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									         2009 KU International Summer Program (ISP)
■ ISP at Konkuk University
The International Summer Program (ISP) at Konkuk University is a one-month long summer program that
provides a great opportunity for international students wishing to learn about and experience Korea and its
culture. This program is suitable for students majoring in various fields and especially valuable to those having
a general interest in Korea and/or Asia. Students can now utilize their summer vacation to gain an
understanding of this vibrant region that is considered a global economic powerhouse and a gateway to the

♦ Highlights of the Program
-Variety of Courses offered in English (Transferrable Credits)
-Small-sized Classes
-Field Trips to Historical Places in Korea
-Weekly Cultural Workshops & Weekend Programs to enhance understanding of Korea
-China Excursion (optional)
-Strong Administrative Support from the Division of International Affairs
 (Orientation, Student Volunteer System, etc.)
-Building International Human Networks

■ Program Schedule
Date                    Content
                        Dormitory Opening (Arrival)
7/13(Mon)               Orientation
7/14(Tue)~16(Thu)       3-Day Field Trip
7/17(Fri)               Classes Start
8/11(Tue)               Classes End (Final Exam)
8/12(Wed)               Completion Ceremony & Farewell Party
8/13(Thu)~14(Fri)       Dormitory Closing
8/13(Thu)~17(Mon)       Trip to China (optional)
※ Program participants must take part in the registration and orientation.

♦ Field Trip
Program participants and staff members from the Division of International Affairs will go on a three-day field
trip before the start of the program to such historical places as Gyeongju and Andong. The field trip will not
only allow students to gain deeper understanding of past and present Korea, but will also enable them to
mingle with and befriend program participants from other countries.

♦ Cultural Workshop
Every Wednesday students will have Cultural Workshops with such activities as pottery making, Taekwondo,
Fork Village visit, Kimchi and other traditional food making, and DMZ tour.

Division of International Affairs, KONKUK UNIVERSITY                                                2009 KU ISP
           [Pottery Making]               [Taekwondo]          [Korean Traditional Costume]   [Kimchi Making]

♦ Weekend Programs
Weekends at ISP are filled with activities planned by International Student Volunteers at Konkuk University!
Students can sign up and join the fun such as the walking tour of Insadong and shopping at Dongdaemoon

♦ Trip to China (optional)
After a month long stay in Korea, the students can choose to join the trip to China. The group will visit a sister
university of Konkuk University, located in a major city in China. Students will sit at special lectures and explore
the city. They will also make day trips to historical places to learn about China, its people, and its culture.

■ Course List
Area                   Course Name                                                            Credit(s)
Arts                   Korean Ceramics (material cost separately charged)                          1
                       Basic and International Project Management                                  3
                       Comparative Economic Development                                            3
                       Current Issues of the Global Economy                                        3
Economy &
                       Entrepreneurship                                                            3
                       International Corporate Finance                                             3
                       Marketing Management                                                        3
                       Strategic Management                                                        3
                       Introduction to Korean Culture                                              3
Humanities             Introduction to Linguistics                                                 3
                       Korean Language                                                             3
                       Introduction to Internet Technology                                         3
Science &
                       Introduction to the Semantic Web                                            3
                       IT-Security                                                                 3
※ Each credit is equivalent to 15 hours of classes. Students can choose the classes they want and take up to 6 credits.
Course schedule and class registration will be available online.
※ Course list is subject to change.

♦ Credit Transfer
At a student's request, a certified transcript of the summer program will be sent to the student's home, college
and/or university.     Most universities in the world accept our grades; however, students are advised to confirm
with their institutions prior to application and registration to the program.

Division of International Affairs, KONKUK UNIVERSITY                                                        2009 KU ISP
■ Admission Information
All applicants must be capable of carrying on college-level work in English. All applicants should be currently
enrolled in an accredited college or university. (Please consult with the study abroad advisor at your home
institution to find out if you can apply as an exchange student.) We also accept high school students with
college acceptance.

♦ Required Documents for Application
Applicants can apply online.
1. Completed Application Form (http://abroad.konkuk.ac.kr/isp)
2. Certificate of Enrollment from the college or university currently enrolled (College Acceptance Letter)
3. Application Fee : USD $100 (non-refundable)
※ The application fee must be wire-transferred to the account below with the name of the Applicant along with the online
application in order for the application to be processed. Please pay all Wire Transfer Fees before sending and make the full
USD $100 payment.
                                                       Banking Information
             Bank (Branch)       Shinhan Bank (Konkuk University)         Beneficiary     Konkuk University
                Account #                 180-003-991621                  Swift Code          SHBKKRSE

♦ Application Deadline - April 30, 2009
※ Apply by March 31, 2009 to be eligible for the Early Bird Discount.

■ Room & Board [KU:L House]
All summer participants will be placed in a double occupancy room in KU:L House on campus. This ultra-
modern dormitory complex is located in the heart of our campus and overlooks the picturesque Il-gam
lake.   Each room is completely furnished with a single bed, mattress, desk, chair, study lamp, wardrobe,
refrigerator, telephone, Ethernet connection, air-conditioning and private bathroom. Various communal
facilities exist for residents' convenience (lounge, laundry room, convenient store, etc.).                 Students may
purchase meal coupons to eat at the student cafeteria located in KU:L House or other restaurants near the

              [KU:L House]                           [Dormitory Room]                              [Gym]
■ Visa
Upon acceptance to the summer program, applicants will be issued with an Acceptance Letter from Konkuk
University. All applicants must submit this letter along with other documents required by the Korean consulate
or embassy in their respective countries in order to obtain a C-3 visa. Applicants from countries with Visa
Waiver Agreements with the Republic of Korea may enter without a visa.
(Korean Immigration Bureau – http://www.g4f.go.kr)

Division of International Affairs, KONKUK UNIVERSITY                                                          2009 KU ISP
■ Costs

♦ Fixed Costs
Payments                                         Amount                   Deadline
Application Fee (non-refundable)                            USD $100      Together with Application
Field Trip & Cultural Workshops                             USD $200      June 30
Tuition                                                   USD $2,400      June 30
※ Tuition is waived for exchange students from sister universities. Please consult with the study abroad advisor at your
home institution to find out if you can apply as an exchange student.

♦ Optional Costs
Payments                                         Amount                   Deadline
Housing                                               KOR \770,000        Upon Registration
Trip to China                                             USD $1,200      June 30
※ The cost for the trip to China is an estimate. The trip may be cancelled if there are less than 10 applicants.

■ Discounts

♦ Sister University Discount
Students enrolled in Konkuk University’s sister universities will be eligible to receive a 50% reduction from the

♦ Early Bird Discount
Students applying by March 31, 2009 will be eligible for a USD $200 tuition discount.

♦ Group Discount
Students joining the ISP as a group consisting of three or more will each receive a USD $300 tuition discount.

♦ Konkuk Family Scholarship
Students whose parents are Konkuk alumni, a full-time faculty or staff member will receive a USD $500 tuition

♦ Regional Scholarship
Students whose home university is from the following continents are eligible to receive a 50% reduction from
the tuition.
Applicable Regions: Southeast Asia, Middle East Asia, Africa

※Students are only eligible for one of the discounts listed above.

                                  Division of International Affairs  Konkuk University
                               1 Hwayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul 143-701, Korea
Tel : +82-2-2049-6212 Fax : +82-2-2049-6226  http://abroad.konkuk.ac.kr/isp  abroad@konkuk.ac.kr

Division of International Affairs, KONKUK UNIVERSITY                                                           2009 KU ISP

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