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Anishinaabeg Today

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					     Anishinaabeg Today
                                      A Chronicle of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe
Vol. 14, No. 8                                              White Earth, Minn.                                                   Wednesday, July 1, 2009

  141st Annual White Earth Reservation Celebration and Pow Wow

                                                                                                                                                                   Photo by Gary W. Padrta

 Dancers filled up the arena during the 1 p.m. Grand Entry at the 141st Annual White Earth Reservation Celebration and Pow Wow on Saturday, June 13.
 More than 750 dancers registered for the event. For more photos see Pages 16, 17, and 32.

                                         Family Dependancy Treatment Court starting up this fall
 Detroit Lakes MN

  Permit NO 14


                                              Many American Indian families involved         mote healthy kids and families on the White         aimed at promoting, health, healthy relation-
                                         in Child in need of Protection and Services         Earth Reservation.                                  ships with their children, and cultural aware-
                                         proceedings have not had an opportunity to                The program is an alternative to the regu-    ness.
                                         experience traditional practices associated with    lar child in need of protection and services             Participation in the program is voluntary.
                                         their cultural identity. Lack of exposure to tra-   court process. It uses traditional Anishinaabe      Because of the intensity of the program, only
                                         ditional practices have caused many families to     jurisprudence, which focuses on the emotional       a handful of families will be able to participate
                                         miss out on the positive social aspects of their    life and psychological well being of defendants     at any given time. In order to participate in the
                    Postal Customer

                                         culture, while instead adopting the negative        and their families. Culturally appropriate inter-   program, the case must be presented to the

                                         habits of other cultures.                           ventions, for example, a requirement to attend      FDTC team. The FDTC is comprised of rep-
                                              In response to this need, the White Earth      a cultural event or family event with the chil-     resentatives from White Earth Tribal Court,
                                         Family Dependency Treatment Court,                  dren, are used to create a positive social force    White Earth Substance Abuse, Indian Child
                                         (FDTC), was created to help families with at        to change behaviors within the family.              Welfare, Anishinabe Legal Services, White
                                         least one child placed out of the home and                FDTC is a four-stage program where fam-       Earth Mental Health, and White Earth Police
                                         where at least one of the parents is struggling     ilies are given up to 18 months to complete a       Department.
                                         with substance abuse.                               variety of tasks aimed at helping them main-
                                              Among the goals of the program are to          tain a sober and healthy household. During the           The team will staff the first round of cases
                                         promote wellness and family safety, reduce the      first phase the participants meet with their case   in late October and is hopeful that the program
                                         amount of time children are in out of home          worker several times a week and have court on       will be up and running in November.
                                         placements, help families sustain healthy           a weekly basis. As the participant moves
                                         behaviors, cessation of the parents abuse of        through the phases the contact with the court           For more information contact FDTC
                                         drugs and/or alcohol, breaking the cycle of         and their case worker decreases. Participants       coordinator, Lori Thompson at 218-983-3285
                                         addiction in families, and in general to pro-       are also responsible for completing activities      Ext. 5754.
2                                                                             Anishinaabeg Today                                                          Wednesday, July 1, 2009

             Anishinaabeg Today                                                            From Chairwoman Erma J. Vizenor
                                                                    The proposed Constitution of the White Earth                them.
        The Anishinaabeg Today (AT), a publication of          Nation will be published again in the Aug. 5, 2009,                   The letter from MCT President Norman Deschampe
    the White Earth Band of Ojibwe, is published once a        Anishinaabeg Today newspaper. A Definition of Selected           is an answer to the few individuals who have said I have
    month. Editorials and articles appearing in the AT         Words will be included as an addendum to the proposed            violated the MCT Constitution by holding our White
    are the responsibility of the authors and do not nec-      Constitution. I am now seeking the funds for a citizen           Earth Constitutional Conventions and writing a proposed
    essarily reflect the opinion or attitude of the AT staff   referendum on the proposed Constitution. The referen-            Constitution. We have that right. Nothing has been vio-
    or the White Earth Nation. The AT reserves the             dum will be held for all eligible White Earth voters.            lated. Pl ease read the l etter on Page 8.
    right to reject any advertising or materials submitted          Last week, June 23-24, I was invited to participate in           On June 23, I also had an urgent meeting with
    for publication. The submission of articles, poetry,       two days of constitutional meetings called by the Mille          Governor Tim Pawlenty to restore $600,000 for out-of-
    artwork and photos is encouraged, however, they are        Lacs Band. The Mille Lacs Band, one of the six bands of          home placement costs for Indian children at White Earth.
    subject to editing for grammar, length, malicious and      the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, is moving forward with             As you know, the State of Minnesota has a huge deficit,
    libelous content. The Editor makes the sole decision       their own constitutional reform.                                 $2.7 billion. Our funds were cut.
    of what is published in the AT and will not assume              Both of our tribes/bands know how inadequate, inef-              Governor Pawlenty listened as I presented our case.
                                                               fective, and antiquated the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe             The funds we desperately need were restored. Thank you,
    any responsibility for unsolicited material nor will
                                                               (MCT) Constitution has been to our self governance and           Governor. Read the following Minnesota Public Radio
    the AT guarantee publication upon submission. AT
                                                               self determination. I applaud Mille Lacs and support             article.
    will not guarantee publication of materials submitted
    past deadlines posted in the AT.
         The AT is distributed at no charge to all postal
    patrons living on White Earth Reservation and by             Vizenor secures funding for White Earth services
    direct mail to members and subscribers within the            By Tom Scheck                                                  governor made the changes after listening to stakehold-
    United States. The newspaper is free to White Earth          Minnesota Public Radio                                         ers and lawmakers.
    Nation members, but costs $12 per year for non-
    members.                                                         St. Paul, Minn. — The Pawlenty Administration                   "Whenever you come up with any kind of budget
        To subscribe or advertise, call (218) 983-3285           has modified its unallotment proposal.                         plan, it's always better to vet it a little bit and we vet
    Ext. 5903 ~ Email: ~ Fax:                                                                              it internally and then we try to vet it externally like we
    (218) 983-3641.                                                  Tom Hanson, the commissioner of Minnesota                  did," Hanson said.
                                                                 Management and Budget, said the plan keeps in place
                  Ani shi naabeg Today                           most of the major portions of Governor Pawlenty's                  Hanson said the cuts in state aid to local govern-
                 White Earth Tribal Council                      plan to erase a $2.7 billion budget deficit.                   ment will mean the state will pay $6 million more in
                       PO Box 418,                                                                                              property tax refunds.
                  White Earth, MN 56591                               The changes increase the level of cuts to some
                                                                 health and human services programs but restore funding              Hanson will hold another meeting with lawmakers
                                                                 for a private mental health facility in Minneapolis and        next week but said the administration has already met
                  Member of the
                                                                 the White Earth Band of the Ojibwe. Hanson said the            the legal requirement to consult with the Legislature.
      Nati ve Ameri can Journal i st Associ ati on
     and the Mi nnesota Newspaper Associ ati on

            Tribal Council/Editor
                                                               Deployed soldier shares views on Ojibwe language
                                                               Aaniin,                                                          being polite, and some gender words and their uses.
                   !"#$%&'%()*+,-"                                                                                              Another one in Ojibwemowin (Ojibwe language) is there
                     !"#$%&'(#)*                                     I am a deployed soldier to Iraq and a descendant of        is no word for “good bye.” Giga-waabamin (I will see
                                                               White Earth enrollee Hope Laudert (Hendrickson) - my             you) is often used instead.
                +,-%,.#%/01%,#23%,%                            very proud mother. I have been using the Internet to read
                                                               and view the Anishinaabeg Today. In the June 3, 2009,                 So what I have been learning is that not only is it a
              8"+,+%19+,+5%:3;),$37<                           edition on page 4, I read an article on Native language.         beautiful language but also our culture and traditions are
                     4$2.%$-.*5                                It stated that Native leaders fear the loss of our Native lan-   intertwined within our Native tongue. So not only is the
                                                               guage, calling it a crisis. I concur.                            Ojibwe language at risk of being lost is but our culture
            =+""$,>+%1=+""?5%=)@@+AA7                                                                                           and traditional way of looking at things, our old and good
                    4$2.%$-.*55                                     Before my great grandmother Boswell passed away             way of life. So many of our words, Ojibwe words, hold
                                                               she shared some Ojibwe words with me. I remember that            the way we view the world. Our words are descriptive and
               B+,,+A<%1C375%2+D),7                            day and will never forget it. Well before I had read that        hold not just meanings but feelings as well. So all and
                                                               article I had bought the Pillsmuer Language CDs on               all I for one will not let Ojibwemowin die or our God
                    C$"?%E'%F$4"A$                             Ojibwe language. Also I own “A concise Dictionary of             giving way of life. I will study and learn the language and
                         67$.'%                                Minnesota Ojibwe,” by John D. Nichols and Earl                   our culture and traditions and pass them on to my chil-
                                                               Nyholm. I have been putting in a couple hours each day           dren and any who will hear me.
                                                               attempting to learn our Ojibwe tongue. It has been a very
                    Future Issues                              exciting and enjoyable time for me. Even stirring me to               My plea is to all who call themselves Anishinaabe
                                                               dream in Ojibwemo.                                               (one of the people) to learn, use and apply Ojibwemowin.
           G+$40),+                 8773+%G$A+                                                                                  I pray I see the day when Ojibwemowin becomes once
                                                                    In addition to the language CDs I have been reading         again the dominant language in our Native communities,
             July 29                    Aug. 5                 some books and have six books on Ojibwe life and                 business, school, and our homes. Don’t let our culture
                                                               aspects on order. Not to mention my great aunt Ignatia           die. Honor our elders, our grandfathers, those before us
                                                               Broker’s book, “Night Flying Woman.” Some of the                 and be Anishinaabe. Don’t just say “Native pride” - live
            Aug, 26                     Sept. 2                things I have learned from the Ojibwe language CDs,              it. Miigwech.
                                                               based on Red Lake, Leach Lake, and White Earth dialects,
            Sept. 30                    Oct. 7                 is during the instruction on use of the language. I am also                                                     Humbly,
                                                               learning some of the traditions and cultural way of life.                                           SGT Lowell P. Laudert
                                                               Examples of this are on how we address elders, respect,                                                       Little Wolf
             Oct. 28                    Nov. 4
                                                                 All articles/photos submitted to the AT will be run on a space available basis
Wednesday, July 1, 2009                                                       Anishinaabeg Today                                                                                          3

                                                                                             By Jill Doerfler                                 of Minnesota-Duluth I have also shared
                                                                                                                                              some of my research through articles pub-
                                                                                                  After nearly two years of meetings and      lished in the Anishinaabeg Today. The
                                                                                             discussion a draft constitution was ratified     Anishinaabeg Today will be re-issuing
                                                                                             by the delegates on April 4, 2009. It has        some of those articles to revisit important
                                                                                             since been published in the Anishinaabeg         topics. I will be adding updated informa-
                                                                                             Today. The delegates worked hard to create       tion to some of the articles and writing
                                                                                             a constitution that will serve the best inter-   new ones as well. The goal is to provide
                                                                                             ests of all Anishinaabe and to incorporate       information so that all White Earth citi-
                                                                                             our Anishinaabe values. As a White Earth         zens can make informed decisions with
                                                                                             descendant, I was honored to be a part of        regard to the proposed constitution.
                                                                                             this historic process. After a time of                A constitution is the basic governing
                                                                                             review, the current White Earth citizens         document for a nation. A constitution
                                                                                             (enrolled members) will have the opportu-        describes the organization/structure of the
                                                                                             nity to vote on the proposed constitution.       nation, guarantees specific rights for citi-
                                                                                             This referendum vote will determine if the       zens, and outlines the central powers and
                                                                                             constitution should be adopted by the            principles of the nation. Some scholars
                                                                                             White Earth Nation.                              have also described it as the “soul” of a
                                                                                                  Many of you will remember my news-          nation – meaning that a constitution
                                                                                             paper article series from 2007-2008; how-        should reflect fundamental values and
                                                                                             ever, I want to take some time to re-intro-      beliefs. Many American Indian nations are
                                                                                             duce myself. My mother, Julie (Darco)            currently working on constitutional reform
                                                                                             Doerfler, is enrolled at White Earth,            because they feel that their constitutions do
                                                                                             Mississippi Band and works at the                not enact their values and beliefs.
                                                                                             Shooting Star Casino. My father is Perry              American Indian tribes are sovereign
                                                                                             Doerfler and he works for Wild Rice              nations. The sovereignty of tribes was
                                                                                             Electric.                                        never delegated to them by federal or state
                                                                                                  I was raised in Mahnomen and gradu-         governments; it is an original and inherent
                                                                                             ated from high school in 1997. I have a          power. Tribal sovereignty has several
                                                                                             B.A. in History and American Indian              dimensions; first it relates to a tribe’s right
                                                                                             Studies from the University of Minnesota-        to retain a measure of independence from
                                                                                             Morris and a Ph.D. in American Studies           outside entities. Second it relates to the
                                                                                             from the University of Minnesota. My dis-        power of the tribe to regulate internal
                                                                                             sertation research focused on tribal citizen-    affairs, including the ability to make and
                                                                                             ship and I have discussed my findings sev-       enforce laws, to impose and collect taxes
                                                                                             eral times on the NDN News program with          and to create alliances and agreements with
                                                                                             Joe LaGarde and Paul Schultz.                    other governments. There are also cultural,
                                                                                                  Currently, I am a professor in
                                                                                             American Indian Studies at the University        See Review Page 25

                                                                                                                    Sprucing Up Pine Point

                     Food Distribution
announces annual Cook Off Contest winners
     White Earth Food Distribution held        Breads & Rol l s
their 10th Annual Cook Off Contest on          1st Blueberry Tea Bread - Lori Guenther
May 15 at the Food Distribution Center         2nd Homemade Bread - Bonnie Badboy
located at the Ranch. Bonnie Badboy from       3rd Raisin Bread - Steve Heisler
Waubun was the winner of a charcoal gas
grill.                                         Appeti zers
     The cook-off contest consisted of five    1st Mmm Smokies - Teri Freyholtz
categories for chances to win first, second    2nd Ojibwe Rolls - Troy Donovan
and third place prizes in each category. The   3rd Shrimp Dip - Steve Heisler
following is a list of the winners:
                                               S al ads
Mai n Di shes, S oups & S tews                 1st Broccoli Salad - Crystell Tibbetts
1st Shepard’s Pie - Susie Ballot               2nd Individual Spinach Salad - Sheila
2nd Chicken Alfredo - Bonnie Badboy            LaFriniere
                                                                                                                                                                  Photo by Mike Swan
3rd Rich & Cheesy Mac - Margie Strand          3rd Frozen Peachy Salad - Margie Strand
                                                                                               The Pine Point Community Council recently sponsored a community cleanup
Desserts                                            There were 39 entries judged on taste,     on June 6. The community paid the tipping fee for White Earth Solid Waste
1st Oatmeal Cake - Myra Kitty Londo            texture and creativity. Judges were Susie       dumpsters with bingo proceeds. Housing Authority cleaned up the projects
2nd Crazy Cake - Lori Guenther                 Snetsinger, Colleen Blattenbauer and            two weeks earlier. People were able to bring in their junk, but no household
3rd Butterscotch Toffee Squares - Steve        Everette ‘Biscuit’ Goodwin Jr.                  or hazardous waste. Junior Clark provided some of the muscle for cleanup.
4                                                                                Anishinaabeg Today                                                    Wednesday, July 1, 2009

                                                                                                                     of Increase to Court Filing Fees
                                                                                                                                  White Earth Tribal Court
                                                                                                                               Court Administrator Court Fees

                                                                                                                                Certified Copies - $10
                                                                                                                         Plain Copies/Recorded Checks - $5
                                                                                                                                 Subpoena Fee - $12
                                                                                                                                Civil Filing Fees - $50
                                                                                                                            Transcript of Judgement - $30
                                                                                                                              Adoption Filing Fee - $50
                                                                                                                             Dissolution Filing Fee - $50
                                                                                                                   Family Other (Except Dissolution/Adoption) - $50
                                                                                                                     Child Support/COLA Modification Fee - $50
                                                                                                                                 Deposit of Will - $20

                                                                                                                     The above court fees will become effective
                                                                                                                                 on Aug 1, 2009

                                                                                             Submitted photo

Cabin Coffeehouse owner Noemi Aylesworth stands in front of her downtown Bemidji business
                                                                                                                   2009 Resource and Government
where she has recently added the Ojibwe words Aaniin and Bozhoo to the English Welcome.                                  Procurement Fair
Shown with her is Michael Meuers, Shared Vision member who is spearheading an effort to get
Bemidji businesses to use Ojibwe/English signage.
                                                                                                                          Tuesday, Aug. 18 from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                              Shooting Star Casino Event Center
                              Cabin Coffeehouse                                                                    Who Should Attend?
in Bemidji adds Ojibwe/English signage on front door                                                               Small business interested in starting a business, growing
                                                                                                                   their business and dong business with government
     The Cabin Coffeehouse and Café has recently          that we live in Indian Country,” said Meuers.            agencies and prime contractors in a trade show environ-
added the Ojibwe greetings “aaniin” and “boozhoo”         The S hared Vi si on Ini ti ati ve                       ment. In addition, attendees can participate in work-
in addition to the English “welcome” on the front              Shared Vision was created with the support of       shops on topics ranging from Starting aBusiness,
door of it’s business in downtown Bemidji.                Bemidji Area Race Relations Council, the Leech           Selling to the Government, and how to sell to the State
     According to owner Noemi Aylesworth, the idea        Lake, Red Lake and White Earth Nations, Bemidji          of Minnesota. Small businesses owned by ethnic minori-
came when a member of the group Shared Vision,            Leads, City of Bemidji, Beltrami County, ISD #31,        ties, veterans and women can learn about special pro-
Michael Meuers, visited with her daughter, April          BSU, Blandin, Chamber of Commerce, Northwest             grams designed to provide better access to the govern-
several weeks ago. Meuers wanted to know what             Minnesota Foundation, the Nielson Foundation, and        ment marketplace.
the owners thought about adding the words for             others. It is staffed by Cliff Tweedale of the
“men” and “women” in Ojibwe to their rest room            Headwaters Regional Development Commission.                  The event is free but registration is required.
doors, or a welcome or thank you on the front door.            These supporters began by forming a partner-            Register online at:
“I pondered that idea for awhile,” said Aylesworth,       ship, developed a survey, created a Mission, Vision,                   Click Training to register.
“and then I was watching ‘We Shall Remain,’ (a            and branding logo for this effort, contracted with
five-part program about American Indian history on        Wilder Research to conduct a study, and completed            Sponsored by: White Earth Nation, Shooting Star
PBS) and it was like a wake-up call” she said. “Why       the Bemidji Area Study on Race Relations.                           Casino, Hotel and Event Center
aren’t there more Ojibwe words in the community?          Mi ssi on
They were here first!” It was then that Ayleswoth              Be a catalyst that encourages the Bemidji com-
had a friend paint the greetings Aaniin, Boozhoo,         munity to work together to expand social, econom-
and Welcome on the front door.                            ic, educational and leadership opportunity for people    9th Annual Brain Development Conference
     Meuers gave Aylesworth a sheet on which sev-         of all races.
                                                                                                                                         August 11-13
eral Ojibwe words were printed in case she wanted to      Vi si on
                                                                                                                               Shooting Star Casino Event Center
add more signage. Aylesworth immediately had the               The Bemidji community will be a model for
                                                                                                                           “Coming Together to Help Children Succeed”
idea to put those word sheets in “table tents” as a fun   race relations in our state. We will embrace cultur-
way to educate her customers a bit more about the         al understanding and respect between the Indian and      National and international speakers will address topics including
area’s first residents. She also intends to add the       non-Indian community, and promote strong partici-        girls and aggression, how to say no to your kids, schools that heal,
Ojibwe words for Men and Women (Ininiwag and              pation of Indian people in every aspect of Bemidji       parent/caregiver and post partum depression, the impact of poverty
Ikwewag respectively) on restroom doors.                  community life. Bemidji will be known as a com-          on children, sign language and math connections, using visual
     According to Meuers, other Bemidji businesses        munity that works together to expand opportunities       strategies to support children with autism, healthy homes for chil-
who have committed to adding Ojibwe/English sig-          for people of all races.                                 dren and hot topics in nutrition and the growing brain.
nage thus far include; Ken and Kari Howe of Dunn               In order to achieve the “vision,” the group broke     The cost is $25 for the preconference on Aug. 11, and
Bros. Coffee, Sandy Jo Pilgrim of SJ & Co. Hair           into four area/groups to work under the banner of
                                                                                                                    $80 per day or $150 for Aug. 12-13. Pre-registration is
Salon, the Boys and Girls Club of Bemidji, and the        Community Success through Working Together.
                                                                                                                              required and the deadline is July 27.
4 West Office Building. “I hope to encourage the          The four areas identified are: Economic
Chamber of Commerce, it’s members, and others to                                                                   For more information call Mary Leff at 218-983-3285 Ext. 1201.
embrace this idea as well, a recognition if you will      See Signage Page 25
Wednesday, July 1, 2009                                                         Anishinaabeg Today                                                                                       5

                                                                                                                                Rez Briefs
                                                                                               RTC offi ces cl osed for hol i day
                                                                                                   White Earth RTC offices will be closed on Friday, July 3 for Independence Day
                                                                                               and will reopen on Monday, July 6 at 8 a.m.

                                                                                               Whi te Earth DOVE advocate trai ni ng
                                                                                                    The White Earth DOVE program is having a training in July for volunteer advo-
                                                                                               cates. Anyone interested can call 218-935-5554 for more information.

                                                                                               Whi te Earth Auti sm S upport Group
                                                                                                   There will be a White Earth Autism Support Group meeting on Tuesday, July
                                                                                               21 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the White Earth Child Care/Head Start Building.

                                                                                               Dr. Ung medi cal appoi ntments
                                                                                                   Dr. Ung will be in Mahnomen on Thursday, July16, and in White Earth on
                                                                                               Friday, July 17.

                                                                                               Looki ng for a job?
                                                                                                   The White Earth Human Resources Department has a Job Hotline. Call 218-
                                                                                               983-3285 and ask for Ext. 1000. It has all the current job openings.

                                                                                               Di abetes Bi ngo
                                                                                                   Diabetes Bingo will be held July 9 in Pine Point, July 14 in Naytahwaush, July
                                                                     Photo by Mike Swan
                                                                                               27 in White Earth, Aug. 11 in Elbow Lake, Aug. 13 in Rice Lake, and Aug. 17 in
White Earth Conservation Officer Sheila LaFriniere earned shooting awards at the               Mahnomen. Bingo will begin after the 11:30 a.m. elder nutrition meal. Bingo in
27th Annual Native American Fish and Wildlife Society National Conferrence on                  Mahnomen will begin at 1 p.m. at Valley View Apartments. All are welcome
May 18-21 in Juneau, Alaska.
                                                                                               Whi te Earth veterans
                                LaFriniere                                                         There is a monthly White Earth Native American Veteran Outreach every first
                                                                                               Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Rice Lake Community Center. The White
                                                                                               Earth TVSO Sam Mason and Clearwater County Veterans Service Officer Harry
shoots up competition at event in Alaska                                                     Hutchens are there to serve all veterans and their beneficiaries.
By Alfred Fox                                   overall with a total team score of 8,026
                                                                                               Whi te Earth starti ng a l ocal FAS D support group?
White Earth Conservation Chief                  points out of 9,000 possible and they only
                                                                                                    FASD support groups have been designed for adoptive and foster parents, birth
                                                had four shooters on their team, while the
                                                                                               mothers and for youth who have FASD. They are a hub for information sharing,
     White Earth Conservation Officer           other two teams had five shooters each.
                                                                                               friendship, mutual support, and can help link participants to needed services and
Sheila LaFriniere recently attended the 27th         LaFriniere finished 5th in the individ-
                                                                                               information that is timely and appropriate to current developmental strengths and
Annual Native American Fish and Wildlife        ual competition out of 14 participants.
                                                                                               challenges. Call Allan DeGroat at (218) 935-0417 Ext. 109, (218) 204-020, or
Society National Conference on May 18-          She had a total competition score of 1,627
                                                                                               email Or contact Bobbie McGregor at (218) 935-0417 Ext.
21 in Juneau, Alaska. She qualified as a        points out of 1,800 possible.
                                                                                               109, (218) 204-0572, or email
Great Lakes Regional shoot team member               Only two other Great Lakes team
back in September 2008 by placing third         members scored higher than her in the
                                                                                               Pl ease noti fy WE Contract Heal th
in the Great Lakes Regional competition.        overall competition.
                                                                                                    White Earth Contract Health patients who are seen in the emergency room must
     The National competition shoot con-             LaFriniere is an asset to this depart-
                                                                                               notify the White Earth Contract Health Department within 72 hours of the visit or
sists of seven regional teams from the          ment and has proven her abilities in this
                                                                                               your charges can be denied payment. If you do not have other third party coverage,
United States: Alaska, Pacific, Southwest,      competition. This is no easy task and
                                                                                               you may be referred to the Patient Benefits Coordinator to be screened for other alter-
Great Plains, Great Lakes, Northeast, and       everyone should congratulate her when
                                                                                               nate resources. If you have any questions call 1-800-477-0125 or 218-983-4300 Ext.
Southeast. But, for reasons unknown, only       they see her. Hopefully with continual
                                                                                               6280, 6281, or 6282.
three Regional teams showed up at the           practice, she will try for the Top Gun at
Nationals; the Pacific, the Great Plains and    next years Regional and National competi-
                                                                                               DEA Hotl i ne
the Great Lakes.                                tion. Congratulations Sheila! Keep up the
                                                                                                   Report illegal sales of prescription drugs to the DEA hotline at 1-877-RxAbuse
     The Great Lakes team finished second       good work!

WEVR assists people with disabilities                                                          S epti c Pumpi ng
                                                                                                   If you need your septic system pumped call the White Earth Public Works
     The      White      Earth     Vocational   federally recognized Tribe.                    Department at 218-983-3202. Enrolled tribal elder $25, enrolled tribal member $45,
Rehabilitation (WEVR) Program is dedi-               3) Individual must have a documented      non-enrollee $65.
cated to assisting individuals with disabili-   impairment/disability which for such indi-
ties who live full-time on or near the          vidual results in a substantial impediment     Legal assi stance for vi cti ms
White Earth Reservation who need assis-         to employment.                                     Anishinabe Legal Services provides free legal assistance for survivors of physi-
tance with obtaining and maintaining                 4) There is a presumption that the        cal and/or emotional abuse who live on or around the White Earth Indian
employment that is consistent with their        applicant will benefit from services provid-   Reservation. Services include, but are not limited to, state and tribal court divorce
abilities, interests, and capabilities.         ed to reach an employment goal.                and custody issues, Order's for Protection, Harassment Orders, appeals to welfare
     WEVR can only assist with needs that            The WEVR office is located at 2531        agencies and assistance with social security disability claims. For more informa-
are directly related to reducing the individ-   310th Ave., in Naytahwaush. Our hours of       tion call toll-free at 1-877-800-7295.
ual’s barriers to employment, secondary         operation are Monday through Friday from
education, and training. The program crite-     8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.                            Update appl i cati on wi th WE Water & S ewer
ria is:                                                                                            Anyone that has signed up for White Earth Water and Sewer services please call
     1) Must reside full time on or near the         If you would like an application or       218-983-3202 and update your application on file.
White Earth Reservation.                        more information please contact us toll-
     2) Must be an enrolled member of a         free at 800-763-8629.
6                                                                               Anishinaabeg Today                                                          Wednesday, July 1, 2009

          Raising grandchildren?
Relatives as Parents Program may be for you
     Are you raising your grandchildren, or the chil-    information. Of this number, about two-thirds are
dren of other relatives? Then the Relatives as Parents   being parented by grandparents.
Program (RAPP) may be for you!
     Meetings offer camaraderie, social opportuni-            Meetings will be held once a month from 5-
ties, training, discussions, child care, helpful mate-   6:30 p.m. at White Earth Community Center.
rials and referrals. We will have information on         Look for our flyers posted throughout our commu-
legal, financial, medical and social issues.             nities. A light meal and child care will be provided.
     You may get your questions answered, learn
about resources, join a discussion group, or become          RAPP is sponsored by the Minnesota
a volunteer mentor for others.                           Chippewa Tribe Area Agency on Aging, Mauhube
     The number of grandparents, relatives, and fam-     Community Council, and other agencies.
ily friends parenting children is growing by leaps
and bounds. In Minnesota, an estimated 71,000 chil-          To pre-resister or call with questions, please
dren live in homes headed by grandparents, other rel-    contact Pam Kroulik at 218-983-3286 Ext. 1285 or
atives, and family friends, according to U.S. Census     Bobi Spaeth at 218-983-3286 ERxt. 1242.

    The Summer Wild Rice Round-Up will be held           S unday, Aug. 23
Aug. 21-23 at the Sandhill Bible Camp located six        9:30 a.m. - Breakfast
miles south of Fosston, Minn.                            11 a.m. - AA Speaker: Timmothy L., Crookston
                                                         Noon - Packing and Farewells
     Enjoy a scenic tour of Sand Hill Lake on a pon-
toon boat or walk the scenic beauty of the camp’s        Items to bri ng:
212 acres of woodland and lake shore.                        Bedding, towels, toiletries, coolers, ice, pop,
                      Agenda                             snacks, appropriate clothing for warm days and cool
Fri day, Aug. 21                                         nights.
3 p.m. - Registration, Meet and Greet                    Pre-regi strati on
6 p.m. - Dinner                                              The cost of the event is $75 per person before
8 p.m. - Frank B., New Hope, Minn.                       Aug. 6, or $85 after Aug. 7. $15 daily rate, $8 for                    MCT Finance Corporation
10 p.m. - AA Camp Fire Meeting                           each meal.
                                                         Lodgi ng i nformati on                                         If you are an enrolled member of the Minnesota
S aturday, Aug. 22                                                                                                          Chippewa Tribe and are interested in a low
9 a.m. - Breakfast                                           Call 218-435-6100 for RV and camping infor-
                                                                                                                          interest mortgage, call (218) 335-8582 for an
10 a.m. - Alanon Speaker: Diane W., Oslo, Minn.          mation or
Noon - Lunch                                                                                                                      appointment with a loan officer.
1:30 p.m. - Recreation Options: swimming, vol-                        Informati on contacts
leyball, softball, fishing, horseshoes, canoeing, arts                Email:                          For more information, download an application, or
and crafts for kids.                                                    Wild Rice Round-Up                                view homes for sale checkout our website at:
6:30 p.m. - Dinner                                                         PO Box 203                                   
8 p.m. - AA Speaker: Mark W., Afton, Wyo.                             Mahnomen, MN 56557                                               or
10 p.m. - AA Camp Fire Meeting                                         Fred: (218) 935-5007

     NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. – During his address to               grants and technical assistance; detention facilities; federal    awarded through the Tribal Resources Grant Program to
more than 500 attendees of the National Congress of            prosecution in Indian country; tribal court development;          improve tribal law enforcement infrastructure by providing
American Indians’ (NCAI) 2009 Mid-Year Conference              domestic violence; drug courts and substance abuse; feder-        critical resources, training, technical assistance, and other
recently, Associate Attorney General Tom Perrelli              al litigation involving tribes; and civil rights. No loca-        support necessary. Perrelli noted, with an emphasis on the
announced the launch of a new major Justice Department         tions or dates have been announced.                               impact that violence against women continues to have in
initiative to increase engagement, coordination and action          “To improve Indian Country law enforcement, we               Indian Country, that the Office on Violence Against
on tribal justice in Indian Country. NCAI provides             must act as real partners with those who know the issue           Women has also awarded more than $86 million to grant
national leadership on issues facing tribal communities        best. We need to hear, and heed, your voices. It has been         projects reaching nearly half of the nation’s Indian tribes.
throughout the United States.                                  too long since that happened,” said Perrelli.                          Of the $4 billion provided to the Justice Department
     Perrelli announced that later this year, Attorney              In 1994, Attorney General Janet Reno convened the            to assist tribal, state and local law enforcement and crimi-
General Eric Holder will convene a Tribal Nations              only other National Listening Conference, sponsored               nal justice systems in the President’s American Recovery
Listening Conference to confer with tribal leaders on how      jointly with the Department of the Interior, which led to         and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act), Perrelli
to address the chronic problems of public safety in Indian     numerous initiatives, including major funding for tribal          explained that Indian country will receive at least $248
Country and other important issues affecting tribal com-       police, jails and courts.                                         million to fund four important grants specific to tribes:
munities.                                                           Perrelli also addressed the need for greater communi-         $225 million for Correctional Facilities on Tribal Lands
     Leading up to the Listening Conference, Deputy            cation and partnership between federal, state, local and trib-    grants;
Attorney General David W. Ogden and Perrelli will con-         al law enforcement, saying, “Tribal communities are fac-           $20.8 million for Indian Tribal Government grants;
vene a series of regional summits to seek tribal represen-     ing great challenges, but also have enormous opportuni-            $2.8 million for Tribal Domestic Violence and Sexual
tatives’ input in setting the agenda. Those planning ses-      ties.”                                                            Assault Coalitions grants; and
sions will include Department component leaders, tribal             He noted that the Department’s Office of Community            $1 million for a Tribal Crime Data Collection, Analysis
leaders and experts in relevant areas to begin a dialogue on   Oriented Policing Services has provided more than $330            and Estimation Project.
a range of important issues including, law enforcement         million in assistance to law enforcement agencies in                   Tribal communities are also eligible for additional
policy and personnel; communications and consultation;         Indian Country to date, with nearly $240 million of this          funds through discretionary Recovery Act grants.
Wednesday, July 1, 2009                   Anishinaabeg Today                                                                                       7

                                       By Tanya Vold                                          called.
                                       White Earth DOVE Program                                    Meth users exhibit two side effects that are
                                                                                              related to abuse. Hypersexuality and aggression
                                            Last month, the White Earth Department of         increases immensely with the use of meth. It is
                                       Public Safety sponsored a conference on                common for meth users to become hypersexual
                                       “Community and Law Enforcement METH                    while using meth. This results in the person
                                       Awareness and Response” at the Shooting Star           becoming extremely active, lowering their inhibi-
                                       Casino in Mahnomen. First of all, thanks to the        tions, having artificial feelings of intimacy, having
                                       people who worked on bringing that conference to       high risk sex, and in many cases the inability to
                                       our area, the information was very useful and eye      control their sexual behavior. Increased aggressive-
                                       opening. It is nice to have updated information on     ness is also exhibited in many people who use
                                       such a continuously evolving epidemic that is hurt-    meth.     It is apparent due to the increase of
                                       ing our communities.                                   abuse/neglect cases. Meth is linked to many other
                                            The statistics from that conference are enough    crimes as well, including burglary and identity theft.
                                       to really make a person think about the effects that        Please be aware of the devastating effects that
                                       meth has on our people. From 2003-2006 there has       meth not only has on its users, but the innocent
                                       been a 131 percent increase in child neglect/abuse     people who suffer from their actions. The meth
                                       that has been linked to meth. A 218 percent increase   problem in our communities has taken its toll on
                                       in spousal abuse has been linked to meth as well.      our families.
                                       The problem with these numbers is the fact that             If you or someone you know has an addiction
                                       child abuse/neglect and spousal abuse are highly       to meth or any other substance, please call White
                                       unreported in meth cases. In many cases, people do     Earth Chemical Dependency at 218-983-3285.
                                       not want their family members to get involved in
                                       the system because of their meth addiction, or in          If you or someone you know is a victim of
                                       some cases…meth is their source of income.             domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, stalking, or
                                       Because of this, these percentages are in reality      general crimes, please call the DOVE Office at 218-
                                       much higher. On average, there are 36 incidents of     935-5554 or toll free at 1-800-763-8629. Our 24
                                       violence in a meth home before law enforcement is      Hour Crisis Line number is 1-877-830-DOVE.

                                       Magician scheduled to perform at Mahnomen Library
                                           Join us at the library on Wednesday, July 8 at 2   encourage children to read over the summer months.
                                       p.m. to enjoy a magic show put on by F-M area          Studies show that students who read over the sum-
                                       magician Jeffrey Salveson.                             mer are better prepared for school success in the fall.
                                           This activity is funded in part by a grant from    The summer reading program at Mahnomen Library
                                       Region 2 Arts Council through a Minnesota State        makes summer reading more fun with special pro-
                                       Legislative appropriation.                             grams, good books and reading incentives.
                                           This program is free and a part of “Be Creative         For more information please call or visit your
                                       @ Your Library,” the Minnesota Summer Reading          library at 203 S. Main St. Information is also avail-
                                       Program, a themed reading program designed to          able online at

      *+,&- $"+%7A")>A0?%+,M-">+4N%
8                                                                               Anishinaabeg Today                                                       Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fineday is a member of the First Nations
Native Asset-Building Partnership Project
     First Nations Development Institute (First          self-determined and therefore gain greater control                              AMELIA BRAY
Nations) released the names of the advisory com-         over their own assets.”                                                   For all your travel needs!
mittee members for its new Native Asset-Building              First Nations' goal is to partner tribes around
Partnership.                                             specified assets and allow them to share best prac-
                                                                                                                         218-983-3669  e-mail:
     Members include Ani ta Fi neday, Chi ef             tices for asset stewardship and management.                    Book your travel 20-30 days in advance for better
Judge of the Whi te Earth Tri bal Nati on; Tadd          “Through this project we will be able to continue to                          prices and seating!
Johnson, Special Counsel for Government Affairs          ask questions from our brothers and sisters at other
for the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe; Susan White,          tribal nations and create long-term enduring benefit                       Ask about the “Dream Trips”
Director of the Oneida Trust Department; former          to Indian Country,” notes advisory committee mem-
Senior Vice President and board member of First          ber Anita Fineday who is Chief Judge of the White
Nations, Sherry Salway Black; Elsie Meeks,               Earth Tribal Nation.
Director of the USDA Rural Development Office;                Sherry Salway Black said, “assets are incredibly             ENROLL NOW AT THE
attorney Margaret Schaff, partner at Schaff & Clark-
Deschene; Tracy Fischer, Interim President of the
                                                         important for individuals, families, communities,
                                                         and nations - including tribal nations.”
                                                                                                                         CIRCLE OF LIFE SCHOOL
First Nations Oweesta Cooperation; and Michael E.             The Native Asset-Building Project advisory            The Circle of Life School located in White Earth is
Roberts, President of First Nations Development          committee is composed of national and regional
Institute.                                               leaders familiar with asset-building in Native
                                                                                                                      taking applications for the 2009-2010 School
     The goal of the Native Asset-Building               American communities and will assist in engaging                                  Year.
Partnership Project is to strengthen tribal and Native   tribes and Native organizations in the targeted states
institutions in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North
Dakota through tribal nation-to-nation peer learning
                                                         to determine asset-building needs and regionally-rel-
                                                         evant models and assist in the planning and hosting
                                                                                                                                            We offer:
and model development that will lead to improved         of an asset-building conference that will take place        Very small class sizes
control and management of assets for the benefit of      in Minneapolis this fall.                                   Personalized/individualized teaching/learning
Native communities and individuals.                           The Native American Asset Building Project is          Ojibwe Culture and Language Classes for all grades
     Advisory committee member Susan White said,         a two-year project funded by the Otto Bremer                The Circle of Life has made Adequate Yearly Progress
“Peer mentoring will provide ideas and processes on      Foundation, based in Saint Paul. For more informa-         (AYP) the past five years
how Indians as the true stakeholders can gain greater    tion contact Raymond Foxworth, Research Officer             Strong emphasis on reading
control over their own assets. Applying mentoring        for First Nations at 303-774-7836 or
                                                                                                                     Computer classes for all students
objectives will elevate a tribe’s ability to be more
                                                                                                                     Daily Physical Education for all students
                                                                                                                     Music/Art
    Edi to r’s no te: This letter was sent to White Earth Chairwoman Erma J. Vizenor by MCT President Norman         Excellent incentive program for all students
    W. Deschampe in reference to the White Earth Nation proposing a new Constitution to it’s members. For
    more information see the Chairwoman’s article on Page 2. (The letter was re-typed for layout purposes).
                                                                                                                     Highly qualified teachers and support staff
                                                                                                                     A safe and secure school environment
                                                                                                                     And much more...
                         The Minnesota Chippewa Tribe
                                                 June 2, 2009                                                       Register soon: Call the school at (218) 983-4180 to request
                                                                                                                    registration forms. Students must be 1/4 Native American
    Erma Vizenor, Chairwoman
    White Earth Reservation Tribal Council
                                                                                                                    or registered members of a federally recognized tribe.
    PO Box 418
    White Earth, MN 56591                                                                                           Note: The Circle of Life will be constructing a new school
                                                                                                                    in 2010-11 and there will be limited enrollment. Students
    Dear Chairwoman Vizenor,                                                                                        enrolled before the completion of the new school will have
    At the Tribal Executive Committee meeting on May 5, 2009, a few White Earth band members                        priority, so enroll now to insure a place.
    addressed the Tribal Executive Committee with concerns over a Constitution for the White Earth
    Nation. The Constitution was ratified by delegates to the White Earth Constitutional Convention held
    April 4, 2009, at the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, MN.                                                                             Elder News
    The question that was brought to me prior to the TEC meeting and again after the meeting was what is          Ri ce Lake to host MICOE meeti ng
    the next step for White Earth to operate under a separate Constitution from the Minnesota Chippewa                 The Minnesota Indian Council of Elders meeting will be held
    Tribe’s Constitution.                                                                                         Monday, July 6 at the Rice Lake ENP site. Lunch is served at 11:30
    Our present Constitution does not have a provision in place for the six constituent bands to operate          a.m. with meeting following. All elders invited to attend. If you would
    under separate constitutions. The process to amend the Tribe’s Constitution to allow for separate Band        like to be placed on the agenda or need additional information please call
    Constitutions is the same process that is necessary for any amendment to the Minnesota Chippewa               John Buckanaga at 218-573-3104 or Lucille Silk, Vice-Chairwoman at
    Tribe’s Constitution.                                                                                         218-983-3768.
    Until the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe’s Constitution is amended the White Earth Band would continue
                                                                                                                  Bone Bui l ders Exerci se Group
    to be part of the Governmental structure that operates under the existing Constitution.
                                                                                                                       On Tuesday, July 7, a meeting will be held at the Elbow Lake ENP
    I did inform the White Earth Band members that there currently isn’t an issue for the Tribal Executive        site at 11:15 a.m. for the purpose of organizing a Bone Builders
    Committee to discuss. The White Earth Tribal Council can certainly hold meetings and their own con-           Exercise Group. These groups are organized to provide weight-bearing,
    stitutional convention to prepare its constituents for any changes that they might bring to the Tribal        balance and flexibility exercises to combat osteoporosis and falls in par-
    Executive Committee at a future date.                                                                         ticipants. Please join us! For more information please call Carol Fabre
                                                                                                                  at 218-983-3286 Ext. 1266.
    If you have any further questions please call me.
                                                         Sincerely,                                               Annual Whi te Earth El ders Pi cni c
                                                                                                                       The annual White Earth Reservation Elders Picnic will be held on
                                                         Norman W. Deschampe
                                                                                                                  Friday, July 24 at the White Earth Community Center. A picnic lunch
                                                                                                                  will be served at 11:30 a.m. with Bingo to follow.
Wednesday, July 1, 2009                                               Anishinaabeg Today                                                                                  9

        Youth Plant Garden In Pine Point                                           Notice of increase in fee for IDs and
                                                                                   DNR permits effective August 2009
                                                                                   Pi cture ID Card:
                                                                                   Adults: (16-54)            $12
                                                                                   Juveniles: (12-15)         $6                                  White Earth
                                                                                   Senior Citizen (55 +)      $ 0 (Same)                         License Office
                                                                                   Physically Disabled        $ 0 (Same)
                                                                                   Descendant ID              $20                               Window Hours
                                                                                   Natural Resource Harvest Permi ts:                         8 a.m. to noon and
                                                                                   Adults: (16-54)      $8
                                                                                                                                              12:30 to 4:15 p.m.
                                                                                   Juvenile (12-15)     $6
                                                                                   Senior Citizen (55+) $0 (Same)
                                                                                   Physically Disabled  $0 (Same)

                                                                                   Deer Tags:                 1st Tag             2nd Tag
                                                                                   Adults: (16-54)            $2                  $3 (Same)
                                                                                   Juveniles: (12-15)         $2                  $3 (Same)
                                                                                   Senior citizen (55+)       $0                  $3 (Same)
                                                                                   Physically disabled        $0                  $3 (Same)

                                                                                   Commerci al Leech and Mi nnow Permi ts : $45
                                                                                   Individuals must first have their current-unexpired picture ID and valid Natural Resource
                                                                                   Harvest Permits.
                                                                Submitted photo
                                                                                   S easonal Resource Use Permi ts: (Other federally recognized tribal members)
Youth at the Pine Point Boys and Girls Club recently planted a garden by the old   Non-resident of White Earth                    Resident of White Earth
school. The seeds were donated by White Earth Land Recovery Project.               Deer Hunting     $20 + Deer Tag Fee            All activities $20 + Deer Tag Fee
                                                                                   Bear Hunting     $20                           Bear Hunting Included
                                                                                   Fishing          $10                           Fishing Included
                                                                                   Netting          $10                           Netting Included
                                                                                   Small Game       $10                           Small Game Included
                                                                                   Waterfowl        $10                           Waterfowl Included
                                                                                   Trapping         $10                           Trapping Included
                                                                                   Wild Rice        $10                           Wild Rice Included

                           BUILDING SUPPLIES, INC.                                 S easonal Resource Use Permi t Hol ders not permitted in drawings for Tamarac
                                                                                   National Wildlife Refuge and not permitted to harvest wild rice on Lower Rice Lake.

                                                                                   Bal sam Bough Permi ts: $10 (Same)
             Open Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
                  “FREE DELIVERY”                                                  Land Access Permi ts: $100 (Same)

                                                                                   When the White Earth Band member has a current-unexpired Tribal ID and a valid Natural
                                                                                   Resource Harvest Permit it entitles the band member to Hunt (big game, small game
                                                                                   and waterfowl), Fish (angle, spear, fish house) Trapping, Netting, and Wild Rice
                                                                                   Harvesting within current seasons and limits established by the White Earth Reservation
                                                                                   Tribal Council. The unexpired ID and Natural Resource Harvest Permit must be in ones
                                                                                   possession whenever exercising these rights.

                                                                                   Local teachers graduate with MS degrees
                                                                                        Several members of the Waubun                           Alicia Schoenborn
                                                                                   Cohort Master’s Education and Curriculum                     Stacey Klemetsrud
                                                                                   Development, which are made up of par-                          Ann Wothe
                                                                                   ticipants and teachers from four area school                Lindsey McCloskey
                                                                                   districts recently completed a three-year                       Kylie Nustad
                                                                                   program and graduated from Minnesota                         Rosemary Lanoue
                                                                                   State University Moorhead on May 15.                           Vickie Haugo
                                                                                                                                                  Amy Johnson
                                                                                              Waubun S chool                                      Dave Peterson
                                                                                               Michelle Pariso                                   Janet Thompson
                                                                                                 Carrie Jirava
                                                                                           Gina McLaughlin-Worms                              Mahnomen S chool
                                                                                                Joan Refshaw                                     Becky Olson
                                                                                               Cecilia Berringer                          Ci rcl e of Li fe S chool
                                                                                                Dave Varriano                                    Mike Bunker
                                                                                                 Kelly Lerud
                                                                                                Morgan Olson                              Norman County East
                                                                                            Mary Beth Rasmussen                               Stacey Hoven
10                                           Anishinaabeg Today                                        Wednesday, July 1, 2009

     5th Annual 5K Run/Walk Winners

                             Photos by Shane Plumer

                                                                  White Earth Welcomes Don Coyhis

                        More than 40 runners and
                        walkers helped fight dia-
                        betes by participating in the
                        5th Annual 5K Run/Walk on
                        June 13. The White Earth
                        Diabetes Project sponsored
                        the event. Top: Mens and
                        Womens winners –Tyler
                        Zima (Moorhead) and
                        Tracee Zima (Ogema) with
                        their mother Laure Zima.
                        Tyler set a new course
                        record with a time of 18:20.
                        Middle: Boys Under 15 win-
                        ner – Peyton Syverson
                        (Waubun). Left: Girls
                        Under 15 winner – Sequoia
                        Woods (Bemidji). Sequoia
                        won a bike last year so she                                                         Photo by Gary W. Padrta
                        gave this years bike to the
                        2nd place winner.               White Earth Chairwoman Erma J. Vizenor welcomes Don Coyhis recently at the
                                                        RTC building. Coyhis is the founder and president of White Bison, Inc.
Wednesday, July 1, 2009                            Anishinaabeg Today                                                                                      11

                                                            Mii-gii-way-win Advisory Board
                                               continues to approve donations for community needs
                                                   The Mii-gii-way-win Advisory Board recently           assist White Earth elders at Cass Lakes with hous-
                                               approved more than $11,000 in donations for May           ing improvements.
                                               and June. The following are a sample of the requests       $1,000 for Waubun Days on July 11.
                                               they approved.                                             $1,500 for schorlarships for the Brain
                                                $100 for the Mahnomen Garden Club.                      Development Conference on Aug. 11-13.
                                                $1,000 for the White Earth Child Seat Coalition              The Mii-gii-way-win Advisory Board is com-
                                               to purchase car seat.                                     mitted to serving communities, through economic
                                                $500 for the Detroit Lakes JOM reception.               opportunities, that promote the enhancement of the
                                                $2,000 for the Waubun Summer Recreation                 quality life for tribal membership and their families.
                                               Program.                                                  They work diligently to serve the needs of organiza-
                                                $2,000 for the Mahnomen Summer Recreation               tions and charities requesting a donation, through a
                                               Program.                                                  fair and effective manner in order to ensure the
                                                $2,000 for a group headed by Valerie Redhorse to        preservation and respect of the Native culture.

                                                    On June 13, at least 1,500 of Minnesota’s
                                               Vietnam-era veterans did. The vets, along with
                                               friends and family that brought the total crowd to an
                                               estimated 5,000, came to an event in their honor
                                               held on the State Capitol grounds in St. Paul. There
                                               were cheese curds and hot dogs, plane flyovers and a
                                               color parade, live entertainment and VIP speakers,
                                               laughing children and nodding grannies. A lot like
                                               any summer weekend festival, until you got to the
                                               “Traveling Wall,” a three-fifths scale replica of the
                                               Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C., listing the
                                               names of the dead, including more than 1,000
                                                    One middle-aged man with a long ponytail sat
                                               nearly touching the wall, cross-legged, motionless,
                                               for several minutes before wordlessly rising and
                                               walking away. Another, in casual business attire,
                                               bent down to find a name, then stood up and swiped
                                               at his eyes. It was the most sobering feature of an
                                               event planned to give long-overdue honors to the
                                               nation's most underappreciated veterans.
                                                    The weather seemed to salute as well, giving
                                               the vets one of those flawless June days that make
                                               the rest of the Minnesota year bearable. Men wore
                                               their hearts on their sleeves, their chests, their                                   Photo by Melissa Lenoir
                                               backs, heads and lapels. T-shirts reading “Vets
                                                                                                         The White Earth Nation was well represented at
                                               Helping Vets” and “All gave some ... some gave all”
                                                                                                         a ceremony honoring Vietnam Veterans on June
                                               now stretched across bellies grown larger and softer
                                                                                                         13 on the State Capital Grounds in St. Paul.
                                               since the six-pack abs of basic training.                 From left: Doug “Herb” Koeing, Larry Hynding,
                                                    At the memorial wall, Arthur Schneider of            Merlin Londo, John L. Sullivan and Rod HighElk.
                                               Coon Rapids knelt down and carefully took a rub-
                                               bing on the name George P. Collins, his wife's            really glad to know that.”
                                               brother, who grew up in Wyoming, Minn., and was                Schneider’s parents were both World War II vet-
                                               killed early in the war in 1962.                          erans, and he thinks they deserve the label “The
                                                    “All the family was told was that he died hon-       Greatest Generation.” Still, he said, it’s tough for
                                               orably,” said Schneider, a Vietnam vet himself. “In       any soldier who served in Vietnam not to wish he’d
                                               2000, my wife put a notice on an online site asking       experienced a similar hero's welcome.
                                               for anyone who had served with him. Four years                 “I don’t want to sound like a victim, because I
                                               later, she got an e-mail. The guy said that he served     didn’t have it as bad as a lot of them,” he said. “But
                                               with George, and that he was tending to his wound-
                                               ed platoon commander when he was shot. We’re              See Vets Page 29

                                               White Earth Licensing to issue ID cards in Marble
                                                    A representative from the White Earth License             A drawing will be held for 15 $20 Walmart gift
                                               Department will be available to process tribal iden-      cards for those who register on July 15.
                                               tification cards on Wednesday, July 15 from noon to       Pi cture ID Cards
                                               7 p.m. at the Green Way Town Hall located at 300          Juveniles (12 -15): $5
                                               Alice Avenue in Marble, Minn.                             Adults (16 - 54): $10
                                                    Individuals must have a valid form of identifi-      Elders (55 and older): No cost
                                               cation (drivers license, state ID, birth certificate or   Descendants: $15 (must have a certified birth cer-
You can reach the AT at   Social Security card).                                    tificate)
12                                                                            Anishinaabeg Today                                              Wednesday, July 1, 2009

 White Earth Safe Havens Supervised Visitation
       and Safe Exchange Project Survey
                                                                                                                 Ojibwa                         Phone: (218) 473-2146
                                                                                                                                                 Fax: (218) 473-2166
                                                                                                                                                   Monday - Friday
                                                                                                              Office Supplies                     8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
       The White Earth DOVE Program has collaborated with area agencies to establish two Supervised            Highway 59, Waubun, MN
 Visitation and Safe Exchange sites on the White Earth Reservation. The location of these sites are the       Located on Hwy 59, 1/4 mile south of Hwy 113 & 59 junction
 Dream Catcher Homes in Ogema, and the Community Service Center in Naytahwaush. We anticipate                                 Single Source Supplier:
 the opening of these sites to be late 2009, or early 2010. We are asking for input from the commu-            Over 25,000 items available with FREE next day delivery!
 nity to help us develop and design this program to fit the needs and expectations of the families it will
 be serving. If it is more convenient, you are welcome to call Tanya Vold with your input. The dead-
                                                                                                                        Savings    TOOBIG to pass up
 l i ne to have the surveys i n i s Jul y 27. If you have any other questions or concerns, please call          Top quality remanufactured cartridges from Elite Image
                                                                                                                    cost less than manufacturer brand cartridge...
 218-935-5554 Ext. 3286 or toll free at 1-800-763-8629. Please fill out this survey and return it to the
                                                                                                                   and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!!
 following address:
                                                                                                                  Inkjet example: HP#93 color: Current price $23.99
                                                                                                                         Elite compatible current price $16.29...
                                         DOVE Program                                                                           Saving you $7.79 or 23%!
                                     Community Service Center                                                           Laser toner example: HP#96A $109.99
                                           PO Box 70                                                                     Elite compatible current price $75.99...
                                                                                                                                 Saving you $34 or 31%!
                                     Naytahwaush, MN 56566                                                    Significant savings on your business and home printing needs!
                                                                                                                Elite Image cartridges are available for Brother, Canon,
 1. What days of the week would you like the Visitation/Exchange Centers to be open? Please circle.                          Dell, Epson and HP printers.

 Monday     Tuesday    Wednesday      Thursday    Friday    Saturday     Sunday                              Colored paper     $6.99 mm      Labels 1x2-5/8 750 ct $6.99
                                                                                                             Legal pads         $6.49 dz     File folders 100 ct      $6.39
                                                                                                             Adhesive notes 3x3 $4.69 dz     Hanging folders 25 ct    $6.39
 2. What hours of operation would best accommodate your needs?
                                                                                                             Pencils             $.75 dz     1” binder             $1.39 ea
                                                                                                             Permanent markers $6.59 dz      Invisible tape 3/4x1296 $.96 rl
 Days     Evenings                                                                                           Envelopes 500 ct   $6.69 bx     Staples 5,000 ct       $.69 bx
                                                                                                             Highlighters       $6.39 dz     Air duster 10 oz      $5.49 ea
 3. What types of safety/security measures would you like to see in our Visitation/Exchange centers?
                                                                                                                 Custom White Earth Nation Jackets
 Security Guard             Video Surveillance         Security Wands             Panic Buttons     copy paper, furniture, printers and SO MUCH MORE!!

 4. What are your expectations of the Visitation/Exchange Centers?

 Comfortable Environment             Respectful Services        Cultural Activities        Affordability      ATTENTION WHITE EARTH MEMBERS
 5. What do you see as barriers in regards to access to the Visitation/Exchange Centers?                       Please remember to update your address with the
                                                                                                             Enrollments Office so you can receive future correspon-
 Transportation    Fees/Costs        Scheduling        Safety/Security                                       dence from the White Earth Tribal Council. Call (218)
                                                                                                                    573-3000 or toll free at 1-877-835-1906.
 6. What types of activities would you like to see available at the Visitation/Exchange Centers?

 Cultural Arts and Crafts            Movies            Games             Cooking/Baking

 7. Which center will you utilize?

 Naytahwaush       Dream Catcher Homes

     If you have any suggestions other than the ones listed, please feel free to write them in below.







     Parti ci pants who turn i n a compl eted survey and i ncl ude thei r name and tel ephone
 number wi l l be el i gi bl e for the drawi ng of a $50 Wal mart gi ft card. The drawing will be
 held on July 31 at noon at the DOVE office in Naytahwaush.


 Phone Number:_____________________________________________________________________
Wednesday, July 1, 2009                                               Anishinaabeg Today                                                                                 13

                      Wild Food Summit III                                                              Pine Point Regular Shool Board Meeting
Hunters and gatherers convene at Rediscovery Center                                                                 Pine Point Regular School Board Meeting
                                                                                                                        Monday, May 11, 2009 @ 6 p.m.
                                                                                                                         Pine Point School Staff Room

                                                                                                      1.0 Roll Call – Meeting called to order by Chairman Edward Miller Sr.,
                                                                                                      at 6:02 p.m.
                                                                                                      Members present – Sara Clark, Edward Miller Sr., Lyman Roberts,
                                                                                                      Albert Basswood Jr., Ronald Butcher
                                                                                                      Members absent – Mary Jo Basswood
                                                                                                      Ex-officio – Jason Luksik, Principal
                                                                                                      2.0 Recognition of Visitors – Bonnie Meeks
                                                                                                      3.0 Approval/Amendment of Agenda – Motion by Ronald Butcher to
                                                                                                      approve the agenda as amended: Add 8.1 Old Van Sale; 8.2 Floor
                                                                                                      Scrubber, seconded by Lyman Roberts. All in favor. Motion carried.
                                                                                                      4.0 Public participation on agenda items – None
                                                                                                      5.0 Approval/Amendment of Minutes – Motion by Lyman Roberts to
                                                                                                      approve the April 6, 2009 minutes as presented, seconded by Sara Clark.
                                                                                                      All in favor. Motion carried.
                                                                                                      6.0 Finance
                                                                                                            6.1 Treasurer’s Report – Motion by Sara Clark to approve the
                                                                                                      Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Lyman Roberts. All in favor. Motion
                                                                                                           6.2 Payment of Bills – Motion by Ronald to approve the payment
                                                                                                      of bills for the month of April 2009 in the amount of $80,862.22 for
                                                                                                      check #20579 through check #20686, seconded by Albert Basswood Jr.
                                                                                                      All in favor. Motion carried.
                                                                                                      7.0 Unfinished Business
                                                                                                           7.1 No unfinished business
                                                                                                      8.0 New Business
                                                                                                           8.1 Old Van Sale – Motion by Lyman Roberts to rescind bid from
                                                                                                      Trista Ayers due to non-payment, seconded by Albert Basswood Jr. All
                                                                                                      in favor. Motion carried. Motion by Ronald Butcher to accept bid from
                                                                                                      Clifford Crowell, seconded by Lyman Roberts. All in favor. Motion
                                                                                                           8.2 Floor Scrubber – Motion by Ronald Butcher to purchase floor
                                                                                                      scrubber, seconded by Sara Clark. All in favor. Motion carried.
                                                                                                      9.0 Principal’s Report – Discussion on Family Fun Day; Honeywell
                                                                                                      Project; MCAII Testing; NWEA Testing; Last day of School. No
                                                                                                      action needed.
                                                                                                      10.0 Public participation – None
                                                                                                      11.0 Adjournment – Motion by Sara Clark to adjourn the meeting at
                                                                                                      6:30 p.m., seconded by Lyman Roberts. All in favor. Motion carried.

                                                                                                                                        S ara Cl ark, Cl erk & Treasurer

                                                                                                               Charles W. LaDue
                                                                                                                         Attorney at Law
                                                                                                                           (White Earth Enrollee)

                                                                        Photos by Gary W. Padrta               Personal Injury                      Insurance
                                                                                                                       Call Toll Free 1-866-784-6384
About 75 people registered for the annual Wild Food Summit held June 17-20 at the Rediscovery
Center. The summit teaches people how to identify, collect and prepare wild food. Top: Matt                                    Coon Rapids, MN
Mattson teaches the art of cooking chicken in the ground lined with rocks. Bottom: Sunny Johnson
(Savage) uses a shovel to add more embers to her rock oven. She was cooking cattails for supper.
The event was sponsored by the White Earth Tribal and Community College Extension Service.
                                                                                                        Hear real “NDN” hosts who love “NDN” humor

?,,7*",9<*@$A3%$)A*'3.*A'B,%)(,).*%39,2C                                                                    Paul Schultz and Joe LaGarde, co-anchors
                                                                                                                 KPRM Radio 870 AM on your dial
     Do you wonder if you would be better off    Medical Assistance, Food Stamps, etc.) on
working than not working? Do you worry about     Monday, July 27, from 10 a.m. to noon at the                Every Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m.
losing health care coverage if you work? Need    Shooting Star Casino or 1:30 to 4 p.m. at
help figuring out the government rules about     Naytahwaush. Call toll free at 1-800-976-6728                           Brought to you by the
work and benefits? Laura McCaughan of the        for an appointment so you don’t have to wait.                     DeLaHunt Broadcasting Corporation
Minnesota Work Incentives Connection can help!        People who need transportation for this event
                                                                                                                     Listening areas include:
     Find out how working or working more        should     call    White      Earth    Vocational
affects your government benefits (SSI, SSDI,     Rehabilitation toll free at 1-800-763-8629.                  White Earth, Red Lake and Leech Lake!
14   Anishinaabeg Today   Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Wednesday, July 1, 2009                                                     Anishinaabeg Today                                                                                    15

                                                                                                  Big Elbow Lake Community Night Out


                                                                                                                                                                   Submitted photo
           Pine Point Regular Shool Board Meeting                                         The Big Elbow Lake Area Community Council and Hope for the First Nations
                      Pine Point Regular School Board Meeting                             sponsored a Community Night Out on June 11 at the picnic shelter in the village.
                          Monday, April 6, 2009 @ 6 p.m.                                  There was face painting, free haircuts, horseback rides, free clothing given out by
                           Pine Point School Staff Room                                   the Hope for the First Nations, door prizes and gift bags for everyone in addition
                                                                                          to the meal. The Big Elbow Lake Area Community Council would like to thank the
1.0 Roll Call – Meeting called to order by Chairman Edward Miller Sr., at 6 p.m.          group from Hope for the First Nations for coming again this summer and con-
Members present – Mary Jo Basswood, Sara Clark, Albert Basswood Jr., Ronald Butcher,      ducting the youth camp all week, the Bagosendaan Horse Program and Dave
Edward Miller Sr., Lyman Roberts                                                          McNamee for bringing out the horses, Rev. Doyle Turner for the blessing and the
Ex-officio – Jason Luksik, Principal                                                      120 community members who came out to make it a fun evening. Top: Alex
2.0 Recognition of Visitors – Bonnie Meeks                                                Littlewolf gets his face painted. Bottom: Hope for the First Nations members.
3.0 Approval/Amendment of Agenda – Motion by Mary Jo Basswood to approve the agen-
da as presented, seconded by Albert Basswood Jr. All in favor. Motion carried.            Officials recommend steps to beat the heat
4.0 Public Participation on agenda items – None
                                                                                                During hot weather state health offi-    make you more comfortable, but don't do
5.0 Approval/Amendment of Minutes – Motion by Ronald Butcher to approve the March
                                                                                          cials are reminding people that extreme        much to prevent heat-related illness.
2, 2009 minutes as presented, seconded by Sara Clark. All in favor. Motion carried.
6.0 Finance                                                                               heat can affect your health.                   - Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fit-
    6.1 Treasurer’s Report – Motion by Ronald Butcher to approve the Treasurer’s Report         The U.S. Centers for Disease Control     ting clothing.
submitted by Business Manager, seconded by Sara Clark. All in favor. Motion carried.      and Prevention and the Minnesota               - Check regularly on people who may be at
    6.2 Payment of Bills – Motion by Mary Jo Basswood to approve the payment of bills     Department of Health suggest a number of       higher risk of heat-related illness – infants
for the month of March 2009 in the amount of $80,241.54 for check #20482 through          things you can do to protect yourself and      and young children, people over 65, people
check #20578, seconded by Lyman Roberts. All in favor. Motion carried.                    your family during hot weather:                with mental illness, and people with
7.0 Unfinished Business                                                                   - Drink more fluids than usual, but avoid      chronic health problems.
     7.1 Van Bid – Motion by Albert Basswood Jr. to accept bid from Trista Ayers in the   fluids that contain alcohol or large           - If you must spend time outdoors, try to
amount of $750, seconded by Lyman Roberts. All in favor. Motion carried.                  amounts of sugar. Check with your doctor       limit your activity to morning and
8.0 New Business                                                                          if you have been advised to limit your         evening. Try to take rest breaks in shady
    8.1 American Recovery & Reinvestment Act – Discussion. No action needed.              intake of fluids or placed on diuretics.       areas.
9.0 Principal’s Report – Discussion on Building Construction; 21st Century Grant;         - Stay indoors – in an air-conditioned loca-   - Limit physical exercise. Be sure to take
Family Fun Day; Responsive Classroom Training; Revised Budget & Preliminary Budget;       tion, if possible. If your home is not air-    in plenty of fluids.
School Calendar; PAWN Meeting. No action needed.                                          conditioned, spending a few hours a day in     - When you're outdoors, wear hats and use
10.0 Adjournment – Motion by Ronald Butcher to adjourn the meeting at 6:45 p.m., sec-     an air-conditioned public place like a pub-    sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.
onded by Mary Jo Basswood. All in favor. Motion carried.                                  lic library or shopping mall will help your         More information about protecting
                                                                                          body cope with the heat.                       your health during hot weather is available
                                                      S ara Cl ark, Cl erk & Treasurer    - Don't rely on electric fans – they may       at
16                         Anishinaabeg Today                      Wednesday, July 1, 2009

     White Earth 141st Celebration and Pow Wow ~ June 12-14

                                        Photos by Gary W. Padrta
Wednesday, July 1, 2009     Anishinaabeg Today                              17

      White Earth 141st Celebration and Pow Wow ~ June 12-14

                                                     Photos by Gary W. Padrta
18                                                                           Anishinaabeg Today                                        Wednesday, July 1, 2009

                                                                Where are you!
Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians is tracking down WE enrollees
                                                                                         BELLANGER, RONALD J                   BOONE, VICTOR W
      The following White Earth enrolled members are identified as Whereabouts           BELLANGER, SIMON                      BOSWELL, BETTY J
 Unknown at the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (OST). These          BELLANGER, VICTORIA J                 BOSWELL, CHARLES W
 individuals have an Individual Indian Monies (IIM) account at OST.                      BELLANGER DOHRING, DEBORAH LYNN       BOSWELL, DAVID J
                                                                                         BELLANGER JR., EDWARD R               BOSWELL, EDITH M
      The listing includes those members that do not have a current address and OST
                                                                                         BELLANO, CARRIE                       BOSWELL, EVELYN J
 has been unable to locate.                                                              BELLCOURT, DORIS MARIE                BOSWELL, GERALD
      Individuals that are on the list or know of someone on the list should call 218-   BELLECOURT, CLYDE H                   BOSWELL, JOJO
 751-4338, or stop by the OST office in Bemidji, or mail a letter to the address list-   BELLECOURT, JOHN C                    BOSWELL, KATHERINE
 ed below.                                                                               BELLECOURT, LAWRENCE                  BOSWELL, LINDA L
             Offi ce of the S peci al Trustee for Ameri can Indi ans                     BELLECOURT, MARK ANTHONY              BOSWELL, LORIE L
                                 Mi nnesota Agency,                                      BELLECOURT BROSCHOFSKY, LANA F        BOSWELL, MAVIS A
                     522 Mi nnesota Avenue NW Room 304                                   BELLECOURT COOK, LADONNA SUE          BOSWELL, PHYLLIS R.
                                                                                         BELLECOURT JOHNSON, WENDY MARIE       BOSWELL, RICHARD R
                                 Bemi dji , MN 56601
                                                                                         BELLEFEUILLE, DENNIS L                BOSWELL, RODNEY A
                                                                                         BELLEFEUILLE JR., RAY                 BOSWELL, RUTH A
    Edi tor’s note: If you have questions on an IIM account please call the OST          BEMENT, KEVIN B                       BOTOSHE, GEORGE
  office. The Anishinaabeg Today doesn’t have additional information besides what’s      BEMENT, MERRI C                       BOTOSHE, LILY
                              listed in this newspaper.                                  BEMENT, RICHARD A                     BOTOSHE, LORETTA
                                                                                         BENDER, MARY A                        BOTOSHE, RODGER
                                                                                         BENDER, MELODY K                      BOWEN, STACIE
ACKLEY, CLIFFORD                             BADBOY (WILEY), ELIZABETH ISABELLE          BENDER, RITA K                        BOWER, DAVID J
ADAMS, CARISSA L                             BAHCONUMOQUAY TIESSON, IDA MERRILL          BENDER, STEVEN C                      BOWER JR., ORVILLE E
ADAMS, DALE L                                BAITY, LORRAINE R                           BENJAMIN, TOM                         BOWMAN, BETTY J
ADAMS, GENEVA                                BAKER, BONITA O                             BENSON, BRADLEY A                     BOYER, CYNTHIA L
ADAMS, JUNE                                  BAKER, EMMA M                               BENTLEY, SANDRA K                     BOYNTON JR., ALBERT LONG
ADAMS, LAVONNE M                             BALLANGER, KATHERINE R                      BENZINGER, MARILYN                    BOZOUSKY, VERONA J
ADAMS, WILLIAM L                             BARKER, JUANITA L                           BERCHARD, DEBORAH D                   BRADSHAW, DAVID W
ADAMS JR, JOSEPH S                           BARNES, RACHEL A                            BERINGER, BRADLEY O                   BRAHMER, FRANK H
AJOOTIAN, JOLENE A                           BARNETT, MICKAEL A                          BERLOWE, PHYLLIS J                    BRAMAN JR., HUBERT L
ALCALA, JAY A                                BARNETT, SANDRA T                           BERRY, JOSEPH F                       BRANDENBURG, CONSTANCE M
ALEXANDER, WAYNE L                           BARRELL, FRANCIS C                          BERRY SR., CHARLES F                  BRANDONBURG, VON S
ALVARADO, LORENZA LOUISE                     BARRETT, PAMELA J                           BEVINS, JAMES EDWARD                  BRANDT, NORMA L
ALVARADO, PETER                              BARTLETT, EVELYN                            BEVINS, JAMES V                       BRAUNSCHWEIG, CHARLES E
ALVARES, ARTHUR L                            BARTSCH, SHIRLEY J                          BIESEMEIER, PATRICK                   BRAZILE, BRANDON KEITH
ALVAREZ, WILMA A                             BASSWOOD, SUZANNE J                         BIETH, DELRINE E                      BRECENITCH, ELIZABETH A
ALVERADO JR, RAMIRO                          BAUMGARTNER, JANICE                         BIG BEAR, EVERETT                     BREYETTE, SHARON K
ALVORD, PETER L                              BEAN, EMILY J                               BIGBEAR, HARLAN D                     BRODZINSKI, BARBARA G
ALVORD GREEN MCBROOM, KATHRYN                BEANE, RAYMOND M                            BIGBEAR, KATHERINE M                  BROKER, DONALD
AMOROSO, CRAIG                               BEANE ESTATE, EUGENE R                      BIGBEAR, KENNETH L                    BROOKS, SHERYL S
AMOROSO, JAMES                               BEAUCHAMP, GEORGE F                         BIGBEAR, MARY DARLENE                 BROWN, ALVINA R
ANDERSON, BETTY E                            BEAUDREAU, ANDREW                           BIGBEAR, WILLIAM                      BROWN, AMANDA E
ANDERSON, CHARLOTTE G                        BEAUDREAU, ANDREW                           BIGBEAR BENJAMIN, SANDRA JO           BROWN, CYNTHIA
ANDERSON, JOHN R.                            BEAUDREAU, AREY M                           BIGBEAR GOODTHUND, CHARLENE ANNETTE   BROWN, DENNIS J
ANDERSON, JOSEPHINE A                        BEAUDREAU, MILTON J                         BIGBEAR NORCROSS, FRANCIS D           BROWN, EDWARD J
ANDERSON, MARION J                           BEAUDREAU, ORAN J                           BISHOP, LOUIS J                       BROWN, ERICA NICOLE
ANDREWS, ALFRED N                            BEAUDREAU (HAATAJA), GINA                   BISHOP, MARIE M                       BROWN, ESTATE OF PERCY CLYDE
ANDREWS, JULIE S                             BEAULIEU, BRENDAN DARRYL ANTONIO            BISHOP, PETER                         BROWN, JEREMIAH MAX
ANDREWS, MICHAEL G                           BEAULIEU, FRANCIS G                         BISSON, MIKE A                        BROWN, JULIAN LOUIS
ANKENY, RONALD K                             BEAULIEU, JESSICA RAE                       BISSON, PETE F                        BROWN, JUSTIN LEE
ANTELL, BRANDON J                            BEAULIEU, JILL M                            BJORGE, RITA L                        BROWN, MARIA ANN
ANTELL, JOLEEN M                             BEAULIEU, LARRY L                           BLACKETTER, BRIAN K                   BROWN, MARY K
ANTELL, TERRY L                              BEAULIEU, MARGARET R                        BLACKETTER, JOSEPH E                  BROWN, MELISSA SUE
ANUNDSON, STEVEN                             BEAULIEU, MYLES E                           BLAIR, DAVID J                        BROWN, MICHELLE LYNN
ANYWAUSH, STEPHEN D                          BEAULIEU, PATRICIA C                        BLAIR, JAMES E                        BROWN, NATHAN PETER
ARENDSEE, LORRAINE                           BEAUPRE, RONALD L                           BLAIR, TERI J                         BROWN, TANDY DIANN
ARENDSEE, RICHARD                            BECKER, GARY W                              BLAIR, TIMOTHY A                      BROWN, TIMOTHY J
ARMSTRONG, MANUAL MARTIN                     BEDAUSKY, MARY ANN                          BLAKELY, PHILLIP E                    BROWN, VERNA E
ARNESON, DIANE                               BELLAND, DANICA DAWN                        BLAKLEY, PAMELA K                     BROWN JR., KENNETH QUENTIN
ARTHUR, ALFRED L                             BELLAND, DANITA RAE                         BLANCHARD, BEAULAH LUCILLE            BROWNELL, FRANK LEE
ARTHUR SR., RAYMOND F                        BELLAND, MICHAEL K                          BLANCHARD, MARK RANDAL                BROWNELL ROGERS, PATRICIA LYNN
ARTISHON, BARTHOLOMEW                        BELLAND, SCOTT                              BLANCHARD, RICHARD                    BROWNELL VERTNER, CAROL ANN
ARVESON, LINDA R                             BELLANGER, ANTHONY                          BLANCHARD JR., KENNETH                BRTEK, EVA
ASHER, LOIS K                                BELLANGER, ARCHIE F                         BLAUERT, STACEY H                     BRTEK, RAYMOND
ASHING, JODY                                 BELLANGER, BEVERLY J                        BLOMQUIST, JILL                       BRTEK, WILFRED
ASPINWALL, MAURICE                           BELLANGER, DELORES M                        BLUE, ELEANE E                        BRUCE, LENORA B
ATKINSON, KAYE R                             BELLANGER, DENISE ANNE                      BLUE, KEVIN J                         BRUGUIER, ROBERTA J
ATKINSON, LINDA M                            BELLANGER, DEREK                            BLUE, MELVIN S                        BRUMOVSKY, PAULA
AUGINAUSH JR., KENNETH L                     BELLANGER, FLORENCE M                       BLUE, RONALD MERLE                    BRUNETTE, ANNIE S
AUGUSTINE, PAUL                              BELLANGER, FRANK N                          BODDEN, MICHAEL J                     BRUNETTE, CLINTON J
AXDAHL SR., DUANE A                          BELLANGER, HARVEY J                         BOGGS, JOHN                           BRUNETTE, FLORENCE
AZZOLINA, ROSALIE SMITH                      BELLANGER, JON L                            BOLEN, PHYLLIS                        BRUNETTE, IRVIN
BACH, CAROLYN S                              BELLANGER, LEON G                           BOLIN, WILBUR R                       BRUNETTE, IVER
BACHAND, MILES D                             BELLANGER, LESLIE J                         BONGA, CHARLES                        BRUNETTE, MARCEL B
BACKS, MARY A                                BELLANGER, MICHAEL A                        BONGA, CORDELIA A                     BRUNETTE, MICHAEL
BADBOY, DEAN W                               BELLANGER, PETER H                          BONGA, DONALD E                       BRUNETTE, RICHARD
BADBOY, DUANE F                              BELLANGER, PETER JOSEPH                     BONNEVILLE, LEONARD P                 BRUNETTE, RUTH (TURNQUIST)
Wednesday, July 1, 2009                                              Anishinaabeg Today                                                             19

BRUNNER, ALBERT L                      CLARK, KEITH L                             DENOMIE, DOROTHY A                   FITZGERALD, ROBERT R
BRUNNER, DEBORAH J                     CLARK, KEVIN A                             DENTZ, SR M ROSELLA                  FITZPARTRICK, GRACE
BRUNNER, KENNETH JEROME                CLARK, LAVONNE L                           DERUYTTER, MAGGIE                    FLAGG, DELORES V
BRUNNER, MICHELLE FAY                  CLARK, LOUIS V                             DIAL, MARY K                         FLATEGRAFF, CHERYL A
BUCHOLTZ, DEBRA L                      CLARK, ROBERT E                            DIAZ, ADELINE G                      FLOOD, SHARON R
BUCKANAGA, SANDRA K                    CLARK, STEVEN W                            DISE, SHARON M                       FOLSTROM, ALBERT L
BUCKANAGA, STACY                       CLARK, TAMMI                               DOEHLE, MARY A                       FOLSTROM, MARCIA
BUCKANAGA CLOUD, MARGARET              CLARK, TOMMI                               DOJAN, KIMBERLY                      FOLSTROM, MARCY H
BUCKANAGA ESTATE, SUSAN J              CLARK COOK, DOLLY                          DOKKEN, TIA M                        FOLZ, MELISSA F
BUCKLEY, MARY V                        CLARK GRAHAM, EVELYN                       DONALD, ROY                          FOOTE, LIZETTE B
BUCKLEY, PATRICK J                     CLARK JR., FRANCIS RAYMOND                 DOOLEY, EDWARD T                     FORSBERG, EARL L
BUCKLEY, THOMAS R                      CLARK JR., MILTON R                        DOUGHERTY, DIANE M                   FORSBERG, ROBERT V
BUDREAU, ELSIE J                       CLARK LAPHAM, MAXINE                       DOUGHERTY, PATRICK J                 FOSS, CURTIS D
BUDREAU, ERIC L                        CLARK ROBINSON, ANGELA JO                  DOW, ELAINE                          FOSTER, CHARLES J
BUDREAU, ESTATE OF WILLIAM D           CLEMENT, DARLENE M                         DOYLE, ADELINE M                     FOSTER, GARY LEE
BUDREAU, HAROLD C                      CLINGER, WILLIAM J                         DROBNICK, HAZEL B                    FOSTER, MARK EDWARD
BUDREAU, LINDA D                       COCHARANE, MARJORIE                        DUFFY, CLYDE                         FOSTER, RAYMOND J
BUDROW, CAROL S                        COFFEY, RUSSELL W                          DUHANT, TRACY L                      FOUQUETTE, ELAINE D
BUDROW, EPHRIAM                        COGGER, DENNIS J                           DUXBURY, WANDA J                     FOX, CAT D
BUDROW, JOHN                           COGGER, IRVIN F                            EARTH, RHONDA J                      FOX, JAMES
BUDROW, JOSEPH                         COGGER, LEONARD L                          EISEL, MICHAEL J                     FOX, JAMES E
BUDROW, LOUIS                          COLEMAN, HERBERT                           ELLIS, BELLE                         FOX, JOHN
BUDROW, MERVIN L                       COLEMAN, PAUL ALAN                         ELLIS, JOSEPH M                      FOX, MALIA K
BUDROW, MICHAEL L                      COLEMAN MADAN, LAURA J                     ELLIS, VIRGIL L                      FOX, NORMAN E
BUDROW, WILLIAM                        COLLAS, JAMES                              ELLIS, WILLIAM F                     FOX, ORLIN J
BUEHNER, RUBY                          COLLETT, GARNET L                          ENGELKE, CHERYL A                    FURBER, DOROTHY I
BUGG, GERALDINE M                      COLSRUD, JOSEPH D                          ENGELKE, SHARON A                    GALLO, ELIZABETH
BUHL, PAUL A                           COLTON, JUDY A                             ENGELMAN, LINDA J                    GALLUP, BEVERLY
BULAU, ANTHONY R                       COLUMBUS, JILL A                           ENGLISH, MICHELLE L                  GARBOW, CLIFFORD G
BULAU, THOMAS N                        COLUMBUS, WILLARD                          ENGLISH, YVONNE R                    GARBOW, DANIEL OWEN
BUNKER, MARY A                         CONGER WARREN, MARY ANN                    ENGLUND, E                           GARBOW, GEORGIANNA RAYE
BUNKER, MYRN L                         CONKLIN, RAYMOND F                         ERB, MILES R                         GARBOW, TINA M
BUNKER, RANDY                          CONLEY, SARAH                              ERB, WESLEY SHAWN                    GARBOW, TINA MARIE
BUNKER, RHONDA F                       CONTERAS, ALVINA                           ERION (HEDMAN), SUZANNE MARIE        GARBOW, TROY ALLEN
BUNKER JR., CLARENCE E                 COOK, MARIETTA T                           ERNSTER IIII, JOAN BEVERLY           GARCIA, DAVID D
BURCH, LOUIS L                         COOKMAN, LULU M                            ERNSTER JR., JOSEPH D                GARDEN, ESTATE OF FRANK
BURHANS, K THERESA                     COON, RITA T                               ESQUEDA, PAULA MARIE                 GARVIE, BARBARA A
BURKE, MICHELLE R                      COOPER, ANNE M                             ESTATE KNOTT ARMSTRONG, MARJORIE E   GARVIE, JOHN R
BURLESON, DUANE J                      CORLISS, ALICE                             EVANS, THOMAS B                      GARVIE, RICHARD
BUROLA, EDWARD C                       COULSON, DORA C                            EVANS LOUN, INEZ JANE                GAYLORD, ROSEMARY
BUROLA NAVARRO, ANITA JOY              COULSON, RAYMOND A                         EVERS, THEODORE H                    GENSMEN, DEBBIE
BUSH, NORMA                            COVEL, MICHAEL J                           FAIRBANKS, BEVERLY A                 GHEEN, JULIA
CADOTTE, PAMELA D                      COVERT, AUDREY M                           FAIRBANKS, CECELIA J                 GIFFEN, LAURIE M
CALDWELL, ELIZABETH                    CRAWFORD, SUSAN                            FAIRBANKS, CLARENCE G                GIFFIN, MARIE J
CAMPBELL, FRANCIS J                    CROUD, MARY                                FAIRBANKS, DAVID                     GILANE, MARIE
CAMPBELL, FRANK J                      CROUD JR., ESTATE OF JOHN                  FAIRBANKS, DEBRA LYNN                GILBERTSON, BETTY J
CANTON, ROSA L                         CROUD SR., ESTATE OF JOHN                  FAIRBANKS, DEONAKA LEE               GLASGOW, LOIS J
CAPPS, STEVEN R                        CROW, JEREMIAH J                           FAIRBANKS, ERNEST A                  GLASS, DEAN E
CARDINAL, CECEILIA E                   CRULL, PATRICIA J                          FAIRBANKS, JAMES D                   GLEASON, DEBBIE A
CARDINAL, JOSEPH L                     CURTIS, WALTER L                           FAIRBANKS, JUDITH ANN                GODFREY, FRANCIS J
CARLE, MERCEDES                        CYR, RUTH L                                FAIRBANKS, LAUREL ANN                GOMEZ, MARLENE JOYCE
CARLSON, GREGORY A                     DAHL, LEONA                                FAIRBANKS, LEONARD                   GONZALEZ, PHILIP
CARLSON, NAOMI J                       DAKOTA, ALAN D                             FAIRBANKS, LYLE A                    GOODBOE, SANDRA L
CARPENTER, ELIZABETH J                 DAKOTA, BEVERLY                            FAIRBANKS, MARILYN G                 GOODIN, CYNTHIA L
CARRANZA-GARCIA, DAWN P                DAKOTA, DIANE                              FAIRBANKS, MARY P                    GOODMAN, BETTY
CASEY, MATTHEW M                       DAKOTA, GARY J                             FAIRBANKS, PAUL A                    GOODMAN, CAROLINE
CASEY, WILLIAM T                       DAKOTA, GRACE A                            FAIRBANKS, RICHARD                   GOODMAN, GENEVIEVE
CHAMPAGNE, LORETTA D                   DALE, CLARENCE W                           FAIRBANKS RILEY, BETSY               GOODMAN, JOE
CHAMPION II, JAMES H                   DALE, CLIFFORD                             FARRELL, DENNIS J                    GOODMAN, JOHN L
CHANDLER, CHRISTOPHER J                DALE, HOLLIE M                             FARRELL, RANDY B                     GOODMAN, LAJUANA T
CHANDLER, JUDITH A                     DALE, VICKI L                              FARRELL, ROBERT A                    GOODMAN, MELVIN E
CHARBONEAU, AMANUAL J                  DANTIN, JAMES T                            FARRELL, TIMOTHY J                   GOODMAN, MICHAEL J
CHARBONEAU, WILLIAM                    DAVENPORT, MARTIN                          FAUSFEATHER, NICHOLAS                GOODMAN, RALPH E
CHARBONEAU JR., WILLAIM J              DAVIS, JAMES                               FAVORITE, MARY                       GOODMAN, RICHARD G
CHARETTE, BRUCE D                      DAWLEY, JESSIE M                           FEE, SYLVIA R                        GOODMAN, RICK
CHARETTE, DOUGLAS J                    DAWSON, DEBRA A                            FELIX, MARIAN                        GOODMAN, SUSANNE J
CHARETTE, GLEN M                       DAY, DENNIS S                              FENNO, MARY ELLEN                    GOODMAN JR., JOSEPH F
CHARMICHAEL, DEANNA                    DAY, RALPH                                 FERGUSON, GLEN                       GOODWIN, CATHERINE
CHELSEY, KENNETH WAYNE                 DEEGAN, DAVID WAYNE                        FERGUSON, JOAN                       GOODWIN, FRED
CHEVALIER, LILLIAN M                   DEEGAN, JAMES FRANCIS                      FERGUSON, RUTH L                     GOODWIN, GERALDINE
CHRISTOPHERSON, JOANN                  DEGROAT, LAWRENCE R                        FINEDAY, LAURIE ANN                  GORDON, JOHN J
CLARK, CARMEN                          DEGROAT, MARION M                          FINEDAY, PATRICIA J                  GORDON JR., HAROLD R
CLARK, CONRAD E                        DEMARAIS, WALTER                           FINEDAY WARREN, EVERYL JEANNE        GORR, SCOTT A
CLARK, DANETTE JOY                     DEMARRE, KIMBERLY L                        FISHER SR., GLEN B                   GORTON, FRANK J
CLARK, EILEEN M                        DEMARRIS JR., DONALD                       FITZGERALD, CHARLES F                GORTON, RUSSELL K
CLARK, FRED E C ESTATE OF              DEMERS, BERNICE                            FITZGERALD, FRANCES P                GORTON MCDONALD, FRANCES P
20                                                         Anishinaabeg Today                                Wednesday, July 1, 2009

GOUINN, JOSEPH O                  HOGAN, GARY F                        JOHNSON, JANELLE              KOVACHICH, KRISTI J
GRAHAM, CAROLINE L                HOLLINDAY, ROMAN W                   JOHNSON, JULIE A              KREUGER, MABEL P
GRAVELLE, ANNIE                   HOLMES, DOUGLAS O                    JOHNSON, NORENE               KROYER , LINDA L
GREEN, FLORA                      HOLSTEIN, STANLEY L                  JOHNSON, WALTER               KRYS, ELAINE
GREEN, INEZ M                     HOLSTINE, MILTON D                   JOHNSON JR., WALTER T         KUBITZ, DANA M
GREEN, IRENE L                    HOLTE, PATRICIA B                    JOHNSON KIER, DARLENE         KUCERA, EDWARD
GREEN, JESSICA J                  HOLZ, LEORA M                        JOHNSON SARGENT, KATHRYN J    KUCERA, LESLIE
GREEN, M                          HOOPES, JUDITH ARIANNE               JOHNSON SR., JOHN             KUCERA, MARIAN
GROVE, GOLDIE M                   HORNBACK, JANA DEE                   JONES, BRANDY D               KUCHYNKA, KURTIS D
GRYP, WENDY A                     HOUGH, DEBRA J                       JONES, DANIEL                 KUCK, MICHELLE J
GUINN, CHARLES R                  HOUGH, JENNIFER L                    JONES, EDWARD J               LA VOY, JEFFRY J
GUINN, JOHN J                     HOUGH, MARGARET                      JONES, ELIZABETH              LA VOY, JENIFER L
GUINTA, SYLVIA C                  HOUGH, SANDRA K                      JONES, GYNOLA K               LACHAPELLE, DARRELL F
GULBRANDSEN, ANDREA F             HOUGH, TREVIN A                      JONES, HOWARD                 LACHAPELLE, DUANE M
GUYON, ANN M                      HOUGH, TRISH A                       JONES, ROSE WILLIAMS          LACHAPELLE, GERALD D
GUYON, GREGORY C                  HOUGH, TRISTAN J                     JORGENSEN, ROBIN C            LADOUX, DOROTHY
GUYON, MARY A (WATKINS)           HOULE, DONALD A                      JORGENSON, STACY              LADUKE, BRADLEY D
GUYON, RICHARD T                  HOULE, MICHAEL J                     JOSTEN, ADELLE A              LADUKE, JACOB G
HAATAJA, LESLIE J                 HOWARD, JOHN T                       JUDE, MARY L                  LADUKE, PHILLIP W
HAFNER, MICHAEL                   HOWARD, REBECCA J                    JUGG (CORTEZ), DAVID LEE      LADUKE, VINCENT E
HAGEN, DEBRA A                    HOWARD, SHANNON M                    JURINA, VERONICA L            LADUKE, WINONA H
HAGEN, SHELLEY E                  HOWARD, STEVEN J                     KAISER, BARBARA               LAJEUNESSE, JEROME
HAMLIN, RONALD                    HOWELL, PAUL N                       KASTEL, PEARL E               LAQUIER, DONNA C
HANLON, CAROL                     HUGHES, SOPHIA V                     KAY JOHNSON, ENNETTE          LARSEN, JOSEPH D
HANSON, DARLENE A                 HUSS, JEREMY                         KEELER, STEVEN                LARSEN, SANDRA M
HANSON, JAMIE                     HUSS, SHAWN                          KEEN, KAREN                   LARSON, AUDREY F
HARDMAN, LEONARD                  HUSS, TARI L                         KEEZER, ANDREA L              LARSON, JANIS U
HARDMAN, WILLIAM                  HUTSON, RUTH                         KEEZER, ELAINE K              LATRAILLE, BENITA A
HARDY, JANICE                     HUTTON, LINDA J                      KEEZER, ESTATE OF WILLIAM     LAUSCHE, CHARLES V
HARLAND, ROY                      ISAIS, EDITH C                       KEEZER, HENRY                 LAWRENCE, ANDREA S
HART, INEZ J                      ISHAM, ROMMAINE S                    KEGG, MARY                    LAWRENCE, CAROL A
HART, MARCY A                     ISHAM, ROMONA W                      KELLEY, AVA ELIZABETH         LAWRENCE, JOSEPH A
HART, ROBERT E                    ISHAM, SARAH M                       KELLEY, EILEEN M              LAWRENCE, LORETTA
HATHAWAY, MARK S                  JACKSON, ALBERTA L                   KENISON, MARY E               LAWSON, ANITA P
HAY, TEXA D                       JACKSON, ANTHONY J                   KENNEDY, MICHAEL P            LEACH, MYRTLE L
HAYNES, BRIAN G                   JACKSON, BERNICE J                   KENT, LOIS A                  LEAF, GARRIE RAY
HEADBIRD, SUSAN                   JACKSON, CYNTHIA                     KEOGH, DELORES A              LEAF, MELODY JEANETTE
HEAVENRIDGE, PATRICIA             JACKSON, DELORIS V                   KEOUGH, JAMIE                 LEAF, RODNEY JOHN
HEDICAN, BEVERLY J                JACKSON, DUANE D                     KERNS, KIMBERLY S             LEAF, ROSS JAY
HEIN, CHARLES                     JACKSON, ERNEST A                    KERNS, SHERRY L               LEAF, RUFUS JAMES
HEINKEL, WALTER D                 JACKSON, FRANCES R                   KESNER, NALIN E               LEDBETTER, DENIS E
HEISLER, DONAVAN V                JACKSON, FRANCINE L                  KEUP, EILEEN                  LEDBETTER, MARY L
HEISLER, JOLENE L                 JACKSON, GEORGE A                    KIER, GARY J                  LEFEBVRE, ELLIS E
HEISLER, LEONA                    JACKSON, HERBERT D                   KIER, GORDON S                LEFEBVRE, JOSEPH E
HEISLER, MARY L                   JACKSON, JERRY L                     KIER, GREGORY G               LEGO, ANDREW
HELPS, DONALD E                   JACOBSON, NORMA J                    KIER, JEFFERY A               LEGO, CANDACE LYNN
HELPS, HARRY E                    JACOBSON, SOPHIA                     KILLIAN, PATRICIA A           LEGO, DEANNA J
HENCEL, FRANCES                   JACOBY, ERNEST                       KIMBERLING, MAGGIE R          LEGO, JOHN M
HENRY, CLIFFORD                   JAMES, JEFFREY J                     KING, JOHNSON B               LEITH, CHARMAINE L BLACKWELL
HENRY, ERNIE                      JAMES, JOSEPH B                      KING, KAREN K                 LEITH, FERN B
HENRY, FREDERICK                  JAMES, MARY E                        KINGBIRD, CHERIE K            LEITH, GARNET F
HENRY, HELEN M                    JAMES, STEPHEN M                     KIRKENDOLL, JAMES R           LEITH, WHITNEY G
HENRY, MARY J                     JANOUSEK, DORIS                      KITZEROW, JANICE              LEITHEISER, WILLIAM FRANKLIN
HENRY, WILSON                     JANOUSK, LINDA                       KLATT, DAWN MARIE             LEITHOFF, EMMA T
HERBY, AVANELLE E                 JAWORSKY, VIOLA P                    KLAUS, WILLIAM L              LESLIE, STELLA M
HERMANSON, DORTHY                 JENKINS, JENNIFER J                  KLEIN, JOSEPH ALLEN           LEU, ELLEN M
HERNANDEZ, MARY L                 JENKINS, MARY L                      KLICKER, RICK A               LIBBY, BILLY IKE
HILDEBRAN, JESSE J                JOHNSON, BRIAN S                     KLUGOW, DONNIS E              LIBBY, SHERRY
HILL, DUANE R                     JOHNSON, CHARLES JOSEPH              KNUDSON, DORIS J              LIDDELL, FREDERICK L
HILL, ELIZABETH I                 JOHNSON, CYNTHIA                     KOERNER, MARY L (KIER)        LIDDELL, MARIE J
HILL, JAMES P                     JOHNSON, DAVID                       KOMINEK, DOROTHY E            LIEBES, CECELIA C
HILL, LYNETTE D                   JOHNSON, DEBORAH T                   KONDOS, ANGELA F              LIENEMANN, ANN M
HILL, ROBERT D                    JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                   KOPAS, DONALD                 LILLEY, BRYAN I
HILL, RONALD J                    JOHNSON, ELMER                       KOPAS, GEORGETTE              LINDBERG, GERTRUDE
HINES, JACQUELINE A               JOHNSON, HARRY                       KOPAS, STEVEN                 LINDSTROM, DAWN
HINTSALA, KENNETH W               JOHNSON, IRA                         KORTE, MARY K                 LINGK, NANCY S
HOFF, SAMUEL J                    JOHNSON, JAMES                       KORTE, MARYN K                LINN, EILEEN G
HOFFMANN, MARY K                  JOHNSON, JAMES L                     KOVACHICH, JOHN P             LITTLE, KATHLEEN S
Wednesday, July 1, 2009                                     Anishinaabeg Today                                                               21

LITTLEWOLF, BARBARA A           MCKINNEY, RICKY B                        NEELAND, ROSE M                   PEAKE, CECELIA Y
LITTLEWOLF, GARY J              MCMAHON, PATRICIA A                      NEELAND GROSS, JOY A              PEAKE, DAVID J
LITTLEWOLF, JAMES J             MCNEIL, JUDITH M                         NEGRON, DONISE M                  PEAKE JR., GEORGE F
LITTLEWOLF, LIZZIE              MCRAE, PATRICIA A                        NELSON, LENA                      PEARSON, DEB
LITTLEWOLF, RAY E               MEANS, DAGNEY M                          NELSON, MYRTLE                    PEARSON, ROBERT G
LITTLEWOLF, REBA R              MEARS, VIRGINIA M                        NELSON, OLIVER                    PEMBERTON, GERALD D
LITTLEWOLF, REGGIE THOMAS       MEDWEOSH, TOM                            NELSON, PATRICIA A                PEMBERTON, JOEL L
LITTLEWOLF, REGINA C            MEEK, DONNA                              NELSON, RICHARD                   PEMBERTON, JUDY LEE
LITTLEWOLF, ROY D               MELLOH, SANDRA J                         NELSON, STAN                      PEMBERTON, LADONNA R
LIVINGOOD, BARBARA              MESABI, ROBERT W                         NEVITT, DONALD                    PEMBERTON JR ESTATE, JOHN LEWIS
LONESTAR, JOHN                  MEUCHEL, JAMES                           NEWTON, RUTH MARIE                PEMBERTONCLARK ESTATE, IRENE LOIS
LONESTAR, PAUL                  MEYER, DEBORAH A                         NICHOLAS, CHRISTINE               PENAY, NANCY
LONG, HAROLD H                  MEYER JR., JOSEPH A                      NICHOLAS, DONALD R                PERRAULT, BRUCE E
LONG, RICHARD W                 MEYER-LOPEZ, SHARON G                    NICHOLAS, JENNIE                  PERRAULT, MICHAEL J
LONG, ROCHELLE M                MICHAELS, LUCILLE M                      NICHOLAS, ROSALIE P S             PERRAULT, STEVEN
LONG JR., MARVIN G              MICHLING, FLORENCE J                     NICHOLSON, GLADYS S               PERRAULT, WILLIAM D
LONGHEED, DORIS I               MILLER, DAVID R                          NOHNER, MARY P                    PETERS, JOANN M
LOUIS, JOANNE                   MILLER, DEREK                            NORCROSS, DORIS M                 PETERS, MARLA
LUNDQUIST, DONNA M              MITCHELL, BRENDA C                       NORCROSS, MYRON D JR              PETERSON, DELORIS (KIER)
LUNDQUIST, JACOB J              MITCHELL, GEORGE                         NORCROSS, SHERYL L                PETERSON, MARY LOU
LUNDQUIST, JEREMY M             MITCHELL, JANE F                         NORCROSS, VINCENT LEE             PETTITT, EVA S
LUNDQUIST, JOSHUA J             MITCHELL, LOIS I                         NORMAN, JONI                      PIANO, FLORENCE
LUNDQUIST, MARVIN E             MITSCH, JEFFREY J                        NORTH, PATRICIA J                 PLAMONDON, CYNTHIA M
LYNN, LAVERNE                   MITTUN, AGNES T                          NOVAK, FRANK                      PLAMONDON, RICHARD O
LYONS, CATHERINE L              MOE, MYRTLE M                            NOVAK, LEONARD                    POLACK, RUSSEL D
MADISON, DWIGHT W               MONCHAMP, TOM                            NYLUND, JOHN R                    POPYA, PHYLLIS E
MADISON, ROBERT                 MONROE, DAWN R                           NYMAN, JOAN L                     PORTER, CECELIA
MAKI, TOIVO                     MONROE, HENRY J                          O'BRIEN, JAMES L                  PORTER, JOE
MANLEY, CLAUDEAN M              MONROE, MICHAEL L.                       O'BRIEN, JOHNNY J                 PORTER, MICHAEL J
MANYPENNY, DEAN F               MONROE, RUTH A.                          O'BRIEN, LUANN P                  POSEY, LISA A
MANYPENNY, KAREN T              MONTGOMERY, DAVID P                      O'DONNELL, GENE A                 POST, ERNESTINE L
MARKEE, DAVID F                 MONTRAIELLE, JOHN B                      O'MALLEY, TERESA A                POTTER, ALVIN
MARKEE, ROBERT A                MONTRAIELLE, PAUL E                      OBRIEN, JAMES L                   POTTER, KELLY A
MARKEY, SANDRA L                MOOERS, PATRICIA                         OLIVER, JANE E                    PRENTICE, LOWELL L
MARKS, DIANA D                  MOORE, RUBY                              OLIVER, TERRI                     PRICE, SHARI L
MARTIN, CECELIA L               MOORE, THOMAS TAYLOR                     OLIVER, WAYNE                     PRICE, VERNON J
MARTIN, JENNIE V                MOOSE, LARRY J                           OLSON, CHERIE LEANNE              PRINCE, NORA B
MARTIN, PHILIP J                MOOSE, LEROY                             OLSON, JEREMY KEITH (CHRIST)      PUCKENOGAY, SELAM G
MARTIN, SARAPHINE R             MOOSE, ROBERT M                          OLSON, RUPERT THEODORE            PURVIS, WILLIAM L
MARTIN, WILLIAM G               MORENO, ANGELA                           OLSON, RUTH S                     QUAY, NAY-TUM-AH-MAH-GE-WAY-
MARTY, LINDA M                  MORGAN, APRIL                            OLSON, TINA R                     RABBIT, ESTATE OF SADIE
MASON, LENARD F                 MORGAN, RHONDA                           OLSON, VANESSA                    RADEBRESH, SHIRLEY M
MASON, SUE                      MORRISON, BETTY J                        OMER, MELVINA F                   RADHAKRISHNAN, TRIVA LYNN
MASON, THOMAS ALVIN             MORRISON, BOYD                           OPPEGARD, ALAN PERRY              RADLEY, JAMES D
MASTEN JR., MICHAEL A           MORRISON, GEORGE P                       OPPEGARD, LIZA M                  RADLOFF, JAMES H
MATTHEWS, FRANCIS D             MORRISON, JOHN                           OPPEGARD, MICHAEL GENE            RANDBERG, EDWARD G
MATTSON, SUSAN M                MOSLEY, BRENDA J                         OPPEGARD CANNON, LYDA KAY         REESE, JULIE
MCCAMMON, PHYLLIS P             MOULTON, TERRY A                         ORNS, SAMUEL J                    REYNOLDS, ALOYSIUS
MCCASH, TAMMI L                 MOUNTAIN, KENNETH J                      OTT, PHYLLIS                      RICE, GLORIA J
MCCLOSKEY, MARK                 MURPHY, GENEVA                           OVERSTREET, CHRIS                 RICHARDSON, FRANK
MCCLOSKEY, MICHAEL A            MURPHY, JASON L                          PADILLA, PAULETTE M               RICHEY, ROBERT L
MCCLOSKEY, WILLIAM G            MURPHY, JOSEPHINE D                      PARKHURST, AMBER E                RICHNER, RALPH W
MCCRACKEN, RHONDA J             MURPHY, THEODORE M                       PARTRIDGE, DAWN E                 RIECHERT, DARLA M
MCCRADY, IVA K                  MURRAY, ALFRED                           PASKET, DEBORAH                   RITTS, MARK E
MCDONALD, LOUISE L              MURRAY, ALLEN W                          PATCH, LINDA L                    RITTS, ROBERT K
MCDOUGALL, MILDRED C            MURRAY, ROBERT W                         PATRICK, GERTRUDE                 ROBBINS, PATRICK
MCFARLAND, MARGARET             MURRAY, RUTH J                           PATUSZYNSKI, SUSAN E              ROBBINS, TIMOTHY
MCGILLIS, JOHN B                MURRAY, SHAWN M                          PAUL, SHANNON RENAE               ROBERTS, FRANKLIN THOMPSON
MCINTOSH, JOHN E                MURRAY III, FRANK                        PAUL, SHAWN MCKAY                 ROBERTSON, ELEANORE
MCKENZIE, JAMES                 MUTCHLER, AUGUST                         PAUL, STEVEN RAY                  ROBERTSON THUNDER, MARY E
MCKENZIE, LOUIS F               NEAL, NANCY H                            PAUL, STEWART JAY                 ROBINSON, KATHERINE J
MCKENZIE, ROSIE                 NEELAND, DORIS J                         PAYNE, MARY B                     ROBINSON, THEA
MCKINNEY, CLARA A               NEELAND, JUANITA L                       PEAKE, ANNA M                     ROCK, AARON K
22                                                        Anishinaabeg Today                                      Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ROCK, CHARLES N                  SCOTT, GLENDORA                    STAGER, PHILLIP                       TEJOHN, ELMER M
ROCK, RAYMOND K                  SELVAGGI, BARBARA J                STANDERFER, ROBERT M                  TENNANT, CHARLES S
ROCK, TERRANCE L                 SHABIASH, DUSTY E                  STANGEL, DIANA                        THOMAS, JOSEPH
ROCK JR., SIMON D                SHARON SCHWINDT, JUDY              STAPLES, ALLEN J                      THOMAS, PAMELA J
ROGERS, BOBBI JO                 SHAUGABAY, MATTHEW W               STAPLES, BETTY ANN                    THOMAS JR., RUSSELL V
ROGERS, GEORGE L                 SHAUGABAY, SARA E                  STAPLES, EVELYN                       THOMPSON, ANTHONY J
ROGERS, GEORGIA L                SHAUGABOY, DONALD W                STAPLES, KAREN                        THOMPSON, BARBARA L
ROGERS, LOU A                    SHAUGABOY, GERALD S                STAPLES, MICHAEL                      THOMPSON, CANDACE F
RONDEAU, TIMOTHY                 SHAUGOBOY, MARVIN J                STAPLES, RONALD                       THOMPSON, DANIELLE M
ROSS, DAVID P                    SHAUGOBOY, RICHARD D               STATELY, EDWARD D                     THOMPSON, DARLENE J
ROSS, DONALD H                   SHEA, TIMOTHY                      STAVICK, PATRICIA                     THOMPSON, DORENE K
ROSS, GENE E                     SHEALY, PATRICK L                  STAVNE, URSULA A                      THOMPSON, ESTATE OF EDWARD JOHN
ROSS JR., STUART G               SHEILA COX                         STAWICKI, PATRICIA D                  THOMPSON, GEORGE
ROSSITER, ANITA L                SHEPPARD, DEAN F                   STEPHENS, DEBRA R                     THOMPSON, HENRIETTA
ROY, DENNIS M                    SHEPPARD III, THOMAS               STEPHENS, PAMELA G                    THOMPSON, JAMIE MARIE
ROY, FRANKLIN                    SHERER, BONNIE                     STEPHENS, ROCHELLA K                  THOMPSON, JEAN M
ROY, GEORGE                      SHERER, BRUCE E                    STEPHENSON, JANICE                    THOMPSON, JERALDINE ANN
ROY, GEORGE L                    SHERER, CLIFFORD                   STERNS, MAMIE G                       THOMPSON, LELAND WAYNE
ROY, HAROLD L                    SHERER, DONALD                     STEVENS, GAIL M                       THOMPSON, LU ANNE
ROY, LISA                        SHERER, DOROTHY                    STEVENS, IDA M                        THOMPSON, MABLE B
ROY, MARTIN G                    SHERER, JOY E                      STEVENS, JOSEPH E                     THOMPSON, PATRICIA
ROY, RANDOLPH L                  SHERER, JULANA E                   STEVENS, ROBERTA A                    THOMPSON, RITA T
ROY, RONALD L                    SHERER, ROWA                       STEVENS, RONALD G                     THOMPSON, ROBERT L
ROY, SETH G                      SHERER, TRACY J                    STEVENS, SANDRA M                     THOMPSON, SCOTT
ROY JR., CHARLES J               SHERER JR., BURDETTE J             STEVENS, YVONNE J                     THOMPSON, SHELLY
SAICE, JOHN N                    SHINAULT, LOU ANN                  STEVENS MOOSE, CALVIN W               THOMPSON, TEX
SAICE, LIZZIE B                  SILK, DENNIS                       STEWART, ANTHONY T                    THOMPSON, TIM
SAICE, RAYMOND                   SILK, GARY                         STEWART, CATHERINE                    THOMPSON, VIOLET P
SAICE JR., EDWARD                SILK, MARIE                        STITCHE, ROBERT E                     THOMPSON, WAYNE L
SAIGN, SARA E                    SILK, MARTIN                       STODELL, LUELLA M                     THOMPSON JR., RICHARD J
SALLEE, TERRI L                  SILK, TERRI                        STONE, BEULAH                         THOMPSON SR., RONALD W
SALO, ALBERTA L                  SILK, TIMOTHY                      STONE, FLORA                          THORNBERG, ALVINA GILGOSCH
SALO JR., ROY A                  SILK JR., JOHN                     STONE, KATHERINE H                    THORNTON, DORIS A
SAM, ESTATE OF PETE              SIMONSON, VIRGINIA H               STONE, LESLIE J                       THREATS, BARBARA J
SAM, JOHN                        SKINAWAY, KIMBERLY M               STONE, PARIS J                        TIBBETTES, TERRENCE
SAM DAY, MARY                    SKINAWAY, SHELLY M                 STONE FOX, MARCY L                    TIBBETTS, JUDITH
SAM MARTIN, MARY                 SKINAWAY, THERESA L                STORMS, DIANNA M                      TIBBETTS, MARVIN
SANTWIRE, RAYMOND F              SLAGOWSKI, DIANE                   STRELITZ, MAXINE                      TIBBETTS SHERER, GLADYS
SARGENT, CLIFFORD D              SMITH, CAROL N                     STROMBERG, JULIE A                    TOLLEFSON, MELVINA J
SARGENT, DARREN                  SMITH, EDWIN R                     STROMBERG, SHIRLEY A                  TOPINKA, RUDY
SARGENT, JEFFERY DALE            SMITH, GAIL M                      STROMSTAD, MARGARET E                 TRACY, HARLAN D
SARGENT, JOSEPH D                SMITH, GEORGE S                    STRUSS, EUNICE                        TRAHAN, TODD E
SARGENT, KELLY A                 SMITH, GERALDINE Y                 STRZESZEWSKI, DONNA M                 TREICHEL, DALE R
SARGENT, LISA A                  SMITH, HENRY JOE                   STURGEON, SAM                         TREMBLAY, PAMELA R
SARGENT, MELVIN J                SMITH, JEAN M                      SULLIVAN, DANIEL T                    TROMBLY, BARBARA A
SARGENT, WILLIAM GEORGE          SMITH, LISA L                      SULLIVAN, TRACEY                      TURPIN, JOHN T
SARGENT JR., DENNIS L            SMITH, LUCILLE G                   SUMMERS, DOUGLAS J                    TURPIN, MARY A
SARGENT PETER, LORI              SMITH, PAUL R                      SUMNER, JOSEPH G                      TURPIN, MERTON J
SAVAGE, DANIEL M                 SMITH, REBECCA J                   SUTHERLAND, LETA                      UGRICH, MARY
SAXON, LOREN T                   SMITH RYAN, LOUISE JEAN            SUTPHIN, MAUREEN J                    ULLRICH, CARL F
SAXON, PHYLLIS F                 SMOOT, PRISCILLA                   SUTTON, JUNIOR                        UMBEL, JUANITA
SAXON, SANDRA D                  SNOW, KENNETH F                    SUZEK, ETHEL                          UNDERBERG, KATHLEEN
SAYERS, ALVIN D                  SOMERS, CLIFFORD P                 SWAN, JOHN                            URAN, JANE L
SAYERS, CHERYL D                 SOMMERVILLE, DEBORAH L             SWAN, ROBERT ALAN                     URAN, THOMAS J
SAYERS, GERALD L                 SOUTHARD, KEVIN P                  SWANHOULE, KAREN ANN                  UREVIG, IRENE
SAYERS, SIMON H                  SPANYARD, THOMAS J                 SWANSON, DOROTHY L                    VALDEREZ, LORI L
SCHIMANSKI, MARY J               SPICKA, JOSEPH EDWARD              SWEET, LEONARD                        VAN DER GRIFF, GARRETT L
SCHLIMGEN, SUSAN                 SPIESS, DOUGLAS E                  SWEET, MARGARET                       VAN WERTSUTTON, JEAN CLAIRE
SCHMEHL, FREDRIC A               SPIESS, ROBERT H                   SWEET, WALTER H                       VANBOLHUIS, BEVERLY A
SCHMEHL, STEVEN L                SPROUT, GEORGIANA A                SWONSON, ELVA                         VANWERT, MELANIE V
SCHOENBORN, EDWIN W              SPRY, DALE                         TADLOCK, FLORENCE                     VARTY, GUY T
SCHOENBORN, JAMES E              SPRY, DONALD D                     TANNER, LOIS M                        VESENARJ, CREAG
SCHOENBORN, MARVIN J             SPRY, JOHN                         TANNER JR., LEONARD                   VEZINA, GEA R
SCHOENBORN, SEVERN               SPRY, JOHN M                       TAYLOR, EVELYN                        VEZINA, JASON D
SCHOENBORN, SURGENIUS            SPRY, WILLIAM W                    TAYLOR, GLORIA M                      VEZINA, LAWRENCE D
SCHREIBER, BONIE J               ST CLAIR, PATRICIA M               TAYLOR, LAWRENCE                      VILLALTA, KAREN A
SCHULTZ, CYNTHIA C               ST CLAIRE, DONOVAN A               TAYLOR, LORRAINE                      VILLBRUN, MARY B
SCHULTZ, DUWAYNE A               ST JOHN, CATHERINE                 TAYLOR, MARY A                        VILLEBRUN, BRUCE
SCHULTZ, RODNEY D                STAFFORD, EVELYN M                 TAYLOR, MAVIS A                       VILLEBRUN, EARL R
SCHULTZ, SHARON L                STAFFORD, KAREN F                  TEFFT, GAYLIN L                       VIOLANTE, BARBARA J
SCHWARTZ, JOAN K                 STAFFORD, PHYLIS                   TEICH, KELLY G                        VIZENOR, EDWARD J
SCHWARTZ, SUE A                  STAFFORD, RICHARD E                TEISON, NERBERT                       VIZENOR, LEONARD J
SCHWEDES, MARGARET E             STAFFORD, SHERYL C                 TEISON, OTTO                          VIZENOR, LLOYD A
Wednesday, July 1, 2009                                          Anishinaabeg Today                                                           23

VIZENOR, LORI                         WEAVER, BERNICE M                   WILLIAMS, ROSE M              WRIGHT, JAMES C
VIZENOR, LYLE D                       WEAVER, CLIFFORD J L                WILLIAMS, ROY A               WRIGHT, MARIAN
VIZENOR JR., GERALD J                 WEAVER, GEORGE W                    WILLIAMS, THOMAS              WRIGHT, ROBIN
VORNWOLD, LEO                         WEBSTER, DEAN M                     WILLIAMSON, JUDITH A          YBARRO, LESLIE
WADE, FRANK J                         WECK, PHILLIP R                     WILLIS, FRANK J               YOUNG FAIRBANKS, PATRICIA RUTH
WADE, MURIEL S                        WEIGELT, MARY E                     WILLIS ARNDT, JOYCE JEAN      ZEMKE, JEROME ALVIN
WAHWON JR., JOE                       WEISE, JOHN                         WIND, ADELINE M
WAKEFIELD, HAROLD                     WELTON, FORREST                     WIND, KENNETH W
WALKER, JAMES A                       WENDT, MAE D                        WINSLOW, LISA A                 Individuals that are on this list or
WALLACE, BRIAN                        WEST, CYNTHIA L                     WINTER, CINDY
                                                                                                         know of someone on the list should
WALLACE, JASON                        WHEELER, JANET Y                    WINTER, JUDITH
WALLER, MARY E                        WHIPPLE, ESTATE OF LEONA            WISCHNAK, JEFFREY W             call 218-751-4338, or stop by the
WALTERMAN, ROBERT C                   WHITCOMB, MARGARET E                WISER, MARY D                  OST office in Bemidji, or mail a let-
WALZ, VIOLET M                        WHITE, DOUGLAS C                    WISOCKI, ANTHONY C               ter to the address listed below.
WAPOOSE, BERNICE                      WHITENER, JOSEPH L                  WISOCKI, STEPHEN R
WARD, THERESA                         WILKINS, DARWIN L                   WITHERSPOON, JOSEPH             Office of the Special Trustee for
WARNER, ERMA E                        WILKINS, JAMES R                    WITTNER, AMBER D R                      American Indians
WARNER, VICTORIA J                    WILKINS, JESSICA R                  WITTNER, LULU GRACE                    Minnesota Agency,
WARREN, DARREL D                      WILKINS, LISA J                     WITTNER, MARK ROBERT
                                                                                                          522 Minnesota Ave NW Rm 304
WARREN, ELIZABETH A                   WILKINS, WILMA J                    WITTNER, ROBERT LEO                    Bemidji, MN 56601
WARREN, ELLA L                        WILKINS JR., WILBUR J               WITTNER, RUTH VERONICA
WARREN, HOWARD L                      WILLIAMS, DANNY D                   WITTNERSTEIL, ROSE MARY                   Editors note:
WARREN, JOHN E                        WILLIAMS, EVRYL L                   WOLF, COLLETTE S                  If you have questions on an
WARREN, RODERICK                      WILLIAMS, FRANCIS                   WOLF, MARY A                     Individual Indian Monies (IIM)
WARREN, WILLIAM V                     WILLIAMS, HERBERT                   WOLFF, WILLIAM J               account please call the OST office.
                                                                                                          The Anishinaabeg Today doesnt
WASHINGTON, JOSEPH                    WILLIAMS, LAMOND D                  WRIGHT, DEBRA A
WAUKAZO, ARNOLD D                     WILLIAMS, PETER H                   WRIGHT, DIANE M                have additional information besides
WAX, THERESA                          WILLIAMS, PHILLIP S                 WRIGHT, ESTATE OF JIMMY LEE      whats listed in this newspaper.

                                    White Earth Elderly Nutrition Program Menu for July

   The annual White Earth Reservation
   Elders Picnic will be held on Friday,
  July 24 at the White Earth Community
  Center. A picnic lunch will be served
    at 11:30 a.m. with Bingo to follow.
24                                                                               Anishinaabeg Today                                                        Wednesday, July 1, 2009

White Earth Tribal Council shares
concerns over medicinal plants                                                            Census 2010: Its in Our Hands
By Michael C. Smith
White Earth Tribal Forester                                                              This is a good opportunity for American Indians to stand up
     The Tribal Council is concerned about possible damage or destruc-
                                                                                                              and be counted.
tion of threatened, endangered, or medicinal plants in tribal timber sales.
We at Tribal Forestry are just as concerned, and we want to take what-                   It is estimated that American Indians were undercounted by
ever precautions are necessary to mitigate any possible harm to these                        12 percent in 1990 and 4.4 percent in 2000. Accurate
important plants. Although most of our timber sales are completed on
snow-covered, frozen ground, which would protect any small plants
                                                                                          Census data ensures there is a fair allocation of the funds
from damage, the information you provide is still important to ensure                     vital to tribal programs to help meet the many needs of our
no damage occurs. Most sales have a blue painted sale boundary, with                                           community members.
the paint towards the sale.
     Below is a list of the names and legal locations of currently pend-
ing timber sales:
                                                                                        Census information is confidential and cannot be shared with
                                                                                         any tribal officials, tribal police, tribal courts, local or federal
ST-3 9 4 To wer                                                                          government agencies, including but not limited to IRS, FBI,
NW/4 of the SW/4 & the SW/4 of the NW/4 of Section 34, T 144 N, R
39 W                                                                                       BIA, or Welfare. This is the law. No one, not even the
(Summer option) NW of Bass Lake and Broken Arrow Resort                                    President of the United States can get this information.
ST-3 9 5 As pi nwal l
SW/4 of the NE/4 of Section 31, T 141 N, R 37 W                                                  For more information visit
NE of the new projects, east of Pine Point

ST-3 9 6 Wats o n
SE/4 of the SW/4 of Section 17, T 143 N, R 39 W
East Side of County Road 4, SE of Snider Lake                                 R2AC offers free grant writing workshops
ST-4 0 4 Neel and                                                                  Region 2 Arts Council Executive Director,           will be open to artists in all art disciplines. These
NW/4 of the SW/4 of Section 10, T 145 N, R 38 W                               Terri Widman, will offer free grant writing work-        grants offer funding for costs associated with the
East side of Bongo Landing Road, just south of County Road 35                 shops for anyone interested in applying for an Arts      exhibition, performance, or production or a creative
                                                                              Project Grant, Individual Artist Grant, or an            work; purchase of materials or equipment necessary
ST-4 0 7 Dewey                                                                Anishinaabe Arts Initiative grant within the Region      for a creative work; educational opportunities; men-
SE/4 of the SE/4 of Section 3, T 144 N, R 39 W
                                                                              2 area (serving Beltrami, Clearwater, Hubbard, Lake      torships; and proposals for career-enhancing projects
(Summer option) West side of Clark Road, 1 mile south of Highway 200
                                                                              of the Woods and Mahnomen counties). These work-         or opportunities.
       The below sales are set up, but have not been offered and purchased    shops will familiarize potential applicants with the          The Ani shi nabe Arts Ini ti ati ve Grant is
yet:                                                                          application process, what projects are eligible, how     open to individual Native American artists, schools
                                                                              to develop a project budget and other tips.              who wish to bring in a Native American artist-in-
Jo hns o n Lake                                                                    The Arts Project grant writing session will         residence, and communities to assist an organization
SW/4 of the NE/4 of Section 6, T 143 N, R 39 W                                be open to any non-profit organization, school           in sponsoring or producing an arts project.
Just off of Snider Lake Road and County Road 4                                (including community education offices), and units            Advance registration is required. To reserve a
                                                                              of government. These grants offer funding for a vari-    place in a free workshop or for further information,
Oppeg ard                                                                     ety of art projects including costs related to perfor-   please call 218-751-5447 or 1-800-275-5447 or
NW/4 of the NW/4 of Section 9, T 145 N, R 39 W                                mances or exhibitions, engagement of guest artists,      email
East side of County Road 4, just north of Wild Rice River                     and artists-in-residence.                                     The workshops will be offered in the following
                                                                                   The Indi vi dual Arti st grant writing session      locations:
McKenzi e
NW/4 of the NW/4 of Section 6, T 145 N, R 39 W
                                                                              Chewe Conveni ence S tore                    Monday, August 10                    Cass Lake
NW of Washington Lake, across the new spruce plantation
                                                                              Anishinaabe Arts Initiative Grant            4:30-5:30 p.m.
Mo s qui to Creek
NE/4 of Section 14, T 145 N, R 38 W                                           Tri bal Counci l HQ Bui l di ng              Thursday, August 13                  Red Lake
NE of Lower Rice Lake, south of Mosquito Creek Road (35)                      Anishinaabe Arts Initiative Grant            4:30-5:30 p.m.

     If you know of any threatened, endangered, or medicinal plants at        Fai th Lutheran Church                       Thursday, August 20                  Bagl ey
any of these locations, please contact Tribal Forestry at 218-935-5967,       Individual Artist Grant                      4:30-5:30 p.m.
or stop by our office to discuss it. We will do whatever is necessary to      Arts Project Grant                           5:30-6:30 p.m.
ensure those plants are protected.
                                                                              Regi on 2 Arts Counci l Offi ce              Monday, August 24                    Bemi dji
                                                                              (426 Bemi dji Avenue)
                                                                              Anishinaabe Arts Initiative Grant            4-5 p.m.
         Church Of Nay Tay Waush                                              Arts Project Grant                           5-6 p.m.
                                                                              Individual Artist Grant                      6-7 p.m.
            Wednesday - 7:00 PM Family Bible Study
           Sunday - 11:00 AM Family Worship Service                           Mi nwanji ge Cafe                            Thursday, August 27                  Ogema
                                                                              (near S trawberry Lake S tore)
                         ALL ARE WELCOME                                      Anishinaabe Arts Initiative Grant            4-5 p.m.
       “Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in Him,                      Individual Artist Grant                      5-6 p.m.
          and He shall bring it to pass.” (Psalm 37:5)
                                                                              Publ i c Li brary                            Thursday, S eptember 10              Park Rapi ds
   Join us as we worship and praise the LORD together                         Arts Project Grant                           5-6 p.m.
                                                                              Individual Artist Grant                      6-7 p.m.
Wednesday, July 1, 2009                                 Anishinaabeg Today                                                                                        25

                                                     Signage          from Page 4

                                                     Opportunities; Civic Participation and Leadership;        2005, the day of the Red Lake tragedy. “I was vis-
                                                     Educational Attainment and Skill Development; and         iting with former Bemidji City Manager David
                                                     Cultural Understanding and Respect.                       Minke and discussing the horrible events at Red
                                                           The “Cultural Understanding and Respect”            Lake,” he said. As they were talking, Meuers
                                                     group’s hope is that within several years, cultural       noticed a Red Lake flag that Minke had been given
                                                     literacy about Native American culture will have          as a gift. “I suggested that the city fly the Red Lake
                                                     increased in the Bemidji community for all races and      banner to express our deep sympathy for our broth-
                                                     discrimination will have decreased in all aspects of      ers and sisters at Red Lake,” said Meuers. Minke
                                                     community life.                                           loved the idea, and had the flag flown at half mast
                                                           One of the several initiatives identified by the    for a week.
                                                     Cultural Understanding and Respect group to                    “I heard more positive comments from Red
                                                     achieve the “Vision” was defined: “Within a year          Lake members about that simple symbolic gesture
                                                     twenty institutions in Bemidji will have Ojibwe and       of respect than any other single act before or since.
                                                     English signs at their business.” Meuers is spear-        It was a symbol of camaraderie, and symbolism
                                                     heading this initiative and has offered to pay for the    speaks loudly.”
                                                     first twenty signs up to a certain dollar amount.              In addition, Meuers said he was told by his
                                                     The Idea/ Concept                                         brother, who had recently visited Ireland, that many
                                                           Meuers, a member of the Cultural                    signs are now printed in Gaelic as well as English,
                                                     Understanding group and a public relations person         an initiative to revitalize the native tongue after
                                                     for the Red Lake Band of Chippewa, came up with           years of English domination. He thought “why not
                                                     the idea of Ojibwe/English signage in the commu-          celebrate the diversity that is Bemidji with
                                                     nity. “Some of the ideas the group was coming up          Ojibwe/English signage.”
                                                     with seemed rather daunting to me,” said Meuers. “I            “I felt that this idea could have a three-fold
                                                     was trying to think of something simple, but mean-        effect”, Meuers said. “It could be interpreted as a
                                                     ingful, and able to be put into action quickly to         huge symbol of friendship and respect to Indian peo-
                                                     show that Shared Vision, just might be different.”        ple, it might help the non-Indian learn something
                                                           “It is my experience that Indian people are a bit   about the area’s first residents, and tourists would
                                                     skeptical when it comes to ideas of working togeth-       just eat it up. Hopefully the idea then would snow-
                                                     er for a better community” said Meuers, “and lets         ball,” he said.
                                                     face it, Indians have a history of experiencing good           Although it would be a more expensive project,
                                                     intentions not quite lived up to.”                        Meuers also suggested that in addition to flying the
                                                           “Although Tribal Governments will support           U.S and Canadian flags, that the County and espe-
                                                     efforts such as Shared Vision,” he said, “it is my        cially the Bemidji Chamber Tourist Information
                                                     view that many tribal members feel they’ve heard it       Center, fly the flags of it’s three Indian Nation
                                                     before and have a wait and see attitude. Not all, but     neighbors.
                                                     some of our American Indian neighbors have gotten
                                                     to a point where they just shrug these kind of things          Businesses or organizations who might like
                                                     off, thinking it is more of the same.”                    more information on the Meuers incentive, or the
                                                           Keeping all this in mind, Meuers said that his      correct spelling of Ojibwe words may contact
                                                     mind wandered back to that terrible day, March 21,        Meuers at 218-766-6588.

                                                     Review         from Page 3

             1222 1st Street ~ Waubun                spiritual, and intellectual aspects of sovereignty.       dealing with members or descendants of political
                                                          Lumbee scholar, David Wilkins defines tribal         entities, that is, Indian tribes, not with persons of a
      Daily Lunch Specials & Hand-Made Pizza’s       sovereignty as “the intangible and dynamic cultural       particular race.”
   Bingo on Mondays & Fridays @ 6 p.m. - Be Early!   force inherent in a given indigenous community,                Yet race or blood quantum is used by many
                                                     empowering that body toward the sustaining and            American Indian nations to determine tribal citizen-
       Fridays WAMO Meat Raffle @ 5:30 p.m.
                                                     enhancement of political, economic, and cultural          ship, so even though our relationship with the U.S.
        Call (218) 473-2700 for Take Out             integrity. It under grids the way that tribal govern-     government is political, many of our nations are
                                                     ments relate to their own citizens, to non-Indian res-    based on race. One of the fundamental rights of
         Monday ~ Saturday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.          idents, to local governments, to the state govern-        American Indian nations is to establish and regulate
                                                     ment, to the federal government, to the corporate         tribal citizenship or enrollment.
               Saturday Night Buffet                 world, and the global community.” Dr. Wilkins gave
         Barbecue ribs, rotisserie chicken,          a presentation to tribal delegates in fall 2008 and            Citizenship is a critical issue for all nations
             salad bar and baked potato              served in an advisory role during the process of writ-    because citizens form the foundation of the nation.
     Adults - $9.95  children under 12 - $5.95      ing the constitution.                                     American Indian nations establish citizenship
                                                          Many folks do not realize the unique political       requirements and practices within their constitu-
        Pappy’s is a Smoke-Free Restaurant           status of American Indian tribes is not racially          tions. Nearly one-third of tribes populating the
                                                     based. In fact, American Indians are separate from        lower 48 states have rejected blood quantum and
                                                     “minority” groups or “people of color” because of         instead use a variety of requirements including lineal
                                                     our political status as nations. American Indians are     descent or residency. The proposed constitution of
                                                     separate nations, not minorities. The United States       the White Earth Nation reflects the Anishinaabe
                                                     negotiated treaties with American Indian nations          value of family. It uses family relationship as the
                                                     through the 19th century and continues to negotiate       basis for citizenship. It requires direct lineal descent
                                                     various agreements today. These treaties and politi-      to become a citizen.
                    Dispatch: (218) 983-3201
                                                     cal agreements are not based on the racial status of
                    Cops Line: (218) 983-2677        American Indians but solely on political status, cre-          The proposed constitution is available for your
                                                     ating the basis for the nation-to-nation relationship.    review and consideration. Blood quantum, tribal cit-
                                                     Leading legal scholar Felix S. Cohen has written,         izenship, and Anishinaabe values will be examined
Howah ads are $5 with picture or $4 without          “In dealing with Indians, the federal government is       in depth in future articles.
26                                                                             Anishinaabeg Today                                                      Wednesday, July 1, 2009

                          Willis H. Cummings                                                                            Marie E. Thompson
     Willis H. Cummings, age 90, resident of Detroit Lakes, died June 3 with family and           Marie E. Thompson, 34, resident of White Earth, died June 6 at Innovis Health in
Hospice angels by his side.                                                                   Fargo.
     Willis Howard Cummings was born Aug. 3, 1918, near Alexandria, Minn., to                     Marie Edith Thompson was born Oct. 4, 1974, in Detroit Lakes to Robert TeJohn
Phillip C. and Nora Eugene (Johnson) Cummings. At the age of three, his family moved          and Sandra K. Thompson. She grew up in Minneapolis and White Earth. She attended
                            west to Oregon, but made it only into Montana when they                                       schools in Minneapolis, Bagley, Pine Point and Circle of
                            had car problems and had to turn back to North Dakota. They                                   Life. In 1992, Marie graduated from Heart of The Earth
                            spent several years residing north of Tower City, N.D. He                                     Survival School where she was the class valedictorian. After
                            later moved to the Callaway area and helped build the school                                  finishing school she moved back to White Earth. While in
                            there. When he was 22, Willis moved to Glyndon and enlist-                                    White Earth she worked at Shooting Star Casino. Marie
                            ed in the U.S. Army. Two years later he left for war. He was                                  worked in a few different positions before she started in the
                            on a ship of 7,000 men that took 14 days to get to North                                      Black Jack department where she worked the floor and also as
                            Africa. Only 250 of them returned home in 1945. Willis was                                    the pit boss. She later took a job as a custodian at Circle of
                            in Africa, Italy and Czechoslovakia when he was injured and                                   Life School until her untimely death. She will be sadly
                            lost all his teeth. He was proud to have served his country                                   missed by her family and co-workers.
                            and remained patriotic throughout his life. After the war,                                         Marie is survived by her daughter, Roslyn Fritsch and
                            Willis resided in Fargo, working construction with his dad.                                   son, Rohan Fritsch, both of White Earth, along with her
                            He was united in marriage with Perle Crosby and together                                      brother, Robert Thompson of Ogema; two sisters, Samantha
they moved to the Twin Cities where he operated a construction business prior to mov-         Fast Horse of St. Paul and Nichole Thompson of White Earth. She was preceded in death
ing to the Strawberry Lake area in 1959. Willis and Perle developed, owned and operat-        by her grandmothers, Elsie M. Curtie (Jones) and Myrtle E. Thompson; mother, Sandra
ed Cummings Campsite now known as Woodland Trails. They left the lake in 2003 and             K. Thompson and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.
moved to Detroit Lakes. In fall 2008, Willis moved to Oak Crossing (St. Mary’s                    Funeral services were held June 10 at the White Earth Community Center.
Nursing Center).                                                                                  Arrangements: David-Donehower Funeral Home in Detroit Lakes.
     Willis enjoyed the outdoors where he was able to hunt, fish, camp and participate            Memories of Marie may be shared at
during the Rollag Steam Threshers Reunion. He loved reading Louie Lamoure westerns
and going to flea markets where Willis and Perle sold crafts that Willis hand made out of
wood. Together they enjoyed their retirement years, spending their winters in Texas.
                                                                                                                        Maxine J. Ennenga
     Willis will be remembered and missed by his wife of 63 years, Perle along with their          Maxine J. Ennenga, 77, rural Ogema, died June 14 at her home.
daughter, Judy (Mike) Nodsle of Detroit Lakes; sons, Buck (Marilyn) Cummings of                    Maxine Julian Ennenga was born Feb. 10, 1932, in Ponsford to George and
Detroit Lakes and Dennis (Dawn) Cummings of Titusville, Fla. He is also survived by           Josephine (Lightning) Norcross. She was raised and educated in Ponsford. Maxine was
six granddaughters, Andrea (Cummings) Tamburro, Sarah Cummings, Amy (Cummings)                united in marriage with Frank Bigbear Sr., in 1946, in Ponsford. She worked for
Baker, Tami Cummings, Christine Nodsle and Allison Cummings and with four great-                                          Helgrens Vegetable Farm near Dilworth, and later for Ringer
grandchildren.                                                                                                            Company in Park Rapids. Maxine moved to Minneapolis
     Funeral services were held June 6 at United Methodist Church in Detroit Lakes.                                       where she worked as a housekeeper at a number of hotels, as
     Interment: Lakeside Cemetery in Richwood.                                                                            a seamstress for a drapery manufacturing company, and for
     Arrangements: David-Donehower Funeral Home in Detroit Lakes.                                                         St. Joseph’s Free Store. She and Frank divorced. Maxine
     Memories of Willis may be shared at                                                           was united in marriage with Vern Ennenga in Minneapolis in
                                                                                                                          1979. He died in 1988. She moved to Detroit Lakes where
                                                                                                                          she took the Chef Training Course at the Detroit Lakes AVTI.
                    Jessica (Houle) Wentland                                                                              She then worked as a prep cook for the Shooting Star Casino
     Jessica (Houle) Wentland, age 30, of Fond du Lac, died on April 28, at St. Mary’s                                    in Mahnomen.
Medical Center in Cloquet, Minn                                                                                                Maxine enjoyed cooking for her family, collecting statue
     Jessica, born Sept. 23, 1978, is survived by her mother Peggy Houle (Wentland);                                      cats, visiting with her grandchildren and friends, going to
father Charles Houle; siblings Jamey Houle and Christopher, Jodie Houle, Mike and two                                     powwows, Elvis music, country western music and sewing.
children, Charles Houle Jr., and child, Cord Houle and child, Curtis Houle, Mike Houle        She credits Sr. Rose Tillman for helping turn her life around.
and family and Paul Houle and family; grandparent Jessie Wentland (Jessica’s namesake);            Survivors include children: Francis Norcross of Mahnomen, Sandra (Eugene) Libby
                            aunts Kelly Wentland, Tracy Wentland and child, Theresa           of White Earth, David (Bessie) Norcross of Seward, Alaska, Frank (Lori) Bigbear Jr., of
                            Christain and family, May Houle and family, Jim and Marcy         Minneapolis, Joseph Bigbear of Minneapolis, Kathy (Darrow) Bigbear of White Earth,
                            Goodeau and family, Ron and Mavis Alvin and family, Sue           Harlan “Tony” Bigbear of White Earth; a granddaughter, which she raised, Harlene Hardy
                            and Roy Maki and family, Nicole and family and Alaina and         of White Earth; 24 grandchildren; numerous great-grandchildren; sister, Ivy Ailport of
                            family; uncles Mike Wentland and family, Tom Wentland and         White Earth. In addition to her husbands, Vernon Ennenga and Frank Bigbear Sr.,
                            family, Ambrose Jr. and family, James and family, David and       Maxine was preceded in death by a son, Douglas Norcross; grandchildren, Richard
                            family and Pat Houle and family; her adopted uncle William        “Weasel” Norcross, Marcell Norcross and Cassandra Norcross; two great-granddaughters;
                            Donovan (B.C.); boyfriend Jake Robbins; countless friends         brothers, William Sr., George and Myron Norcross, and sisters, Genevieve Rock and
                            and loved ones.                                                   Lillian Litzau.
                                 Thank you to her nurses and the many people that helped           Mass Of Christian Burial was June 18 at St. Theodore’s Catholic Church in Ponsford
                            her. Jessica will be missed dearly.                               with Fr. Walter Butor, OMI, officiating.
                                 She was preceded in death by her grandmothers, Marjorie           Interment: St. Theodore’s Cemetery
                            Nord and Annette Wentland; grandfather, Ambrose Houle;                 Arrangements: David-Donehower Funeral Home in Detroit Lakes.
                            uncles, Paul Houle and Allen Houle; four great-grandparents;
also waiting for her are cousins, loving friends and other relatives to watch over our lov-
ing daughter.
                                                                                                                                 Thank You
     The funeral service was on May 4 at Handevidt Funeral Home in Cloquet.                        The Family of Joel L. LaFromboise would like to thank all those who were with us
     Interment: New Holy Family Cemetery, Cloquet.                                            in the passing of Joel. Thank you for everything. There is far too many people to name
     Arrangements: Handevidt Funeral & Cremation Service in Cloquet.                          and our loss is so great it’s really hard to think right now, whether you were with us in
                                                                                              presence, sent flowers, cooked, called, viewed Joel’s online obituary, signed it too,
  Those wishing to place a free obituary in the newspaper can email                           whether you were with us in mind and spirit and prayers, we so appreciate it and it means, fax to (218) 983-3641, or mail to                                 a lot to us. The Family would like to say a very special thanks to the Mike and Ann
                                                                                              Brown family of Naytahwaush. Thank you for your support, we lost Joel so tragically
     Anishinaabeg Today, P.O. Box 418, White Earth, MN 56591
                                                                                              and so if we didn’t get a chance to thank you, we apologize, but we will never forget.
Wednesday, July 1, 2009                                                        Anishinaabeg Today                                                                                  27

                               Glendora Scott                                                     Interment: Samuel Memorial Episcopal Cemetery in Naytahwaush.
                                                                                                  Arrangements: Anderson~Mattson Funeral Home of Mahnomen & Winger.
     Glendora Scott, age 81, of McIntosh, formerly of Naytahwaush, died June 15 in                Online:
McIntosh Manor Nursing Home.
     Glendora Ann was born July 28, 1927, in White Earth to Stephen and Nellie
(Sullivan) Bellanger Sr. As a child, she attended school both in Naytahwaush and the
                                                                                                                      Paige Carissa Brown
White Earth Mission School. After graduating from Naytahwaush High School she                      Paige Carissa Brown, age 17, of Cass Lake, died in a tragic car accident on May 23
worked in the school kitchen. Glendora was united in marriage to John Kast.                   outside of Aitken, Minn.
                                 Glendora later married Elmer Scott in Fosston in 1957.            Paige Carissa Brown was born Feb. 5, 1992, to Autumn Leaf LaGarde and Justin
                            They lived in Hibbing, Minn., for a short time, where Elmer       Lee Brown in Detroit Lakes. She grew up in Cass Lake and White Earth. Paige (Gerty)
                            worked in the mines, before moving to Bejou. Elmer and            enjoyed being with family at powwows, friends, traveling, shopping, school and espe-
                            Glendora then settled in Naytahwaush and Elmer died in            cially loved spending time with her younger siblings and reading.
                            1969. After Elmer’s death, Glendora continued to make her                                           She is survived by her mother, Autumn of Bemidji; her
                            home in Naytahwaush and raised their family. Over the                                          father, Justin of White Earth; maternal great-grandmother,
                            years, she also worked at Pinehurst Resort and as a seam-                                      Dorothy Howard of Cass Lake; grandmother, Angela Headbird
                            stress at the sewing factory in Naytahwaush. When the                                          of Cass Lake; grandfather, Gary Howard of Cass Lake; spe-
                            sewing factory closed, Glendora began working at the                                           cial aunt whom she lived with and was extremely close to,
                            Shooting Star Casino, retiring in the early 1990s.                                             Gina (Joe) Headbird; aunts, Marty LaGarde, Laurie Headbird,
                                 Glendora was a member of St. Anne’s Catholic Church                                       Rosemary Howard; uncles: Ross Littlewolf, Simon Howard,
                            in Naytahwaush. During her retirement years, Glendora                                          James Littlewolf, Emmanuel “Twids” Fairbanks, Brian
                            enjoyed spending time with family and friends, especially her                                  Fairbanks; paternal grandparents, Ken and Zing Brown;
grandchildren, and making them big Sunday dinners. She also liked playing cards, walk-                                     uncles, Crusher, Jeremiah, Julius and Nathan and one aunt,
ing, having picnics, jigsaw puzzles and the companionship of her dog, Dolly.                                               Maria; great-grandmother, Rosie Weaver all of White Earth;
     Glendora is survived by four daughters: Lorna Nelson of Erskine, Minn., Jean (Joe                                     also her beloved young siblings, McKinley Kingbird, Chloe
Olson) Clark, Sandy (Rick Turpin) Scott and Betty Scott all of Naytahwaush; one son,                                       LaGarde and Carlo LaGarde of Cass Lake, Shawntay and
Randy Scott of Naytahwaush; nine grandchildren: Dave (Star Welch) Palm, Jody (Pat)            Melvin Brown of White Earth; numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.
Killian, Jennifer (Chad Guinn) Scott, Josh Scott, Patrick Scott Sr., Leslie (Robert                She was preceded in death by her great-grandfathers, Simon Howard and Vernon
Buckle) Scott, Ashley (Patrick Kier) Scott, Brandon McArthur, and Tiffany Clark; 24           Weaver; her grandfather, Emmanuel June Headbird; numberous aunts, uncles and cousins.
great-grandchildren; and one sister, Lucille Turner also of Naytahwaush.                           Traditional funeral services were held June 1 at the Leech Lake Veterans Building in
      She is preceded in death by her parents; two daughters, an infant and Yvonne Kast;      Cass Lake with John Rock officiating.
three brothers: Ervan Bellanger, Edward Bellanger and Stephen Bellanger Jr.; three sisters:        Casket bearers were Eric Bevins, Jimmy Bevin Jr., Simon Howard, Joseph Ogema,
Joyce St. Clair, Alice Turner and Theresa Bellanger; one granddaughter, baby girl Palm        Emmanuel “Twids” Fairbanks, Shea Flemming. Alternates: Andrew Robinson and David
and two great-grandchildren.                                                                  Magee. Honorary bearers were Rosemary Howard, Mike Kingbird, Barbie Dick,
     Mass of Christian Burial was held June 18 at St. Anne’s Catholic Church in               Elizabeth Kingbird, Mari Robinson, Jackie Jones, Roxanne Larose (in spirit), Gary
Naytahwaush, led by Rev. Doyle Turner.                                                        Howard and Clarissa Martin.
     Pallbearers were Patrick Scott Sr., Patrick Kier, Chad Guinn Sr., Dave Palm,                  Interment: Prince of Peace Cemetery in Beltrami County.
Brandon McArthur Sr., Josh Scott, and Chad Guinn Jr. Honorary pallbearers were all of              Arrangements: Olson-Schwartz Funeral Home in Bemidji.
Glendora’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren and the staff of the McIntosh Manor               Online guestbook:
Nursing Home.
     Interment: St. Anne’s Catholic Cemetery in Naytahwaush.                                             Doris Minnie (Thompson) Goodwin
     Arrangements: Anderson~Mattson Funeral Home of Mahnomen & Winger.
     Online:                                                              Doris Minnie (Thompson) Goodwin, 65, of Bagley, died on June 21 at the
                                                                                              Cornerstone Nursing and Rehab in Bagley.
                                                                                                  Doris was born on Sept. 13, 1944, at White Earth to Peter Joseph and Katie Jane
                         Terrance Elmer Alger                                                 (Durant Dunkley) Thompson. She attended school in Bagley and married Scott David
    Terrance Elmer Alger, age 52, of Naytahwaush, died June 13 at his home.                   Goodwin on Feb. 5, 1971. They moved to Minneapolis, where she was a homemaker
    Terry was born Nov. 21, 1956, in Minneapolis, to Gerald and Thelma (Keezer) Alger.        and worked several jobs. Doris worked at Control Data in Minneapolis for 10 years. She
Growing up, his family lived in many different states including Minnesota, California                                     attended the OIC in Minneapolis and became a black jack
and Maryland. Terry graduated from Catoctin High School in Thurmont, Maryland.                                            dealer for Mistic Lake Casino for 17 years. She was a care-
Following graduation, he worked several jobs, as well as seeing much of the country.                                      giver for her significant other, Larry Baumann for 2  years.
Terry has spent the last 20 years in Minnesota, doing roofing in the Twin Cities area,                                    Doris loved taking her kids out to eat, she enjoyed sewing,
                          and then making his home in Naytahwaush since 1995. Over                                        making quilts for her children and grandchildren. She enjoyed
                          the years, some of the occupations he enjoyed were fishing,                                     reading books and loved to relax. She worked very hard to
                          ricing, leeching, and processing maple syrup.                                                   make sure her kids and grandkids and special nephews, Son
                               Terry will be remembered for his story telling abilities and                               and Doo were taken care of. She especially doted over her
                          the backpack he never left behind. He loved playing cards,                                      great grandbaby Aaliyah.
                          watching Jeopardy and playing Trivial Pursuit.                                                         She is survived by her daughters: Valerie Kaye
                               Terry leaves behind his mother, Thelma VanValkenburgh                                      Thompson of Minneapolis, Lisa Marie (Rawlen) Thompson
                          of Naytahwaush; his father, Gerald (Sue) Alger of Walker; one                                   of Bemidji, Holly Kaye (Tony) Thompson of Rice Lake;
                          brother, Bruce Alger of Naytahwaush; three sisters: Holly                                       brothers, Jack Marvin (Dosh) Thompson of Minneapolis,
                          Alger of MahKonce, Robin VanValkenburgh of Asheville,               Peter Melvin (Ev) Thompson Jr., of Rice Lake; sisters: Josephine May “Lou” Randberg
                          N.C., and Kandy (Al) Vagelpohl of Dassel, Minn.; one step-          of Cass Lake, Joy Marie “Dolly” (Rev. Paul) Hammond of Tucson, Ariz., Kathy Marie
                          brother, Mike Hinck of Mound, Minn.; one step-sister, Denise        (Steve) Anderson of Bagley; 11 grandchildren: Cheyenne Nikole Miller, Ashley Marie
                          Hinck of Dassel, five nieces and nephews: Amanda Alger,             Cook, “Sonny” Scott Cook, Shawnee Rae Miller, Darek Michael Thompson, Jerry
Millissa Alger, James (Mary Jo) Alger, Bruce Alger Jr. and Peyton Zornes; and numer-          Michael Cook, Anthony Scott David Auginaush, Jeremy Scott Cook, Henry Scott
ous great nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles.                                                  Auginaush, Jerad Michael Scott Cook and, Janelle “Nell Bell” Auginaush; one great
    Terry was preceded in death by his grandparents; brother, James VanValkenburgh;           granddaughter, Aaliyah Lynn Thompson “Spotted Thunder.”
nephew, Joseph Alger; two nieces, Heather Alger and Elicia Alger.                                 She was preceded in death by her parents, Peter and Katie; husband, Scott Goodwin;
    Funeral services were held June 18 at the Naytahwaush Sports Complex, led by Sam          significant other, Larry Baumann; brothers, Chick and Edward; sister, Dorothy Stevens
Musqua.                                                                                       and many aunts and uncles.
    Pallbearers were Chris Ellis, Skip Gullickson, Troy Keezer, James Alger, Robert                Funeral services were held June 27 at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church at Rice Lake
Keezer, James Burnette III, Calvin Sampson, and Jacob Vogelpohl. Honorary bearers             with the Reverend Paul Hammond officiating.
were the Keezer Clan, Fred Morgan, Richard Littlewolf, Kevin Brown, Alvin Hill, Jay               Interment: St. Philip’s Episcopal Cemetery in Rice Lake.
Weiss, and Ben Vogelpohl.                                                                         Arrangements: Cease Family Funeral Home of Bagley.
28                                                                               Anishinaabeg Today                                                     Wednesday, July 1, 2009

                                       White Bison
presents The Seven Trainings Phase Two on Aug. 3-5
     White Bison, Inc., presents The Seven                values that help to shape the traditional Native
Trainings Phase Two on Aug. 3-5 from 8 a.m. to 5          American man. Participants will work in talking cir-
p.m. at the Shooting Star Casino.                         cles, develop life skills as decision making, conflict
     The Seven Trainings event is a three-day train-      management, relationship building, personal vision
ing opportunity where adults can learn to facilitate      making, self-talk and self-image. The Seven
one of the seven community Wellbriety trainings.          Philosophies of Native American Men will also be a
For White Earth, these trainings are presented in two     part of this curriculum.
phases, which enables adults who wish to facilitate       S ons of Tradi ti on
more than one training to attend two trainings.                This is a prevention education program for
     Many communities have long standing issues           Native American boys age 13-17. It is designed to
resulting from the effects of historical trauma, board-   coincide with the school year and other weekly pro-
ing schools, loss of language, land and culture.          grams, and also to extend over the summer months.
White Bison believes that communities are like            The focus of this program is establishing identity
forests. The culture and values of the community are      and learning what it is to be a Native American man.
like the soil and ecology of the forest. Our goal is to   The curriculum is based upon the teachings the
help individuals, families, communities and nations       Native American Elders and Clan Mothers. It con-
nourish and sustain healthy values and cultures to        sists of the Seven Philosophies, a set of posters, and
create a healing forest. As an adult facilitator, you     a workbook. Facilitators receive these materials
can help to ensure your community becomes a heal-         along with a set of instructional videos, a facilita-
ing forest by learning the leadership and facilitation    tor's manual and lesson guides. Facilitators are
skills available through the Seven Trainings.             trained in a three-day program that introduces them
     Phase Two includes instruction for adults to         to the principles, laws, and values that form the
learn to facilitate the Sons of Tradition, Fathers of     basis of the program, options for using the curricu-
Tradition, and the Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps for        lum, and how to use talking circles mind mapping,
Friends and Families. This three-day training is          which are integral to the training program.
designed for adult participants. Each participant will    Medi ci ne Wheel and 12 S teps for Al -Anon
receive a certificate of completion as long as you        and Adul t Chi l dren of Al cohol i cs
attend all three days.                                         This is a Medicine Wheel and 12 Step program
     Participants will choose only ONE of these pro-      (with nine videos) designed for friends and family of
grams during each of the three-day facilitator training   people affected by alcohol. It focuses on such issues
events.                                                   as codependency, taking care of one’s self, and learn-
Fathers of Tradi ti on                                    ing to let go.
     This training assists Native American men in              To register call 1-877-871-1495 (toll free) no
learning effective parenting and nurturing skills. It     l ater than Jul y 24. For more information about
also helps them regain cultural teachings, skills, and    White Bison visit

                                                                                                                                        Student News
               2009 Wellbriety Journey For Forgiveness                                                                 Joshua W. Fetzer, White Earth enrollee was recently honored at
                                                                                                                   the Bemidji State University American Indian Student Awards
                                                                                                                   Recognition Banquet.
                                                                                                                       He was recognized for his academic achievement for making the
                                                                                                                                            Fall Semester Dean's List. Students must
                                                                                                                                            have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.25-
                                                                                                                                            4.00. Fetzer is majoring in Graphic
                                                                                                                                            Arts/Graphic Design.
                                                                                                                                                He is applying to study overseas at the
                                                                                                                                            University of Hertfordshire, located at
                                                                                                                                            Hatfield, (Hertfordshire) England. He plans
                                                                                                                                            on studying Graphic Design with an
                                                                                                                                            emphasis in Animation.
                                                                                                                                                Fetzer is the son of Clair and Nita
                                                                                                                                            Fetzer of Bemidji and the grandson of John
                                                                                                                                            and Donna Buckanaga of Ice Cracking.

                                                                                                                        Mel i ssa S tal berger of Cal l away has accepted a $1,000
                                                                                                                   Academic Achievement Scholarship, and a $1,000 Troppman
                                                                                                                   Scholarship from Bemidji State University for the 2009-2010 academ-
                                                                                                                   ic year.
                                                                                                                        Stalberger will be a freshman majoring in mathematics.
                                                                                                                        Academic Achievement Scholarships are awarded to students who
                                                                                  Photo by Gary W. Padrta          graduate in the top 30 percent of their class with an ACT score of at
  Andy Favorite, White Earth Tribal and Community College, speaks during the 2009 Wellbriety                       least 24.
  Journey for Forgiveness on June 10 at the RTC building. The event promoted awareness, dia-                            The Troppman Scholarship Award Program was established in
  logue and forgiveness among Native peoples for the historical trauma believed to be at the root                  memory of the late Fred Troppman, a pioneer Bemidji businessman
  of substance abuse, suicides and domestic violence plaguing Native American communities                          who was a longtime supporter of BSU and its students.
  today. The Journey is being spearheaded by White Bison, Inc. Also pictured is the Sacred                              BSU will present more than $1.5 million in academic, talent, and
  Hoop of 100 Eagle Feathers that carries the message that historical trauma can be healed -                       leadership scholarships this year. The awards are made possible
  and prevented from being passed on to yet another generation.                                                    through donations to the BSU Foundation, the Alumni Association,
                                                                                                                   and other organizations that specify funds for such causes.
Wednesday, July 1, 2009                                                           Anishinaabeg Today                                                                                    29

                                    Birth Announcements
               May 25                      Rebecca and Jerod Donner               St. Mary’s - Detroit Lakes
   Li l l i an Edi th DeCota               St. Mary’s - Detroit Lakes
            7 lbs., 15 oz.                                                                 June 10
         Laura Thompson                              June 4                      Cyl as Anthony Johnson
   St. Mary’s - Detroit Lakes              Aashyl a Roberta Lynn                         6 lbs., 2 oz.
                                                    Weaver                          Desiree Thompson and
              May 27                             7 lbs., 11 oz.                       Cassidy Johnson
   Tri sti n Marshal l Cri tt                  Diane Chosa and                    St. Mary’s - Detroit Lakes
           5 lbs. 13 oz.                        Terrance Weaver
   Tommie McLaughlin and                   St. Mary’s - Detroit Lakes                     June 16
            Justin Critt                                                          Caden Edward Li ebl
   St. Mary’s - Detroit Lakes                        June 4                           10 lbs., 8 oz.
                                            Ni col as Jose Porter              Summer Myhre and Uriah Liebl
            May 28                              6 lbs., 13 oz.                   St. Mary’s - Detroit Lakes
    S oreya Grace Greene                      Christina Candelaria
         7 lbs., 14 oz.                    St. Mary’s - Detroit Lakes                      June 16
        Melissa Maneval                                                            Chase Tyrone S tock
   St. Mary’s - Detroit Lakes                       June 7                              9 lbs., 3 oz.
                                         Mi chael Thomas Dakota                       Darla Warren and
            May 28                               7 lbs., 4 oz.                        Christopher Stock
     Mol l y Mae LaGue                   Kailene Villebrun-Bevins and             St. Mary’s - Detroit Lakes
         6 lbs., 4 oz.                          Daniel Dakota
      Emerald Spencer and                 St. Mary’s - Detroit Lakes                      June 21
        Donny LaGue                                                              S avannah J. Katheri ne
   St. Mary’s - Detroit Lakes                       June 7                                Hanks
                                            Ai den Thomas May                          7 lbs., 5 oz.
            May 29                               8 lbs., 4 oz.                     Savannah Huggins and
   Ai den Ri l ey Carpenter             Erin Wark May and Shawn May                    Kevin Hanks
             7 lbs.                        St. Mary’s - Detroit Lakes            St. Mary’s - Detroit Lakes
        Amber Carpenter
   St. Mary’s - Detroit Lakes                      June 9
                                          Jerome Anthony James                    Birth announcements                                         Thank You
           May 31                               Beckman                               can be sent to                      We would like to thank everyone for their support, comfort, and
    Ethen Charl es Donner                      6 lbs., 14 oz.                          condolences in the passing of our Father, George “Joe Bush”
           7 lbs.                       Bambi Roy and James Beckman
                                                                                                                     Fairbanks, Miskow-Binise. He will be missed, but he will always be
                                                                                                                     with us, in our hearts. We will all remember what he was to our peo-
Vets      from Page 11                                                                                               ple and how he helped the many who came to him for advice.
                                                                                                                          We are so grateful for the help and comfort extended to us by our
that’s the hole that remains in our hearts, the way        drums cut in half to be used as toilets, then dropped
                                                                                                                     Tribal Chair, Erma Vizenor, the White Earth Tribal Council members,
people acted when we came back.”                           in a pit with some diesel fuel and burned up.
                                                                                                                     the Honor Guard, Mike and Audrey Swan, all the Pipe Carriers, the
     Even growing up on an Indian reservation, an               “I threw a grenade in one time,” said Turner.
                                                                                                                     drum groups, those who sent beautiful flowers and plants, those who
insular community known for circling around its            “They might still be looking for me on that.”
                                                                                                                     donated food, money, and their time to help cook, serve food and clean.
own, didn’t guarantee immunity from that backlash,              The two men sounded like a couple of old
                                                                                                                          We thank all of you who came to pay tribute; your presence at the
said Rod High Elk, who led a group from White              school buddies relating favorite pranks. That was
                                                                                                                     services was truly appreciated. The company of friends and relatives
Earth in the color parade.                                 easier than talking about the “nasty stuff, seeing
                                                                                                                     was incredibly comforting.
‘It took about 20 years’                                   dying every day,” said Turner, who walks with a
     “Most of us just tried to sneak back into the life    limp and a cane, courtesy of a knee shot in three
                                                                                                                                                Delmas, George, and Bonnie Jo Fairbanks
we had before,” he said. “We didn’t get any fanfare,       places.
and we didn’t go around publicizing we were in the              Two women friends of Kostek's and Turner's
war. It took about 20 years to come out of our             wife stood to the side, letting the guys catch up.                                 In Memory
shells.”                                                        “When [the vets] came back, a lot of them went
     High Elk's friend Merlin Rondo recalled how he        through at least one wife,” said Kostek's friend                                  Dad and Grandpa
spent his first day back: “I flew into Fargo and spent     Elaine Schultz, also of Brainerd. “I went with a guy          It’s been a year since you left us; we know you are in a better
the day hitchhiking around by myself looking for a         once, if there were Vietnamese kids on TV, he’d look      place. You are not in pain any more. You have taught us both so
cheap car to buy. Nope, no greeting party.”                away.”                                                    much; how to be strong, humble, respectful and most of all how to
     The St. Paul event had a reunion tent where                “I don’t think it would have worked out with                              be caring and kind to everyone we encounter.
members of different armed-forces branches could           me and Art if we married before he went to war,” said                          You are, our families one and only leader and
post notes with contact information.                       Mary Ann Turner. “They went through too much,                                  with that you will never be forgotten. Every day
Bi g round patch                                           changed too much.”                                                             we are stronger, we remember all the good times
     But all it took for Jim Kostek of Brainerd to              After the color parade and flyovers by Vietnam-                           and laugh about all the jokes and silly things
reconnect with an old comrade was spotting the big         era planes, speakers emphasized taking pride in ser-                           you did. I know Mercedez and Maddisen will
round patch on Art Turner's back.                          vice. Gov. Tim Pawlenty called the hostile reception                           always remember their great-grandfather and with
     Kostek and Turner, who originally hails from          Vietnam vets received “shameful” and said that                                 that in mind that is best thing I could have ever
southern Georgia and now lives in Minneapolis,             “never again” would such disrespect be shown                                   wished for. We love you dad and grandpa and
were both just 19 when they served in the same             returning American soldiers.                                                   know one day we will be together!
motor-transportation and service unit in 1966. They             “Welcome home, brothers and sisters,” said
reminisced about the “Danang 500,” a race whose            WCCO anchor and military veteran Don Shelby.                                                           Love always and forever,
winner “got a glass of real milk and a kiss from the       Pawlenty echoed that sentiment, and the crowd’s roar                                                          Wanda and Angie
Red Cross lady,” Kostek said.                              of approval seemed to indicate that for these sol-
     Turner recalled “burning the -- well, we'll call it   diers, late is better than never. - (Minneapolis) S tar       :00%$"A)>0+7%$,4%O<-A-7%73@#)AA+4%A-%
the pooper,” he said. This involved 55-gallon oil          Tri bune
                                                                                                                     A<+%!* H)00%@+%"3,%-,%$%7O$>+%$D$)0$@0+%@$7)7
30                                                            Anishinaabeg Today                                                 Wednesday, July 1, 2009

                                                                Howah Ads

 Lordy, Look Whos Forty!            Happy Belated                Happy Belated
                                       Birthday              Birthdays to my Aunties
         Michelle                                                                                                                                       10
         July 30, 1969                                                                                                                               June 28
                                   Uncle “Daisy Mae”         Phyllis & Beverly                                                                      (front left)
       “Cute little Bunny”          AKA Terry Rock
                                                                   June 8, 195?                                                                     Wesley
                                                                  June 16, 1954                                                                         52
                                      June 9, 1961                                                                                                    July 1
                                                                    Love you,                                                                         (right)
                                  Your niece & nephews                Tami                                                                            From
                                        in P-Town                                                                                                     Chiefy
                                                                                                            Happy Birthday!

     Happy 7th Birthday                HAPPY 50th!            Marriage Congrats To          Happy 67th Birthday                   Howah Ads are $5
                                         July 19               Mr & Mrs Boe                                                       with a picture or $4
                                                                                                 William G.
        Billy                    Dr. Bret R. Thompson           on June 12, 2009                                                 without. All payments
      Oshkinowe                  Love, Dad, Chris, and the                                                                          must be made in
                                       Wenzl Family                                                   (July 25)                        advance.
           (July 9)
                                                                                                                  Classified Ads
          Grandpa                                                                         Taxi dermy: Call Dan Clark at Deep Woods Taxidermy at (218)
                                                                                          983-4196 or his cell at (218) 204-0565.

                                                                                          For sal e: Wild rice. $8 a pound, plus Priority Flat Rate Box $10.35
   Happy Belated 19th                Lordy, Lordy                Happy Birthday           for up to 10 pounds. Call Denise at (218) 473-3215 or email
 Birthday to my beautiful          Look whos Forty!                 Dean!      
        daughter                         (July 30)
                                                                    With love,            For sal e: Hoveround Riding Scooter, and never used black walker
       Misti Nelson                                          from your little Bear Clan   with basket. Call (218) 844-6862.

         (June 20, 1990)                                                                  Professi onal tattoos and custom pencil-specializing in memori-
                                                                                          al portraits and wildlife. For appointments call Jesse Alvarado at
     “You grew up so fast!”                                                               (218) 261-0319 or

       Love - your mom,                                                                   Wanted to buy: Leeches, blood suckers, snapping turtles, paint-
             Tami                                                                         ed/mud turtles, and snakes. Call Eric at (218) 758-2097 or 1-800-

        Happy Birthday                                                                    For sal e: 1993 GMC deep iridescent purple pearl, 4x4, A/C, A/T
                                    Happy Belated                 HAPPY 75TH
      Linda St. Clair                                                                     No rust! Must see to appreciate. 1998 Hyundi needs transmission
                                      Birthday                     BIRTHDAY
     The big 6-0 on July 22!                                                              $500 or best offer. 1987 Toyota 4 Runner, 4x4. 1991 Toyota 4
                                                                                          Runner, 4x4. Price is negotiable, call so we can talk! (651) 503-
                      We love                                    BETTY GAY
                                     Uncle “Rue”                                          4392.
                                        AKA                      ROY- PRICE
                     Grandma,        Aaron Rock                                           Wanted: Old pocket and wrist watches or parts. Call Duane at (218)
                     Sister, &         March 1959                  (JULY 7TH)             935-5056.
                                                               LOVE GORDY &               For sal e: electric scooter, receiver hitch electric carrier alumi ramp.
                      From the         Love ya,
                       whole                                 JOYCE BELLANGER              New $3,800 - will sell for $1,250. Call (218) 847-2238 after 6 p.m.
                                     From P-Town                                          or (218) 396-0327 anytime.
                                                                AND FAMILY
                                                                                          Wanted: Bunk bed in good condition, Preferably a full/twin, Will
                                    Happy Birthday           HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY          pick-up 204-0304.
      Happy 5th Birthday
      Calvin Hanks                      Daddy                    Patrick Porter
                                                                                          Lawnmower sal es & repai r: Reasonable rates; fast turnaround
                                       Badunk                        July 18th
                                                                                          time on repairs; will buy or trade used lawnmowers! Call Don
                                   From your #1 boy!          Love, Mom, Dad, and
                                                                                          Vizenor at (218) 936-3638.
  Mom,                                                               Tamara
   Dad,                                                                                   For sal e: Super Nintendo video game system. System includes 2
  Faye,                                                                                   controllers and 15 games (mostly sports). All in good condition.
  Tanya,                                                                                  $70. call Andy at (218) 204-0135.
     &                                                                                    For sal e: Young man’s traditional dance regalia. Size: 31” waist
 Dean Jr.                                                                                 (apron), 33” chest (vest) and cuffs. Call (218) 473-2135 for infor-
                                                                                          mation or leave message. Photo(s) can be emailed.
Wednesday, July 1, 2009                                                        Anishinaabeg Today                                                                                         31

             WHITE EARTH TRIBAL COURT                                                           Real Estate
                 CHILDRENS COURT                                                Counselor Realty of Detroit Lakes
 In the Matter of the Welfare of the Child of:
                             SUSPENSION OF PARENTAL MATTER

 Amanda Chosa

                                      File No. CC-09-040, 041, 062

 YOU ARE HEREBY notified that on 8 June 2009 a Petition for
                                                                           MAHNOMEN HOME: Very livable home on a large treed corner
 Suspension of Parental Rights was filed with the White Earth Tribal
                                                                           lot, has lots of room, TV room, family room w/fireplace and a liv-
 Court regarding the children of the above-named parent. You are
                                                                           ing room w/fireplace. Tons of storage space. Large deck and a
 asked to contact the White Earth Tribal Courtroom located at the          10 X 10 garden shed. Does need some updating. Listed by Dick
 RTC in White Earth, Minnesota, telephone number is (218) 983-             Carr. Call for an appointment. #22-55718 - $124,900. Cell: 218-
 3285 to receive notification of the hearing date. You are served with     841-2238. Email:
 this notice because you are a party to this proceeding or you are a
 person whose presence is important to a determination concerning
 the protection of your children. If you fail to appear for this hearing              Looking For A Friend
 the Court may find you in default and enter an order.
                                                                                My dad, Ronny Lewis from Tennessee is looking for an
 Dated: 8 June 2009 by:                                                    army buddy by the name of Lawrence R. Degroat that served
 Darlene Rivera
                                                                           in Germany with him in the early 1960s. My dad remem-
 Attorney for White Earth Indian Child Welfare
                                                                           bers that he lived in Minnesota around or on a Native
                                                                           American reservation, he also remembers that Mr. Degroat’s
                                                                           mother made and sent him some beautiful beads that were
             WHITE EARTH TRIBAL COURT                                      lost in a fire. In the fire dad lost everything including let-
                 CHILDRENS COURT                                          ters and addresses from his friend. If anyone knows how to                       In Memory
                                                                           contact Mr. DeGroat please call or email me. Thank you.
 In the Matter of the Welfare of the Child of:                                                                                                              In Memory of
                                          SUMMONS                                                                        Debbie Silvers              Mel vi n “Buddub” Buckanaga
                             SUSPENSION OF PARENTAL MATTER                                                             1538 Swan Road                        June 16, 2008
                             OR TRANSFER OF LEGAL CUSTODY                                                          Old Fort, TN 37362
                                                                                                                 Phone: 423-715-7316                 It's been a year since you left us
 Waubun Smith and Loren Bruce Guenther                                                                      Email:                        It seems longer
                                                                                                                                                       Your family is lonely for you
                                                 File No. CC-09-012
                                                                                                 In Memory                                                   But we're stronger
 YOU ARE HEREBY notified that on 8 June 2009 a Petition for                                                                                        We miss your presence, your touch,
 Suspension of Parental Rights or Transfer of Legal Custody was                  In Loving Memory of Peter Thompson III
 filed with the White Earth Tribal Court regarding the children of the
                                                                                                                                                        The smile on your face
                                                                                       Feb. 19, 1978 to July 10, 2000
 above-named parent. You are asked to contact the White Earth                                                                                          It gives us some comfort
 Tribal Courtroom located at the RTC in White Earth, Minnesota,                                                                                          Your in a better place
                                                                              Its been nine years and we love and miss you
 telephone number is (218) 983-3285 to receive notification of the
                                                                           everyday, son.                                                             We think about you every day
 hearing date. You are served with this notice because you are a
 party to this proceeding or you are a person whose presence is                                                                                      And cherish what you had to say
 important to a determination concerning the protection of your chil-                                                     Love,                  Your knowledge, wisdom and good advice
 dren. If you fail to appear for this hearing the Court may find you in            Mom, Dad, Cheryl, Carol, nieces and nephews                             Will not be forgotten
 default and enter an order.                                                                                                                             It makes us think twice
 Dated: 8 June 2009 by:
 Darlene Rivera
                                                                                             R.N. Needed                                                   So it's not good bye
                                                                                                                                                           We'll see you again
 Attorney for White Earth Indian Child Welfare                                                                                                              We love you DAD
                                                                                Full-time or Part-time Registered Nurse for
                                                                              Home Care agency located in Mahnomen. We                                    Your family and friends

                         Howah Ads                                            are seeking a dependable compassionate per-
                                                                             son with a great attitude that will compliment our                                         We All Miss You
                                                                             wonderful team. If interested please contact Pat                   The Buckanaga, Blaine & Bellanger Family
                                            Happy 3rd Birthday                            Yager at 651-226-3192
                                                 Marcus M.                                                                                       Family Reunion Picnic
                                                 Bissonette                                                                                         There will be a Murray/Roy/Thompson
                                                   (July 16)               Attention Off Rez AT Subscribers!                                    family picnic on July 18 at 2 p.m. at the
                                                                                        Is your mailing address correct?                       park in Bagley. For more information call
                                                 We love you!
                                       Your Mom, Karen J. Jones,                         Is your name spelled correct?
                                           Damien and Phillip                              Have you moved recently?                                   Prairie Gardens
    Happy 11th Birthday                                                        Did you cancel the paper to your old address?                     “Watch for our produce stand selling fresh
                                                                                                                                                 organically raised veggies for the summer.”
  Tammi Lee Jackson                                                             Please contact us at:
            (July 7)                                                                                                                                          Spri ng Ho urs
                                                                                            (preferred) or call                                  Open Tuesday-Sunday from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
         We love you!                                                                   (218) 983-3285 Ext. 5903.
                                                                                                                                                                  Lo cated
                                                                           *The newspaper DOES NOT automatically follow you                       2 1/2 miles W of Ponsford on Cty Hwy 26
       Your Mom, Bev
         and all your                                                       when you move so please let us know your current                                              Sharon Kennelly
      brothers & sisters                                                     address. Many papers are still being mailed to old                        
32                         Anishinaabeg Today      Wednesday, July 1, 2009

     White Earth 141st Celebration and Pow Wow ~ June 12-14

                                                    Photos by Gary W. Padrta