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					A Message from the Chairman:
Dear Friend: Historians believe it took 100,000 men to construct a pyramid in Ancient Egypt. The United States government employs 4 million people to manage the functions of democracy. In New York City, 35,000 police officers enforce laws to combat crime. These facts reiterate the concept of the Elks National Foundation’s 2005-06 annual report, Strength in Numbers. One person couldn’t build a 400-foot pyramid, coordinate a country of nearly 300 million people, or patrol every street in a major U.S. city. But when people join together, their potential thrives. When we launched the Community Investments Program last year, we began thinking about how our programs bring Elks, families, friends and communities together. A scholarship recipient biked 4,500 miles with friends to raise funds for hurricane relief. Lodge members cooked and served dinner to youth in need. Volunteers across the state of Massachusetts entertained veterans with baseball and bingo. These stories and others in this report show people uniting to create change, meet a need, or accomplish a goal. The Foundation was founded on a premise that exemplifies Strength in Numbers: If you can’t give a million, be one of a million to give. Since the Foundation’s inception, we haven’t built any pyramids, but we have constructed a temple of philanthropy that will continue to build stronger communities for years to come. And, we haven’t done it alone. Sincerely, Honorable Lester C. Hess Jr., Chairman Elks National Foundation Board of Trustees

Riding For Relief: MVS Recipient and Friends Bike for Hurricane Awareness


egah Javidpour rode her sea green bike through streets flanked by shells of burnt cars and houses stained with spray paint. The 2003 Most Valuable Student scholarship recipient and her four friends traveled 150 miles through the Gulf Coast on their way to New Orleans. Embarking from Daytona Beach, Fla., in June, this was only the beginning of their 4,500 mile cross-country bike ride to raise funds and awareness for hurricane relief efforts. Inspired by the 175,000 Hurricane Katrina victims evacuated to their hometown of Houston, Texas, Pegah and her friends founded Texans C.A.R.E (Cycling America for Rebuilding Efforts) in January of 2006. Each team member played a vital role in the trip’s success by coordinating details such as finding sponsors, developing a website and planning the course. “The hurricanes impacted all of us and we wanted to do something,” says Pegah, a student at the University of Texas in Austin. “Together, using all of our strengths, we co-founded Texans C.A.R.E. We’re fortunate to be in the position where we can be the voice for others. It’s our duty to make people aware and help our neighbors.”

Mountain Motivation

Community Collaboration

Texans C.A.R.E. partnered with Rebuild Northwest Florida, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church and Catholic Charities: Operation Helping Hands. During their trip, the team stopped in devastated areas to work with these organizations on projects ranging from rebuilding homes to prepping construction sites. They established a $15,000 fundraising goal to support the organizations financially. “It was a big accomplishment to see a project through from start to finish,” Pegah says of a home in New Orleans, untouched since Hurricane Katrina, which the team completely gutted. “When we met the homeowner and heard her story, we all knew why we were on this trip. She worked her entire life for what was in that house, and now it’s gone.”

Before the trip, Pegah hadn’t ridden a bike since she was 10, so she spent six months training. The trip was particularly strenuous since the group carried equipment trailers stuffed with camping gear, clothing, food and tools. They faced days when the heat index surpassed 100 degrees and a 35 mile-per-hour head wind made it feel like they were pedaling through sand. With one another’s encouragement, however, they remained positive as they climbed through the Rocky Mountains en route to their final destination in San Francisco, Calif. “They wouldn’t let me quit,” says Pegah. “It’s motivating to have friends along with you. I can’t imagine doing it alone.” Texans C.A.R.E. tops a long list of Pegah’s charitable endeavors. She completed an internship with Teach for America, counseled families at a domestic violence shelter, and mentored elementary-school students. Despite her busy volunteer schedule and double major in Business Honors and Management Information Systems, Pegah always finds time to thank those who’ve helped her reach her altruistic and educational goals. “The Elks National Foundation’s contribution has definitely made a difference in my life,” says Pegah. “I express my greatest gratitude for all the kindness and generosity of your organization.”

Grant Capsule

The Elks National Foundation awarded the following college scholarships in 2005-06, to help thousands of deserving students attend college. For more information on Elks scholarship programs, visit

Most Valuable student awards

Grant Amount: $2,041,834
enF legacy awards

eMergency educational grants

Grant Amount: $292,775
scouting scholarships

Grant Amount: $321,250

Grant Amount: $87,000

For more information on Elks National Foundation scholarship programs, visit

Family Fun with Free Throws: A Hoop Shoot Legacy


ven short one player, the Flohr boys’ skills on the court would challenge a basketball team stocked with MVPs. The two oldest brothers, Sean and Michael, received athletic scholarships to play basketball in college. Their father, Kevin, was named AllConference, All-State and 2AA Player of the Year during his college career. And Kevin, the youngest, made 23 out of 25 free throws at the Elks National Hoop Shoot finals in 2003 and 2006. “We’ve always had a hoop in our driveway,” says Linda Flohr the proud matriarch of the family, who played collegiate tennis. “We welcome all competitive opportunities.”

Because Mesa State and Western State play in the same conference, Sean and Michael will soon face off on the court. Knowing the talent they’ll be competing against inspires the brothers to work even harder. “The Hoop Shoot teaches kids that it takes a lot of hard work to reach goals, but it’s worth it,” says Linda. “It’s shown our sons the importance of self discipline.”

Cheering Section

At the 2006 Hoop Shoot finals, the entire Flohr lineup traveled to Springfield, Mass., to cheer on 13-year-old Kevin. The trip marked the fifth and final time a Flohr child would compete in the finals. The family’s Hoop Shoot journey began in 1995 when the oldest son, Sean, entered the contest during his elementary school gym class. That year, Sean battled his way to the finals, where he achieved a perfect score and won the Getty Powell Award for the top-male player overall. At the 2000 finals, Sean again sank 25 out of 25 free throws, clinching a repeat Getty Powell Award win. “I wouldn’t trade my Hoop Shoot experience for anything in the world,” says Sean. “Most kids never get to experience anything like it, and now playing basketball pays for my education.”

By the time Kevin appeared at his second Hoop Shoot finals, the Flohr family could have walked around Springfield blindfolded. Still, Kevin sat quietly the day before the contest to contemplate his strategy. With a lucky Massachusetts quarter in his pocket, he only missed two shots and tied for first place in his division. Even though he fell to second place in the shoot-off for the top spot, with his family in the stands, Kevin walked proudly off the court. “It’s really been a tremendous opportunity for my kids,” says Linda. “The Elks are a great organization that makes kids feel special from an early age.”

An Era Ends

Grant Capsule

Team Tradition

The Elks National Foundation granted the following amounts to Elks youth programs in 2005-06. The funds provide tomorrow’s leaders with a healthy beginning. For more information on Elks youth programs, visit

Sean followed his father’s legacy to play basketball at Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colo. His father held the MSC basketball team’s scoring record for seven years. Michael, who graduated high school in spring of 2006, heads to Western State College in Gunnison, Colo., to play for the Mountaineers basketball team.

elks national hoop shoot Free throw contest

Grant Amount: $658,587.50
elks drug awareness prograM

youth actiVities —elks soccer shoot

Grant Amount: $40,714.68

Grant Amount: $406,747.19

To learn more about the Hoop Shoot and to see a complete listing of 2006 Hoop Shoot champions, visit

Worcester Elks Apron-up to Serve Youth at Kid’s Cafe
ith the help of a Community Investments Program Gratitude Grant, the Elks of Worcester, Mass., were able to work together to help Kid’s Café, a local non-profit, provide a nutritious meal to kids who might not otherwise have one. An organization striving to feed less fortunate children in the community, Kid’s Café depends on donations and support from organizations like the Elks to carry out its mission.


Key Ingredients

Elks have been strong supporters of Kid’s Café and have worked to help feed needy children in the community for years. In fact, this year the Worcester Elks not only purchased all the food for the evening, but also prepared, served and cleaned up the meal themselves. The evening proved that helping hands and people working together can accomplish great things. “It was amazing what we achieved,” says Lodge Secretary, Susan McCarthy. “With everyone’s help from the Lodge, we pulled it off and fed more than a hundred kids! The evening was a huge success.” Whoever said too many cooks spoil the broth must not know the Worcester Elks!

Bradenton Elks Support Youth through Crossroads: It’s Your Choice
ecently, a Promise Grant allowed the Elks from Bradenton, Fla., Lodge, to support the culmination of the Crossroads: It’s Your Choice program in their community. Crossroads is designed to teach life skills to fifth-graders in Florida. The program consists of eight lessons that show kids they can choose their own destiny. We followed up with Lodge Drug Awareness Chair, Ken Magown, about his Lodge’s involvement with the program.

Recipe for Success

Youngsters enjoyed an enormous feast of salad, baked ziti with meatballs, rolls, milk and dessert. The kids were very appreciative and loved the food. For the Elks, the best part was talking to and interacting with the kids while they ate dinner. By the end of the night, apron-clad Elks had served more than 125 inner city school children. The Worcester Elks look forward to repeating this event in the future, as they continue to fulfill the mission of the Elks National Foundation and the Community Investments Program: helping Elks build stronger communities.


Taking the High Road with Crossroads

ENF: What is the Crossroads: It’s Your Choice program? KM: The program consists of eight life-skills lessons that deal

with drug awareness and behavior modification. Three of the eight lessons are designed to teach kids about gateway drugs and the consequences of drug abuse. The remaining Crossroads lessons focus on topics such as cultural diversity, peer pressure, anger management, peer mediation, and violence prevention. ENF: What got your Lodge interested in Crossroads? KM: Our Lodge has always been interested in helping youth; teaching them how to become better adults and how to resist drugs. Crossroads helps us accomplish that goal. This year, 400 kids participated in the program. As these kids get older and come to that inevitable fork in the road, we hope they are prepared and informed, and that they will choose the right path. ENF: What makes this program successful? KM: Crossroads is crucial for fifth-grade students. They are on the verge of adolescence, and soon will have to make some serious decisions regarding their futures and their lives. Elks, as a part of this program, help to provide important information and support to these students, so they know there are alternatives to violent behavior and drugs. Many of these kids would never get this information if it weren’t for this program. But we’ve made a commitment as Elks to work together to help educate these young people in our community. ENF: What did members enjoy most about participating in the program? KM: Aside from knowing that we were helping educate students and making a serious impact on their lives, we enjoyed interacting with youth in such a positive way. Helping kids learn to work together with adults and other kids is important, especially today, since computers

and video games seem to take the place of human interaction. We want to encourage kids to build relationships with adults, as well as other kids, so they feel like they are a part of a community that cares about them. ENF: What does “building stronger communities” mean to the Bradenton Elks? KM: Building stronger communities means working together to achieve a common goal for the good of those around us. We feel that working to build character in youth in our community is an investment in our future. With Crossroads, we ensure that kids in our area learn the skills they need in order to become good leaders of tomorrow. How we invest in youth today will make an impact on the future of our country. In order to help the community and bring about positive change, we all have to help out. Elks know that we’re all in this together!

Grant Capsule

The Elks National Foundation launched the Community Investments Program in June 2005 to improve the quality of life in communities where Elks live and work. Through the program’s Gratitude Grants and Promise Grants, Lodges across the country address unmet needs in Elks communities. Inspired by the wonderful projects Lodges accomplished in the program’s first year, the ENF Board of Trustees voted to increase the grant amounts, previously $200 each, to $300 each in 2006-07. In 2005-06, the Foundation granted the following amount to the Community Investments Program:

coMMunity inVestMents prograM

Grant Amount: $152,211

For more information on the Community Investments Program, please visit

Elks Bring Smiles Throughout Missouri


he dentist can be a scary place for any child. Now, imagine a child with mental and physical disabilities visiting the dentist. It can be a tense situation for the child and a dentist not trained to handle patients with special needs. This is when the Missouri Elks Association’s Major Project steps in to solve this problem. Throughout the state, the Missouri Elks Mobile Dental Program provides for the dental needs of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Due to lack of access, children with both physical and mental disabilities can find it difficult to locate dental care. Additionally, families who live in rural sections of Missouri or who face financial distress may have little choice but to neglect dental care. Frequently, children are the ones to suffer.

Strength from the Elks

The Missouri Elks are the driving force behind this project. They allow the dental units to park at the Lodges. Elks assist in moving the vans, providing gas, and fixing anything from air conditioning units to a squeaky door. The Elks most generous act is offering to drive the vans to relieve the tired staff after they are done in their area. “Without the Elks we would be dead in the water,” says Program Manager Barbara Cushman. “All we have to do is give them a call and they help.”

Dental Van

The Missouri Elks Mobile Dental Program alleviates these hardships. The program, which has been around since 1959, has never had anything but kind words said about it. Parents often write letters thanking the Elks for the care their child received. “Dr. Sims and her assistant, Cindy, have got to be two of the nicest people on earth,” a parent writes. “They treated my son with the utmost love and care. They knew exactly how to handle him to make his experience a positive one and we could not have been happier.” Experienced staff travels in the program’s three dental vans to disadvantaged areas of the state to provide free dental services. The vans are handicapped accessible equipped with a chair lift on the side of the unit. Each unit contains two dental chairs, a waiting area, and is staffed with a dentist and dental assistant. They stay in a location from three to 12 weeks and only require a place to park, water and electricity.

The success and productivity of the Missouri Elks Mobile Dental Program expand beyond kind words and letters. The numbers are there to prove it. As of July 20, 2006, the year-todate figures show 2,262 patients treated, 1,632 routine exams completed, and 15,224 procedures provided at a cost of $469,000—all paid for by the Missouri Elks Dental Care Program. Marc Beckman, the director of the Benevolent Trust, believes that the figures only strengthen the support for the program. “The program is a prime example that Elks Care and Elks Share,” says Beckman. “We are a charitable organization that lets people know they can get help.” The Missouri Elks Dental Care Program receives funding from the Elks National Foundation. In 2005-06, the Foundation granted $6.45 million to state Elks associations to accomplish local charitable objectives. For the Missouri Elks Mobile Dental Program, the funding ensures that as long as there is a need for dental care in Missouri, the Missouri Elks will continue lending a hand. “Not only do the Elks finance the program and help with repairs,” says Barbara Cushman, “but they are a sympathetic shoulder to cry on and always ready with a solution.”

Proof Is in the Numbers

Grant Capsule

The Elks National Foundation granted the following amounts to state Elks associations. These grants help fund each state’s major charitable projects. Portions of these grants also help fund state Soccer Shoot, Hoop Shoot and Drug Awareness programs.

state charities grant

Grant Amount: $3,130,082
special project grants

bonus grant

Grant Amount: $1,000,000

Grant Amount: $2,321,557

To see how the Elks National Foundation supports your state Elks association, visit

Acts of Kindness Toward Veterans Bring a State Together


he Elks pledge to never forget our nation’s heroes. The Massachusetts Elks, however, take this vow to the next level. With almost 3,000 veterans volunteers in Massachusetts, the veterans program is growing faster than ever. From Red Sox games and harbor cruises to luncheons and bingo, their involvement is prominent. “Every single Lodge in the state participates in some shape or form,” says Veteran Services State Chair Bill Mahoney. Here are a few ways Lodges around the state are honoring the Elks’ pledge: • The Middleboro Lodge presented cards from a kindergarten class to their local VA Hospital for Valentine’s Day. • The Winthrop Lodge contacted their local Coast Guard, which took a group of veterans on a cruise around Boston Harbor. • The Attleboro Elks hosted a spaghetti dinner for three area VA medical centers. Santa Claus made a special appearance with gifts for all the veterans.

“Ships Roast.” It entailed a night of dinner, bingo and raffles to honor vets at the North Hampton VA Medical Center. The event started in 2000 and raises about $10,000 annually. “It’s great to see Lodges working together,” says Veteran Services State CoChair David Griffith. “It makes Lodges that are normally not as involved more active, and helps a great cause at the same time.” As state chairs, Mahoney and Griffith don’t take their volunteers or the value of camaraderie for granted. Throughout Mahoney’s 10 plus years as chair, he’s seen what works and what doesn’t. He has even been told by a hospital director that the Elks are doing more for vets than a lot of veterans organizations. “I can’t say enough about our volunteers,” says Mahoney. “This program wouldn’t be what it is without them!”

Grant Capsule

Altruistic Camaraderie

The Elks National Foundation granted the following amounts to Elks veterans programs in 2005-06, to honor the Elks pledge to never forget these brave men and women.

A major component to the Massachusetts program is the significance of a relationship—just having someone to spend time with or talk to. That’s why the Adopt-A-Veteran program is so important and embraced by every Lodge in the state. “Veterans have always been there for us when we needed them ─ and now it’s our turn to be there for them,” explains Mahoney. This past August, six West District Lodges held their annual

elks national Veterans serVice coMMission

Grant Amount: $749,750
elks Veterans MeMorial building Maintenance

elks Veterans MeMorial building reserVe Fund

Grant Amount: $250,000

Grant Amount: $479,995

For more information on Elks veterans activities, visit

Financial Highlights
During the 2005-06 fiscal year, the Elks National Foundation received a total of $6,042,193 in contributions and bequests. In turn, we spent $14,615,384 on our programs. Our administrative expenses were $1,618,442.
State Grants 39.74% Scholarships 31.51%

This chart shows where we spent our money.
Administrative Expenses 9.97% Youth Programs 6.51% Veterans Service 4.62%

We are committed to maximizing the return on your charitable investment! We gave back 40 percent of our distribution to the state associations, and we spent only 10 percent on our administrative expenses.

Other 1.85%

Community Investments Program 0.94%

Veterans Memorial 2.92% Elks National Home 1.94%

Here’s a look at contributions and expenses in 2005-06.
  Contributions and Bequests Program Expenses State Grants Scholarships Youth Programs Veterans Service Veterans Memorial Elks National Home Community Investments Program Other Administrative Expenses Total Expenses 2005-06 $6,042,193 $6,451,639 $5,115,141 $1,057,041 $749,450 $473,910 $315,000 $152,211 $300,992 $1,618,442 $16,233,826

Finally, here’s a look at our financial position as of March 31, 2006.
Statement of Financial Position—March 31, 2006 Total Assets Total Liabilities Total Net Assets $605,983,766 $171,522,848 $430,710,973

Thank you so much for your support. We will continue to work hard for it!
The financial highlights for 2005-06 were summarized from the Financial Statements of the Elks National Foundation, March 31, 2006, with Report of Independent Auditor, Diehl & Associates. Complete Financial Statements, including all notes, can be obtained by contacting the Elks National Foundation, 2750 N. Lakeview Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, phone 773/755-4728, email

Elks National Foundation
2750 N. Lakeview Ave., Chicago, IL 60614-2256 773/755-4728 (voice) • 773/755-4729 (fax) (email) • (web site)

Honor Roll of Donors
The Elks National Foundation would like to acknowledge the following generous Foundation Fellowship members who contributed $250 or more to the Foundation during the 200506 fiscal year. Cumulative Giving Level Key: The two-letter notation following a donor’s name refers to their cumulative giving level as of March 31, 2006. Cumulative levels are based on total donations to the Foundation, not just during the 2005-06 fiscal year. For more information on cumulative giving levels, visit Sustaining Member (SM) ($250) Distinguished Member (DM) ($500) Honorary Founder (HF) ($1,000) Permanent Benefactor (PB) ($2,000) Bronze (BZ) ($5,000) Silver (SL) ($10,000) Gold (GD) ($20,000) Platinum (PL) ($50,000) Diamond (DA) ($100,000)
Charity ($5,000)
Mr. Shawn Hubbard (BZ) Mr. Ralph Huffman (BZ) Mr. Elvin P. Jacobsen (SL) Mr. Theodore H. ‘Ted’ Jacobsen (BZ) Mr. Charles W. Lester (SL) Mr. Richard J. Libby (PB) Mr. Robert B. Lowe (SL) Mr. Daniel C. McFadden (BZ) Mr. William Scrimgeour (GD) Mr. Joseph Timcoe (GD) Mr. Merle F. Wackerbarth (SL) Mr. Bob Waits (BZ) Mr. Cecil E. Webber (SL) Howard and Violet Ziebell (SL) Mr. Ronald L. Baribeau Sr. (HF) Dr. Keith D. Barker (PB) Ms. Nancy Barnes (PB) Mr. James D. Barron (SL) Mr. Richard P. Bart (HF) Mr. Charles A. Bartha (PB) Mr. Dennis Bauer (HF) Mr. Howard Benjamin (SL) Mrs. Andrea Benson (HF) Mr. Robert L. Black (PB) Mr. Robert E. Blain (HF) Mr. T. Kirk Blaner (PB) Mr. Daniel E. Bloyer (PB) Ms. Joy A. Booth (PB) Mr. Bob E. Boyett (PB) Mrs. Sandi Boyett (HF) Mr. Arnold L. Brackman (PB) Mrs. Linda Bristow (HF) Mr. Jim Brockman (PB) Mrs. Sally Brode (HF) Mr. James J. Brown (HF) Ms. Genevie L. Bruccolieri (PB) Mr. Francis E. Bruns (PB) Mr. Malcolm M. Burgis (PB) Mr. Michael J. Byrne (PB) Mr. Ronald L. Campbell (PB) Mrs. Joyce M. Capitao (HF) Dr. Richard W. Carlisle (PB) Mr. Richard A. Chapman (HF) Mr. Donald R. Checchi (BZ) Mr. Phil Claiborne (HF) Mr. Bert G. Clendenon (HF) Mr. Darrell W. Cloud (PB) Mrs. Sally Cole (PB) Mr. William H. Cole (PB) Mr. Robert C. Coleman (BZ) Mr. Harrison W. Colgrove (PB) Mrs. Margaret Kay Collins (SL) Mr. Roger Conant (HF) Mr. Harold L. Cooper Sr. (PB) Mr. Clarence D. Craig (BZ) Mr. Eugene J. Craven (PB) Mrs. Pat Craven (PB) Mr. Lee R. Curtis (GD) Ms. Susan A. Curtis (HF) Mr. Wilbur E. Curtis (PB) Mr. Robert L. Dale (BZ) Honorable James W. Damon PGER (PB) Mr. Ronald V. Delzer (BZ) Mrs. Caryl Denning (HF) Mrs. Ann E. Dise (PB) Mr. Gregory G. DiSisto (PB) Mr. William J. Driver III (HF) Mrs. Bernice Ducharme (HF) Mr. Christopher J. Dufford (PB) Mr. Gerald B. Durrett (HF) Mrs. June Easton (HF) Mr. Michael H. Edison (PB) Mr. Donald W. Elholm (PB) Mrs. Joanne M. Elholm (PB) Mr. Gerald J. Emerick (PB) Mr. Andre L. Ferrari+ (HF) Mr. Robert W. Finch (PB) Mr. Robert C. Fink (HF) Dr. Daniel D. Finn (HF) Mr. Robert D. Fisette (BZ) Mr. James L. Flaig (BZ) Mr. Brian Flemmer (HF) Dr. John F. Frasco (PB) Mr. Henry J. Freck (PB) Mr. Isaac Frishman (BZ) Mr. William R. Garibaldi (HF) Honorable Frank O. Garland PGER (BZ) Mr. Christopher J. Gattman (HF) Mr. Joseph W. Gladis (BZ) Mr. Ronald I. Gohr (SL) Mr. N. Todd Graves (BZ) Mr. John D. Gray (BZ) Mr. William Z. Greenwell (HF) Mr. Richard V. Griffith (PB) Mr. Donald M. Grigg (HF) Honorable L. James Grillo PGER (HF) Mr. Thomas W. Haas (HF) Mrs. Elsie J. Haggerty (HF) Mr. Patrick J. Hammett (HF) Mrs. Kelly K. Hanson (HF) Mrs. Linda Hanson (HF) Mr. Gregory L. Harding (BZ) Mr. Scott Harris (HF) Mr. Edmund M. Healy (PB) Mrs. Florence Heather (HF) Mr. Mark J. Henderson (PB) Mr. Gary Hendry (HF) Mr. Daniel E. Hershberger (HF) Honorable Lester C. Hess Jr. PGER (BZ) Mr. Charles L. Hoar (PB) Mr. James T. Hodge Jr. (PB) Mr. Marlen J. Hoesly (PB) Mr. Michael W. Hoffart (HF) Mr. Brian H. Holecheck (PB) Mr. Scott W. Hood (HF) Mr. Robert D. Howell (HF) Mr. James Huang (SL) Mrs. Lisa Hubbard (HF)

Mr. Leroy F. Bainard+ (BZ) Mr. Lee I. Burr Jr. (SL) Mrs. Sandra M. Burr (SL) Mr. William J. Chinn Jr. (SL) Mrs. Alesia M. Collins (BZ) Mr. David J. Crumley (GD) Mr. Albert Ingraham (BZ) Ms. Betty J. Kopfhammer (GD) Mr. Maurice J. London+ (GD) Mr. Jim M. Plummer (GD) Mr. Jack P. Rosebrook (BZ) Mr. Keith A. Simmons (GD) Mr. Lawrence L. Stitt (GD) Mrs. Thelma L. Young (PL)

Hope ($2,500)

Faith ($1,000)

Mr. Martin D. Brown (BZ) Mr. Thomas D. Chase (BZ) Mr. Donald A. Dewar (GD) Ms. Beverly A. Hamby (BZ) Mr. Robert I. Handel (BZ) Mrs. Patricia A. Heller-Jackson (GD) Mr. Frank J. Hubbard (SL)

Mr. Sneed T. Adams Sr. (PB) Mr. George J. Alzin Sr. (PB) Mr. Eugene E. Anderson (HF) Mr. John E. Auhll (BZ) Mr. Luman I. Baldwin (PB) Mr. Robert J. Baldwin Jr. (HF) Mr. Alan Baranyai (BZ) Mrs. Deborah L. Baribeau (HF)

Mr. Mark E. Huegel (PB) Isaac & Madeleine W. Huff Jr. (HF) Mr. Buddy G. Hutchens (HF) Mr. Russell A. Jackson (PB) Mr. Joseph J. Jedrowicz Jr. (BZ) Mr. Scott M. Jenkins (HF) Mrs. Dorothy Jensen (PB) Mr. John P. Jilbert (HF) Mr. Vic L. Johns (PB) Mr. Arlis W. Johnson (PB) Mr. Ralph R. Jones (SL) Mr. Richard S. Joyce (PB) Mr. James L. Justus (SL) Mr. Mickey H. Kaliterna (GD) Mr. Alvis D. Keen (PB) Mr. Leo B. Kelly (SL) Mr. J. J. Kerlin (PB) Ms. Yvette C. Kirchoff (HF) Frank J. and Dorothy Klak (PB) Mr. Darrell C. Klipfel (HF) Mr. Jeff E. Kufa (PB) Mr. David A. Laird (HF) Mr. Don W. Lambert (HF) Mrs. Karen Lambert (HF) Mr. Ren D. Latchaw (PB) Mr. Brian M. Lawrence (PB) Mr. Thomas P. Lawson (BZ) Mr. William H. Lawton (PB) Mr. Marvin G. Leathers (HF) Mr. Thomas Leighliter (HF) Mr. Richard H. Lewis (PB) Mr. Terry Lewis (HF) Mrs. Bernice A. Light (BZ) Mr. Homer L. Littiken (PB) Ms. Mary J. Lobb (PB) Mrs. Ann K. LoRusso (HF) The Family of LoRusso-King (HF) Mr. Jonathan O. Lowrance (PB) Mrs. Lori Ludden (HF) Mr. John Mackenzie (HF) Mr. Nishan Malkassian (PB) Ms. Lucy Mao Sigmund (HF) Major Albert Martin Retired (PB) Mr. Lynn Marx (PB) Mr. Alfred T. Masch, PER (PB) Mr. Jack R. McAllister (PB) Mr. Gerald McDowell (HF) Mr. John F. McHale (PB) Mr. Gary L. McKee (HF) Ms. Sally McPike (PB) Honorable James M. McQuillan PGER (PB) Mr. Steven C. Merena (SL) Mr. Gary I. Merritt (BZ) Mr. Warren Meyer (HF)

Mr. George E. Miller (SL) Mr. Leonard E. Miller (PB) Mr. Leslie Millholin Jr.+ (HF) Mr. Frank J. Moore (HF) Mr. Robert C. Moore (PB) Mr. James C. Mosack Jr. (PB) Mr. John A. Mullenmaster (PB) Mrs. Judy Munn (HF) Ms. Leila Y. Myers (HF) Mr. Paul J. Navelski (PB) Mr. James P. Nealon (PB) Mr. Paul Nelson (HF) Mr. Maroon Nemer+ (PB) Mr. Rodney Nester (HF) Mr. James Nichols II (HF) Mr. Dale E. Nielson (PB) Dr. Wallace C. Nunley (BZ) Mr. John O’Brien (HF) Mr. James R. Odham (HF) Mr. Joseph P. O’Neill (PB) Mr. Thomas L. O’Neill (PB) Mr. Alan E. Orne (HF) Mr. John F. O’Toole Jr.+ (PB) Mr. Joseph M. Pashley (PB) Mr. Jeffrey E. Patterson (PB) Mr. Joseph D. Paulus (PB) Mr. Paul Peters+ (HF) Mr. Donald J. Peterson (BZ) Mrs. Betty G. Phillips (PB) Mr. Bradley Phillips (HF) Mr. Dale S. Phillips (PB) Mr. Robert A. Pickett (HF) Mr. Alan C. Price (BZ) Mr. William H. Priester (BZ) Mr. Lorenzo Provencio (BZ) R. Lee and Beverly Querry (SL) Mr. George S. Quigley (PB) Mr. Robert M. Ralston (PB) Mrs. Joan A. Ramelow (PB) Mrs. Twila J. Reis (HF) Capt. Kim B. Reisdorph (PB) Mr. Steven L. Rice (PB) Mr. Terrance J. Rice (PB) Mr. Carl W. Riffle (BZ) Mrs. Edith H. Riley (HF) Mr. James O. Riley (PB) Mr. Ernest P. Roales (PB) Ms. Sheila D. Rogers (PB) Mr. Ernest Roncoroni (HF) Mr. Samuel A. Roose (BZ) Mr. E. Dean Rosier (HF) Miss Anne M. Russell (BZ) Mr. John R. Rybicki (HF) Mr. Bradley P. Saegesser (BZ) Mr. Edward D. Sanman III (BZ)

Mr. Wilford Sarle (PB) Mr. Robert J. Sartori (HF) Mr. Donald Sauter (PB) Mr. Kurt H. Schaaf (PB) Mr. Michael V. Schaaf (PB) Mr. Scott L. Schroader (PB) Mr. Mark A. Schull (PB) Fred and Alysmae Schultz (PB) Mr. Denis R. Schumacher (PB) Mr. Roy L. Scott (HF) Mr. Charles C. Scruggs (PB) Mr. John M. Serrell (PB) Mr. Donald E. Sheets (PB) Mr. Henry A. Shepard Jr. (PB) Mr. Steven A. Shepard (PB) Mr. Joseph C. Shepley (SL) Mr. David P. Shiflet (PB) Mr. Robert L. Shirey (SL) Mr. Mark Shook (PB) Mr. Joe G. Silva (PB) Mr. James R. Sipe Jr. (HF) Mr. William J. Snow (BZ) Mr. James A. Specht (SL) Mr. Albert G. Stacy Sr. (PB) Mr. Arthur F. Staeger (GD) Mr. R. Kenneth Staten II (HF) Mr. Richard L. Steck (HF) Mrs. Karen M. Stephens (HF) Mr. Lowell D. Stephens (PB) Mr. Conrad H. Stieber (BZ) Mr. Ward L. Stover (PB) Ms. Theresa Sullivan (SL) Mr. John L. Sundberg (GD) Mr. Richard A. Sutherland (PB) Mrs. Lorene Switzer (HF) Mr. Nester W. Tan (SL) Mr. James F. Tate Jr. (HF) Mr. Stephen J. Terrible (PB) Mrs. Betty J. Tewksbury (BZ) Mrs. Joyce M. Thomas (HF) Ms. Helen Tierney (HF) Mr. Keith L. Timmons (BZ) Dr. Sik T. Tjan (PB) Mr. Edward S. Torrilhon (BZ) Mr. Charles Toto (BZ) Mr. David P. Trudell (PB) Ms. Maryjo Tsukahara (PB) Mr. Charles Tuer (GD) Ms. Delma J. Turnbull (PB) Mr. Christopher Turner (HF) Sgt. Major Thomas A. VanTassel (PB) Mr. Tony Vercellone (HF) Mr. George C. Vernon Sr. (BZ) Mrs. Mary L. Vernon (PB) Mrs. Pamela Waits (PB)

Mr. Melvin E. Walker (PB) Mr. Robert W. Wallace (BZ) Mr. Allen B. Ward (PB) Mr. Gunther H. Weigel (BZ) Mr. Mark B. Wenzel (BZ) Mr. Barry D. Whittlesley (HF) Mrs. Gail F. Wildblood (BZ) Mr. Robert C. Willard (HF) Mr. Clarence C. Williams (HF) Mr. William G. Williford (PB) Mrs. Edna Willmas (PB) Dr. Thomas L. Winans (HF) Mr. John C. Winslow (BZ) Mr. Fred P. Yahraes (PB) Mr. William G. Yoachim (PB) Mr. Robert L. Zwarg (HF)

Mercy ($500)

Mr. Leo A. Achterman Jr. (PB) Mr. Austin B. Acuff (PB) Mr. James W. Adams (PB) Mr. William W. Allen (DM) Mrs. Margaret A. Anderson (HF) Mr. Russell V. Anderson (HF) Mr. Donald R. Andree (HF) Mr. Joseph J. Andrei (HF) Mr. Angelo Andrianos (PB) Mr. Janis Annunziata (DM) Mr. Paul E. Archer (DM) Mrs. Martha T. Arnold (PB) Mr. Richard E. Arnold (HF) Mr. Thomas C. Arrick (HF) Mr. Philip B. Arro (DM) Mrs. Jeanne Atno (DM) Mr. John Atwood (HF) Mr. Arthur R. Auer (HF) Mr. Paul Aurelio (DM) Mr. Charlie Austin (HF) Mr. Brando E. Averi (HF) Mr. James H. Backus (PB) Mr. Michael L. Bailey (BZ) Ms. Beatrice E. Baldwin (DM) Mr. Robert L. Baldwin Jr. (DM) Mr. William C. Barnes (PB) Mr. Donald E. Barr (PB) Mr. Charles J. Bartnicki Jr. (HF) Mr. Joseph C. Basil (PB) Mr. Melvin L. Bauer (BZ) Mr. John C. Bayler (HF) Mrs. Roslyn T. Beauchamp (PB) Mr. Peter C. Beck (PB) Mrs. Sheryl Beck (HF) Mr. Albert L. Bellorini Jr. (HF) Mr. Chester A. Bennett Jr. (PB) Mr. Alan E. Berg (HF)

Mrs. Shirley Bergum (HF) Mr. Bertrand E. Berube (DM) Mr. Donald E. Best (HF) Mr. David K. Bishop (PB) Mr. Charles W. Bittle (PB) Mr. Donald L. Bizier (HF) Mr. Edward Black (HF) Mr. Terry L. Blackwell (HF) Mr. Mark A. Blair (HF) Mr. Lionel E. Bliss (PB) Mr. Terrence W. Bobka (HF) Mr. Lawrence P. Bolte (BZ) Mr. Mark E. Bonawitz (HF) Mrs. Arlene Boothby (HF) Mr. William C. Borchert (PB) Mr. Paul F. Boscarino (HF) Mr. George P. Braden Jr. (HF) Mr. Richard D. Bradley (PB) Mr. Ronald C. Brantner (PB) Ms. Susan Bresnahan (DM) Miss Gladys S. Britt (PB) Mr. Raymond K. Bromberek (HF) Mr. Kirk L. Brown (HF) Mr. Richard L. Brown (DM) Mr. Terry C. Brown (PB) Mr. Terry L. Brown (PB) Mr. John W. Brunetz (DM) Mrs. Suzanne S. Bufton (HF) Mrs. Ruth D. Bunting (HF) Mr. Robert L. Burns (HF) Mr. Burt Butler (DM) Ms. Dolly Cabral (DM) Mr. Henry Cackowski (PB) Mr. Robert M. Caley (HF) Mr. William Canning (DM) Ms. Kathy Cantrell (DM) Mr. Earl D. Capehart (DM) Mr. Conrad Carlson (PB) Mr. Clarence E. Carter (HF) Mr. George E. Cattey (PB) Mr. Paul L. Chane (HF) Mrs. Sandra Cher (DM) Mr. Frank J. Chicago (DM) Mr. Charles M. Christensen (PB) Mr. Victor J. Cid (HF) Miss Trina Clark (DM) Mr. Richard L. Clayton Jr. (HF) Mr. Harrison Clewley (HF) Mr. Andy B. Clifford (DM) Ms. Barbara A. Coleman (HF) Mr. Donald A. Coleman (HF) Mrs. Anna T. Collins+ (HF) Mr. Robert Collins (DM) Mr. Kevin Copes (DM) Mr. Arthur G. Corliss Jr. (PB)

Mr. Michael J. Cosgrove (HF) Mrs. Jennifer Craver (HF) Mr. Larry D. Craver (HF) Mr. Earl E. Cress (PB) Mr. William C. Cridland (HF) Mr. Duane Daun (HF) Mr. Frank J. De Rose (PB) Mrs. Sharon Dearborn (PB) Mr. Bien F. Decena (PB) Mr. John DeMars (DM) Mr. Daniel J. DeNeice (BZ) Mr. Jeffery W. Denniss (PB) Mr. Peter N. Diamond (PB) Mr. John F. DiCentes (HF) Mrs. Irene R. Dietz (PB) Mrs. Irma J. Dieu (HF) Ms. Virginia N. Dilberto (HF) Mr. John C. Dillman (PB) Mr. Thomas Dinning (HF) Mr. John J. DiScerni (PB) Mrs. Mary Louise C. Ditto (HF) Mrs. Jacqueline C. Dobson (HF) Mr. Cullen S. Downing (HF) Mr. Richard J. Drew (HF) Mr. Edmund J. Duchesneau (PB) Mr. Garry Duff (HF) Mr. Brian C. Ebbert (DM) Mr. Harley R. Eckert Jr. (HF) Mr. Melvin D. Edwards (PB) Mr. Donald L. Edyburn Sr. (DM) Mr. Arthur C. Eldridge (HF) Mr. Joseph Esposito (HF) Mr. Rodney L. Evans (HF) Mr. Richard H. Fagg (HF) Ms. Kay Fair (DM) Mrs. Jacqueline L. Ferguson (HF) Mr. Edward Fewell III (DM) Mr. Patrick Finnegan (DM) Mr. Dennis M. Fisher (DM) Mr. William R. Fitzgerald (PB) Mr. Robert L. Flatten (HF) Mr. Timothy P. Flynn (HF) Mr. Charles Folson (DM) Mrs. Mary R. Ford (HF) Mr. Daniel W. Foree (DM) Mr. Thomas W. Fraker (PB) Mr. William C. Francis Jr. (BZ) Mrs. Roberta Franks (HF) Mr. Wayne C. Freeman (DM) Mrs. Pat French (PB) Mr. Kelly Gaines (DM) Ms. Genevieve A. Gallagher (HF) Mr. Franklin D. Galloway (DM) Mr. James B. Garland (PB) Mr. Richard F. Gathen Jr. (HF)

Mr. Brent C. Gerken (HF) Mr. Stanley C. Germain (PB) Mrs. Bonnie J. Givens (HF) Mr. Edward R. Givens (HF) Mr. Dennis H. Godfrey (PB) Mr. Jud Good II (HF) Mrs. Suzanne T. Gooder (PB) Mr. Mike K. Gordon Sr. (HF) Mr. Bruce A. Gothrow (DM) Mr. Randy R. Gragg (PB) Mr. Terry W. Greer (DM) Mr. E. C. Gregory (HF) Mr. Paul Griffin (DM) Mr. Barney E. Griffith (HF) Mr. Herbert L. Griffith (HF) Mr. Gerald Grimes (HF) Mr. Billy J. Guildner Jr. (DM) Mr. Harvey J. Gygi (PB) Mr. Douglas S. Hale (DM) Honorable Peter G. Hall (PB) Mrs. Sharon S. Hall (PB) Ms. Debby Hamblen (HF) Mr. William H. Hammann (DM) Mr. Douglas J. Hannula (HF) Mrs. Alfreda Harman (PB) Mr. William F. Harral (HF) Mr. Kevin J. Hastings (HF) Mr. Edgar J. Hauger (HF) Mr. Orian W. Hawkins (PB) Mrs. Ninetta Heard (PB) Mr. Charles Helleny (HF) Mr. H. Charles Henderson (HF) Mr. William H. Henderson (HF) Mr. William J. Henryk III (HF) Mr. Fred H. Hewins (PB) Mrs. Diane A. Hileman (DM) Mr. Glenn R. Hinsz (DM) Mr. John T. Hipsley (DM) Mr. Tim Hoag (DM) Mr. Robert K. Hoge (DM) Mr. Clinton W. Hoisington (PB) Mr. A. C. Gus Holstein (HF) Mr. Edward C. Horbelt (DM) Mrs. Debbie K. Hosted (DM) Mr. Wasyl Hotz (HF) Mr. James A. Howes (HF) Mr. Roy D. Hudgings (HF) Mr. Claude C. Hudson (PB) Mr. Robert H. Huebner (HF) Mr. Donald L. Hughes (HF) Mr. James S. Hull (HF) Mr. Paul R. Hummer (HF) Mr. David L. Humpherys (PB) Mr. James D. Hunt Jr. (DM) Mr. Steve Hunter (HF)

Mr. Richard A. Hurless (HF) Mr. Carroll R. Hussey (PB) Mr. Carl E. Ijames (DM) Mr. Ira R. Irwin (SL) Mr. Edward K. Jackson (PB) Mr. Carl R. Jacob (DM) Mrs. Susan Jacob (HF) Mr. Eugene F. Jalbert (HF) Mr. George Jaquette (DM) Mr. Alfred Jemlich (DM) Mr. Richard E. Jenks (PB) Mr. William A. Jennings (HF) Mr. Herman Jensen (HF) Mr. Mike Johns (DM) Mr. Larry L. Johnson (HF) Ms. Patricia Johnson (DM) Mr. Paul D. Johnson (PB) Mr. Daniel M. Jones (HF) Mr. Donald L. Jones (PB) Mrs. Jacqueline J. Jones (HF) Mrs. Lynn Joslin (HF) Mr. Benson E. Justus (HF) Mr. Gerald E. Kaphing (HF) Mr. Timothy A. Karpowich (HF) Mr. Harold Kay (DM) Mr. Walter Keeler (DM) Mr. Robert W. Kennedy (HF) Mr. Thomas E. Kennedy (HF) Ms. Mary G. Kinzer (DM) Mr. Theodore Klamann (PB) Mrs. Teresa A. Klimkewicz (HF) Mr. Robert E. Knorr (HF) Mr. LaVern Knutson (PB) Mr. Harlyn D. Kolb (HF) Mr. Mark H. Kordonsky (HF) Mr. Thomas J. Kroepel (HF) Mr. Richard Kuhn (DM) Mr. Petro Kulynych (HF) Mr. Kenneth E. Lady Jr. (HF) Mr. Jerry L. Lage (HF) Mrs. Martha M. Lange (PB) Ms. Linda Langlois (HF) Mr. Donald E. Lanini (PB) Ms. Andrea L. Lawrence (DM) Mr. Edward L. Lawson (HF) Mr. Robert E. Lee (PB) Mr. Thomas Lemm (HF) Mrs. Evelyn Leone (HF) Mr. William D. Lewis (DM) Mr. John Lieser (PB) Mr. Kevin A. Lincoln (HF) Mr. Donald Lorusso (HF) Mr. Michael Lyles (DM) Barbara F. Lynch (PB) Mr. Ralph S. Lyng (HF)

Mr. Michael J. MacDonald (PB) Mr. Matthew B. Mack (DM) Miss Sandra L. Macy (HF) Mr. Harry E. Magnan (PB) Mr. Paul J. Mahoney (DM) Miss Melicent J. Malchenson (HF) Mr. John F. Mancini (PB) Mrs. Mary H. Manita (HF) Mr. Edward A. Marcey Jr. (PB) Mr. John E. Markee (HF) Mr. John E. Markiewicz (PB) Mr. Alfred R. Martin (PB) Mr. Charles A. Martin (DM) Mr. Keith Martin (DM) Mr. Reginald L. McCarthy (PB) Mr. Robert McCarthy (PB) Mr. Neel M. McCullough (HF) Mrs. Priscilla P. McCullough (HF) Mr. John W. McDermott (DM) Mr. Patrick P. McDermott+ (HF) Mr. Donald H. McGregor (HF) Mr. Alex H. McKibbin (PB) Mr. James P. McMahon Sr. (PB) Mr. James J. McMullin (PB) Mr. Russell McQuillen+ (HF) Mr. Ronald A. McVey (HF) Ms. Alberta Melton (HF) Mr. Frank E. Miceli (HF) Mr. Arnold S. Miller (PB) Mrs. Barbara A. Milligan (DM) Ms. Frances M. Minichello (HF) Mr. William R. Minichello (HF) Mr. Tom Minor (DM) Mr. Michael J. Molloy (HF) Ms. Mae E. Monear (HF) Mrs. Eleanor P. Montgomery (PB) Mrs. Adele Morris (DM) Mr. Dwight H. Morrison (PB) Ms. Sarah Napert (DM) Mr. Tom Nesvig (PB) Mr. Floyd R. ‘Randy’ Northington (HF) Mr. Carl E. Nuzman (HF) Mr. Richard D. Oberosler (PB) Mr. Peter B. Obrien (DM) Mr. Michael T. Ohren (DM) Mr. James W. O’Kelley III (PB) Mr. Veltur J. O’Neal (HF) Mr. Kevin J. Owens (HF) Mrs. Roselyn Panza (DM) Mr. Bryan Patrick (DM) Mrs. Jody M. Patterson (HF) Mrs. Catherine M. Payne (DM) Mr. Allen D. Pepper (PB) Ms. Alice M. Perry (HF) Mr. Michael S. Perry (HF)

Mrs. Barbara Peterson (PB) Mr. Edward A. Peterson Jr. (PB) Mr. Arthur W. Philip (PB) Ms. Joan Philip (HF) Mr. John M. Phillips (PB) Mr. Richard P. Pickering (PB) Mr. William S. Polk (HF) Mr. George Pollitz (PB) Mr. Edwin B. Pollock II (DM) Mr. Raymond J. Pompey (BZ) Mr. Jason M. Pope (DM) Mr. Rodger W. Powell (PB) Mr. Robert W. Powitz (HF) Ms. Maria C. Prezioso (HF) Mr. Brad Pringle (HF) Mr. Max E. Purkiser (HF) Mr. James W. Reasoner (HF) Mr. Mike Reyna (HF) Mrs. Betty Rice (HF) Mr. Walter G. Rice+ (HF) Ms. Annabella N. Richardi (PB) Ms. Michelle Richardson (DM) Mr. Robert J. Richardson (DM) Mr. C. M. Rogers (PB) Mr. Paul E. Ronzani (BZ) Mr. John H. Rosenberger II (PB) Mr. Carl R. Ruthstrom (HF) Mr. James H. Sammons (HF) Mr. Mark Scarano (HF) Mr. Wayne V. Scarano (HF) Mr. W. G. Schaber (HF) Mr. Gene E. Schluter (HF) Mr. Dennis G. Schnitger (DM) Mr. Paul Schultz (PB) Mrs. Debra A. Scott (DM) Mrs. Sharon Scruggs (HF) Mrs. Marian L. Seaholm (PB) Mrs. Sharon L. Seibert (DM) Mr. Rick J. Shea (DM) Mr. Charles R. Sheets (HF) Mr. Edward E. Siler III (HF) Mr. Duncan J. Silver (HF) Mr. Vernon P. Singleton (PB) Mr. David Skelton (HF) Mr. Wilbur L. Slabach (BZ) Mr. Allen R. Slack (BZ) Mr. Brian P. Slesinski (HF) Mr. Aaron D. Smith (PB) Mrs. Eleanor T. Smith (HF) Mr. Gail N. Smith (PB) Mr. George A. Smith Jr. (DM) Mr. Jack D. Smith (BZ) Mr. Marshall Smith (HF) Mr. David R. Snyder (HF) Mr. David C. Sorg III (HF)

Mrs. Genevieve Sosa (DM) Ms. Marion St. Germaine (HF) Mr. William F. Stanfield (PB) Miss Susanne M. Stearns (DM) Ms. Manette L. Steele (HF) Mr. Steven J. Steiner (PB) Mr. John Stephens (HF) Mr. Gary Stocking Jr. (HF) Ms. Orvetta Stockslager (HF) Mr. Richard L. Stolte (PB) Mrs. Sandra L. Stolte (HF) Mr. Charles Strickland (DM) Mr. Harold M. Strickland (HF) Mr. Jay V. Strong Jr. (HF) Mr. William S. Stroud (HF) Mr. Felix J. Subervi Jr. (PB) Mr. Edward J. Sullivan Jr. (BZ) Mr. Edward J. Sullivan III (PB) Ms. Sydney L. Tabler (DM) Mr. Guy O. Teague (PB) Mr. Stanley Teets (DM) Mr. Billy E. Tefertiller (HF) Mr. William C. Tennis (PB) Mrs. Betty Tews (DM) Mr. Otis Tholander (PB) Mr. Albert Thomas (HF) Mr. Sheldon D. Thompson+ (HF) Mr. Robert B. Thomson (PB) Mr. William H. Thornburg (DM) Mr. Henry L. Tillman (HF) Mr. Don Tisdel (SL) Honorable Roger R. True PGER (PB) Mr. David M. Vernon (PB) Mr. C. Joseph Vigil (PB) Mr. Steven F. Vincent (PB) Ms. Patricia Walsh (HF) Mr. Thomas Walton (DM) Mr. Robert W. Wannemacher Jr. (PB) Mr. Robert E. Ward (PB) Mr. Warren Warnken (DM) Mr. Roy K. M. Weichold (PB) Mr. Almon E. Welch (PB) Mr. Richard Welch (HF) Mrs. Sandra J. Welch (HF) Mr. William C. H. Wert (HF) Mr. Nicholas V. Weslevos (DM) Mr. Robert W. Wessel (HF) Mr. Ralph F. West (PB) Mr. Jay J. Westrum (HF) Mr. Robert J. Whiteley (PB) Mr. Robert M. Whitley (HF) Mr. Edward Whitman (HF) Mr. Frank D. Wicks (HF) Mr. Roger L. Wilbrandt (HF) Mr. Donald R. Williams (HF)

Mr. Jack R. Williams (HF) Mr. Randy L. Williams (BZ) Mr. Spencer Williams (DM) Mr. Scott A. Wishard (HF) Mr. Marvin Woltering (HF) Ms. Barbara W. Wong-Bjornaas (PB) Mr. Lee R. Woodard (HF) Mr. Wendell A. Wright (PB) Mr. Richard E. Wroble (HF) Mr. Glen A. Wyland (PB) Mr. Don Yeafoli (DM) Mr. Allen Yockey (HF) Dr. Raymond J. Young (PB) Mrs. Vickie L. Zellner (HF)

Justice ($250)

Mr. Craig M. Abbott (SM) Mr. Edward J. Adams (HF) Mr. Elden C. Adams (PB) Mr. John D. Adams (HF) Mr. Julian C. Adams Jr. (HF) Mr. Alvin Aiken (DM) Mrs. Margaret J. Allen (HF) Mr. Roger C. Allen (HF) Mr. John J. Almeida (PB) Mr. Vincent P. Anelli (SM) Mrs. Debbie L. Angell (HF) Mr. Bob Angelo (SM) Mrs. Rose Armstrong+ (SM) Mr. Levi Arndt (SM) Mr. Michael J. Arons (PB) Mr. James S. Arroyo (SM) Mr. Steve Arthur (SM) Ms. Mildred G. Atwell (DM) Mrs. Linda L. Averill (HF) Mrs. Dorothy A. Ayres (SM) Mr. William Bachofner (SM) Mr. Lester D. Bacon (HF) Ms. Jennie Bahr+ (HF) Mr. Larry M. Bahr (PB) Mr. Earl W. Bailey (DM) Ms. Dolores E. Baker (PB) Mr. Michael R. Baloga (DM) Mr. Richard Banghart (SM) Mr. James K. Barile (HF) Mr. Jackie W. Barlow II (HF) Mrs. Donna J. Barr (HF) Mr. Robert Barrett (DM) Mr. Robert W. Barris (HF) Mr. Terry D. Barron (HF) Mr. Robert L. Barrs (PB) Mr. Paul M. Barrus (PB) Mr. John M. Barry (HF) Mr. Richard B. Barry (HF) Mr. George A. Barson (DM)

Ms. Barbara L. Bartholomew (SM) Mr. Robert D. Bartolameolli (HF) Mrs. Ruth I. Basinger (SM) Mr. Edward J. Bassett (SM) Mrs. Norma L. Batchelor (SM) Mr. Robert Bauer (DM) Mr. Ronald R. Bauer (HF) Mr. Darrell Baxter (PB) Mrs. Nancy A. Bayne (HF) Mr. Wayne E. Bearce (HF) Mr. Raymond Beausoleil (DM) Mr. W. L. Beck (DM) Mr. Robert E. Beebe (DM) Mr. Donald E. Behnke (DM) Mr. Konstantin Belenky (HF) Mr. Danny Belk (DM) Mr. John S. Bell (HF) Mr. Larry L. Bell (HF) Mr. Thomas Bell (HF) Mr. Ken E. Bellamy (PB) Mr. Francis M. Bellew (SM) Mr. Rodney D. Bellman (HF) Mr. Donald D. Bennett (HF) Mr. Harold P. Bensch (DM) Mr. John M. Benson (HF) Mr. Russell M. Benson+ (SM) Mr. Gird L. Berfield (PB) Mr. Harry G. Berkshire (PB) Mr. Donald R. Betzsold (HF) Mr. Edward C. Black Jr. (BZ) Mr. Knox Blackburn (SM) Mr. Earl G. Blake Sr. (PB) Mr. Alton L. Blaker (HF) Mr. Raymond J. Blaquiere (DM) Mr. Russell L. Blosser Jr. (HF) Mr. John T. Boettcher (HF) Mr. C. T. Bohanan (DM) Miss Sharon L. A. Borgen (HF) Mr. Elbert M. Botham (HF) Mr. Royce Bottin (DM) Mr. Earl T. Bouchard (BZ) Mr. Robert G. Boucher (DM) Mr. Edward R. Bowen (PB) Mr. Thomas J. Bowers (HF) Mr. George A. Bowman (DM) Mr. Howard D. Boyd Sr. (HF) Mr. Leo E. Boyle (SM) Mr. W. Steve Boyle (HF) Mr. Thomas P. Brady Jr. (PB) Mr. Michael W. Brantner (SM) Mr. Earl T. Briel (SM) Mr. Ricky Broadwater (SM) Mr. Thomas W. Brock (DM) Mr. Sidney Brodofsky (SM) Mr. Richard Brooks (SM)

Mr. Ernest L. Brown (HF) Mr. Roy E. Brown (HF) Mr. Wayne E. Brown (HF) Mrs. Joyce D. Brownlow (DM) Mr. Jim R. Bruhy+ (HF) Mr. Robert E. Brunk (DM) Mr. Michael B. Bryant (DM) Mr. John Bshara Jr. (PB) Dr. Robert D. Buchanan (HF) Mr. Gene Buchy (PB) Mr. Douglas F. Buie (PB) Mr. William C. Bullock (BZ) Mr. John Burbidge (DM) Mr. Robert E. Burill (SM) Mr. William Burk (HF) Mr. Steven E. Burnham Sr. (DM) Mr. Christopher Burns (HF) Mr. Arthur O. Bush (HF) Mrs. Louise F. Bush (HF) Mr. Peter Buttitta (SM) Mr. George K. Butts (DM) Mrs. Beverly R. Cahoon (HF) Mr. Thomas H. Callahan (DM) Mrs. Lory Calsing (SM) Mr. Robert T. Calsing (SM) Mr. David Carballeira (PB) Mr. Kenneth W. Carlson (HF) Mr. John W. Carman (PB) Mr. James L. Carriere (HF) Mr. Dickey Carter (SM) Mrs. Lisa B. Carter (HF) Mr. John H. Cary (DM) Mrs. Lori Casaletti (HF) Mr. Daniel J. Cashman (PB) Mr. William M. Cavalcante (DM) Ms. Linda Cellamare (SM) Mr. Robert Chabot (SM) Mr. Gary P. Chaffee (DM) Mr. William H. Chappell (HF) Mr. David W. Charlesworth (DM) Mr. Robert J. Check (PB) Mr. Robert J. Cher (HF) Mrs. Valerie Cherrico (SM) Mr. Charles Cheslock Sr. (HF) Mr. Oliver J. Christiansen (SM) Mr. Nels Christianson (SM) Mr. Wayne N. Christopher (HF) Sgt. Maj. Harris Chuck USMC (Ret.) (HF) Mr. Joseph Clase (SM) Mrs. Kathy R. Clayton (SM) Mr. Lawrence N. Clement (HF) Mr. Jeffrey L. Clifford (PB) Mrs. Laura Clifford (PB) Mr. John F. Clines (HF)

Ms. Josephine Cloud (SM) Mr. Richard H. Coleman (PB) Mr. Mark Coller (SM) Mr. Timothy J. Colligan (DM) Mr. Robert O. Conley (HF) Mr. Kevin G. Connelly (DM) Mr. Larry Cook (DM) Mr. Lynn V. Cook (DM) Mr. Gerald L. Cooley (HF) Mrs. Millie Coombs (HF) Mr. Terry Copeland (SM) Mr. Randall P. Corey (DM) Mr. Earl T. Cornelius+ (HF) Mr. Richard A. Corson (SM) Mr. Eddie Cowan (HF) Mr. Ivan O. Craig Jr. (DM) Mr. Howard M. Cramblet+ (HF) Mr. Russell L. Cramer Jr. (HF) Mr. Mark Crawford (HF) Ms. Mary Crawford (DM) Mr. Michael N. Crochier (HF) Mr. David G. Cummings (SM) Mrs. Celeste Cunningham (PB) Mr. Donald Cunningham Jr. (PB) Mr. Charles R. Curran (DM) Mrs. Mary Dagwan (DM) Mr. E. Lee Dahlenburg (DM) Mr. Robert L. Dahlquist (HF) Mrs. Florence A. Dahm+ (DM) Mr. John D. Dalcin (DM) Mr. Charles W. Dalool (DM) Mr. David H. Danyo (PB) Mr. Charles I. Davis (PB) Mr. Craig Davis Jr.+ (PB) Mrs. Judith A. Davis (HF) Mr. Theodore J. De Boer (SM) Mr. Casper J. DeJong (DM) Mr. John T. Delaney (DM) Mr. Marc A. DeLeuze (DM) Mrs. Norma L. Delibertis (HF) Mr. William A. Delpo (SM) Mrs. Cecilia Dennis (SM) Mr. Gary B. Dennis (SM) Mr. Peter J. DeSantis (DM) Mr. Joseph W. DeScenza (PB) Mr. Brian P. Desmarais (DM) Mr. Arlin T. Detke (HF) Mr. William D. Devers Jr. (SM) Mr. Charles E. Devine (DM) Ms. Maria Diamond (HF) Mr. Edward M. Dickman (HF) Mr. John W. Diefenback (SM) Mr. Paul J. Dillard (DM) Mr. Robert T. Dobler (DM) Mr. David A. Domey (HF)

Mr. Charles O. Donaldson (HF) Mr. Donald A. Dow III (HF) Mr. Dennis K. Dudley (SM) Mr. Thomas F. Dudley (DM) Mr. Ralph J. Dumas Jr. (HF) Mr. James M. Dunbar (HF) Mr. Clyde D. Dunn (DM) Mr. Francis X. Dwyer (SM) Mr. Buddy Easterling (SM) Mr. Doug Ebert (DM) Mr. John O. Edwards (PB) Mr. Roger Ehrlich (DM) Mr. Larry Emchick (HF) Mr. Lloyd G. Epler Jr. (HF) Mr. David S. Evans (HF) Ms. Laura Everington (DM) Mr. Ross E. Evers (HF) Mr. David E. Faint (HF) Ms. Sally A. Farrar (HF) Lt. Col. Roland J. Farrell AUS (Ret) (HF) Mr. James K. Fero (PB) Mr. James G. Ferrell (DM) Mr. Jason T. Fiedler (SM) Mr. Daryl L. Finch (BZ) Mrs. Dorothy Finch (PB) Mr. Mark Finn (SM) Ms. Debbie L. Fisette (HF) Mr. Arthur E. Fish (HF) Mr. David Fisher (DM) Mrs. Doris E. Fitchhorn (HF) Mr. Raymond E. Fitchhorn (HF) Mr. Ronald B. Fitzgerald (DM) Mr. Dennis Fitzpatrick (SM) Miss Beverly J. Fitzsimmons (DM) Mr. John L. Flemons (HF) Mr. Dallas E. Flowers (HF) Mr. Robert D. Foley (HF) Mr. William T. Foster (HF) Mr. Jonathan B. Fowler (HF) Mr. Paul B. Fox (PB) Mrs. Tess Fragala (PB) Mr. William C. Francis+ (PB) Mr. William C. Francis (HF) Mr. Albert D. Frank (HF) Miss Barbara Franki (HF) Mr. Frederick A. Frear (HF) Mrs. Roberta J. Freck (PB) Mr. Roger L. French (DM) Mr. Mark A. Frey (DM) Mr. Alfred E. Fried Jr. (HF) Mr. Benjamin F. Friend (DM) Mr. Carroll D. Friend (HF) Mr. Michael A. Fusco (DM) Mr. Terry L. Gaber (DM) Mr. Harry T. Gaines (DM)

Mr. Eugene J. Gallagher (HF) Mr. Thomas Gangi (SM) Mr. Dave Ganshaw (HF) Mr. Ashley Garrison (SM) Mrs. Emma L. Garrison (HF) Mr. James T. Garrison (HF) Ms. Dorothy M. Gaston (SM) Mr. Benjamin Gay (DM) Mr. Charles E. Gentry (SM) Mr. Joseph C. George (HF) Mrs. Tanya L. George (DM) Mr. Teddy L. George Sr. (DM) Dr. William J. George (PB) Mr. James J. Gerard (HF) Dr. Dennis F. Gerleman (HF) Mr. Gerald A. Gibbons (DM) Mr. Stephen E. Gibson (HF) Mr. Ronald J. Gilbert (DM) Mrs. Betty Gillette (PB) Ms. Georgie A. Gilliam (SM) Mr. Andrew Gilman (HF) Mr. George L. Gleason Jr. (DM) Mr. Kelly Glenn (SM) Mr. Curtis Goff (SM) Mr. Jose J. Gomez (HF) Mr. Robert L. Goodbread (SM) Mrs. Sandra N. Gowan (DM) Mr. Eugene L. Grabinski Jr. (DM) Mr. C. Eddie Graves Jr. (DM) Mr. Brian A. Gray (SM) Mr. David C. Grear (SM) Mr. Earl R. Green (PB) Mr. Daniel M. Greene Sr. (HF) Mr. George E. Griffin (DM) Mr. Patrick J. Griffin (HF) Mr. Robert F. Griffin (SM) Mrs. Linda M. Grimes (HF) Mrs. Debbie Grinstead (DM) Mr. Ronald D. Gromer (PB) Mr. Richard R. Guest II (DM) Mr. Richard J. Gustafson (PB) Mr. Gary L. Haars (SM) Mr. Peter C. Haase (DM) Mr. Clarence W. Hack (HF) Mr. Robert E. Hagemeister (SM) Mr. John L. Haines III (DM) Ms. Ann C. Hall (HF) Mr. J. D. Hall (HF) Mr. James A. Hall (PB) Mr. Joe Hall (SM) Mr. Harry Hamborsky (SM) Mr. James E. Hamilton (DM) Mr. Roger L. Hamman (PB) Mr. Carl J. Harper (DM) Mr. Harold Harpster (DM)

Mr. Charles S. Harris (PB) Ms. Tracy D. Harvey (DM) Mr. Douglas B. Haskins (HF) Mr. Edwin Hastings (SM) Mrs. Donna J. Hawkins (HF) Ms. Jill A. Hawse (DM) Mr. Charles H. Hayden (DM) Mr. Paul E. Hayden (HF) Ms. Debbie Hayes (DM) Mr. Edward Healy (HF) Mr. John W. Heard (BZ) Mr. Frank J. Hegedus (HF) Mr. Carl W. Heisler (HF) Mrs. Catherine A. Henderson (DM) Mr. Eugene R. Henderson (DM) Mr. William J. Henner (SM) Mrs. Barbara Henry (SM) Mr. Kevin R. Henry (HF) Mr. William A. Hershey (PB) Mr. Matt Herzer (SM) Mrs. Emika Hewitt (SM) Mr. Richard Heyman (DM) Mr. Chad V. High (HF) Mr. Derek Hill (DM) Mr. Robert L. Hill (HF) Mr. Russell L. Hill (HF) Dr. Robert R. Hinkle (HF) Mr. Robert A. Hinton (PB) Mrs. Barbara M. Hirsch (HF) Mrs. Carol A. Hirsch (HF) Mr. Robert D. Hirsch (HF) Mr. Harvey K. Holden (DM) Mr. Bruce M. Homa (HF) Ms. Cheryl Hopkins (SM) Mr. Jeffrey Hopkins (DM) Mr. G. T. Hopper (PB) Mrs. Laraine Hopper (PB) Mr. Neil S. Hopper (DM) Mrs. Betty Horbelt (SM) Mr. Larry Horlitz (DM) Mr. William M. Hornsby (DM) Mr. David L. Hosted (SM) Mrs. Jennifer J. Howitt (HF) Mr. Terry Hubbartt Sr. (SM) Mr. Wayne N. Huberty (DM) Mr. John J. Hughes Jr. (PB) Mr. Alfred Hunt (SM) Mr. Frank T. Hunt (HF) Mr. John W. Hutson (HF) Mr. James R. Hyde (SM) Mrs. Kiyo Ichikawa (DM) Mr. Charles L. Imes (HF) Mr. Norman C. Ingle (HF) Mr. Bid B. Irvin (SM) Mr. Paul Ivester (HF)

Mr. Donald G. Jackett (HF) Mr. Virgil Jackson (SM) Mr. Howard JeanBlanc (DM) Mr. Donald P. Jenkins (SM) Mr. Al Jennings (SM) Mr. Norman F. Jensen (HF) Mr. Daniel H. Jesel (SM) Mr. Pedro Jimenez (SM) Mr. John I. Jodlbauer (DM) Mr. James W. Johnson (HF) Mr. Ted W. Johnson (SM) Miss Linda K. Jones (HF) Mrs. Rosemary Jones (SM) Mrs. Cheryl A. Jordan PER (HF) Mr. Mark Joseph (SM) Mr. Edward J. June+ (SM) Mr. George T. Kane (DM) Mr. Steven C. Kant (PB) Ms. Christine Kasinowicz (SM) Mrs. Barbara L. Kathrein (HF) Mr. Charles Kaufman (SM) Mr. Kenneth C. Kay (PB) Mr. John J. Kearney (PB) Ms. Vicky L. Kehler (DM) Mr. Milford Keith (HF) Mr. George R. Kellerman (DM) Mr. John R. Kelley+ (HF) Mr. Brian J. Kellhofer (DM) Mr. Stephen L. Kendrick (HF) Mr. George F. Kerr (PB) Mr. Larry L. Kibbee (HF) Mr. Wayne A. Kichenmaster (HF) Mr. Robert I. Kimball (PB) Mr. Francis J. King (PB) Mr. Douglas A. Kirk (SM) Mr. Louis L. Kiszka+ (DM) Mr. Matthew E. Klimkewicz (HF) Mr. Ruben Kludt (HF) Mr. John A. Knespel (SM) Mr. Karl G. Knobel PER (HF) Mr. Patrick Koc (DM) Mr. Charles L. Kolkhorst (HF) Mrs. Sharon E. Kolkhorst (HF) Mr. Jacob H. Kome (HF) Mr. Robert Kosbob (SM) Mr. Gary Kramer (DM) Mr. Shane A. Kraske (SM) Mr. Conrad B. Kresge (HF) Miss Victoria L. Krouse (SM) Mr. Howard E. La Pierre (DM) Mr. Charles A. Ladnier (SM) Mr. David W. Lamere (HF) Mr. Ralph E. Lamot (PB) Mr. David N. Lancaster (DM) Mr. Keith A. Lane (SM)

Mr. Richard L. Lanoue Jr. (DM) Mr. William E. LaPoint (SM) Mr. Don R. Large II (HF) Mrs. Mary Ginger Larkins (HF) Mr. Thomas J. Larkins (HF) Mr. Donald S. Larue (DM) Mr. Richard G. Laughrin (HF) Mr. Edward P. Lavalle (DM) Mrs. Carol Leach (DM) Mr. Stephen A. Leach (DM) Mr. James G. Legnante (SM) Mr. Donald L. Leininger (BZ) Mr. Stefano Lepre (SM) Mr. Willard V. LeVar (PB) Ms. Kathleen J. Levin (DM) Mr. Robert J. Levin (DM) Mr. Russell Lewallen+ (SM) Mr. Jay D. Liggett+ (PB) Mrs. Teri L. Linardich (DM) Ms. Beverly D. Lindenberger (SM) Mr. Harold Lofgren (SM) Mr. Dennis London (HF) Mr. Robert E. Long (HF) Mrs. Mona Y. Lopez (PB) Mr. Norman M. Lopez (BZ) Mr. Archie T. Lorentzen (HF) Mr. Richard R. Lowman III (HF) Ms. Josette E. Lucenti (SM) Mrs. Sylvia Luck Thorpe (DM) Mr. Michael T. Luhr (HF) Ms. Mae V. Lyons (DM) Ms. Carol A. MacDonald (DM) Mr. John W. MacGilvray (HF) Mr. John MacKintosh (PB) Mr. Joseph C. Maglio (SM) Mr. William E. Mahan (PB) Mr. Thomas F. Maloney (HF) Mrs. Patty L. Marcey (DM) Mr. Michael J. Marcheterre (HF) Mr. John K. Marinaro (SM) Mr. Tom A. Marsh (DM) Mr. Walter A. Marx Jr. (DM) Mr. D. T. Masel (HF) Mr. Douglas E. Mathews (SM) Mr. Thomas L. Matthews (PB) Mr. Mervyn D. Maurath (PB) Mr. Louis G. Mayers (DM) Mr. Steven G. Mayne Sr. (SM) Mr. Robert R. McCarthy (BZ) Mr. Ronald S. McCarthy (HF) Mr. James W. McCloud (HF) Dr. William C. McCue (HF) Mr. William C. McDevitt Sr. (HF) Mrs. Carolyn B. McDonald (HF) Mr. Walter S. McDonald Jr. (PB)

Mr. Patrick F. McFeely (SM) Mr. Thomas H. McGibbon (SM) Mr. Frank H. McLaurin III (DM) Mrs. Eileen M. McLean (SM) Mr. Walter J. McManus (SM) Mr. James D. Mears (PB) Mrs. Karen Mechek (HF) Mr. Terry Meech (SM) Mr. Frederick B. Meier (SM) Mr. Phillip D. Meier (HF) Mr. Donald Melton (DM) Mr. Gerald Melton (SM) Ms. Dodie J. Mercer (SM) Mr. Robert G. Meyer (DM) Ms. Charlotte E. Michael (HF) Mr. Thomas O. Mickey Jr. (PB) Mr. Roy V. Miles (HF) Mr. Alton W. Miller Jr. (HF) Mr. Christopher Miller (DM) Ms. Mary E. L. Minnich (HF) Mr. Robert L. Mitchell (SM) Mr. H. L. Molsbee (DM) Mr. George Montgomery (SM) Mr. James W. Montgomery (DM) Mrs. Mary D. Moore (HF) Mr. Norman J. Moore (SM) Mr. Mike Morant (DM) Mr. Bobby Moriris (SM) Mr. Frank L. Morris (HF) Mr. Frederick J. Morris (PB) Mr. Arthur G. Morse (HF) Mrs. Marlene J. Morwick (DM) Mr. James Mosher (DM) Mr. Vincent Moss (DM) Mr. Robert L. Muhr (HF) Mr. Thomas F. Muldoon (DM) Mr. Michael A. Murphy (HF) Mr. Forest R. ‘ Bud ‘ Murray (PB) Mr. Darrell D. Myers (HF) Lt. Col. William N. Myers (PB) Mr. Peter F. Mysing (PB) Mr. Robert E. Nabb (HF) Mr. Alvin E. Nagel (SM) Mr. Thomas Nardacci (DM) Mr. Jim R. Natzke (DM) Mr. Dale R. Nearing (SM) Mr. Grant P. Neilson (PB) Mr. Charles A. Nelson (HF) Mr. Lauris C. Nelson (DM) Mr. Thomas E. Nelson (DM) Mr. Melvin Nespor (DM) Mr. David E. Nething (HF) Ms. Deborah M. Nevarez (HF) Mr. Michael Nevins (SM) Mr. Ronald J. Newman Sr. (PB)

Mr. James L. Nichelson (HF) Mr. Jack C. Nichols (DM) Mrs. Levada Nielson (HF) Mr. Anders L. Nilsson (DM) Mr. Robert E. Nimmons (HF) Mr. David F. Noah (PB) Mrs. Rosetta J. Noah (HF) Mr. Charles A. Nolan (HF) Mr. Ronald Nowacki (HF) Mrs. Irene O’Callaghan (SM) Mr. Christopher G. O’Connor (SM) Mr. Robert B. Ogden (PB) Mr. Edmund T. Ogle Jr. (DM) Mr. Timothy B. O’Leary (HF) Mr. Hugh J. O’Neill (SM) Mr. William J. Orblych (HF) Mr. George Orrell (DM) Mr. Daniel W. Osband (DM) Mr. Robert J. Ostermiller (HF) Mr. Leslie D. Owens (DM) Ms. Frances D. Page (DM) Mr. Robert L. Painter (PB) Mr. Warren S. Palmer (PB) Mr. Ernest J. Patrick III (DM) Ms. Doris M. Patterson (PB) Mr. Marshall D. Paulson (SM) Carlton & Mary Lou Payne (SM) Mr. Harold D. Payne (PB) Mr. Robert M. Peace (HF) Mr. Adam Peat (SM) Mr. John A. Pecca (HF) Mrs. Esther M. Peck (HF) Mr. Gail J. Pelley (HF) Mr. Joseph M. Pendergrass (DM) Mr. Ernest E. Penn III (DM) Mr. Joseph Penna (DM) Mr. David K. Peppard (DM) Mrs. Mary S. Peppard (SM) Mr. Hank Peralta (DM) Mr. Michael B. Perigo (SM) Mr. James J. Perry (HF) Mr. Rex P. Peters (PB) Mr. Robert Petersen (DM) Mr. Kenneth J. Petri (HF) Mr. Philip C. Petrie (DM) Mrs. Patricia E. Petrizzi (DM) Mr. Gavin Pettillo (SM) Mr. William A. Pettner (DM) Mr. John N. Phelan (PB) Mrs. Karen J. Phelan (PB) Ms. Alice F. Phillips (SM) Ms. Donna J. Phillips (DM) Mr. Ronald W. Philpott (HF) Mr. Harry E. Pierce (SM) Mr. James R. Pilgrim (PB)

Ms. Cynthia S. Pilipuf (SM) Mr. William F. Pine (PB) Mr. Fredrick W. Pingel (HF) Mrs. Linda S. Pittore (HF) Mr. Mario C. Pittore Jr. (HF) Mrs. Ruby Plasterer (SM) Mr. James B. Platt III (HF) Mr. Peter P. Plecinoga II (HF) Mr. Wade S. Pogany (DM) Mr. Carl R. Pohl (SM) Mr. Robert C. Politiski (PB) Mr. George C. Pollard (PB) Mr. Gary G. Porman (SM) Mr. David R. Post (DM) Mr. Michael A. Potter (SM) Mr. Noel R. Poulin (PB) Mrs. Joyce Powell (DM) Mr. James Price (HF) Mr. George E. Prichard Jr. (PB) Mr. August R. Prina (DM) Mr. Roy A. Pyles (PB) Ms. Carol Quan (SM) Mr. Cornelius J. Radu (SM) Mr. Douglas J. Randall (HF) Mrs. Roberta L. Ranger (HF) Mr. Elmer E. Ratzlaff (HF) Mr. Raymond C. Rau (PB) Mr. Donald R. Reese (DM) Mrs. Patricia A. Reese (DM) Mr. Victor O. Refalo (DM) Mr. Fred E. Reis (DM) Mrs. Linda Repp (DM) Mr. James E. Reynolds (HF) Mr. Gerald A. Rhomberg (DM) Mr. James E. Rhude (HF) Mr. Ronald D. Rice+ (SM) Mr. Benjamin P. Rich (SM) Mr. Kerry Rickert (SM) Mr. Paul B. Riepe (DM) Mr. Richard K. Rierson (HF) Mr. Ty Rimcoski (DM) Mr. Leonard W. Ritterpusch Jr. (PB) Mr. Gary Robinette (SM) Mr. James H. Robinson (PB) Ms. Maja G. Rodrigues (SM) Mr. Melvin J. Rodrigues (SM) Mr. Edwin F. Rogers III (PB) Mrs. Jeannette E. Rogers (HF) Mr. Walter O. Rogers Sr. (PB) Mr. Orrion Roisen (DM) Mrs. Doris Romero (SM) Mr. Patrick D. Rooney (HF) Mr. Robert B. Rooney Jr. (DM) Mr. Raymond T. Root (PB) Mrs. Barbara Roquet (DM)

Mr. William A. Rorech III (SM) Ms. Lynda Roscia (SM) Mr. James C. Rose (HF) Mrs. Marlene Ross (SM) Dr. Raymond F. Ross (HF) Governor Michael Rounds (SM) Mr. William Ruley (SM) Mr. George C. Russ (SM) Mrs. Pat Russell (SM) Mr. Dennis E. Ryan (SM) Mrs. P. A. Saad (SM) Mr. James Sabio (PB) Mr. David G. Sabo (DM) Ms. Hope Louise Salimore (HF) Mr. Charles P. Samples (HF) Mr. Daniel Sampson (SM) Mr. Frederic G. Sandeen (PB) Mr. Charles R. Sanders (PB) Mr. Ronald Sandler (DM) Mr. Terry Sandretto (DM) Mr. Donald R. Sarff (PB) Mr. Joseph S. Scali (SM) Mr. Tyler Schiel (SM) Mr. William A. Schindele (PB) Mr. Leonard E. Schlorman (PB) Mr. Gerald Schmidt (HF) Mr. William D. Schmidt Sr. (HF) Mr. Gerald R. Schmiedel (HF) Mr. Edward J. Schuka (PB) Mr. Hartmut Schwarz (DM) Mr. Rupert Schweinhagen (HF) Mrs. Janice L. Scislow (HF) Mr. John C. Scott Jr. (HF) Mr. Neil L. Scully (HF) Mr. Sherwood L. Seagroves (HF) Mr. David P. Seaholm (PB) Mr. Edward W. Seddon (BZ) Mr. Robert C. Seeds (SM) Ms. Alice J. Seletos (DM) Mr. William D. Shafer (DM) Mr. Jack R. Shannon Sr. (SM) Mr. Michael Shecora Jr. (SM) Mr. Henry A. Shozda (HF) Mr. Mack H. Shumate (DM) Mr. David R. Sieker (DM) Mr. Earle D. Sievwright (HF) Mr. James A. Simmons (HF) Mr. Jerry L. Simonds (DM) Mr. Louis P. Sliwiak (SM) Mr. Elwood Small (SM) Mr. Robert C. Small (SM) Mr. Craig B. Smallwood (HF) Mr. Clarence E. Smith (PB) Ms. Edna L. Smith (DM) Mr. George B. Smith Jr. (HF)

Mr. Gerald L. Smith (HF) Mrs. Sharon L. Snead (DM) Ms. Susan Snyder (SM) Mr. Michael S. Sommers (PB) Mr. Kenneth L. Spaar (DM) Mr. William A. Sparkes (HF) Mr. Lyle J. Sparks (DM) Mr. John M. Spellman (HF) Ms. Jane M. Spindler (PB) Mr. Archie E. Spring (HF) Mr. Robert J. Staffeld (PB) Mr. Theodore C. Stalker (DM) Mr. Hayden Standiferd (DM) Ms. Cailey A. Starkey (DM) Ms. Hailey M. Starkey (DM) Ms. Betty Steedley (SM) Mr. D. R. Steers (PB) Mr. Karl P. Stegmann (DM) Mr. Dennis H. Steinkamp (DM) Ms. Beatrice “Sue” Steinway (SM) Ms. Jacalyn M. Stevens (DM) Mr. James E. Stewart (PB) Mr. Mack C. Stillinger Jr. (DM) Mr. Stanley E. Stone (PB) Mr. Steve Stoner (PB) Mr. Darrell Storck (DM) Mr. Milton E. Stout (HF) Mr. Jesse D. Strang (HF) Ms. Josie D. Strang (HF) Mr. Mitchell K. Strang (HF) Mrs. Tatia K. Strang (HF) Mr. Timothy J. Stratman (DM) Mr. Lowlyn L. Stratton (HF) Mr. Charles S. Sullivan (DM) Mr. Mike Sullivan (SM) Mrs. Sarah L. Sullivan (SM) Ms. Sandy Supak (DM) Mr. Wayne E. Superchi (HF) Mr. John T. Sweet (HF) Mr. Vernon E. Swenson (DM) Mr. Joe T. Syvrud (DM) Mr. John M. Szczomak (DM) Mr. James Szep (DM) Mr. Scott A. Tackus (DM) Mr. Daniel G. Taylor (DM) Mr. Kenneth J. Taylor (DM) Mr. Martin E. Testasecca (SM) Mr. Gerald M. Thiebault (PB) Mrs. Lynne M. Thiebault (PB) Mr. Mark Thomas (HF) Mr. Jay A. Thompson (HF) Mr. Richard Thrift (SM) Mr. Mason M. Tillenga (PB) Mr. Charles W. Timmons (DM) Mr. James R. Todd (HF)

Mr. Michael E. Tomaszek (HF) Mr. Raymond J. Tourek (SM) Mr. Anthony F. Travia (HF) Mr. George H. Treisner (SM) Mr. Robert E. Trilby (SM) Mrs. Robin L. Trommler (SM) Mrs. Donna Trouette (SM) Mr. William J. Tuchek (DM) Mr. John A. Turansky (HF) Mrs. Marilyn Turner (PB) Mr. Mark J. Turner (DM) Mr. Frederick D. Ulrich. (HF) Mr. James VanZeyl (HF) Mr. Robert W. Veach (SM) Mr. Leonard E. Veilleux (PB) Mr. Carl W. Vernon (SM) Mr. Robert P. Vieira (DM) Mr. W. S. Vigus (DM) Mr. Robert J. Villa (DM) Mr. James Vincent (DM) Mr. Julian C. Vinci (HF) Mr. Frank S. Viscone (DM) Mr. Charles W. Voigts (PB) Mr. Francis Von Duerring (PB) Mr. John J. Vostrez (HF) Mr. Larry P. Wakefield (PB) Mr. John R. Waldock (DM) Ms. Cathryn Walker (SM) Mr. Don Walker (DM) Mrs. Jenni Walker (DM) Mr. John E. Wallace (SM) Mr. Mark D. Walley (DM) Mr. Gary L. Walls (DM) Mr. Sam Walzer (HF) Mrs. Helen Ward (SM) Mr. Paul Ward (HF) Mr. Noel R. Warmack (DM) Mr. G. R. Warren Jr. (DM) Mr. James E. Warren (PB) Mr. Thomas Warren (HF) Mr. Claude C. Wathen III (SM) Mr. Barry M. Watkins (PB) Mr. Shayne A. Watt (DM) Mrs. Gayle J. Webb (HF) Mr. Jack Webb (HF) Mr. Bruce K. Webster (HF) Mr. Ronald B. Welsh (DM) Mrs. Jerry A. Werner (HF) Mr. Timothy J. Whalen (DM) Mr. Everett L. Wheeler (HF) Mrs. Katherine F. White (DM) Mr. Matthew B. White (SM) Mr. Edward Whitehead (DM) Mrs. Bobby Whitley (SM) Mr. Robert Wiegel (PB)

Ms. Emilie D. Wiggall (HF) Ms. Blanche Williams (DM) Mr. William B. Williams (HF) Mr. Ralph J. Willis (SM) Mr. Robert B. Wilson+ (HF) Mr. Robert E. Wilson (PB) Mr. William M. Wiseman (DM) Mr. Harold Witherspoon (DM) Mr. Roger Wittekind (SM) Mr. Jerry L. Wittkop (PB) Mr. William C. Wolf (HF) Ms. Adelaide Wolfanger (HF) Mr. Jeffrey J. Wolfanger (HF) Mr. John M. Wolff+ (HF) Mr. Wayne Woodrum (SM) Mrs. Joan L. Worthington (PB) Mr. Lester R. Worthington (HF) Mr. Newell R. Wright Jr. (DM) Ms. Debra Wroblewski (SM) Mrs. Donna Yaden (DM) Mr. Frederick A. Yager (SM) Mr. Terumitsu Yasuda (HF) Miss Annie Yoder (SM) Mr. Jeffrey G. York (SM) Ms. Marjorie J. York (DM) Mrs. Sandra J. York (DM) Mr. Alvin V. Zach (HF) Mrs. Judy Zeman (DM) Mr. Donald Ziegenfuss (SM)

Lodge Honor Rolls
The Elks National Foundation congratulates the following Elks Lodges, which contributed $1,000 or more to the Foundation during the 2005-06 fiscal year.
Katy, TX, No. 2628 Winchester, VA, No. 867 Fredericksburg, VA, No. 875 Montpelier, VT, No. 924 Bremerton, WA, No. 1181 Sebring, FL, No. 1529 Green Cove Springs, FL, No. 1892 Pompano Beach, FL, No. 1898 Holiday Isles, FL, No. 1912 Winter Garden, FL, No. 2165 Ormond Beach, FL, No. 2193 Brandon, FL, No. 2383 Palmetto, FL, No. 2449 Palm Coast, FL, No. 2709 Rotonda, FL, No. 2710 Greater Pine Isl, FL, No. 2781 Calhoun, GA, No. 1883 Nampa, ID, No. 1389 Caldwell, ID, No. 1448 Belleville, IL, No. 481 Murphysboro, IL, No. 572 Jacksonville, IL, No. 682 Du Quoin, IL, No. 884 Lincoln, IL, No. 914 Olney, IL, No. 926 Macomb, IL, No. 1009 Pontiac, IL, No. 1019 Robinson, IL, No. 1188 Mendota, IL, No. 1212 Des Plaines, IL, No. 1526 Mc Leansboro, IL, No. 1882 Oak Lawn, IL, No. 2254 Terre Haute, IN, No. 86 New Albany, IN, No. 270 Linton, IN, No. 866 Princeton, KY, No. 1115 New Orleans, LA, No. 30 Shreveport, LA, No. 122 Brookline, MA, No. 886 Gloucester, MA, No. 892 Hudson, MA, No. 959 Wareham, MA, No. 1548 Athol-Orange, MA, No. 1837 Montague, MA, No. 2521 Crisfield, MD, No. 1044 Easton, MD, No. 1622 Oakland, MD, No. 2481 Kent Island, MD, No. 2576 Calvert, MD, No. 2620 Ocean City, MD, No. 2645 Bangor, ME, No. 244 Augusta, ME, No. 964 Rockland, ME, No. 1008 Sanford, ME, No. 1470 Biddeford-Saco, ME, No. 1597 Skowhegan-Madison, ME, No. 2531 Sebasticook Valley, ME, No. 2713 Traverse City, MI, No. 323 Hillsdale, MI, No. 1575 Flat Rock, MI, No. 1731 Duluth, MN, No. 133 Hopkins, MN, No. 2221 Springfield, MO, No. 409 Joplin, MO, No. 501 Maryville, MO, No. 760 Washington, MO, No. 1559 Festus-Crystal City, MO, No. 1721 Farmington, MO, No. 1765 West Plains, MO, No. 2418 Sainte Genevieve, MO, No. 2674 Cass County, MO, No. 2791 Asheville, NC, No. 608 Sanford, NC, No. 1679 Asbury Park-Wall, NJ, No. 128 New Brunswick, NJ, No. 324 Millville, NJ, No. 580 Middlesex, NJ, No. 1488 Cliffside Park, NJ, No. 1502 Lyndhurst, NJ, No. 1505 Ridgefield Park, NJ, No. 1506 Union, NJ, No. 1583 Livingston, NJ, No. 1855 Bordentown, NJ, No. 2085 Brick, NJ, No. 2151 Middletown, NJ, No. 2179 Jamesburg, NJ, No. 2180 Wayne, NJ, No. 2181 Hamilton, NJ, No. 2262 Tenafly, NJ, No. 2271 South Plainfield, NJ, No. 2298 Manahawkin, NJ, No. 2340 Brigantine, NJ, No. 2428 Manasquan, NJ, No. 2534 Roswell, NM, No. 969 Las Cruces, NM, No. 1119 Clovis-Portales, NM, No. 1244 Artesia, NM, No. 1717 Alamogordo, NM, No. 1897 Grants-Milan, NM, No. 2053 Pahrump, NV, No. 2796 Mesquite, NV, No. 2811 Utica, NY, No. 33 Albany, NY, No. 49 Oswego, NY, No. 271 Middletown, NY, No. 1097 Bath, NY, No. 1547 Lowville, NY, No. 1605 Carthage, NY, No. 1762

Fremont, CA, No. 2121 Punta Gorda, FL, No. 2606 Port St. Lucie, FL, No. 2658 Frederick, MD, No. 684 Salisbury, MD, No. 817 Madison, NJ, No. 1465 Greater Wildwood, NJ, No. 1896 Springfield/Hillside, NJ, No. 2004 Woodbridge, NJ, No. 2116 Lima, OH, No. 54 Mount Vernon, OH, No. 140 Wooster, OH, No. 1346 Reading, PA, No. 115



Huntsville, AL, No. 1648 Mesa-Buckhorn, AZ, No. 2656 San Francisco, CA, No. 3 San Jose, CA, No. 522 Newport Harbor, CA, No. 1767 Torrance, CA, No. 1948 Santa Clarita, CA, No. 2379 Cape Coral, FL, No. 2596 Zephyrhills, FL, No. 2731 Honolulu, HI, No. 616 Quincy, IL, No. 100 Centralia, IL, No. 493 Dixon, IL, No. 779 Waldorf, MD, No. 2421 Somerville, NJ, No. 1068 Freehold, NJ, No. 1454 Point Pleasant, NJ, No. 1698 Toms River, NJ, No. 1875 Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ, No. 2078 West Milford, NJ, No. 2236 Closter, NJ, No. 2304 Bayville, NJ, No. 2394 Lacey, NJ, No. 2518 Carlsbad, NM, No. 1558 Farmington, NM, No. 1747 Glens Falls, NY, No. 81 Watertown, NY, No. 496 Rotterdam, NY, No. 2157 Charleston, SC, No. 242 Tyler, TX, No. 215

Fairbanks, AK, No. 1551 Kodiak, AK, No. 1772 Fairfield, AL, No. 1821 Fairhope, AL, No. 1879 North Little Rock, AR, No. 1004 Scottsdale, AZ, No. 2148 Apache Junction, AZ, No. 2349 Page, AZ, No. 2498 Green Valley, AZ, No. 2592 Casas Adobes, AZ, No. 2663 San Luis Obispo, CA, No. 322 Vallejo, CA, No. 559 Pasadena, CA, No. 672 San Bernardino, CA, No. 836 Santa Maria, CA, No. 1538 Gilroy, CA, No. 1567 Carmichael, CA, No. 2103 Norwalk, CA, No. 2142 Westminster, CA, No. 2346 Yucaipa, CA, No. 2389 Mission Viejo-Sddlbk Vlly, CA, No. 2444 Thousand Oaks, CA, No. 2477 Aspen, CO, No. 224 Loveland, CO, No. 1051 Longmont, CO, No. 1055 Littleton, CO, No. 1650 Englewood, CO, No. 2122 Westminster, CO, No. 2227 Evergreen, CO, No. 2363 Middletown, CT, No. 771 Westbrook, CT, No. 1784 Wethersfield-Rocky Hill, CT, No. 2308 Dover, DE, No. 1903 Palatka, FL, No. 1232 Lakeland, FL, No. 1291 Bradenton, FL, No. 1511 Sarasota, FL, No. 1519 Fort Pierce, FL, No. 1520

Potsdam, NY, No. 2074 Liverpool, NY, No. 2348 Columbus-Grove City, OH, No. 37 Delaware, OH, No. 76 Upper Sandusky, OH, No. 83 Defiance, OH, No. 147 Kenton, OH, No. 157 Sandusky, OH, No. 285 Jackson, OH, No. 466 New Lexington, OH, No. 509 Painesville, OH, No. 549 Xenia, OH, No. 668 Athens, OH, No. 973 Marysville, OH, No. 1130 Lorain, OH, No. 1301 Port Clinton, OH, No. 1718 Duncan, OK, No. 1446 Baker, OR, No. 338 Tillamook, OR, No. 1437 Hood River, OR, No. 1507 Coquille Valley, OR, No. 1935 Keizer, OR, No. 2472 Erie, PA, No. 67 Franklin, PA, No. 110 Norristown, PA, No. 714 Washington, PA, No. 776 Pottstown, PA, No. 814 West Chester, PA, No. 853 Greenville, SC, No. 858 Murrells Inlet, SC, No. 2797 Deadwood, SD, No. 508 Brenham, TX, No. 979 Wichita Falls, TX, No. 1105 Seguin, TX, No. 1229 San Benito, TX, No. 1661 Gonzales, TX, No. 2413 St. George ‘Dixie’, UT, No. 1743 Rutland, VT, No. 345 Brattleboro, VT, No. 1499 Barre, VT, No. 1535 Springfield, VT, No. 1560 Windsor, VT, No. 1665 Tacoma, WA, No. 174 Greater Spokane, WA, No. 228 Walla Walla, WA, No. 287 Yakima, WA, No. 318 Everett, WA, No. 479 Aberdeen, WA, No. 593 Mount Vernon, WA, No. 1604 Lake City (Seattle), WA, No. 1800 Forks, WA, No. 2524

Madison, WI, No. 410 Marinette, WI, No. 1313 Torrington, WY, No. 1726


Bristol Bay, AK, No. 2687 Jasper, AL, No. 2571 Willcox, AZ, No. 2131 Tempe, AZ, No. 2251 Sun City, AZ, No. 2559 Stockton, CA, No. 218 Riverside, CA, No. 643 Glendale, CA, No. 1289 Yreka, CA, No. 1980 Corona, CA, No. 2045 Idaho Springs, CO, No. 607 Groton, CT, No. 2163 Glastonbury, CT, No. 2202 Milford, DE, No. 2401 Pensacola Beach, FL, No. 497 Tampa, FL, No. 708 Deland, FL, No. 1463 Port Charlotte, FL, No. 2153 Largo, FL, No. 2159 Hollywood West, FL, No. 2365 Cocoa Beach, FL, No. 2387 Destin, FL, No. 2688 Sebastian, FL, No. 2714 Port Orange, FL, No. 2723 Manasota, FL, No. 2734 Union City, GA, No. 1617 Toccoa, GA, No. 1820 Davenport, IA, No. 298 Grangeville, ID, No. 1825 Springfield, IL, No. 158 Bloomington, IL, No. 281 Effingham, IL, No. 1016 Princeton, IL, No. 1461 Champaign-Urbana, IL, No. 2497 Union City, IN, No. 1534 Chanute, KS, No. 806 Falmouth, MA, No. 2380 Orleans Eastham, MA, No. 2572 Cambridge, MD, No. 1272 Pontiac-Waterford, MI, No. 810 Cape Girardeau, MO, No. 639 Columbus, NE, No. 1195 Laconia, NH, No. 876 Hoboken, NJ, No. 74 Red Bank, NJ, No. 233 Nutley, NJ, No. 1290 Princeton, NJ, No. 2129 Harrison-East Newark, NJ, No. 2326

Eatontown, NJ, No. 2402 Palisades Park-Fort Lee, NJ, No. 2475 Howell, NJ, No. 2515 Egg Harbor Township, NJ, No. 2563 Albuquerque, NM, No. 461 Gallup, NM, No. 1440 Carson City, NV, No. 2177 Lockport, NY, No. 41 Cortland, NY, No. 748 Hudson, NY, No. 787 Queens Borough (Elmhurst), NY, No. 878 Freeport-Baldwin, NY, No. 1253 Cohoes-Waterford, NY, No. 1317 Beacon, NY, No. 1493 Ticonderoga, NY, No. 1494 Ellenville, NY, No. 1971 Boonville, NY, No. 2158 Sidney, NY, No. 2175 Guilderland, NY, No. 2480 Kinderhook, NY, No. 2530 Islip, NY, No. 2533 Canton, OH, No. 68 Salem, OH, No. 305 Nelsonville, OH, No. 543 Van Wert, OH, No. 1197 Cuyahoga Falls-Akron-Barberton, OH, No. 1923 Mercer County, OH, No. 2170 Ontario, OR, No. 1690 Greenville, PA, No. 145 Butler, PA, No. 170 Ashland, PA, No. 384 Indiana, PA, No. 931 Bristol, PA, No. 970 Fairless Hills, PA, No. 2023 Miscellaneous, PA, No. 8269 Rock Hill, SC, No. 1318 Knoxville, TN, No. 160 Lawrenceburg, TN, No. 2206 Houston, TX, No. 151 Harlingen, TX, No. 1889 Arlington, TX, No. 2114 Price, UT, No. 1550 Cottonwood (Murray), UT, No. 2344 Harrisonburg, VA, No. 450 Alexandria, VA, No. 758 Virginia Beach, VA, No. 2268 Burlington, VT, No. 916 Newport, VT, No. 2155 Anacortes, WA, No. 1204 Sheridan, WY, No. 520

Riverton, WY, No. 1693 Jackson, WY, No. 1713


Petersburg, AK, No. 1615 Soldotna, AK, No. 2706 Birmingham, AL, No. 79 Anniston, AL, No. 189 Bessemer, AL, No. 721 Gulf Coast, AL, No. 2782 Hot Springs, AR, No. 380 Searcy, AR, No. 2247 Sedona, AZ, No. 2291 Buckeye, AZ, No. 2686 Phoenix West, AZ, No. 2729 Sacramento, CA, No. 6 Fresno, CA, No. 439 Santa Cruz, CA, No. 824 Watsonville, CA, No. 1300 Ontario, CA, No. 1419 Burbank, CA, No. 1497 Oceanside, CA, No. 1561 Placerville, CA, No. 1712 Alturas, CA, No. 1756 Delano, CA, No. 1761 Ridgecrest, CA, No. 1913 South San Francisco, CA, No. 2091 Twentynine Palms, CA, No. 2134 Canoga Park, CA, No. 2190 Encinitas, CA, No. 2243 Yucca Valley, CA, No. 2314 Sky Forest, CA, No. 2393 Wasco, CA, No. 2419 Oceano/Five Cities, CA, No. 2504 Vacaville, CA, No. 2638 Santee, CA, No. 2698 Canon City, CO, No. 610 Florence, CO, No. 611 Fort Morgan, CO, No. 1143 Delta, CO, No. 1235 Northglenn, CO, No. 2438 Tri City, CO, No. 2541 Hartford, CT, No. 19 Putnam, CT, No. 574 Newark, DE, No. 2281 Daytona Beach, FL, No. 1141 Fort Myers, FL, No. 1288 South Miami/Coral Gables, FL, No. 1676 Delray Beach, FL, No. 1770 Vero Beach, FL, No. 1774 Lake Wales, FL, No. 1974 Plantation, FL, No. 2273

New Port Richey, FL, No. 2284 Apopka, FL, No. 2422 Jupiter, FL, No. 2469 Orange Park, FL, No. 2605 South Hillsborough, FL, No. 2672 Deep Creek, FL, No. 2763 Savannah, GA, No. 183 La Fayette, GA, No. 2018 Jesup, GA, No. 2133 Kona, HI, No. 2616 Waterloo, IA, No. 290 Atlantic, IA, No. 445 Shenandoah, IA, No. 1122 Newton, IA, No. 1270 Moscow, ID, No. 249 Lewiston, ID, No. 896 Sandpoint, ID, No. 1376 Rupert, ID, No. 2106 Mountain Home, ID, No. 2276 Joliet, IL, No. 296 Ottawa, IL, No. 588 Streator, IL, No. 591 Mount Vernon, IL, No. 819 Beardstown, IL, No. 1007 Granite City, IL, No. 1063 Benton, IL, No. 1234 Carbondale, IL, No. 1243 Chicago Northshore, IL, No. 1316 Sycamore, IL, No. 1392 Anna-Jonesboro, IL, No. 1641 Watseka, IL, No. 1791 Schaumburg-Elk Grove, IL, No. 2423 New Castle, IN, No. 484 Valparaiso, IN, No. 500 Sullivan, IN, No. 911 Hobart, IN, No. 1152 Dunkirk, IN, No. 1776 Plainfield, IN, No. 2186 Mc Pherson, KS, No. 502 Garden City, KS, No. 1404 Louisville, KY, No. 8 Ashland, KY, No. 350 Newburyport, MA, No. 909 Northampton, MA, No. 997 Newton, MA, No. 1327 Adams, MA, No. 1335 Gardner, MA, No. 1426 Winchester, MA, No. 1445 Concord, MA, No. 1479 Maynard, MA, No. 1568 Chicopee, MA, No. 1849 Tewksbury-Wilmington, MA, No. 2070 Brighton, MA, No. 2199

Cumberland, MD, No. 63 Hagerstown, MD, No. 378 Annapolis, MD, No. 622 Bowie, MD, No. 2309 Abingdon, MD, No. 2354 Severna Park, MD, No. 2482 Deale, MD, No. 2528 Lewiston, ME, No. 371 Old Town, ME, No. 1287 Flint, MI, No. 222 Cadillac, MI, No. 680 Farmington, MI, No. 1986 Alexandria, MN, No. 1685 Wadena, MN, No. 2386 Sedalia, MO, No. 125 Clinton, MO, No. 1034 Potosi, MO, No. 2218 Mineral Area Community, MO, No. 2583 Lake Taneycomo, MO, No. 2597 Jackson, MO, No. 2652 Perryville, MO, No. 2701 Corinth, MS, No. 2573 Wolf Point, MT, No. 1764 Raleigh, NC, No. 735 Burlington, NC, No. 1633 Brevard, NC, No. 1768 North Wilkesboro, NC, No. 1846 Jamestown, ND, No. 995 Mc Cook, NE, No. 1434 Dover, NH, No. 184 Littleton, NH, No. 1831 Trenton, NJ, No. 105 Jersey City, NJ, No. 211 Elizabeth, NJ, No. 289 Long Branch, NJ, No. 742 South Amboy, NJ, No. 784 Florham Park-Fairfield, NJ, No. 815 Mount Holly, NJ, No. 848 Lakewood, NJ, No. 1432 Clifton, NJ, No. 1569 Mountainside, NJ, No. 1585 West Orange, NJ, No. 1590 Pompton Lakes, NJ, No. 1895 Somerset Hills, NJ, No. 1983 Paramus, NJ, No. 2001 Keyport-Matawan, NJ, No. 2030 Passaic Valley, NJ, No. 2111 Watchung Hills, NJ, No. 2252 Hackettstown, NJ, No. 2331 Clinton, NJ, No. 2434 Edison, NJ, No. 2487 Marlton, NJ, No. 2514

Dumont, NJ, No. 2593 Silver City, NM, No. 413 Los Alamos, NM, No. 2083 Belen, NM, No. 2499 Reno, NV, No. 597 Rochester, NY, No. 24 Rome, NY, No. 96 Amsterdam, NY, No. 101 Troy, NY, No. 141 Saratoga-Wilton, NY, No. 161 Jamestown, NY, No. 263 Hornell, NY, No. 364 Ogdensburg, NY, No. 772 Malone, NY, No. 1303 Ilion, NY, No. 1444 Whitehall, NY, No. 1491 Wolcott, NY, No. 1763 Gouverneur, NY, No. 2035 Rensselaer, NY, No. 2073 Brockport, NY, No. 2110 Massapequa, NY, No. 2162 Clifton Park, NY, No. 2466 Portsmouth, OH, No. 154 Bucyrus, OH, No. 156 Ashtabula, OH, No. 208 Newark, OH, No. 391 Uhrichsville, OH, No. 424 Troy, OH, No. 833 Napoleon, OH, No. 929 Bellevue, OH, No. 1013 Greenville, OH, No. 1139 Lexington-Shelby, OH, No. 2554 Columbus North, OH, No. 2700 Salem, OR, No. 336 Bend, OR, No. 1371 Lakeview, OR, No. 1536 Springfield, OR, No. 2145 Milton-Freewater, OR, No. 2146 New Castle, PA, No. 69 Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA, No. 109 Meadville, PA, No. 219 Wilkins, PA, No. 577 West Shore, PA, No. 2257 Manila, PI, No. 761 Panama Canal R P, PN, No. 1414 Coventry-West Greenwich, RI, No. 2285 Orangeburg, SC, No. 897 Brookings, SD, No. 1490 Nashville, TN, No. 72 Fayetteville, TN, No. 1792 Dallas, TX, No. 71 Fort Worth, TX, No. 124

El Campo, TX, No. 1749 Garland, TX, No. 1984 Dalhart, TX, No. 2390 Mesquite, TX, No. 2404 Martinsville, VA, No. 1752 Arlington-Fairfax, VA, No. 2188 Woodbridge, VA, No. 2355 Seattle, WA, No. 92 Puyallup, WA, No. 1450 Oak Harbor, WA, No. 2362 Battle Ground, WA, No. 2589 Fond Du Lac, WI, No. 57 Watertown, WI, No. 666 Mannington, WV, No. 388 Clarksburg, WV, No. 482 Buckhannon, WV, No. 1736 Laramie, WY, No. 582 Casper, WY, No. 1353

During 2005-06, the Elks National Foundation received $307,489.80 in bequests. The Elks National Foundation would like to honor the following extremely generous people. Although they are no longer with us, their legacy to the future will continue to help extend our philanthropy, even in their absence. Mrs. May T. Alden Terre Haute, IN, Lodge No. 86 Mr. Martin M. Altman Santa Monica, CA, Lodge No. 906 Ms. Melanie Broderick Tualatin Valley, OR, Lodge No. 2780 Mr. Richard C. Chapman San Bernardino, CA, Lodge No. 836 Mrs. Ione Eilers Torrance, CA, Lodge No. 1948 Mr. George E. Franchere St. Joseph, MI, Lodge No. 541 Daniel and Dixie Jacobs Bishop, CA, Lodge No. 1603 Mr. Fred Jones Gardena, CA, Lodge No. 1919 Ms. Stephanie Kroplewski Cicero-Berwyn, IL, Lodge No. 1510 Mr. Jack Leslie Des Plaines, IL, Lodge No. 1526 Mr. Marshall V. Lindsey Macomb, IL, Lodge No. 1009 Mr. Ralph E. Martens Davenport, IA, Lodge No. 298 Mr. Stanley W. Nabb Omaha, NE, Lodge No. 39 Mr. Joseph P. Paulsen Miscellaneous, NY, Lodge No. 8235 Mr. James M. Scrimenti Clawson-Troy, MI, Lodge No. 2169 Mr. Roger A. Shaw Jr. Portsmouth-Chesapeake, VA, Lodge No. 82 Mr. Samuel D. Showley San Diego, CA, Lodge No. 168 Mr. Benjamin L. Stotts Pompano Beach, FL, Lodge No. 1898 Mr. Frank Zane Phoenix West, AZ, Lodge No. 2729

John F. Malley Society Honor Roll
The John F. Malley Society honors people who name the Foundation as a beneficiary of their estate, as well as those who make a lifetime gift of stock, property or insurance. Members’ names are listed in the Foundation’s Annual Report for the year they join the society. In addition, each member receives a letter of recognition, pin and medallion. The Foundation sincerely thanks these individuals who joined the John F. Malley Society during 2005-06. For more information about planned giving, visit or contact the Foundation at 773/755-4728. Mr. N. Todd Graves Mr. Robert A. Pickett Mr. Lowell D. Stephens Mr. John T. Sweet

Matching Gifts
Thank you to the companies listed here for matching gifts given by Elks, their families and friends during the 2005-06 fiscal year. These companies have generously invested in our youth, our communities and our veterans. Many employers will match gifts given to charitable organizations by employees and their spouses, even if they’re retired. To double the impact of your gift, check with your company’s Human Resources office or search for your company’s matching gift policy online at Alliant Energy Aon Corporation Bachmann Hess Bachmann and Garden PLLC Bank of America Foundation Brenner Tank LLC Edison International El Paso Electric Company First Data Corporation First Tennessee Bank JCPenney Company Fund, Inc. Key Foundation May Foundation Moody’s Corporation Oracle Corporation Pfizer Foundation St. Jude Medical The Chubb Corporation Tyco Matching Gifts Program Union Bank of California Wachovia Foundation Wal-Mart Foundation Wellpoint

Elks National Foundation
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