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					                                                    March 2003
                                 The Coup
                                 Jo Lee’s Exclusive
                                 Interview »
                                 Concealed: The Cool Side
                                 of Bonanno

The Market CRASHED!
This Time
Michelangelo’s a live !
F lavours of a Fam i l y
Winner McKinsey Awa r d
Ten Commandments
T h e L e g a l St r u g g l e
California’s Gerald F. Uelmen
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So what’s new in today’s world
                                            21. »   The Academy Awards and
                                            Tinsel town are abuzz with activity and
                                                                                   contents35. THIN’K’ERS CORNER »
                                                                                           Parties and no $; the blues and dragging;
of high-speed change? Change!!              Canada’s Dr. Frank Beninger is swamped         bullying? ‘Act’. It will work. This is too
                                            with last minute nips, sucks, tucks and        important and so are you!
5. THE PROVOCATIVE &                        enough Botox to fill several Hollywood
CHALLENGING WORLD OF ARCERI »               directors’ pools.                              36. CRAZzY ABOUT R&D »
Oscar appropriated by Fidel Castro?                                                        The Beauty of Easter –
Locked in his office drawer? How
                                            23. »   Marriage Counselor Lois Gordon
                                                                                           From culture to culture
                                            and one’s lifelong commitment to:
did Oscar end up in Cuba?                                                                  Adolescence and Pregnancy –
                                            THE FLAVORS OF A FAMILY.
                                                                                           Overwhelming! Get Help at the CamPUS
7. THE COUP –                               25. »   Winner of The McKinsey Award
                                                                                           Dr. Rose A. Dyson –
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW »                       Gerald G. Fisch tackles ‘the common
                                                                                           Will Hollywood change its ways?
In a rare interview – JO LEE talks to the   Fairytale’ v. Audit, Consulting and Honesty.
Mafioso’s Bill Bonanno and gets him          27. »   Digital divide... social chasm of      38. PROS & EX.CONS »
to share the flip-side to the coin, his      the information age. James L. Koch, PhD        Gerald F. Uelmen is the highly profiled
interpretation of Tradition, and being      on Rome’s first Glocal Forum. The need          California defense counsel. He argues:
wild about his grandchildren.               to ‘connect’.                                  State v. Federal Authority Medical use
                                                                                           of Marijuana. The legal struggle.
13. STETHOSCOPE 911 »                       30. (SPORTS) Half Time! »
If something is 24/7 – it’s stress!         Prime Time or Crime Time. I predict            40. WEIRD AND WACKY FACTS
Everywhere! Overlooked, is the              sports teams will soon release any             ON THE FILM INDUSTRY »
biochemical response. Huge amounts          athlete who breaks the law.                    The first TV broadcast of the Oscars
of adrenaline, steroids designed to                                                        took place in 19__? What country has the
drive, fight or flight.                       31. THRU THE EYES OF JO LEE                    largest film output? During World War II,
                                            CELEBRATING BEAUTY »                           Oscar winners were given statues made of?
14. THE ADESTE PRIZE »                      The art of the brilliant hunch. Mrs.
                                            Guilford (Jane) Dudley, wife of former         42. MESSAGE FROM R&D
15. (TRAVEL) Yes, Virginia!                 U.S. Ambassador to Denmark – taking            EDITOR AT LARGE »
Come – Explore with me! »                   risks to stimulate the senses.                 Oscar mania? The glamour of its history!
Did you rehearse your lines and pack
your bag full of dreams? You’re in          33. POLITICALLY RED »
Hollywood!                                  Harrison Ford – take a pay cut!
                                                                                           On the Cover »
17. FEATURES »                                                                             Jo Lee with George
    » The Powerful Douglas A.S. Mills,                                                     Burns, only months
Chairman, The Glencreggan Limited with                                                     before he died.
sometime to a market near you.                                                             Feedback »
                                                 THE MARVELOUS MAVERICK »
                                                 By Hugh Coppen

                                           “So What’s
jo lee
                                                 » I often ask this question           What better topic for this column
                                    March 2003                                         then – than ‘Change’.
                                                 of friends to whom I haven’t
                                                 spoken in a while. And I’m            Let’s start with one fact: We can’t
                                                 always quite surprised when           stop change. We may not always
  18 0º F R O M   O R D I N A R Y
                                                 someone replies, “Not too much.”      like it, and we may wish things
                                                 In today’s world of high-speed        would stay the same for a while, but
The Hottest! Jo Lee Magazine.                    change, they’ve got to be kidding
Hits On-line stands March, June,                                                       they’re not going to. The truth is:
                                                 me, right?                            everything around us is changing
September, December 1, 2003
                                                 Well, guess what! The answer to       faster than ever before, and the
Founder & Editor-in-Chief                        “So what’s new?” It’s THE JO LEE      speed of change is going to
JOSEPHINA LEA MASCIOLI-MANSELL                                                         continue too.
                                                 SPECIAL and I’m thrilled to be
Worldwide Chief Strategic Advisor
RACHEL MCAFEE                                    part of it!                           Change is a law of nature. Day
Managing Editor                                                                        changes to night, the weather
                                                 I’ve really enjoyed receiving your
Marketing Editor
                                                 questions over the past year, and     changes, seasons change, things
MAUREEN O’MAHONEY                                want to thank all who sent in great   grow, things get older, and things
R&D Editor at Large                              reading. I responded to as many       die. The world is a constant… change.
CARLA DRAGNEA                                                                          Add people, relationships, families,
                                                 as possible and hope my input
Contributing Editor                                                                    business, politics, technology and
                                                 has helped many a career.
Coordinating Editor
                                                                                       everything else we bring to the table
                                                 The new MARVELOUS                     – and the changes that affect us
Creative Design
                                                 MAVERICK Column will discuss          are compounded!
SCOTT THORNLEY + COMPANY INC.                    workplace topics in greater depth
Online Producer / Director                       instead of giving short answers to    What is it about change that we
EDWARD T. M. AYOUB                                                                     resist? Mostly this: like other
                                                 several questions,. Believe me,
Public Relations                                                                       creatures of nature, we are also
                                                 you’ll find this even more valuable
                                                 in career development. As before, I   creatures of habit. Habit is ‘safe
Special Projects
THE A-TEAM                                       welcome your mail which will guide    and secure’. When things happen
Director to the Offices of JO LEE                me to write about what’s important    the same way over and over again,
PEGGY EGAN                                                                             there are no surprises and we’re
                                                 to you, our JO LEE reader.
Published by                                                                           comfortable. When everything is
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    CONTENTS              PAG E                                                                                             3
The truth is: everything around us is changing
faster than ever before, and the speed of change
is going to continue too.

topsy-turvy and nothing’s the same    better, more effective     5. Live ‘for tomorrow,
from one minute to the next, we’re    ways of getting the resultsnot yesterday’– employers
insecure and we feel threatened.
                                      you are paid for.          today care less what
For many, today’s speed of change                                you’ve done for them in
really is threatening. But, unless    2. Challenge ‘what you do the past than what you
you know of some desert island        in your job’ – don’t allow can do in the future, so
where you can live in splendid        others to tie you down to be forward-looking.
isolation, no one should live their   the same tired solutions
life in fear, trying to ‘stop the                                And remember: there’s no-one but
clock’, trying to ‘hide from          applied over and over
                                      in the past; you want an   you responsible for your success! «
change’. It’s simply impossible!
What does this mean for our
                                      end product that is right Until next time, The Maverick
careers? One thing: resisting         for the new conditions     To Write The Maverick » Click Here «
change will sweep you away! It’s      of the future, not the
going to happen, in every job, in     environment of the past.
every company, in every industry.                                     The Maverick invites you to let us
Businesses must continuously adapt    3. Celebrate ‘changes           know anything you’d like him to
for survival. Unavoidably, we too     that work’ – let everybody      write about. Your professional/
must adapt.                           know and share in the           work/career concerns, how to act,
                                      success of changes that         how to respond to challenges and
The harsh reality? No one wants to
                                                                      pressures, how to deal with our
be seen as a ‘has-been’, ‘yesterday   work, so that more and          fast-changing world, how to deal
people’ or a ‘career dinosaur’.       more people around you          with conflicts at work... your
Here’s the irony: the very job        lose their fear of change.      success in reaching the pinnacle
security which people seek to cling
                                                                      of life is our goal!
to by resisting change, becomes       4. Anticipate ‘the
massive job insecurity because        next change’– the
their companies don’t want
change-resisters around any more!     more you can determine          Hugh Coppen, The Marvelous Maverick,
                                      how things happening            is a man who understands that the
The essence? Make yourself known      inside and outside your         only way a company succeeds, is when
as someone who welcomes change,                                       the employees from top to bottom are
who quickly adapts to it and who      company are likely to
                                                                      motivated by shared goals and are given
becomes even more effective in        affect your job, the better     skills, opportunities and the conviction
your job with every change that       you will be ready for the       that what they contribute is really
happens. Here are some of the         next change.                    important. People, people, people
ways that you can achieve this:                                       have always been Hugh’s focus!

1. Change ‘how you do                                                 Hugh Coppen resides in California
your job’ – look for new,                                   

CONTENTS    PAG E                                                                                                4
By Gene Arceri New York – San Francisco

                           What Price
» Lust, envy, jealousy, greed,           A Faustian pact to get Oscar raises         indentation of the American dream.
gluttony, avarice, sloth – the 7         profound questions whether cinema           The quality of a paradise lost!
deadly sins? No! Welcome to The          art can exist in a financial or political
                                                                                     I have interviewed over one thousand
Academy Awards. Every tinsel town        vacuum which the industry has
                                                                                     and one, plus, famed personalities.
tootsie, male and female, yearns to      become. Past glories at the first
                                                                                     One question to those that have
take home a short, naked, bald (he       academy awards began on May 16,
                                                                                     them is: where do you keep your
lost his top hat in design) 74 year      1929, presented during a banquet
                                                                                     Oscar? In one case I was left with
old male worth about 20 bucks.           at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.
                                                                                     an unsolved mystery. Back stage,
The hymn to this god that night:         It was dignified, private, elegant,
                                                                                     in his dressing room I asked that
I’d gladly surrender myself to you       honest and honored and untelevised.
                                                                                     question of Oscar winner Jose
body and soul. On the podium,            It was announced on the radio. In
                                                                                     Ferrer, who had won for his role
Oscar and his cloned siblings stare      the newspapers next morning. It
                                                                                     as Cyrano de Bergerac. His nose
silently out at the audience… who        had class. Things changed radically
                                                                                     in that picture outdistanced his
look back longingly with vain artistic   in the sixties – the ceremony got
                                                                                     charisma. I preferred Pinocchio.
fantasy conjuring a make it mine wish.   bigger and bawdier but not better.
                                         The stars lost their luster becoming        However, he told me his Oscar was
                                         generically common.                         appropriated by Fidel Castro, locked
1                                                                                    in his office drawer. Ferrer was
                                         As the stakes climbed higher,
                                                                                     known to be a communist so on
                                         suspicion and doubt arrived.
                                                                                     March 29, 1951 in New York
                                         Will Oscar be friend or foe? Is
                                                                                     along with Judy Holiday, (who won
                                         he smiling or sneering? Will he be
                                                                                     unfairly) Ferrer’s acceptance speech
                                         enshrined or dishonored? On the
                                                                                     included his defense saying that:
                                         big night, a fated few would find
                                                                                     ‘getting that trophy was a vote of
                                         out, before televised worldwide
                                                                                     confidence’. Yet he was given an
                                         viewers worshiping at the temple
                                                                                     Oscar facsimile. Why? And how
The honeymoon begins when                of cheapened illusion. A global
                                                                                     did Oscar end up in Cuba? Did
the winner gets his hands around         culture, completely obsessed with
                                                                                     someone just take it and fly from
Oscar’s throat. Then after the           the movies: cinema, flicks, bringing
                                                                                     New York to Havana with Ferrer’s
posing and partying Oscar gets in a      in millions to films at the box
                                                                                     best wishes to solidify his friendship
limo and goes home to Bel Air, to        office, that vulgarize and degrade
                                                                                     with communist dictator Castro…
bed with the star. His gold plated       America’s most valuable exported
                                                                                     why didn’t he get it back? Did
face having been kissed to a tarnish.    industry, giving a vile idiomatic

CONTENTS    PAG E                                                                                                       5
              1. Oscar 2. Barbara Walters 3. Oscar winner Jose Ferrer plays Cyrano de Bergerac
              4. Fidel Castro locks Oscar in office drawer 5. Young Fidel Castro worked as an extra
              in ‘You Were Never Lovelier’ 6. Hotel Roosevelt – Los Angeles


The Academy replace it with an                  extra in crowd scenes – he made
original? Questions I never had                 a few dollars a day. At night he did
a chance to ask as the room filled              much better especially with the tips
with after-the-show sycophants.                 as a hotel ballroom dancing (?)                       4
                                                partner, to ladies seeking an escort.
                                                If Barbara Walters had only called
                                                me via JO LEE before she went to
                                                Cuba to interview Castro, I would
                                                have asked her to ask him what
                                                happened to that Best Actor Award
                                                taken 51 years ago. Does anyone
                                                know? Do you? «
                                                To Write Gene Arceri » Click Here «

Castro who loved American movies,               Gene Arceri has gained attention in no
then, must have drooled over it                 small measure as a writer, critic, award
recalling his Hollywood experiences             winning PBS reviewer and publicist. A
as a teenager. Tall, dark, good                 native New Yorker, Gene resides in San
looking and beardless – he got                  Francisco and spends considerable time
into movies, somehow. Band leader               in London, England. Among his best
Xavier Cugat, who was featured                  selling books are ‘Elizabeth Taylor: Her              5
in South American musicals, says                Life. Her Loves. Her Future.’ and Susan
Fidel appeared in a lot of his.                 Hayward’s ‘RED’. Gene can be seen on E!
Ambitious, Castro had aspirations               Entertainment.
to become an actor rising up from
his chorus boy beginnings. At
MGM in ‘Holiday in Mexico’; ‘You
Were Never Lovelier’; ‘The Heats
On’; ‘Bathing Beauty’ etc, as an

CONTENTS    PAG E                                                                                         6
By Jo Lee

Conc e a le d :
T h e Co o l S id e o f
Bo n an n o – 2003
                                                                                   Joseph and Bill Bonanno

» The second after I saw the            see – the other side! A dichotomy       remaining in one place more than
epic miniseries “Bonanno – A            of extremes would present a mosaic      2 – 3 hours was made very difficult
Godfather’s Story”… I knew that         so extraordinary – that the mind,       so as to conceal his whereabouts.
the Executive Producer behind this      if only for historic reasons, ‘would    Several businesses were run by him,
had created one of the most brilliant   want to’ understand.                    many lifestyles were dictated by him,
performances and I– had to meet him!                                            while governments, corporations
                                        People admire him, they obey him,
                                                                                infused uninterrupted energy –
Inspired by a generation of             and in the past – were very, very
                                                                                trying to overthrow each of the ‘5’
‘BONANNOISM’ – Bill Bonanno             scared of him. He’s been the target
                                                                                Families and their addiction to
has an essence that much of the         for assassination, for coup d’états
                                                                                power. Loyalty and fear made it
world would find incomprehensible.      where food had to be tested, radiated
                                                                                very difficult to challenge him.
But what IF we opened our eyes to       prior to consuming, where

CONTENTS    PAG E                                                                                                 7
Life is the shadow of a passing dream; the
story is short and finite; the only immortal
truth is love.
Is it a wonder then – that ‘spellbound’   regret or bitterness. My overall         J.L: Wow! But – educate me. How
and the mob – the Cosa Nostra,            mood is one of thanksgiving.             do you explain Bill, the atrocities
have become synonymous in most                                                     echoed against man? How do you
                                          I have learned that true power
parts of the world. But wait!                                                      get people to understand both sides
                                          comes from self-control.
NOTHING is this simplistic.                                                        of the coin? How can people respect
                                          I have learned that true strength
                                                                                   these most important elements
JO LEE: Bill, I’ve read, researched,      comes from a clear conscience.
                                                                                   of life when they’re portrayed so
interviewed many on ‘the mind behind      I have learned true wealth comes
                                                                                   differently? Earth is made up of
the man’ and I’m mesmerized,              from a good family and good
                                                                                   cardinal rules. The Cosa Nostra
sitting with you. Might you begin         friends.”
                                                                                   decided it would chair the committee.
by setting the stage, and explain
                                          And then we have: BONANNOISM.            Yes, Bonannoism teaches that men
to the world: “A Man Of Honor”
                                                                                   must aid each other, be true to their
and “Bonannoism”.                         Jo Lee – the root of the kingdom is      friends against all enemies, defend
                                          in the state; the root of the state is
BILL: Jo Lee, the honor is mine.                                                   their dignity and that of their friends
                                          in the family; the root of the family    ‘against all costs’, and never let
This unedited interview of the
                                          is in the person at its head. Please,    trespasses go unavenged, while
plight and sacrifices that my family
                                          bear with me for a moment. It tells      protecting those less fortunate
have undergone is ‘so foreign’ to
                                          the story and becomes clear.             from injustice. This is what your
most people. And this is something
I’ve wanted to share, for years.          A man is not old until regrets take      Tradition believes. Yet, why this
With JO LEE Magazine – I share.           the place of dreams.                     strong dichotomy? There has to
                                          Friendships, connections, family         be a logical conversion?
A MAN OF HONOR: E l’ombra
                                          ties, trust, loyalty, obedience –        B.B: Jo Lee, Eugene O'Neil once
d’un sogno fuggente: la favola breve
                                          is the glue that holds us together.      said that one's outer life passes in
efinita; il solo immortale e l’amore.
                                          Tradition does not mean that the         solitude by the masks of others.
(Life is the shadow of a passing
                                          living are dead;                         One's inner life passes in solitude
dream; the story is short and finite;
                                          it means that the dead are living.       haunted by the masks of oneself.
the only immortal truth is love.)
                                          To lead a productive life, not a         Further, myths form a bridge
What is life? As my father has said,      parasitic one.                           between implausibility and
“it is what I have learnt. I was born     To remain scrupulous to our              inevitability. People have a life
into a Tradition. I was born among        principles.                              and role independent of the role
a people whom experience had              To do the best you can; failing that,    they play in events. It would be
taught to cherish certain fixed           do the second best.                      erroneous to make definitive
values. This Tradition was the            To see virtue and to see depravity.      conclusions about people, judging
flower of our culture. It taught          If your faith is not enduring, you       them solely by what they do or do
us right from wrong. It guided            will not endure.                         not do at any given time. Those
youngsters as they strove toward          Extreme justice is extreme injustice.    who preserve their integrity remain
manhood. It guided mature men, and        Important to life is not where or        unshaken by the storms of daily
punished them if they deserved it.        how we stand –                           life. They do not stir like leaves on
Our Tradition gave us a way of life.      but in what direction we are going.      a tree nor do they follow the herd.
                                          You can never be a good captain on       Within them remains the ideal
That my Tradition represents a
                                          smooth waters.                           attitude and conduct of living; it’s
bygone era does not fill me with
                                          Never try to be somebody else.

CONTENTS     PAG E                                                                                                      8

                                                                                   2. Mr. Bonanno’s garden in Tucson. 3. A panoramic
                                                                                   view Joseph Bonanno never tired of. His hometown,
                                                                                   Castellammare de Golfo, Trapani, Sicily. 4. Bill’s
                                                                                   sister Catherine.

2                                                           4

not something given to them –            J.L: Okay – so I’m going to lay on     with multiple ethnicities. Everyone
it is in their roots… it is a strength   the Billion dollar question! History   leaves the room with the interpretation
that exists deep within them. That       has written how wives and daughters    their culture embraces. Yet the
is what Bonannoism taught me.            from the Families have had zero        professor’s mind remains with ‘his’
                                         involvement ‘with the business’. It    meaning. Please, help me here!
I was told many years ago that it
                                         was also important to your Father
is okay to dream about what you                                                 B.B: Jo Lee, if that professor
                                         that your much younger brother
want to do; but do what you were                                                influences just one student – he’s
                                         Joseph, have little to no interest.
meant to do. Everyday or mundane                                                accomplished his mission. After all,
                                         What was it then that p-u-l-l-e-d
circumstances individually are no                                               education is hanging around until
                                         and kept YOU in ‘the world’… until
problem. I've learned that 90% of                                               you’ve caught on for he who knows
                                         your father, some twenty years ago,
what we worry about never happens.                                              nothing, doubts nothing. We fear
                                         said: “Finito?”
Just make sure you're prepared to face                                          things in proportion to our ignorance
(and or accept) the remaining 10%.       B.B: Good and evil are theological     of them.
                                         questions, right or wrong are legal
J.L: Bill, might you clarify then,                                              J.L: You mentioned Bill, that your
                                         questions. Family, friends and
what is meant by: “There is a                                                   father had been called many things,
                                         mutual acquaintances and the
natural law that supersedes all man                                             but to ‘The Family’ he was Father.
                                         relationships between them, bound
made laws. The promise between                                                  Why do you feel so many people do
                                         into Tradition, are a cornerstone
men to pledge their faith and trust                                             not understand?
                                         of life. Respect, defined as the
in mutual confidence transcends
                                         acknowledgment of power and            B.B: Why Father? America lacks
all injustices that may have been
                                         place, yours and somebody else’s,      a Father figure, it needs a Father
perpetrated against them.”
                                         is what has kept me in “the world”     figure, craves a Father figure. What
B.B: The natural law that supersedes     for 50 years. It remains that way      is missing in American society is a
man made law is simply your faith        until you’re released. Death finally   Father. My father was like a precision
in what is known universally as:         released me.                           violin in a violin case; except the
The Golden Rule… “do unto others                                                violin is no longer playing for all
                                         J.L: I’m still mesmerized. It’s a
as you would have them do unto you.”                                            to hear. We only hear the music he
                                         psychology Bill, that reminds me of
                                                                                makes in our hearts and minds.
                                         the professor whose class is filled

CONTENTS     PAG E                                                                                                         9
J.L: There’s been a lot written          B.B: What I give to the world                     J.L: Bill, what did your father
about your father: working in a          are: “facts not talk" if one seeks                mean – when quoted on several
very gentlemanly way. His method         approval. However, the only                       occasions as saying: “The American
of operation was at a different          approval I look for is self-approval              Government never understood!”
level, to those of many of his           based on the knowledge that I have
                                                                                           B.B: Joseph Bonanno meant…
contemporaries. So much so, that         lived by the “rules” of a Tradition.
                                                                                           our government never understood
he lived in harmony until the age        The price one pays for pursing any
                                                                                           what our Tradition was all about nor
of 97. Your father was really at the     calling is an intimate knowledge of
                                                                                           understood that not all people should
helm – within the ‘5’ Families – of      its ugly side.
                                                                                           be painted with the same brush.
‘wanting’ people to do good. This
                                         J.L: I understand that you, Bill –                Generalization is the privilege of
was not interpreted clearly to the
                                         can trace your ancestry back to:                  fools or tyrants. Our government,
outside world, was it?
                                         The Leaning Tower of Pisa...                      because they were ignorant of the
B.B: Jo Lee, part of my father’s                                                           ways of our Tradition, demonstrated
                                         B.B: Our family moved to Sicily
problem was that he did not have a                                                         that their fear was in direct proportion
                                         around 1340 from Pisa. Throughout
command of the English language.                                                           to their ignorance.
                                         the succeeding 600 years – they
In a high risk occupation where
                                         spread and settled in Palermo,                    J.L: Did the same brush in that case
risk of survival is great, it’s an
                                         along the Gulf of Castellammare                   – become a significant mould of
amazing story that he lasted at the
                                         and into the surrounding mountains                the Bonanno family when producing:
helm for 46 years. He was educated
                                         of Western Sicily.                                “Godfather 1” and “2”?
at the Italian Naval Academy, unlike
his contemporaries – whom the
public considered a brutal lot. He
was a rare quality in the Cosa Nostra.
One of the few men who became
great – while remaining good.
J.L: Bill, both you and your father
were honored with the title of Knight
by the Knights of Malta, an order
that existed from the time of the
Crusades and exists to this day. An
order that embodies nobility, the
Catholic faith, integrity of character
and corresponding social position.
B.B: The foundation and ideals of
the Order of the Knights of Malta,
Jo Lee, runs parallel to those ideals                 5. Bill, Joseph Bonanno at his 95th
which form the foundation of that                     birthday celebration. Joe Jr., and Sir
state of mind handed down to people                   Edward Artis, Commander, Knights
                                                      of Malta. 6. Joseph Bonanno
in my world for over 700 years.                       celebrating his 95th, photo by
                                                      Anthony Joseph
J.L: What is it you can say to the
world then, that will give them a
more comfortable embrace, as:
The Knights of Malta? How do you
get them to say: “Now, we see the
flip side to the coin?”


CONTENTS     PAG E                                                                                                             10
                                                                                    7. Bill and grandson David at his baptism and
7                                                                                   Joseph Bonanno

B.B: The Bonanno family was              J.L: There’s a story about Catherine.   B.B: Here, life imitates art. Prior
molded long before Godfather 1 &         As a young girl attending Boarding      to World War II, Catherine and I
2; however, both were stories about      School in Up State New York during      made our first of many trips out
relationships and loyalties and were     World War II… your father would         west. In 1940 we stopped in Canon
built on those ideals.                   frequently telephone. One morning       City, Colorado. A local rodeo was
                                         he said: “Caterina, be sure to eat      taking place; we ended up dressing
J.L: Yes, and these ideals Bill, one
                                         the eggs the sisters serve you for      in western clothes and the locals
sees manifested in your children,
                                         breakfast.” “Daddy,” she said. “We      nicknamed us Calamity Jane and
your grandchildren. Their manners,
                                         don’t have eggs. The rations ran        Buffalo Bill after we witnessed a
talents and conversation – right
                                         short several days ago.” “I’ll send     recreation of the original Buffalo
out of the most stimulating book
                                         you some,” he said. “Daddy, I           Bill’s ‘Wild West Show’, popular
of etiquette – must make you
                                         can’t eat eggs without the other        around the turn of this past century.
proud. Then, there’s the role of
                                         girls having eggs too.” “I’ll take      Of course, Catherine was more like
your wife, your sister and the other
                                         care of that” he echoed and hung        Calamity Jane than I was like Buffalo
young women in the family whose
                                         up. A few days later, 2 HUGE            Bill. Calamity was an exasperating
volunteer work alone, must consume
                                         trucks, filled with eggs… arrived.      tom-boy, always getting into some
California and Arizona. Incredible!
                                                                                 kind of trouble; all I could do was
                                         B.B: A perfect demonstration of the
B.B: Our immediate family numbers                                                ride well. These alter-egos followed
                                         man, Jo Lee.
34. Each has been taught that we all                                             us around for a number of years.
have an obligation to love each other    J.L: Your sister Catherine refers
                                                                                 J.L: Bill, tell me about your life
and we fulfill that obligation. Hence,   to the two of you as: ‘Calamity Jane
                                                                                 today. In the coming years, what
while we leave room for dislike…         and Buffalo Bill!’ I see tremendous
                                                                                 can the world expect from Salvatore
never is non-love nor indifference       times around this. Might you share
                                                                                 (Bill) Bonanno?
an option. We believe indifference       a couple of them?
is the essence of inhumanity.

CONTENTS    PAG E                                                                                                          11
Those who give have all things;
those who withhold have nothing.
B.B: My life is pretty simple. I arise    B.B: No, not really, Jo Lee. Some       you’ve done it! Your best selling:
early each day, usually around 5:00       circumstances can only last till        “Bound by Honor” projects what
a.m. and spend three or four hours        midnight; then it’s a new day with      ‘your Tradition emphasized you
writing. I’m finishing my second          opportunities to face these problems,   must do’ because of the compelling
book which will be published next         with renewed energy. My son Joseph,     respect for your father. And now,
year. I receive manuscripts from          in November 1979, sent me a passage     that he is no longer here, you’ve
aspiring writers with hopes that one      he had read by Thomas Paine: “          taken this value of brain power,
or two will translate into a book or      ‘Tis the business of little minds to    and like a missile, have gone
movie. Maybe among them will be a         shrink, but he whose heart is firm,     beyond with THE SALVATORE
new Hemmingway or Casablanca.             and whose conscience approves his       BONANNO – that really is.
                                          conduct, will pursue his principles
I have a life/a role independent of                                               If you had but 20 words – for the
                                          unto death.” I’ve used that thought
my public role, during the past 50                                                hundreds of millions of young
                                          to conduct both my private and
years. We are responsible to those                                                people – faced with adversity, today
                                          public affairs. If your faith, in
we can touch; therefore, my work                                                  – how might you help them, Bill?
                                          yourself and those around you,
here on consists of making sure my
                                          is enduring, you will endure.           B.B: Know yourself. Any fool can
14 grandchildren know it’s okay
                                                                                  make a decision but… to accept
to ‘dream about what you want to          J.L: Things happen to all of us that
                                                                                  the responsibility and to take the
do; but do what you were meant to         completely change the direction of
                                                                                  consequences of those decisions,
do.’ My father’s greatest legacy to       our lives. Can you pinpoint Bill,
                                                                                  separates those who succeed and
those he left behind is a Tradition,      what this was for you?
                                                                                  those who do not. Take the time
a Tradition that has given us a way
                                          B.B: The one thing which changed        to educate yourself about life.
of life with certain fixed values and
                                          the direction of my life, was my        Ideas won’t keep; something
we will leave it to his death to test
                                          birth. It was all meant to be. Our      must be done about them. You
the fruit of his life and determine
                                          Heavenly Father deals you a hand        do not achieve brilliance without
if his reasoning came from his
                                          at birth and I’ve tried to faithfully   conscience. Those who give have
mouth or his heart.
                                          play the cards, I was dealt.            all things; those who withhold
J.L: Did you know you had a gift                                                  have nothing.
                                          J.L: The Bonanno name Bill – will
for producing?
                                          be revered through your followers       J.L: You are a very charismatic figure
B.B: I had been trained as a youngster,   for hundreds and hundreds of            – and through this interview, our
in the “people business.” The             years from now. I’m told that one       readers will have the opportunity
“people business” centered around         of the things people have always        to view – yet another side of life.
your ability to get the job done by       known about Bill Bonanno – is that      I’m overcome! Mile grazie, Bill!
getting people to work together to        you are a man of great magnitude
                                                                                  B.B: Take care to take care. «
accomplish a given goal. That’s all       and what you want is to have this
producing is. Getting people to           bigness used to do great things. If
work together. A producer’s best          ever Bill, you had a chance to show
friend is his telephone/connections       this side of you to the world – you
and his ability to get people to do       have a chance to show them, now.
what he wants them to do – even if
                                          Concealed: The Cool Side of
they think it’s their idea.
                                          Bonanno *2003*! You realize
J.L: Do everyday circumstances            you’ve created a brilliant mosaic
ever get you down, Bill?                  here, Bill. Your life transcends
                                          belief. But history today, shows

CONTENTS     PAG E                                                                                                   12
                                                                                              By Dr. Jack Bagshaw

                                           STETHOSCOPE 911 »
                                           From San Francisco Bay to the hills and wine country of Sonoma.

                                                we don’t feel well. We want the latest        I am convinced that the underlying
March hosts the Academy Awards,
                                                in technology. We want to be fixed once        problem in the ‘why don’t people take
St. Patrick’s Day and March                     we are sick and fixed again the next time      better care of themselves?’ resides with
Madness. March has JO LEE                       around! Where are we as consumers?            the many people who are unhappy with
Magazine becoming more Special!                                                               the way they’re living their lives. Each
                                                                                              day they feel more stuck and lose more
» Bottom line – watch YOUR health!              SMOKING                The facts are          ground. They are caught up in more and
The most talked about subject in every          overwhelming – increased heart disease,       faster… with priorities and serenity often
country. The ‘forever’ ongoing health           cancer, chronic lung disease, poor            unavailable. Sadly, many other people
care crisis – always in terms of cost or        circulation, premature death and aging        are caught up in being a patient with
how many are uninsured. Who has had             and unwanted wrinkles. I often say “if        a diagnosis and believe that the health
what done to them, the insurance story          you smoke, don’t bother to buckle up!”        care system is there to fix them.
of the week, alternative versus real            The reality – smoking is a very
                                                                                              Readers – go on alert. You have every
health (MD’s) or who pays for what.             complicated addiction.
                                                                                              reason to be unsettled!   «
Q: I’m female and 52 and can’t decide           INACTIVITY For the human                      Until June, Dr. Bagshaw
whether I am confused or amused!                body to function well, it must move –
Either way, I feel unsettled! Help.             all of it. 120 million Americans are          For the Doctor » Click Here «
                                                sedentary. Many more unfit. Inactivity is
DR. B: Stay away from the medical
                                                playing a huge role in obesity, diabetes,
system! It’s a dangerous place.
                                                cardiovascular disease, problems with
                                                                                              Dr. Jack Bagshaw practiced Cardiology,
The Health Care System itself – is not          insulin, fatigue, not feeling well, stress,
                                                                                              Critical Care and Internal Medicine in
simple. The existing medical industry           lack of energy, compromised longevity,
                                                                                              Marin County, California where he
isn’t about getting you healthy. You            how you look and act, and on and on.
                                                                                              served for seven years as Director of the
must look to yourself and work at being         You need not think fitness as in being
                                                                                              Coronary Care Unit (CCU). In 1979, he
healthy. The more complicated part.             an athlete. Think being physically active
                                                                                              founded PHYSIS, a Preventive Medicine
Over 400,000 individuals die each year          and go from there.
                                                                                              Company in San Francisco, with the
due to medical mistakes, complications,
what is done to them. Millions upon
                                                STRESS Everywhere! Financial,                 mission to see preventive technology
                                                relationships, family, health, aging,         become part of the healthcare system.
millions more become gravely ill for                                                          He has a large and unique experience
                                                sex, work, the economy – pressures
the same reasons.                                                                             with and in prevention and health care.
                                                and failures. Overlooked in all of this
Most people in most countries neglect           is an understanding of the biochemical        He is presently working on two books:

and do not take good care of themselves.        response to stress. We are producing          “Inactivity: Modern Man’s Major Health

Here in the U.S. – we are the most              huge amounts of adrenaline and steroids       Risk” and “Prevention and Aging”.

overweight, unfit, overfed/overeating,           that were designed to drive, fight or
chronically ill population in the world!        flight. This means activity. We are busy
We are a huge part of the health care           but we are not active. If something is
crisis. We demand to be seen because            24/7 – it is stress!

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We Invite                                          The Award will
                                                   ‘Successful Awardees’
Corporations/Individuals To Contribute
                                                   receive the exquisitely designed:
To Those Who Have Achieved
                                                   Adeste Crystal Medallion
Foresight requires a curiosity as deep as it
is boundless… and our greatest incentive           Whenever the committee recognizes an
should be in helping those who are young.          achievement above and beyond expectation –
                                                   an additional CASH PRIZE that embraces
We at JO LEE give you an ‘open’ invitation         the ‘on-going endeavors’ of an Awardee,
to embrace those who may otherwise not be          will be given.
recognized and assist them in ‘seeing the
future before it arrives’.                         Awards will be announced in
THE Adeste Prize will be awarded to ‘The 40        November of each year.
and under individuals’ for achievements in
the categories of Humanity, Social Justice,
Technology, Arts, and Medicine.                    Criteria by the Candidate should be
                                                   The achievement
Nominations are urged by readers around            of a humanitarian act of significant magnitude
the world. Please! Submit the name of              which positively benefits mankind by advancing
someone you believe is deserving of such an        the ability to meet a basic need or should be
award.                                             a new, original, and meaningful discovery.
Nominees should have either achieved extra-        ADESTE takes as its Credo –
ordinary findings, or excelled beyond their
limits in inspiring others to ‘touch the stars’.   the lessons behind Nobel.
                                                   For Submissions » CLICK HERE «

CONTENTS   PAG E                                                                              14
                                                                YES, VIRGINIA! COME – EXPLORE WITH ME »
                                                                By Audrey Lisette Hess-Eberle –

                                                                Chicago, Illinois, USA

» Provocative, tender, terrifying,
exhilarating, imaginative, sheer
                                         Hollywood’s new face-lift came
                                         with the glitzy $562-million retail
                                                                                 Be sure to take the time to eat –
                                                                                 you need your strength for ‘star-
fantasy – images of our lives and        entertainment complex at Hollywood      search’. An eatery tradition since
human history or future possibilities    and Highland Boulevards, 130            1919, the classic ‘Musso and Frank’s
have been crafted in the minds of        shops ranging from The Gap to           Grill and Steak House’ is one of
scriptwriters, producers, technicians,   Louis Vuitton, a Marriott Hotel,        Hollywood’s oldest and best. ‘The
and actors. What takes years to          and two state-of-the-art subways.       Cat and the Fiddle’ Restaurant,
dream of, evolve, and finally            The north line links you to             highly acclaimed and popular, is
produce, carries us in a few brief       Universal Studios and the Hollywood     frequented by the Stars, as well as
hours into a visual and emotional        Bowl, while the south to the LA         ‘The Dresden’, a landmark for over
experience through which we              Museum of Contemporary and              50 years which, while attracting the
can make sense of our lives, or          Modern Art, Little Tokyo, and the       stars, offers reasonable menu prices
escape from it – that magical world      fabulous Metropolis of Los Angeles.     catering to the average person.
of MOVIES. While movies are                                                      ‘Patina’, a highly acclaimed and
                                         You’re in Hollywood – lurk the
produced the world over, the name                                                award winning restaurant, serves
                                         lobby for autographs at the
HOLLYWOOD looms like a giant                                                     food with a Franco-California
                                         ‘Standard’, a favorite meeting place
in the industry it cultivated so well.                                           accent in an elegant atmosphere.
                                         for a bevy of starlets and a frequent
Hollywood, California, USA – a           filming location. The hippest           Do you deserve the best? Luxuriate
place like no other, affectionately      hotel, ‘The Mondrain’, is where         like a movie star by staying at the
called ‘Tinsel Town’ – established       the industry’s shakers like to party.   distinguished ‘Peninsula Beverly
its first motion picture studio in       Their ‘Sky Bar’ has a spectacular       Hills Hotel’, rated the 8th best
1911 and the world was never the         view over the city and coast, where     hotel in the USA. Designed in
same. This March 23rd marks              hundreds of candles accent their        the manner of an elegant private
the 75th Annual Academy Awards           Middle Eastern design. Into the         residence including a full Spa and
Presentation at Oscars’ new home,        music scene? The ‘Chateau Marmont’      fitness center, the award-winning
the Kodak Theater, to honor the          on Sunset Boulevard attracts            Peninsula offers pampering-luxury.
very best. While the event will be       ‘wannabe’ rock idols and folks          With 196 rooms, 36 suites and 16
televised throughout the world,          of the music industry.                  villas nestled in lush gardens, it
there is nothing like being in the                                               replicates a small village unto itself.
midst of this excitement.                                                        Their ‘Club Bar’, a favorite among

CONTENTS    PAG E                                                                                                    15
                                   1                                                                                   2   3


 1. Rodeo Drive – amongst the best shops in Hollywood 2. Beverley Hills Hotel 3. Kate Winslet arriving at the Oscars
 4. What Hollywood is famous for 5. The exhilarating world of Hollywood

the Hollywood elite, and their                     your lines and pack your bag full                   Your travel life can stop by the mere
Rooftop Garden offering a                          of dreams, just in case? «                          thought of “I can’t”, or it can start with
panoramic view of Beverly Hills                                                                        the thought of “I can, and will find my
                                                   To Write Audrey » Click Here «                      way”. In the coming months, we will
and Century City, features live
entertainment nightly.                                                                                 cover the many aspects of travel. We will
                                                                                                       consider everything from practicality to
Don’t forget to do the normal                      Each month as we venture out into our               reclusive escapes. We will travel to some
tourist jaunts, like take the bus tour             world, your travel can consist of a visit to        pretty fabulous, well known or off the
past the stars’ homes, visit ‘Mann’s               the next town for the day, or a journey             beaten track places.
Chinese Theater’ and place your                    that would place your feet clear on the
hands and feet over Harrison                       other side of the world. It is all about            So, sensitize yourself, flex your muscles
Ford’s prints (my hero), or                        discovery and your relationship to the              of awareness, open your mind for all
experience ‘Jurassic Park’, the                    world which is everywhere you walk.                 possibilities and… COME – EXPLORE
ride, at Universal Studios. After                  We all have different reasons as to why             WITH ME.
all, this is Hollywood, that land                  we are attracted to a particular place –
made bright by stars of the past                   and my suggestion is that you don’t
and present. Did you rehearse                      limit yourself.

CONTENTS       PAG E                                                                                                                           16
                                       FEATURE »        By Douglas A.S. Mills


                                    (“TWO THUMBS DOWN!”)
                                     » Capital markets experienced
                                     a ‘bubble’! This happens when
                                     speculative excess peaks then bursts,
                                     leading to investor crisis, panic,
                                     irrational sell-off and flight to liquidity.
                                     The recent market downturn is simply
                                     another destabilization of normally
                                     stable markets. Unfortunately, investors
                                     tend to forget history and manufacture
                                     new reasons for promoting, and
                                     following, speculative manias.
                                     The most recent of these is
                                     ‘Technomania’ where investors were
                                     convinced technology represented a
                                     ‘new economy’. Traditional fundamental
                                     measures (price earnings multiples,
                                     competent management, market
                                     share, industry position, relative sector
                                     performance and revenue growth) were

CONTENTS   PAG E                                                                    17
                                        Investors tend to forget history and
                                    manufacture new reasons for promoting,
                                          and following, speculative manias.

 2                                                                                                                                   3
                                         1. Time and money 2. Euro prices 3. Award ceremony held by nas NASDAQ 4. Office buildings

                                        Deadly Ingredient 1
ignored. Traditional measures                                                           practice to everyone, with attendant
were replaced by: peg-ratios, market                                                    loss of confidence and trust in both
index weights and future promises.      Modern management compensation                  management and capital markets.
Dreams were woven by corporate          practices focused on rewarding
management and market touts.            performance. These rewards often
The dreams were founded on an
unending demand for communication
                                        took the form of stock options,
                                        tying management emoluments to                  Deadly Ingredient 2
                                                                                        Changes in the accounting
and technology products and services.   the market price of the company
As with all euphoria, Technomania       stock, thereby linking management               industry may have eroded
was founded, then feasted on            prosperity with the shareholders’.              auditor independence. Faced with
ignorance, greed and the herd           This provided a disproportionate                escalating costs and a shrinking
instinct.                               incentive to manage short-term                  stable of clients, due to industry
                                        stock prices at the expense of long-            rationalization, audit firms
Believe It! Excessive investor          term earnings. The practice often               expanded services to include
expectations were fueled by             led to creative accounting and                  consulting and other advisory
seven deadly ingredients.               even fraudulent misrepresentation.              services. This created conflicts
                                        While only some management                      within the accounting firm itself; it
                                        groups managed stock prices,                    was difficult for the audit function
                                        investors tended to attribute the               to gainsay what the consulting

CONTENTS     PAG E                                                                                                                   18

group had implemented. Further,          underwritings of future corporate     practices. Clearly the Regulators
as non-audit services increased,         issues by the obliging investment     were weak and significant steps are
fees accruing from each client grew      bank. Finally, fund managers,         now underway to rectify this. The
proportionately, making retention        compensated on relative               SRO’s by themselves were simply
of clients increasingly essential.       performance to other funds and        unable to combat the new alliances
Commercially, these trends may           market indices, focused attention     and motivational forces in the
have tended to compromise objectivity.   on index weights and security         capital markets.
Arguably, the shareholders watchdog      names and avoided “big bets.”
was getting tamer.                       Many were lulled into the corporate
                                         earnings ‘guidance trap’ where
                                         corporate management could            Deadly Ingredient 5
Deadly Ingredient 3
Securities Analysts working with
                                         virtually ‘dictate’ stock prices to
                                         analysts who ignored fundamental
                                         research, objectivity and
                                                                               Political issues including terrorism,
                                                                               elections, monetary policy and a
                                                                               host of uncertainties and distractions,
investment banks were also conflicted.   absolute returns.                     provided a backdrop of uncertainty
Professionally, analysts are required                                          to markets and deflected attention
to pursue fairness in valuing and                                              from market realities.
recommending securities. From a
career perspective, the same analysts    Deadly Ingredient 4
are expected to promote their
employers’ inventory of underwritten
securities and “talk up” their
                                         Regulators, such as the Securities
                                         Commissions, were largely ignored,
                                         under-funded and understaffed
                                                                               Deadly Ingredient 6
                                                                               Instant communication of market
virtues. Further, certain senior         during the ‘90’s bull market. There   activity produced two phenomena.
corporate executives were allotted       was confidence that self-regulating   First, rapid communication of
shares in ‘hot’ new issues by            organizations (SRO’s) would ensure    corporate "spin" accentuated the
investment banks to encourage            objective perspectives and ethical    positive, leading to higher prices.

CONTENTS    PAG E                                                                                                 19
Secondly, constant communication         At the core of this sad scenario        Meanwhile, investors sit on the
tended to turn the focus of longer-      is the breakdown of individual          sidelines, cynically waiting for
term investors into shorter term,        morals and business ethics.             better times. It takes time for
making them market timers,               Corporate governance went out           wounds to heal and credibility
thereby increasing market volatility.    the window in many cases. Boards        to mend: thank goodness memory
                                         of Directors, supposedly responsible    is short. Yet this is simply another
                                         to shareholders, became mere            chapter where mania leads to

Deadly Ingredient 7
Finally, persistently low interest
                                         extensions of Corporate Management.
                                         Responsibility was abdicated,
                                         accountability went unmeasured
                                                                                 panic and panic leads to market
                                                                                 correction. The painful process
                                                                                 represents the transition from greed
rates and expanded money supply          and tough questions went unasked.       to fear to greater market stability.
made fixed income securities less        It was a great party while it lasted.   IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN! Next
attractive, leaving little alternative   Everyone stood to benefit with the      time, only the ingredients and
for market investors other than          mutual profit alliances outweighing     the players will differ; but greed,
equities.                                the watchdogs, which were either        fear and ‘new economics’ are
                                         shackled or asleep… leaving the         guaranteed to be involved in…
Some Players Won, Big-Time! Many         herd of investors to be led willingly   "MARKET CRASH!… THE
management teams managed their           into escalating risks at the equity     SEQUEL"– coming sometime
option benefits taking advantage         casino.                                 to a market near you.
of clubby Boards, stretched
independence of audit firms and          Denouement The guilty have been         Douglas Mills is Chairman of The
understaffed market regulators.          identified and paraded before the       Glencreggan Limited, a financial and
Some allied themselves with              media. The watchdogs have either        organizational consulting group. He
investment bankers who ‘arranged’        been shot or jerked awake. Boards       is the retired CEO of Scotia Cassels
risk-free profits from "hot" new         of Directors are being restructured     Investment Counsel, Toronto, Canada,
issues in exchange for corporate         and Auditors are spinning off           a major asset management firm.
business. Investment banking analysts    consulting divisions. Reputations
breached ‘Chinese Walls’ and             have been savaged and suspects
‘talked-up’ a company’s stock, further   paraded publicly as felons, even
benefiting management. It was an         prior to trial. The entire spectacle
unholy but highly profitable alliance.   has sullied the American Dream.

             The entire spectacle has sullied
                        the American Dream.
CONTENTS     PAG E                                                                                                      20
FEATURE »     By JO LEE Magazine – New York/San Francisco/Hong Kong/London/Toronto

In Our Times
With the Academy Awards rapidly approaching, Tinsel town is abuzz
with activity. Stretch limousines are being buffed and polished to a
perfect sheen as are their celebrity occupants. Los Angeles Plastic
Surgeons are being swamped with last minute nips, sucks, and tucks
as well as enough Botox to fill several Hollywood directors’ pools.
The frenzy is not limited to California! North of the United States
border, similar activity is occurring in the office of one of the most
brilliant ‘Michelangelos’ alive!
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – Dr. Frank Beninger.
                                                                                                       Dr. J. Beninger

» The Academy Awards is certainly a time when people      Eye Ear and Throat Hospital in New York City. This
become even more concerned about their appearance.        hospital is the largest cosmetic surgery hospital in the
We look carefully at the screens to see what fashions     world with several thousand such surgeries each year.
the stars are wearing and who has a new, revitalized      Dr. Beninger’s skills were carefully honed under the
face. Audiences are playing ‘spot the Botox junkie’       direction of Dr. Sherell Aston and Dr. Dan Baker.
while at the same time rushing off for their own quick    Celebrities, royalty, and high–powered money moguls
fix. According to Dr. Beninger, the group of products     were a daily occurrence.
called ‘injectables’ are being used with increasing       Today, Dr. Beninger practices within Toronto,
frequency. “Last year, more than 1.6 million Botox        Canada’s exquisite Yorkville village… (The equivalent
treatments were performed in the U.S. with multitudes     of Chicago’s Millionaire Mile, New York’s Park and
having crossed the border to me”, says Dr. Beninger.      Madison Avenues, and Los Angeles’ Rodeo Drive) and
“Availability is one reason Americans are descending      has mastered what no other Canadian Plastic Surgeon
on Toronto. But price is another factor. The exchange     has ever done. He limited his practice to cosmetic
rate on American dollars… flexes between + 50 to 60       surgery. An area where development of techniques and
% on CDN funds. The ultimate!”                            procedures increases at an explosive pace. “In order to
Dr. Beninger grew up in rural Canada. Graduating          be the best Cosmetic Surgeon and get the best results,
with close to perfect marks, he was awarded numerous      one must constantly evolve their technique. I felt
scholarships and selected as one of seven doctors to      I should devote full energies to this area of surgery
be trained as Plastic Surgeons in the whole of Canada.    alone. The procedure has been extremely refined to
( New York City, could have this number of residents      maintain a ‘natural look’, avoid obvious scars – and
in a single hospital.) He then was selected to continue   in some cases eliminate hairline scars behind the ears,
training in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery at the Manhattan     eliminate distortion of the hairline and ear lobes while

CONTENTS    PAG E                                                                                                  21
 What single feature distinguishes Dr. Beninger? His honesty! “No beating around the bush.
 If I think surgery will offer no benefit or improvements, I tell the person such. Many
 people are under intense pressure to look their best. Some feel cosmetic surgery is their
 only answer. Why take risks and expenses that are not required,” says Dr. Beninger!

 at the same time minimizing bruising, swelling, and           Success stories are amazing
 ‘down-time’ for patients in busy work and social lives.       however and very high.
                                                               Some people’s lives
 Patients today are procedure savvy. A surgeon must be
                                                               really do change. I recall
 eminently knowledgeable
                                                               one woman on whom I
 to answer their questions. Patients do not take diagnosis
                                                               performed a face and
 and advice blindly. They often challenge you and we
                                                               brow lift. Preoperatively,
 must be current with our knowledge.”
                                                               she looked like someone
 What single feature distinguishes Dr. Beninger? His           in her sixties even though
 honesty! “No beating around the bush. If I think              she was 42. Her clothing
 surgery will offer no benefit or improvements, I tell the     was unflattering, and her
 person such. Many people are under intense pressure           personality very timid and
 to look their best. Some feel cosmetic surgery is their       introverted. During her
 only answer. Why take risks and expenses that are not         follow-up appointments,
 required,” says Dr. Beninger!                                 she was unrecognizable –            Enough Botox to fill a director’s pool
                                                               looking like one in her
 And what about patients motivated for the wrong               thirties… vivacious and outgoing. She told me she’d
                                   reasons? There are          felt trapped in an older body and lacked any self-
                                   patients who request a      confidence. Her whole life had changed.
                                   breast augmentation         She was immensely grateful.”
                                   hoping it will improve
                                   the relationship with       Dr. Beninger works in association with The Beresford
                                   their partner. Surgery,     Center. A group, interested in preventative health
                                   performed by other          care. It has a GP who specializes in women’s health,
                                   surgeons, did not help      a naturopath, a massage therapist, aestheticians, a
                                   the failing relationship    chiropractor, a hair restoration and transplant doctor,
                                   and now they want to be     image consulting and makeup, and a hair salon. It
                                   rid of any reminders of     also specializes in Anti-Aging treatments… the first
                                   the person. Some patients   of its kind in Canada where they developed their own
                                   request a procedure         program, from the beginning. “The results have been
                                   because their partner has   phenomenal. We are able to treat the aging process
                                   demanded so. Others feel    without the use of Growth Hormone or other forms
Last minute nips, sucks, and tucks surgery will get them a     of hormone replacement.”
                                   promotion. Then, there
                                                               As for Dr. Beninger’s personal life? Extremely active.
                                   are times when patients
                                                               “My second career choice was to be an Aeronautical
 ‘seem’ to have the right motivation, but there’s a sixth
                                                               Engineer, a rocket scientist” jokes Dr. Beninger. “I’ve
 sense that something is just not right. These situations
                                                               always been fascinated by how things work, what makes
 are handled very delicately. In my experience”, states Dr.
                                                               them tick, and can fix just about anything – all at my
 Beninger, “this gut feeling is always correct. No matter
                                                               cottage on Georgian Bay.”
 how good a result this person gets, they remain hostile,
 aggressive, bitter, and may be dangerous.” I have had one     Some people look at works of art.
 such experience where my staff was put on alert… and          But Dr. Beninger? Like Michelangelo –
 another where I received a telephone threat because I
 refused to do surgery.                                        he looks at art, as his work. «

 CONTENTS     PAG E                                                                                                          22
FEATURE »     By Lois Gordon, Marriage Counselor – Los Gatos, California

of a Family
                                         if we had a choice). Isn’t it wonderful   proper foods and prepares for the
                                         that we don’t have a choice? Genes        birth. Eating right is the easy part.
                                         play a big part. No, I don’t mean         Preparing to be the guardian of
                                         Levi’s; genes that Mom and Dad            another soul and life is the biggest
                                         bring to the family. If the fat goes      job; the most important job
                                         to the wrong places and arms are          imaginable. It is a path of love,
                                         not slim and beautiful, blame your        patience, discipline and commitment.
                                         great-grandmother. Don’t worry
                                                                                   Raising a family is a challenge.
                                         and get upset about those things you
 1                                                                                 There are multiple personalities,
                                         can’t change. Change those you can
                                                                                   each vying for individual and
                                         and enjoy life with what you have.
» A family is like an ice cream                                                    special time and space! And the
store; so many different flavors         Viewing a family from the outside         unrelenting barrage of television
and combinations of flavors.             is interesting. Some personalities        and movies teaching life in a
Some mixed together are                  are loud, self-assured, some quiet        fantasyland, with no ethics or morals.
perfect, others a bit off balance.       and determined; some with a great         It is exhausting, exhilarating, and
It would be very bland if we             sense of humor and some less jovial.      demanding; but totally worth it. It
were all plain vanilla. But add          And yet, they share their lives because   is life’s greatest challenge.
a little strawberry and you have         they are a part of each other. Oh
                                                                                   Every person born has the same
a taste delight. Or chocolate,           yes, they can argue and say they
                                                                                   basic needs and wants; to be loved
yum… how can anyone resist?              never want to see each other again,
                                                                                   and sheltered from life’s extremes;
                                         and then a special event happens
The same is true of a family;                                                      to be given food and clothing,
                                         and they are happy for each other.
how dull if everyone had the same                                                  but more than that, to be given
                                         Some find it difficult to accept they
temperament or coloring. The                                                       unconditional love and acceptance
                                         are loved, but in a family the bonds
same ideas, how boring! Independent                                                from those around them, especially
                                         are very strong.
thinkers are needed to stir the pot                                                their parents. Considering that
and keep us on our toes. Would we        The journey begins at conception.         each life experience is different,
all be tall and skinny? (Well, I guess   The mother is thrilled to be carrying     and each environment is different
                                         another human life. She eats the          for each person, even living in the

CONTENTS    PAG E                                                                                                     23
                                    1. The flavors of a family – like an ice -cream store
                                                         2. In search for the easter eggs

   You need to spend time and
   reach the heart. A family – is a
   lifelong commitment.

same home, it is sometimes difficult        Candy was bought for the Easter                     social clubs, and volunteer groups
to provide the needs of each person         baskets. On Easter Sunday, everyone                 are wonderful ways to form close
and cultivate that closeness. The           went to church in their new Easter                  friendships. This is the food for
basic needs of love, security, shelter      finery. Dinner was always wonderful;                the soul and heart.
and food may be easy under normal           baked ham, mashed potatoes, and
                                                                                                Take the time for everyday activities
conditions; it’s the extra for that         all the trimmings.
                                                                                                with family and sharing special
inner self that is difficult and not
                                            The Easter egg hunt was the highlight               days; birthdays, Christmas, Easter,
always met. Even with all of the
                                            of the day. Adults spent a lot of time              or a summer picnic is vital; allow
problems, family is the most
                                            hiding the eggs and the children                    all the flavors to mix and enjoy
important unit there is; and
                                            were given baskets filled with green,               each person’s uniqueness. Some
the most rewarding.
                                            phony grass to collect the eggs. The                of the flavors may blend poorly,
Much energy is required to keep a           children were arranged according                    but the respect for each person and
family alive. The pull to be united         to age; youngest to oldest got out of               the specialness of each person has
and sharing is like a huge magnet.          the door first. Prizes and accolades                to be held in high esteem. If you
Hurt feelings happen. Compromises           to the ones who found the most eggs.                never take the time to get to know
must be worked out. The importance          Somehow there was always one egg                    someone – all you see is the façade
of shared days and holidays cannot          that never got found. I loved Easter                that surrounds them.
be denied.                                  and so the tradition continued with
                                                                                                You need to spend time and reach
                                            our children and our grandchildren;
Our family has always enjoyed Easter.                                                           the heart. A family – is a lifelong
                                            a wonderful day with the family. We
When I was a child Easter was a                                                                 commitment. «
                                            fill baskets with goodies to take to
glorious day; a time to reflect, grow,
                                            the people who have no one. So a
restart life with good intentions
                                            lesson of sharing is taught.
and, enjoy family and friends.
For days we colored hard boiled             Besides blood relatives – there are
eggs for hiding. Everyone went              other forms of family. Because
shopping and bought a new outfit,           humans desire to be loved and
complete with gloves and hats for           needed, they should form bonds
the girls; suits and ties for the boys.     with others. Friends, neighbors,

CONTENTS     PAG E                                                                                                                24
FEATURE »   By Gerald G. Fisch, Winner of the McKinsey Award – Practicing Globally

» 2002 WAS
                               Blame could readily be distributed
                               to any combination of:
                                                                       Here follows a further exploration
                                                                       of both personal conduct and in
                                                                       conclusion – an approach to a
A TERRIBLE                     Trial lawyers, insurers, the U.S.
                               adversarial legal system, auditors,
                                                                       common business and trade code.
                                                                       A new GAP and a new oversight group
YEAR IN                        human greed, the Security and
                               Exchange Commission and its
                                                                       to regulate accounting, financial
                                                                       statements and auditing including
                               chairman. The generally accepted
WORLD                          accounting principles which are
                               not generally accepted with diverse
                                                                       all firms, regardless of size.

FINANCE.                       country by country differences, size
                               of international companies, conflicts
                                                                       For Example
9/11 CHANGED                   of interest of large accounting firms
                               with profitable consulting groups.
                                                                       Corporate size with modern
                                                                       technology can be managed. A few

THE WORLD                      It can be concluded that the
                                                                       large accounting firms or even one
                                                                       – cannot be blamed for the apparent
                               challenge might be met, if we           misconduct of a few practitioners.
FOREVER.                       draw attention to two realities. The
                               world has yet to address the urgent
                                                                       The General Agreement should be
                                                                       used to establish a global, uniform
SOLUTIONS                      need for one, enforceable global code
                               for trade and commerce including
                                                                       business and commercial code which
                                                                       is needed urgently. Nothing will
WERE SCARCE                    intellectual property such as patents
                               and trademarks. This must be coupled
                                                                       facilitate optimum world trade as,
                                                                       for example: uniform rules for the
IF NOT                         with mandatory guidelines with
                               licensing rewards, punishments
                                                                       protection of intellectual property.
                                                                       The common fairytale that audit
ABSENT.                        and damage award controls with
                               rationalization of a global uniform
                                                                       firms who provide consulting
                                                                       services, represent another obstacle
                               business and a real legal system.       to honest and reliable audits –
                               Exploiting the GAT might also           is hogwash. The author further
                               be helpful.                             suspects that greedy and

CONTENTS   PAG E                                                                                       25
    dishonorable trial lawyers and
    brokerage firms started the rumor
    reflecting their own guilty consciences.








         HAVE you heard that a large number of prominent
         corporate execs...
         ABOUT alleged criminal fraud...
         WALL Street are up to their neck...
         THAT the politicians/lawmakers have lost control...
         THE senate or the congress/the lower house...
         WHO are the (real) players: lawyers/accountants/auditors/
         management consultants...
         WHO are the (real) brokerage firms/the investors/the
         WHERE do the stock exchanges fit in...








                                                                         WHO is responsible for the present mess...
                                                                         CAN you run/manage a large complex society like a
                                                                         perpetual debate...
                                                                         HOW do you avoid broad-brush solutions to complex problems...
                                                                         GLOBAL or just American...
                                                                         SUCCESS? economics/ capitalism with a solid dose of social
                                                                         safety nets...
                                                                         U.S. vs. the British model...
                                                                         THE UNITED NATIONS...
                                                                         GOD and integrity in business...
                                                                         RELIGIONS, morality and the rule of law...

?   Let me ask then – do even one of
    the Ten Commandments, apply? «
                                                                     Gérald Fisch is an MIT graduate in both engineering and
                                                                     management. His best selling book “Organization for
                                                                     Profit” won the McKINSEY AWARD together with Peter
                                                                     Drucker and John K. Galbraith. He’s authored multiple
                                                                     articles for the Harvard Business Review and is a past
                                                                     member of the executive/policy committee of two of the
                                                                     large International Accounting firms where he practiced
                                                                     globally. Mr. Fisch is currently CEO of GGF Global
                                                                     Management & Capital Corporation.

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                          FEATURE »  By Professor James L. Koch, PhD – Director, The Center
                          for Science, Technology, and Society And Professor of Management
                          Santa Clara University, California – Former Dean, The Leavey School
                          of Business and Administration

DIGITAL DIVIDE’                        Social Chasm of The Information Age
» I recently participated as          be-forgotten peace concert in the        However, digital access is only one
one of five scholars in the First     Coliseum. Voices were from regions       element of a whole new social reality,
Glocal Forum. The term ‘glocal’       that have suffered from tyranny,         of how societies are structuring
relates to the need to ‘connect’,     social unrest, and civil war. We         themselves, and what economic
to establish social cohesion          listened to these voices of suffering    opportunities are being redistributed.
and collaborative potential to        and hope rising above the floor          The where in somewhere matters.
allow individuals and regions         where the gladiators of vanquished
                                                                               The important question is under
of the globe to prosper in our        lands once ‘entertained’ their
                                                                               what conditions does inclusion or
increasingly interconnected           conquerors in the age of antiquity.
                                                                               exclusion from Internet networks
global economy.                       It was a time of deep reflection.
                                                                               translate into better opportunity or
This invitational meeting             I was invited to shed light on the       greater inequality. It will help to
took place in Rome, Italy. It was     social chasms that divide our world      better understand the demography
attended by the Mayors of Boston,     – the digital divide; often described    of our world.
Washington, Stockholm, and Paris;     in simplistic terms as differences in
                                                                               The global economy consists of very
senior diplomats and officials from   access to the Internet that are based
                                                                               large, interconnect metropolitan
Israel, Palestine, and Pakistan;      on economic, ethnic, gender, or
                                                                               regions; the hubs of our networked
World Bank President James            age-related considerations. This
                                                                               world. In 1970, thirty-seven percent
Wolfensohn; Nobel Prize winner        is wrong headed because it defines
                                                                               of the world’s population lived in
Shimon Perez; United Nations          ‘success’ nominally or if individuals
                                                                               cities. Today, roughly half live in
representatives, and mayors from      have access to the Internet somewhere.
                                                                               major cites, and by 2025 two-thirds
twenty five of the world’s largest    For example, if you can get access
                                                                               will live in major metropolitan areas.
cities. Approximately fifty young     to the Internet in a school, library,
                                                                               These regions have become a resource
people (16 to 23) of the Global       at work, etcetera; then you are not on
                                                                               for exchange, collaboration, learning
Youth Parliament presented a          the wrong side of the digital divide.
                                                                               and decision-making. But, the poor
vision for the world. Our meetings                                             have not benefited from these shifts.
culminated with a presentation to                                              Half of the world’s population
Pope John Paul, II and a never-to-                                             subsists on less than two dollars a


CONTENTS   PAG E                                                                                                  27

day. The Digital Divide is intertwined    replaced by technology. Fewer           failing to tap the intellectual
with social and economic chasms.          people work in factories today.         reservoir of roughly half of the
Bridges are required for those now        Those who do are likely to require      population for design of future
marginalized, or on the wrong side        ICT knowledge.                          ICT technologies.
of this social divide due to poverty,
                                          The lifetime income gap between         ‘Socio-technical’ system changes
access to quality education (human
                                          college educated and high school        are reshaping our information
capital), or access to empowering
                                          educated grew substantially during      economy. They are not about
social networks (social capital).
                                          the last two decades. So, education,    technology; they are about creating
                                          knowledge, and know-how are key         new capabilities, new social systems,

 1                                        2                                       3

Internet access must focus on the         if ICT access is to contribute to       and new possibilities based on
human, financial, and social capital      economic opportunity.                   the power of information; a long-
needed in a globalizing networked                                                 term, evolutionary process of ‘socio-
                                          The Digital Divide is intertwined
economy. Economic research on                                                     technical’ and structural change.
                                          with social class, ethnicity, gender,
information and communication
                                          and age. In Silicon Valley households   Internet access in schools has
technology indicates that, in relation
                                          with $75,000 in annual income           increased. However, Internet
to education, Information and
                                          have three times the penetration rate   connections are but a small portion
Communication Technology
                                          of Internet access in comparison to     of what is needed. Tremendous
(ICT) has both complimentary
                                          households with annual incomes          changes in curriculum, pedagogy,
and substitution effects. It is
                                          of $20,000. Tremendous gaps             skills, and technical support are
complimentary for well-educated
                                          exist in Internet utilization between   needed. In the corporate enterprise
knowledge workers. At the same
                                          the Asian and White populations         only 15 percent of ICT expenses
time, there are ‘substitution’
                                          and Black and Latino populations.       are in software and hardware.
effects for those with low levels of
                                          Only 19 percent of computer             Eighty-five percent of costs are
educational attainment. The harsh
                                          science majors are women. We are        in support and services.
reality is that low skill work is being

CONTENTS     PAG E                                                                                                   28

                                                                                        1. Rome’s Coliseum 2. Israeli singer – Noa
                                                                                    3. James Wolfensohn – President of the World
                                                                                       Bank 4. Shimon Perez 5. Pope John Paul II

                                       4                                        5

The nations representing fifteen       The Center for Science, Technology,      To bridge the Digital Divide we
percent of the world’s population      and Society is involved with an          must adapt technology to users
produce essentially all of the         awards program since November            and create processes for continuous
world’s technology. For all to         2001, called Technology Benefiting       social learning in the uses of the
benefit from technology, there         Humanity ( These        Internet and combine Internet
must be an environment in which        awards address the challenges that we    access with the human, financial,
individuals are users and creators     must address if the benefits are to be   and social capital that is needed
of technology. Efforts to bridge the   extended to a broader spectrum of        to turn access into information,
Digital Divide must be ‘grounded’      humanity. The Center’s inaugural         information into knowledge,
in reality; that is, recognize the     recipients included hand crank           and knowledge into the know-
difficulty of deploying technologies   radios for impoverished African          how that is needed to improve the
and the harsh social constraints       villages, inexpensive prosthetics for    quality of life for all. This task is
that confront many of our              the developing world, and low cost       a noble and worthy cause, and it
brethren.                              materials for rural electrification      is increasingly urgent. «
                                       in Brazil.

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                                 HALFTIME »
                                 By James Mansell –
                                 Montréal, Québec

Prime Time or Crime Time
Hi folks! I predict sports teams will soon release any athlete
who breaks the law.
» This topic always draws a number           So here’s the scenario which I believe        get away with it and it’s no big deal. For

of different views and opinions.             gets most athletes into trouble. Not just     most others, it could cost them their jobs

Unfortunately, like so many of my            athletes but people in general. The athlete   and maybe their families.

columns – I cannot expand too much           is in his office, on the court or field. Much
                                                                                           Remember! The superstar athlete that
but simply give my prerogative. The          like me and you, everyday. He’s had a
                                                                                           gets into trouble – is somebody’s brother
question is: Do we blame the athletes        great day, which happens to me and you
                                                                                           or cousin. Most of us have a brother or
themselves for the mistakes they make        once in awhile. So, he decides to go for a
                                                                                           cousin who has been in trouble. So don’t
or do we blame society for putting           drink with his teammates, our workmates.
                                                                                           be surprised! They are regular people in
athletes on a different level.               The similarities end there. He arrives at
                                                                                           irregular circumstances.
                                             his place of choice and every bartender
Most professional athletes are very          wants him to sit at his or her bar. They      In my opinion, professional sports teams
talented from a young age. They receive      offer him a drink. The people at the bar      will no longer maintain this laissez-faire
a certain amount of attention from           want to be associated with him so – they      attitude with players. Soon, one owner
parents, peers, teachers and the media       move toward him. As the night goes on,        will start a trend to release outright any
for their successes on the court or field.   more people offer drinks, want to talk,       player who has trouble with the law.
The attention continues throughout           bid for attention. More women want to         Then, we will see a new standard set…
their lives. Through high school they        get closer, more guys get jealous. He’s a     for athletes in a sport.   «
are looked upon as superior individuals.     big shot! Your friend from accounting
Soon, they live the same emotions            isn’t really the life of the party.
                                                                                           Next Special:
in university. Athletes receive special                                                    THE MEDIA IN SPORTS
treatment everywhere! They are given         But what does this have to do with
                                                                                           To Write James » Click Here «
every advantage because they are             athletes and crime? My point is that

talented. In other words: they live in a     athletes believe from a young age that

make believe world that is very easy to      they should be held on a different level.

get caught up in. We give these athletes     When the athlete from our scenario

more advantages because we believe           jumps into his car and gets caught

they deserve it. Or, maybe we wish we        for drunk driving and possession of

were as good as they are.                    marijuana, he still believes he should

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» The art of the brilliant hunch! Hello dear friends.     debauch… spring up amid a thicket of candlesticks and
                                                          ‘Rock Cut’ crystal. Here and there vermeil apple boxes
Excitement within the world of television history can     reflect the scene.
be deduced under one word. Oscar! Donning one’s
finery – we cloak in splendor, proudly sharing the        Framboise Rose’ establishes the dominant color of
thrill and glamour of one of the brightest evenings       Tiffany Private Stock porcelain, ‘English King’ vermeil
in the year of film.                                      flatware, ‘Honeycomb’ cut crystal, and the classic
                                                          individual Bordeaux Bottle Baccarat decanters designed
So, do come with me as we draw ourselves into the most    by Tiffany’s Van Day Truex… with the daintiest glass
important extension of the night. The luxury of fine      baskets holding salt and pepper. My graceful white and
dining. We’ll emerge above the lights of the whole of     gold lacquered Italian Regency chairs, upholstered in
San Francisco and savor the blend of beauty on the        rose moiré silk, are from Rose Cumming. The painted
table before us.                                          leather screen with its Chinoiserie motifs in the style
My guests are four and as Mrs. Guilford (Jane) Dudley,    of Pillement, is from Florian Papp.
wife of former U.S. Ambassador to Denmark – I’ve          Now – go out and can capture this. Saluti e buon
taken risks as I put together a table to stimulate the    appetito from my Italian home to yours. «
senses of my guests.
Formal dinners are no time to hold back. Intimacy and
a forest of flowers whose glittering opulence verges on

                                                        Rose                                                  31
                       POLITICALLY RED »
                       By Lani Silver –
                       San Francisco, California

                       » There are millions of filmmakers
                       across the country who know
                       there will be ‘just those few’
                       hundred films that’ll make it this
                       year in Hollywood. This is not only
                       frustrating for filmmakers – but
                       for the film consumer, too. Why
                       is it society keeps going for that old
                       mainstream? Millions of exciting
                       ideas and scripts… discarded.

                       WHAT IF
                       Opposed to the few dozen $50
                       million blockbusters each year –
                       we rather, had thousands of films
                       at $1 to $5 million a pop. Let us
                       not forget – we’re receiving but
                       a miniscule lot of the full panoply
                       of possible movies.

                       WHAT IF
                       We had new and better policies
                       that would lead us toward a
                       more enlightened world. That all
                       leaders would join in endorsing
                       these policies. Imagine – an
                       international spokesperson, like
                       Aung San Su Ky, the dissident
                   5   leader of Burma, on international
                       television saying:

                       “Did you all see the movie ‘Network’
                       where everyone leaned out their
                       window and shouted ‘I’m mad as
                       hell and I’m not going to take it

CONTENTS   PAG E                                         33
1. Harrison Ford taking a pay cut?
2. Aung San Su Ky – Dissident leader of
Burma 3. Would Julia Roberts work for
less 4. Movie and television affect people

                                             3                                     4

         Well – where are our leaders? Did
         you know that 200 million died
                                                 2. I’d have Harrison Ford, Adam         6. I’d expand film schools, so a
                                                 Sandler, Julia Roberts and hundreds     new generation of filmmakers
         in the last century from war and
                                                 of others step forward and say:“I’m     could be trained.
         genocide? Too many people are
         starving; racism is rampant. We
                                                 going to take a pay-cut. More films
                                                 mean more people being employed”.
                                                                                         7. I’d lower the price of movie
         have to figure out HOW to improve                                               tickets. $8 per head is pretty high
         our educational systems; save our       3. I’d remind people that in            for the majority. WITHOUT – in
         environment; reform our prisons;        Europe, there isn’t the ‘star’ system   this wonderful country of ours! «
         and provide more child-care.            we have here in America. In many
                                                                                         To Write Lani » Click Here «
         And so on.                              instances, they take the $20,000,000
                                                 we give to one star, and create a
         WHAT IF                                 system whereby Opera, Ballet, Theater
                                                 workers draw a reasonable salary.       Lani Silver – historian, artist, free-lance
         We were all asked to join one of                                                writer, and Lecturer with the American
                                                 Hundreds of artists are employed.
         hundreds of committees to make                                                  Program Bureau. (Gorbachev’s bureau –
                                                 In America, most artists starve.
         up a ‘blue-print’ of HOW we could                                               Desmond Tutu, Jane Fonda, Oscar Arias).
         dramatically change society. HOW        4. I’d get an army of bookkeepers       For 16 years, Lani directed San Francisco’s
         can we thrive, as a society? I’d sign   into Hollywood. We all know about       landmark Holocaust Oral History Project,
         up for the ‘Committee on Film’. A       ‘creative accounting’. What is really   conducting l700 oral histories with
         committee charged with developing       going on there? We all know a           Holocaust survivors and witnesses. Lani
         a plan to bring about massive           handful of people get richer and        and her partner, historian Eric Saul,
         restructuring of ‘Hollywood’.           richer!                                 discovered the story of Chiune Sugihara,

         1. I’d cease paying stars               5. I’d implement a ruling               who is called “The Japanese Schindler.”
                                                                                         Lani became Steven Spielberg’s first
         $20,000,000 per movie.                  whereby: 1% only, of all films
                                                                                         consultant and trainer for his Survivors of
         Democracy means ‘equal access’ to       made, could show: women being
                                                                                         the Shoah Visual History Foundation.
         life and the mere dozens of movies      killed or beaten; no dead children;
                                                                                         53,000 testimonies. Lani is currently the
         being made, just don’t cut it!          no snipers or terrorists; no racism.
                                                                                         Project Director for the James Byrd Jr.
         Think – of the multiple subtle and      Don’t you ever forget that ‘violence
                                                                                         Racism Oral History Project.
         delicate stories waiting to be told…    begets violence’!! Movies and
         so many intricate tales of wonder       television affect people.
         or woe. I’d put a ‘cap’ on film

         CONTENTS         PAG E                                                                                                    34
                             THIN’K’ERS CORNER »
                             By Carolyn Young – Lead Thin’k’er

                            Got a problem? Any problem.
                            We’re here to HELP!
                                        the off-road stuff every chance I        my lunch alone most of the time. I
Q:       Dear CamPUS \ Judy –
         New Jersey, USA
                                        get. It’s Spring and the air feels
                                        amazing after a long winter. Don’t
                                        know what’s wrong with me this
                                                                                 don’t talk much and they make fun
                                                                                 of me because I’m quiet. A lot of
                                                                                 afternoons they’re hanging around
Here it is Academy Awards month.        year! It’s completely different.         the area I have to walk through on
Every year my friends and I indulge     I’m feeling down much of the time.       my way home. They say mean stuff
in ‘Oscar’. Like most – it’s people     I can barely get out of bed in the       and stand in my way. I’m getting
watching and what they’re wearing.      morning let alone exercise. This         to hate going to school. I’m so
The thing is… in the last year          is a drag. Help! I don’t want to be      unhappy. I try to think up ways
my father lost his job when his         like this.                               to stay home.
company downsized. I’ve moved
back home to help with expenses
and am really feeling the crunch.       A:         Rod, you’re so not alone.
                                        Millions of people suffer the blues.
                                                                                 A:       Dear Emily. Bullying is
                                                                                 brutal and there is no excuse for
Financially and emotionally. I
no longer can relate to big celebs      Have a talk ‘with yourself’ and          it. The kinds of stuff they’re doing
with big time cash. Problem is,         don’t let up until your inner-           will likely get worse with time.
my friends don’t get it. What do I      voice explains the dilemma. Then,        They may begin to get physical in
do about the party?                     before you begin altering major          the abuse. So Emily, this is what
                                        roads in your life, be sure your         you do. Always remember that

A:       Cheer up, Judy. Tight
budgets aren’t much fun but there
                                        dilemma is not medically related.
                                        If it is, today’s mix between western
                                        and alternative medicines work the
                                                                                 ‘communication’ is the single most
                                                                                 important word in the dictionary.
                                                                                 You don’t have to suffer this alone.
are exciting ways around it! Let’s      impossibles. You could also write        Have you told anyone about it,
start with the party. Can you relate    to our Dr. B., right here in JO          like your parents or a teacher? You
to your friends? Trust them. They’ll    LEE’s STETHOSCOPE 911. Look              should. It will get ‘much’ easier, as
respect your situation. After all, it   at your job, do you need a change?       soon as you do. Please, Emily. You
‘will’ change for the better. What      This, can play havoc with the mind,      can’t let this interfere with your
about doing a potluck… and using        you know. Are you in need of new         emotions or school. Trust me. If
the blender for those smoo…thies.       social activity? Do you have friends?    you ‘act’ it will ‘work’. This is too
Besides, 90% of anything you see        Are your relationships satisfying? It    important and so are you!
on TV is frivolous! So, grasp reality   could be that you just need to shake
with humor today and make those                                                  SEE YA!
                                        things up a little. Try something new.
dreams exciting to-morrow.                                                       To write the Thin’K’ers » Click Here «

Q:       Dear Campus \ Rod K. –
         Amsterdam, Netherlands
                                        Q:       Dear Campus \ Emily -
                                                 Vancouver, Canada
                                                                                 More help? Check out
                                                                        at the

                                        For the last year, there have been a     E-Help CamPUS.
Usually, I feel great at this time      bunch of kids (mainly girls) in my
of year. I get out my bike and hit      school that have picked on me. I eat

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By Nahidah Malik –
Nairobi, Kenya

                           The Beauty
                           of Easter Adolescence
» Easter arrives and with it comes    and Pregnancy
daffodils, tulips, crocuses and the      Researched and
welcoming of Spring.                     written by: Camilia Ursu –
The religious significance               Sibiu, Romania
encompassing Easter is the               » 'You’re pregnant' – words that
resurrection of Jesus Christ             others hear, something others have
with celebrations varying from           to deal with. It could never happen
culture to culture, each in their        to you! But suddenly, it applies to
own unique way. Fun/games/the            you! Frightening for a teenager,
painting of eggs in beautiful colors     dependant on others and in
and designs – is the very symbol of      school, to process!
fertility and beginning of new life.
                                         Society expects the young to do well
Learn to enjoy the different             academically, be cool with friends,
religions and traditions around          deal with peer pressures, alcohol,
you. Open the door to more               drugs and being sexually active –
understanding and love. Close            all issues that are overwhelming
the doors to negative environments       for an adolescent. We forget too
leading to hopelessness and hate.        quickly how important it is to be…
Don’t look down on what is foreign.      responsible in all that we do! We
Examine the multi-cultural frame         forget too quickly that the choices
around you. Don’t dwell on what          we make for ourselves begin to
you have not achieved. Extend            write ‘the script’ to our lives.
hands to those who have fallen…          Communicate. Brainstorm.
|let the beauty of Easter and
Spring be the mark that takes            TALK NOW! To your doctors,
you to new heights. «                    nurses, teachers, parents about
                                         Be smart! Be informed!
                                         Be responsible! «

CONTENTS    PAG E                                                           36
                                                                                     A…Z zzzz Y..
Violence In                            International Political Imagery,              Need Help?
                                                                                     Come to the
                                       in the post-Cold war era, Middle

Entertainment                          Eastern terrorism has become a
                                       central theme. Films in the 1990s
By Dr. Rose A. Dyson –
Toronto, ON Canada
                                       brought us a kinder, gentler
                                       multicultural disguise, over those
                                       in the 1980s. The audio-visual
                                       rhetoric of East-West confrontation
                                       is used as a background for
                                       celebration, glamorization and
                                       promotion of high-tech weaponry
                                       - still an under-discussed component          Did you know? That the choices you
                                       in the ‘war on terrorism’. If movies          make today (on being sexually active)
                                       can bind us together and make us              will directly affect your entire life? That it
                                       a global community they can also              takes ‘a one instance’ only to contract that
» Will Hollywood change its Ways?      tear us apart. «                              sexually transmitted disease or become
                                                                                     pregnant with vast responsibilities for life?
One question posed days after          To Write Dr. Rose » Click Here «              That more teens are beginning to think it
the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.                                                  is 'cool' to be a virgin? GET THE INFO YOU
In the last two decades alone,         Rose A. Dyson Ed. D. is author of ‘MIND
                                                                                     NEED. MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES!
Hollywood has produced and             ABUSE – Media Violence In An Information

distributed over 270 terrorist         Age’ and           Visit: The E-Help CamPUS
films. At the 2001 Oscar Awards        ‘North America’s Cult of Sex and Violence’:   will answer/solve questions/problems you
ceremonies, much was made of           in ‘MEDIA, SEX, VIOLENCE and DRUGS            may be facing yourself or with loved ones.
growing diversity within the           in the GLOBAL VILLAGE’.
                                                                                     CRAZzY ABOUT short stories are based
industry with a record number
                                                                                     around the multitude of topics in the YES!
of achievement awards going                                                          E – Help CamPUS where millions each
to people of color. Content,                                                         month – come to solve their problems.
however, remained a non-issue.                                                       Acclaimed as the meeting place of the new
                                                                                     century, the CamPUS is driven by those in
According to research done                                                           the know.
by Mehdi Semati at Eastern
Illinois University on sex, violence                                                 Got – a suggestion? Keep them coming.
and terrorism in Hollywood’s                                                         To Write us » Click Here «

                                                                                     Research and Development is searching
                                                                                     for International Minds. Could this
                                                                                     be YOU?
                                                                                     For more information » Click Here «

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                                          PROS AND EX.CONS »
                                          By Gerald F. Uelmen, Defense Counsel
                                          Santa Clara, California

  STATE                      V.           FEDERAL                           AUTHORITY
When Congress enacted the                 other serious diseases. After serving    This reality accounts for the growing
Controlled Substances Act of 1970,        82 patients, it was discontinued         public support for medical use
and placed marijuana on Schedule          in 1992, when the program was            of marijuana. Public support
I which is reserved for drugs that        deluged with applications from           has resulted in successful initiative
have ‘no recognized medical use,’         AIDS patients. Government                measures in seven states to permit
very little research had been done        officials announced the program          the medicinal use of marijuana
on the potential medical benefits         was ‘sending the wrong message.’         with a physician’s recommendation.
of marijuana. Los Angeles police                                                   In California, Proposition 215
                                          The message the government wants
were taught that dilated pupils                                                    which provides that seriously ill
                                          to send is that marijuana can have
were a symptom of being under the                                                  patients have a right to possess
                                          no redeeming value. Apparently,
influence of marijuana. A major                                                    and use marijuana for medicinal
                                          the government believes the public
study at UCLA utilized student                                                     purposes, was adopted by an
                                          is too stupid to understand that,
volunteers to puff a joint and then                                                overwhelming margin in 1996.
                                          like narcotics and cocaine, marijuana
have the size of their pupils measured.                                            When they have the approval of a
                                          may benefit sick people even though
The studies conclusively established                                               physician, they are immune from
                                          it is abused by others. Many citizens,
that fear caused dilated pupils:                                                   prosecution for possessing or
                                          who have watched loved ones suffer
not marijuana. However, the study                                                  cultivating marijuana.
                                          with AIDS or cancer treatments,
confirmed that marijuana reduces
                                          question the wisdom of laws that         The law does not directly address
the intraocular pressure related
                                          deny this medication to sick and         the problem of distribution to
to the disease of glaucoma. This
                                          dying people when they observe,          these patients. Are they to go out
resulted in the federal government
                                          first hand, the relief that marijuana    to the back alleys and negotiate
establishing the ‘Compassionate
                                          can afford.                              with illicit drug dealers to procure
Use Program’ to provide government-
                                                                                   their medicine? Federal authorities
grown marijuana to glaucoma
                                                                                   resoundingly say “yes.” In ‘Oakland
patients and those afflicted with

CONTENTS     PAG E                                                                                                  38
Many citizens, who have watched loved ones
suffer with AIDS or cancer treatments, question the
wisdom of laws that deny this medication to sick and
dying people when they observe, first hand, the relief
that marijuana can afford.

Cannabis Buyers’ Cooperative v.         The injunction’s validity was recently   Members of Congress, who are
United States’– the U.S. Supreme        upheld by the United States Court        obsessed with the fear that election
Court rejected a claim of medical       of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. In       opponents will label them “soft
necessity as a defense to marijuana     another case pending before the          on drugs,” prefer to insert their
distribution under the Federal          9th Circuit, the constitutional          head in the sand in the face of
Controlled Substances Act. Federal      arguments that the Court did not         overwhelming public support
authorities recently raided and         reach in the ‘Oakland Cannabis           for medical use of marijuana.
closed some of the most respected       Buyers’ Cooperative’ case, are
medical marijuana dispensaries in       being considered. These arguments
California, facilities being openly     include the contentions that purely      Gerald F. Uelmen is the highly profiled
operated with full approval of          intrastate cultivation and use of        defense counsel that argued the O.J.
local authorities.                      medical marijuana is beyond the          Simpson, Daniel Ellsberg and Christian
                                        reach of Congress’ authority to          Brando trials. His acclaimed account of
Criminal prosecution is unlikely in
                                        regulate interstate commerce,            the Simpson trial is entitled Lessons from
most of these cases, because federal
                                        and that the Ninth and Tenth             the Trial. He is the author of Drug Abuse
authorities realize California juries
                                        Amendments protect the authority         and the Law, widely used by lawyers and
are unlikely to convict. Shortly
                                        of states to regulate the health         judges. Mr. Uelman has served as lead
after Proposition 215 was enacted,
                                        and safety of their citizens when        counsel in four cases asserting the rights
federal authorities announced that
                                        the regulations do not affect            of medical patients to use marijuana
any physician who recommended
                                        interstate commerce.                     with the approval of a physician. He
the use of marijuana would face
                                                                                 is a Professor of Law at Santa Clara
suspension or revocation of his         The fate of the medical marijuana
                                                                                 University School of Law, where he
federal permit to prescribe drugs.      movement may rest in the hands
                                                                                 served as Dean from 1986 to 1994.
Needless to say, many physicians        of Congress. For now, we can
became very nervous about               anticipate the same knee-jerk
putting their names on such             response engendered when the
a recommendation.                       medical use of marijuana in the
                                        District of Columbia was put on
A lawsuit was filed against the DEA
                                        the ballot. Congress put a rider on
asserting the First Amendment right
                                        the Budget Appropriation for the
of physicians to freely discuss all
                                        District of Columbia to forbid any
treatment alternatives with their
                                        expenditure of funds to count the
patients, and in the case of ‘Conant
                                        ballots. A successful ACLU lawsuit
v. Walters’ – a permanent injunction
                                        released the election results. The
was issued to restrain the DEA from
                                        measure passed by an 80% margin.
threatening California physicians.

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                                                                 WEIRD AND WACKY FACTS »
                                                  By Mohammed Malik, 12 years old
                                                              Windsor – Canada

On the
Film Industry
1. Walt Disney has won more Oscars          4. In 1934, Shirley temple was awarded      in films – being the only other black man
than anyone else. He was nominated for      an Honorary Oscar for her achievements      ever to have won a Best Actor Oscar – 35
64, and won 26!                             at the age of five.                          years ago.

2. The actor/actress with the most Oscars   5. During World War II, the winners         7. Only three films have ever won all
is Katharine Hepburn who starred in         were given Oscar statues made of plaster    top five Oscars – Best Film, Actor, Actress,
old–time classics like The Rainmaker and    instead of the usual Golden ones, to        Director and Writing. They are: It
The African Queen. She won four Best        mark the war effort.                        Happened One Night, One Flew Over
Actress Oscars.                                                                         the Cuckoo’s Nest and The Silence of
                                            6. Denzel Washington and Halle Berry        the Lambs.
3. The youngest ever Oscar winner is        won Best Actor/Actress in 2002 – the first
actress Tatum O’Neal who was 10 when        time black actors have picked up both
she won Best Supporting Actress for         prizes. Legendary Sidney Poitier, picked
the film Paper Moon (1973).                  up the honorary Oscar for his long career

CONTENTS      PAG E                                                                                                            40
8. Steven Spielberg is the most successful   10. The largest film studio complex is        13. According to the MPAA (Motion
Director, with seven of his movies in the    Universal City in Los Angeles, California,   Picture Association of America), in 1996
all time top 10 list. Spielberg won Best     covering 420 acres, containing 561           the average Hollywood film cost $35.3
Director for Schindler’s List.               buildings and 34 sound stages.               million to make and another $17.7
                                                                                          million to market. Disney’s “The Lion
9. India has the largest film output,         11. Bob Hope hosted the Academy
                                                                                          King” cost $45 million to make and
producing more feature length films           Awards a record 13 times.
                                                                                          employed a total of 800 animators.
than any other country, with 800 movies
                                             12. The first television broadcast of the
released annually… about twice the
                                             Oscars took place in 1953 – on black and
output of Hollywood. These movies are
                                             white TV, telecast throughout the US and
produced in 16 languages, in 3 major
centers: Mumbai, Calcutta and Madras.

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                                   R&D EDITOR AT LARGE »
                                   By Carla Dragnea

                                         A Little Bit of
                                         Academy Awards
» I have to admit that I’m a big fan     war had made banquets impractical,    made from the alloy britannium
of the Academy Awards. Would that        and the presentation ceremonies       and is then plated in copper,
make me an Oscar maniac? Probably,       have since been held in theaters.     nickel, silver, and finally in 24-
considering I haven’t missed a show                                            karat gold. It’s manufactured by
                                         The suspense, which now touches
since 1990 (that’s when they began                                             R.S. Owens and Company in
                                         most of the world at Oscar time,
                                                                               Chicago. It stands 13? inches tall
broadcasting the show in Romania).       was not always a characteristic of
                                                                               and weighs 8? pounds. The Oscar
Yes, I would awaken at 3:00 a.m.         the Awards. At first, the winners
                                                                               depicts a knight, holding a crusader’s
(my time) just to be part of this        were known prior to the Awards
                                                                               sword, standing on a reel of film.
glamorous event. With Oscar here         banquets. Results were given in
                                                                               The film reel features five spokes,
again, I’m going to bring you a few of   advance to the newspapers for
                                                                               signifying the five original branches
the unique facts about its history.      publication at 11 p.m. on the night
                                                                               of the Academy (actors, directors,
                                         of the Awards. But in 1940, guests
DID YOU KNOW                                                                   producers, technicians and writers).
                                         arriving for the affair could buy
When the first Academy Awards            the 8:45 p.m. edition of the Los      1966 brought Oscar’s first broadcast
were handed out on May 16, 1929,         Angeles Times which announced         in color. From 1971 – 1975 the
movies had just begun to talk.           the winning achievements. As a        Awards were carried by NBC-TV.
The first Awards ceremony took           result, the sealed-envelope system    ABC has telecast the show since 1976
place during a banquet held in the       was adopted the next year and         and is under contract through 2008.
Blossom Room of the Hollywood            remains in use today.
                                                                               Enjoy! I know I will. «
Roosevelt Hotel. The attendance          The Oscar statuette has been
was 250 and tickets were $10. The        designed by Cedric Gibbons
custom of presenting the statuettes      and sculpted by Los Angeles artist
at a banquet was discontinued after      George Stanley. Each statuette is
1942. Increased attendance and the

The first Awards ceremony took place during
a banquet held in the Blossom Room of the
Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.
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Together We’ll Build!
With much Pride
The Thomas D. Smyth / E – Help CamPUS
Chairman/CEO, retired, The H.J. Heinz Company – Canada
The Claude I. Taylor, O.C. Archival Library
Chairman Emeritus – Air Canada

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