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									                                   Empire Builders Blueprint

Brendon:                                              have to create something for them. In this
                                                      industry we have to build a relevant brand,
Here is the framework of this entire weekend          which I will re-define for most of you today,
that I built this entire weekend around. I’m going    based on our Woe to Win Story, which I will
to teach you a couple of things here, very simple     describe.
and very basic.
                                                      We have to create something for them to buy; a
One, I’m going to teach, there are 12 things          product or a program, like a seminar or a
here, but there are four buckets within it.           workshop or a speech, or a coaching program.

First, I taught you that you have got to relate and   Then once we have created that, we have got to
create, right. So I’m going to teach you to relate    create an infrastructure, something that is a
with your audience differently, by targeting your     business, a way to operate and sell. Maybe you
customer, understanding their buyer behavior,         have done this process before in some way, but
determining key value levers. That's the first        it was ad hoc, and you didn't know how it was to
piece.                                                be you organized.

The first piece is teaching you to relate, because    So no matter where you are at, if you are
I thought well, how do we begin the expert            extremely advanced, you’re going to love this
journey? Well, the expert journey is knowing          today. If you’re just starting you’re going to love
your customer. It's, you have your passion, you       it also; it's the same journey that we are all on.
have the things you love, but you have a              We are all in the same journey.
passion to serve somebody.
                                                      It's about, who we want to serve, how we relate
Once you know who that somebody is, you go            and understand them and what we create for
and you say here's my customer I understand           them. Once we have done that, we enter work
their buying behavior and what they buy. I            stream two, which is, now we have to campaign
understand what I call their key value levers         it.
don't worry I will break this all out.
                                                      We have catered it its awesome. We know it will
That's what this weekend is all about.                serve, now we have got to get it out to the world,
                                                      we have to campaign, we have to campaign.
Once we relate it to them in a way we
understand them and their needs and their             So what do we do? We have got to build
ambitions, now we know how to serve them.             specific promotions. We have to get some
Once we understand how to serve them, we              partners behind us. We have got to send out all

that see how it works and fine tune. Then we             Guess what, I came up with a webinar for that.
have got to follow up to keep bringing them              So I had my five things.
down into the funnel, into the business. That's
the whole piece about campaigning.                       Then those five things became the eight things,
                                                         that I told you about earlier, the eight things
Then the last piece to all this is monetizing it,        highly paid experts do, and I made a couple of
understanding how to build the business with it.         hundred thousand dollars off of teaching that. It
So it's making sure that we are doing specific           was like, wow, that's really valuable, but there's
things to help the industry understand your              more.
excellence points.
                                                         So you keep thinking, what else, what else, what
It's making sure that once they come into the            else, what else, and then boom, here's the
funnel, we keep sailing deeper, but at some              whole picture, beginning to end.
point, as I showed you with digging that
opportunity pool with Partnership Seminar, at            That's a powerful thing to do in your frameworks
some point I have sailed as deep as I can there,         too, the beginning to end that you are
I need to broaden my services, where Experts             sequencing intelligently that when you wrote
Academy comes into play.                                 down leadership, there is a reason that's one.

So that's what you are all doing, is you are going       There is a reason that's two. There is a reason
to figure out, okay, we are going to teach you to        that's three. There is a reason that's four.
find your customer, create something specific for        There is a reason that's five. You explain that to
them.                                                    people why you have to have that in that order,
                                                         for example, but it all begins with your
Once we do that, we are going to teach you how           frameworks, which is what we will be covering
to campaign, get your message out to the world,          after lunch. Cool.
and we are going to show you how to monetize
it over and over and over again, so that you             Audience:      Yes.
don't have these troughs, instead you just have
a steady build, a steady build.                          Brendon:

Will I and everyone in this room have ups and            How many people had a great framework just
downs, yes or no?                                        come in your mind as you are writing this down?
                                                         Say yes.
Audience: Yes.
                                                         Audience:      Yes.
Totally. We will always have those. Now we
can be more intelligent about where those come           Do you like that opportunity? All you have to do
into play and understand why they happen.                is sit down, create, create, create, and then you
That will be in the monetizing piece too.                just have to piece it together with your
                                                         framework. Then you have to send it out to the
So there is my framework, because I thought,             world.
okay, how do we take someone who is starting,
or even advanced, what are my five keys, and             Let them know it's important and it's powerful for
that's how I started. I thought, what's the five         them, and monetize it, which we’re going to
keys for building an expert empire?                      teach.


At the basic again is, positioning with you and            Brendon:
your content, packaging, which we talked about,
piecing altogether, and then promoting it                  At some point you just decide, this is my day.
intelligently.                                             Today is the day that I take all this information
                                                           and finally start putting it in practice. Because,
Can you all do this, yes or no?                            when I teach you this framework this afternoon, I
                                                           can teach you the process and I can show you
Audience:      Yes.                                        the interconnectivity.

Brendon:                                                   I can show you everything, but if you don't come
                                                           from a perspective of deep desire that says I
You just wrote down the 5 keys to something, in            must learn this, I must learn this now, and then
what, 30 seconds. What if you focused a day or             we are never going to get the heart of you out
two in creating that was 30 seconds. What if               into the world.
you spend a day or two, a week, a month, two
months or a year in your area and you came up              That's what I want for you. I want you to decide
with the killer framework?                                 that this is your day, that it is your time. Say it's
                                                           my time.
If you heard none of these frameworks were that
powerful or advanced, well E-6 my leadership               Audience:      It's my time.
framework, isn't that whiz-bang, but the way I
put it together was.                                       Brendon:

It’s the same with Stephen Covey's work; Tony's            Before we leave I’m going to do a little activity
work and with Fortune 500 organizations they’re            with you, of just getting you back engaged. I
piecing it together intelligently and strategically.       want you to commit everyday that you hear
                                                           today is that day, that it is your time, because
At the end of the day though, you all created that         nothing is preventing you from doing this.
in, what, 30 seconds each, so do you
understand the power of -- this is why we have             Once you have all the tools and techniques, it's
got to get you back to your roots as creators.             just your own mind. How many people are
                                                           ready to mess with their minds? Say yes.
That was probably for some of you more time
that you spent thinking about a topic than you             Audience:      Yes.
spend months, because you are running the
race. We have got to get you back to your                  Brendon:
quarter. Say I’m a creator.
                                                           It's your time to do that anyway. So here's what
Audience:      I’m a creator.                              we are going to do before we take a break. Let
                                                           me explain to you how the break is going to
Brendon:       Creators, is this your time?                work, but when we leave, here's what we are
                                                           going to do every time we leave this room.
Audience:      Yes.
                                                           I will have you all stand up and make a
Brendon:       Is this your time?                          declaration, a public declaration, that this is your
                                                           day, a very public declaration.
Audience:      Yes.
                                                           So we’ll all stand up. I will start clapping, you
                                                           will keep up with me as we clap, and then I will
                                                           march. Then I’m going to have you reach back


cyclically for yourselves and grab that thing that            world is going to be like -- because that's why
you have put back here.                                       you won't make any money.

What I mean by that is, all of us put certain                 You have got to take your information, your
things on hold, mentally, physically, in the real             knowledge, your passion and today is the day so
world, we put this thing on hold because we                   put it out.
think well, I have got to wait till I have credibility,       Can you do that, yes?
or I have got to wait till the timing is right, I have
got to wait, so we put this thing.                            So I’m curious to hear some insights that you
                                                              might have had, an idea, or just a lesson you
    •    Maybe it's a topic for you.                          took, you’re like that clicked for me.
    •    Maybe it's that book.
    •    Maybe it's that seminar.                             What did you learn here today? I’m curious to
    •    Maybe it's that product you know you                 hear a few shout-outs. What's your name?
         could create in a weekend, if you just
         focus.                                               Andre:      My name is Andre.

It's that thing, it's that desire, it's that dream, and       Brendon: Oh everyone say hey, Andre!
I want you to grab that thing. I want you to be
just fired up about grabbing this thing and                   Audience: Hey Andre!
putting it back into the world today.
So what we will do is, we will clap and we will
march, but then we will reach the back, and we                What I learned today is that, you are really real.
are going to grab this with real raw emotion                  I deal with a lot of fake people but you are really
inside. Like oh, I want to get this out to the                real. I’m learning that I should have been a
world. So we will be like oh, and then we are                 millionaire a long time ago. It is my fault.
going to tell the world, today is the day.
There are two ways to do it.
                                                              Wow, for Andre. Good man 1- 2- 3 that was
    1. One is to go through the motions.                      good! You sucked the energy from behind me
                                                              and -- that was great. You guys rock.
    2. The other one is to put it in your body
       and be committed to this.                              Yes, back over to this side. I’m sorry we’ll reach
                                                              somewhere else. Yes. Put your hands up.
Because, at the end of the day, if you have all               Yes, over here. Right here. What's your name?
the tools and techniques, but you can't get your
ass out of bed, because you’re not deeply                     Raul:       My name is Raul.
committed to it, it won't happen. Agreed- yes or
no?                                                           Brendon: Everybody say hey Raul!

Audience:      Yes.                                           Audience: Hey Raul!

Brendon:                                                      Brendon: Say with me once more, hey Raul!

We have got to get to that place. So we will                  Audience: Hey Raul!
clap, we will march, we will be like oh, today is
the day and we will toss it. When you toss it, the


Raul:                                                       Marc:

Hey, back to you. What I learned obviously is, I            I learned a lot. I thought I knew what I was
already have everything that I need, the                    doing until I came into the seminar. You know I
knowledge, and just listening to you talking                do this too, but it's amazing and it was worth it.
about the diagram and the framework, and I’m
ready, I’m so ready. It's just so ridiculously like         Brendon:
doable. That's what I meant.
                                                            Yes, I hope one thing that comes out for
Brendon:        For Raul 1- 2- 3 say it's my time?          everybody is the realization of, the more playful
                                                            you are, the more people can develop a rapport
Audience:       It's my time.                               with you. They will feel that they will scope that
                                                            out so quickly, it's just like there is energy behind
Brendon:                                                    it and you will feel it pull for them.

You all got it its just time to put it together. Yes,       Like sometimes when I get -- I remember I had a
in the back.                                                private mastermind in January with some of our
                                                            Center Ring and Empire Group members.
Marc:           Marc Ostrofsky
                                                            I got too hard with one group member in front of
Brendon:        Hey, what's up Marc?                        the group and I felt the energy go, like why are
                                                            you doing that, because it wasn't my natural
Audience:       Hey Marc!                                   state, it wasn't my natural thing.

Marc:                                                       But I was doing it to get a certain reaction, but at
                                                            the same time its like, when people don't feel
I learned from you that you had a seminar on                that natural thing, there is like this pull away, that
how to get sponsorships, and you said you really            you actually feel up here. If that happens over a
ought to come to my seminar Mark; that's when               period of time, a day, two or three it's just like
we met with Rick Frishman.                                  you are drained.

I saw you in   Calgary last week and you said you           I meet so many people in this industry who --
really ought   to come to the seminar so I came.            they can't do four days. They can't even do a
Until today     when you said I have another                one day workshop, and one of the reasons is
seminar on     how to raise money. You tricked              because they never learned to use their body or
me.                                                         their vocals in the right way. They never learned
                                                            to us their voice that can help them get through
Brendon:                                                    four days.

I will teach you that process later on today.               I mean, some people lose their voice after an
Marc, what else did you learn this morning?                 hour on the phone.           Has anyone ever
                                                            experienced that? So what we have to do is
Marc:           Excuse me say it again.                     teach you to use your voice more intelligently,
                                                            which you will learn this weekend.
                                                            If you are just being you, it's just like, boom, it's
What else did you learn this morning?                       unbelievable, the open. The more you learn to
                                                            open, the more people will respond to you and
                                                            come in. It's the most extraordinary thing. It's


one of the rare industries where that is always           It was the end of this year, and all my friends
true.                                                     were going to some big fancy job or some cool
                                                          summer internship or camp, and we didn't have
Even I have friends who teach really difficult            any money, so I’m just going to go home and
topics. I have a friend who teaches women to              work.
overcome the challenges; psychologically they
face after being raped, very intent.                      I knew that she was going to be back home, so I
                                                          thought I don't want to have to run into this
So I’m curious to hear some of the insights that          person. It was challenging that whole year,
you might have had, an idea, or just a lesson             because she was in one of my classes when we
you took, you are like, ah, that clicked for me.          had broken up.
What did you learn here today? I’m curious to
hear a few shout-outs, and so open, and yes,              The challenge was, she was sitting right in front
still playful.                                            of me, and I was like, it's just right there, you are
                                                          praying for it, like right there, it was just a
You think about what your -- I don't know what            horrible semester.
your particular message is, my message
requires me to be like this. It's a requirement,          At the end I remember, last day of school or so
it's not an, if it's, I owe it to this message so         I’m looking at this school newspaper and there
much to be this way.                                      was this big ad in the school newspaper, it said,
                                                          summertime job in the Dominican Republic.
I mean, my story was, I’m a 19-year-old kid at
the University of Montana. I just went through a          It had one of those palm trees and the white
very dramatic first year in college. I went to            sandy beach thing going on. I was like, I don't
college, wasn't sure if it was the right college,         know where the Dominican Republic is, but I
but I went there because my lady was going                know it's not in Montana, and I need to get the
there, and her and I thought we were going to             hell out of here.
get married one day.
                                                          So I end up getting in the flight, I go down there,
So we go to college, and of course, in the first          and I end up taking a job. I basically become
couple of months we start realizing there is a big        kind of like a tour guide for this transportation
world out there, challenge happens in the                 company, while I was down there.
relationships, and by the end of the semester,
and by the end of that first year, she was not            I will never forget, one night we were returning
being faithful.                                           from a client's house, and my friend Kevin and I
                                                          were driving; my friend Kevin is driving, and we
It was a horrible break-up and I’m this high in           were cruising down this road, it's a little past
self-esteem. I’m just completely broken down              midnight, we are going down this road, 85 miles
and having the worst time in my life. For the first       an hour, down this long stretch, this blacktop
time in my life I was having depression, and for          road they just paved in the Northeast side of an
the first time in my life I was thinking about            island.
ending life.
                                                          We are cruising down 85 miles an hour, all the
It was the worst several months I have ever had.          windows are down, life is coming in. There is all
I managed to get through the end of the year,             this energy. I’m starting to feel decent again.
and I remember sitting there reading the school
newspaper just thinking, I’ve got to get out of           I’m coming out of my funk a little bit, and there is
here.                                                     this energy in the car, there is this weird fanatic
                                                          good energy. We’re feeling good; we’re singing
                                                          our favorite song is on the radio.


                                                                      Have I been vibrant, cheerful, joyous
We’re blaring it out and singing.           All the                    and open?
windows, the wind, it's just like this magical thing
and we were going down this road.                                     Have I really lived life, not did I live my
                                                                       spouse's life, my parent's life, my
Then we came upon a corner that in the United                          professors' life, or my peers' life, but did
States would have had one of those big yellow                          I live my life?
U-turn shaped arrow signs, slow down, 15 miles
an hour, watch out but this corner didn't have a               Do you want to know, it's so bad; I always say,
sign, developing country.                                      it's like, it aches in your bones, you want to know
                                                               it that bad. Did I live? So for me every day is
That corner became the turning point in my life,               like man, I have got to live here I have got to be
because we round that corner, going 85, and we                 alive.
are just like -- it was so obvious, because we are
cruising down and all we saw in front of us was                That's why it's so easy for me to be open and
just the black road and the headlights and then                playful, because like, my message requires me
it's kind of the bushes and the greenery going                 to be like this; its like did I live?
by, 85 miles an hour, and all of a sudden the
headlights go off the road.                                    I remember that question went off in my mind in
                                                               the car accident, and I hated the answer at that
Kevin just screams Brendon, hold on. He grabs                  time. It was like, did I live kind of thing, boom,
the wheel and he cranks on it. I can still see this            we hit this thing, pop up in the air.
all the time. He grabs the wheel, Brendon, hold
on, trying to negotiate the corner. But we were                I remember as we jumped, we popped up in the
going too fast, so the car fishtails out, and we               air and went over this ridge, and we started
start sliding off the road.                                    floating in the air, it was like this weightlessness,
                                                               as the car is craning over this ridge.
If you have ever been in the situation of an
accident before, you know this weird slow                      I remember the series of images that I saw that
motion thing goes on, right? It was like the slow              were very revealing about what's important in
motion thing. This thing starts sliding off the                life. I saw these images -- how they say at the
road, and all of a sudden, bang.                               end of your life, you are going to see a movie.
                                                               Well, it wasn't like the movie I thought it was
We hit this little retainer wall they had built for a          going to be.
nearby sugarcane field, a little irrigation ditch
along the side of the road. Boom, 85 miles an                  I always thought you would see little Brendon
hour. These things started happening to me that                growing up and running around friends and
-- it's why I’m here, that's why I can be who I’m              experiencing family, friends and things like that.
today, and it was just -- it's just the powerful set
of questions that happen to me.                                I didn't see myself in the movie at all actually.
                                                               What I saw for me was what really happened in
That first question when you are in death's                    my life. But very specific times. It was the times
doorway, when you are at the very end, if you                  in my life when I was surrounded by people I
have a second of cognition, a second of thought,               love, was in love with, people I cared for.
the first thing you wonder is, did I live?
                                                               It wasn't like I thought, there is little Brendon,
       If this is it, if this is the end, have I really       sitting behind a birthday cake and all his friends
        lived my life?                                         and his mom singing that song. It's wasn't me
       Have I been fully alive?                               and my little sister swinging over there, having a


good time,     instead    it   was   through   my         I look over, and he has got blood all down his
perspective.                                              face and neck and arm.            There's blood
                                                          everywhere on him, and it scared me, and he
I saw the cake in front of me, all my friends             said, get out, get out, get out. He is calling out
gathered around me, and my mom singing that               the window on his side of the car. I don't know,
goofy song she sings on birthdays. It wasn't my           is the car on fire, I don't know what's going on,
sister and I there, it was just, I could see my           I’m completely freaking out.
sister's eyes just looking back at me and
connecting.                                               I go to crawl on my side, but the problem is, as
                                                          soon as I turned that way, I realized this side of
It was just these moments, all these series of            the car is completely smashed down, the whole
moments like that, when I was surrounded by               car is smashed down on top of me, and all that's
love, when I was surrounded by people I cared             in front of me is this little opening in the
for.                                                      windshield.

It makes you ask this question at the end of, did         Somehow I managed to pull myself through the
I love? Did I love openly and honestly or                 windshield of this car and I stand up on the
completely, or did I shut down at some point and          hood. I will never forget it, because I looked
build a barricade or a wall or put on a face, or          down, there's blood on me everywhere it's just
whatever the metaphor is? You want to know,               oozing off of me.
did I really love, I mean really, because I hadn't.
I had built up a wall.                                    It's coming down on my sandals, on the hood of
                                                          the car, on the crumpled hood of this car, and
I went through that horrible breakup and I was            there's blood everywhere.
closed off, not just to life, but to love. I was
closed off to caring enough for people because I          I remember– I’m a 19-year-old kid, not knowing
was so scared of getting hurt.                            life can end, and this fear kind of shoots down
                                                          through my body, like oh my God, this is it, life
I built up all these bridges and walls, and you           can end, and I feel the energy just kind of
know how it goes when you build up a bridge               draining out of my body.
and wall to keep out the bad guys who else can't
get in? The good guys.                                    Then it just happened to be, I just was looking
                                                          down, and something caught my eye. There
That's the problem of blocking things off is, you         was a glint in this blood, and the glint -- kind of
might do it to protect yourself, but nothing good         something sparkling in the blood that was
can come in anymore.                                      coming off of the hood of the car, from my body,
                                                          I looked down and I saw this little glint. It made
       That second question was did I love?              me look up and there was this bright, big,
       Did I make a difference?                          beautiful moon that night.
       Did I connect with somebody?
       Did I really give that love?                      One of those moons, its so bright it kind of
                                                          emanates in the darkness, the sky, just the blue.
I hadn't. Then boom, the car hits the ground and          This thing was going on, and it just took me by
we rolled several times, and I got knocked out.           awe.
When I came to, Kevin was screaming,
Brendon, get out of the car, get out of the car,          I remember this fear shot down, faith came right
get out of the car, and he screamed at the top of         back up, and it was like, wow, I felt this
his lungs.                                                incredible awe and an appreciation that I was
                                                          still here. It was like I’m here.


I looked up, and I remember feeling that at that            point, and that was powerful for me, because I
exact moment the big guy upstairs had reached               hadn't chosen this life yet.
down and handed me life's golden ticket. Here
you go kid, you are still alive, you can still love,        Maybe that message chose me, maybe I
and you can still make a difference, but now you            attracted to it, or maybe whatever ended up
better get busy, because now you know the                   happening, I think it was a blessing.
clock is ticking.
                                                            I got that second chance. I wake up every
This incredibly powerful thing I had in those last          morning I’m like, this is my second chance. I get
-- I mean, my energy was draining down, I                   to be a little more alive today. I have got to
remember looking down that last question of, did            make sure I love today.
I matter?
                                                            I’ve got to make sure I make a difference today.
       When life is draining away at the end,              When I go to bed tonight, when I go to bed
        you wonder, did I matter?                           tonight, every night, every night when I go to
       Did I make a difference?                            bed, I sit there and I think, did I live today, did I
       Did I change something?                             love today, did I matter today?

For me, again, the selfish undirected lack of               It's not always yes, because I also have bad
purpose, 19-year-old kid, I never knew much                 days like anybody else, but it's the nights that I
about that and I just -- I hated the answer to that         can say yes to all three of those questions,
question.                                                   those are the nights that I sleep the best.

       Did I live?                                         It became this thing for me that was important at
       Did I love?                                         the time, a 19-year-old kid and then boom, I
       Did I matter?                                       went out and it's like, okay, I’m going to live. I’m
                                                            going to love. I’m going to make a difference.
The answer was no, on all of them for me. I just
remember having this profound experience, I                 I really freaked my friends out when I went back
just got that ticking, and I said I will earn this.         to college, because I showed up a whole
                                                            different guy. I was way more vibrant, way more
I take it very seriously. When I wake up each               passionate, way more playful, way more goofy,
morning, that's my second chance, this is my                than I had ever been, because I said, I want to
second chance, everyday is my second change.                live.
We all get second chances. Every morning you
wake up, it's a second chance to be more of who             I think we all have that compelling thing inside
you are.                                                    us, which is, I want to enjoy this. I want to be
                                                            here. I want to be present. I want to be
It's another chance for you to do the things that           engaged. The only thing stopping us from that
you care for. It's another chance for you to                is what; ourselves, and I got that.
connect with that loved one that you care so
much about. It's another chance for you to start            Then here I was, at the time, trying to figure out
over. It's another chance – everyday, it's not              how to get over this emotionally and physically,
just second chance, it's every chance, every                and I was pretty physically damaged; and I will
moment we get that choice.                                  tell you that story later.

It's such a blessing. It's one of the few things we         I ended up happening to go from my town,
really see universally, is that power of freewill, in       Missoula, to Great Falls, where my parents
which we can choose the second chance at any                were. I had to go over the mountain; the


Rockies go through there so the gates of the                 At the end, they can say, yeah, that's kind of
mountains are there basically.                               what they think about. They think about, did I
                                                             really live? Did I really love? Did I make a
I have to go up 5,000 feet, down 5,000 feet                  difference?
basically. It's a three-hour drive through the
mountains, it’s gorgeous and that's what I had to            I just went through this experience with my dad
do every weekend for rehab.                                  in June. It was extraordinarily, extraordinarily
                                                             profound. I mean, here I was here in San
Every weekend I’m going home and I’m just                    Francisco, had 400 people, we had 30 some
thinking and trying to process, and get over this            countries, I guess, we had people from around
whole situation, emotionally and physically at               the world, but more importantly, it was like the
some point.                                                  first public Experts Academy we did was in
One day, I’m watching television and I’m paying
attention to the television, and all of a sudden             The night before the program began; I get the
here's this guy on TV saying, I can change your              call from my parents saying that the second
life.                                                        treatment of chemotherapy for my father didn't
                                                             work. He had been, one week he is playing, he
I’m like that guy is so cool, look how alive he is.          is healthy and happy and just no problem.
Then the music drops down, he is loved, he is
loving and you’re going to make a difference; I’m            I mean, he is 69-year-old man, could still be a
like, what?                                                  24-year-old in a racquetball court. He is in great
                                                             shape, no problem.
I put my second charge on my credit card ever,
and boom this little thing comes up, 30 Days to              One day he wakes up with side ache that
Personal Power, Tony Robbins.                                persists throughout the day. Mom makes him
                                                             go to the hospital the next day. He goes to the
I’m driving over the mountains and listening to              hospital and they say you have acute myeloid
this over and over again, it's like I knew that live,        leukemia, very advanced.
love and matter were really important to me, but
now I’m starting to unlock the emotions behind it            White blood cell count for average ordinary
to really live that way.                                     person is 10,000-15,000. What happens with
                                                             leukemia is your body starts creating all this
Then I just went out on a further journey than               from the bone marrow.
those tapes, and then I went on a further
journey, and a further journey, within, without,             Your bone marrow kind of goes wacky and it
learning from all different people. All of a                 starts creating all these stem cells that are
sudden I said, you know what, I’m going on all of            unhealthy, that the white blood cell counts now
those journeys, but at some point I just need to             start pumping way up, but they are unhealthy
live this stuff.                                             white blood cell counts, so they basically block
                                                             your blood from doing anything effective they
Then I had this message too, I thought, if those             are supposed to do in your body.
are the three questions we ask at the end; I don't
know if it's that way for everybody, but I have              My dad, when he goes in, his white blood cell
been blessed to teach this to hundreds and                   count is 700,000. So we get the call, your dad
thousands of people around the world, and most               has seven days to live. This is the day before
people have been near death or have been with                the event, practically, because now they have
somebody in hospice for example.                             gone     through    the    chemotherapy,    the
                                                             chemotherapy didn't work.


The day before Experts Academy they say, we                  it's about delivering it. There is something in you
are sending him home for hospice. It was just                that has been a natural tendency.
like, oh my God! So I get through Experts
Academy, at least present, and just be there for             There is something within all of us that is more
the audience as much as I can, but I’m going                 playful than we usually display, because we are
home.                                                        so scared of getting hurt, so we build up the
                                                             bridge a little bit and then who can't get in?
I’m calling my parents and calling my lady and               Good guys.
I’m trying to figure these things out. Totally
brutal time of life but when I get there dad is              But guess what, the good stuff can't get out
totally okay. He is okay, which is so bizarre,               either, because everybody in this room, I would
because he had been healthy a week or two                    love to give -- if I can give a gift, it's, that when
earlier and all of a sudden boom, he is not.                 we all leave here, that no matter what we come
                                                             up with; tools and techniques and strategies and
When it was diagnosed -- from my father's death              how you are going to run your earlier business, if
-- from his diagnosis to his death was 50 days. I            you could all just leave here and feel like you are
mean, it was so fast, healthy, not.                          living a little more.

He went through chemotherapy for that piece. It              Like you are just going to let go a little bit and be
didn't work. He went through chemotherapy                    a little alive and a little more vibrant, and you left
again, didn't work. I get the call to go out there.          here and you really cared about the people you
I have no idea what to expect, because on the                were serving.
phone he is just dad. Everything is cool, no
problem son, how are you doing, how is that                  If you’re an expert and you have all this
seminar.                                                     knowledge, but you don't care about how people
                                                             are taking it in, and how they are making a
Then I go out there and he is still happy about it,          difference with it, the connection isn't going to be
and I’m like, he is fine. He is surprised, but he is         there for you, you won't sustain.
fine, and he is blowing my mind. Then I start
talking with him and you just get the sense that             In the end, if you’re not doing it for service as we
he really felt like he lived his life. He is like I’m        talked about, to matter or make a difference, you
okay with this. I have lived.                                will run out of gas.

I teach about this, but it was just like seeing at           I know a lot of people who do that. They come
the end, and being like content. He loved us all.            in, boom, get rich quick in the seminar industry
We were all there at the end. We got to spend                or in the speaking industry or somewhere, and in
the last 12 days with him. He really felt like he            four or five years they have to go travel to India
made a difference.        He knew he made a                  to find themselves, because they made all this
difference to rest of the kids, and it was just so           money.
powerful, it was like oh.
                                                             Then they go somewhere to find themselves
So I talk about live, love and matter, but when              without realizing, part of the reason they lost
you see it at the end in somebody, and they get              themselves is because they didn't connect
to have their final days in the place of peace,              themselves really to what they were doing in the
because they really did that, it's powerful. In my           first place. Does that make sense?
life, I don't have a choice but to be like this. It's
my message.                                                  It's like, so we all have this message and it's
                                                             about, okay, you got to get that message out
You have a message too. There is something in                there, but you have to do it authentically you.
you that you have been told to deliver, and now


I’m compelled by my story to live, to be fully
alive.                                                     Brendon:

I’m compelled to care more than other people.              How many people are in this because you know
I’m compelled to really try and make a                     you can make a difference to someone's life or
difference. That's my thing. That was the gift             somebody's business? Say yes.
that I was given, so I had this gift and then I
thought, okay, well, how do I get this gift out?           Audience:     Yes.

How do I tell people about these three                     Brendon:
messages, because isn't it true, we all have a
second chance, don't you agree?                            Everybody in the room. So now it's about, okay,
                                                           we know that, now what do we need to do? This
Audience:       Yes.                                       afternoon is about what you need to do. I want
                                                           to show you what happens when you actually do
Brendon:                                                   it and how fast it can happen.

I feel like I have the second chance, and                  I want you to get really associated with this
everyday we get the second chance, I’m like,               framework and understand the power, because
gosh, I have the second chance. I have got to              I’m going to ask you to do it when you go home
get out to the world. Then it's well, how? Then I
start going to all these seminars to learn how to          So this framework, I will put this up a little quick.
do this, and some of them are serving, some of             Are you still here? Say I’m here.
them are not.
                                                           Audience:       I’m here.
I start seeing all these myths played out, and I
start thinking, I’m going to have to wait until I’m        Brendon:
90 or retired to finally get this message out, and
I thought, there has to be a better way. There             This is not just a framework I create because it's
must be a better way that this industry has not            cute and it's conceptual, this is my decade
figured out to teach people.                               journey to figure out, how do I actually get this
                                                           message out, and how do I get it out for --
I’m not coming from a flipping standpoint and              specifically for me at the time my message was,
saying, there is something wrong with the                  did I live, did I love, did I matter, that's what was
industry, rather just saying, you know what,               important to me, was getting that message out.
there is something more there, and if we can just
learn to piece it together for people, that they           Let me share with you what happens when you
could follow, people will do it.                           follow this, and if you follow with the spirit, the
                                                           intent and the persistence that I’m going to talk
       People are smart.                                  about this weekend, because how many people
       People are caring.                                 in the room, you know your message is
       People already -- if you are attracted to          powerful.
        this business, you already want to live,
        yes.                                               You know that you can change lives. It's just
                                                           about being persistent enough with a workable
Audience:       Yes.                                       plan to make it happen. How many people feel
                                                           that way? Everybody, yes?
Brendon:        You all want to care deeply, yes.
                                                           Audience:       Yes.
Audience:       Yes.


Brendon:                                                    not completionists; therefore,          they    start
                                                            something but don't complete it.
We are all there. Are you still here?
                                                            I saw all these friends of mine -- a lot of my
Audience:        Yes.                                       friends dropped out of college, which is -- I’m not
                                                            saying college is the path or not, it's just like, if
Brendon:                                                    the youth are going there and they are spending
                                                            their money or their parents' money, we should
So if we do this, here's what the coolest stuff             do a much better damn job preparing them to
that happens. I throw this slide up not because             succeed. Yes.
I’m trying to get credibility with you. I want to
show you something that's powerful. So with the             Audience:     Yes.
slide I want to show you two things about this
industry that's cool one, the diversity, and then           Brendon:
two, the speed.
                                                            It was like, oh my God! So I started this
Diversity being, as an example, some of the                 program, I said, I want to serve this, I want to
things that we are doing. We sold 50,000 copies             help this, so we start this College Success
this year of this book, 'The Student Leadership             Program. I will never forget my first seminar
Guide’.     We barely market it at all.       It            was $500,000. I’m like, that's so much money.
perpetuates itself because of the framework and             From sponsors and ticket sales and everything
because of some of my partners.                             else.

I have had an eBook downloaded 117,000                      This was an extraordinary amount of money in
times. Most Internet marketers will tell you, they          my life. I mean, imagine if any of us had an
can get anything downloaded 1,000 times and                 extra $500,000 in your bank account, it changes
they’re stoked 117,000 is like a category. I show           things, right?
some of these numbers, like my book advance
and my first seminar, which I’m so proud of.                It was like holy-moley. I don't put numbers up to
                                                            break, because I’m completely opposite of that.
My first seminar was serving kids, because the              I mean, I grew up -- as I told you, my family had
Sarah story inspired me and made me realize,                never made $40,000 buy-in, with my parents
there are so many kids that are going to school.            working full-time.
Did you know that 50% of the students that go to
college don't graduate? Fifty percent and 33%               I grew up though in the situation where money
drop out their first year or their first semester; a        didn't mean a lot, but we had a lot. In that, I
third of kids and so you think, so what.                    grew up in this town -- I would like to tell a story
                                                            when I grew up in Butte, Montana. Butte is an
Take the average student who drops out of                   old Irish mining town, in Montana, which meant
college after a year, in six months, what                   a guy like me grew up getting beat up the entire
happens from the time they drop out? Does                   time. Irish mining town, are you kidding me?
anyone know? Their bills. Their student loans
start becoming due. So now the student who                  I grew up and it's a really challenging situation.
dropped out of college is in debt.                          Well, one year the heater breaks in our house, in
                                                            winter, in Butte, Montana. If you have ever been
Six months later they just have to start paying             there you know it's like 40 below 0 with the wind
that debt. They are out there trying to get jobs,           chill. So it's freezing outside, the heater breaks,
and the employers are sitting there looking at              and the amazing thing is, so what does my mom
their resume saying, oh, I see you have some                do?
college. Then they get the stigma that they are


My mom takes our camping tent and sets it up in            of you -- you find your voice here maybe, you
the living room.     Then she puts all these               get to go home and use that voice more. You
sleeping bags in there, and then she throws                get to help hundreds of Sarah’s, or thousands of
these pillows in there. Then she puts all these            Sarah’s. You get to go out and use your
parkas on.                                                 message.

We kids think for a week that we are camping,              We are going to have tons of New York Times
and we have no idea -- the reason we can't fix             bestselling authors in this room. We are going
the heater is because my parents are living                to have tons of awesome famous speakers
paycheck to paycheck, so there's no way we can             come out of here. We are going to have -- all of
fix the heater we’re freezing, but we’re having            us are probably going to attend somebody's
fun. We’re going to school and camping. Us                 seminar who is sitting in this room right now.
kids, we think we’re so cool and we’re camping.
                                                           We will all go to that person's seminar, and like,
Then the electricity goes out, and they can't fix          wow, you were at Experts Academy, so was I.
that either. Now we’re coming home and my                  Many of you will end up coaching each other
mom is cooking dinner on Bunsen burners that               somewhere along the way, and I think about
we use for camping. Here we are having this                that, that is cool.
great time, so I grew up with nothing, but I grew
up in total abundance, of people figuring out how          When you use your message to help other
to make it work.                                           people find their own! Now, I know everyone
                                                           has a different purpose here, but I do know that
I remember it was three -- I guess, this year is           when you get results like this in 18 months, your
the fourth year -- four Thanksgivings ago, we are          life transforms completely. The way in which
all sitting around as a family, and we were all            you are able to give and serve just amplifies. So
talking about, you remember that time we were              that's what you are going to get.
camping, and my parents are like, didn't you
know that -- I’m like, we never figured out.               Cool things we have done, from partners and
                                                           media that we have been able to receive, all
Didn't you know that the heater was broken, the            using the strategy you are going to learn this
electricity didn't work, and we were broke?                weekend. Some of my first speaking gigs -- one
Really? We didn't even know.                               of my first big speaking gigs was a fund raiser
                                                           that Wal-Mart was sponsoring. I will share some
I show these numbers not like, look at me, it's            of the strategies with you on that this weekend.
like, here's what's possible, and how fast it is.
When you learn to figure out what do your                  Here's all the cool people, some of the cool
customers really want, and you deliver it to them          people I have got to appear on stage with. They
in a way that's so distinct and so excellent, that         have been on my stage, or I have been on their
the abundance just starts happening.                       stage.

Some of the cool things that we have done. Out             We followed each other from a John Gray to
of all this stuff I think the one I’m most proud of        Jack Canfield, to Deepak, to Armand Morin, on
is the partners that we work with, that's cool, but        the right, the $65 million man down there, Keith
$300,000 contributed to favorite causes a year,            Ferrazzi, Barbara D’Angelis, Mark Victor
it's like, come on, I never thought I could give           Hansen, these are some people who shaped my
that much back.                                            life, and I have got to do business with them.

Then when I think about making a difference, I             Other clients there. I mean, this though is the
get to make a difference by helping some of you            crowning jewel for me, so far. Thank you.
go out and make a bigger difference. By some


This one was so cool for me. So I’m sharing this               this weekend, about how to get people to an
because I want you to think big about yourself.                event. I know how to do that, I’m really good at
For me, I had this message, live, love, matter,                it.
and I wrote it in a parable form with 'Life's
Golden Ticket'. Did anyone read that book in                   We had performers there. We brought the
here?                                                          whole thing to life. That's my stage, my center
                                                               ring that was the stage.
I wrote the book, but it was a parable of this guy
going through this journey. He is kind of forced;              This was one of my favorite parts in the entire
you don't know this as a reader, but if you read               seminar, when we -- we brought all these
back through, he is basically being forced to ask              lessons to life. I want you to think about that,
whether he is really living, whether he has really             how would you bring your lessons to life?
loved or really made a difference that's what he
is being forced to ask through this journey,                   Like how would you -- in an activity, how people
through this amusement park.                                   experience something? Because we are going
                                                               to talk about the power of experience this
I thought, how cool would it be to bring my                    weekend. How would you bring a lesson to life
message to life, like really, like tangibly, literally,        in an activity, how would you do it?
here's a story, but bring it to life. So we went out
and got the circus tent. Think about this, no one              Well for me, I had this lesson about looking at
had ever done this before. This was a full, multi-             your life from a higher vantage point. If you can
day event in a circus tent.                                    look at your life from a higher vantage point,
                                                               then you get disconnected from all the petty
There was no model for it. I thought, I love that              emotions and you start connecting with what's
tent, look how big that tent is, but I managed to              real and what's important.
convince them.
                                                               I said, well, how do we teach this higher vantage
I don't remember what our ultimate number was                  point thing? This is the activity, right? So I had
I think 700 people was the ultimate high                       this woman come down to the center ring; and
attendance that weekend; 700 people to come                    there is all this cool stuff they had to do before
from all over the place, to come to an event that              they got into the center ring, but she got there.
didn't make any sense.
                                                               I had her physically draw; you can kind of see
I said this is like Cirque de Soleil meets Tony                the flip chart in this picture, that white thing on
Robbins, because it was like circus, and there                 the bottom left there, and she had to draw on
were elements of live performance art, because                 this flip chart something that was frustrating her
I think in education we need to bring                          that she was not proud of so she visually
performance art back to life. I think we have lost             represents this thing.
that in education.
                                                               Then I get her to talk about it. She gets really
You look at education in schools there is not                  upset about it. Then I kind of -- I start comforting
enough performance art there anymore. So of                    her, I put my arm around her, and we started
course they are not learning, and of course they               walking backwards. She has no idea what's
are not enjoying learning.                                     coming.

So we put that up. This is the inside, right, looks            We get backwards, I turned her around and
like Cirque de Soleil. Here's the thing, people                back there is this– from the ceiling 40 feet up-
say, how did you do this, did you have all this                descends this Ferris wheel cart. She looks at it
money? I said no. I knew I could get people                    like, are you going to make me get in there? I’m
there. Doing the same strategy you will learn                  like here you go.


So she gets in this Ferris wheel cart, and we go            relationships, which was incredibly powerful. It
up 30 some feet in the air. Then I start having             was amazing when he parts the curtain, very
her say, well, if you were looking at your life from        few people have ever walked out onto a center
a higher perspective, from a higher vantage                 ring; it's different than walking out on a stage,
point, and you were really thinking about the               and he was kind of like, wow! He loved it. He
best of who you are, and you were operating as              had so much fun.
your highest self, what would you have done in
that situation?                                             That's me on a high where I thought, I’m
                                                            teaching this lesson about taking one small step
The woman goes, she goes, well, I would have                at a time, overcoming your fears. Everybody
told them to da- da- da- and she leans forward              knows I hate height, because I became famous
and the car goes whoosh! We nearly go out of                for the skydiving story on YouTube.
this thing. She goes back whoosh! The crowd
is going crazy, because she found her strength,             Most of my audience knew I didn't like heights,
so they all got to see her light up and come                so I said on the last day I’m going to climb that,
alive.                                                      and I’m going to walk across that. I haven't
                                                            practiced and I’m scared to death, so we did it
It was incredibly powerful. It was like one of the          together. It was unbelievable.
favorite moments of the entire event for me. We
had this truth booth that we stuck people in and            I love this picture. I’m up on the wire and they
make them tell the truth. Costume changes.                  couldn't even look. They were thinking he’s
This was an unbelievable innovative event.                  going to die. It was hilarious but this was my
This is part of the reason I get to do what I do
now is because I’m always thinking about how                Then these other things you get to do when you
do we do things differently. That's distinction,            know how to attract customers, when you know
right?                                                      how to attract partners, when you know how to
                                                            attract, by your sheer positioning and your
       How are you going to teach your                     passion for what you are doing. I’m putting 500
        framework?                                          senior executives from the Fortune 500 into a
This is a very powerful question.
                                                            I’m putting the top 250, global, nonprofit
       How are you going to teach your                     presidents or CEOs, and the top 250 global
        lessons differently?                                foundation directors into a room with 500 social
       What's it going to be for you?                      entrepreneurs, and we are going to talk about,
       How are you going to create a unique                how can we partner together to address the
        experience?                                         most pressing problems of the world.

This made me famous in the seminar world. I                 Not like some small thing like, how do you do
had speakers from around the world calling, I               cause marketing together, screw cause
want to speak in your tent, when are you doing it           marketing, how do we leverage each other's
again? I still have customers calling, when are             infrastructure?
you doing that tent event? When are you doing
that tent event? They are so excited about it. It           How do we leverage each other's assets to
created such a huge buzz.                                   really make a difference, not just to make money
                                                            but to make a real difference, because the
John Gray, one my friends came, he is the                   network and the infrastructure has already been
author of 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are                     laid? However, no one has figured out how to
From Venus', and he came and talked about


tap into it and work together, so I’m going to put
them in a room and make them do it.                           You are at a five, come on man, amp it up. Your
                                                              brain does that, if you consciously ask. So 50-
These are some of the dreams that I have. I                   60 times a day, I’m like, what level am I? When
know I can do them, because I know how to                     I’m backstage before I walk out, I'm like, what
succeed in learning. So I have learned so much                level am I right now? If my brain says, I’m at a
that I can do them.                                           six, I’m like that won't be able to serve.

Can I give you some keys to learning, yes?                    I level up, and you have to do that several times
                                                              throughout your day, saying what level am I?
Audience:        Yes.                                         Just by the conscious thought, you can life your
                                                              level of energy. Everyone agree, yes?
Brendon:         Are you here? Say I’m here.
                                                              Audience:      Yes.
Audience:        I’m here.
                                                              It's like immediate it's like bam! I'm standing at
First key to learning this weekend and                        Starbucks, what level am I? I’m at a seven, and
throughout your life is, first is what I call leveling        I don't need that caffeine to get to eight. I need
up, to level up to learn. Leveling up essentially             that moment to say, wow! Life is a blessing.
means this. Throughout the day everybody has                  We are still lucky to be here. Come on man and
a certain rhythm of energy.                                   my brain will get me into, you know like come
Right now you are experiencing a dip in your
energy, because your body is adjusting. You                   It's really powerful when you start leveling up.
follow.                                                       So in this room, one of the ways we are going to
                                                              do that this weekend, is I know I’m talking at you
Audience:        Yes.                                         a lot, but I have so much to give, it's just going to
                                                              have to be this way for me to get the content
Brendon:                                                      that I want you to walk away with, so that I know
                                                              you can go ahead and do this stuff.
Here's what ends up happening with leveling up
is, if you can ask just several times throughout              What I'll do throughout the weekend is say level
your day, if you can ask, what level am I?                    up. When I say level up, what you can do, is
Something very powerful happens.                              you take a nice deep breath in like that and you
                                                              are going to say let's roll and you’re going to
When I say what level I’m, I mean, what level of              shoo-shoo on your chairs, on your desks.
energy and presence and vibrancy am I in right
now?     Something very compelling starts                     Do you follow? Let's try it, ready level up let's
happening for you.                                            roll, awesome! You got it. You can do that, yes.
                                                              Several times throughout the day, I'll just hit you
Here's what it is, guilt. Your brain, when you                with a level up, and it might take you a second.
say, what level am I, and you are not feeling                 Put your pen down, get into it, because we want
good, you are like at level four, five, your brain,           to keep your body there, how many feel the
knowing that it is a gift, and that we live in                difference already?
abundance, your brain goes, hey dummy, life is
great, you should be like -- if you want to live a            As soon as you activate yourself. Here's the
good life, you should be seven, eight, nine or                challenge. You have to activate yourself. I'll be
ten.                                                          the cheerleader as much as I can, but this is a


big weekend of content. So, the first piece level           positive expectation, but he was so present, it
up to learn, that would be really powerful for you.         was going to happen.
One more time, level up. Let's roll. Well done,
okay.                                                       So for us, yes its random chance with the more
                                                            presence you show up with, the more you win.
Second key to success, is to know that                      Same thing here this weekend, you want to
statistically -- this is important for this weekend.        succeed, it's not just leveling up for energy, it's
Know that statistically streaks don't exist.                you being so present that this stuff comes in, it
Streaks don't exist. Here's what a streak is, let           happens. All creative artists know this. Say I’m
me use a metaphor from sports. In sports, we                a creator.
know that you've heard this, wow!
                                                            Audience:      I’m a creator.
He is on a roll, or that person, the basketball, he
has got hot hands right now. He is really on a              Brendon:
roll. He's hot.
                                                            You know that when you are in the moment,
Get him the ball. We know that from sports.                 when you are on the fly, its like, boom! Why do I
What ends up happening is we all think there's a            tell you this particular lesson, it's because some
streak, that you are going to have a winning                of you may have arrived here this weekend on
streak or a losing streak and statistically they            what you think is a losing streak.
don't happen. They have measured this in
sports a million times before.                              You have associated, while my last couple of
                                                            years has been lost, or frustration or challenge.
They'll watch, they went back decades and                   That doesn't mean anything anymore, because
decades passed, and they listen, it's basically             as soon as you get to a point where you are
the 70s, to anytime an announcer said, wow,                 more present, and you have a better plan or a
that person has got hot hands, give them the                strategy in place, the history of your wins and
ball, they are on a roll, they are on a streak,             losses don't matter.
                                                            For me the history of tomorrow has very little to
They went back and they measured, that person               do with the history of yesterday, very little to do,
was not on anymore of a streak, or didn't                   because I know, this moment in time, I can
guarantee anymore of a streak, just because                 reinvent, I have a second chance. I have
they said it, than anybody else. What does this             learned that over and over and over again.
mean? Well, part of winning and part of losing is
random chance in the moment, right.                         I have had to learn that from different industries.
                                                            I use to be an employee at a company. I was
It's a part of winning and losing, there's a                rocking it out. I was doing great but then I left,
random chance in the moment. The universe is                started something new and then I got sued. I
bigger than us, yes. So, there is random chance             had re-invented, started over again which
to it. Our opportunity to win is solely usually             everybody goes through.
dictated by meeting that opportunity with
presence.                                                   But the reason people achieve that outcome,
                                                            that phoenix like status of being able to pull out
With presence, you can always see the guy who               of it, is they don't associate that streak or that
is going to win the game. You saw when Jordon               failure with anything. Meaning, they don't say,
walked on to the court. If you know, I grew up              identity, my fault, my problem.
with Jordan; he was my hero, watching him.
You knew he was going to win. He had a


Many people have come in to this room, I know,               could never do it, because they didn't know the
I know it's a huge investment for people to come             stuff behind it that I’m going to teach you this
here I get it. Because when I started going to               weekend.
seminars, I had to put it on my dad's, my mom's
and my brother's credit card just to get there.              Part of the reason I’m going to set at this
                                                             weekend up, is because I have done enough
Then sometimes I had seminars pay for me so it               now to know what works, but also because I
was a matter of realizing you know what, we all              require that you just be patient and trust that you
have streaks. We all start out, but some of you,             will get everything you need to get out a certain
maybe you do have challenges and you have                    time, because you will notice one thing about
gotten here.                                                 me, I’m pretty strategic about my sequencing.

I just want to release that from you, letting you            I’m very strategic about how I’m giving you the
know, like there is no streak.                               information throughout the, day and especially
                                                             tomorrow when we really start getting into stuff,
Statistically in life, there isn't a streak, just            and you have to like read every line, as we get
because you win today, doesn't mean you will                 into that, you'll be prepared.
win tomorrow. It doesn't mean it. People want
to believe that, and it's easier to believe when                    Next, in order for you to succeed this
you are winning, but it's not always true,                           weekend, you need to be willing to start
because haven't ever seen winners go, boom!                          over with some of the knowledge you
                                                                     may have from the industry or other
It's almost random chance, but it's the level of                     teachers or other gurus, it's just a
presence too.                                                        starting point of learning.

Are you with me?                                             I need to be willing and open to learn, are you
                                                             there with me, yes?
Audience:        Yes.
                                                             Audience:       Yes.
Brendon:         Okay.
       Next is be patient.
                                                                    You have to be willing to start over.
There is so much to show you this weekend. I
know everybody wants this right now. But if I                You might find yourself in a situation where you
gave you this guide right now, you wouldn't                  leave here, and you are going to start your
understand what I’m doing in it. Here is what                whole career over. Your whole topic over, your
happens for this seminar by the way all the time.            entire approach over.
This happens probably 70- 80 times I do a
seminar.                                                     Be open to that, because that's your second
                                                             chance. When you feel that calling, it's time to
They call and they say Brendon, can I just buy               respond to that, and sometimes it's hard to
your resource guide, I heard about them. Just                respond your calling, because you are so
send me the resource guide, I'll take it, I'll do it,        attached to yesterday.
I'll pay you full price, I just can't get to your
seminar.                                                     Sometimes I think a higher level of spirituality in
                                                             life is being able to release things that weren't
That would be an easy way for me to make                     quite right, because the reality is, there are lots
some money, but would be a lousy way to serve.               of things that can be good for you out there.
Because I now I could send them this, and they


You can be good at lots of things we all know                minutes; you’re like, ten minutes? You can't
that, as creators.                                           cover your full framework in 10 minutes, and if
                                                             you tried to, you look hurried and you look like
We could be good at lots of things most of you               an idiot. It's true.
can go in any job in the world and succeed at it.
                                                             Some of you can say Brendon I’ve got 15
That's the just the type of people I attract. We             minutes for you at this conference. So I’ve got
know that, but just because it's good doesn't                to choose, well what's that one thing I want to
mean its right. A lot of people have dealt with              get across, what is it for me? I know my story, I
that, I have dealt with a friend in Fiji who is going        don't count that as my one thing, there is my
to through, he is about to go through a pretty               story which has three lessons in it, did I live, did
dramatic divorce.                                            I love, did I matter?

It's a good relationship, but it's not right so              That happens to have lessons in it, but beyond
there's a huge difference between the two, do                that what's my one thing, in personal
you follow?                                                  development?

Some of you might be doing something that's                  You all are going to be asked to do that at some
good, and you are getting good income' but you               point of your careers. You are going to go like
might leave here and realize, it's not right for you         this, you go big and I just want your presence in
though. I had to reinvent myself, even though I              front of the room or that particular knowledge
was doing really well financially, it wasn't right           you have.
for me. It was good, but not right.
                                                             What's the one thing if you could teach it,
Many of you might have to start over, because                personal development, if you only got one topic,
you might realize, that was good, but it wasn't              one lesson to give, and how someone could
right for me.                                                chance their life or improve it, what would that
       Next, giving the lion tamer secret.
                                                             When you think you have it, just raise your
This is my -- people say, if you can teach                   hand, so I can look around, when you think you
anything, what would you love to teach? If you               have it, just raise your hand. You get one
could teach anything, what would you love to                 lesson to give someone in improving their life or
teach? If you had one lesson in personal                     changing their life. Just one. Keep your hands
development that you got to teach, what would it             up so that I can see. You'll only get one lesson,
be for you? If you had one lesson, that you got              okay.
to teach in personal development, what would it
be for you?                                                  So you can further meet some cool people here
                                                             this weekend. What I want you to do, is stand in
       Think                                                groups of four again, and I want you to share,
                                                             what is that one lesson, what's the one lesson,
I want you to think about it not conceptually, but           and tell them a little about it. You have to go off
really think about it now. In one lesson, in                 on a big, long story about it, but what's that one
personal development, what would it be that you              lesson? Why is it important to you? You follow.
would love to teach? Why do I say that,
because by the way, you will be asked to do                  Here's the practice of what we are going to learn
that?                                                        this weekend though. As you're sharing with
                                                             your groups, I want you to be in the place of total
People will call you and say I can't – Brendon, I            presence, passion and authority on which you
want you on stage, but you only have 10                      are speaking too.


                                                            extraordinary amount of life change, and he's
All right, authority for whatever it is for you, not        still unsure of his footing yet, and as he is
like authority like this but like confidence in what        visiting this museum park, something happens
you're talking about like certainty and total               that forces him to find something meaningful.
presence about that.
                                                            What ends up happening is he is literally thrust
What you're going to do is share with the group             into this lion cage. The guy has no idea how to
and say if I had one lesson – I want you all to             tame lions. He is thrown into this lion cage, and
start this way. If I have one lesson to change              all these lions start attacking him. He freaks out,
somebody's life, it would be, and just share it.            right, completely freaks out. They start attacking
But share it in that place of presence where they           him and he’s like, let me out of here.
can feel you.
                                                            He is trying to get out of the cage, and they are
Are you with me?                                            running at him, he doesn't know what to do. He
                                                            curls up on a ball, and they are coming over
Audience:        Yes.                                       there and they are smacking, swatting,
                                                            smacking him, swatting him.          They’re just
Brendon:                                                    attacking him, he is freaking out and calling and
                                                            screaming for help.
In groups of four -- and I want you to all really
listen to what they are saying, really toot it in.          He is looking up to lion tamer but the lion tamer
So we're going to stand up, go ahead and do                 is not helping him, he is just standing there.
that, groups of four now. How many people                   This guy is completely getting mauled by these
honestly had the same thing? Now look around                lions and he is screaming for help. They’re
the room, I want you to pay attention real quick.           running over him and mauling him like lion zoo.

See, there's this huge bizarre thing in this                All of a sudden they jumped off of him and
industry, it was like, where everyone is teaching           here's some roar in a different direction. He
that already. No, they are not. You think that              picks up and he looks around, and all of a
everyone is teaching that, because you lack                 sudden they start moving over towards the other
perspective.                                                corner of the cage, and as he looks up around,
                                                            he sees that they have just thrown his fiancée
Did I just give you perspective?        No one is           into the cage.
teaching you shit, yet.
                                                            This guy goes from the field to position. He
It's a very positive thing we realize that. Look at         jumps up and he runs between her and the
that, we are 350 people I guess in the room. I              lions. He starts screaming, get back, get back,
said how people had the same thing and in a                 get back. These lines are literally coming out.
group of four, nobody had it. Everybody teaches             They’re budding into his legs, they’re swatting at
different thing with a different way, and it's just         him and he’s screaming get back, you sons of
we all have a story.                                        bitches, get back.

We all have something that's important to us,               He finds all this energy and all the strength and
and when we find that, it becomes magical. For              all this ferocity and boom. He freaks them out
me that one thing I have is I call it The Lion              and they turn, and they trot away like lions do
Tamer's Lesson.                                             when they were scared. Boom! Turns around,
                                                            trots away and he is just like whoa, he is
The lion tamer is -- when you read Life's Golden            screaming at them.
Ticket, you might remember there is this chapter
in which this guy is being going through an


He's freaking out. He looks at them, turns back              You don't want to do anymore, and that feeds
and his fiancé is gone. He looks around the                  into it as well.
cage. He doesn't know where she went. They
pulled her out there, the images disappeared, he             When I have to deal with a depressed person,
looks up to the lion tamer, and the lion tamer just          it's just all about helping them find a new
standing there says something worth fighting for.            meaning, and something worth fighting for,
                                                             something more important than themselves.
It's funny how in our lives, that sometimes we're            That's all I do when I have to deal with a
so fearful, and we're still frozen that nothing              depressed person. It's like I could go in and purr
changes until we finally realize there's                     their brain, that's fine.
something worth fighting for, and we connect to
that.                                                        Then they leave and they feel good about
                                                             themselves, but they go back home, and now it's
You know we have this thing in American                      a mom sitting at her house, feeling good about
culture, where in American culture it's called               herself, and so the depression sweeps back in a
Empty Nest Syndrome. You all know what that                  couple of days. Why? Because externally she
is. When the children leave the roost, they go               has nothing to fight for anymore.
away, and parents often suffer depression, or at
least a whole lot of anxiety about it.                       So when I get to teach one lesson, I like to teach
                                                             that, find something worth fighting for, and you
Then we have this other thing in America where               will find more strength, more boldness, more
when people retire, when they retire, they                   power in your, than you ever had ever before.
suddenly fall into depression, and people are                For me it was my message.
saying, well, what, why, what do we need to do,
we need to give him some drugs. You know                     I will get this message out. Did I live? Did I
they are in depression, give them drugs, they'll             love? Did I matter? That was so important to
feel better, depression will be great, give him              me. It was something worth fighting for. I said
drugs.                                                       I've been given that gift and I want to share that
                                                             gift. It's my second chance, it was so important
Drugs just -- I think I have a whole opinion about           to me. So I found a way.
that, but the reality is, it's not serving the root,
the root is what; the children left, the job is gone,        Many of you need to reconnect with that thing to
well, what does that have to do with anything?               fight for again. Well, whether it's your message,
                                                             or whether it's your marriage, or whether it's just
Here's what it has to do with it. That mother's              an idea or an ideal. As soon as you connect to
entire life, she's been fighting for that kid, to            that, it's like a pull.
succeed, to be healthy, happy, that person who
quit her job suddenly feels depressed because                It's as if you can't help but do that, whether it's
she quit her job, she retired, and she lost that             serving the elderly as a big picture, whether it's
thing that she's been working so hard to build               just doing something specific in your community,
that career, it's gone.                                      or it's for you getting your message out to as
                                                             millions of people as possible.
As so now she's depressed and people wonder
why, what's going on? Look, it's because when                Whenever that is for you -- that higher purpose,
you have something to fight for your life and it             that higher thing, that big picture, something
disappears, it's not just an identity thing, it's            worth fighting for, I'll tell you what, as soon as
certainly at that level, it's deep, but it's also a          you reconnect with that, you don't have to
tactical thing.                                              struggle to be productive, which is what most
                                                             creators do.


Have you ever noticed that? Most creators are              way we just went to Fiji, they were part of my
struggling for productivity, because they haven't          group going to Fiji.
connected with something to do. Give a creator
something to move towards, boom, they can                  It was because we made this connection that we
move towards it, because we are creators. We               ultimately ended up on the same journey,
can get that state in which we know how to be              because we supported each other. We’re doing
resourceful.                                               the press release for this book, and we just got
                                                           to the today's show and I was like today's show.
We can get that, that's fine. But the challenge is
that many of us never connect that again. As               I haven't thought about going for that yet, up my
soon as you connect with it, it's like boom.               ante and the more people that you connect with
                                                           here this weekend, the more your journey is
This weekend I want you to be thinking about               going to be sustained. I know that's basic, but
what is that something for me. What is that                here's what ends up happening, and you have
something greater than myself I’m going to                 already been guilty of this before.
connect to? What's that thing I’m going to fight
for again or for the first time? That would be             You have gone to an event, you made
more motivational than you ever need in your               extraordinary people and you didn't follow up
whole life when you reconnect to that.                     with them.       This industry happens to be
                                                           extremely small, very, very small, and so what
People have experienced, have you ever left                ends up happening is, if you all can connect with
something you truly loved or loss that you felt            each other in a meaningful and deep way we all
that sense of lost, but it was ultimately replaced         get to rise up together.
by something you were also fighting. So what is
it you were fighting for? Figure that out, and this        When we rise up together, it's not the silo thing
will be a very, very easy thing for you to do this         anymore, and we can triple or double this
weekend.                                                   industry easy, if we just got more coordinated
                                                           about it. But it will require you following up with
Next, we were going to talk about how to                   some of the people here.
succeed this weekend. I want you to love the
one you're with. What do I mean by that? Love              So there's some people who you are around
the one you're with. There are people sitting in           with that you need to care for, and really be
your row that may or may not be doing anything             attentive to, and the more attentive and the more
that's even related to what you're doing.                  caring you are this weekend to them, the more
                                                           that relationship will likely continue, once you
Trust me, the connections you create out of this           leave. You all are still with me, yes.
room, one connection I created out of a room,
when I was going to seminars, I went to Mark               Audience:      Yes.
Victor Hansen's seminar on books. We called it
Mega Book Event.                                           Brendon:       Say I’m here.

I went there as a student before I ever taught             Audience:      I’m here.
there, and I remember going there as a student,
and there were two people around me who I’m                Brendon:
really connected with.      They didn't -- they
weren't really doing anything that was related to          Let me share with you what I think a highly
me.                                                        successful person is in terms of a highly paid
                                                           expert. These are just traits, because I always
They were doing relationship stuff, but I                  get that asked as question, am I one of these
remember really connecting with them, and that             people?


Can I be one of these people? Here's my                       2. Second is competent.
answer. Here's the different categories, and I
know, I'm not a big trait psychologist by the way,        Competent, it's the really good at what they
but I'd say, here's traits that I have seen over          specifically do. I'm not good at a lot of things.
and over and over again, that really highly paid          I'm good at this; there are plenty of other things
experts have. I know this because I study them,           I'm not good at. Ask any of my friends, you ask
most of them are now my friends and here are              my staff or my wife there's plenty I'm not good
some of the things they have.                             at, but what I’m trying to succeed at, I'm
                                                          competent at.
    1. First, is they are clarity-driven.
                                                          I've mastered it, I've studied it I've interviewed it.
What does that mean?          It means they're            On a scale of 1 to 10, in terms of the topic area
extremely clear about who they are and what               you're trying to succeed in, where are you? Are
they want to do in the world. There's a level of          you really competent? Like you have already
clarity that most highly paid experts have that           built that expertise or you are just beginning?
the general public does not have.                         Ten being super-competent - zero being just
It's just something that's very basic you can see
it all the time. They are clarity driven. So you          Write that number down in your sheets.
got to get clear, and here's what I like you to do
on these.                                                     3. Next is confident.

As we go down, just out of curiosity, on a scale          I've noticed over and over again, there's a level
of 1-10, I want you to write what level you are in        of confidence, even if you're speaking softly like
terms of these traits, just for your own                  I'm now, there's just a level of confidence that
development. So when I say clarity driven, how            experts have. They have a confidence in who
clear are you, on who you are, and what you're            they are and what they're doing.
trying to do? What level of clarity are you?
                                                          Why? One is because they have clarity. Two,
From a scale of 1-10, 10 being super clear, right,        because they have competence, it's easy.
very clear, 1 being not at all, somewhere in              When you're clear on something and you've
between. Just out of curiosity in this room, how          some competence in it, it's much easier to be
many people on the clarity driven scale, would            confident.
you say that you're probably right now, just
basically in your life you could say, I’m on 7 or         Let's just say in general, on a general life scale
above. Look around the room by the way.                   from 0-10, how confident would you say you are
                                                          generally, just generally. 0-10; 10 being super-
That's extraordinary.   This is why we love               confident; when I say confident I don't mean
working with experts, because most people are             obnoxious, a titan or a dictator.
never there, and most of this room is already
there.                                                    I just mean confident, like a level of assuredness
                                                          about your level of ability and intelligence in the
Now, let's refine that edge, especially when we           world. Creative, I’m a creator.
start talking about your customers, because
clarity driven -- that trait to be clear on things        Audience:        I’m a creator.
really serves you when you have to figure out
who your customers are.                                   Brendon:         Shout out say I’m a creator.

                                                          Audience:        I’m a creator.


                                                           Out of curiosity, in your general life how often
You can be creative. I know this is going to be            are you sharing your real thoughts, real feelings
off the charts in this room. But I've noticed that         and real desires, three separate things? What
highly paid experts, they are so creative. The             you're thinking, what you are feeling, and what
more they're doing what they are creative at, the          you want to do? That's feelings and desires.
more their business grows. The less they're
doing what they're creative at, the less their             How often you share -- do you generally share
business grows.                                            that, like all the time? That's a 10. Or -0- being,
                                                           I don't do that I keep it in, because in this
So creative, I want you to measure this way, not           industry you can't keep it in.
are you creative, I already know you are
creative. So on a scale of 1-10, I want to know            Could you imagine if I got up here and try to do it
how much are you being creative, meaning,                  today without being communicative about my
doing.                                                     emotions? It wouldn't work and by day-3 you'd
                                                           be throwing stuff at me. You might be doing that
I know you're creative, but I mean this is a part          anyway, but I don't know. You got to be
of your work. Meaning, on a consistent level               communicative. 0-10, where are you?
that you are being creative in what you are
doing, which means if you suck a technology,                   5. Next is courageous.
you are focusing eight out of ten hours a day
doing technology, that's not really being creative.        You have to be willing to set up tents and take
                                                           risks some time. Right, you have to courageous
Yes, you are creative, but you are not being, in           in saying nobody has tried this before, but I’m
other words, doing creative. On a scale of 0 to            going to go. So on a level of courage, think
10, 10 being doing lots of creative, for lack of a         about how courageous you generally are, 0-10,
better description. Where are you, doing lots of           10 being extremely courageous, 0 being not
creative? 1-10? 0 being -- 10 being lots.                  much.

    4. Next is collaborative.                                  6. Next is conscientious.

This is where lots of experts fall down, but the           I mean this in several different ways, but the way
great ones really succeed. Collaborative, how              we're focused on today is, when I say
open are you to adjusting your content? How                conscientious, I want you to think about how
open are you to working with other people?                 caring are you about doing the right thing? I
How open are you to asking for help? How                   don't want you to think about conception.
open are you to interviewing other experts and
realizing that they might have more expertise              In your general life, what shows up in the
than you?                                                  embodiment of who you are, how conscientious
                                                           are you about caring, about doing the right
Collaborative, how willing are you to work with            thing? Not just about caring, but it shows, like
other people to develop? 0-10, collaboration.              people would say, wow! This might be a good
How collaborative are you? 0 out of 10?                    way to do it.

Communicative, this is important, because I                If I pulled all of the people who are around you,
know lots of experts who are incredibly,                   not just your friends and family, but all the
incredibly confident, incredibly competent, but            people who are around you in your daily life, and
they're not communicative. In other words, they            I said how caring is this person, what would they
won't share their real thoughts, feelings, and             give you -- what would they give you on a 0-10-


Ten being totally caring, zero being not attentive,        This is a framework right here, isn't it? The
not caring.                                                framework is answering this question of what
                                                           are the traits of highly paid experts? When I
Where would you be? Here's what I found.                   went out there, did all the research, and studied
Really highly paid experts, they care more than            these people, and I started writing down the
almost anybody, and it's like, it's extraordinary,         things, it happened that I like to create
their heart is so big, they want people to                 frameworks you might notice, of alliteration,
succeed so bad, that comes into their journey,             right.
that comes into their store, that comes in the
way they serve, and everybody benefits from                They all start with C, don't they?     It just
them.                                                      happened to be that way I don't purposely
                                                           always do that. Sometimes I help piecing it
    7. Next is compassionate                               together, but there it is for me, and when I
                                                           measured myself on these, and I finally got, I
When I say compassionate, what I mean is also,             was like, woo, for me one of my things was
how do you display compassion?       Do you                communicative.
display lots of compassion, like actually you
display it? Would someone say, wow, super-                 I was not communicating about my emotions a
compassionate, super-compassionate?                        lot. I grew up in an Irish mining town, and I’m a
                                                           dude, I was screwed. I didn't have that, but I
    8. Last is consistent, which is huge.                  finally had to say, you know what? It's time for
                                                           me in each of these areas to level up, level up,
Zero to ten, how consistent are you in taking the          level up. Well done.
actions you need to take to develop your
business? Zero to ten- how consistent are you              Can you guys improve these areas in your life?
in taking the actions you need to take to develop
your business? Now tally up all your numbers.              Audience:       Yes.

If you're not finding those numbers add up to 60-          Brendon:
70 or above then it should be clear on that piece
of paper what you need to work on. Here's what             These are something to work on, because the
I mean by this, if you're not at 60-70 or above,           more you get good at these, the more this is
it's time for you to reengage something within             easier. So let me show you where experts fail,
yourself.                                                  so that as we go through the process, I can say,
                                                           hey guys, watch out for this, remember I told you
Are any of those driven by the external world?             about that?
Isn't that amazing? None of those are driven by
the external world. Those are all choices we               Here's where experts fail. One is the wrong
make every day. If you're like damn man, I'm               mindset. We have talked a lot about the myths
just not courageous you can't blame that on                this morning. We have talked a lot about the
anybody.      It's time for you to be more                 myths this morning of where things get broken.
                                                           Here's one mindset that I think this industry
If you're like Brendon, I'm not very competent,            really gets stuck on, and I've shared that with
but you can't blame your school or your parents.           you earlier, trying to hold in the baby, hold the
That's kind of your deal of not doing the                  content.
homework. It's a real pain in the ass I know, but
looking at those numbers were a real eye-                  The number one mindset I need you to adopt is
opener for me when I developed it.                         very open mindset to sharing your stuff, in a new
                                                           way. The energy and the expectation of your


customers have changed in the last five years.              Wrong business model
They are used to getting more stuff for free.
They are used to it. So you have to deliver that            Maybe you ought to be doing 80% of your
and it's the best way to create rapport.                    business online and only 20% live, but you are
                                                            trying to do 80% live and going broke at it. It's
The right mindset to have is a giving mindset,              that 80%, 20% rule that will come into play.
giving mindset. Here's the old mindset, ask and
you shall have and everyone operated off of                 Next is the wrong staff for the wrong structure.
that, right.
                                                            We'll talk about this on Sunday, to make sure
That's ultimately one of the flaws of the Law of            you have the right staff to support you.
Attraction, or some of these other programs
where it's just like, ask, ask, ask, and you shall          Just out of curiosity be totally honest, what we
receive. I think a more appropriate response to             see in the room, please look around when we
this world that we live in now is give, and you             ask this. How many people in the audience
shall -- totally different mindset.                         have five employees or more? Show up hand.
                                                            Look at that, less than – 2 to 4% of the room,
It used to be ask and you shall receive, meaning            okay.
ask them to buy your stuff ask- ask- ask-. I
believe you don't even have to ask. I'll just give          Most of us are operating from -- how many solo
you a bunch of free stuff until you are like, wow!          entrepreneurs? You do not have a staff right
If this is what he is giving away, then the one             now; solo entrepreneurs are the majority of the
time I do ask, everyone says, yes.                          room.

Give and you shall receive is a whole different             We have got to teach you how do you do your
business model that works today.                            work intelligently with maybe one or two
                                                            contractors. Those of you with five or more
Second is wrong mentor’s.                                   employees, I think you’re going to learn some
                                                            cool stuff here, too.
When experts start failing, it's because they stop
getting mentors, or they hook onto a mentor who             I love this idea of hiring a staff and developing.
just happens to making ton of money, but there              That’s what I did as a consultant, organizational
is no spirit behind it, because that spirit is gone,        development that was my expertise.
the sustainability isn't there.
                                                            Wrong order no, wrong cash use.          I'll come
Another piece where people mess up is the                   back.
wrong market. You think your message, and
what you're trying to communicate would be best             You probably -- most people are allocating their
for youth. But youth really don't want that. So             funds into the wrong areas of business, without
they don't buy, so you go broke. It happens all             understanding what does it really take. That's
the time people have the wrong market.                      why some of the experts, who I had bring up this
                                                            weekend, I know what they're doing, and their
Next is the wrong branding.                                 area of expertise is something I can't serve in.

In other words, in this sense of positioning, we'll         But they're so good at it, that I personally
talk about branding a little later on.          But         invested in them.         They were the best
positioning, right? Branding meaning, they are              investment I've ever made that's why they're
just not identifying with who you are and what              here and why they're friends. It's like if I hadn't
you are offering, that's all. We'll talk about that         learned that, this thing wouldn't open for me.
more in detail.


But they’re better at teaching it, because that's          current promotion series, the campaign, wrong,
their million dollar businesses, not mine. So I            or they have got a successful campaign, but
brought them here to teach you about some of               they never thought about what happens next for
the things that I can't teach you about. Because           the customer, the buyer trail, so their business
it was my investment in those things, it added on          never develops.
their self.
                                                           Wrong customer service, probably kills 70% of
We needed to make sure that you are investing              the people who start this business. They create
in things when you are going out to invest in              great stuff, because you are all creators.
something, that you are paying very close
attention to, whether or not it's growing for you.         When is that happening is, because they are so
It makes sense. Most of us don't do that,                  passionate about what they doing, and they just
especially in this industry.                               create it they sell it, they leave, and they forget
                                                           to ask the customer hey, is that okay for you, is
How many people have a box sitting on a shelf              that working for you, how’s it going?
at home that you invested in but haven't used?
You all liars, there's pretty more than that. We           Or they stop replying to emails, they get so busy
all have, yes. Come on yes. We have all done               and so self-involved or so important or so
that. We need to make sure that, if you're going           successful, they stop answering emails, they
to put your cash in something that you are going           stop taking up the calls, they start doing all the
to get your cash back.                                     things that always leads to failure, always. You
                                                           have to be attentive to your customers.
I expect that of every single one of you. I'll give
you the tools, the mindset, the strategy,                  Your customers provide your lifestyle, love them
hopefully some of the inspiration. If you don't go         and you'll love your lifestyle. Make sense?
away and get your return on investment from
this, it's not on me. I'm proud to say that                Are you with me?
because you'll see the content that I’m going to
give you.                                                  Audience:      Yes.

What's important is that you go and you do it. I           Brendon:
expect that of you, just so much so you should
expect it from other people. You got to make               Your customers provide your lifestyle, love your
sure that if you are going to invest in something,         customers and you'll love your lifestyle. It's like
you're going to follow through and do it.                  one leads to the other.

I think most experts start failing in that, when           The next piece is that the wrong partners
they get in this particular industry.                      appear.

Wrong campaigns, this is powerful.                         When you're starting out you don't have enough
                                                           people promoting you, you don't have the right
Either one, they’re making mistake of doing a              partners, or the people you're hanging around
promotion instead of a campaign, or two, they're           are dragging you to the lowest levels, and
not sequencing the campaign intelligently, or              because that happens -- that happens a lot in
three, they haven't thought about where that               this industry.
campaign leads in terms of the next campaign,
right.                                                     When I've gotten into the peer group early on,
                                                           they were all about money. Money-money-
Either they’re just doing a singular promotion,            money- let's make some money. I was hanging
which is a mistake, or they are sequencing the             out with them about 3, 4 or 5 months in


masterminds and I was like, this is not my                  go so far, the bees try hard anyway, because
people. This is not the most important thing to             they are bees. They go as far as they can, and
me that I know that what they're doing, because             still frequent their favorite flowers often.
it doesn't have the customer service or the intent
behind it, won't ever succeed the way it should.            Sometimes, there are other bees to compete
                                                            with. They zip and zap around trying to get to
Let me give you the ultimate secret and then I’m            the same flowers, buzz, buzz. We might call it
going to teach you how to do it, and I'll teach you         competition.
in story form.
                                                            Soon though, bees get very, very tired always
Are you all doing good? Are you here? Say I’m               buzzing around, looking for new flowers. Their
here.                                                       zipping and zapping too was wearing on their
                                                            wings. They are just so many other bees and
Audience:        Yes.                                       only so much nectar to go around. Soon all the
                                                            buzzing doesn't sound exciting anymore.
Brendon:         Say I’m here.
                                                            This is about the third year in most people'
Audience:        I’m here.                                  expert journey. All the buzzing, all the fanatic
                                                            excitement.    It's not so exciting anymore,
Brendon:                                                    because they are not getting their results.

Let me read you a simple story and by reading               In all the buzzing though, the flower stays put
the story, I hope we connect to something that              and laughs at the busy bees. The flower is
we all need to do in a profound way, and then               smart it makes such good nectar that it draws
we'll show you how to do it with a process, as              the bees in and doesn't have to go anywhere.
we go through today.
                                                            The flower stays grounded, and uses all its
I’m just going to sit down and read this to you,            resources to keep producing newer, sweeter
the nature of business, a simple minds view by.             nectars. The bees can't resist and come in
                                                            swarms, whereas, the flowers get pollinated and
Lessons from nature on strategy– In nature                  grow as entire fields.
there are birds -- I’m sorry there are bees and
there are flowers. I thought it was hilarious. In           The flower smiles and thinks what can I create
nature there are bees and there are flowers and             to bring more bees to me. How many people
they like each other.                                       get this lesson behind the story? Your business
                                                            will explode the day you understand that the
Bees need the nectar from flowers for honey,                more quality, awesome value added content that
and flowers need the bees to pollinate them so              you develop the more people will just come.
they can grow.
                                                            I barely marketed this particular seminar, barely
In nature of business we are the bees. We go                marketed it, too small list wasn't super focused,
from flower to flower trying to get what we need.           because this was the overflow from June.
We buzz around with great excitement,
expending lots of energy and making lots of                 Then I started promoting, just barely promoted it,
noise buzz, buzz, buzz. Any of you felt ever like           350 people, how? Because I know the quality --
you're doing lots of activity, but it wasn't leading        some of you're here like Jane came and says
anywhere?                                                   my sister came and she had this big wakening.

Anybody? Just me okay good, but there are                   Other people came, my friend came, he made
only so many flowers and buzzing bees can only              $15,000 in a week on a speech. Other people,


oh my God, these strategies work. So what is               In other words, we build a checklist of what,
happening, the word spreads, it perpetuates.               because here's what is happening, we go home
                                                           on Monday, and I've noticed this, it was just a fly
Now, you don't have to spend a ton of energy               I saw on lot of trainers materials, it's like, their
always    marketing,     always     marketing.             training conceptual stuff, when everyone goes
Someone's like, in marketing they like to say,             home, has no idea what to do.
always be marketing, always be marketing,
always be marketing always be marketing.                   Now, here's the challenge, I'll give you so much
                                                           to do that by Sunday you're going to be like, oh
The more that you create this high quality of              crap, where do I begin? You know what I'm
information, that markets itself, and customers            going to tell you, go back to the beginning of the
start coming to you in droves, like, well, where's         framework, and start from there.
all this business coming from?
                                                           Also, I may give you a very simplified plan, like
I had to shut down my coaching program,                    some big six or seven points to do. But I want to
because I had so many people who were trying               emphasize this, as we go through, that we're
to get in, and I couldn't serve it all. So I had to        training not conceptually, but tactically.    As
shut it down, and this was a very lucrative                trainers you should be doing this too.
program, it was $25,000.
                                                           Think about, instead of teaching a big general
I couldn't serve it all I had to shut it down,             concept, how can I teach in a way that people
because the word of mouth spread. That's what              can go away and use it, because what you'll end
we want to do for you, is create such compelling           up seeing is, way more results from your alumni,
content, creators. Say I'm a creator.                      way more results, we're talking like explosions in
                                                           people's ability to succeed in what you're
Audience:       I'm a creator.                             teaching, whatever it is.

Brendon:                                                   Even if it's online, it doesn't matter. If you're
                                                           teaching in a way that is more tactical than
Turn the person to your left or right, grab him            conceptual, they'll know what to do, because
and shake him to like you want them to believe,            here's what the problem is. Most people are not
I'm a creator. Can we jump into the process?               cognizant or present enough, or they don't have
                                                           time in their lives to take your conceptual
Audience:       Yes.                                       knowledge and flip it into tactical, they get
                                                           Weirdly enough, people don't even think about
Here's the challenge, as I jump into this, you're          doing it. They don't even think to say, oh wait,
going to get to the place where we are like, Holy          okay, so he is talking about improving my life in
cow! Okay, what did you say five minutes ago?              these ways.
How does that apply these fifteen? I guess by
putting things together, because you're creators.          They don't think on Monday, I'm going to do 1-
                                                           2- 3. It's very bizarre people, as learners; don't
Here's what I want to suggest to you. I've                 flip conceptual knowledge very often to tactical.
created this framework in a way that as we go              The more that you can balance, I'm not saying
through it, if you miss something, it's okay,              don't teach conceptually, but the more you can
because you can go back to it and say that's               translate into tactical, you're going to see
what check- check- check.                                  something extraordinary happen.


As we go through, some of these will be                    Some of you -- I really want to serve women
conceptual for your knowledge, because I want              who are disadvantaged. Some of you're like I
to make sure you have that here available to               really want to serve the elderly. Some of you're
you, but you'll also see how this kind of lays out         like, well, I really want to serve youth. Some of
a plan for you.                                            you are like; I want to work with entrepreneurs
                                                           who are just beginning.
Let's begin with what I call the millionaire
expert's blueprint. This is what I would teach             Some of you want to work with entrepreneurs
anybody, and we can leave this up for a bit                who are earning $10 million or more.
Dona. What slide, what page are we on, let me
jump into this, right here.      63 and your               Who is that you're passionate about serving?
presentation guides.                                       You can start from there.

We're going to talk about targeting your                   You can also start from a place where    you say,
customers. So let me reemphasize where we                  what am I passionate about teaching.     Which is
are real quick. Here's what we're going to do              where I began. I personally began        with I'm
tonight. We're going to work through Work                  passionate     about      teaching       personal
Stream 1; we might get a little bit into 2.                development.

Work Stream 1 is all about you relating with your          Did I live? Did I love? Didn't matter that was my
audience, so that you know what information to             passion. Then I found audiences for it. I
provide, so that when we go to promote, we                 understood what they wanted, and how to put
know what you're promoting and giving away,                my stuff in it. So, the question ultimately begins
and we know how you're going to make money                 with, what are you passionate about? What are
on it.                                                     you passionate about?

So we're going to start with this big block on top,        Obviously, this is business seminar, I only have
and here's an assumption, what's the very left             so much time to do the personal development
word at the top of this?                                   and motivational stuff, but I think you're on that
                                                           journey already, yes?
Audience:       Passion.
                                                           Audience:      Yes.
Brendon:        Passion, what's the word?
Audience:       Passion.
                                                           How many people just, are you passionate
Brendon:                                                   beyond belief, all day long? Say I, okay, more of
                                                           you should say yes, how many people are you
Passion is the beginning of this, you've to think          excited about your day all day long, from now
about, okay, there's only two ways to really think         on, say yes.
about this, as very developed experts or
someone who is just starting out. There's two              Audience:      Yes.
ways to think about your core audience, and we
need to understand your core audience for you              Brendon:
to succeed.
                                                           All right, you guys got to be here and be present.
There's two ways to think about, you've to think           So, be passionate about either certain audience
about either one, who am I really passionate               or certain topic. I'm passionate about both now,
about serving?                                             and our scenario is almost hilarious. I'm so
                                                           passionate about youth I developed the whole


empire there. I'm so passionate about this                 giving them the tools and strategies, but if you
personal development topic that I put up a tent            can do it in a fun unique way, or allow them to
somewhere, and made a couple of $100,000.                  have more fun in the process, your customers
I'm so passionate about this other topic area you          will love you.
can be passionate in multiple areas? Which is
important, but we got to just find a few for you.          Case in point you'll see tomorrow, when I teach
                                                           you my speaking campaign, it's so ridiculously
As we move into this, let's begin with the                 fun, you're going to make stupid money at it, and
assumption that you know what you're                       I'm going to have these great results from you.
passionate about, or you know who you want to              Because I figured out, I knew the answer of how
serve, one or the other, or both, which would be           do I make this easier. Easier is campaign, so I
great.                                                     started teaching campaigning.

Let's talk about this, customer targeting, figuring        Then I noticed nobody was doing the damn
out who you're going to serve, and how you're              campaigns. I was like, wait a second, I'm adding
going to make money, comes down to                         the value, I'm giving them the answer to why
essentially two things.                                    they can't get booked to speakers? It's a
                                                           campaign, I made it easy, I'm like, do this type of
Who needs my information, in other words, who              campaign, 1 through 8, but they weren't doing it.
needs your expertise, who needs it, and/or who
can I create new information for?                          I figured out how can I make            this more
                                                           interesting, how can I make their      lives more
This is the beginning of targeting, begins with            interesting from this, and I created   unique fun
who needs my information already, so maybe                 way to campaign, and now boom!         Results all
you already have frameworks, maybe you                     over the place. So you got to think    about, how
already have something to give.          Another           can you make it more interesting.
question is, who'd be interested in that, or you
have your audience who will say they would love            Let me go through some niches which I think are
this that's where customer targeting begins.               very generic, but people always ask for a list like
                                                           this, so here's the list.
For experts, we always say the riches are in the
niches, right. Riches are in the niches. It's like         Here are all the different areas you can make
the more focused you're on who your audience               money in, basically as an expert, and this is
is, the more success you're going to have.                 probably not comprehensive, but it's just to start
                                                           out with.
Here's the million dollar question that I ask
experts all the time, who is your customer? You            Financial, you know, you probably have been --
ought to be asking that, who is your customer,             how many of you people have been to a
who is my customer? Who is my customer?                    financial program before, like you paid money to
Who is customer? Then how can I add more                   go to a financial seminar, or buy a financial
value and make their lives easier and more                 book? We will have the number one, I think
interesting?                                               personally to me the world's foremost expert
                                                           David Bach is going to come here.
I learned this incredible technique of not just
wanting to add value to their lives but saying,            David Bach wrote a book called 'The Automatic
how can I make their life easier in the process            Millionaire'; he has been on 'Oprah' six times.
and more interesting?                                      He has 11 best-selling books. Six, if I remember
                                                           right, I have to look at his bio, but I have to turn
When I combine the two, my business exploded,              my head, I think six of them were ‘New York
because you can make their lives easier by                 Times’ best-selling books. It's a phenomenon.


I mean he had Wells Fargo buy 250,000 copies                dollars in any of these areas they chose. If you
of one of his books. He is a phenomenon. He is              just follow a business process, you can do it and
a financial genius and he made an entire career             you say wait a second that's not my expertise.
there. He coming by way not to talk to you                  Could you all get expertise in this? Say I’m a
about finances, he is coming to talk to you about           creator.
how he built his business, like as an expert in
that space how did he do it?                                Audience:       I’m a creator!

Same thing when I had other experts here last               Brendon:
time. I always ask them, I don't want you to
teach your stuff, I want you teach how did you              You are all creators. Everybody in this room
build the empire, because no one was asking                 could learn positioning and promotion secrets in
that question. That's what this program is for.             any of these areas; you just have to choose
                                                            what's important to you, where do you want to
Real estate, obviously, I’m going to go through             succeed which I think is incredibly freeing. It's
these fairly quickly, because I think they are self-        one of the reasons I never worry about some of
explanatory. Wealth, how to get wealthier?                  these deals myself.
Health, how to be healthier?             Self-help,
relationships, huge topics, you have seen                   Great, go take it. We will go after you, but at the
people make multi-multi-millions of dollars in              same time I can go great create ten other things
those businesses.                                           over here, and I’m going to teach you a
                                                            technique to for how to figure out when to do
Business being– marketing, PR, hiring,                      that about selling deep than selling broad.
systems, recreational, language, dancing,
music, golfing, entrepreneurial groups, dentists,           But in each of these areas which one is
masseuses and people who are in smaller                     interesting to you? I have several friends in the
niches, per se.                                             creativity and innovation space making tons of
                                                            money teaching corporate people about how to
I put these up, because one, I know someone                 be more creative and open.
who has made a million in every single one of
these areas. People go; you do not know                     I think their job is very powerful, because I think
someone making millions of dollars golfing. It's            more people need to be open, I think more
like, yes, I do. I've a friend who makes a million          people need to be open and present and fun at
dollars teaching how to play piano by the year.             work.
That's what he teaches. How the hell do you do
that? He goes, online.                                      Does anyone agree?

He has a program that you buy online. You                   Audience:       Yes!
guys can go and type it in. You go play piano by
ear. Here are the first couple of Google things             Brendon:
that come up making millions of dollars this is a
niche.                                                      Those are some different areas I just like to put
                                                            that up, so the conception you have those in like
People want to learn to play piano. He found                different areas and like, wow. What I want you
out there are a lot of people who want to play              to have is this total freedom to say I can teach
the piano from scratch, because they don't know             what I want to teach. What is it that you want to
how to read music.                                          teach you can teach it as experts. It's just about
                                                            positioning and promotions.
Boom! Here's my argument in this industry.
Anybody in this room could make a million


Here are some ways to find your market that are             demographic search on it. A company can go
very basic, but I think helpful and most people             out like let's say Nordstrom. Nordstrom can go
never go through. Here is how to find your                  out, buy a whole area of a community, and say,
market. One, a Google search, very basic. I’m               okay, based on these addresses what do these
going to teach you tactics by the way to do here,           people like? They can also buy your address.
but you can go onto Google, type in your area of            They can buy my home address and know who
expertise and see what's out there.                         lives in that house.

How many people have already done that in                   What did I pay for my house, how many people
their particular area? Holy crap! How many                  live in the house? They can find the entire
people have not done that? Be honest. How                   demographic, how old am I? They can find all
many people have not done that? Okay, we                    the information out. It's demographic research.
have a half a room of liars then.
                                                            Most people don’t know that in reality, your
The first group I said, how many people have                address on the Internet is called what; your IP
done that? We’ve got about maybe 30% of the                 address. They have gotten so evolved at this.
room. Then I said that how many people have                 You will see it when you use Quant cast.
not done that? We’ve got about 10% of the
room. That leaves about 60% in here.                        They can tell based on the people who are going
                                                            to website, they roll up all the IP addresses and
How many people have already done really                    the demographic information goes along with it
comprehensive or at least you've done a good                and they can tell you who the people are that
amount of Google research in your area of                   are going to these websites.
expertise to see what's out there? Okay, a lot of
you have homework to do.                                    Now you are not like, well, who does like this?
                                                            No, there's the report. Now you know who your
Here is another great tool, and I’m going to walk           customers are. Cool.
you through more tactically what you're looking
for in a second when we talk about the                      Audience:       Yes!
psychology, but here is a really great tool, Quant
cast. Let's say you found a website and you are             Brendon:
like, wow, this website is right up my alley.
                                                            Cool tool, most people don't know about it.
They are doing what I'm trying to do. Quant cast            These two tools are the basics. I love these
can run numbers, it's an analytics engine                   they're all I use, personally. It's like I go to
basically, and it will tell you what type of people         Google, I’m like, okay, now I’m going to try and
are visiting those websites which is incredibly             attract people to the seminar based on this. So I
powerful way to your demographic information.               go out and look for forums, forums of authors.

Here is what I mean by that. Let's say you see              Look here is a bunch of authors. Then I can
all these people are going to SelfGrowth.com,               start communicating with that forum. Look over
look at all these people who are interested in              here. Here is this huge group of speakers who
personal development. I wonder who they are.                created this online community. Great, so I start
You Quant cast that maybe and it will break it              paying attention to them.
down, because guess what, you might not know
this, but in the Internet age it works just like the        You need to figure out what your topic is. You're
direct marketing age.                                       trying to get dentists? Where are dentists
                                                            collaborating not only in physical life in terms of
In direct marketing your address, a company                 events, maybe there is an association, but also
can buy a list of addresses and do a                        in terms of online?


They’re probably all going to similar top-five             my other programs as VIPs you learned this, as
websites which is important to know, because               centering members you learned this.
then you can model those websites and see
what's being offered to them, what are they                These are four questions that are the hallmark to
buying, what do they care about, what's hot,               a lot of what we do; figuring out these four
what's cool, what are the price points, all these          questions about your consumers.
things we will teach you today.
                                                           First, you want to ask your customer what
Another one is I call the Media Sneaker. I do              frustrates you the most about your business or
this one once in a while.          You can get             your life? Let's say you are teaching personal
demographics from magazines or any type of                 development then it's about your life. If you are
newsletter that goes out to a group of people.             teaching business, about your business. Just as
You just call them and say, hey, I’m interested in         an example, but you want to know what
running an ad.                                             frustrates them.

Can you tell me about your demographics?                   What frustrates you the most about your
Like, I did this with ‘SUCCESS’ magazine. I                business or your life?      Then they tell you
said, I’m interested in running an ad, can you tell        basically their frustrations i.e. their problems.
me about who is your demographic? Sure, they               Once you understand their problems, you have
emailed me a report that says here are the                 more insight about what information could offer
people.                                                    solution to them.

They are this age, they are this type, they have           What frustrates you, and then by the way,
this income level. Boom! Now I have more                   frustration, what is frustration? Shout it out.
insight.                                                   Pain, what else is it? Opportunity. What is there
                                                           at its fundamental core? Frustration is a -- it's a
Customer insight is the way to wealth. If you              feeling. It's an emotion. Do people buy on
know what your consumers want, obvious -- if               emotion yes or no.
you know who they are and what they want, can
you build a business from that? Yes or no?                 Audience:       Yes!
Come on guys, yes or no?
Audience:       Yes!
                                                           Do they buy more on intellect or emotion?
Brendon:        You are still here. I’m here!
                                                           Audience:       Emotion!
Audience:       We are here!
                                                           Brendon:        More rational or more emotion?
                                                           Audience:       Emotion!
So think about, these are the three tools that I
will use often. When I went into this business for         Brendon:
Export Empire, the reason I fill out rooms so fast
is because I knew the stuff about my audience              You’re going to get     to a level of emotional
and I will tell you what I knew about them in a            understanding when      someone explains their
second.                                                    frustration. By the      way, I do these four
                                                           questions when I’m       in a room of people
Here are four consumer insight questions that I            networking.
love to ask. If you’re an Empire Group or one of


If I’m in a networking event I'm always saying I             This is incredibly powerful, because it tells you,
will find out what they are doing.                           boy, if I had this year I’d accomplish my goals.
                                                             Most people don't even know.
    1. What frustrates you the most about your
       business?                                                 3. What would it take for you to double
                                                                    your business?
I ask that all the time, all the time and you will be
surprised that people tell you. I will know                  Most people just say, well, twice as many
automatically the reason I’m a great networker, it           customers. The funniest thing is that's the level
is not always because I can solve their problem,             of thought most people give to it. We are
it’s because I will listen to it and I will know who         coming around to the New Year now.
might be able to solve their problem.
                                                             January is coming up.          What I would
I said you need to know this guy over here. I                recommend is all of you really sit down in
just took away their emotion, their frustration,             January and go what would it really take for me
their pain. Am I good guy in their view? Yes or              to double my business this year? What would it
no? Same thing with the customers. We talk                   really take?
about pain points but specifically it's not just
pain, its frustration.                                           4. Then the last piece– I love this question
                                                                    – what strategies have you already tried
    2. Second question, what are you trying to                      that worked or did not work for you?
       accomplish, and you should underline
       this, this year?                                      Remember this is all the stuff you are going to
                                                             ask your customers. Everybody in this room,
Do people invest and pay based on immediate                  who wants to get paid, must ask their customers
need or future value? Immediate need. This                   this. If you don't, you are crazy.
tells you automatically, this tells you two things.
One tells you their goals. Once you understand               Let me show you something. Listen to this.
someone's goals and you can serve that,                      Look at these questions. Now imagine a sales
business grows.                                              page online. Imagine, based on your business,
                                                             if you go to a sales page and here is what they
What are you trying to accomplish this year?                 say I know that your main frustration point right
Their immediate goals and people always invest               now is this and it's been really troubling you for
in their immediate goals. They are terrible at               these reasons.
investing in long-term goals. We know that from
the financial industry. Everybody knows that.                What you are really trying to accomplish in order
People always invest in immediate need.                      to get over this frustration, you are trying to
                                                             accomplish these things and you know that if
I love to ask what you think you need -- this is             you did these things you could double your
one of my favorite questions, I ever ask                     business.
everybody, this you have probably heard from
me a million times if you know me, what do you               The challenge is you haven't figured out how to
think you need to double your business, or your              do those things because you’ve gone out there,
happiness this year?                                         you’ve tried this other stuff and it didn't work.

By the way, if you didn't know it, what we are               Some of the things you did try gave you little
doing here, is leaning their pain points. We’re              results but not enough. I have the solution for
learning their psychology. We’re learning their              you now. Is it compelling or compelling? You
ambitions their potential.                                   will buy every single time. You will buy every
                                                             single time.


Sometimes this is– not only this is teaching you            Now we know what their needs are, we know
what content to create– this is teaching you how            what their goals and ambitions are. We know
to sell.                                                    what they have tried and haven't tried. We need
                                                            to know more about them. Here is how we know
This is your outline for how do I know what to              more about them.
create. Well you create something that serves
the client.     It serves the client's needs,               We want to know what else are people being
frustrations, and goals. But the best thing is              offered. Before you create anything do your
once you know what they want, all you have to               research and say what are the other gurus
do is slap together a sales piece saying, I know            offering them? What else is out there? So what
this is what you want.                                      are other people being offered?

I know you have tried these things. They didn't             Is it DVD home study courses, is it seminars, is it
work for you. I know your real ambition is to               books, is it tapes, is it all of that? You want to
make this happen and I know that if you just                understand what are they currently being offered
follow this simple framework, it could happen for           and here are the few things you want to know
you.                                                        about that.

Everybody say wow! What you need to know                    What are they buying? How do you know what
about the customer is the same thing you have               they are buying? This is the secret. When I see
to tell them to get them to buy what you have.              someone's sales page, and when I’m talking
It's the same thing. These questions by the way,            about sales page, what I mean is when you go
you say how do you do this. I have done things              to a website in this big long sales page, like
where I do this with a focus group of people,               many of you signed up for this program for, I will
live, like some of my private clients I have done           go down and I will read their testimonials, on my
this with them.                                             competitor's websites.

I have done this one-on-one with some clients. I            Let me say that again, I will read the testimonials
have    done     this   with   surveys    using             on my competitor's websites. Why? Because
SurveyMonkey.com. If you don't know this write              those testimonials tell me explicitly why they
it down. I will give you some tools as we go                bought and what they accomplished. Why they
throughout the weekend.                                     buy and what they accomplish. So pay attention
                                                            to testimonials.
Survey Monkey is free. You can survey a whole
group of people and ask them these types of                 Next, when are they buying? When are they
questions and I’m telling you, their responses              buying? Meaning look at the sales page of your
are gold. Their responses tell you what to                  competitors and a lot of this is about consumer
create and how to sell, which is great.                     researches, you are going to have to know your
These are my four master questions. Do you
like these?                                                 You have to know who they are. You can do
                                                            that by Google searches; you can do that by
Audience:       Yes!                                        Quant cast and see okay, look at these
                                                            demographic of people over here.
                                                            You will see in the Google searches, you will
We are just getting warmed up.                   So         see all these ads, and you will see all these
understanding buying behavior, there are                    searches.     They are coming up from your
patterns in buying – let's say you know all of this.        competitors who are advertising something. Go
We need to know more about the customer.                    to their websites and look at them, and one thing


that's interesting to pay attention to is, notice         people's marketing, that's going to teach you a
how are they explaining when someone should               lot about customers.
                                                          One theme is the problem theme, the problem
They are always saying buy right now. But pay             theme. When you see any advertisement online
attention to why are they saying people should            or indirect mail, whatever it is for you, when you
buy right now and we will give you tons of insight        are seeing a promotional piece and you are
into what works. Why are they buying right                looking at it, you want to say across all of my
now? They will say it right on the sales page.            competitors who are serving my customers, I
                                                          notice they are always describing this particular
You need to buy this right now because if you             problem.
wait another day, your children will go up to be
losers. Children are a big hook for these people          They are always saying, you haven't figured out
didn't know that.                                         your technology, or they are always saying, you
                                                          are not going to be able to retire, or they are
You need to buy right now, because if you don't           always saying, there is some problem theme
you are going to spend another year losing                that always exists.
$10,000 or more a year. This group is losing
lots of money. Big hook and you’re going to see           You are too fat or you are not good looking
the hooks within it.                                      enough or you haven't accomplished, there is
                                                          some similarity you are going to see over and
I know this is like 007 sneaky stuff but you all          over and over again.
can do this. Yes. This is like the ninja moves to
find out what does your customer really want.             In the self help industry it’s often, you haven't
                                                          found your purpose. I will help you find your
Next, how are people being sold? How are they             purpose. That's a problem theme. People
being sold? In other words when they are being            haven't found their problems. People haven't
offered something, how are they being sold? Is            found their purpose, so when I do my marketing,
it advertising on certain websites?       Is it           I’m going to make sure I put in there, okay, this
newsletters going out to them?                            is a way for you to find purpose.

When you look at a sales page, what's the flow,           Do you follow me or have I lost you?
what are they doing? Are they talking about the
problem first or are they starting with                   Audience:      No!
Are they starting with the promise first or the
pain first? What's the flow? Really look through          Here is another one.
the psychology going what's this – how is this
working? What’s the flow here, when someone               What's the solution themes?
is buying something? Even in brick and mortar
businesses, if you are trying to serve dentists,          When you look at the solutions they are offering,
for example, you want to be an expert for                 there is often a way they are describing the
dentists on how they can grow their business.             solution that's very similar. They are saying we
                                                          have done this to make it easier for you. We
Pay attention to how are they being -- how are            have invented that or we have come up with
other people reaching these dentists? How are             this.
they reaching them? There are a couple of
themes you are going to pay attention to in other         There is a very commonality. It's very rare that
                                                          you are going to create something in any


industry that's completely, entirely new.                   always, always, always see in marketing them
Somebody else is doing it somewhere your job                referencing other experts.
is to figure out, what are they doing? So what
themes exist here? Why do you need to know                  I’m like this person or just like this person
this? All that stuff. Why do you need to know               teaches you, I do this, so as soon as I see that I
this stuff by the way? Differentiation                      go, I research that other expert and I say what
                                                            problems are they describing? What solutions
Let’s start with Suzanne because she described              are they describing? What price points are they
it out, she got it right. Ellen 1- 2- 3- Suzanne get        using? What products that they created and it
here, get present. That's not 1- 2- 3- Suzanne,             gives me so much insight.
wait a second we are losing in the back. Can’t
fill you up here. Everybody say hey Ellen!                  Next, what bonuses are being offered?

Differentiation– why do you need to know this,              Most of you know when you go to buy
because now it can be different? You can                    something especially online, they are always
position yourself differently and as soon as you            saying, buy this now and you also get bonus
present yourself differently, people start seeing           one, bonus two, bonus three free- free-
you differently and they buy from you.                      free.What are the types of bonuses being
                                                            offered? When I started I noticed the bonuses
Another one is what benefits, this is huge you              were all lame. It was like, buy this and get this
might put a big star next to this one. What                 free eBook.
benefits are your customers continually being
told that they are going to receive when they               It was like that sucks, an eBook how do I go
buy?                                                        beyond that? So it was like, boom, you get my
                                                            time as a bonus, or boom, now you get the time,
For example, in the online space when I started             it's like you also get this free webinar that's 90
offering things online on the Internet, I started           minutes long, I have charged thousands of
going all these other guys’ sales page, and                 dollars for. High value bonuses, the more high
they’d have bullets of all these benefits.                  value bonuses you offer somebody, the more
                                                            incentivized they are to buy from you.
I take all these bullets and I cut and paste them
into Word document and I search and sort                    Next, what price points are dominant?
through and I narrow it down, they were offering
the same benefits, it came down to like a list of           You should know what people are charging for
ten, and I was like wow!                                    in your industry for their personal time, one-on-
                                                            one, for group conversations, for online stuff. I
If I could figure out a way to offer solutions that         know in my industry, in this author, speaker,
serve those 10 benefits that will be fantastic. At          entrepreneur, what I call the expert industry, I
least I’m on par with the industry.                         know almost everything out there.

Now if I can expand that I’ve gone beyond the               I know who the experts are. I know how they
industry. Do you follow? This is strategically              are positioning themselves. I know what they're
thinking, what's the industry doing, what's my              offering and what price points they're offering at.
consumer being offered and how can I do
something different or more for them, add more              Jack Canfield is charging $4995, interesting but
value that they haven't been offered before.                Chris Howard is letting them in free. Why? I
                                                            study that. Interesting. Mark was doing this
What other experts are being referenced. When               program over here for this price point, but the
someone is going to a certain page or they get a            second part of the year he is doing it at that
certain piece, it's almost always you almost                point.


                                                             Theirs, so you need to know this information.
Why? You should be very interested in how                    The more information you know about this then
much people are charging, and you need to pay                the more compelling you can make sure your
attention to the value that they are saying that             offers are for customers.
they are going to deliver for that offering.
                                                             Million-dollar secret– what is the silver bullet
You should be very interested in this. Because               your customers are continually being offered?
otherwise, how do you know what a high margin                Meaning you're going to see from all these other
product is. You might say, well, high margin for             experts. They are saying, you can get this, you
me is $495 and a lot of people just make this per            can get this and it always appears -- all
se over-and-over.                                            marketing seems always to offer some silver
                                                             bullet, right.
They go, I’m going to charge $495 bucks
because, well it only it costs me $37, so $495               Come here and this will change your entire life,
that's high margin? No, it's not. That's not high.           come here in this.
It's not real high margin. That's high margin in
the myopic view of how much is your product                  What's the silver bullet people are offering? Is it
cost but there is also industry margin.                      a system? If it's a system, what's this system
                                                             look like. Is it a framework, is it a technology, is
You might be offering something $495 that                    it a tool, what is their big promise about? I
everyone else is offering five grand for. See, it            promise when you find this information out about
wasn't until I went to a bunch of other seminars             your industry, your consumers and your
and saw the quality of the information and how               competitors, you're going to understand so much
much information they were getting before I said             about your consumers.
I could charge way more for this and it was
scary for me at first, but I could justify it because        You’re going to be like, I know what you buy, I
now I knew what the industry was doing.                      know the bonuses you want, I know the
                                                             promises you have been offered. I know all this
Next, what payment terms are being offered?                  but, I go beyond that, and here's what you get.

I’ve learned a lot from this, from online                    Ultimately, would you agree that making more
marketers. Payment terms, you can learn a lot                money is about adding more value, yes or no?
from your industry. What you might be seeing in              Yes or no?
your industry is, sometimes they charge one
payment. You’ve got to pay for us. You might                 Audience:       Yes!
see other people saying, you can make two
payments.                                                    Brendon:

You might see other experts in your area saying,             Making more money is always about adding
you can buy this for free right now. Just pay                more value, but how do you know if you are
shipping we'll send it to you. Then we'll bill you           adding more value, if you don't know any of
over three months.                                           these questions?

If someone is offering something like that and               People come to my office all the time, and spend
you don’t have something comparable, but you                 a stupid amount of money for me to walk them
have comparable products and promises, which                 through these questions. You guys have the
one will they buy?                                           questions, we're using, yes?

Your one-time payment or this person's no time               Audience:       Yes.
payment until three months.      Which one?


Brendon:                                                   you knew you need it and want it, so you found
                                                           a way. Yes, you laughed because some of you
I can't believe how many people how many                   – how you got here.
people, and I’m talking about big name people.
They don't know this about their consumers. I’m            I totally know that, I’ve been the same – I’ve
like really then how will you ever know if you are         totally been the same bullet, how do I do this? It
adding more value than anybody else? You                   was like, I knew I couldn't really afford it right
have to know this. Are you guys doing okay?                now, but I knew the investment to be worth in
                                                           long-term. I was like I got to make this happen,
Audience:       Yes.                                       so I got resourceful. Everyone has been there
Brendon:        Can I keep going?
                                                           So your job is to help them understand that they
Audience:       Yes.                                       can’t afford it. How do you do that? You show
                                                           potential, testimonials and results of people who
Brendon:                                                   got more of their return on investment than they
                                                           ever invested in the first place. That's how you
Are you all right? Let me talks about sales                do it.
psychology, so that you understand how to
position yourself and what your consumers                  Each of these is essentially -- each of these is
need. If I have to give a whole course on why              an objection, right. It's something, it's like, I
people buy, this is essentially it, okay. Let's get        can’t, I don't want, I can't do it now. You have to
started... sales psychology number one, here is            meet that need in your marketing.
why people don't buy.
                                                           Here's a big reason.
Here are the main reasons people do not buy.
                                                               o   They don't believe you.
        1. They don't want it.                                 o   They don't believe in your message.
                                                               o   They don't believe in your framework.
What's your job? Make them want it. We'll give                 o   They don't believe in your branding.
more clarity on how to do this, but I look at sales
pages all the time. Brendon, would you review              Therefore, if they don't believe in you, they won't
my stuff? Sure, and I read it and there is                 buy from you.
nothing in it making me want it. So of course,
I’m not going to buy it.                                   So, what do you have to do? What do you have
                                                           to do? You have to make them believe in you.
        2. They don't want it now.                         How do you do it? Results, absolutely! What
                                                           else? Social-proof. You should be writing this
There is no urgency for them. There is no                  down.     Results, social-proof, what else?
immediacy. To sell something you’ve got to say             References, what else? Your story.
look, you want this and here are the reasons
why. If you’re missing any of that, you’re                 Give them something so they believe right off
missing basic marketing.                                   the bat. These are all great ways. Ultimately,
                                                           they are going to believe you, if they believe that
        3. They don't believe they can afford it,          you understand them and that you have gotten
           which drives back to that first one.            results before. This is the positioning we've
                                                           talked about earlier.
They don't want it bad enough, because how
many of you in this room have ever purchased               They understand me because they are a copy it
something that was a little beyond yourself but            is your copy. Anything that you write, anything


that you send out, your marketing materials              the easiest way to motivate a buyer in the world.
should be so compelling to them. They are like           Got value, need more, got value, need more, got
wow, this person so understands me.                      value, need more. That's how I get 300 people
                                                         in a room.
Here is what most people do in the marketing
which is why that most people’s marketing                Give a little value, and then there is I need more
sucks. They break about themselves or they               of that. I mean if any of you went through -- did
break about their inventory without saying here's        anyone of you go through like a bunch like get a
the problems you're probably facing.                     bunch of training from me through your email.
                                                         Now you clicked on it, you watched, and you
Let me help you with that. I have helped other           went through. How many people went through a
people. Here are their testimonials and results.         couple of those? Look around the room.
They don't share their own story of struggle
which we will talk about today.                          A couple of them, there are nine of them and all
                                                         these you know what you’re giving away too
Next, they don't believe they can do it which is         much. If you keep giving away this much, they
why this morning, I was emphasizing so much              won't go to your seminar. Yes, maybe not now,
because you have to believe. That you have to            but now for every impact and with some quality
believe you can do this, otherwise, nothing else         information, they’re going to pay attention to me,
matters.                                                 they are going to watch and some day they’ll
                                                         purchase. You’ll say with me.
Your marketing materials must motivate them to
understand that they can do it, through the same         Say I’m here!
                                                         Audience:       I’m here!
It's your proof, testimonial. Someone saying, I
didn't think I could do it but I did. That's the         Brendon:
most powerful testimonial by the way you can
ever have. The most powerful testimonial you             So sales psychology part two. Part two is in the
can ever have of someone saying, didn't think I          buyer’s mind your information must accomplish
could but I did. Stacking goes on somebody and           a few things in your buyer’s mind.
the buy is easy.
                                                         First, your information must absolutely solve a
Those are the reasons people don't buy. The              specific type of problem and here’s what the
last one though is they didn't draw the                  problem is, and you must describe it this way in
conclusion themselves they needed it. This was           your marketing. Your solution a product, a
a magic and my personal marketing was figuring           seminar, a tape, a telephone call, a webinar,
this piece out. Sure, there's lots of browbeating        whatever it is you want to sell to somebody they
you can do. Sure, there are lots of incredible           must look at and go okay, this is going to solve a
intelligent marketing you can do.                        distinct.

The best marketing you can do is offer                   Meaning a specific problem that I have, an
something to them that makes them logically              immediate problem something I’m having right
understand, well, I need more of that. How do            now and a problem that I have been having for a
you do that? You give away free content. I’m             while ongoing.
going to get that over-and-over this weekend.
                                                         Think about that. If I could come to you and I
When you give someone something and they                 could solve a problem that you are having, that
get value from it, they automatically go, wow! I         you’ve had for a while and is specific, would you
got value from that, I need more of that. That's         buy it from me? Yes or no?


The problem is in most people’s marketing they             Why am I telling you all this? Because I want
never do this. They just say, here is a problem,           you to understand consumers. Consumers are
but it's not really a distinct problem and it's not        all the same, they all want this stuff. If you miss
really an ongoing problem. That's what you                 any of the stuff, they don't buy. Proven fast
need to figure out. It has to be very easy for             results.
them to access.
                                                           By the way, if you’re not noticing everything I’m
By the way, I want you to really be gauging your           teaching you here, it's not conceptual this is also
business based on the stuff, is what you are               your marketing. This is your marketing. Does
offering out there, if you are offering something          your marketing accomplish these ends? If it
already, is it accomplishing these things? Is it           doesn't, you are missing a huge, huge, huge
easy for them to access and consume or is it a             opportunity. So it's not just conceptual, it's like
big pain in the butt?                                      wow.

A lot of people got really excited about                   Make sure this is in your marketing because
membership sites in this industry and they                 your consumers are looking for this, especially
completely butchered them. They put so much                these last two pieces, the fast results and the
crap in there that the people couldn’t even                guarantee.
access. They didn't know what to do with all of
it.                                                        You should guarantee yourself and never be
                                                           scared to guarantee something. If you are doing
There is so much stuff, any people move along              something, you should guarantee it. Put your
like a membership site, you go there and you               name behind it guarantee it. In this industry
are like, I didn’t even know what to do with all           people freaked when I offer my guarantee.
this stuff. They totally lost the strategy.
                                                           I’m not kidding, I had 21 big named people
I’m going to re-examine the strategy with you on           called me when they got associated with my
Saturday, so you understand exactly how to do              seminars, or when I went to their seminars and
a membership program that works and makes                  they were like, wait a second is that really your
money over and over again. It's going to be                guarantee? You are going to lose your shirt
easy to understand.        You have to create              young man.
framework so it's easy to understand.
                                                           Don't you know what you are doing? That's
Also it has to be easy to do. Now let me make a            called a scarcity mindset, and let me display this
distinction here. You are never promising that             for you.
it's easy to accomplish per se, because what I’m
asking you to leave -- by the way, what I’m                My guarantee if you didn't know it, and still
asking you to do when you leave here, is                   stands, will always stand in everything I do. My
basically fairly easy, it will take though                 guarantee is this, come to my seminar. If you
persistence to accomplish it.                              attend the entire thing and at the end of it, you
                                                           are not satisfied that I trained you on what I told
So it's easy to do. The steps are easy but                 you I’d train you on, then you can walk up to me
you’ve got to do them over and over and over               or my staff and ask for a refund.
again, it might not get results right away. You
might have to keep trying and have the                     We will refund you not only the tuition to the
persistence. It may not be necessarily easy to             program and I will personally reimburse you for
do, but when you market it, it must appear very            your travel having coming out. Your expenses
easy to do.                                                for flying and your hotel expense for staying
                                                           here. Everyone is like, oh my God, how can you
                                                           do that?


I know I can do it because it's that good. I know              You should all guarantee whatever you are
it's that good because I have perspective.                     offering, and you should make a big claim about
                                                               it and the only way you can make a big claim is
Matter of fact, I just know that if you go out there           if you have perspective on what everybody else
you are not going to get the same quality and                  is doing, because you studied and interviewed
content that we are going to push down these                   them and you paid attention to your competition,
next two or three days on you. But I also know                 you know what they are being offered and you
that deliver it in a specific way that it will work for        are going above and beyond that.
                                                               As soon as you go above and beyond that a few
I also know that maybe sometime when you                       times, it's like no one is going to take advantage
have to take an advantage of it, so far in couple              of you. It might happen one or two times, but
of thousand people through our high-end                        boy, the amount of customers who come into
programs, I’ve had two refund requests, neither                your life, it changes everything.
of them were offered with any integrity
whatsoever. They were like, they came, they                    I have a guarantee in my $50,000 speeches.
got their free ride, they went home and they                   Here’s my guarantee in my $50,000 speeches,
were like, ah, I got a free ride.                              are you ready? Speakers imagine doing this.

That was their intention that was where they                   If I don't get a standing ovation from your
were coming from, that was their integrity which               audience, I will give you $50,000 back. Do you
I don't think as much, but that's the only two                 know how many people are like, what? They
times this ever happened.                                      cannot believe it. They cannot believe. They
                                                               are like, wait a second. Some I have been hired
Here’s why I said that is because guess what?                  by two corporations. The event planner told me,
What if someone does take advantage of you?                    we hired you just to see if you get the standing
You might get people who take advantage of                     ovation.
you. You might get two or three people who
walk out and say I want my refund request; and                 They didn't even care about what I was
it isn't fair and you did deliver what you’ve                  teaching. They were like, really come on and
promised.                                                      they were tough audiences I tell you what? But I
                                                               got them, it was a guarantee and it's because I
Some people will take advantage of you guess                   believe in it that much. I know what I have to
what though, two might have had take                           offer is that powerful. Plus, I know how to make
advantage of you, but 20 signed up because you                 sure everyone stands up, which is important too.
had the guarantee.
                                                               The building is on fire. No, I’m teasing, I’m
It's people in this industry they are like how                 teasing. What's your guarantee? Would people
could you possibly do that? Sure, some people                  buy my product? If it doesn't work for you and
are going to screw me it's going to happen. So                 you don't love it after a year, return it, we will
what? I know that some people look at the                      give you your money back. Keep it for a full
guarantee, then I’ll go, I will go just because that           year.
                                                               If it doesn't work, you didn't get the results, even
This person knows it. They believe in it. They                 after a year of spring, your spring cleaning and
are going to deliver because they guaranteed it.               you notice this thing on the shelf, and you never
I’ll go.                                                       used it and you didn't get the results, return it.

Do you follow?                                                 How many people are offering guarantees like
                                                               that? Helpful so far? Yes.


                                                               •   Is it that you are offering more benefits
Audience:        Yes!                                              in general?

Brendon:        Are you learning something?                    •   Is it that your price point?

Audience:        Yes!                                      Like in other words, what's distinct about what
                                                           you are offering versus everybody else? What's
Brendon:                                                   distinct that you are offering versus everybody
                                                           else? Think about that for a second. If you are
The start of this is that you to understand your           not offering anything right now, then the
customer. Understand who?                                  question is what could be distinct?

Audience:        Customer!                                 As you go out and you leave here today, what's
                                                           going to be distinct for you? What's different,
Brendon:                                                   what's distinct about what you are offering
                                                           versus everybody else?
Your competitors, right you’ve got to understand,
okay. What does my consumer really want?                   Now you may or may not know what’s you are
What are the four keys of frustration and                  offering. You may have an idea for what you are
achievement? What is it they are trying to do to           offering. I want you to go through this anyway
double their business? What have they tried                just to force you to talk about it. You can sit
and not tried? That's power.                               down; you can stand up, totally up to you.

Then you understand the industry you are                   I want you to share with the person next to you,
operating and your competitor and then at the              what is it you are offering, or what is it you will
end of the day, if you can make sure that your             be offering, in terms of a product, a service or an
consumers believe some of these things.                    experience to a consumer?
Everything shifts into the by.
                                                           What makes you different, what makes the thing
Meaning they go okay, this is going to make my             that you are offering different, the service, the
life easier or more money or I’m going to get              seminar, the product, the audio, the webinar
more time out of this. My development is going             what makes it different?
to grow; I’m going to get additional income
whatever it is for them with your business.                I want you to have some practice talking about
                                                           this, some practice, and if it’s any point again, if
Here’s the thing, what is it that's most compelling        you need to take a break, you would go to the
to your consumer about what you’re offering?               bathroom, get some water, go ahead and do
It's a simple question. What is it that's most             that, you can do that with your pair right now.
compelling to your audience about what you are
offering? Now, you may not be offering anything            I want you to spend some time on this. What is
yet, but conceptually think about it.                      it that makes what you are offering really
                                                           unique? What is it specifically?
    •   What is it most compelling to your
        audience about what you are offering?              I want you to write it down after you have this
                                                           conversation or you can write it down now. I
    •   Is it that you have better bonuses, a              want you to talk about, what is it that makes,
        better guarantee?                                  what you are currently offering or will be offering
                                                           distinct different?
    •   Is it that you have more expertise than


This is your magic bullet in this industry,               further, and further, and further about your
knowing what this answer is, is everything in             customer.
your positioning. Most people never know it. In
selling, they call your unique value proposition          Some of you have no idea who your customer
as an example.                                            is. That's okay. You are going to go home, you
                                                          are going to do what we began with, Google
We want to know, specifically for this industry           search your topic; Quant cast, media sneak,
what makes you or your product distinct? You              you're going to do those things to learn more
got it. Yes!                                              about your consumer.

Audience:       Yes!                                      You're going to do something we talked about
                                                          earlier and that is to survey them. You might
Brendon:                                                  ask them on one. You might do something like
So you can sit or you can stand. I encourage all
of you to stand because it's getting late in the          At the end of the day, here are some questions.
night and we want to keep the energy up so to             Most of my prospects your prospect is your
encourage you to stand and share that just with           potential customer, most of your prospects feel
one other person what is it that makes you or             they are falling short in this area. Which area is
what are offering distinct? Go ahead do that              it? Go ahead and write that down.
                                                          Just keep it to yourself and write it down. Maybe
Here is a question. How many people had to                they are falling short in marketing. Maybe they
really struggle with that answer, being honest?           are falling short in parenting. Maybe they are
Yes, so that's all right. So as we go throughout          falling short in their health. Maybe they are
this weekend you are going to learn more, more            falling short in their financial future. But where
and more about what you can be distinct at.               do they feel they are falling short in?

Many of you, it's not necessarily that you don't          By the way, once you know this answer,
know how to be distinct it's that you don't know          powerful marketing angle.     Very powerful.
what to offer yet. True.                                  You’re going to see as we go through this, the
                                                          reason I get my consumers and the way I know
We will get to a level of clarity about, what do I        how to add value is because I know all this
offer? There are lots of different things you can         about them.
do. As we go throughout this weekend you are
like wow, I really want to do a book. I really            Next, most of my prospects would pick a fight to
want to do a speech.                                      protect their belief that? Most of your customers
                                                          would pick a fight to protect their belief that?
I want to do a seminar. You might just say all I
want to do is some products or you say I want to          In other words, they have invested in some idea
do coaching and we will teach you how to be               or some tool, some technology, some concept
distinct in each and every area.                          so much that they will argue with you, they will
                                                          argue. If you stand up and say, there is a better
To continue, I want to ask some questions about           way, or by the way, you have been doing this
your customer. I want you to try and fill this in         the wrong way.
as we go through this. I’m going to start the
sentence you're going to finish it.                       I had people -- when I did -- when I did National
                                                          Speakers Association, which is an awesome
You are going to write this down on a piece of            organization.    I think everybody should get
paper, because we need to get you to know                 involved in, love those guys.


When I went there though and I said very                  I learned that most of my customers, they knew
straightforward, I said look, this industry and           what they wanted to speak on, but they had no
sometimes      this   association,  has    been           idea how to market their speaking services.
perpetuating things that don't work. There is a           They had no idea how to do campaigns. That
lot of energy behind that.                                became a hallmark on what we are doing.

I was saying it very respectful, but they knew it         I have learned that most people online have no
was true and I asked them if it was true. I wasn't        idea how to sell anything. Interesting- I have got
being disrespectful at all. Matter of fact, that          to learn how to teach that and position that well.
audience was so phenomenal.
                                                          Are you all following how I’m doing this?
Many of them realized, you are right, we have
been teaching and investing in these things but           Audience:       Yes.
they don't work anymore. Some of them would
argue with me and say well, it's working for me,          Brendon:        Is this helpful?
and I said that's fine, is it working for the
industry, and the answer would be no.                     Audience:       Yes.

I knew they would fight for that, and once I knew         Brendon:
that, it's intelligent to use that information. To
use that information, what is it they would fight         If you can stay with me energetically, I promise
for, bring it up and acknowledge it. I mean the           we will break for dinner, you have got plenty of
best thing you can ever do, as an expert is to            time, it will be cooler outside, but you guys have
acknowledge things.                                       got to be here.

Look, it's hot in here we're working on it.               Say I’m here.
Acknowledge it. Don't try and hide behind it and
not call something out. If something is not               Audience:       I’m here.
working well in something you are doing or
something they are doing, your job as the expert          Brendon:
is to say, that isn’t working for you.
                                                          If you fade, I fade. Can you keep up, yes?
You have all seen Dr. Phil makes a whole career
on asking this very simple question. How's that           Audience:       Yes.
working for you? Whole career on that. What's
the phrase? How's that working for you? Now,              Brendon:
if you could say it angrier, bitter and just mean.
I’m teasing.                                              This one, most of my prospects have the goal to
                                                          do what? Most of my prospects they want to
It's funny though right; how's that working for           achieve New York Times bestselling status.
you? So your job is to call that out.                     Most of them want to achieve $10,000 or more
                                                          speaking. That's why I don't speak to the ones
Third, most of my prospects have no idea how              who want to earn $500. It's true.
to? This is a great one. I learned that most of
my prospects, most of my customers had no                 Most of my prospects have a goal of doing a
idea how to do a book proposal. They knew                 seminar where at least 50 people attend their
they had to do one, but they didn't know how to           seminar, not less so I don't talk about less. I
really do it. That was important.                         know what the goals are.


Most of my clients and potential customers, they           put a really good award winning speech
don't want to have a coaching program that                 together.
completely runs their life. They want to be doing          Most of my prospects are terrified they are going
other things, because they are creators. I’m a             to rent a hotel room and no one will show up for
creator.                                                   their event. Most of my prospects are scared to
                                                           death that they are going to spend a whole
Audience:       I’m a creator.                             boatload of money on websites that never make
                                                           any money.
                                                           Most of my prospects are scared that when they
I know you don't want a coaching program that              begin coaching, that their customers aren't going
takes your entire life. I know you want to be              to believe them.
doing other things too. So we have to build a
specific kind of coaching program, and I teach             Most of my customers are so worried that when
you a specific kind, because I know what your              they do begin coaching, that their coaching
goals are there, because I have asked enough.              clients are going to drop off like flies. I know all
                                                           this, because I have asked.
Next, most of my prospects deeply value what. I
found out most of my prospects deeply value                Does it help me create a better program by
their lifestyle and their mobility. They want to be        knowing that, yes or no? People are asking,
able to work from anywhere. That's like a big              what's your secret for success Brendon? It's
deal for experts, a really big deal. They say I            that I know what the consumer -- I know what
want to work from home.                                    people need. I know what my audience wants.

A lot of my prospects in the speaking industry             I know it through and through. I know what they
say I don't want to be on the road 120 days a              value and what they're scared of. I know what
year anymore, because my wife hates me, get                they are moving towards.
me home. Great! So I learned to teach a
specific way of online marketing.                          The more that I know the more I can serve
                                                           specifically those needs, because here is the
I know what they value, so it teaches me how to            deal. You all don't have to appease and please
add value to them. You follow.                             everybody. Everyone thinks they’re after the
                                                           Oprah market.
All of these, by the way, you may or may not
know these now, but that's why I’m telling you,            You are not after the Oprah market. The Oprah
this is a checklist. When you go home, tactically          market is everybody.       You are not after
you need to know this about your consumers.                everybody. You are after a very specific niche
The best thing is once you know this, you know             of people.
what to create and you know how to market.
                                                           For me, in this industry, obviously it's authors,
Last. Most of my prospects are terrified that?             it's speakers, it's seminar leaders, it's coaches,
Most of my prospects are terrified they are going          it's info marketers, that's why I built this program
to write a book and they will be never be able to          around that, because I noticed those were the
get any sold. It's true. They are terrified of it.         people who were coming to my other events,
They are terrified to spend the time to write the          like Partnership Seminar, or even in my Big Tent
book and not make any sales.                               Seminars, those were the people I was getting.

Most of my prospects are terrified of actually             I was like wow, 80% of my audience is
getting a speaking gig and not knowing how to              entrepreneurs, and 80% of them were telling me
                                                           I would like to get my message out like you did,


to Brendon. I didn't even know -- I never                  complete lack of respect. It's almost like, oh,
planned on -- I didn't wake up one day and go,             you people are having these problems, and you
I’m going to create this thing called Experts              are so -- gosh, you should just figure out what I
Academy and pull it out of there. It was like,             figured out. I have got it buy it and that's the
well, people need this, okay, what else do they            tone.
need, and ask enough questions. So you need
to know your customer.                                     If you really read between the lines, a lot of the
                                                           tone out there is a lack of respect to peoples'
Let me give you some value levers. There are               journey. You want to know how you create
things consumers really value, and the more of             rapport with somebody, respect their journey,
these that you stack on, the more they are likely          and say it.
to buy.
                                                           Be like, look, I know what it took for you to come
Is it okay if we talk about buying?                        here. I know how much you had invested in this.
                                                           I know that you have got your dreams wrapped
Audience:       Yes.                                       up in this thing. I have been there too.

Brendon:                                                   I respect that you have taken this decision to
                                                           spend some time with me this weekend, to
We want people to buy your stuff, yes.                     figure this stuff out, because it's hard. I have
                                                           gone like this too, and we all want to be on this
Audience:       Yes.                                       story together. It's respecting your audience.

Brendon:        Everyone just say, buy my stuff.           Here is another way to do this. You want to
                                                           know a very common value lever, one of them,
Audience:       Buy my stuff.                              when I say respect is to stop talking down to the
                                                           Our industry has taught to speak to the lowest
It feels so good saying buy my stuff I love it.            common denominator. It has taught us that, you
                                                           know what, in other words, they have said,
Audience:       Buy my stuff.                              dump down your information so anybody can
                                                           consume it. Okay, go ahead, and then you will
                                                           be worth this much as an expert.
                                                           What I want you to do, and what I’m doing,
Here are value levers that motivate people to              especially when you will get in tomorrow, is you
buy your stuff. The first value lever is relevancy.        are going to see, I expect that you are all
It's totally relevant to solving, like we talked           advanced. I expect that you can keep up.
about, an immediate, distinct, on-going problem.
                                                           I have a high regard for you. I know you are all
They are like boom this is so relevant to me. It           type -A- achievers, I know you are all creators. I
shows up in their inbox and they are like that's           have respect for you, not speaking to you like
me. They click on it.                                      you’re nine and a lot of people do that. They get
                                                           up here because they are so excited about their
One, this is huge. Our industry stinks at this             expertise, that some of their tonality comes
one. Offering respect to your audience. Pay                across like, what's wrong with you people?
attention to most speakers, most seminar
leaders, pay attention to most online marketing
happening out there today and there is a


Have you ever been in a seminar like that? I              recognizing your effort, they actually take away
have been in tons of them, and it completely              from it, because they have been taught in the
infuriates me.                                            psychology of sales that if you belittle a little bit,
                                                          if you show them the pain, and show them the
It's not because I have an ego about anything             results they are not getting, then they will know
I’m doing, it's because I’m thinking, wait a              that they need you.
second, if they would just respect my journey
more, I would be way more likely to buy from              By the way, this is a lot of 70s, 80s crap in
them, way more likely. But they are not showing           personal development. If you know what I’m
any respect by talking down.                              talking about. If you have been out there and
                                                          you have studied this stuff, it's like, they used to
Your job is to make sure that you actually talk           teach, develop need from the audience by
up, not down. I talk up. It's like, I know what it        showing them what's wrong with them.
takes to be here, and I also know what
everybody     in  this   room       has   already         The more you show what's wrong with them, the
accomplished and can go and accomplish. It's              more they will establish need and see you as a
much larger than any of us usually get credit for.        solution, the more they will buy from you. By the
                                                          way, this shit is still being taught. Have you
As experts, as creators, we rarely get the credit         seen it? It absolutely is not the direction our
that we are due. Because you might create 15              industry needs to know, and someone needs to
amazing things that you know can change                   stand up and say, that's not okay.
somebody's life, because you are not making as
much money as you used to, at your corporate              That's nonsense. Deliver the value. Respect
job, your spouse is like, what the hell? Is this          peoples' journey, and you don't have to belittle
true? It's like a respect.                                someone, you don't have to whiz-bang
                                                          psychology them to establish need there. Serve
There is a lack of respect there for what we do,          them and you are set. How many people
because it's so different than everybody else.            follow? Isn't that a good new direction for our
That's why we have to support each other so               industry to go in?
much, and when you give that to your
customers, it's incredibly powerful.                      This whole idea of psychologically establishing
                                                          need got way too perpetuated in some of the
The third piece is recognition. Third piece is            modalities that people have learned to talk from,
recognition. When you recognize somebody,                 from some people who teach NLP, and teach it
not only respect them and talk up to them, but            in a very inexperienced, unethical way, to other
when you recognize the challenges they have               people who teach sales.
had and you call that out, there is immediate
rapport.                                                  They teach it in a way that establishes
                                                          unnecessary need. The need is already there,
When you provide them recognition and you                 you don't have to establish a need for them for
celebrate them. It would be easier to come up             you. Their problems are real. They already
here and make fun -- and by the way, you have             exist. You don't have to establish need towards
probably been to seminars like this. I have               yourself. That's my personal perspective.
peers who teach this way. It drives me batty.
                                                          I don't want anybody to leave the room and think
They will get up there and instead of recognizing         that you need me at all. I want to empower you
it and rewarding you for it and saying, you know          so much here, with all the content and the entire
what, this is hard, and it's amazing you got this         checklist that you leave and you're like, I don't
far. They are like -- they are kind of speaking           even need that guy again and you go out and
like, what's wrong with you, and instead of               you just do it. You make it happen.


Then I get the testimonial and the result anyway.            Brendon:
You call me, Brendon, this happened.
Awesome! Can I use your testimonial? Yes.                    Repeatability.    You need to show in your
Great! It's on a website and it's serving me. But            marketing copy, and everything you are doing
I don't have you out there needing I have got to             for your consumer, they need to say wow, not
go to Experts Academy. I hate that stuff. Are                only did you do this, but I can do this, and I can
you kidding me? I could go out in a tirade.                  do this, not just once, I can do it over and over
                                                             and over again.
Next fourth is rationality. A buying lever to use
is by offering people lots of rationality, to explain        You will see when I talk about speaking
why the choice is logical. To explain rationally             tomorrow; I’m constantly saying that, I’m like,
why is this a logical choice, by showing them                look at how repeatable this is. You can repeat
numbers as an example.                                       this in different industries. You can repeat this in
                                                             different organizations.
Numbers are very compelling. Make it rational
for them, not just emotional. Emotional piece                You can repeat this in the college market, in the
has to be there, but these are additional levers.            speaker market, in the association market, in the
                                                             corporate market. It's repeatable. It's powerful.
Next is results; we talked about that. Showing
lots of results. Again, all this is a checklist, so          Here's the ten advanced points that I wanted to
you go back to your materials when you leave                 get to before your break. These are really cool.
here, or when you develop them and say, did I                You are still with me, yes.
do this, did I do this and do I do these?
                                                             Audience:       Yes.
The last piece is recency. You have got to show
that you recently succeeded at helping someone               Brendon:
do this. Now, I don't want to work with a
financial trader who is really awesome at helping            What page are we on? Again, I promise we will
someone succeed in the 80s, at all, I’m not even             take questions after dinner. You all guys are
interested in talking to them.                               doing pretty good.

Unless they can show me that they have done it               Audience:       Yes.
in the last 6-12 months, not interested and most
people are the same way with your information.               Brendon:

You need to show them. You need to say, as an                This is hitting you with a lot of stuff. You want
example, on your sales pages, you need to say,               some more?
in January this happened and by today we have
gotten these results. Results and recency are                Audience:       Yes.
really important.
The last one is repeatability if it's a word. Is it a
word? It is now. Repeatability. What's the                   These 10 values I love this stuff. This is my
word?                                                        secret stuff. When I go look at a peer, like a
                                                             buddy of mine, who is doing marketing or
Audience:       Repeatability.                               something, I will go in and we will dissect some
                                                             of these.


Some of these concepts I have covered so I will             If they do turn around their marriage, what are
go fast, but you will get the value lever. These            you going to do for them? What would you do?
are what I call the ten value levers.
                                                            If someone says, I’m going to teach you to
The first one is the extras lever. When you are             become a New York Times Bestseller, and you
offering something to a client, what bonuses                teach them to become a New York Times
could you do to sweeten the deal for them? It's             Bestseller, what do they get when they become
just one lever, right? It's the bonus lever it's the        that other than New York Times Bestseller?
extras lever. I have already covered why that's
important.                                                  So you can offer little rewards. You might offer
                                                            a little incentive and say, this program is so
Two, the wow lever this is really important, by             effective with this, when you do this, when you
the way, especially in this digital age, what can           accomplish this, I’m going to give you this.
they have immediately now when they buy?
This is really cool.                                        Or even something simple like let's say, you buy
                                                            this and you put this into play, send me the
Let's say they are buying a DVD Home Study                  email showing me that you put it into play, I will
course from you, and you are going to ship it to            send you another free webinar on this topic. It's
them. Well, that shipping they know it might                just a reward, its a little carrot.
take one, two, three, four, five, six days, ten
days.                                                       Next, the Delay Lever– What can they have now
                                                            but pay for later? You will see a lot of this. A
When they hit Submit and they enter their credit            Delay Lever is like, pay the cost of shipping --
card, what can they have now, like right now?               pay the cost for shipping, you will pay for it later
This will increase your sales astronomically,               -- you get it now, but we are not going to bill you
astronomically.                                             until you get it and you love it, as an example.
                                                            The Delay Lever.
We will be doing this with our next Experts
Academy. When you buy this, when you sign                   The Social Lever– What can their friends have
for your ticket, you get these three trainings now,         or how can they be involved? By the way, do
today, immediately, as boom, they just show up              you have to do all these levers, yes or no? No.
on the page.                                                But the more you stack on, the more compelling
                                                            your campaigns get. By the way, if any of these
Here's the three videos, watch them. So the                 are like too conceptual for you, you will see them
Now Lever is powerful, because remember, it's               hit the page later on. I will show you how we put
just one more add to that urgency that we talked            this into play.
about earlier. It's like, holy cow, if I buy this,
which is something I want; I also get this thing,           The Social Lever might be, for example, when
which I want now. Cool idea right.                          you added a sweepstakes, added a
                                                            sweepstakes, and you put the Social Lever
Pay attention, most marketers never do this.                which -- the Social Lever most often ends up
They don't think to do it.                                  being in our industry, tell five friends, tell five
                                                            friends about this, so enter their email
The third one the Reward Lever.         If they             addresses.
succeed, what would you give them as a
reward? What would you give them as a                       Tell five friends and get this extra bonus. You
reward? Let's say you say okay, I’m going to                have seen that before. Same thing. All that is,
teach you to turn around your marriage.                     is a Social Lever. How I involve other people
                                                            that's all that is.


Or you have seen this even on infomercials,                  know they can try something and return it as an
right? Buy one now, get a second one free for                example.    So that might be part of your
so and so, for your friends. That's a Social                 guarantee.
                                                             Instead of just being part of your guarantee,
Next the Cool and Exclusive Lever, what can                  claim it. Say hey, get this, if you try it and it
they have that nobody else gets? When they                   does not work, send it back. If you get it and it
buy your thing or they sign up for this that                 does not work, you get a free call with me. If
nobody else can receive. You might just do a                 you get it and it does not work, what happens?
specific promotion for that.                                 That's the Try Lever.

Many of you who are attending here are VIPs.                 The next one the Touch Me Lever– it's
VIPs, you get stuff that nobody else in this room            Thursday, what happened? The sexual jokes
gets. You get, one, tomorrow night we go out to              don't come till Friday night, ladies and
dinner, as many of you know, so don't make                   gentlemen, the Touch Me Lever. Who will tell
plans, for VIPs in the room.                                 them, yes, you bet, this is right for you. The
                                                             Touch Me Lever means customer service
I’m sorry, Saturday, Saturday we go out to                   essentially.
dinner, my favorite restaurant in the entire Bay
area, we will go out Saturday. We get to break               Here is what everybody wants to know. Every
bread together, but that's the beginning of the              time I do partnership seminar, we get hundreds
VIP experience.                                              of customer service email saying, I just want to
                                                             talk to Brendon, to ask him if his seminar is right
Then you also have all of -- when you create                 for me? That's the Touch Me Lever. That's a, I
marketing materials based on anything we have                want to know if this is right for me.
created here today, you send it to me and I
personally look at it, not my staff, I look at it and        How are you setting that up? How are you
I give you a feedback.                                       setting it up? You might just call it out in your
                                                             email marketing or on your sales page. Like for
I’m like, that's good, but your headline sucks, or           Experts Academy you saw it.
that's good, wait, you are marketing with the
wrong people. Or hey, you forgot to do this in               On Experts Academy the Touch Me Lever was
your sell. So I actually look at your stuff, and             there, where it said -- on my sales page it said–
then you all get a free coaching session too.
                                                                    Are you an author or want to be one?
VIPs, that's something special, that's cool and                     Are you a speaker or a want to be one?
exclusive that not everybody gets.       So it's                    Are you a seminar leader or a want to
something extra you have to sign up for.                             be one?
                                                                    Are you a coach or a want to be one?
When you are doing your campaigns, how can                          Are you an Internet marketer or a want
you insert something in there that is cool and                       to be one?
exclusive, that only certain number of people get
if they buy or opt in. Are you with me?                      It's self-including a group of people in the
                                                             marketing copy.
Audience:       Yes.
                                                             It's obvious when you read it, it's like, if you
Brendon:                                                     aren't one of these things or aspire to be, then
                                                             don't come to me. That's what you end up doing
I love this lever, the Try Lever. If it doesn't work,        is you put a Touch Me Lever there.
what will happen for them? People want to


Other people say, we will do a -- you see this                   Brendon:
often; we will do a free 20-minute consultation
with you. Have you ever seen that? A free 20-                    This is really advanced stuff but you get it, right.
minute consultation with you, that's a Touch Me
Lever.                                                           Audience:       Yes.

That's saying, we will talk to you to give you                   Brendon:
some value, but of course at the end of the call
we are going to say, yes, this is right for you.                 Good. The last one, the Servant Lever. How
No, you don't say that. But you all follow what                  will this help them help other people? How will
I’m saying, that's a Touch Me Lever.                             this help them help other people? This will
                                                                 make you more able to influence and change
The Narcissist Lever– how will this make them                    your husband, your wife, your peers, your kids,
better than anyone else is a very powerful lever                 so that you can help them become better people
in marketing? This will make you a better                        that's a Servant Lever.
leader. This will make you outshine all of your
peers. This will get you a promotion over all                    That's saying this will help you get your
these other deadbeats a lot faster. This will                    message out to the world so other people can
make you sexier.                                                 improve their lives, that's a Servant Lever.

This will make you more wanted by the people in                  So what I want you to do from now on is go back
your nursing home versus anybody else. This                      to these ten and the other six and just look at
will make you go all night long when your                        everything you do and go, check, yes, check,
neighbor Fred can't. Anyway, you follow the                      yes, check, yes, and even if it's not appropriate
idea that's the Narcissist Lever. I told you wait                for yours, just realize that the more you stack on
till Friday.                                                     of these levers -- I mean the more that you do
                                                                 this, the more buying that's going to happen,
Tell them explicitly, this will make you better                  agreed? You all here? I’m here.
than other people because of these reasons. I
know that sounds crazy, but everybody has that                   Audience:        I’m here.
ego in them, everybody has.          I have it.
Everybody has it.       To deny it would be                      Brendon:
                                                                 How are we doing? We are doing greet. So
We all want to succeed and we all want to                        boy, are you guys good?
succeed at levels higher than other people. It's
not always natural, but everybody has that in                    Audience:        Yes.
them a little bit. I think life's work of spirituality is
getting over a lot of that junk.                                 Brendon:

We all know that the mass of consumers and                       Can I crank for 30 more minutes? Can you keep
many of us in this room are trying to keep up                    up?
with the Jones'. We are trying to elevate
ourselves; we are trying to do that. So tell them                Audience:        Yes.
in your marketing how they will do that. It's a
very powerful lever. Is this cool?                               Brendon:

Audience:         Yes.                                           Everyone level up. So brands, let's talk about
                                                                 that real quick so that you can be thinking about
                                                                 this over dinner and talking about this. Some


brand myths I already covered is, people think               Here's another thing else. People think your
developing a brand takes years, it doesn't,                  need to create a brand is a business, but let me
because here is what a brand is. A brand is just             show you Fortune 500 companies that would
a memorable story and experience. That's what                say that's the stupidest advice you ever heard.
a real brand is.                                             Who has heard of GE, the company, GE? What
                                                             does it stand for?
When you talk to consumers about it, not when
you talk to marketers, when you talk to real                 Audience:        General Electric.
human beings about something they associate
with a brand it's always the same. It's a story of           Brendon:         Cool! What do they do?
the company and the experience they had with
the company, as an example. That's what they                 Audience:        (Inaudible).
connote a brand to be.
When you say to somebody Starbucks, they
think something about the company, the story of              Nuclear plants, light bulbs, lots of other shit
the company, and they think something about                  around your house. Here's this idea -- they
the experience they have there, which is very                bring good things to life. That's a slogan, yeah,
different then maybe what a local coffee shop                sure. But do you really understand their brand?
would connote to them from their brand.                      It's more story and experience driven. Look at
                                                             all these companies.
It's always just a story. It's an experience. You
are all going to leave here thinking that you have           What does Disney do? A whole lot more than
this brand of Brendon, because you had -- you                most people know. They are great, but isn't it
know my story, but you also have a story                     true they are involved in a whole lot more than
together, and you had a certain kind of                      just those parks? This is what I’m saying about
experience; it was either positive or negative,              our industry too.
you will have that.
                                                             People are going to tell you, you have got to do
That's kind of what a brand is, and people make              just this -- you have got to do motivation
that out to be way too big of a deal. Here's how             Brendon. You can't go in these other realms,
that tactically shows up in most experts' lives,             what are you talking about? I will make sure
the obsession about getting your business cards              people know me in my motivation realm, but I
right, the obsession about getting your website              will also make sure that I have another brand
right.                                                       over here, another brand over here, and another
                                                             brand over here.
Is this true? It's like you are obsessed. It's like
this website, I have got to have my brand, the               What I’m trying to do is open up this industry for
brand has got to be perfect, and it is brand,                you and for all of us. This idea that we have to
brand, brand.                                                be that one thing only and that's our brand
                                                             forever is so constricting, I didn't want to do it for
My first -- I didn't even have a business card for           a while. So I don't want to just be the motivation
the longest time. When I did, it didn't matter               guy there's more to this.
particularly, what it said, and was the number on
there, did it do this cool thing, did it fold out and        People care about brands and they want
have these?                                                  permanence, that's what they say. Everyone
                                                             says, people care about your brand they don't
Doesn't matter, because I know that what's                   give a shit about your brand, especially in this
important is the story and the experience and                industry.
those are what I’m going to focus on.


I know that really frustrates some people. But              experience I give you in Partnership Seminar is
let me tell you what I mean by that. People care            different then what I give you at Experts
about solutions. They care about service. They              Academy. It's a different brand. It doesn't have
care about appearance. Those three things.                  to be the exact same thing.
When you ask them, when you actually talk to
people, but would you hop one brand to go to                Most people think they have to do the same
another, yes or no? Absolutely.                             thing. Well, if I raw-raw this way at one event, I
                                                            have got to raw-raw at that other event the same
Would you go to one brand that was maybe                    way. No, you don't. Who said you had to?
offering something nobody else offered, yes or              Well, that's your brand. No, it's not. Am I just
no? It's like, what people get defeatist about is           going off in a tangent, you understand what I’m
like, well, you know, this brand represents this,           saying?
so everyone goes to that person, and I can't do it
over here, because they think well, that's the              Are you still with me?
                                                            Audience:      Yes.
No, it's not true. If I offer a better solution, a
better service, and the appearance of that story            Brendon:
and that experience, I will trump this other guy. I
know it every time. Even though he has got the              Cool! Let me tell you some stories. What are
brand recognition, the brand name.                          important about these are the things you have to
                                                            protect in your branding. One, your message
I have people in my industry that are at the top            needs to be consistent.
and their brands are huge, but I get more people
in my room than they do. How? It's a different              It doesn't need to be consistent across all
level of solution the way I explain that solution, a        platforms, but with that one demographic that
different level of service, and a different level of        you are marketing to that, one niche, you need
appearance. Are you all with me?                            to have a consistent message about who you
                                                            are. That's clear everybody gets that.
Audience:       Yes.
                                                            Image consistency is important in the expert
Brendon:                                                    world, because people evolve and they get
                                                            older. This, when I lose all my hair, will change.
My point is to say that this whole idea about               So will that one. I have got buddies who are out
branding and constricting people into one is just           there, who are teaching, they are still using the
not reality in our industry. A brand can be swept           same image that they used 30 years ago.
away by very simple things, but your solutions
will always be permanent, if they are good.                 Well, it's okay to have image consistency, but
                                                            not image consistency over years. When I say
Not to say your solutions won't evolve, change,             image consistency, I want Experts Academy
and develop, but I want you to understand that              represented one way at this hotel this weekend,
we are all open to different thoughts about                 right.
                                                            I want it to be consistent throughout your
Let me share with you let's say, branding is                experience here. That's why when you come
important. It's important to have your story and            into the door you saw all those banners. There
your experience. You might have your story and              are banners here. There is a consistent look
you experience.      I have a story and an                  and feel all the stuff in front of you.
experience; if you have been with me in
Partnership Seminar, my story and the


Look at your name tags, look at your, what do                 Even his publisher said can't, because this
you call those, little table tent thingies, table             industry is focused on the stupid idea of one
tennis. So it's very consistent, it's like okay, got          singular brand, which doesn't work for creators.
                                                              I’m a creator.
Next, here is what happens for everybody in my
industry. They make it big with one seminar, it's             Audience:        I’m a creator.
awesome, they realize they have got to put a
back-end on it, so they put a back-end on it and              Brendon:
they create all these little chintzy follow-ups.
                                                              It won't work for you. You are going to freak out.
It's like wrong, but everybody does that and you              It will not work. Because we are too abundant,
have probably been part of that. I have. You                  we are too expanding. That's what I have
got to one thing, it's amazing and you go to the              discovered over and over again. Same thing
next one, you are like what happened to this                  with John, he doesn't want to talk just about that
guy?                                                          his whole life, because he knows lots of other
                                                              things too.
What happened to this business?                What
happened here? That's the challenge, everyone                 How do we do that? We just change a little bit
faces it, it's universal, you just need to prevent it.        of a story and we put a very unique promotion
Can you do that, yes?                                         and campaign and experience behind it, and all
                                                              of a sudden people start going well, John is
Audience:        Yes.                                         really good at this thing too, not just that.

Brendon:                                                      Are you with me?

Results consistency. If suddenly I’m teaching in              Audience:        Yes.
the Experts Academy one day and the results
dip down, I know I have got to change some                    Brendon:
things, because I want the results to always
plateau. I always want them to grow.                          Here's the entrepreneur's mistake in building a
                                                              relevant brand. Here are the entrepreneur's
People will see wow this person is continuously               mistakes. Let me give you an example of what
getting new results. For example, you don't just              ends up happening for entrepreneurs, because
put your same sales page up over and over and                 of many things, but one thing with entrepreneur
over again for an event without changing the                  is we learn to be everything so we position
testimonials. People need to see that.                        ourselves that way.

Here's a bizarre and avoidable surprise. All                  Here's what I call entrepreneurial positioning,
branding can change by the change of a story                  and I will just read it to you. Do you have this in
and the change of a promotion or a campaign it                front of you? What page are we on?
can change.
                                                              Audience:        Ninety-three.
Tomorrow John Gray and we've proven this with
John, who is known for 'Men are from Mars,                    Brendon:
Women are from Venus' and the relationship
space, but he wanted to go in the health route                Meet Vince, the entrepreneur. Vince Shorb is
too. Everyone said you can't.                                 the founder -- I want you to listen to this and
                                                              think about who Vince is, what he does and how
                                                              he will add value to you. Vince Shorb is the


Founder and CEO of NEW-GEN MEDIA, a                        effectively educate youth on personal and
company that provides real world financial                 educational finance.
education to today's young adults. Not bad,
right? Good first line.                                    Vince is also the Founder of Money (X), the
                                                           nation’s first event teaching youth the value of
Flat out broke by age 23, he scrapped by until             entrepreneurship and financial responsibility via
age 26. Nice job. Then, starting with close to -           extreme      games,    entertainment,   celebrity
0- net worth, it was just six years later that he          appearances, sponsor showcases.
made his first million dollars.
                                                           As creator of the Multimedia Wealth Creator
He also is the Founder and CEO of the VeShore              course for youth, Financially Free by 30, Shorb
Commercial Capital, a California based real                is the nation's leading expert on the topics of
estate business that invests in mortgage notes,            youth, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy.
real estate tax liens, foreclosures and flipping
pre-construction properties.                               Every single sentence is youth, education and
                                                           financial literacy. What did we do in here? We
He shifted his focus to investing in America's             switched up a few things, very simple things.
youth, and is dedicated to educate young adults            We took the idea of -- notice that we started now
in hopes of closing the financial literacy gap.            with an authoritative position of he is an author.

His new multimedia practical financial education           We also took and included a position; a position
course, Financially Free by 30, addresses the              being he created this whole association, the only
needs of young adults to educate themselves                association that does what he does. Are you
about wealth creation. Not bad?                            following? One little piece of change changed
                                                           this man's business, one little thing.
This is what most experts do. Most experts say,
well, I’m an expert in this area, but I also do            He is the founder of this association that certifies
these other things. When they are talking to a             people for this. Wow! Now, who is the expert in
specific demographic it's like all those other             this? He has got a book and he created
things get jumbled.                                        association behind it.       Come on.       That's
                                                           positioning, positioning. I will read a couple of
It's like okay, so he is an expert okay, real              others just so you get the idea.
estate, I see real estates in there. He is missing
a few things that would help him better position           Meet Kristy, the entrepreneur, all these people I
himself.                                                   deeply care about by the way and I care for
                                                           them, that's why we get to show their stories.
I will read it to you, and then I’m going to reveal
what some of these things are that we just insert          Here's Kristy Whitman, the author of several
to make people more credible and better                    books, 'Perfect Pictures' by so and so
positioned, because that's what we have to do              publishing, 'Why Did She Choose Suicide', 'How
with you, better positioning. So now listen to             To Tell if Your College Friends are Suicidal and
this.                                                      What to Do About It', 'How To Tell if Your High
                                                           School Friends are Suicidal and What to Do
Here's a reframe, instead of an entrepreneur, we           About It'.
are making him the expert. Vince Shorb is the
author of Financially Free by 30, and President            'Perfect Pictures' focuses on releasing the
and CEO of the National Youth Financial                    expectation that you want to be perfect. 'Why
Educators Association, the only governing body             Did She Choose Suicide' helps individuals move
certifying speakers and educators on how to                through the pain and heal from the experience of
                                                           having had a loved one commit suicide.


Kristy’s sister, Terri committed suicide, and had           In other words, we need to move you from a
Kristy known the signs and symptoms, she                    past tense positioning, which is what most
might have been able to prevent it. Kristy spent            people are trying to do. They are saying my bio
eight years researching depression and anxiety              says I’m this person. Magic happens when you
as a pharmaceutical representative and sales                say my bio is this person and does these things.
                                                            Let me give you an example. So she was just
She has more than seven years experience                    beginning, which I know many of you are going
speaking with psychiatrists, suicide awareness              to leave the door, just like Kristy did, with a new
groups, and students, striving to make sure                 vision for herself. She didn't want to teach on
suicide does not happen to anyone else.                     that anymore.       She wanted to teach on
                                                            something else.
Is this amazing? Let me ask you, what's the
challenge       with       that       positioning?          Well, to build into something else, you need to
Pharmaceutical.      It's depressing.           It's        offer a different position. Are you with me?
depressing. I have got to tell her about that one.
                                                            Audience:        Yes.
Here's the real challenge; and there is a reason
I’m bringing this up right now before the break,            Brendon:
the real challenge is, this woman, her story of
struggle, which we are going to talk a lot about            All she wanted to do was to help women. It
after dinner, is what your story of struggle been.          wasn't really on suicide, she just wanted to help
What I call, you see up there, The Woe to Win               women succeed that was her passion, her
Story.                                                      desire. But she thought I can only do this
                                                            because someone said you must build a
The number one thing that gains rapport with                business based on your bio, which is shitty
your audience is your story of struggle, your woe           positioning.
to win. People think that whatever happened in
their lives need to dictate their future.                   Build your bio based on what you want to do,
                                                            what you want your market to see you and how
People think well, here was my experience, the              you want to serve them.
bad things that happened to me and of course, I
must teach on that. So she went to a seminar                So here is the example of who she really is.
where someone said, you must teach on the                   Kristy, the expert. Kristy is an in-demand life
experiences you have had.                                   coach, motivational speaker, and co-founder of
                                                            the Mother Daughter Empowerment Summit, a
What's the problem with this? The problem with              life-changing 3-day program co-hosted by the
this is she didn't want to teach and relive the             Girl Scouts of America. Completely different
story of her sister's suicide over and over and             isn't it?
over again. As a matter of fact, her positioning
had nothing to do with what she really wanted to            Is this going to lead to a different life for her, yes
do.                                                         or no? Is this going to lead to a different ability
                                                            to earn money, yes or no? Is this going to be
Why is that important? Because I want your                  more fulfilling for her from what you know about
positioning from now on to switch from                      her, yes or no? It's totally different, totally
entrepreneurs who report their experience and               different.
what they did do, to who you really want to be
and what you really want to accomplish.                     Notice we did the positioning piece. We not only
                                                            positioned her as a founder of something,
                                                            Mother Daughter Empowerment Summit, we


also included a partner piece of positioning,                Law, with an emphasis in International Business
where she had a partner involved in what she                 Law.
was doing, which is incredibly powerful.
                                                             After       law     school,    Kristy     practiced
She has helped thousands of women around the                 Communication Law at Washington DC for four
world. You can read this and get the point, that             years.       She then served as a Regional
now she is focused on the motivational space                 Counselor and Director of Government Affairs
and helping women. You totally understand that               for the fifth largest company blah- blah- blah.
when you read it.
                                                             This is what most experts do, they think well, I
Plus we included a couple of other names in                  will just report all the things I have studied and
there, to give her some credibility from people              done. What is the problem with this? You have
she studied from, to people she has learned                  no freaking idea what she does.
from, to the people she has been certified by.
But we went to a different level.                            I read hundreds of bios like this. People send
                                                             me their bios and tell me, could you just look at
The whole point of her example is, right in the              it, and I look, I’m like -- I just write back and I go,
middle of this, before I go to the next one is to            read it, don’t know what you do, Brendon.
say, look, position yourself on who you want to
be, not on who you were or what happened to                  Do people know exactly what you do based on
your.                                                        your bio? Let me give you an example. When
                                                             we reframed her, obviously she is -- as you can
During your speeches, share your personal                    see from this last piece, she is in the nonprofit
journey, your personal woe to win. Always                    area, but she thought to get credibility, she had
share your story of struggles, but do it in a way            to include certifications.
that relates to what you are talking about. Don't
feel compelled to be stuck to your bio.                      None of them had anything to do with what she
                                                             is teaching. Reframe. Expert positioning with
If all of us could finally start building the bio and        Kristy Hall, President of Universal Synergy
the positioning to what we want to be, would that            Consulting,   boutique  consulting    services
be a great day or what? I mean, it's a great day             company, helping non-profit organizations,
when you move from the bio of your history to                NGOs across the globe accomplish their
the future of who you will be and will become.               mission. She helps nonprofits accomplish their
                                                             mission. Clear?
It's a completely different animal and trust me it's
so much more fulfilling. You follow, yes.                    As an aspiring leader and in-demand speaker,
                                                             trainer and coach, Kristy has helped hundreds of
Audience:       Yes.                                         leaders and organizations around the world
                                                             more effectively and efficiently raise funds and
Brendon:                                                     execute against their vision.

Let me give you one last example with Kristy                 Recently, Kristy has been featured speaker at
Hall. Now, this is the academic entrepreneur.                the 2008 Global Engagement Summit at
Lots of people do this one.                                  Northwestern University in Chicago, and the
                                                             2008 Non-profit Congress in D.C.
Kristy’s   academic   background     includes
undergraduate     degrees    in     Business                 Kristy's products and presentations on nonprofit
Administration and Languages, along with law                 leadership, advocacy, fund raising and board
degree from George Mason University School of                development, had made her an in-demand and
                                                             innovative expert in the non-profit world.


Kristy holds a certificate of Nonprofit                   founder in your area of expertise, boom, you are
Management from Georgetown, and has                       much more credible, even if it's an event that no
completed Principles of Techniques of Fund                one has even attended.
Raising at so and so. So now her education
matches with what she is doing.                           When we started positioning Kristy as a speaker
                                                          in that route, her event wasn’t like for six
Notice we took out a bunch of the stuff, and here         months, but she wanted to get speaking
is where we get protective as experts, don’t take         engagements until then. But it was on the
out all this stuff about me, it shows credibility.        books, it was going to happen. Boom, it was on
But does it show relevancy?                               there.

It's less important for you to communicate your           You follow. It's about what is it that you can be a
creditability than it is your relevancy. Why?             founder of in a way that's relevant to your
What you do, why you are qualified to do it and           market. So you can be thinking about that and
what you are currently doing. Are you with me,            by the way, do this with total integrity.
                                                          Obviously she did it, because the event was
Audience:       Yes.                                      going to happen, in the meantime, she was
                                                          doing all sorts of other things. But it was very
Brendon:                                                  clear that when you position yourself, never
                                                          position something that is not true.
This is going to help you tremendously,
tremendously. Here are the 10-power points.               That is a given, yes.
Each of these is something you can include in
your bios or in your sales pages. You don’t               Audience:       Yes.
have to include all of them.
The more of these that you include the more
positioning power you have, the more                      I totally expect that of you guys.
positioning power.
                                                                 Number two- personal path.
Can you keep up with just ten more, yes?
                                                          Your journey, your experience, your woe to win,
Audience:       Yes.                                      your struggle, if that can be in there, that's
                                                          incredibly powerful, incredibly powerful, even if
Brendon:                                                  it's just one sentence.

You are going to totally love this.                       If you have seen my bio, it describes, ten years
                                                          ago he was given the gift of a second chance
       Number one positioning.                           after surviving a dramatic car accident in a
                                                          developing country.      That's a story that
When you show your title or your job or your              everybody knows of me. So that's always in my
role, that's power. There is a specific kind of           positioning stuff.
power in the expert industry when you are the
founder of a group of people or an event. A               I have gotten people who call me and    say hey, I
group of people or event is very powerful.                have been in a car accident too         and they
                                                          became clients or customers later on.    It's just a
Like with Vince, he is the founder of this                story element. Your personal path       is always
association, with so and so with Kristy, Founder          positioning.
of the Summit. As soon as you become a


For example, who are you more likely to listen to                  Number five- paying clients.
if, let's say, you are an alcoholic, somebody who
has had alcoholism and beat it; now, I know that            Listing who has paid you to work with you. By
some people in the twelve-step program will say             the way, experts always go, well, I can’t list
you can never beat it.                                      these little companies because they are just little
                                                            companies. No one knows how big a company
That's okay, that's your identity, keep it, good for        is. I have learned this over and over.
you. I would rather get rid of it, but that's my
personal perspective. Anyway, I can talk about              I have all these people who have had tons of
that all day.                                               client’s that they don’t have in their bio and I go,
                                                            why not? They say well you know that was just
Personal path, would you rather learn from                  the Nevada chapter of so and so. I was like I
somebody who has been through that and beat                 don’t know that.
it, or somebody who has no idea other than
conceptual, which one? The one who has been                 Other people will say no, they will listen to that,
through and beat it. So show your personal                  but they will say this company that's called like
path.                                                       Global Humanitarian Unites or something like
                                                            that, they will be like, well, I spoke at their
       Number three- progress.                             convention but there are only 15 people there.

Show your results or your positioning. She has              Who cares? That sounds awesome. Put it in
helped 15 Fortune 500 companies increase their              there. You follow.
bottom lines. He has helped some of the world’s
best speakers improve their business. That's                So put your paying clients. No one knows if they
progress. She has taken people from no money                are big or small. You do, but nobody else does.
to millionaire in six months. Whatever it is for            It doesn’t matter. It shows that you have a track
you, what is the progress point that you can                record.
                                                                   Number six- press your performance.
       Number four-praise.
                                                            Meaning if you have seen -- as seen on this,
Most people are so scared to put testimonials in            quoted in this, performance -- on this stage.
their bios. Why? Why? In our industry nobody                You will see when you read my bio, as an
does that. I was like that's weird. Absolutely,             example, he has been on stage with all these
put a testimonial in your bio or at the end of your         remarkable people. It's creating association
bio or at the top header of your bio.                       there, but also showing accomplishment.
Testimonials are powerful.        Social proof is
powerful.                                                          Number seven- a great way to know if
                                                                    someone is an expert is you are told
Maybe it's not in your bio, it's right above your                   they are an expert. True or false?
bio, on your website as an example, whatever it
is, but the more praise -- and again, think about           Here is brilliant positioning. Start having other
a sales page, take out the testimonials, your               people tell other people that you're an expert in
positioning just went down, didn’t it?                      this space. That's what you need to do with your
                                                            affiliate partners, which you will learn about a lot
This could be for your branding, this can be for            in the coming days.
your web pages, whatever it is, but the more of
these that you stack, the more positioning                  Getting people to send an email out to their
power.                                                      group saying that you're an expert in your space
                                                            is positioning power. You don’t even have to


say it. In other words, it's like a third-party
endorsement. You are told they are an expert,               By the way, when I started on seeing in the
so you know they are an expert. You should be               Corporate America, Malcolm was blowing up. I'll
strategically thinking about, how can we get                speak on innovation and leadership at the time.
other people to start saying I’m an expert in this          He was everywhere. He was a horrible speaker
area to their groups of people. Cool.                       at the beginning, and he would say this, not just
       Number eight- partnerships.
                                                            He sucks. I mean he was no good, but he was
If you have partnered with anybody or you have              so brilliant in his philosophy, people were like,
done any co-collaborations with people, you                 wow! They kept hearing him, hearing him,
should have that in your positioning or in your             hearing him. Sometimes if you can show that
sales page or in your marketing, so people go,              your thinking is different, that positions yourself
oh wow, look at who this person has worked                  at an elite level.
with, or look what this person has accomplished.
Like Kristy with the Girl Scouts.                           Let me give you an example by how I position
                                                            myself today with you. By saying the industry is
It wasn’t this big crazy partnership, matter of fact        like this, and pointing out some of the challenges
it was a beginning partnership. But the fact that           to it, it automatically positions me with a different
she was doing that with them, does that give her            philosophy.
credibility, yes or no?
                                                            You may or may not relate with that, but that's
It's like when I talk about at Partnership                  positioning. It's saying I have better ideas or
Seminar, when I say, I have been sponsored by               different ideas, distinct ideas, than this group or
Wal-Mart; it doesn’t matter to you if I have been           this idea over here. Does that make sense? It's
sponsored by them for a couple of million or                positioning.
20,000 or 50,000, it's impressive, you are like
wow, Wal-Mart. It's brand association.                             Finally, the last piece number ten-
       Number nine- philosophy.
                                                            You're the most viewed, you're the most visited,
Sometimes your best positioning is you think                and you’re the best selling whatever it is.
differently, and you can build an entire empire
based on your philosophy of being different.                Again, you may or may not have all of these
                                                            pieces, but I guarantee that the more of them
Let me give you an example. Has anyone ever                 you have, the more compelling your positioning
heard of Malcolm Gladwell? What are the books               is. The more people will say I'll listen to this
he has written? 'The Tipping Point' is what he              person.
became famous for. 'The Tipping Point', 'Blink',
'Outliers', all amazing.                                    So, look back at your bios, and think about okay,
                                                            based on my bio that I have or I could create,
He built his expert empire by offering philosophy           how can I stack more of these in there? The
that was so different, so counterintuitive. He will         more you stack in there, the more people will be
tell you one story, you think it's going here, but          like, boom, this person is perfect.
then he switches on you, which is why people
love his books.                                             Then you're going to learn this afternoon or this
                                                            evening when we come back, you're going to
You think you know where it's going, but he                 learn a little bit more about what exactly we
shows you the opposite is true, which is                    didn't do with the customer now. You know
incredibly powerful.


some things; you're positioning yourself better        Well, if you understand that, now you
and then we'll go on from there.                       understand price points, you understand
                                                       bonuses, you understand the problem themes,
You all are doing okay, right. Good day so far?        the solution themes you know exactly what has
We're just getting warmed up, my goodness we           been offered.
are just getting warmed up. Can you have a lot
of fun doing this? Can you be multifaceted?            So now, when you offer something you're
                                                       distinct, you're different and you're more
Say, I’m a creator.                                    intelligent about it. Make sense?

Audience:       I’m a creator.                         Then we started talking about building a relevant
                                                       brand, and I want to continue with that topic right
Brendon:                                               now. Here's what we're going to talk about now
                                                       is, what makes a relevant brand? We talked
Someone can steal all your stuff, all your             about earlier, was two basic things.
techniques, although what? They can never
steal from you, your how, ever. If you ever run            1.   Story, and
out of content, you discover today, you can sit            2.   Experience
down and in 30 seconds you can come over the
whole new framework, a whole new idea.                 Let's talk about your story and how you're being
                                                       presented. Your story of who are you and what
Put a little thought to it, and you got a multi        are the important elements of your story that
million dollar business. You're with me, yes.          communicates your brand in one area. So the
                                                       first most important piece in all of your stories is
Let me move along and show you where we've             this thing we talked about earlier. You vow to
been and where we're going, and I'll take              win story.
questions as we end the evening, because I
want to make sure, as we get to this first work        This is how most people really connect with you.
stream of things you need to do, as we get             You vow to win story. This is your story or
through that.                                          explaining how you struggled, how you really
                                                       struggled to figure out where you are at today.
I want to make sure that you've answered any           People will need to understand that.
questions, because tomorrow morning, we'll
jump right into Work Stream 2, and move you            What most people do, is they say, look at who
right through into the writing and speaking            I’m? Look at all I have accomplished. Look at
pieces, more specifically, okay? So you all are        all of my clients, look at all these great
good to go with me, yes.                               testimonials, and they forget to say, I too like
                                                       you, struggled with the same problem.
Let's rock back. Let me show you where we've
been with a big process. Where are we in this          Luckily, I interviewed people, I did the research,
weekend, what are we really focused on? Well           and I came up with the solution, the solution
today we're focused on Work Stream 1, if you           happened to work, and I tried it out with all these
throw that up for me.                                  different people, and look at the testimonials
                                                       they're saying. They can work for you too. But it
Work Stream 1 was so far has been all about,           begins with that word a win story.
well, how do you relate to our audience by
knowing who to target, by understanding what           People recognize your woe to win story, people
they're buying, and we're understanding what           recognize me on the motivation circuit, and I’m
the customers are being offered by other               that guy with a car accident with the three
competitors.                                           questions. Did I live? Did I love? Did I marry?


They know the story of me going through even             My vow to win story in the sponsorship category
more trials that I shared with you this morning          is very different then my vow to win story in my
from that accident. That's part of what they             experts category. That's fine. That's different
recognize me at, which is great in that one part         topic, but that's always there the vow to win, plus
of my business. But here is a deal.                      how did you find your solution? It's the search
                                                         that connects you with people.
Most of us again are taught to be so polished
and perfected that we lose the rapport and the           It's the search, to say, I had a similar problem as
realness of who we are that authenticity that            you and just like you I was searching for
says man, I have struggled too.                          answers. Read the world’s greatest marketing
                                                         copy, it always says stuff like that, right?
As soon as they connect with you on that heart
level saying, well, this person understands my           I've had this problem, and just like you, I was
problem, this person has had similar problems            searching for answers.      Thank goodness, I
as me. As soon as they get that, it's an entirely        stumbled upon or thank goodness, I interviewed
different conversation. You understand that,             this person, or thank goodness, I did all those
yes.                                                     research, and I finally came away with what the
                                                         magic bullet is.
It's a complete life changer. In every speech
you do, in every product you develop, in every           The solution to this problem, this seems to be in
sales page or marketing piece you ever create,           every single thing you do. Yes marketing, yes
this must be in there. If it's not, you're just          speeches and yes the actual content. You are
loosing positioning point. Doesn't mean it will          with me, yes.
cost you the sale, it just means it's costing you
more customers.                                          These are different story elements that can start
                                                         defining your brand and start defining what
So we got to get that vow to win    story back in        people remember of you. This piece– David vs.
everything you do, everything you   do. It has to        Goliath– is a very powerful, powerful marketing
be there. This is one of the very   few universal        piece but it's a very powerful story. Some of you
laws, so it has to be everywhere.    Every stage         are going to recognize as, this is just a good
I'm on even if it's an audience      who already         story telling.
knows me.
                                                         Great marketing does that doesn't it? Great
I mean, Center Ring, Empire members and                  marketing, there's always a story, there's an
other VIPs who have been with me, you've                 interest level, there's something there that's
probably had to hear my car accident story like          exciting or different.
seven times. I will always share that at every
event because that's an essence of me. That is           One of the great story elements and this is what
my message that is part of my vow to win story.          this whole slide is about, some power plots I call
                                                         them. These are pieces, of what you might
Every time I stare with that, I get a new                describe as your character, or what you describe
connection with somebody. So you got to have             is your story.
                                                         One piece for some people that's very
The other piece is the search for, or the stumble        compelling is the David vs. Goliath story it's you
upon that magic bullet, as we talked about the           versus the big guys. I was going against the
solution. This needs to be a part of every story,        Fortune 500 companies, and I was the whistler
every product, everything that you do. It can be         blower.
different in different industries.


That's positioning you as David vs. Goliath, or            By the way, you see in these power plots, these
it's you saying something about the industry, and          make great stories, and great components of
you are saying, I was starting out and no body             speeches. Don't they?
believed in me, or I was starting out and this
famous person, this big person told me I couldn't          When you can include something like that, it
do it that's David vs. Goliath, right.                     makes you human, but it also makes you
                                                           someone people look up to. The more you
What can you take on, that's bigger then                   share stories of the decisions that you have
yourself and the more of those you develop in              made that were not easy decisions to make, the
your character story. In other words, your                 more your audience will respect you.
personal story, I’m just going to use character
story now as a reference.                                  The more they will all make like, wow, this
                                                           person is good, this person sets a new standard,
Not as in characterizing like your integrity               this person is like me. I have integrity too. So
character, but as in, let's imagine this is fiction        that's a powerful plot.
writing. Character which all of you have. Your
customer sees you as a particular character                Another one is the switch that you made at
type. Does that make sense? They all see you               some point in your life from chance to choice.
as a character type.                                       This is really powerful in marketing copy. I was
                                                           going through this industry and it was just
They all see you as maybe the David vs.                    happenstance, and nothing was working out for
Goliath, or maybe the person who totally related           me, and I was just waiting for it to happen, and it
or maybe you're the funny one, or maybe you're             never did.
the playful one, or maybe you're the strong one,
but they all see you as a character type that              Finally, one day I decided to make a new choice
have in their mind.                                        for myself. As soon as you start sharing that
                                                           story, people are really enrolled in that.
Then when they can shape that and shift that to
your end goals, the more influence you're going            You decided to make a new choice. What have
to have with them. David vs. Goliath is powerful.          you decided in your life, at what point in your life
                                                           have you decided to make a new choice? To go
Another one, the tough choice for good, is a               from, which I shared earlier, victim to victor.
powerful story element. The tough choice for               Where you went from, I’m no longer going to let
good, what does that mean? Well, we've all                 chance direct my life, but now I’m going to take
faced difficult decisions in our businesses. One           control of my destiny.
time it was easy to make money, but you chose
the better route, because it is good to do.                By the way, people build entire careers off these
                                                           plots, don't they? You hear Tony Robbins, when
Like I talked about this morning, in my character          he talks about his career. Tony has entire
story, when I was telling you about myself, it was         worked through this. His vow to win story, if you
like, I was so frustrated working with all these           have ever been to it, you all know his story,
get rich quick money guys who are putting                  right?
together chancy things and taking advantage of
customers.                                                 He is in a tiny apartment. He's failed. He feels
                                                           like a failure. He is washing his dishes, where?
I said that's not okay, I could go out and do that,        In the bathtub, right.
but the tougher choices say, no, let's do things
with high quality and character. Let's really              One day he is sitting down, sitting there
serve people again. Let's shift the dynamics of            frustrated, hears a song, looks over to the empty
this industry, and everybody has a story.                  chair and says how true. How horrible. He gets


so frustrated, so upset and he's like, I’m not            different for me, and he shares that, and that
going to just let life live like this anymore. I’m        becomes part of his power.
going to take control.
                                                          I’m teaching you this, because I want you to see
So he gets up, puts his little Walkman on and             models out there that have done it and I know
goes out for a run. Where he is overweight is             everyone is familiar with a lot of his work.
jiggling, running, getting down the beach and he          Obviously, you know, I have been inspired by
is so frustrated saying this is not going to              his as well.
happen anymore. He is in awe, everything, he
sits down and he writes out his life, so he makes         So you got the situation where you can build an
a new choice for himself.                                 entire business off of some of these stories, and
                                                          what I want you to make sure that you do
It's a compelling story, isn't it? So you all have        speakers in the room.
the same story, but you just have never been
taught to use it well.                                    Say I’m a speaker.

He clearly uses it well, as much as I do with my          Audience:        I’m a speaker.
personal stories of my accident, or my
experiences with Sarah, or jumping out of a               Brendon:
plane. Those are all stories that encapsulate a
little bit of my brand, who I am and also how you         You are all speakers. Say I’m a speaker.
relate with people.
                                                          Audience:        I’m a speaker.
It’s the same thing here. When is the time that
you made the switch from chance to choice?                Brendon:
When is that? Maybe write down a few phrases
that you might remember. When was the time                Speakers, every time you give a speech from
that you switched from chance to choice?                  now on, make sure at least one time you put this
Meaning, you took control of your destiny.                plot in your speech. Every speech you deliver
                                                          for the rest of your life, share a time in which you
Part of your story, you are probably like no, that        made a tough decision to reclaim your power or
time in my life sucked ass Brendon I get it. But          take control of your destiny.
to other people that's why they relate with you.
Because have we all had a suck-ass moment in              It makes you incredibly human as much as the
our life? Yes or no?                                      vow to win story does. People need to hear
                                                          that. Sometimes its part and parcel of the same
Audience:      Yes.                                       story isn't it. You have your vow times and then
                                                          you won, and then somewhere in between you
Brendon:                                                  finally decided, no more changes now.

Its past 8:00 o'clock watch my language, just go          Sometimes it's part and parcel of the same
out the tubes, I promise. No, think about it. It's        story. But make sure it's in there at least once.
we all get into that point where you might not            How many people follow? Don't miss this. What
think it's that important but really wasn't it            happens is most experts never have a long
important that Tony Robbins went for a run on a           career, because they forgot this positioning.
beach? Come on, maybe, maybe not.
                                                          The first four years, they are talking to the
What was powerful about what he did is, he                audiences in authentic way saying, I had my
said, this was a decision that I made, it was             times when I failed. It was difficult I didn't like it.
                                                          Then they get successful, they are trapped by


the success trap and they're like look at me,             This is what – I mean go to any great speaker,
bragging instead of connecting.           The             go to the best speakers in the world, this is
connections are these points.                             always there. Now most of them don't know it,
                                                          they as just doing it naturally, or they have
The switch as we talked about, I use it                   developed the skill.
metaphorically, a victim to victor. When you felt
like at some point in your life you could blame           The more and more I have studied the best in
other people or blame other circumstances for             the world, I see this all the time. There is a
your reality and finally said no, this is me. I’m         pattern there is a best practice there.
going to take control of this.
                                                          A lot of this, when I share this by the way, with
This is my accountable life I’m going to make             some of the best speakers in the world, they are
sure I succeed. This has to be in the elements            like I do that.     They just weren't doing it
of what you are speaking about, just as much as           strategically. You will do it strategically, yes.
chance and choice.
                                                          Audience:       Yes.
The switch from self absorbed to service minded
is probably the most powerful character plot. It's        Brendon:
the Odyssey story. It's every great story you
have read in fiction.                                     I want you at that level, and it creates such a
                                                          rapport with your audience, it's unbreakable, and
There is always a switch in great fiction, just as        it's unmistakably you. Guess what they can
there is in every great speaker's story, where            steal your, what? They can steal your stuff.
they finally said you know what, it's no longer           They can't steal this. This is your uniqueness.
about me. I decided to make a difference in the           This is your story. It's part of your brand.
world. This you heard it from me this morning. I
was a 19 year old kid, directionless, completely          Number one is the family play.
                                                          This may or may not be a part of your story, I
I had no idea what I wanted to do. Then some              don't know what choices you made for your
day something happened to me, and I decided               family, but all of us who have gone through that
I’m going to ask this question, did I matter? Did         situation where we realize we are working too
I make a difference? Everybody in this room               damn hard, and we forgot about some of our
has had that.                                             loved ones or we got pulled away from them,
                                                          and we decided no longer.
Some of you are going through it now. Some of
you are going to go through in three years when           I’m going to re-orient my life and my lifestyle, my
you super succeed, but we all go through this             job or my career, so that I can be with my family
part where we get really absorbed in who we               more. That is a huge connection point with an
are, and we lose that connection with reminding           audience that may or may not be a part of your
the audience that we found the magic in our life          story.
when we have found the magic of service.
                                                          I don't have children yet, so I haven't had to
This is the other theme for the speakers in the           make different decisions that come along with
room; I always want to hear in your speeches.             children for that.
The vow to win, if you want to put stars next to
this– the one I would star, the vow to win must,          Many of you might have a story where you
the switch from chance to choice, must and the            decided one day that you just weren't the
switch from self-absorbed to service-minded,              present parent and you needed to make


different decision. That decision is incredibly            As much as I tell the skydiving story I’m going to
compelling and incredibly powerful.                        do it, and the guy is like, I don't know what you
                                                           do, but that was a powerful story, saying, look I
You've got to have this one. The humble                    had to learn from this guy and I did, I took this
human. You have got to have the humble                     person's direction, and it changed the course of
human story, especially the more successful you            my career.
get. The more successful you get, the more
people say, I can't do that. I can't be like you.          Sometimes a person in your life said something
                                                           you needed to hear, and it kind of hurt your ego.
I can't buy from you or learn from you, because            That's a great story to tell because that shows
you had special privileges, because you are so             your audience that you're not so interested in
successful.                                                just being superman, but you realize you have
                                                           something to learn.
I get this all the time in my partnership seminars.
People think, oh, you got to do all this because           If they feel that you have something to learn
you are Brendon. I’m like what I was living in an          along with them, there is more of a connection
apartment and bankrupt when I figured out the              point, because they're learning from you
partnership model.                                         anyway.

Everyone sees, Wal-Mart, Coco Cola, Toyota,                These are stories you shared, no matter what
U.S. Bank, all these huge organizations                    you're teaching by the way. It doesn't matter if
sponsoring me now. Then in the past, then they             you're teaching leadership, or entrepreneurship,
go, oh well, you could do that naturally. But the          or relationships, or dentists to how to build the
reality is, no, I started from nothing.                    business.

That's why you got to share your story, what is            The more of this you share, the more the brand
the story that you have in your life that shows            of who you are comes to play. It doesn't matter
your humble beginnings and your humility now?              if it's on the audio, or on the stage or at a
What are those stories? Jot that down real                 seminar or online, you follow, yes, are you here?
quick.                                                     I'm here.

What's the story that shows that you had a                 Audience:      We're here.
humble beginning, that you think is powerful and
that people can connect with, because we all               Brendon:       Is this cool?
started from nothing at some point.
                                                           Audience:      Yes.
Even if you were blessed to start with a silver
spoon, there is a point in your life when you
realize the power and importance of humility and           Brendon:
that became important to you. So what is your
humble story? What was that time in your life              See, most of your forgot to share these stories
when you realized, maybe your shit isn't all of            and yet these are why people relate with you.
that golden.                                               These are why ultimately they buy from you.
                                                           Okay, another one.
We have all had that, haven't we? Where you
thought you were so great, and you were                    The Shitster story, everybody has that prankster,
humbled by somebody. That's a great story to               teaser, playful person in them. I call it the
tell.                                                      Shitster story. The time in which you are doing
                                                           something silly or crazy and maybe you
                                                           shouldn't have done it that's the shitster story.


It's pulling the prank, or it's shaking the Lama's           Brendon:
hand like a buddy, right? It's doing something,
it's as if you weren't supposed to do that, but you          Strategically, I want you to build this in from now
did it. It's playful, it shows a real side of you in         on. Not accidentally, I want you to go back to
which you're willing to tease and play. This is              this and go, well, how can I include this story? I
really important by the way in the corporate                 don't care what your teaching is going to do.
                                                             You can be teaching them how to put a VCR
I would tell you the corporate market, and you'll            together, and people are going to remember you
see them all. I'll show you how I get these big              as the VCR teacher, not because you're
speeches, these big speech bookings; you will                teaching the VCR, because you're that funny
see why they love me, because I totally pull their           VCR teacher guy, who talks about putting pan
leg. I totally play and tease. Guess what, many              cakes in the VCR slot, that one stupid time you
people in Corporate America think their jobs                 didn't mean too.
                                                             It's like what, because people don't remember
So, when you come along and you -- she is like               always what you teach, but remember who you
as it does. When you come along and you're                   are in what you're teaching. So there's a huge
playful, and you tease, and you're engaging in               distinction to get these power plots in, are you
that way, they love that. They particularly love             with me, yes?
as a big audience, when you share at times that
you mess with somebody, or somebody mess                     Audience:       Yes.
with you, that's your shitster story, they laugh
and laugh and laugh.                                         Brendon:

It's a great play. It's a great power plot. What's           Another one- the no one believes and told you
your shitster story? When is that you messed                 so stories. These are great to create rapport.
with somebody or somebody messed with you,                   These are really great. Again, what I'm trying to
and it was funny? Like it was just funny, and it             do is, help you come up with stories that identify
made you re-think something or made you re-                  your specific brand, your specific character, who
think who you were or maybe it was just a funny              you are, and the more you share this, there's
incident that you can tell.                                  more problem. This one is great.

These stores are great, by the way. Wouldn't                 Nobody believed I could do this, but I did. Or
you love? Look at the person to your left and                someone said, I told you -- something happened
right, wouldn't you love to hear their shitster              and then he said, I told you so, I told you, you
story?                                                       couldn't do this, and you decided to overcome
It's like the best. It's totally the best. She's like
I'm not going to tell you mine, that's correct.              Really powerful plots, because how many of this
You're going to get this you're going to get this            room, raise your hands, nice and high, how
perspective understanding how important this is.             many of you have ever been told, you can't do
                                                             this? How many of you just wished you could
Do you understand why all these are so                       put a thumb in the eye of the person who said
compelling? So strategically, are you still here             that?
with me?
                                                             All of us. So when you hear a story of someone
Audience:       Yes.                                         sticking the thumb in someone's eyes, do you
                                                             relate with that, yes or no? They love that. It
                                                             shows all these power plots, the reason I'm


showing you these specific ones, because I've            myself. I was like, well, that's a good story. Tell
come up with about 400 different plots in                me about that.
character development that you can tell.
                                                         So some people go on these long journeys, and
These are the ones that create the most rapport,         sometimes it leads to success, and sometimes it
in a way someone will believe you and buy from           doesn't, but those are interesting stories, aren't
you.                                                     they? So you want to come from that place
                                                         that's some good things about power plots, cool.
Trust me you don't have to go through that
figure. These are the ones that create the most          Audience:       Yes.
rapport. These are the ones people really
engage with the character of who you are. It's           Brendon:
powerful stuff, especially as a speaker.
                                                         Can you all include these into your promotions,
I think there is one more. The Experience Epic,          into your positioning to be more compelling, yes
the experience epic is, you sharing a story and          or no?
experience that you went on that was epic.
                                                         Audience:       Yes.
For example, has anyone read the book- Eat,
Love and Pray?                                           Brendon:

Audience:      Yes- 'Eat, Pray & Love.'                  I promise you, I promise you. You develop a
                                                         new rapport with people you never imagined.
Brendon:                                                 Okay, create something to sell, ten rules for
                                                         creating something to sell, because many of you
'Eat, Pray & Love.' It really should have been           are in the place who are like, okay, Brendon, I'd
like George meets Italians and met it anyway;            get it, relate, understand what the customer
okay I'll go off of this. Anyway, if you read the        wants, got it.
book, which is a fantastic book and she is
amazing, this was the experience epic for her,           Understand these things about the customer,
wasn't it? She created a whole brand around              got it. Well, what do I need to create here? So I
this experience she had.                                 want to share some ideas with you.

Other people created a whole brand or whole                     Rule 1, your solution has to solve a
essence of, well, I went on a mountain climbing                  distinct problem, be easy to understand
expedition, and it went wrong. Here is the epic                  for a consumer to take action on.
story of me struggling through that. Here is the
epic story of me going to India, finding my guru,        I think we covered that.
and realizing that I was guru, and I didn't need
anybody else.                                            Audience:       Yes.

Those are epics. It's a long journey you've been         Brendon:
on. This might apply to some of you, might not
apply to others. For me, I don't have this yet. I               Rule 2– your solution should be total for
don't have that thing, that long drawn out                       that person in that area.
experience that I've gone on.
                                                         Your solution should be total, meaning, don't just
Other people do. Other people say Brendon, I             offer a little -- here's what people mistakenly
meditated for 32 years, and I learned a lot about        misrepresent when they hear the word, niche.
meditation, but I didn't learned anything about          They hear the word niche and they say great, I'll


just offer this group of people one little piece and        Audience:       Yes.
that is not a niche.
A niche is a demographic of people you're
serving. But your solution should be as total as            What most people do is, they say, niche means
you can make it for them. Does that make                    I'm just going to teach people interviewing. No,
sense?                                                      niche means you're talking to organizational
                                                            development people who have to figure this stuff
When I started in this, and let me give you an              out.
example, in this industry, for experts, right, for
the experts empire. I realized that many people,            If they just see, if they go to your competitor and
I could do just a seminar writing in books, yes, I          somebody else's site, and they see, well, you
could do it on speaking, I could do it on                   teach just interviewing, but this person teaches
seminars, but I realized most people wanted to              not just interviewing, they're teaching, hiring,
kind of broaden out into multiple areas here.               training, developing, firing and building a
                                                            succession plan.
I broadened down my topic, so that we could
say, and by the time we get to this whole                   Which one is more valuable to them? The big
process, you realize, you could build any                   solution. The reason I'm telling you this, is
business following this stuff.                              because I want you to create high margin
                                                            opportunities for yourself. High what?
You also realize you're going to apply this to lots
of different areas here. That's important. Let's            Audience:       Margin.
say you're going to offer a solution, you're going
to offer a technology solution.                             Brendon:

Let's say, for example, lot of email marketers.             High margin stuff means total solutions. If you
They offer one little piece, but that one little            want to just focus on interviews, that's okay.
piece, people realize they need more, and                   Just understand that it's going to limit you in that
unless you're offering that separately, you might           niche. So it's going to limit the value that
as well burn those together as one total solution.          someone places on your stuff. We want you to
                                                            be a high.
How can you -- let me give you an example.
Let's say, you're going to offer a DVD on                   Offer the big picture, offer the big picture, that's
leadership, that's one program, right. Well, you            what this really means.
want to cover the total solution of leadership.
What do I mean by that? Well, you want to think                    Rule 3– your solution should have been
of, in leadership what must they do?                                tested with results and testimonials as a
                                                                    part of the product.
You want to go the whole gamut for them, and
teach them the whole picture, not just one little           Let me break that down, what that means. It
piece, but the whole thing.                                 means if you’re going to offer a product you
                                                            should have tested and gotten testimonials and
Let me use more tangible example for some of                results, and included those in the product. So
you who work for Corporate America. When you                let me give an example.
teaching hiring do you just teach about the
interview? Yes or no? Hell no? Is there more                If you are going to do a 30 day audio program,
that happens in the process, yes or no? Yes or              you are going to create your own 30 day
no?                                                         personal development program or something,
                                                            whatever it is for you, some 30 day training.


Don’t create the 30 day training and then just              when you got to create something, right? They
send it out to people, or start marketing and               either hear it; they see it, or they read it, when
teasing and telling people about it. First, give it         someone gets something. It's that I can hear it
to 15 people for free, get their testimonials, their        on audio, I can see it on video, or I can read it
results and put it, not only in the marketing of the        over here. Those are basically the mortalities.
product, but also in the final product itself.
                                                            You can create an audio program, let's say you
Why would you do that by the way?                           create a 10-day audio program as an example,
Creditability, referrals and feedback totally               with all your expertise, and all your knowledge.
                                                            That 10-day audio program will always cap out
One- feedback to create a better product- why               as certain price point.
else you do it, business-wise, less returns.
Very, very bizarre study we did. We found out --            Now you throw in a special DVD of you doing
working with a couple of other speakers, what               some presentation.     Now you throw in the
ended up happening was, if they sent out a                  transcripts and a guide book, that bundle is
product and there were no testimonials or                   worth more. Yes, I would rather you create a
results in it.                                              bundle that is singular product any day of the
                                                            week, because you get high?
What ended up happening for everybody, you
have had this happen to you before, where you               Audience:      High margins.
get a product and you say, oh, I can’t do this,
this doesn’t apply to me and if you listen to the           Brendon:
whole thing, it's easy to send it home, isn’t it?
                                                            High margins, so create a bundle. Think about,
It's like, okay. But when you get that product,             okay, if I’m going to create a product here, and
here are all these testimonials of other people             by the way I just call it information product, it's
who have done it, social proof. So you listen to            just a product in which you are teaching
that program or you see all these testimonials              someone to do something, or you are teaching
and again, wait a second, they have all done it,            somebody about what's important. It's just you
why can’t I? You are more likely to hang on to              training.
that product. Isn’t that bizarre?
                                                            If you can do it in a way it's mixed, Audio, visual
Part of the reason I want you to do it, is because          and print; it's so much worthwhile. So for
you get the feedback, you can create a better               example, let me give you an example, with
product. Another reason I want you to do it, is             experts’ academy, with this seminar; we can
because it shows social proof that your stuff               film this, and I can launch it online as buy the
works, despite some people who might get and                DVDs from this program.
say, this can’t work for me. You're with me, yes.
                                                            The DVDs are going to be worth a certain
Audience:       Yes.                                        amount but if I say, you buy the DVDs, plus you
                                                            get all of the audios included, so you can listen
Brendon:        Very powerful stuff.                        to it in your car, on your mp3; plus you get all of
                                                            the transcripts, plus you get an audio.
       Rule 4– bundles drive more value and
        earn more money.                                    It doesn’t take anymore work to do that.
                                                            Surprising, it doesn’t take anymore work. I just
Mix whatever you create in the three different              send my DVDs to an audio person, they upload
formats, print, audio and video. Let's say you              it, boom. I got CDs.
are going to create a product. There are only
three mortalities in which people basically learn


 I send the DVDs to a transcriptionist, they               different, that obviously the value is going to
transcribe it (type it up) boom! I’ve got the              come back to me.
booklets. It doesn’t take that much more of
work, but the value I receive from that, and the           I know the audience is going to talk about it too,
value the customer receives from that is                   because this is different. Hope you felt that
extraordinary.                                             today. It's not like, just like, hey, let's talk about
                                                           this stuff, the job is like, hey, let's get into some
So, as we’re talking about what you are going to           content in a different way that other people have
create, think about how do you bundle                      gone about it.
something, so they get more value from it.
                                                                   Rule 6– your solution should include
As another example, I did a bundle here, maybe                      other experts, huge key beginners.
you are aware of it or not. I know that you can
watch me as we go throughout this weekend,                 Your solution should include other experts,
but I also -- once I started including the resource        always, not sometimes. I could teach experts
guide, I knew the seminar went from 2000 to                academy and what I know buy myself. I could
5000 overnight, because now you are going to               probably do that.
be able to read and see all the examples as
well.                                                      I bring in other experts, who have other products
                                                           and services and programs that are beyond
 Not just conceptually, but actually see it, follow        what I teach to add just as much value that are
it, practice it and do it. Different level. Are you        really compelling.
still here?
                                                           Why do I do that? One, because I know it
Audience:       Yes.                                       serves you. I know that they can help you do
                                                           things that I can't help you do and that's their
                                                           expertise, I get that. Also though, because I
Brendon:                                                   realize that by having other experts on the
                                                           stage, where does it position me? Right with
       Rule 5– your solution needs to be                  them.
        differentiated and you need to explain to
        people, why it's differentiated.                   Does it change when I have John Gray on my
                                                           stage? Does it change my credibility, yes or no?
By the way, if you are in the place of -- I don't
know what products you have created. I don't               Audience:        Yes.
know how to create a product; we are going to
cover that this weekend. I’m just using that as            Brendon:
an example, right now, because it's high level
stuff.                                                     Does it change my credibility when Tony
                                                           Robbins is here, yes or no?
Are you all still with me?
                                                           Audience:        Yes.
Audience:       Yes.
                                                           It always changes your credibility be associated
Your solution needs to be differentiated. How is           with other experts and they don't have to be
it different? You need to know this. So you can            famous. I want to bring on somebody tomorrow
create it that way. Everything I put out is so             as a surprise, that is insanely famous in his area
                                                           of expertise, and he is going to blow your mind.


None of you knows he is coming and it is                   Audience:        Yes.
remarkable what he does. I know that it's
adding more value to you than I could have ever            Brendon:
                                                           Absolutely. So I don't care what you are selling.
It also makes me associated with that level of             It doesn't matter what widget, what product,
expertise. Who else could you include? So for              what program, if you include other experts in it,
example, let me give you this, it's very tangible.         price goes up, because we want you to have
If you want to create an audio program, let me             high. This is cool.
go ahead and give you an example.
                                                           Audience:        Yes.
One of my clients is creating a product for a
niche, the cheerleader niche and this product              Brendon:
could easily be created just by this person, they
could it themselves, no problem, I know that. I            These are must, go back through your checklist.
said, hold on, go out and interview the top ten            Do this stuff, do this stuff, do this stuff, this is
rank cheer-leading coaches in the country, put             how you get to this level.
that in the product too.
                                                                   Rule 7– your solution should have a
Go out and interview two or three major cheer-                      quick start guide, very basic, I know, but
leading captains at major sporting venues, like                     you should have a quick start.
the Dallas Cowboys Head Cheerleader, go
interview that person, and put that in there.              So if you are offering a product, as an example,
                                                           when they open up that product, here should be
Does that change the value of the program, yes             a little letter or little guide that says here's how to
or no?                                                     use this product. Here's where to start.

Audience:       Yes.                                       Here's what to watch out for. Here's what to do,
                                                           don't do. You always want to have that, like,
Brendon:                                                   here is where to start piece.

This is how you get high margins, especially for           Even if you are speaking, at some point, you are
you beginners, especially for the beginners. If            going to have to share with them, here's where
you are not making, let's say five million bucks a         to start on Monday when you leave. You'll see
year, let's make sure, in your topic area of               on Sunday, I give you basically a quick start
expertise.                                                 guide that you are all going to write down, the
                                                           seven things you are going to do when you
If you are not making five million bucks a year, in        leave here.
your area of expertise specifically, let's make
sure you get some experts included in                      You have your quick start guide when you leave
everything you offer.                                      here. A quick start guide needs to be part of
                                                           everything you do forever. When?
Let's say you sell pills. If you are selling pills,
could you absolutely increase the value of                 Audience:        Forever.
selling those pills, if along with those pills came
a program on how to increase your overall                  Brendon:
health by the number one health expert Dr. Ross
would that improve the value of those pills? Yes           Forever, if you miss this, you are missing the
or no.                                                     ability to help people understand what to do first.


       Rule 8– your solution should have                 outline your perfect speech, or outline your
        ridiculous margins, which we've talked            perfect seminar, or you finally write that book or
        about, you want high.                             you create that audio program, if you can't do it,
                                                          and you don't do it in 60 days, you won't do it.
        For experts, some people get these
        numbers are completely backwards, I               How many of you've already been putting off the
        don't know why it should be basic.                stuff long enough? Say yes.

       Rule 9–this is really basic–products              Audience:      Yes.
        equal a certain amount.
        So, if I sell you the DVD home study
        course of Experts Academy, is it more             Most people and you'll find more and more
        expensive or less expensive than the              excuses. So every time I try to figure out
        live experience, the live program?                something, I’m going to say, I’m going to create
                                                          this product, 10 days, 30 days and never
Audience:      Less.                                      anything over 60 days.

Brendon:                                                  There is nothing anybody in this room, couldn't
                                                          figure out how to do an intelligent enough level,
It's a product, it's something they can do it from        just by research and interviews. Just by at least
home. This is a different experience. You meet            taking all that research interviews and busting it
extraordinary people here. Have you met some              down in a framework that people can
cool people? Say yes.                                     understand.

Audience:      Yes.                                       There is no topic that anybody in this room could
                                                          not master enough to teach from, to create a
Brendon:                                                  product from, program from, or service from, in
                                                          60 days, if you focused. Agree or disagree?
You meet some cool people here, you get
content here that I wouldn't develop and give             Audience:      Agree.
away on a DVD as an example. You get all
sorts of stuff from your live experience that you         Brendon:
can't get from a DVD program.
                                                          There is nothing. There is nothing, think about
Programs are always worth more and then                   it. I mean, maybe there is something you know
services, always worth more than that.                    nothing about. Let's say, here's how to take an
                                                          engine out of a Porsche.
Some people are so hungry for business, they
give away their services for nothing, and then try        Does anyone know how to do that in the room?
and charge a lot for products, it doesn't make            I have no clue how to do that. Could we all
sense, it doesn't work that way. So these are             create a product in 60 days, called how to take
kind of the price-points, and always follow this.         an engine out of a Porsche, yes or no?

       Rule 10– you should create your                   Audience:      Yes.
        solution in one to two months tops, or
        you will never do it, from this day.              Brendon:

From this day, if by the end of the year, you             Could we all interview some Porsche people and
have not created your solution, whether it's you          have them included in the product, yes or no?


Audience:       Yes.                                        themselves to make the calls to get the
                                                            interviews. They don't force themselves to
Brendon:                                                    create the framework, because there's all this
                                                            other stuff I can go and do.
Could we all talk to some Porsche owners and
teach them this, and get them excited about, so             Look at that seminar on real estate I don't know
they give us testimonials, yes or no?                       much about real estate, but I’m a learner, so I’m
                                                            going to go and do real estate. Forget about
Audience:       Yes.                                        that product I know I can make some money on.
                                                            Have you ever been guilty of that?
                                                            Sop ‘hop-scotching’ from event to event, or
Could we all put up a sales page, and even if               program to program, without ultimately some
you can't put up a sales page, could you find               day sitting down and say in 60 days or less, I will
somebody to put up a sales page, that says,                 create this thing. How many people can do that
here's this thing about how to take engines out             in this room?
of Porsche, yes or no?
                                                            Here is a challenge, the first challenge of the
Audience:       Yes.                                        day. Would you all go create some product,
                                                            program, or service? Just create it, it doesn't
Brendon:                                                    mean you have to have tons of money coming
                                                            in, but would you at least create it in the next 60
You don't have to know crap about this stuff, but           days?
what ends up happening, and I know this
sounds weird, but most of us spend all of this              Audience:       Yes.
freakin’ time waiting to get more and more
experience, instead of saying look, in 60 days              Brendon:
I’m going to go out, I’m going to go research this
to the nth degree that I can.                               Turn to the person left or right and you can say I
                                                            got 60 days.
I’m going to interview as many people as I can,
and I’m finally going to create this thing. If you          Brendon:
can't create your seminar, your ideal seminar in
the next 60 days, you're never going to create it.          Million dollar secret here is, whatever is created
You won't.                                                  is just step one for your customer. I want you to
                                                            think about this. Whatever you create in the
If you can't create the ideal outline for your book,        next 60 days, that's just step one for a customer,
you are never going to write the book. I’m just             as an example.
saying that, I don't mean it to be flipping about; I
mean it just never happens, because it's so easy            What I want you to start thinking about is what's
to put off. It's so easy to make these excuses,             the buyer trail? What's the experience they
why you can, why you can't.                                 have with you once they have purchased
                                                            something, anything from you?
I can't tell you how many people who have been
in my high-end programs, and it's just like create          Now, once again, how many people have lots of
this thing, and they don't, you know why they               different products already as example? Just
don't? They don't begin.                                    look around the room. A few of you. If you
                                                            already have a product and you are already
They don't sit themselves down and force                    advanced at that level, you have to think about
themselves to research.   They don't force


strategically which product they should receive            you can put your personality out there, I’m going
at what time in the relationship with you.                 to assume that you are already explaining these
                                                           woe to win story.
Most people are trying to sell everything at every
customer they get, all at once. Wrong answer.              Remember, woe to win, I was struggling with
Begin with them somewhere and progress them                problems just like you, I went on a solution
through an experience in which they develop                search, I finally figured it out, and now I have the
personally and professionally.                             solution. So let's start with well, what is it let's
                                                           define what it is that's important.
Always have that progress path, the buyer trail I
call it, which we will talk about later, but I know        If I’m doing a webinar, I have to just define for
that some of you are in the 60 day challenge               them, hey, here's what a webinar is, and
and going, I would do that, I’m ready. It's my             describe that, just as much as you need to do
time.                                                      that for soft topics.

Audience:       My time.                                   Soft topics being, hey, here is what leadership
                                                           is, here is how I define it. Here is what sales is.
Brendon:                                                   Here is what a great marriage is. You have to
                                                           define it for people. Always do this. Most
The question is, well, what do I create, how do I          people forget this over and over and over in their
do it? So now I’m going to teach you to create             careers.
information and an information product, as an
example, in any area, on any topic.                        They forget to define what they are talking
                                                           about.     This is hugely important to your
Here's what it basically is, it comes down to very         positioning, but also the ability in which your
simple things like when you go to create a                 audience can hear you.
product. Let me give you just a very simple
example.     Let's say I’m going to create a               Second, why is it important? They need to
product, and this might be related to you or               understand, why is the webinar important to my
might not, let's say I’m going to create a product         business? Most people might not even know a
on how to do webinars, for example.                        webinar, and now they know what a webinar is,
                                                           and they know why it's important to their
I want to create a product on how to do                    business, because I described to them, well, it's
webinars. Here is what that product would                  important because you can touch people who
sound like. In other words, the outline in which           are not physically alive with you.
I’m going to teach. This is the outline in which
you are going to teach somebody how to do                  You can do it right over the Internet. It's easy.
something, an information product as an                    They are consuming it right now and you should
example. I think you will find this useful.                start creating all this.

First, you have to say what is it. At the entrance         When you do a webinar, I have got this one guy,
-- by the way, I’m going to assume that you have           boy, he did one webinar, he charged $1,000 for
already shared your character story with them.             it, his first webinar, charged $1,000 for a
So you might write that at the top, and you might          webinar, and 32 people signed up. That was my
weave that throughout here.                                personal first webinar. I fell off my freaking
I’m going to assume your brand essence, in
other words, is there. I’m just going to give you          I was hoping for five people. I was like, wow,
the tangibles. Tell me the outline of what to              that would be $5,000. 32 people signed up. I
teach Brendon, because I’m going to assume


nearly died. I couldn't believe it. $32,000 for an         of your system or your framework. That's what
hour-long webinar, I could not freaking believe it.        this is.

So now you are in a roll, aren't you? Same                 How do you do it? How do you master it?
thing, this is all I’m doing in my product. Next,          What's the step-by-step?             What's the
I’m going to say, well, who am I? This is where            framework? That's the bulk of your product. So
I’m really going to go into what I talked about            this is, for example, if you wrote down your
earlier, my story, my woe to win, my credibility           leadership thing, these are your five things now.
                                                           The bulk of your product or the bulk of your
In another words, first I’m going to begin with,           creation is the five things.       Just like this
what is this thing? Why is it important to you?            weekend, the bulk of this weekend is this
Why is it important to you? What's in it for you?          process I created for you, the framework.

Then I’m going to say here is why I’m the guy to           This is the bulk of your product. Now, some of
teach you this. There is my woe to win. There              you can explain your 5 things, your 10 things, or
are my stories. There is my chance and there               your 20 things, and you can do it in an hour.
are all those power plots we taught you earlier.           Other of you, you are like, wow, that's going to
                                                           take like 12 hours.
So I say who else has done it? It's not just I did
this webinar, and I have got these five clients,           Now you       have a 12-day program, as an
and here's the webinar topic they did and how              example.      So some of you might be able to
they succeeded in it blah- blah- blah- and I’m             explain it   really quick, some might be more
going down the page.                                       complex.     It doesn't matter. It's still the same
Are you with me?
                                                           Can you all do this?
Audience:       Yes.
                                                           Audience:        Yes.
This is all you are doing no matter what topic it
is. Then here is the bulk, here is everything.             Next is how to succeed. In other words, not fail.
This is -- the question now is, okay, you know it's        In other words, once you teach the system, the
important, you know I can teach it, you know               framework and then you say and by the way,
other people have achieved the results, and by             now you know the system. Now, when you are
the way, this order is incredibly important.               using the system or trying to do it, here are the
                                                           dos and the don'ts. In other words, here are the
Before you teach this system, you show people              pitfalls to watch out for.
who have used this system and succeeded at it.
That's why that order is there, that who else has          That always comes next. You teach the system,
done it. This is 1- 2- 3- guys.                            now you say, here are, as an example, like the
                                                           common mistakes people make. So don't do
If you show people, before even telling them the           these, but do these, but never say do in the
system, because if they get in the system it's             same thing. Don't do that.
easy to go, I can't do this or I don't know about
this. If you already show all the results upfront          You want to make sure that you are making --
that you have achieved and other people have               God, it must be late, that was a horrible joke. So
achieved, they are going to be more accepting              you want to include this in this order.


Can you do this, yes?                                      components of what you are doing, and you
                                                           have created something to sell.
Audience:       Yes.
                                                           You also know how to sell it, because you know
Brendon:                                                   all the value levers, and you know all the things
                                                           you need to include in your marketing; from their
Last piece... what do I do first, right now, as the        pain points, to their frustration, to telling them,
next step? This is your product. This is your              you know what they have tried and haven't tried,
seminar. This is your story. This is your                  all the things we have talked about before that's
speech. This is anything that you are training.            all in the market.
Take any topic. I have seen people take this
topic, plug it in and teach from it.                       Again, you will see it in very tangible ways this
                                                           weekend. But you are good so far, yes?
Now, no one has an excuse of, I don't know
what to teach Brendon. I will go, really, what's           Audience:        Yes.
your topic. It's leadership. Okay. Fill that in
with your voice and answer those things. Can               Brendon:
you all do this, yes?
                                                           Now, we need to build an infrastructure. We
Audience:       Yes.                                       need to make sure you can sell stuff, take
                                                           orders, and make money. So let me start with
Brendon:                                                   this. Here is what you need at a bare minimum
                                                           in this business.
Quick question. Can you hang with me a little
bit longer?                                                Number one, you need a merchant account.
                                                           What does that mean? A merchant account is
Audience:       Yes.                                       your ability to take credit cards that's all it is. It's
                                                           your relationship with the banker or provider that
Brendon:                                                   allows you to take someone's credit card, enter it
                                                           somewhere and money shows up in your bank.
Can you hang with me a little bit longer? Level            That's a merchant account.
up. Breathe out. Let's roll. Okay. Is this cool?
You can all create a product you didn't even               I’m going to make recommendations throughout
know it. Now you have no excuse. Now you                   this weekend about who we use in this industry.
just need a topic, you need a story, and you just          Many people in this industry use PowerPay,
start sharing.                                             PowerPay. You can look them up. PowerPay is
                                                           just a merchant provider.
Let me tell you about how to build this
infrastructure. Before we get in tomorrow, I want          Why do I recommend them? I’m going to teach
to make sure we get through this full work                 you some secrets here. Are you still here?
stream. So hang with me, I promise it will be
very valuable to you. Plus, I’m going to teach             Audience:        Yes.
you how never have to worry about how much
work you have again.                                       Brendon:

Sales machine. Now, where are you in the                   This is hugely important.          I recommend
process? Well, you have related. You know                  PowerPay or you need to work with somebody
what your market wants. You built a relevant               who understands this. In our industry, we have
brand by knowing to share certain story                    a very different industry than any other industry.


What do I mean by that? Let's say you do a               merchant account system to put the money
seminar. You might have not made any money               there, but you have got to have both of those.
for three months, you do a seminar, there are all        Everybody should have both of these. In this
these sales at the seminar, you go into your             room, everybody should get this.
merchant account, and you login to see
$100,000.                                                If you are ever going to sell anything online,
                                                         which I encourage you all to do, because why
Guess what, happens in most merchant                     not sell stuff online. It's not as hard. I’m going
program, they shut you down. They are like it            to show you. When you see how simple I have
doesn't fit into your profile. So they shut you          made this for you, you are going to be like, that's
down.                                                    it? I will be like that's it. You’re like really and I
                                                         say that’s it, just one page.
This happened to me in my first seminar with
PayPal, who I was using. What was it? It was             Next, everybody should have a website. How
not a whole lot of money, but for me it was a lot        many people don't have a website yet; which is
of money at the time, and I entered it all and           okay, if you don't have a website in your topic
they locked it, they shut it down. Then I had to         area? You need to get a website.
get on the phone, and it took three days for them
to open it, so I could enter more stuff and so I         Whom do you get for that? I will give you some
could get the money out. It was terrifying.              resources on Sunday. You can also just go to
                                                         Elance. In our industry Elance is like a savior.
By the way, we still work with PayPal in the             How many people use Elance? How many
business division, in separate parts of my               people? Yes, I love Elance.
business. I love them. Don't think -- they didn't
understand me, and then I had to learn, and I            It's one of the few businesses I love at and I’m
learned about PowerPay.                                  like, wow, I wish I started that company. All
                                                         Elance is, if you haven't used it, make sure you
This is stuff like Armand Morin, who does $65            all check it out, Elance, you just go and you post
million online. Guess what, he might go two or           a project.
three months without doing any promotions, no
money, then he sends out an email and boom, a            You say I need to build a web page that has five
$100 grand comes in. They know our business,             pages that checks out through this program. I
so they don't shut you down, which is great.             need somebody to do it for me.

Second, you need a shopping cart. What's a               You post the project and what ends up
shopping cart? How many people already have              happening is all these providers/contractors from
a shopping cart by the way, just out of                  around the world say I will do that project for
reference? Great. So there are lots of different         $500. I will do that for $1,000. I will do that for
shopping carts.                                          $10 grand and they all put their bid on doing
                                                         your project.
For beginners, use 1ShoppingCart.com. I’m
going to give you all these resources on Sunday.         The cool thing about Elance that I think they
A shopping cart just means you can take -- now,          developed was so powerful is, you can see
a shopping cart is the physical manifestation of         those contractors. You can not only see their
the checkout process online.                             bid, but you can see their portfolios, so you can
                                                         open up their portfolio and see all the cool stuff
Meaning, when you go online, it's kind of what           they have done before, and you can say that's
you see, it's the back-end. It's like, you enter         my style or no, that's not my style.
your information and it captures all that data,
and of course that shopping cart talks to your


You can see how much money they have                         Yes, I do understand your circumstance,
earned through Elance in the last six months.                because you are here, and now it's time for you
So it tells us if it's some kid who is starting up in        to create a situation which you can work and get
his dorm room and doesn't know what he is                    things done, so you can be the person creating
doing or someone who is really making money                  and marketing.
at this.
                                                             If you are not creating and marketing, you are
You can also see all of their customer feedback.             not making any money, so we need to make
So are they one star rated or five star rated.               sure as experts you are doing that.
This is huge, huge stuff. So if you need to
create any websites, I love Elance.                          Who do you hire becomes a question. I’m going
                                                             to talk a little bit more about that on Sunday, but
Even though I have my providers, I will still often          here is my trick.
put the project out there just to see what the
price point is in terms of relevancy in the market.          Every person you hire, a key competency you
                                                             look for with them when you hire, especially in
Are you with me?                                             our industry, you want to make sure that person
                                                             can manage up to five contractors. That's what I
Audience:       Yes.                                         did when I hired my first assistant.

Brendon:                                                     In other words, you are hiring an assistant,
                                                             maybe, but they are really kind of a manager.
You need to have a fulfillment strategy.                     You are looking for somebody who can manage
Meaning, if someone orders your stuff, who                   for you. Does this make sense?
ships it? Guess what, it shouldn't be you. How
many have stuff in their house that you need to              Every person you hire, you want to say, could
ship, you were supposed to ship or that you are              this person manage four or five contractors?
the person in charge of shipping? We need to                 Could they do it? If you’re like this person and
make sure you don't do that anymore.                         couldn't manage a couple of people, then that's
                                                             not the person for you.
I know a lot of people didn't want to raise their
hands on that, because I know you have got                   You’re like there’s not enough talent out there.
shelves of your stuff at home. Yes? I do.                    Is their enough talent out there? Is this a great
Everybody starts that way. You need to work                  time to hire people, yes or no?
with a fulfillment provider so you never even
have to think about it.                                      Audience:       Yes.

You want to take you out of the equation so you              Brendon:
can create, because your income, your
influence, your impact is based on how much                  There is so much talent out there going unused,
you are creating and marketing. Let someone                  it's unbelievable. So we want to connect you
else fulfill it. Agreed? We will give you services           with that. We want to help you do that. To do
for that.                                                    that, all you have got to understand is, when you
                                                             are hiring, you have got to look for an assistant
You all need an assistant in some way or                     or somebody who can supports you, who can
another. How many people, honestly, don't                    manage up to five contractors.
have an assistant yet? It's okay, some of you
don't have an assistant and that's okay for most             Now, for you, maybe your assistant -- what your
of you. So you say but you don't understand my               assistant needs to do is everything. They need
circumstance.                                                to iron your clothes and everything. That's fine.


Others of you are like I need a video guy. Other            I know I’m no good at event coordination with
people are like, well, what I really need is                hotels, so I have an event manager, one of the
marking help. That's fine.                                  best in the industry. We will share with you
                                                            some of the resources that we have.
Just make sure as you are beginning, which
most people in the room are in terms of staff               It's so helpful, because I’m no good at that, I
size, that everybody you hire can manage up to              won't follow up.
five other people. That's the rule in this industry,
and it will save you so much time and effort.               I know I’m not the world's greatest affiliate guy. I
                                                            know I’m not the world's greatest billing person.
If you are thinking, this person is really nice, and        I outsource that and I say, I’m not good at this,
they are great, and they are good at ironing                but you are, play your strings, run wild.
things; maybe that's what you really need, don't
hire them unless you think that they could really           You have got to outsource things so you have
manage five people for you.                                 more time to create and relate. Are you with
This whole industry can basically be run off of
five people, and I will teach you who those                 Audience:       Yes.
people are this weekend. You cool.
Audience:       Yes.
                                                            How many people know you need to outsource
Brendon:                                                    a few more things in your life? Yeah, it's time for
                                                            that. If you are fooling yourself and saying, I will
Then you need mentors and motivators, which is              start doing it in January, February.
hopefully one of the reasons you have come
here this weekend, is to get people who can                 No, you won't, because you said it seven
mentor you and motivate you to keep and stay in             months ago you should be doing this shit. Isn't it
that journey.                                               true?

Let me talk about infrastructure, and just a                Audience:       Yes.
couple of real quick rules. Is this helpful?
Audience:       Yes.
                                                            It's like it's time. Everyone says it's my time.
                                                            Audience:       It's my time.
Are you still here? Say I'm here.
Audience:        I’m here.
                                                            At some point you decide it's your time and you
Brendon:                                                    are going to do this. If you are going to get
                                                            serious about the business, get serious now.
Couple of quick things. One, I want you to start            Don't wait five years or even five months.
outsourcing a lot, outsourcing a lot. As what I
call a proud incompetent, I’m so proud of what I            Second, this is cool, 51580 rule. We have got
don't know. I know what I don't know, so I                  creators in the room.
outsource that.
                                                            Say I’m a creator.


Audience:      I’m a creator.                            earn. That's just the reality of how it goes. The
                                                         more you create and relate, the more you earn.
                                                         Think about your day right now. How many of
Here is what I want to share with you; here is           you are honestly focusing 80% of your time
what I want to share with you in terms of how to         creating and relating right now? But guess who
run your business. Maybe this is per day or per          is? The big guys in the industry.
week or per month for you, but here are the
percentages.                                             Everyone says, oh, well, that's because they are
                                                         the big guys in the industry and now they are
Five percent of your time should be focused on           rich and they can do it. No.
strategy. That might include the first hour of
your day, for example, is focused on strategy.           They became the big guys in the industry
                                                         because they focused there and they were
I’m going to teach you productivity secrets this         proud enough to be an incompetent and say I
weekend too, but we will start here. 5% of your          don't know how to do this, you do it. I can do
time, focus on strategy. Meaning, how are you            this really well, but I can't do that well.
going to build your business and share your
message with more people?                                I love this. I didn't even know this was here
                                                         today. Friday 50 Club. Any members of Friday
How are you going to earn more income,                   50 Club in the room? Just a few. Friday 50
influence, and impact? That's what you want              Club. Here is what I want to challenge you to do
anyway. So strategize that like how am I going           productivity wise.
to do that. Most people, they kind of haphazard
into that, so we want you to be strategic. What's        Boy, this is going to piss some people off, every
the word?                                                Friday; I want you to have your Inbox down to 50
                                                         emails or less. Every Friday, 50 emails or less.
Audience:      Strategic.                                In other words, before you begin your weekend,
                                                         you have knocked out that.
                                                         Let me explain how that can happen for you.
Strategic. Be very strategic 5% of the time is           She is like that's not going to happen I have
focused on? Fifteen percent of your time is              thousands. That's right so maybe you need to
focused on either delegating or doing. It's the          create a new Inbox, a new email to begin with.
operations in other words only 15%.                      Here is how you get this.

If you can't achieve 15%, that means you                 By the way, wouldn’t your weekend be much
haven't outsourced or you haven't hired an               better if you knew that there were less than 50
assistant yet, which is why you need to do that.         things in there each and every single week when
Because guess what 80% is focused on- ladies             you begin? Here is how most people are
and gentlemen- creating and relating.                    running your business.

       Understanding your consumers.                    You are so focused on responding to other
       Discussing with your consumers.                  people’s agendas, which is a fancy way for
       Researching.                                     email Inbox. An email inbox is a very organized
       Interviewing other experts.                      way to force you to organize your day around
       Creating new things like the flower does.        someone else’s agenda. That's all an Inbox is.

You create so many new things, the bees swarm
to you. The more you create, the more you


You go to your Inbox in the morning, you open it
up, guess what? Do you have lots of stuff to do,                 2. Second one is delegate it.
yes or no? How many people, honestly, if you
are being truthful, is it one of the first things you        Who can I send this to right now that they can
do, let's say in the first hour or two of your day,          handle it for me? That's where your assistant or
that you open your Inbox?                                    your staff comes into play. We will talk about
                                                             that a little more on Sunday, but I think you all
Shame- shame because is the Inbox your                       get the gist of it. I hope you have this at some
priorities or other people’s priorities? Almost              point. You have got to create that.

Here is how you get to Friday 50 Club. When                      3. Third question is file it.
you do get to your Inbox; I’m going to teach you
a strategy for not getting there for a while, but            Do I file it? In other words, it might be important
when you do get to your Inbox, here is what I                information, so you might file it. You might file it
want you to do, when you get to your Inbox, you              in a folder that says, handle today or handle
are going to make very simple decisions.                     tomorrow, or you might file it in just some
                                                             category that you can reference later on. But
The first decision you are going to make when                listen, delete it, delegate it, file it. Then what's
you open that inbox and you open any email,                  the last one? Reply. That's the deleted. Reply.
any email that you open, first decision is, do I
delete it? There are only four actions you can               People say, how does this matter? Now, this
take whenever you open an email.                             sounds horrible. What you are saying, the last
                                                             thing I should do is reply? Yes. For probably
The first one for most people should be delete it,           95% of your emails. Is this true? Especially
especially in this day and age, where so much                when you get a staff, you should be just focused
crap is sent to you that you don't need, and you             on, get that out to the people who can manage
are like, oh, I will look at that later. No, you             it, so you can be creating and doing the things
won't, delete it.                                            that are going to bring business in.

That might be important someday. Maybe,                      That's how you are going to sustain in this
delete it. Most of you are holding on to crap.               journey. This is how you are going to sustain in
Many of you have coupons in your Inbox. How                  this journey. It's really compelling.
many of you have a coupon in your Inbox? Get
rid of that shit. It's taking up mental clutter and          Everybody in this room, I’m going to send a very
space.                                                       -- when you get home, I’m going to send you on
                                                             Monday a free productivity, a program that I just
Every single Inbox, first thing when I open an               did, where I shared, here is my super secret
email, I look at it -- people say -- now you ask             productivity. I’m just going to email it to you it's
why this is important, because I’m so more                   an audio program. I want you to listen to it.
productive than my peers, that's why I’m going
to dwarf them in size of the scale of my                     Will you listen to it?
business, because I know what they are doing.
They are going to their Inbox in the morning.                Audience:        Yes.

Can you really be effective if that's how you start          Brendon:
your day, yes or no? No way. So I open and
delete it.                                                   It will change so much for you. One piece of it is
                                                             the Friday 50 Club, getting to the point where
    1. First one is delete it.                               you say, I’m not going to have more than 50.


For me, I usually get it down to 10 or 20, 10 or             Brendon:
20 and you are like what wouldn’t that be a great
goal to have? At least try it. Trust me, any of              I’m telling you -- a couple of the top guys in the
you in the room -- Friday 50 clubbers, was that              industry who I have shown this to are like, thank
an awesome day, yes or no?                                   God, I didn't know how to think through this stuff.

Audience:       Yes.                                         Here is what this stands for– TERMS is an
                                                             acronym–any opportunity -- when evaluating any
Brendon:                                                     new opportunity, and this is important, because I
                                                             want you to learn how to make decisions about
It’s awesome. You go into your weekend, you                  your business, so that when we focus on what
are like, huh, but most people will never get                needs to be done tomorrow, you have this
there.                                                       concept in mind.

Next, let me move to a couple of things that are             TERMS stands for-
really important in dealing with other people,
especially as you hire people to help you. The                      T is Time.
three strikes rule is really in strong effect for us.
                                                             Any time you invest in something, must be less
Meaning, let's say you hire an event planner, or             than the things you are going to get out of it,
you hire a web person, or somebody, three                    which I will explain to you in a minute.
strikes, they have got to be gone for you to
progress, because most of us are dealing with                       E is Energy.
                                                             The energy which you are going to have to put
So, if it's three in a row that they have messed             into something to accomplish something.
up, it's like look, you deserve a better level of
service. If you’re going to be an expert in what                    R is Resources.
you are doing, other people need to see that you
have that level of service. Agreed?                          The resources you are going to have to put into
                                                             something to make something happen.
Then here is a secret formula. How many
people have seen me do this formula before?                         M is Money.
Well, very few. This is my favorite formula in
productivity. Terms of any deal has to be less               How much money you have to put? Resources
than ROI+FB+PD+L. Got it? Okay, good night.                  might be like human capital, might be assets,
Okay, no.                                                    might be something, money specifically is cash,
                                                             how much cash you are going to put in there.
The terms of any opportunity that you face have
to be less than what you are getting out of it,                      The piece that most         experts    and
ROI+FB+PD+L. Let me explain what this means                  entrepreneurs stink at is the S.
to you. From now on, any opportunity that
comes your way, here is how I want you to think                     S is Satisfaction- sure- success-
about it. Is this cool?                                              sanity.

If I can give you a framework for thinking                           Entrepreneurs, you suck at this.
through any opportunity, would it be helpful?
                                                             Most entrepreneurs think well, if I can do this
Audience:       Yes.                                         and get a Return On Investment, which is what


ROI stands for, then it makes sense, of course I          won't even think about a business deal anymore
will do it. No, it doesn't make sense.                    without going, will this lead to future business for
                                                          me? If it doesn't lead to any future business and
It only makes sense -- you have got to think              you can't strategize how it will lead to future
about, how much insanity will this involve? I             business for you, walk. Agreed?
have got major speakers who want to get on my
stage. We won't even deal with them, because              Audience:       Yes.
we know they are going to drive us insane. It's
not worth it, right.                                      Brendon:

You have to think about how -- in other words,            Next piece, PD stands for? Payday. You guys
for frankness, I know we are getting late in the          are inventive. Payday. I like it. What else?
evening, but this means, how big of a pain in the         Public    --   Personal    or    Professional
ass is this going to be for me? Is this going to          Development.
be a really big pain in the ass to make it happen,
or not much of one?                                        I might do a deal sometimes because I think
                                                          this is going to stretch me and challenge me so
If it's a really big pain, you better make sure on        well that I should do this. That as I create this
the other side of this equation that there is a           new product, and the reason I’m going talking
return.                                                   about it, maybe you are going to create a
                                                          product with somebody, or create a new
Let me walk you through the other side of the             program with them. You want to run this
equation. Your time, energy, resources, money,            equation on that person real quick.
and sanity going into something must be less
than, must be what? Less than the other part of           Maybe I wouldn't use it or maybe the return on
the equation one Return on Investment; you                investment is there, not as much future
know what that means.                                     business, but for me this is a huge challenge.
                                                          This would be a breakthrough; this is something
Return on investment means, you are going to              I'm passionate about.
make your money back at least that much. You
put $1,000 bucks in you’re going to get $1,000            I do a lot of things, sometimes I'm so passionate
out.                                                      about, it might not lead to a full return on
                                                          investment or some big future business, but I’m
More importantly though, if you are going to put          passionate about it, so I'll go. How many people
all this time, energy, resources, money, and              relate with that? Say yes.
sanity in it, you want to make sure that what you
are going to get out of that is going to be more          Are you here? Say I’m here.
than just that. So here are some other things
you might want to take into consideration.                Audience:       I’m here.

FB stands for? Facebook. Yes. Will this make              Brendon:
you cool on Facebook? That's how I make all
my decisions Facebook, no– Future Business–               Last one, you must master this experts, the L
                                                          stands for?   Love, linguistics, laziness, no,
Will this opportunity, not only return on                 Lama, no. What does it stand for? Lifestyle
investment for you, will lead the future business
down the line.                                            If, what you are creating, the new program, the
                                                          new product, the new something, the new
If it does not lead to future business down the           promotion whatever it is that you are creating, if
line, I say no every single time, personally. I           it doesn't lead to a better lifestyle for you, walk.


You have got to learn to say no. Especially the
higher up you go, which I’m going to teach you           Okay, 60 days, so we talked about relating
to do especially tomorrow, you are going to see,         again,      understanding      the   consumer,
and you are going to achieve extraordinary               understanding what they want, what drives
outcomes in this business.                               them, what their ambitions are, what they think
                                                         would need to double their business. What they
You need to make sure that it's serving your             have tried, what they haven't tried.
lifestyle. Serving your what?
                                                         We understand different buying levels in their
Audience:        Lifestyle.                              sales psychology and we understood that
                                                         sometimes you put that sales psychology in your
Brendon:                                                 marketing. True?

The time, energy, resource, money, and sanity            Then you understood the competition. What are
that you put into anything, must be less than the        they offering? What are the benefits they are
return on investment, plus the future business,          talking about, what are the bonuses they are
plus an increase in lifestyle. You follow? Yes.          offering out, what are the price points that you
                                                         are seeing? Then we talked about, okay, now
Audience: Yes.                                           all of that, now we need to create something.

Brendon:                                                 You learned a very simple framework for
                                                         creating something. By defining it, by explaining
Is that cool? Most of you could create a multi-          what your story is, why are you credible,
million dollar product in 60 days. You might not         explaining your framework or your system in
know how to campaign it, but we’re going to              detail.
teach you that today creating it how many
creators.                                                Talking about what to do, the dos and the don’ts,
                                                         and talking about the next steps. You all got
Say I’m a creator.                                       that, yes.

Audience:      Yes.                                      Audience:      Yes.

Brendon:                                                 Brendon:

You could go home, create a dog walking                  Then it's well, now we know we need to create
product in 60 days that would be world-class             something. Today we move on to Work Stream
and make a million dollars. Frank Kern, one of           2. Work Stream 1 is really about the research
the best Internet marketers in the world who             and the creation.
does $13, $14, and $36 million product launches
in 36 hours, started with a dog training product.        Now we need to get down to the point to, okay,
                                                         now we have created it, let's get this baby out to
I mean come on! If he can do that in that topic          the world.
area, there is no excuse for you not succeeding
in your area. Agreed? Yes.                               What I’m going to do today is give you that Work
                                                         Stream 2 at a high level, in terms of walking you
Audience:      Yes.                                      through the Work Stream so you get it, and then
                                                         later this afternoon, we'll go through in detail,
                                                         each of these areas of this business. From
                                                         writing to speaking, that will be this afternoon.


Plus, I might have another guest in the                     There are very   few differentiations. People say,
meantime, who I think one of the most important             well, what's a   difference between a $100,000
people in my professional career right now. This            and a million    dollar? The million dollars is
person has taken me to the next level in so                 probably just     doing better promotions and
much of what I’m able to do, and you didn't even            campaigns.
know this person was coming here.
                                                            The content might be exactly the same. It says
I will introduce him later on. For now, if you've           somebody has learned how to market it better.
even been to my events before, I like to throw in           We want you to become excellent marketers,
surprises now and then, and this one is going to            which means excellent campaigners.
be a definite surprise for all of you. How many
speakers are there in the room?                             Let’s jump into Work Stream 2- build
                                                            promotions. This is the topic on your page. Let
Say I’m a speaker.                                          me share with you what a promotion is, versus a
                                                            campaign, because I really want everybody be
Audience:       I’m a speaker.                              clear on this, because I don't want you to do
                                                            promotions anymore.
                                                            I’m going to start switching the word and stop
You are all speakers. You all have to speak to              using the promotions, and just saying campaign,
influence people. You all have to speak into a              over and over again. So let's talk about the
microphone, or into the television, and when you            distinction here.
are doing media, or on a stage or at your
seminar, even in your online products, you have             First, promotion is a singular incident.   It's
got to sit there and talk, even on a teleseminar,           something you send out once. A campaign is
you have to talk.                                           actually a strategic event. Two very different
                                                            things. Let me give you an example.
I think you are going to find this person to be
extremely helpful for your ability to do that with              •   A promotion might be a postcard that's a
power and influence and clarity in a way you                        promotion.
never even imagined. I didn't know this world
existed till I met this person. So we are going to              •   A promotion might also be a postcard
walk through that.                                                  followed by another postcard that's still a
I want to jump right away in the Work Stream 2,
so that we move through the weekend, but we                     •   A campaign is strategically where you
get at a level where you will say I get this idea of                stand back and you say okay, I’m going
campaigning.                                                        to send a longer series of things that are
                                                                    higher value to my customers, with a
This is the differentiation I have learned over                     strategic intent to move towards the buy
and over and over again from our alumni, when I                     at the end.
say what was the number one most important
thing you learned at Experts' Academy. Many of              In other words, it's a promotional series, but just
them will say campaigning.                                  more elaborate.        That's all it is.    It's a
                                                            promotional series that's more elaborate.
I used to promote, now I campaign and that's the            Promotions are good, because they get interest.
difference between a $100,000 business and a
$1 million business.                                        When you send out a postcard that might get
                                                            interest, but then a campaign closes. I give this
                                                            all the time but I just send out this big brochure,


because if you look at my brochure, I don't                  celebrities we have coming. They are amazing,
understand Brendon why I didn't get more                     come to this event. What they didn't realize is,
people to buy that thing. I'll say sure, look at the         people – and we will talk about this when we talk
brochure and it was great.                                   about seminars tomorrow, people don't sign up
                                                             for seminar based on who is coming.
It might generate interest and might make me
say who is this person, but it doesn't compel me             The marketing world still thinks that, but that's
to buy, or call, or order.                                   why the marketing world continues to fail and
                                                             people who are still promoting that way saying,
A campaign you'll learn actually closes. It                  look who is coming, doesn't work.
accomplishes your end goal which is to get the
buy. A promotion is essentially a push out to                Ask anybody who has ever done their event the
people. A push saying, look at me, look at me,               first time, they got a big name speaker, and they
look at me, and that's what the traditional                  thought that was going to be a pull. It's not a
speaker model was, right? Look at me.                        pull.

We’re going to teach you a couple of different               The celebrity is never the pull. What the pull into
models especially this afternoon, where it's more            the event is, the results, the outcomes that the
of a pull. Where it's generating so much interest            client believes they will receive by attending.
on the side of the buyers, so much attention and
value. If I can get all of this here free, this over         When you lead a sales page at the beginning of
here must be worth so much.                                  the event, they ask me and they said hey,
                                                             Brendon we've got that freaking down in
Whether this free is a product that you give                 Wyoming.
away, it's just information, an eBook, a
teleseminar series that are free or a webinar                He never speaks of business conferences,
that's free it doesn't matter. But it's a different          we've got this person and this person” and
level of value, because there is a pull now. In              they're going to talk about this for the first time
other words, this is the bees versus the flower.             and they were really great, top of the sales
                                                             page. Big pictures, all the celebrities here, all
Remember the story?                                          the celebrities come to this event.

Audience:       Yes.                                         I said you got to invert that model. You've to say
                                                             here are all the things you're going to get by
Brendon:                                                     coming here.

The pull is, you are creating such great stuff,              Here's who is training you on this, it's completely
and they just elect to sign up. They just – it's a           different and the reason I bring this up is
natural buy for them. It's no longer, hey, look at           because at the beginning their campaign was a
this, look at this, and look at this. I just did that        push, the emails were- look at all these
big event with Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson,              celebrities, look at how great this event is, look
and Stephen Covey, DeClerck.                                 how great we are.

All these famous people and it is amazing that               No one wants to sit down at the dinner with
they didn't fill that room the way they wanted to.           someone is look how great I am. Isn't it true?
                                                             So, you've to bring this in your market and
One of the reasons they didn't fill it the way they          understand, no it's not about pushing out them;
wanted to is because they began their                        it's pulling them in by making your results and
promotions before I got involved. They began                 you outcomes so attractive to them.
the promotions by saying, look at all these


By offering them something where they say                Brendon:
wow. This is amazing and they automatically
like, they're not convinced because of how great         The up-sell, you can also right now get this, the
you are they're convinced because how great              up-sell. Now, let's say, you don't buy -- let's say,
the value of the information is they already             you buy the product, but you didn't buy the up-
received.                                                sell, most people say they didn't buy the up-sell,
                                                         that's okay. A campaign will go, “I've stopped to
Are you with me?                                         this strategically.”

Audience:      Yes.                                      They didn't buy that and your shopping cart will
                                                         let you know they didn't buy that. So, anyone
Brendon:                                                 who doesn't buy that, boom! This email goes out
                                                         for them leading them into another campaign or
Huge differentiation, although it's completely a         another up-sell. Do you follow?
different planet. It's why some of the biggest
names in the industry can't get a room for 300           Yes of course, it stops at some point, I'm just
people for four days, for $1000 or more, why?            saying that a campaign is strategic enough to
It's very simple.                                        say, “Look, some people are going to buy, some
                                                         people are not, what do you do with the people
They're still on the push or on the model, in            who buy in order to continue the relationship or
which they're trying to say, look at me versus           the sale?
serving first. Hence, how many get me? Raise
hands, okay great. Then this ends at the sale,           What do you do with the people who don't buy to
you send out the postcard and hopefully get the          continue the relationship or the sale? I say,
sale and then it's done.                                 continue the relationship or the sale because it
                                                         doesn't always have to be an up-sell, it might
The campaign leads down to buyer trail. Again,           just be more information.
it's a strategic event, what does it mean? It
means, when you campaign something and you               If they didn't buy, you don't have to up-sell them
get that sale, more comes after the sale. So, the        into something cheaper, you might just then
promotion, like when you do a coupon, someone            well, they didn't buy, send them some more free
might take in the coupon and buy the thing and it        stuff to continue that relationship because they'll
ends there, right? That's the promotion.                 buy at some point.

A campaign, let's use an online example here,            Maybe they did buy, but they didn't take the up-
where you might go to this -- they've given you          sell, so you don't have to email them another up-
this great information which is part of the              sell, you just email them some more free stuff to
campaign, you're like this is amazing, I want            continue the relationship, they just bought from
more.                                                    you. Isn't it great when you buy something and
                                                         then a surprise happens? It's amazing, right.
You buy the DVD home study course, you click             You like that?
through, you get this set, you go to the
conformation page thank you for ordering and             Audience:       Yes.
then what does it say?
Audience:      Up-sell.
                                                         I love that, when you buy something and there's
                                                         a surprise. I didn't even anticipate that. So, this
                                                         is your opportunity to do that with people.


But you see how it's more strategic, what's the          Even when we're at Best Buy, same thing,
word?                                                    Fortune 500 company. I can look at their
                                                         campaigns, what they're sending out, in the way
Audience:      Strategic.                                that they're going about advertising and
                                                         marketing and know what's the relative rapport
Brendon:                                                 with their customers.

I want you all to be more strategic in your              It’s the same thing with you especially, in our
marketing, because what ends up happening for            industry, the expert industry. Some people call it
entrepreneurs, say I'm a creator.                        the guru industries, some people call it the
Audience:      I'm a creator.                            author industry, the expert industry, whatever it
                                                         is for you, I call it the expert industry, the expert
Brendon:                                                 empire.

Creators, we get this great idea, I've got this          It's people trying to build an empire like myself or
great idea. I've just got this awesome idea for          a Tony or a John or all the people we've talked
postcard. I'm going to say, create the postcard          about this weekend, those folks who've built
and do it all it looks great.                            something from writing, speaking and online and
                                                         seminars and you can do any component to that
Can you figure out the glossy thing or the non-          and make a million dollars.
glossy thing, get it mailed out? We've got all
excited about that activity. Creators get excited        You just have to do it well with the right
about single activities all the time. Sure.              campaigns. Still with me?

Audience:      Yes.                                      Audience:       Yes.

Brendon:                                                 Brendon:

All I want you to understand, creators are really        Here is the revolution and let me show you just -
great at single activities business people are           - I know we've been talking, but I want to show
really good at strategy. I want you to combine           you a little differentiation, so you can look at
them.                                                    your marketing in a different way of what the old
                                                         school was and that will be on the left hand side
You're going to create something anyway, why             of your slides and on my slides and the new
not create something here as part of the                 school on the right hand side.
campaign, tie it altogether, send it out and make
some money.                                              The old school, obviously we talked about was a
                                                         push, the new school -- oh, I guess, I was talking
Good, that's the difference between promotions           about the old school and tell you what the jest
and campaigns.                                           was, so we can get the feeling for it.

That's the level in which I can guarantee                I want you to understand the feeling as a
everybody in this room; it's so easy for me to           consumer, because this is what we've enforcing
look at somebody's business, anybody's                   on consumers for about a decade-and-a-half, it
business. The people at the top of any industry;         just doesn't work; we've got the push model, you
I can look at their business and know their              know that.
success based on, what the campaigns are
sending out.                                             The other model is the Hook and Sell, the hook
                                                         and sell was give them just enough interest and
                                                         then sell them something instead of serve them


with content and if they're happy with that, they'll        By the way, it's not that I have a problem with
naturally enroll.                                           those things because I think that can be used
                                                            very responsibly to get a response to do the
You know what I'm talking about. So, you might              things that you want to accomplish to influence,
go to a seminar, someone just does something                to help people understand information better. I
where it’s like, “These are the benefits, if you            think they're very appropriate, if used
had these, there’s all the benefits”, and the               appropriately.
whole talk is about the benefits. Then they say
buy this.                                                   It's just that most people who happen to be
                                                            teaching it, what became in the marketing
That's the hook and sell model which is not a               industry, I'm not talking about the industry in
bad model for some people because based on                  general, I'm talking about just the marketing
what they're doing maybe that makes sense. If               industry, and they were teaching it to use it for a
they're selling like a technology system,                   specific effect which is to get somebody to buy.
sometimes that makes sense, because it's
difficult to explain.                                       I don't know about you, but as a consumer, I
                                                            don't want someone woo-wooing the black hat
Sometimes the hook and sell model is                        doing some weird stuff to me to get me to buy.
appropriate. Most of the time, especially in the            Anyone agree?
information world, you have to deliver content.
Is that true? Instead of just here are all the              Audience:        Yes.
benefits, buy it.
                                                            Brendon:          I don't want that. So, I've never
Its no-no, let me give you some information, let            had that training, even though I've had a
me train you; let me give you some content.                 bazillion of those trainers coming, I'll teach you,
Then the enrollment will naturally happen, well             it will help you become more effective and blah-
let me just go, black hat, that used to be all the          blah- blah.
stuff, I'm sure they're still as our huge
proliferation of the scrap. Black hat, what does            I'm like, “I know it will,” by the way, I totally think
black hat means?                                            those are valuable tools to learn, just don't learn
                                                            them for a marketer. That makes sense?
Black hat's like under the radar, behind the back,
not transparent ways of doing business and                  Audience:         Yes
leading from -- and doing psychology of a sell
including what some people do on stage. Some                Brendon:
people look on stage and they're using
techniques to woo-woo the crowd.                            Learn it from someone who is a professional in
                                                            that industry, so that you can have influence that
They're doing like some weird hypnosis or                   maybe you don't even know you have, which is
they're doing some weird NLP that's not                     important, because I think there are a lot of
responsible and that's why I've never taken any             those tools that are important.
training in any of those things, I don't want to
know them. I guess so many people come back                 I've learned things that sometimes I stand on a
to me after speech.                                         particular side of the stage, when I should be on
                                                            the other ones or sometimes I use the wrong
If you knew NLP or hypnosis, if you knew                    color on the stage, I'm like what?
exactly how to do those things you could
quadruple your sell; I don’t want to know.                  Some of those things are valuable, but I would
                                                            just say don't learn it from a marketer who is
                                                            going to teach you just to influence people to


buy from you, because rather they have you                   hypnosis people who I spank on stage, they get
come from an authentic place, where you just                 so mad.
serve them with such great content, then the
enrollment was natural.                                      By the way, I think hypnosis is a very -- I think
                                                             these are very valuable tools. I just don't want
By the way, if you have a like a concern about               you to learn it from marketers, because you
that, in this industry, there's a piece -- particular        don't have to rule your audience.
part of our industry called the Platform Sales
Industry where basically you go around your                  A lot of that black hat happens, I mean there are
career it becomes or you go around, talk to                  people -- there are speakers in this industry who
people, at the end you offer your stuff, and I'm             hypnotize the audience. I don't mean that is
part of that industry.                                       terms of like use it piece of hypnosis, because
                                                             hypnosis naturally happens, I find out that I do
I think it's really valuable because I go to these           things that a hypnosis person say well that's
conferences all the time where they don't get --             hypnosis I don't know it, but I've had.
the audiences don't get to hear what I teach, so I
get to go out there and I get to give them tons of           Clients of mine who are hypnotists say, “You're
content and I say, “Hey, come to my seminar                  doing kind of a hypnosis thing. Yet, I know
too.”                                                        some people who literally, they do the whole
                                                             thing, they entrance the audience with this whole
It's a great way for me to build my business, it's           weird thing.
a great way to deliver value to the audience and
what's funny is every time I go anywhere, I'm                That's not responsible and our industry needs to
always the number one or the number two                      get the hell away from that, forever for good,
closer.                                                      forever for good. It's not responsible, that's my
                                                             thing and I'm against the black hat stuff. Okay, a
The number one or number two guy, who gets                   lot of promotions in the industry were solo
the most sign-ups from the audience and                      promotions again; a solo promotion is like a
everyone is like, “How do you do that, you must              postcard solo.
be like” and everyone wants to know my secret,
I'm like, “Watch the video.”                                 It's one time, one event. A lot of promotions --
                                                             they've might, because it says “Buy this because
They watch the video, they're like, “I can't                 I said so, I'm the expert in this. Buy this
understand what you're doing to them.” I was                 because I said so.
like, “That's the secret, I'm not doing anything.”
“No, you must be” I'm like "I don't know any of              Another challenge is the celebrity. Challenge
the stuff.”                                                  that you talked about with that and then it's like
                                                             look we've got celebrities involved. No one cares
It frustrates them so much, I've had people                  about the celebrities involved.
watch my videos 50, 60 times trying to figure out
what the, woo-woo is, there's no woo-woo, I                  A lot of promotions are text still, text email, text
gave them good content, they liked it. I said,               postcards, that's continuing you to change, as
“This will really help you in your career, here's all        you see online videos. Its one reason I bring my
the cool stuff that you get.                                 buddy Mike Koenigs here who is speaking with
                                                             you later this afternoon, which is the number one
If it's natural for you, you should sign up. We              online Internet marketer using video today.
made it easy for your buy, I have an awesome
guarantee, and we’d love to see you there.”                  He'll teach you how to use video, you're going to
That's the trick. Why does that piss off the                 be like, “What?” because everybody in this room
                                                             needs to be using video, not some, everybody.


It doesn't matter what you look like, it's about              This is saying, “Look, here's myself,” if you find
your content, all right? I mean trust me, if                  value in this, you'll naturally enroll, the wow to
anywhere you've seen a video -- I did a video                 win.
one time when I was sick and I looked like I was
dying in this video and it was bad.                           Black hat, we talked about being more
                                                              transparent and doing things appropriately, I
We signed up 45 people for a $5000 program.                   mean telling people if you're going to do
It's like, it's not about what you look like, it's            anything that involves some weird stuff, but also
about what you sound like, but it's also about                it's being very transparent in all of your business,
ultimately the use of video to create rapport.                right.

Even though I'm sick, it's like, “I like this guy.”           You see a black hat, “Well, I'll get them to order
How many of you in this room feel like you like               this and they'll order and they'll get snuck into
people, say yes.                                              my monthly program charging whatever dollars
                                                              a month and they don't even know it and then
Audience:        Yes.                                         they can't get out of it.”

Brendon:                                                      That was a big thing in our industry, fortunately
                                                              Joe Cahn learned that lesson and he helped the
If you didn't hear someone say yes, next to you,              industry switch out of that, because he was a
just give them a big hug. That was horrible, so               high profile example or someone who really
we got away from text.           Another one,                 smashed that. He was like, “I can't do that
customization, a lot of stuff was driven by                   anymore,” he is a man with total integrity, totally
customization. I'm going to move down this, so                great guy.
you can see the opposites.
                                                              He just said look and he issued this whole blog
Commercial, meaning commercial everything                     statement to the community of online market
looked snazzy, pretty, and perfect. Let me go                 saying, “This can not happen anymore, we need
down this other side so you see some of the                   to--” when we explain, if you're going to buy a
things we've been talking about. I've got stuff               product and there's continuity attached to it
like that, okay. So, I want to work down this                 meaning a monthly membership.
way, so you can see that I've been talking about
ad hoc.                                                       You've got to say, “Look, you can buy package
                                                              A or package B, package A is just product,
The push versus a pull we talked about, the                   package B is the product plus the monthly
hook and sell, instead of moving for the hook                 membership.”
and sell, the approach is sample to Wow and
Win. What does that mean? Sample…                             Make it stupid clear, that's transparency and
                                                              that's where our industry needs to be. Solo
Let them sample your information, let them                    meant was, you send out one thing, but also by
sample your product, let them sample what it is               the solo I meant it's just you sending out
they'll be buying by giving them a little piece of it         something to somebody, makes sense? So,
upfront free, they'll be so impressed by what you             let's say on October 20 , I'm going to send out
gave them for free, they'll say I want the rest or I          an email to my list.
want that, that's very different than hook and
sell, hook and sell is just benefit, benefit, benefit,        Now, have you ever -- how many of you are on
buy it.                                                       somebody's list, but we want more than one
                                                              person's list. Look around the room. Here's
                                                              what the peer punisher -- we call it the pure


The peer punisher which is not a great                      because the more of that you have, the more
terminology, but the peer punisher means that               powerful your testimonials become.
you're hit by lots of different people promoting
that promotion set of one.                                  We talked about text to video, customization
                                                            versus creation is a huge, huge, huge
Let's say, I'm going to do -- what you see for              differentiation in especially Fortune 500
like, when Frank Kern doesn't launch. Frank ran             marketing.
out to his list on one day that he is doing -- he is
releasing this product.                                      Let me tell you what this means, customization
                                                            meant you used to be able to -- let's say,
Ten other Internet marketers will also send to              customization used to be when you ordered
their lists, Frank Kern is releasing this product,          Hantel for your house, you used to put your little
so you start seeing it everywhere. That's the               logo on there, right?
goal when you do a promotion, people start
seeing it everywhere, you've got all these other            That's customization, it's this is the product, but
people promoting at the same exact strategic                you can put something on, this is yours.
time.                                                       Customization versus creation though, creation
                                                            is, now you can go and you can choose where
Everywhere it's coming in, because some                     the materials are sourced from to build that
people, when you see -- if you get the email,               town, which country, what materials, when will it
yeah, but then you get four other emails about it.          arrive, you create it.
What's going on, there's a movement here.” and
you start paying attention.                                 Nike does a great job with this by the way with
                                                            their website, you can create a shoe from the
So, that's the difference between a promotion               grounded up on Nike.com completely create a
and a campaign. I said so is important, by this             shoe. You choose the sole, the colors and the
because I said so, the other models prove it,               laces- you can completely create it.
show them the testimonials, show them a video
of someone saying this is great, show them the              Here's another differentiation that many of you
results that you've received, it's very different.          understand     from      the     online    world.
                                                            Customization versus creation, we used to have
Do you see the campaign power on the right? I               community    message        boards,     remember
mean which one would you rather receive as a                community message boards. Then it completely
consumer, the left or the right. Right, you'd               switched and the industry realized the power of
rather be given information and been able to                creation.
elect from that.
                                                            The reason creation got big is because look at
Next, celebrity, we used to say look at all these           the MySpace phenomenon.           People could
celebrities involved into these or look at these            create their own web page and they can create it
celebrities in what they accomplished.                      easily; creation started a whole new movement
                                                            online. People want to create their own stuff.
You've got to get everyday regular people
saying how great your stuff is, because when                If you can create a campaign where people are
there is a celebrity there, it's not that you can't         contributing or creating, that can happen through
have this celebrity. However, when you have                 a blog or can happen through submissions like a
this celebrity they can do it, but I can't.                 contest, where you'd let people create videos
                                                            and send it in.
So, you need a lots of everyday people just
looking into the camera saying, “I did this,”               So, they can win something or be part of a
                                                            sweepstakes, that's incredibly powerful stuff,


and we'll talk about those. Commercial version               You don't want the video to be -- like don't get
conspicuous, commercial is smooth, flashy,                   locked into this nonsense by the way, that you
great-looking stuff.     Conspicuous means it                have to create this unbelievable super quality,
stands out, it's almost weird.                               perfect commercial looking video, it doesn't
Matter of fact, some Internet marketers will
teach you to use the word in the subject lines               Let me give you an example, I went to a very,
when you send out e-mail, like this is weird,                very high end. I think they paid me $25,000 to
because who wouldn't open that, like “What's                 be there at speech and they had awesome
weird, weird, I like weird. Show me weird.”                  cameras all the way around and filmed my
                                                             skydiving story.
Weird is a very powerful pull, that's conspicuous,
make it stand out.          Conspicuous is very              I had on YouTube, this raw gritty, shitty illegal
powerful, Fortune 500 companies do this too,                 video of me turned up of doing a skydiving story.
not just experts, right? I always tell the story of          I was at some women's conference, two years
partnership seminar, one of my favorite ads of               ago or three years ago, and this guy in the back
all time I think it was a Toyota ad.                         illegally filmed, he was illegally filming.

It use to the old days, even a couple of years               Afterwards, he sent me an e-mail. He says -- it
ago, even some poor marketers do this today.                 was probably a couple of weeks later I guess, I
Where you'll see like a truck commercial, there's            finally got the e-mail. I posted that video of you
a truck, like slow motion it's all clean, perfect and        doing skydiving,” he didn't do it maliciously. He
its slow-motion sliding through the mud.                     just didn't think. “I posted that video of you
                                                             skydiving on YouTube”, I go to YouTube, and it
Then you see in that commercial yes, and then                had like a bazillion hits.
what you'll see now, is you got these
commercials like this Toyota one which is so                 I thought, “Boy that looks so bad though.” It was
great.                                                       grainy and weird looking and not good. I was
                                                             like, “That's not so good.” So I had him pull it
There's two guys standing, I think they're fishing           down and we posted the professional,
on a lake or something, it looks like a hand-held            commercial, perfect looking one.
they are shooting this thing, and they are fishing
on the lake and the Toyota is right behind them,             Hits and views completely, because people want
and this monster jumps out of the lake, grabs                to see things in your conspicuous natural, raw
their truck, pulls it under the lake.                        and real. It's why when you see, the best
                                                             Internet marketers in the world, they just -- it's
My God! You see water is all turning and the                 them hanging out and talking to you.
things -- and this thing, this animal spits out the
truck up, up over a tree it lands, bounces looks             It's them at their whiteboard, it's nothing fancy,
like, I mean it really looks like hit the ground.            don't go thinking you need to have like some --
                                                             drop 30,000 on a professional studio to go in
Bounces like a monster, they run and they get in             and do something, which is what a lot of the
the truck, it starts and they drive away.                    industries and especially in the speaking world
                                                             use to teach.
It's just like this commercial completely stood
out. It won some awards and it was just like,                It's as if you got to have this professional demo
completely like what the hell was that? It's the             reel and try to accomplish all these things. Who
same thing when you go to create a video.                    said it has to accomplish those things? When
                                                             you see the campaign that I put together today
                                                             it's raw and it's real and they know me.


It's a whole different level of relationship and           you with this” like the campaign ultimately ends
rapport. We are not campaigning myself. You                with you one-on-one helping somebody do
follow, yes?                                               something.

Audience:       Yes.                                       A lot of campaigns end their, like most
                                                           promotions are like, “Here's a little help, buy this
Brendon:        Is that cool?                              DVD.” The campaign ends, let's say, for -- let
                                                           me give you a great example, continuity sites,
Audience:       Yes.                                       membership sites, programs that charge you
                                                           every single month for accessing their
Brendon:                                                   information.

Whole different world. Community, connections              Well, a lot of them just say -- a lot of people
became huge.       The old world are getting               created a promotion saying, “Here's how to do
community message boards, the new world                    one.” That's a DVD, right. It's cool, here's how
connections, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn,                  to do one and create one.
people love to be connected.
                                                           The people who are strategic go, “You know
You can create a social networking site as part            what, a lot of those people who get that, but
of your campaign or if anything, the connections           they're not going want to do it themselves, they
that come from just doing a video with a blog              are going to want a service to provide it for
below it. So, people can interact and talk about           them,” what we call, the Done For You model.
the video. YouTube is built on this, by the way.
                                                           When they are campaigning, yes, they might
YouTube is built on the creation and connection            buy that and sell that. But they know, at the end
piece. So, you can watch a video or you can                of that campaign they're ultimately going to up-
create the video, and then you can connect with            sell that person saying hey let us create that for
all the people on what is basically, a blog                you.
underneath where they can post replies and
comments about the video, that's very powerful             A lot of campaigns are more strategic, it ends in
stuff.                                                     the model which, “Let me do this for you,” which
                                                           is really powerful. What could you do for your
What does that mean? Well, you can do                      customer that they probably don't want to do?
campaigns where when you post your video and               It's a very powerful question.
we'll show you this today, when you post your
video, you can say what do you guys think of               What could you do for your customer as a
this.                                                      service that they don't want to do? We are cool.

It creates a community of people who are all               Audience:       Yes.
reading, each other's comments and talking
about that video it gives a rallying point.                Brendon:

Used to be in promotions and in cells, it was like,        So let me go into some strategy, I want to share
here's a little help, here's a little piece of the         today just at the high level. You should have
puzzle. But a lot of programs and a lot of                 this in your page as well. Let me just share
campaigns now are leading to Done For You                  them with you one-by-one, of what we are going
model.                                                     to go through today, so you can see the types of
                                                           campaigns at a high level.
What does that mean? In the terms of the sell,
at the end of the campaign, its like, “Let me help


Authors, I’m   going to teach you, how to do a              Let them figure that out, that's their profession,
solo sweep.    What does that mean? It means                Jenny is not in the room; she'll kill me. Okay, all
I’m going to   teach you to do a sweepstakes                my marketers -- thank you, I appreciate it, thank
campaign,       a   multifaceted   sweepstakes              you very much.
                                                            All my friends in Fiji, they were like what's going
Authors, this is one of the most effective ways I           to happen when we start trying? I’m like, I don't
have figured out, how to campaign to sell books.            know, but you'll see this supplement study, it's
I’m also going to teach you the truckload tri-              so effective, it just works, that's why you are
factor, which is a little piece of my partnership           here.
                                                            All my marketers, I’m going to teach you the
So, you can see well, how do you get major                  sequencer. I called it the Montana method,
organizations to buy tons of your books, cool.              because it's a different way about caring about
                                                            the people you are serving. If you have ever
Audience:        Cool.                                      met Montanans, every Montanan I have ever
                                                            known deeply cares about their neighbor they
Brendon:                                                    deeply care about people.

We'll teach you speaker what I call -- I just call          I call it the Montana method, but that wasn't as
the campaign candid, name your stuff by the                 catchy as the sequencer. So I'll teach you the
way, what? Name your --                                     sequencer method on online marketing.

Audience:       Stuff.                                      Then finally for coaches, I’m going to teach you
                                                            technique to -- where do we get the Saturday?
Brendon:        Say it again.                               Here I'll teach you the full frontal. What did he
Audience:       Name your stuff.
                                                            Audience:         I'm a creator.
                                                            Brendon:          What?
Always name your stuff, if you come up with a
way to do something, name it, you become                    Audience:         It's Friday.
known for it, I'm known for the truckload tri-
factor. I think it's kind of funny, but it's great.         Brendon:
The campaign candid is -- I usually call the
speaker’s campaign candid.                                  All right, it's Friday okay the full frontal.

This is the campaign I've been telling you about,           I’m going to teach you, how do you do two
that will just revolutionize this industry and since        things.
you guys learning, before anybody else knows it,
hello. It's going to be awesome for you.                    One, how do you get more coaching clients by
                                                            helping them understand that they are in a
Next, seminar leaders. I’m going to teach you               position, in which they need your help,
how to give the event planner a heart attack, like          specifically on something and that they realize
I did with my crew with this event. We just had -           that they are alone and they are unsure of what
- as you know we sold out the event. I put too              to do in an ethical way, not some weird like, “I
many people in the room,” that's a good problem             need you Brendon.”
for me to have, not the event planner.


Not that crap, but like, “I need your assistance             Brendon:
with this thing.” I’m going to show you a very
specific way to that and also more importantly               So, these are different things that we are going
with the full frontal, you are going to learn how to         to learn about promotional strategies and
get information from your clients, so you can                campaign. How many of you are excited about
serve them better.                                           today? It's a cool stuff. Yeah, it's really cool
Most people who are coaches are not collecting
enough information from their clients, that's                Let me talk about some very simple but
perspective and you will see how with my                     overlooked basics in promotions, in promotions
coaching clients, they get and you'll get it, you            that they don't know. Number one mistake most
will see it and you will be like, “Holy crap!” I’m           people make in promotions is they never do one.
flicking them now.                                           Anyone guilty?

One of my coaching clients said in one of my                 The second thing that's number one mistake is
seminars and he was talking about my coaching                they don't want you they don't make it an event.
program.                                                     They just send out or write an email that says,
                                                             “Buy my stuff,” that's not a launch which you will
It's amazing and life-changing and extraordinary,            learn a lot about this weekend, especially
but damn that questionnaire it's like pulling teeth,         tomorrow with Armand and some other experts
because it's like 65 question psychological                  coming in.
profile and it gives me all the information I need
to really serve this person including questions              A launch is, it's a big deal, it's an event people
like, who in your life is preventing you from                had anticipation for it. They were excited, they
succeeding right now?                                        knew it was coming, so it's a real launch and you
                                                             want -- right next to the launch, may say make
Who in your life is not supporting you? Because              them anticipated.
you know what happens coaches, you might
give them all the techniques and the tools and               The secret to a launch is the anticipation. They
every time you get off the phone with them, they             have gotten some information, they know
are so motivated, they are so ready to go, this is           something is coming, they know it's special for
awesome, but they never do shit.                             them; they know it's really amazing and boom.

You're like, “Why didn't they do anything?” Well,            Then it's announced and it's like “Wow! This
because they might have somebody in their life               thing is here” and then it's like not only
who were blocking them from achieving their                  announcement, it's like we announced it with
potential and you need to learn who that person              special bonuses and this new thing we never
is.                                                          told you about is happening too.

So, you can teach them to communicate to that                It's like, it's creating a continuing dialog and
person in a different way, so that they can                  story of surprise, you might write that down too.
achieve their potential.                                     It's ultimately, a great campaign is a story of
                                                             surprise you never knew what is coming.
You can only do that if you have the full frontal in
which you make your clients expose and admit                 Surprise is one of the great unused elements in
everything to you, so you can better serve them.             all the marketing; people don't do it well, you
                                                             want to do it well, okay. So once you launched
Makes sense?                                                 it, the basic obviously, you monitored it, you pay
Audience:       Yes.


Well, people say “Yeah, so what? Most people               You might -- I've had a lot, I've had one guy who
never monitored their promotions, whatsoever               did a $7 million launch and in several of his
because we are creators, we created it, we sent            affiliate emails, was one letter that was wrong on
it, next.”                                                 the link, but he was there at the outset
                                                           maintaining it and paying attention.
It's like no, don't even think about going here
until you analyze what happened over here; pay             He saw it, so he went immediately, bought the
attention to it, but also when I say monitored, I          URL that was wrong and reposted there
mean like when you launch something, you                   immediately, immediately and it saved him from
need to be there 24 hours a day, focus on what             zero money to 7 million. This is a big deal we
people are saying.                                         are talking about, okay.

                                                           Measure it, obviously, how many people opened
If you launch something, there’s like a video,             it? How many people bought it? How many
and there is a blog underneath, you are going to           people called in? How many people -- create all
be watching those blog comments, replying                  these measurements, you want to understand
those blog comments you need to be there.                  as like what exactly happened and most people
                                                           never do that.
Follow me?
                                                           In direct marketing, that's like the ultimate sin. In
Audience:      Yes.                                        any marketing that's the ultimate sin. What was
                                                           the effect of that campaign, what was the actual
Brendon:                                                   effect? You want to understand that in detail.
                                                           That’s why every new campaign -- and listen to
Obviously, you need to maintain it. When you               this, I want you to really catching this.
launch something, it's often, even the best guys
in the world they launch it, something might go            Every new campaign I do earns more money
down, something might break and when it                    than the last one. Why? I learn from it. That's
breaks, you need to go “Wait guys,” something              it; you'll never become an expert marketer if you
that you need to be there, trust me.                       don't know what's happening when you are
                                                           doing what you are already doing.
I have had launches that -- these aren't, you
think “Well, that's because you have these big             Make sense?
lists,” no, sometimes just something breaks,
something doesn't work, some URL link doesn't              Audience:       Yes.
go. It will always happen.
What I’m saying is when you do send something
out, be available that day because what's easy             Cool, measure it again. Once you did it, you
to do is set it up when you're gone in traveling           might have some up-sells or other piece of the
and I made that mistake several times. I have              campaign, you want to measure the entire
had to go back, I will get tons of emails, “This           sequence, you want to know everything that has
link isn't working, this isn't happening.”                 happened and not only do you want to measure
                                                           the one time launch and let's say people bought,
I mean this has happened to me as recently as              then measure it again after they bought it, 30
last month and sometimes it's just like if you are         days from now.
not there to maintain and pay attention, you can't
fix that problem.                                          Were they happy? Thirty days from now, how
                                                           many people returned it? Because maybe a lot
                                                           of people have a great successful sale, but


within that 30 day guarantee, they have 20%                 Zappos Talk; Tony is amazing. He is one of my
returns and they never measure the returns, it              favorite guys.
just happens and they're not part of it because
their fulfillment house does it or their assistant          I just met him, I got to spend a lot of time with
does it and they are not part of it.                        him in Canada and Tony is like -- he is one of
                                                            the best CEOs in America, he is so cool and
They don't measure it and they think they had a             what they did with Zappos, which went from
successful thing, but 20% return.         If they           nothing in '95 to a billion-dollar company now,
measured it, they would see those 20% returns,              Tony goes, what he end up doing was, he said,
ask them, “Why did you return that?” and the                “I realize that a lot of companies didn't want to
next time they did something, they make sure                talk to their customers.
that they handled that reason that they returned.
                                                            At the top of every single one of our web pages
This is how your business gets better and bigger            are 800 number. Every that goes out is our 800
and the last piece to support it, be available, you         number and while I was telling people, call us if
personally need to be available. There will be              you have questions, because we want to talk to
some customers who will say -- I will do -- I've            our customers.”
done a launch on a -- what was it, it was like
$1000 webinar.                                              What an unbelievable concept? When you send
                                                            out an email, invite people to reply, invite people
I had someone say, “I cannot possibly attend                to call. Why? Because you want to talk to them,
this webinar but I would like to talk to you                because they are going to reveal lots of stuff
personally about your coaching program,” which              about your promotion that maybe you didn't
is $25,000 program and I was there to take the              know. They’re going to say I wish I could do this
call.                                                       because then this.

When you launch something, you want to be                   All of our emails that we send out, they always
there because things might happen that you                  come immediately back to me or back to Jenny,
never imagine, but you also, when I say support             so that we can actually see them. I want to see
it, you need to have customer service people                them, I’m a learner, and I want to know what are
available; even if you're not there, you need to            people saying.
make sure as soon as you send out, let's say if
you gmail lots of people.                                   Every reply comes back. You want the same
                                                            thing, but you must be there. If you are going to
If someone replies -- there is a No reply Inbox.            send out a big promotion, be there to watch and
Have you ever seen that? You have probably                  see what are people replying to and let them
gotten this from emails before, from idiots and             reply to you, not some No name Inbox.
what it says is “Please do not reply this email,
it's a non-working function,” that's like stupid.           Everyone can follow.

Don't you think?                                            You want to talk to your customers because you
                                                            want them to buy from you, so allow that rapport
Audience:       Yes.                                        to happen. Last, crush it by doubling down,
                                                            crush it by doubling down, here is what that
Brendon:                                                    means; everybody should want to double their
I get promotions all the time please don't reply to
this email and wait; you don't want to talk to me?          Audience:       Yes.
It's like if you have ever seen Tony Hsieh from


Brendon:                                                   So now the follow-up promotions and we'll buzz
                                                           through this pretty quickly and straightaway.
Most people aren't strategic about it, they are            Follow-up promotions, so let's say they bought
just like “I hope my business doubles someday,”            something. Well, we talked about earlier having
that's what everybody does, especially                     an up-sell, what's the word?
entrepreneurs, I’m going to keep doing what I’m
doing, I hope I get some money with this.                  Audience:        Up-sell.

I hope more business comes in. When you                    Brendon:
measure, and you monitor and you have rapport
with customers, you should strategically think,            Yes, you would have an up-sell, so like they
okay based on what I've learned, “How can my               bought something, and now the question is they
next promotion double in results? How can it               bought it, what happens to them or if they didn't
double in results?”                                        buy it, what happens? Authors, there’s huge
                                                           distinction for you if you’re selling a book.
Double in sales, double in responses, double in
excitement. I do this in every area of my                  If they buy that book, great, what happens for
business.                                                  them then? If they don't buy the book, okay
                                                           great, what happens for them then? There has
Next year, when I launch another book I’m going            to be something that happens for all and I don't
to say how can I double the amount of partners I           care what you're selling.
had involved. How can I double my sponsors?
How can I double the amount of sales?                      If you are pills or you're selling services, or
                                                           you're selling medical treatment, I don't care
How can I double the speaking gigs? How can I              what you're selling, there has to be the buyer
double this? Why? Just because strategically it            trail involved.
gives you something that aim for and it gives
you the intent to build your business, which most          What's going to be the buy, don't buy up-sells. If
of us need.                                                they buy it, we'll up-sell them to this, if they don't
                                                           buy it, we'll up-sell them this, or if you just don't
Say I’m a creator.                                         want to sell them anymore, you still have to have
                                                           the buy, don't buy thing.
Audience:      I'm a creator.
                                                           They bought it you're either, going to up-sell
Brendon:                                                   them something or give them something more
                                                           for free. So, if you are like I can't up-sell people
Most of our intent is really focused on creation           forever continuously. Okay cool, you don't need
which is great, but what I need you to do is               to make money, you could just create more
make some money from that too, and so if                   rapport there.
you're strategic about going how can I double
this every time?                                           True, I’m serious I’m not being facetious. I
                                                           mean, it's not always about making money it's
It just starts happening, “How can I double the            about serving the client. So maybe it's not about
amount of people in that seminar? How can I                some other new sell, it's just about giving them
double the amount people who opted in? It just             new information.
gives you -- it makes you think more intelligently
and strategically about your business, which               This is how I perpetuate books sales; this is how
everybody needs to do.                                     I perpetuate everything that I do. It's like, once
                                                           they get something, they get more. Even when I
                                                           get a speaking booking, do the same thing.


Hire me as a speaker, it's always something, it's             Accessible is a way of saying cheaper. It's a
like, they are really hiring me for a keynote, but            magic phrase in marketing so, I know that didn't
then it's like “Why don't we do a breakout                    work for you, but I have this other programs
session for you on this.”                                     that's more accessible, and it's only $9 bucks a
                                                              month, $19 bucks a month or $97 bucks a
It's just adding more value or they hire me as a              month but it's more accessible now to them.
speaker and I go there, and in my mind, I’m
thinking okay, now I want to up-sell them on my               Maybe they don't have the 2,000 to put down on
books or my instructor guides. I don't have to                their credit card, but everyone's got $97 bucks to
come back here anymore you follow?                            put on the credit card a month, so you can ask
                                                              for that. That's really powerful, but notice, the
Audience:       Yes.                                          strategy here. You made the offer they didn't
                                                              take it.
                                                              Now you say I have got this other thing, but its
There is always the next piece. This is a great               lower-price and more accessible and that is a
one I love this it’s so cool. Let's say you send              great way to double the results of every sell you
something out and you have this whole list of                 ever do. Cool.
people who didn't buy something. Well, one of
the reasons they likely didn't buy is because                 Audience:        Yes.
they didn't believe they could afford it.
                                                              Brendon:         Very cool stuff.
Now, they couldn't afford it, it's either they didn't
want it or they didn't believe they could. So what            Third, the free content follow up, which I
you might send out to this group immediately                  reference if they bought it or didn't buy, by
after, if you have a group that did not buy                   sending the more free stuff. I love to do that,
something, you send out to them, immediately                  more free stuff. You all are getting more free
after a lower-priced up-sell, like a really lower             stuff when you go home, like my productivity
price.                                                        session.

Let's say you are selling something for 5,000, or             Like you get stuff after the event which is really
let me make it more reasonable for many of us                 cool. I have started doing that more and more,
beginning, let's say $495 product that you are                because I’m realizing it says yes, thank you, it's
creating or $197 product, and they don't buy. A               like everyone loves free stuff.
great way just to condition them into knowing
that you are adding values is to say I know that              Audience:        Yes.
didn't work for you.
I also have this other little piece, it's not as big
as that thing, it's just this little snippet, if you          Everyone out there say, “It's free.”
want it,” and that little snippet of that big product
or that little piece of that big product, you might           Audience:        It's free.
offer at $50 bucks, $29 bucks, or $17 bucks,
better yet you might offer a continuity to them.              Brendon:

I know you didn't want the $495 program. So I                 I love when it's free I love free stuff. Free stuff is
have created this other program, this is much                 good, wait a minute. Report out promos, once
more accessible to people, accessible is a big                you do a promotion, now you report out on the
word by the way. I know that's the way of saying              promotion to your list or that same group or to
it's cheaper.


the media, or to your affiliates, here is what I              Brendon:
mean by that.
                                                              I’m telling you, this stuff it might sound basic to
Let's say you do a big launch, after your launch,             some of you, might sounds advanced to some of
just send an email saying, “Holy cow! Thanks                  you.      This is the stuff that doubles your
everyone I can't believe how valuable it was to               business. This is it. This is the stuff that
you.    We had 500 people purchase this                       doubles your business, every single time.
program, we had 600 blog comments or we had                   These last two slides.
$700,000 in sales.
                                                              Third, ask -- doing ask promotion, that's what
I'm so happy you found this content valuable.                 ask promo is. Doing ask promotion, asking the
Here is another free thing, just to say thanks.”              people why they didn't buy, so if a bunch of
                                                              people didn't buy and you don't decided to do a
It's like creating unbelievable rapport, with your            free content follow up, or a lower-priced up-sell.
group with your list, with your database,
whatever the word is, I'll just use the word group            Just ask them, “Hey I notice you didn't buy this,
and that's all right. With the people that you're             was it not right for you? Tell me why I'm curious.
contacting, it's unbelievably powerful.       That            If you'll tell me, I'll send you this free report and
report out, why do you report out?                            so on, but ask them or send them to a survey.

It shows one, that you’re adding value two, it                Will, everybody fill that out, yes or no?
shows that you are good what you are doing and
it shows momentum and it shows completion to                  Audience:       No.
the campaign. It's really powerful stuff and you
must do this to your affiliates.                              Brendon:

If your affiliates launch something big for you, a            Will the ones that come in be valuable to you,
specific launch for you, you've got to tell the               yes or no?
affiliates, “Hey guys,” -- this is like, let's say 10
people email, their list for you for that launch.             Audience:       Yes.
You email your 10 affiliates and say wow!
Thanks for sending that out, that was super-
successful here are the numbers we moved on                   Completely, I don't care five people respond to
that. Thank you so much for contributing that,                me and tell me why they didn't buy it. Five
obviously people really liked it.                             people is information, it's valuable to me. Then
                                                              back into the cycle. Once you've finished a
Then your affiliates go wow! This person is really            launch and anyway I don't care what you are
affective.   This person follows up and this                  promoting, whatever the campaign is, then you
person has got results. I want him involved in                go back in.
my next campaign too. They will never know, if
you are effective, if you don't report out, being             Basically, the campaign is always, free stuff, free
effective, makes sense, yes?                                  stuff, make an offer and repeat. Free stuff- free
                                                              stuff makes an offer and repeat, now you might
Audience:       Yes.                                          do a little more. Some people do free stuff, free
                                                              stuff, free stuff, free stuff and then sell.
Brendon:        It is cool or what?
                                                              It doesn't matter as long as they get some free
Audience:       It's cool.                                    stuff and that free stuff is enough to incentivize
                                                              them to realize wow!           This is valuable


information, I must go to the next level with this          Audience:       Yes.
person, I must buy this thing from them.”
Sometimes I have done that with one video, one
free video, one free webinar, like the sales                Back in the cycle– what I mean by that is, once
campaign for this, the basic one. I don't know              you do a launch, immediately after -- listen to
which one we have a couple of different ones                this, because this is the failure.
that run for this program, for Experts Academy.
                                                            Are you ready, yes?
The basic one is you go to an Opt-in page where
there's a webinar, a video and you watch a 90               Audience:       Yes.
minute video, right. It's free. You can just go
there, you watch the video and then you opt-in,             Brendon:        Are you here, yes?
you enter your information, and it takes you to
Sales page, as an example.                                  Audience:       Yes.

The free content is right up front, which is very           Brendon:        Say, I'm here.
innovative in space, I didn't even know how
bigger the deal was until these Internet                    Audience:       I'm here.
marketers are like that's brilliant, you need to
make an opt-in and you just gave them the free              Brendon:
training upfront, because usually what happens
is opt-in, then you get the free training.                  Big failure guys listen and listen close. People
                                                            do a launch and then they don't do these other
I know my stuff is so good, I said, “Here is the            pieces. They do a launch, they get their money
free training and if you like this, I will give you         and then they forget these other pieces, which is
another free training just like it” and then they           where the money and the rapport is.
opt-in. People are like wow! It's a different
model it works. Guess who opted in the right                When I say back into the cycle, I mean these
people or the wrong people.                                 seconds that you do a launch, the second you
                                                            do a launch, the next day, one of these few
Audience:       Right people.                               items happen.

Brendon:                                                    The next day, that's the campaign, right? The
                                                            next day either you do a buy or don't buy up-sell;
The right people, they are so -- it's why my list           you do the lower price up-sell in the continuity.
out of anybody's list that I know of, other than            You do the free content follow up and yet
probably Frank Kern and Armand Morin's gets                 minimum do the free content follow up.
the best responses, because they're so right.
I’m not just going for names I want the right               Big guys in the century miss this, all have -- it's
people.                                                     such a missed opportunity. You just sold to the
                                                            list, it doesn't matter and no matter what it is, no
I can do better with a list of, you can do better           matter how it's offered, everyone always
with a list of -- I mean some people have a list            perceives it as a sale, which is okay.
there is -- if you have a list of 5000, 10000
people, if they are the right people, you are               If you just sold to your list, if you just did a
going to get more sales than out of 50,000.                 campaign, I don't care if it's a continuity
                                                            program, or a product launch, or a seminar
Agreed?                                                     launch, whatever the launch is.


The next day at minimum, if you don't do any of             Mike Koenigs and the crew yes that event, it
these other things, at minimum, give them                   was just like, we put -A- there was what, 200
something new free. They just got sold, now                 people in the room. 80 of them came from my
they want something free. You follow?                       list out of 200. It's like what! I said, there were
                                                            200 some people at Paid For Life, 80 came from
Audience:       Yes.                                        my list.

Brendon:                                                    So it's like how are you doing that? It's because,
                                                            Paid For Life is just an event and I promote it to
They just got sold they want something free.                my list and 80 people signed up for me. Why?
That continues the dialog. Hugely important, put            Because they know that the value is there and
a star next to this, whatever you need to do, this          plus I said you'll get these free stuff. So, it's like
is the next day.                                            wow! You give free stuff too?”

Hugely important for you maintaining, it's wide             I’m always adding the value to promotions, it's
known ever on -- it's so rare that I get                    not like just, not only is this important, I know
unsubscribes for my list, because if I do a                 you get the value, here are some videos of us,
specific launch, then it's like boom! Here is some          talking about this, but you also get this free stuff,
free stuff.                                                 like Experts Academy or whatever else was off.

Right, I do send out random emails and all that,            You follow the strategy, yes.
but a launch time, way more focused. So as
soon as that launch happens, either I up-sell               Audience:        Yes.
them, or I report out to them or I do something
like a free gift to them, but I do something to             Brendon:
reengage list, that's important.
                                                            Guys! This is huge, this is the difference
Are you with me?                                            between great Internet marketing and poor
                                                            Internet marketing. This is the stuff that will
Audience:       Yes.                                        double your business, every time. If I got --
                                                            brought in the world's best marketers, this is
Brendon:        Is this cool?                               what I teach them. You are now in the world's
                                                            best marketing category, yes.
Audience:       Yes.
                                                            Audience:        Yes.
Trust me, this is world-class, there is so few
people doing it which is great, because once you            You are there you told you are there. You told
start doing it, your results are going to be like,          you are there. If you do it, will you do it?
everyone is like what are you doing? I'm the
number one affiliate for most of the stuff I do, by         Audience:        Yes.
action with a smaller list then other people.
I have a smaller list then most others do and I'm
still crushing them, why? Simply because of                 Turn to the person who is on your right, shake
these strategies. How many people ever came                 him on shoulder and say I see you doing it.
to Paid For Life, how many people are paid for              Okay, I'm here.
life? Awesome!
                                                            Audience:        I'm here.


Brendon:                                                      It's got to be like, you've got to so over deliver, to
                                                              have any staying power in this industry and the
You all are amazing we crushed yesterday and                  best thing is, if you just barely deliver you'll have
you are still here. You are incredible I love that.           staying power in this industry, because most
Very present group. Let me come back for that.                people are not delivering.
Okay, promise I will, we didn't get to you last
night, but I will. So, let me go through Fulfill with         They are not they're over promising and under
excellence, I’m going to speak to this, but it's              delivering. We want you to do the opposite.
very basic stuff, but everybody forgets it.
                                                              Audience:        Yes.
Again, I hope you realize that this, if you think
about what I have shown with this framework,                  Brendon:
this is business building. You go back through
this, you look at this is business building,                  I want you to get to a point on your fulfillment
knowing your customer, creating something for                 side with your customer relations, that you
them, marketing to them and fulfilling with                   always answer questions, within the day. I don't
excellence.                                                   mean necessarily if email is coming to you. If
                                                              someone replies, sends something to me
This is business building. This is a big picture              personally, it's very unlikely, it will get answered
that you have to do as experts and I’m obviously              in the day.
orientating to our industry, but you can see this
supplies anything.                                            On the customer service side, when there's a
                                                              launch or there's something going on, you want
We are going to narrow, narrow, narrow down                   it to be responded to within a day. Just aim for
and use these areas of writing, speaking and                  that, it's not always easy sometimes to crush
seminars and coaching at almost, so we you can                and it's crazy, but it's important that you are
see it at play. Are you with me so far?                       trying to get it within 24 hours for that person.

Audience:       Yes.                                          Now, of course, you have the insane clients who
                                                              think they need to reply within an hour. Those
Brendon:                                                      people should have left corporate America a
                                                              long time ago. Those people need to get
Now, this is really important piece, the fulfillment          something to do during their day.
piece, because our industry traditionally has not
been so good at this, because our industry is full            Maybe go out for a coffee, I don't know, get a
of creators. Not always implementers.                         life, I don't know. It's not about replaying within
                                                              hour, people want that and they will demand that
Agreed?                                                       of you and its unfair and you need to manage
                                                              and maintain the boundaries in your life and
Audience:       Yes.                                          your workforces life.

Brendon:                                                      What we try and set is within a day, try and get
                                                              to it within in a day. It's not horrible if you don't
I want you to make sure that when you fulfill                 get it within a day, but in this industry, if you get
anything, you fulfill like dinner depended on it,             it to within a day you are going to standout big
like when you are going to send something out, I              time.
don't care what you are sending out or you are
having your staff send out. It's got to look good,            Let me tell you, I know -- I would say, what I
feel good, and be awesome.                                    would consider the top 20 people in the industry,
                                                              when I pay attention to their promotions and


their campaigns and I know what they are doing,               They want to know, is this right, does it apply to
I can tell you out of the top 20.                             me. Even if you say it on your website, even if
                                                              you say in the materials, they still want to know,
I know this is a fact, because I researched it to             especially, when you are talking about a higher-
figure out, like what do we need to do, I can tell            end purchase, right, a higher-end purchase.
you out of top 20 individuals in the industry, out
of the top 20, four of them have customer                     When you're over the $1,000 mark, then they
service that gets back within a day.                          really want to know, is this right for me and of
                                                              course, what's usually the answer?
Four, so those four naturally standout and those
fours tend to be towards the top.                             Do they usually know the answer is, yes? Yeah,
                                                              they usually -- they just need somebody to touch
I don't want to reveal the names but I will tell you          them. They just need somebody this is cool for
there are so few people that do this that if you              you.
can make sure your system is on gain for this,
your fulfillment center is on gain for this or you if         Provide FAQs in what you're doing, especially
you’re doing all by yourself, if you’re on gain for           with a product, especially with a service. Let
this, replying back to customers within 24 hours              them know, there are some basic things like, in
is huge, huge, huge, huge.                                    events like this, you don't much need FAQs
                                                              because most people understand events.
Next, have a live person option to everything
that you do. Live person option, doesn't mean                 You go somewhere, you show up, here is the
that you have to get a live person immediately,               hotel information, be in the room. It starts at this
but what I mean is like if you see all ourselves              time.
pages at bottom, it says questions, email this
website, or email this person or call this 800                There are things you can cover in an email; you
number.                                                       don't a separate FAQ for. But if you have like,
                                                              let's say, for example, like a technology that
For our stuff, we have it go just for a manager,              you're offering or in-depth service, the more
because I have a small staff, it goes to an 800               expense, the more time involved the more they
number, you leave the message they call you                   are going to want to know.
back within 24 hours.
                                                              There are more options for an FAQ that you can
You want, people want to talk to someone                      post. If you don't post the FAQ, at minimum,
because why, tell me -- by the way, whenever                  create an FAQ for you and for your staff and it
you're selling something, what's the number one               will save you time like you cannot believe. My
reason they want to talk to you.                              entire staff, for Experts Academy has an FAQ,
                                                              for Partnership Seminar has an FAQ.
Make sure you're real; make sure it's a valid
company.                                                      It's great because 90% of the questions are the
                                                              same anyway; cut, paste, respond, cut, paste,
If they need to return it, they know it's the real --         respond. 90% of the time, cut, paste, respond,
they just establish rapport. The number one                   cut, paste, respond.
customer service question you should always
have in your FAQs, whether it's online or you                 That's what you need to understand is, make it
trained your customer service reps for this.                  for you, just to save your time. Mike Koenigs is
                                                              going to teach you how to create an awesome
The number one question that they will ask is; is             product based on FAQs.
this right for me. It's the number one customer
service question across all industries.


Over delivery with four surprises, I'd like to make         I want to know so I can provide better service to
sure everything that I do, I always strategically           you in the future, they’re like what, and then they
link how can I include four surprises. Like you             might even, that I didn't know you are going to
are going to get a little surprise later on today           do this, or I didn't know this was going to
but you didn't even know it's coming which is               happen. That's good to know thank you for
delightful.                                                 telling me.

You are going to surprise me go home, you                   You know, I was just going to send you some
didn't know its coming, and it’s delightful. Like           free stuff. I really appreciate it. It'll show up to
everyone likes to be surprised.                             you. You don't have to worry about it. I just
                                                            want to send you this free stuff, check your
How can you surprise because that's a part of               inbox later on today.
over delivering. What does over deliver mean?
They got more than they thought they would,                 Just want to thank you and I think for this
which is an element of what emotion? Surprise!              feedback, it will really help me and you’re like
Everyone say, surprise.                                     that's it. Have a great day. No, really have a
                                                            great day that's it. Go, have a piña colada or
Audience:       Surprise!                                   something.

Brendon:                                                    They can't totally tease at the back and okay,
                                                            and they are like what the fuck has happened,
If you surprise your customers, you are over                because nobody does this stuff. Succeeding is
delivering unless it's a bad surprise. Everyone             so easy when you care about your customer.
say good surprise.                                          It's so easy. You just have to surprise them.

Audience:       Good surprise!                              Next, say thank you. When someone does
                                                            something, when magic happens, when
                                                            someone buys from you -- it's like what I said
                                                            yesterday, right? When your customers love
Brendon:                                                    you, you will love your lifestyle. So one of the
                                                            best things to do is say thank you.
That's what you want. Okay, handle any returns
immediately. Once you get a return, handle it               Many of you have heard me talked about at
immediately. What does that mean? It doesn't                Partnership Seminar, how important this is, to
mean refund it immediately. Here is what I'd like           thanks monsters and stuff but it is important in
to tell people to do. If you or your company gets           general. Does anyone know -- if you know this
a return, call that person. Even if they sent a             answer, don't answer.
letter, call that person.
                                                            Does anyone know why several years ago
Say hey, we saw that you return this. Can I ask             Oprah stopped her Book Club?
why you returned it? Oh, I said it in my letter. I
know, I read about it. I wanted to hear from you            Audience:       (Inaudible)
because I want to make sure I'd provide better
service to you in the future.                               Brendon:

That's called world-class customer service. I got           All the books were depressing that's awesome.
this return and I just want to know, I want to hear         Everyone say, hey Susan.
from you, why you returned it. I’m not trying to
up-sell you.                                                Audience:       Hey Susan!


Brendon:                                                   That creates a rapport with them that's
                                                           unbreakable and it's something nobody else is
Give for Susan for one of the funniest things I've         doing in the industry so you standout
heard 1- 2- 3                                              exceptionally well. Cool.

Audience:      Susan!                                      Audience:      Cool!

Brendon:                                                   Brendon:

It was so good. Why did she stop? You know                 Now,    we've   created  something,   we've
what -- it was amazing, she stopped it and                 campaigned and again we're going to get into
nobody knew why and they were all these                    the examples of campaign so we can sample
theories and what, and then she was on a radio             and see it.
show and she finally revealed why she stopped
it and this was until a months later.                      That we have done that, now it's like okay, we
                                                           did the up-sells and everything, now it's time to
She said, you know, the reason I've stopped it is          sell deeper. Sell deeper, what do I mean by sell
because all these authors, I was making their              deeper?
careers, they’re making millions of dollars, and
no one ever said thank you.                                Sell deeper means, selling deeper means, what
                                                           you're going to do with your current customer’s
True story. I have clients, who've been on                 not new campaigns, but with the people now
Oprah, and I told the story one time in a seminar          that you have recruited into your business by an
and the woman went like this. I didn't send a              opt-in or by purchase.
thank you. You think well, how could they do
that these bastards. No, the reality is we are             This is about your current customers, this is
creators.                                                  about, okay, well how do you get your current
                                                           customers to go deeper with you. Well, to
Say I’m a creator.                                         realize, I always want you to be leading at some
                                                           point to higher price similar topic sells.
Audience:      I’m a creator.
                                                           This is part of your up-sell this is part of your
Brendon:                                                   campaign strategy. You would start, I always
                                                           thank, okay, once they buy that at some point
We do one thing, we move to next thing without             then I’m going to do campaign on the next level
thinking about that thing, plus when you get on            up.
Oprah, you might get a little busy and when
you're busy, you forget to say, thank you.                 It doesn't have to be immediately after but you
                                                           have to be thinking where they are going to go
When you thank your customers, when they                   with me. You must be thinking, selling deeper
purchase something, this is why earlier I was              means within this topic category, where do they
talking about that strategy in the follow-up               go.
                                                           For example, you've come to the seminar. At
When they buy something to send them a thank               some point, I’m going to say, hey, you know
you, maybe it's a free webinar or a free training          what, you should think about continue your
or a free video or something they didn't know              journey with me and my business and that's
they were getting that doesn't cost you anything,          knowing that some of you will say I want to go to
doesn't cost you anything to put a three-page              the next level.
report together and send out to them for free.


I want to get there faster. I want support. I want         Then offer your group that person's expertise,
all the stuff, knowing that what happened                  whether it's an email or it's a stage or it's
because your customer as well has asked for                something else. It's like giving access to your
that.                                                      group. They already know they love this topic,
                                                           but maybe you can't serve them in that way. It's
So you should know that in advance, I created              not your area of expertise.
something for that, I said, okay cool because I
thought about, okay, there is something more               You need to figure out, well, how can I provide
here, there is more depth that someone wants               that for them, because everyone wants to go
from you.                                                  deeper, but maybe your depth in your business
                                                           is only here, but you've found other content
They want more information from you, they want             providers who can go here.
more attention from you, they want something
from you, and they usually want it in the topic            Find those people and promote those people
that you just talked about.                                and their services to your group. It builds your
                                                           business and it serves your customer. You
So selling deeper means, it's like that funnel we          follow, yes.
talked about at the beginning. Maybe you get
some free stuff, then you had a home study                 Audience:       Yes!
course, you had a seminar on that and now
maybe they want coaching or they want to                   Brendon:
mastermind, they want something deeper in that
topic area.                                                It's a great revenue stream for you, because you
                                                           realize it's like I wish I had services to help with
Then you might want an advanced course on                  that, but I don't want to build that piece of my
something.    Maybe you do writing 101 for                 business out. There are a lot of pieces in my
authors who just began but then you do in that             business, like, one reason I have like Armand
same topic area, writing and publishing books,             Morin come in here.
promoting books, you might do a deep dive, it's
similar to promoting books, but now it's like a            I would love to build this huge online training
deep dive somewhere on social media.                       company, but why, he already has one that's
                                                           good that he's making all these millionaires in
That makes sense. It's in the same topic area              the online space. Why reinvent the wheel?
but its higher price and more focused.                     Why hire a bunch of new people to have to go
                                                           and train that? I'll just offer Armand stuff.
Next, to sell deeper to your group, there is a
point that you are going to hit in which you can't         Let Armand to help you with that, because that's
provide any more services to your group.                   his business. He's an expert at that I'm not. But
                                                           what happens as creators is -- because we can
They need them, and it would benefit their                 create, I'm a creator?
business, but maybe you don't know what that
looks like, maybe you don't know what that                 Audience:       I'm a creator!
sounds like, because you only know what you
know.                                                      Brendon:

What I want you to do is go out in your industry,          We think, well, I'll just create another side of my
in your topic area, and say, well, who else out            business for that.          Sometimes, that only
there is providing value in the similar industry,          completely defuses you, and now you're running
but teaching stuff that I can't teach or I don't           all over the place.
know or it's not my expertise.


This is your topic, you're depth at it, you know it,         In other words, like his newsletters, like you
you're excellent at it, bring in the other experts.          might all have a newsletter, if you thought more
It serves your clients and builds your business.             strategically about your newsletter, and you
                                                             thought, let's start them here and help them
Are you with me?                                             build to here throughout 12 months, what
                                                             happens to the 12 months?
Audience:       Yes!
                                                             What do they just get? What do they just get?
Brendon:                                                     Growth, results. Now it's not a bunch of ad hoc
                                                             stuff, you're strategically thinking, what would it
Next- the million-dollar secret! Offer solutions             take for them to improve their life over a course
strategically to your customers so that you're               of 12 months, strategically that I could give them
building their business or improving their life              for free or offer them for sale?
strategically throughout the year. Here's what I
mean by that. This industry is horrible about                That singular question is so powerful because
annualizing a sale.                                          nobody thinks about that Fortune 500
                                                             companies do. So what could you offer your
Let me explain what that means. If you often                 clients over the course of a year to help them for
think about January to December, 12 months, if               their business?
you're going to offer something each and every
single month, it should be building towards the              Whether it's something you're selling to them or
more complex one at the end. Let me say that                 giving for free, the goal is to have people -- and
again.                                                       what I want you to have is a group of people,
                                                             whether it's your list or your database or your
If you're going to offer something to a list, every          alumni or whatever you call the people that you
single month, it should be building to something             market too.
that's the biggest thing towards the end. It
doesn't mean that this has to be from January to             What I would love for you to do is have them say
December. This can be as part of a campaign,                 at the end of each year. My association with
doesn't matter to me.                                        Brendon improved my business this year. It
                                                             improved my life this year. I just want them to
What I want you to start thinking about is what              naturally say that.
could you provide to your customers throughout
the year that builds their business strategically            I'm not trying to market it as an end. I'm just
or their life, improves their life, throughout the           saying, that's what I want them to feel like,
year.                                                        because if they feel that way, will they stay
                                                             subscribed, yes or no?
That way their life is getting better throughout
the year by having information from you. So                  Audience:       Yes!
their business is getting better throughout the
year, so they can learn from you.                            Brendon:

For example, I just work with a guy who is pretty            Will they be more likely to buy guys, yes or no?
famous in the online marketing world. I sat him
down and we were talking, and I said, wouldn't it            Audience:       Yes.
be cool if you start it with the basics, and you
build to the more complex over the course of the             Brendon:
year in what you're offering for free?
                                                             Will they be more excited and more bragging
                                                             about you to their friends, yes or no?


Audience:       Yes.                                        Notice that Tony goes from talking about
                                                            personal development and peak performance to
Brendon:                                                    talking about financial wealth, another area of
                                                            business. Notice that Martha Stewart is first
Think about, how do I take them there                       talking about home decor and then she's is into
throughout the year, based on either the stuff I'm          food and other things.
selling them, or the stuff I'm just giving away for
free? It will be a differentiator for you that              Everybody broadens at some point.         Don't
nobody else is doing.                                       broaden though, here's my thoughts, don't
                                                            broaden till you make a million dollars in your
It is something that I’m re-launching the web,              topic area of expertise. Nail that, master it,
what you'll see coming for me in January though             deliver it, own it, and be known for it.
December of next year is this very integrated
cool stuff. So if you're on my list, pay attention          Focus creators. Really focus, build a million-
to what happens this next year, very cool.                  dollar business. Now everyone say, oh my god,
                                                            that's out of my reach. No, it's not. It might be
I'm also moving to video-based newsletters,                 out of your story that you have in your mind
which I think everyone is going to really dig and           about who you are and what you can earn
inspired by Mike Koenigs who'll be talking to you           currently, but it's not out of anyone's reaches.
today. He's going to teach you about that stuff.
So you're cool.                                             Agreed?

Audience:       Yes.                                        Audience:       Yes!

Brendon:                                                    Brendon:

Sell deeper, go deeper with your customers,                 Everybody can build a million-dollar business, if
then sell broader. Here's what I mean by this.              they focus, position, promote and campaign they
You start expanding your market and your                    get paid. So focus, nail this. Once you've done
message.                                                    that, then I'm like, you know what, cool, because
                                                            here's why I say this.
Hey, do you remember yesterday when I talked
about digging in the field of opportunity, and I            I know, to have a million-dollar business, that
used the example of -- at first, I was doing                means you must have set up at least somewhat
Partnership Seminar, and I dig deep, built the              of an intelligent infrastructure of a staff, of
million dollars, successful here.                           support, of customer service, I know that you've
                                                            tried and trued it.
Then it was like wow, these folks want
something more. I expanded it, and dug deep                 What happens is, if you haven't tried and trued
here and expanded it. Let me give you an                    it, haven't proved it, haven't made it work here,
example, another example.                                   and you're trying to expand over here, you're
                                                            going to get like -- you're going to get distracted,
Let's say, you start talking about diet. Your topic         you're going to get dissipated, you're going to
is diet. You nail that. You build a great                   not be effective, because now you're trying to
business on diet. Well then the next thing for              make sure that you build the back end for this,
you as a guru is to broaden from diet to lifestyle,         and that, and life is going to suck.
or broaden from specific, a diet to health, then
lifestyle. Notice all the gurus do this.                    Trust me; I know a lot of people do this.        So
                                                            you're with me, yes?


Audience:      Yes!                                        It's the same thing with any product even if
                                                           you're doing a webinar. When you start talking
Brendon:                                                   about selling broader, it's about creating a suite,
                                                           selling deeper is about creating a suite around a
Next, increase your number of solutions. So as             product.
you build, you increase your number of
solutions. What I mean by that? It's like well,            Let's say your book is on leadership. Selling
maybe before you only did a DVD Home Study                 deeper means create a suite of solutions around
Course.                                                    that particular product, around that particular
                                                           book on leadership, maybe a leadership
Now as you're expanding and going broader,                 coaching program, a leadership speech, a
you've got the seminars, you've got the coaching           leadership seminar, a leadership webinar or a
programs, you've got the masterminds. In other             leadership home-study course.
words, now you're going to have more of a full
suite, and you should think about that word                That's a full suite around that product. That's
carefully, by the way.                                     selling deeper.

I'd like to call a full suite of services; authors         Selling broader means now we go from
miss this all the time.        They think they're          leadership, now we are going to start talking
launching a book business. That's why most                 about personal development because a lot of
authors are broke, because what's a book sell              leadership people like personal development.
for? How much? What's your cut of it?
                                                           You create a product over here and now you’ve
Brendon:                                                   got that, now you create the full suite around
                                                           that. I don't want you to create a product over
Two or three bucks from a major publisher; how             here and a full suite around that until we’ve got
many books do you need to sell to make a                   you to million dollars over here, because that will
$100,000 a year for three bucks a pop? How                 teach you discipline, it will teach you full cuss,
many?                                                      okay.

About 30,000 or 33,000.     Guess what the                 Get more media, as you broaden down, you
average book from a major publisher released               want to start broadening your base in the media
from the big five publishers in New York?                  world. By the way, as I say more media it's like,
Guess what the average book sales are from                 you will see I’m not a huge focus on media guy.
them? 4,683.                                               I think media is important but I know very few
                                                           people who built their business from media.
The higher end, even a HarperCollins, they
might sometimes touch during the given year                So what I want to teach you more importantly is
8000 on their average. They're counting on the             the campaign because even if you get the
big bestsellers to float their business. So think          attention from the media, they’re still going to
about that. Shit, if the average is only $4000,            come to a website, what happens from there,
three bucks a piece, how much money is that?               that's what's important.
So you are not building a book business.
                                                           If you look into a media or you are really good at
What you are doing is you are doing a full suite           media, cool, but the point here is when you start
of service surrounding that book– speaking,                selling broader, you need to get more attention
seminars, online, webinars, and home study                 from -- you need to pull attention from just one
courses or coaching. You are building a suite              area to this area too.
around that book.


As you sell broader and you develop this full                 So you’ve got to think about what your path is.
suite, you need to start getting known too in this            What's that one thing you are going to be known
area. With me?                                                as you are going to build your million dollars?
                                                              Build a suite around it of solutions.
Audience:       Yes!
                                                              Don't straight too far from your core. Meaning
Brendon:                                                      we all have a core message, we all have
                                                              something we are trying to develop, we are all at
You need to get more affiliates to sell broader,              that point I believe that we all have a specific
you don't have to expand beyond the current                   area of expertise, never lose that.
affiliates that you have, the current affiliates that
you have. Meaning, you need to get more                       Don't get too far from that because that thing is
partners to promote your stuff. The bigger that               that million dollar thing. That is ultimately your
you get, the more you get into the lifestyle                  bread and butter, that thing is what you are
space, the more partners you should assume.                   known for, that thing is where you’ve provided
                                                              real service and value.
You need to move to a lifestyle which you talked
about. At some point, everybody in this room                  You can leave it at some point maybe, but don't
will probably move to lifestyle, if you build your            straight too far, who you really are and what
million dollar businesses, because follow any                 you're going to ought to teach because it's really
trail.                                                        easy to get pulled in teaching other things that
                                                              you might be naturally good at. Remember
Well, I’m a leadership guy great or let's say I’m a           good is not always right.
business development guy. I teach people to
grow their businesses, great. Then what's next                Just because you can teach it, doesn't mean it's
for you? Leadership, okay cool. Sales, okay                   really part of who you are and the essence of
well, these leadership and these sales guys                   what you want to get in the world. Maybe it's not
want to learn to be more productive.                          really your passion.

Productivity that's lifestyle, to be more                     We want to make sure you are coming from a
productive now they’re more productive, they                  place of passion, something you really care
want to understand more clarity about who they                about. I could teach tons of things, but not all of
are so what they are doing? That's personal                   them make sense to me. You follow, yes.
                                                              Audience:       Yes!
At some point, we are all in the line at helping
people improve their lives. Even if we start, we              Brendon:
are teaching them how do you online marketing?
At some point, it always ends up -- look at Eben              That's the quick way to work through number 2
Pagan, one of the best online marketers, but                  work stream.
actually best marketers in the world, a good
friend.                                                       The reason I went through that a little fast is
                                                              because I’m going to show you examples now,
Eben, who is amazing, incredibly disciplined and              and throughout the weekend, in the different
teaches online marketing. His last big product                areas of writing, speaking seminars online and
launch was a productivity product. Everybody                  coaching.
moves no matter how technical. Everybody
when they broaden get to lifestyle.


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