analysis feedback to players
•   Management planning match strategy and systems
•   Coaching players through planned strategy
•   Individual skill coaching and analysis
•   Monitoring player hydration and wellness
•   Mentoring players when necessary
•   Logistics re: game day preparation
               Lessons Learnt
• Progress was made
• Better understanding of our strengths and
  weaknesses as a management team
• Better understanding of the players and their
  strengths and weaknesses
• Experience of playing at a higher level
• You have to perform

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