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                       GRANT AWARD---PRESS RELEASE

December 6, 2010
News Release
Greater Newark Charter School Board of Trustees Receives $5,000 Grant
 Award to Fund Safety and Security Related Improvements in District.

At its December 15, 2010 regional sub fund meeting, the New Jersey School Boards
Association Ins urance Group (NJSBAIG) awarded Greater Newark Charter School
a Safety Grant in the amount of $5,000.

This grant rewards the Board of Trustees for its commitment to risk management
and will be used to invest in further safety and security related improve ments within
the district.

The Greater Newark Charter School applied for the Grant funding in the summe r
of 2010 and was recently notified that their application had been approved.

Anne Ndiaye, Interim Director, and Karen Mirro-Dre w, Director of Finance &
Ope rations were in attendance and accepted the grant check on behalf of the board.
Mrs. Ndiaye announced that the grant money would be used to install additional
security came ras throughout the GNCS school building.

In keeping with its mission to protect New Jersey schools and keep district dollars in
the classroom, NJSBAIG established the Safety Grant program to help public
schools purchase safety and security related items that ever tightening school
budgets may not have allowed for. The grant program provides funding those
schools otherwise may not have, to invest in safety and security-related projects that
will make their schools safer for students, employees and the community they serve.

In total, in 2010 NJSBAIG is awarding $5 million in safety grants to public school
districts across the state.

The NJSBAIG, located in Burlington, NJ, is a non-profit entity providing prope rty,
casualty and worke rs’ compensation insurance at competitive rates to NJ public
schools. It is the only statewide, me mber-owne d school district joint insurance fund.
This year NJSBAIG celebrates 28 years helping me mber districts to stabilize
insurance costs with comprehensive ins urance coverage, competitive rates, in-house
claims management and a host of risk manage ment and loss control services. To
learn more about NJSBAIG, visit their we bsite at