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'Working out with

"1 love to be in control;' says golf's leading lady Anni:ka
Sorenstam, now in her third trimester with her first child. 'i~t
during pregnancy, you're not. You have to let go and allow
body to do what it naturally needs to do."
   That's not easy for Annika, 38, who's had a firm grip omJfte
LPGA tour since she began rocketing drives off tees back inth€
early '90s. Sincethen she's won 89tournaments, including a  "p-
ping 10 majors. Today, retired from golf, Annika is setmf~her
sites on the thankless sport of parenthood. "It's the most natural
thing to give birth-but when it happens to your body, itf€els
really unnatural!"
    To deal with her rapidly changing state, Annika and,
Kai Fusser developed a prenatal workout to keep her
tuned body as firm as a m-e iron. "Annika has been thtunost
dominant female golfer in history and was twice giveIJiit         t
Female Athlete ESPYAwarrl/' Fusser says proudly. "5he'
 "Lunges are great for general leg strength as well as balance. I've gained weight with
        the pregnancy, so I need to offset that weight gain with leg strength."


                                                        Start in the lunge position and lower and raise the body
                                                        without pushing back to the starting position. Your knee
                                                        should not travel in front of your foot. Stay focused on keeping
                                                        your spine straight. Go up and down in a standing still position.
                                                        Alternate legs. Do 6-1 a reps for 2 or 3 sets.

s uats
                                    Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Engage your abs and shift your hips back.
                                    Keep your knees over your feet. Go down slowly and then back up again as if you
                                    were sitting on and getting up from a chair. In fact, if you're a little worried about
                                    your balance, you might think about putting an actual chair behind you. I do this
                                    holding a 1a-pound weight to increase the load. Do 6-1 a reps for 2 or 3 sets.

 "I try to focus on the glutes during each
 workout. It helps with getting familiar
 with my unbalanced body!"
standingjockey                                         row
"This has been a favorite from the beginning of my pregnancy-it's      good for legs,
  back, chest, arms, shoulders-and   it's a great exercise to prevent hunchback."

                                        Standing up, hold the cable (or exercise band) about chest high and horizontal.
                                        With a loose grip, pull in toward your belly button while rolling your shoulders
                                        back, which takes pressure off your chest. To connect your abs to this exercise,
                                        alternate flexing each knee. Do 6-1 0 reps for 2 or 3 sets.

standing                   lat Q_ul_ld_o_w_o_n                                                                                       _
                                   "A really good upper-body exercise-kind of a varia-
                                   tion of a pull-up. There's no twisting or much stomach
                                   movement, and it's very good for the back."

                                                                             Stand up with a wide grip bar above you (you
                                                                             can also use an exercise band). With a loose
                                                                             grip, pull the bar down and in toward your
                                                                             chest and draw your shoulders back at the
                                                                             same time. This is a good exercise for those in
                                                                             the later stages of pregnancy. Do 6-10 reps
                                                                             for 2 or 3 sets.

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  Qush-up_s                                                                                                                                 _
                                                    "When I was training for the tour, I used to do these
                                                    on the ground with 50 lb. weights on my back! It's
                                                    different now, of course. There's less arm pushing
                                                    and more abdominal strengthening."

                                                                                         This is basically a push-up against the wall
                                                                                         rather than on the floor. Stand arms' length
                                                                                         away from the wall, so that your hands are
                                                                                         touching it. Keep your body straight. Engage
                                                                                         your abs, and then allow your body to lower
                                                                                         into the wall, feeling your arms and shoulders
                                                                                         as well. When you push back off the wall, en-
                                                                                         gage your abs again by drawing in your belly
                                                                                         button. Do 6-10 reps for 2 or 3 sets.

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  twistin                  curl to overhead
  "This is great overall for your arms
  and biceps, and it's a terrific golfing
 . exercise! It also contains roughly
   half of what golf is-shoulders,
   arms, posture, and balance."

                                  Start with a 3-pound dumbbell    loosely gripped in one hand behind your hips, with your palm
                                  facing back. As you extend your arm to the ceiling, twist as you start curling up, and end with
                                  your palm raised and facing forward. Lower the weight slowly with the reverse motion. Do 1
                                  or 2 sets of 12 reps on each side.

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