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					Marketing/Showroom Manager – Responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to
developing the strategy and managing the execution of an annual marketing plan. The plan includes a print
and email marketing campaign, modifications to the corporate website, a blog that requires five posts per
week, daily Tweeting, daily updates to the corporate Facebook page, YouTube and Flickr updates, and event-
related marketing. Showroom responsibilities include developing and maintaining all signage, price tags,
textile samples, and product pricing database. Applicants should have a college degree and a minimum of 3
years of marketing experience. Additionally, applicants should be very familiar with social media strategy
and know how to maintain the backend of a product-based website in addition to a working knowledge of
Word Press, Facebook, and Twitter. Experience with desktop publishing software such as InDesign and
PhotoShop is required. Applicants are also responsible for public relations and should have expert writing
and oral communications skills. Applicant should be familiar with a retail environment, be able to learn a
line of products and services in order to communicate them to both customers and columnists. Applicants
should excel in a small, fun team environment and be familiar with and/or interested in home furnishings and
interior design.

Applicants should send their resumes to

About Vastu – Vastu was founded in 2002 and is an independently owned home furnishings store and art
gallery located in the heart of the MidCity revival at 14th and U Streets. Vastu offers a warm, modern and
unique aesthetic, with an emphasis on quality, textures and materials. In their showroom you’ll find products
with unique and customizable upholstery, case goods and accessories. In addition to their retail store
offerings, Vastu offers residential and commercial interior design services to help you create a unique living
or working environment that is all your own. Visit them at 1829 14th Street NW, 202-234-8344 or online at or

                                  home furnishings + design services + art gallery
   1829 14th Street, NW ∙ Washington, DC ∙ 20009 ∙ ph 202.234.8344 ∙ fax 202.234.8322 ∙ ∙

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