THERMAL IMAGING CAMERAS

         Thermal Imaging Cameras make infrared radiation as visible light and allows us to
detect things that should be seen with the eyes of Thermal Imaging Cameras. Sometimes the
camera is called FLIR - Forward Looking Infrared - thermo graphic camera has been used for
years in many different ways including night vision, security and law enforcement (most of us
will see the tape police used thermal imaging equipment in the helicopter as they track down
criminals at night for example). What you may not know is that Thermal Imaging Cameras have
a very important role to play in reducing energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.
Thermal Imaging Cameras for Building Diagnostics
          One of the most talked about subject in recent years is that the use of energy. When
energy prices soared, fossil fuel resources run out, and as concern over climate change rise,
many of us have begun to notice more closely how we use energy.
          In Thermal Imaging Cameras. The easiest and fastest method to detect infrared
thermographs energy waste. An infrared camera shows exactly where the problem is allowing
the area to lose energy to misdiagnosis. with 50% of all energy used in building could be lost as
heat out through the chimney, attic, ventilation walls and doors and windows sealed inefficient.
          In January 2009, the local council in England using the Thermal Imaging Cameras to
detect the properties in that area just wasting the most energy. They can then use this data to
provide advice and information to residents about how they can better protect their homes,
use less energy and save money on their heating bills.
Modern FLIR thermal imaging camera is very easy to use and allows users to easily create
reports and analyze data. As an energy audit of residential and commercial buildings has
become more widespread, the inspector now many take advantage of this camera FLIR. Not
only are they easy to use in place, but they also can be connected easily to a computer so visual
reports can be sent to the client.
          For thermographs many people have changed something abstract into something
tangible. Camera make building heat map, indicating areas where cold and hot. This allows
building owners to see a visual representation of where the energy is lost.
Thermal imaging is also a valuable tool in predictive maintenance; the system detects a
problem in mechanical, electrical and structural, as well as determination of areas where
moisture is building. As the desire for low energy and 'passive' building increases, construction
companies all over Europe began to use thermographs to quickly identify areas of heat and air

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