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					Volume 33, Number 3                                                                                                      Summer 2009

 ReseRvoiR Reopens
 It’s been almost five years since
 the Hollywood Reservoir has
 been completely open to pedes-
                                      Odin at Cahuenga is just one of many streets that sorely need resurfacing
 trians and cyclists. Though the

                                     The Road To
 entire roadway is not accessible,
 a significant portion has been
 reopened for public use. DWP
 has made substantial efforts to

 reinforce the eastern hillsides
 and implement measures to
 reduce the possibility of future
 landslides. Currently, the public

                                     GeTTInG ouR sTReeTs RePaveD
 is able to use a 4.3 mile sec-
 tion from the Weidlake to the
 northern gate on Tahoe Drive.
 Article on PAge 15
                                     Is easIeR saID THan Done

 INSIDE                                           ur neighborhood has a slew of issues
                                                  that concern us. Traffic, parking, and
                                                                                              Moreover, as certain streets languish in a state
                                                                                           of disrepair, others that were repaved only a few
                                                  construction will always raise the ire   years back are being ripped up for sewer main-
 From the President  .  . 2                       of Dell residents, but none aggravates   tenance and new construction. These projects
                                     more than the condition of our roads. Though          serve to send our roads back to their sorry con-
 dell memories  .  .  .  .  .  . 3
                                     some have been paved in the past few years,           ditions before they were repaved.
 gala Fundraiser  .  .  .  .  . 6    many are in serious disrepair. Some even suggest         Is it even possible to get the city to resurface
                                     conditions we would see in third world coun-          our roads, or should we assume that the condi-
 getting together  .  .  .  . 8      tries. Potholes abound, and uneven pavement jars      tion of Dell streets are fated to be shabby and
                                     drivers and ruins car alignments.                     worn out?                     Article on PAge 5
    From Your President

                                                                                               HoLLYWooD DeLL CiviC

                                                                                                   BoARD oF DiReCToRs
                                                                                                                 PAtti negri

                                                                                                            tAMMy ehrenfeld
                                                                                                                  vice President

                                                                                                                terri gerger

                                                                                                            george SkArPeloS
               e again… Yep, head “cheer-      Rudy, Jennifer and countless more of you                         newsletter editor
               leader” for the Dell. When      who pitched in from gathering the thou-                     JAckSon hArtSfield
               I sit down to write this        sands of dollars of fabulous auction items,                         Webmaster

               column every issue – I have     to putting together gift baskets, décor,                        toM Meredith
                                                                                                               Hollywood Bowl Rep
such a hard time trying not to be just         sound design, twinkle light stringing,
one big commercial for “I love the Dell”       f loral design, clean up and yucky ‘ol trash                    rudy VAn Zyl
                                                                                                               DWP Representative
– expounding on the joys of living here –      detail. And it just keeps getting better,
                                                                                                               Merle Singer
and remarking on how truly lucky we all        by the time you read this; we will have                              secretary
are to live here. Well, I will try not to do   probably just had our annual summer
that this time…. Oh wait, perhaps I just       barbecue featuring our own fabulous
did. Okay, I just can’t help it… Standing      Dell Tones. How many neighborhoods                    CommiTTee CHAiRs
atop the Dell at Tara last month at our        can claim their own Namesake band                        MeMberShiP coMMittee
Gala Fundraiser, I truly couldn’t get over     after all! Uh oh, gotta go…time for                                  Patti negri
                                                                                                                   Terri Gerger

                                                                                                                  Jean Marshall

standing atop the Dell at Tara last month at                                                          beAutificAtion coMMittee
                                                                                                                Tammy ehrenfeld
                                                                                                                  steven Parker

our Gala Fundraiser, I truly couldn’t get over                                                           WelcoMing coMMittee
                                                                                                                    Patti negri

how fabulous it all was.                                                                                  AlexA ileS SkArPeloS
                                                                                                                annual Fundraiser

                                                                                                       Jennifer PArker VAn Zyl
                                                                                                                Traffic and Roads
how fabulous it all was. Neighbors, get-       Princess Dora’s walk now. So, watch the
ting together to socialize, have fun, get      roads when you drive – and remember to         HDCA is dedicated to enhancing life in the Dell,
to know each other AND raise some              be extra cautious due to fire season – and     improving Hollywood socially and environmentally, and
money for a much needed new little park        always remember to take time to smell          protecting our unique history as a neighborhood and
                                                                                              community. We represent Dell interests in governmen-
to benefit the area. Even in these tough       the roses – and all the other fabulous
                                                                                              tal and commercial issues and actions, and raise funds
economic times, we pulled together to          plants and f lora in our delightful Dell       to support Hollywood projects and charities.
really make something special happen.          (here I go again…)
Thank you all! I want to sincerely thank         ‘Til next time, see you ‘round the             Annual membership is $35 per household.
all of you who worked so tirelessly on         ‘hood!
the Fundraiser committee, especially our                                                           For more information, contact HDCA:
fearless leader Alexa Iles Skarpelos. Wow,                                                      
Alexa you truly are a superwoman (and                                                                      HDCA, P.O. Box 93094
one hell of a party and event planner!)                                                                    Hollywood, CA 90093
Huge thanks also to George, Vallery,
Judy, Terri, Tammy, Debra, David, Jim,         xox Patti                                       This newsletter is published four times/year.

2                                                           Summer, 2009                                          Hollywood SpotligHt
dell MeMoRies
While leafing through old    Bastille Day celebrations
                             around the pool on Grape
copies of the Hollywood      Place. They were elaborate and
Dell Spotlight, Dell         truly “Hollywood.” Every res-
                             ident in the hills surrounding
Historian Jeanmarie Ishii    the Dell was invited, hence,
                             no police complaints. Several
Marshall came across the     Bars were set up throughout
“Memoirs of Joan Carey       the area, and alternating bands
                             provided on-going entertain-
Wilkins,” in the June        ment. David Street, a well-
                             known singer of some note
1979 issue.We reprint it     (ahem!) provided additional
here in its entirety.        entertainment. There was even
                             a water ballet one year with

                             swimmers diving through
          fter 26 years of   replicas of the Bastille. And if
          living in the      I remember correctly, Sonny
          Hollywood Dell,    Tufts took a dive from a roof
          my fondest mem-    into the pool. The party grew
ories were the galas – the   so popular each year that when

                                                                 The Dell’s Johnny Crawford with “Rifleman” Chuck Connors

                                                                the attendance of invited and         mance. Tom Tully at the top
                                                                uninvited guests reached 800,         of upper Rinconia was in a
                                                                the police put a stop to it.          long-running police series, and
                                                                   We’ve had our share of             Loring d’Usseau was an NBC
                                                                celebrities too. Audie Murphy         executive and now at KCET.
                                                                and Wanda Hendrix honey-                William Powell’s son had an
                                                                mooned on Grape Place. Allen          apartment on Rinconia and
                                                                Baxter, a well-known charac-          Klaus Landsberg, managing
                                                                ter actor lived on Rinconia.          director of Channel 5 built
                                                                Bernard Brown who with Leo            a beautiful house at Quebec
                                                                Post helped build many houses         and El Contento, across from
                                                                in the Dell, was head of music        the Doris Duke mansion now
                                                                at Warner’s and recorded the          owned by Harry Gorst.
                                                                first talkie, Al Jolson’s “The Jazz     Just below on Rinconia was
   To sell your home for the highest price, call                Singer.”                              the house (now sadly in dis-
            Anne Fitzgibbon                                        Mike Stokey who produced
                                                                the first game show on T.V.,
                                                                                                      repair) of Julian Ritter, the
                                                                                                      famous artist of clowns and
                                                                “Stump the Stars” lived on            show girls. Mike Douglas also
                                                                the corner of Rinconia and            once resided on Rinconia.
                                                                Hargrave. Lindsey Crosby                We have many new stars
             Residence: 323-469-9870                            (son of Bing Crosby) lived on         now living in the area, but that’s
              Business: 323-671-1237                            Hargrave Drive just above me.         material for another story.
                                                                Talk about Hollywood Parties.
                                   The Crawford boys on               Note from HDCA Historian Marshall:
                                                                El Contento are still well            Yes Joan, and we know and remember
                               1714 Hillhurst Avenue            known. Johnny starred in “The         you from all those years with the “I
                                                                Rifleman” and in the movie            love Lucy” show and with Mary Tyler
                               Los Angeles, CA 90027            “The Naked Ape.” Bobby won            Moore. You’re still the most glamorous
                                                                an award for his T.V. perfor-         person in the neighborhood.”

Volume 33, Number. 3                                   Summer, 2009                                                                       3
                   The one electrician        WE ALSO DO:
                                           SECURITY CAMERAS
                   who really knows
                                            ENTRY SYSTEMS
                   the Hollywood Dell         PHONE LINES
                   is Paul Waffen           COMPUTER LINES

                   We’re fast,               C A LL
                                          (818) 469-2360
                   and fairly             24-Hours a day
                                          (323) 634-0830

                   Paul Waffen Owner/Electrician Lic. #597338

4   Summer, 2009                             Hollywood SpotligHt
  CoveR sToRY

PaviNg The way
By GeorGe SkarpeloS                            repaving, including crack sealing and pot-
                                               hole repair, which is much cheaper, since          street rePair numbers
Getting Dell streets repaved is a              it normally costs the City around $20 to
                                               fix a pothole, depending on its size. These,
priority, but making it happen is a            however, are merely band-aids.
                                                                                                  Pothole or Street rePAir
long and involved process.                        The City’s limited resources have a
                                               negative impact on hillside streets. More

                                               lane miles can be resurfaced by laying a           online SerVice requeSt forM
             nyone who lives in the Dell       slurry seal on currently adequate streets
             knows how shoddy many             in the flat lands, than it is to completely
             of our streets are. True, the     resurface hillside roads. So once a road           councilMAn lAbonge’S office
             HDCA was able to get a few        is resurfaced, the Dell also needs to keep
                                                                                                  (213) 485-3337
roads repaved several years back, but          these streets maintained.
many Dell streets still could use some                                                  
resurfacing. Even more galling is how          getting the roAdS PAVed
new construction, along with sewer and         Getting the BSS to repair our streets is not       ShAron ShAPiro
water main replacement, has torn up our        for the faint of heart. They receive approx-       CD 4 Housing & Transportation Deputy
recently repaved roads.                        imately 100,000 requests per year. In    
   There are many reasons to improve the       essence, a request will “go to the back of
roads, but none is more important than         the line”. However, if the neighborhood is
                                                                                                  nAZArio SAucedA
public safety. Many residents go for walks     persistent and focused, the chances of get-
                                                                                                  assistant Director,
in the Dell, with and without pets. There      ting the streets resurfaced is increased.
                                                                                                  Bureau of street services
are few sidewalks, so neighbors often use         One case in point is Atwater Village.This
the roadways. However, the poor condi-         area was able to get many of their streets         (213) 847-3333
tion of the streets leave us susceptible to    repaved and curbs/gutters fixed. A com-  
falls and injuries, whether from a pothole     mittee of people canvassed their neighbor-
or uneven pavement. Cars also can be           hood and had every single homeowner
bounced severely, causing accidents, not to    sign a letter, put it together in a package
mention the need for a new alignment.          and delivered it to their councilman. They
   And let’s be honest, it is just much        did this 10 times in a matter of 3 years.
prettier and aesthetically pleasing to see a      Making just one request to the City will
freshly-paved street.There is nothing more     not get a street repaved. Both the council-
delightful than turning the corner and         man and the BSS need to know that the
driving on to a smooth road.                   Dell cares about the roads, and is looking
                                               for action. Street conditions need to be
city PAVing ProgrAM                            continually monitored, bringing problems
The Bureau of Street Services (BSS) is the     to the City’s attention and inquire as to the
city agency responsible for maintaining        status of street repairs Still, if someone sees
our streets. Their’s is an enormous man-       a pothole or bad stretch of road, it won’t
date considering the 28,000 street lane        hurt to report it to the BSS (see sidebar).
miles in Los Angeles. Moreover, the City          The Dell should also consider other
only has money and resources to resurface      alternatives. Private/public arrangements
some 200 miles a year. The numbers are         where the homeowners and the City share
clearly against us.                            the cost of repaving could move neighbor-
   A full resurfacing entails placing 2” of    hood streets to the top of the repaving list.
asphalt over a prepared sub base, which, in       Alternatively, the City could require
effect, is like creating a new road..          developers to pave the entire street in front
   Other options include a slurry coat of      of homes they are building and not just
1/8 inch asphalt or a maintenance blanket      to the street’s center. Perhaps additional
of 1½ inches of asphalt. These can extend      assessments on these developers could be
the usability of a road by 7 to 10 years.      made to pay for street repaving in the
   Paving a road is not cheap. It can cost     entire neighborhood. Often, construction
between $300,000 and $600,000 per mile.        vehicles are the culprit in the constant wear     Filling in potholes is a short-term
The City has alternatives to complete          and tear of our streets.                          remedy for our deteriorating roads

Volume 33, Number. 3                                         Summer, 2009                                                                5
HoW ‘BouT THeM
Gala appleS
oveR $14,000 RaIseD FoR PaRk sPaCe
By alexa IleS SkarpeloS

           n July 25th, 150 guests walked        cards or cute kids things. Also new this
                                                                                                            hdcA 2009
           or pulled up to the valet             year was the first edition of the neighbor-
           station on La Punta Drive             hood cookbook DELL-ICIOUS! It’s                    gAlA /fundrAiSer coMMittee
           anticipating a memorable Dell         filled with recipes as eclectic, interesting             Judy kass Dowden
event. At the top of the path they were          and fabulous as the people who submitted                 Tammy ehrenfeld
welcomed into the party by HDCA Prez             them – and all live in the Dell.
                                                                                                             Terri Gerger
Patti and her merry band of greeters.                The various “unique experiences”
Everyone was eager to enjoy a night of           which had sign-up sheets for a chocolate                   Debra Gainor
celebration “CLOSE TO HOME” and                  tasting party, vegetarian Indian dinner and                  Lisa katz
raise money to keep and beautify valu-           holiday cocktails all to be hosted by Dell                vallery kountze
able green space in our community.               neighbors were so popular that in some
                                                 cases, they were oversold!                                  Patti negri
Who WAS there                                        The HDCA event planning committee                   alexa Iles skarpelos
The night honored Ira Handelman, David           had modest expectations due to the cur-
Nix and George Abraham for their efforts         rent economy, but were delighted at the
                                                                                                         eVent SPonSorS
to convert the Franklin/Ivar lot to green-       enthusiastic response from both donors
space. Also there were Deputy District           and bidders. Of the over 175 auction items,             k&L Wine Merchants
Director Stacy Marble from councilman            only a few went unsold! at the end of
LaBonge’s office, at least 4 former HDCA         the night we had raised over $14,000!
presidents Terri Gerger, Peter Barnett, Ray          With the sun setting and buffet tables
Schuldenfrei and George Sunga.                   laden with comfort foods, diners were
   outside, a nice mix of the usual Dell         treated to charming chanteuse and Dell
suspects mingled with new arrivals to the        resident pamela Clay Magathan and a
neighborhood, enjoying wine or Dell-             surprise performance by rowan katz.            
tinis while listening to the cool jazz of            As guests piled their plates high with
Kenny Warfield Quartet as they took in           what seemed like an endless supply of food,
the spectacular view. Guests were offered        no one anticipated needing to save room                      kaI vodka
sumptuous platters of fresh shrimp, assort-      for the fantastic “waffle” bar! Sponsored
ed cheeses and habit-forming deep fried          by the WAFFLE on Sunset, and staffed by
stuffed mushrooms. We were fortunate to          3 cheerful and enthusiastic “waffle girls,”
have sponsors K&L Wine Merchants sup-            the mini waffles topped with ice cream
ply the all wines, and KAI vodka for the         and fresh strawberries were the perfect
refreshing Dell-tinis.                           culinary cap on a night of good eats!
   Inside, the auction hawks circled the             Auctioneer Wenzel Jones charmed
silent auction tables selecting their prey and   and cajoled the crowd during the live auc-
planning their attack. With over a dozen         tion, and bidders walked away with over
works of art, almost 30 restaurants, an entire   a dozen amazing deals on stay-cation and
section devoted to “green products and           vacation packages, culinary experiences,
practices,” and everything from in-home          and in one instance, a murder mystery
massage and Botox to organic hand-made           party! An especially lively group of ladies
dog food, bidders had a variety of items         snagged the “boy’s night out” package and      
and a range of prices to choose from.            rumor thoroughly enjoyed their evening
   The boutique was a popular new addi-          of ale tasting and debauchery!
                                                                                                            The WaFFLe
tion and a big hit with the instant gratifica-       All in all, it was a stellar night under the
tion crowd. At least a dozen ladies cleaned      stars. The Ivar / Franklin Park Project and
out the supply of colorful pashmina shawls       other exciting HDCA projects will have
and promptly donned them to ward off             the financial support to make the positive
the slight chill as the sun set over the hill.   contribution to our community that the
Others delighted in eco-friendly note            Dell is known for.

6                                                              Summer, 2009                                   Hollywood SpotligHt
 a million thanks

 The HDCa would like to thank everyone who participated in making the 2009 HDCa Gala / Fundraiser a success. Dozens of individu-
 als volunteered and spent hundreds of hours to plan, prepare and execute this event. Many contributed goods and services in ad-
 dition to their time. The collaboration and effort involved by the people who live and work in the Hollywood Dell is what makes our
 neighborhood the unique and special place it is. We ask that you make an effort to support the businesses that support us! Be sure
 to thank them and let them know where you live when you patronize them!

  VolunteerS                       indiViduAl donorS                 buSineSS donorS                  Liz’s antique Hardware
  Jim agazzi                       Martha adams                      101 Coffee shop                  Los angeles athletic Club
  David Brewer                     Lita albuqueque                   ammo                             Lost & Found
  Chris Ceppi                      Rick ayres                        amoeba Music                     Loteria Grill
  Pamela Clay                      Peter Barnett                     Bird’s                           Magnolia
  Judy kass Dowden                 Bob Barry                         Black Rock Massage               Mattel
  Tammy ehrenfeld                  David Brewer                      Boho                             native
  Terri Gerger                     angelique Campen                  Brainbrew entertainment          nexus Limo service
  Rick Gerger                      erin Cohen                        Café Wa s                        Palate Food & Wine
  Debra Gainor                     Matthew Curry                     Calliber Collision Centers       Paragon Cleaners
  sheila Gross                     Linda Deutsch                     Capri Hotel                      Pimai Thai
  Matt Heenan                      nancy Dillion                     Casablanca salon                 Real Raw Live
  Wenzel Jones                     Troy Duffy                        Catts & Doggs                    Rise supperclub
  Dean katz                        annie Duke                        Certified Printers               s.W.a.n. Yoga
  Lisa katz                        adam Fischer                      Coco Lane                        sacred Heart Jewelry
  Rowan katz                       sara Fraser                       Counterpoint Records & Books     saddle Peak Lodge
  vallery kountze                  Debra Gainor                      Craft                            katsuya Hollywood
  Mary Ledding                     Robert Green                      Crustfactory                     solar De Cahuenga
  Jean Ishii Marshall              ellen Grinstein                   el Floridita                     spa Luce
  Lisa Meredith                    sheila Gross                      emily Green                      starbucks Coffee Co.
  Tom Meredith                     sharon Harris                     eModern Dog                      sugar & spice Dog Grooming
  Thomas Mikusz                    alexa Iles                        essex Public House               Tailwaggers
  Patti negri                      Jean Ishii Marshall               Fabiolus                         The Conservatory Florist
  Jennifer Parker                  Judy kass Dowden                  Farfalla                         The Daily Planet
  susan Polifronio                 Lisa & Dean katz                  Get’m Get’m                      The Dolce Group
  Chandler Poling                  Tim Lawlor & Cindy Renie          Gordon Ramsay                    The Foundry
  Gabrielle samuels                Mary Ledding                      Grub                             Trader Joe’s
  alexa Iles skarpelos             annie Little                      Harmony Gallery                  Twirlygirl
  athena skarpelos                 Thos k. Meyer                     Hennessey + Ingalls              victor’s square
  George skarpleos                 steve nash                        Hollywood Bowl                   village Pizzeria
  Judy sunga                       Marla Phillips                    Hollywood Dental Care
  Rudy van Zyl                     karla & David Ravandi             Hollywood Heights Hotel
  Cat ubell                        Dia & Ray schuldenfrei            Hotel London
  Chaz ubell                       nicole sullivan                   Huntington Library and
  apoorva vishwanath               Rudy van Zyl & Jennifer Parker    Botanical Gardens
  srin vishwanath                  Justin vanGrevenhof               Iroha sushi
  Mary Wagstaff                    apoorva & srin vishwanath         kutting Weight
                                   Courtney Watkins                  La Poubelle
                                   Marilee & Ted Werfhorst           LaCMa
                                                                     Le Petit Greek
                                                                     Little Lubbaloo

Volume 33, Number. 3                                        Summer, 2009                                                               7
    let’s get together

Gala FundraISer
At the gala fundraiser
1) Dell-Tini and View of Hollywood              1                   2
2) Debra Gainor & Lisa Katz at
the Boutique 3) Srin & Apoorva
Vishwanath with Debra Gainor
4) Kimberly Fletcher and Jenniifer
Van Zyl 5) Bassist Latif &
Saxophonist Kenny Warfield
At the labor day bbq
6) Michael Ackerman & Rowan
Katz 7) Landon Ackerman
8) Athena Skarpelos 9) Pamela
Clay Magathan 10) Enjoying a
parked scooter 11) Parker Van Zyl
& Georgie Harris 12) Pet Parade
onlookers 13) Jillian Gainor 14)
Billy Harris, David Brewer, Mary
Ledding & Wenzel Jones
Photo credits
Michel Ceppi, 1                                                     3
Sharon Harris 6,7,8,9,15
Judy Kass 2,3,4,5,10,11,12,13,14



8                                    Summer, 2009   Hollywood SpotligHt
& laBor day BBQ
                        6     7                 8    9

                       10                  11       12

                  9          13                     14

Volume 33, Number. 3        Summer, 2009                 9
voluNTeeR &
geT iNvolved
                                               “In America, each of us is free to seek our own dreams, but we must
 how You Can volunteer
                                               also serve a common purpose, a higher purpose... Because, when it
     The HDCa has a myriad of volun-           comes to the challenges we face, the American people are not the prob-
     teer opportunities. There are ongo-       lem – they are the answer.” – President Barack Obama

     ing needs, as well as one-time or         By alexa IleS SkarpeloS                        becoMe inVolVed in the decision-making
                                                               hether you sign up for         process by running for the HDCA Board
     event needs. Here’s a sampling of                         a regular volunteer “job”      or joining one of our various committees.
     typical volunteer possibilities:
                                                               (serving on the HDCA           You can take part in shaping our neighbor-
                                                               board or committees) or        hood. We have the amazing opportunity to
     •	 Board Member (office elec-             for a one-time event, you make an impact.      be involved with an organizational model
                                               The quality of life in our neighborhood        that is driven by the input of concerned,
       tions each year)                        is directly tied to the involvement of a       committed and involved residents.
     •	 Welcoming Committee
                                               variety of individuals in our community.
                                               We want you to find the volunteer activi-      Volunteering cAn be An outlet         for
     •	 Beautification Committee               ties that suit and inspire you, and hope       expressing your own talents and skills.
                                               that you see a volunteer commitment as         You may have something you love to do,
     •	 Roads & Traffic Committee              one way you can contribute to improving        or discover something you didn’t know
                                               your life in the Dell.                         you could do. Regardless, you will have
     •	 annual Gala/Fundraiser Committee          There are a lot of great reasons to vol-    a receptive and appreciative audience for
     •	 summer BBQ and Block
                                               unteer, and not just because it’s a good for   your efforts.
                                               the community. Here are a few:
       Party Committee                                                                        if you Are A PArent, being involved in
                                               your Volunteer contribution cAn be a           your community teaches your children
     •	 Hollyween Committee                    very fulfilling and enlightening experience.   an important life lesson about the value
     •	 event volunteer (for the above
                                                                                              of community service. It is a great way to
                                               AS you PArticiPAte in hdcA activities,         lead by example.
       HDCa sponsored events)                  you will have the opportunity to meet and
                                               get to know other Dell residents. Many         it’S uP to you hoW   you do it! How many
     •	 Hosting Monthly HDCa
                                               friendships, entrepreneurial ideas and busi-   jobs offer that kind of flexibility? You can
       Meeting at your home                    ness connections have originated from          choose a volunteer option that is the right
                                               relationships built through volunteering.      match for your availability and interests.

                                        6683 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood CA, 90028

10                                                          Summer, 2009                                       Hollywood SpotligHt
Volume 33, Number. 3   Summer, 2009   11
                                                                                Re l a x a t i o n
                                                                                                A Re a s o n t o D r e a m

                                                                                     With Relaxation Dentistry often you can have extensive
                                                                                treatment, in as little as a couple of appointments including:
                                                                                              • whitening yellow or stained teeth
                                                                                              • fix chipped or damaged teeth
                                                                                              • restore sore gums to good health
                                                                                              • replace old silver fillings or crowns

                                                                                      Experience state of the Art Dentistry
                     SUGAR N’ SPICE Dog Grooming
                                                                                             in a relaxed easy state
                     Nan Marcia Schwartz
                     Pet Stylist, Certified � CA Dept. Ed.
                                                                                 For Hollywood Dell Neighbors: Complimentary Exam and Consultations
                     Professional & Cage Free                                                                                            THROUGH 11/30/09

                     Breed or stylish pet clip
                                                                                                      Call or email to set up your next visit
                     Bathing, Nails, Ear Cleaning & Sanitation                                               (323) 461-4676
                     Quality Shampoo & Coat Conditioners
                     In Your Home Service                                                                     New Location
                                                                                                     6464 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 1080
                     By Appointment Tel: 323�654�0760
                                    Cel: 213�706�8104                                       
                                                                              Dr. Fariba Kalantari

     for Dogs & Cats in
     Dr. Steve Smith is a veterinarian with over 18 years of experience.
     He provides routine veterinary care 7 days a week, from 10am to
     8pm ... in your kitchen, family room, living room, dining room,
     great room, media room, bedroom, guest room, utility room,
     den, patio, porch, balcony, garage, driveway or yard.

     Call: (323) 469-3442

                                                           or    e
                                                 n e fo n!
                                            onli       tio
                                          Go forma
                                            i n

12                                                                   Summer, 2009                                                Hollywood SpotligHt
THe MIllIon                                                                                        Close to home

dollar loo
                                                                                                   drinking coffee here in Los ange-
                                                                                                   les is sometimes as much about the place
                                                                                                   where you drink this caffeinated bever-
                                                                                                   age as the beverage itself. These three

We MaY Love ouR PeTs, BuT
                                                                                                   coffeehouses offer great libations and
                                                                                                   cool surroundings. We all know that we
                                                                                                   can brew a cup o’ Joe at home, but what’s

We aRe aLso ResPonsIBLe
                                                                                                   the point in doing that. These locales
                                                                                                   are much more fun and “in the ‘hood”.

FoR THeIR WasTe                                                                                    bourgeoiS Pig
                                                                                                   The granddaddy of the cool coffee-
                                                                                                   houses in the neighborhood, Bour-
ellen VInITSky                                                                                     geois Pig offers Dell hipsters a place
                                                                                                   to sip your latte with a decent selec-
                                                                                                   tion of food. With its coffee “bartend-

           his morning started out per-          unimaginable that people who lived here           er” and bar stools, it seems almost like
           fectly. I had a lovely walk and       walked their dogs and never cleaned up            a saloon. It is also has a great row of
           ran into a number of wonderful,       after them!
                                                                                                   tables out front for people watching.
           friendly, responsible neighbors.         Here is my point. I live on a corner in
    I am one of those lucky people who           the Hollywood Dell. I have an entryway            oh, and they make a perfect espresso.
resides in the Hollywood Dell; a secluded        and a little piece of property that parallels     Bourgeois Pig
enclave nestled in the Hollywood Hills.          the street. There is a fire hydrant, some tall
I am surrounded by people of all eth-            grassy plants, a tiny bit of privacy. But the     5931 Franklin Ave.
nicities, religious and sexual affiliations      home’s entryway is a urinal for numerous
and backgrounds.There are many aesthetic         neighborhood dogs and that little strip of        groundWork cAfe
sensibilities, gorgeous atypical architec-       land, including a pathway to my door, a
                                                                                                   kitty-corner from amoeba Records
tural styles, flora and fauna. I live in a Los   dog-toilet.
Angeles haven.                                      I walk these streets often and the             sits Groundwork Cafe, a La-based
    As a group, we are generally well-           amount of dog waste is outrageous: in             group of coffee shops. The set-
educated or over-educated; we are middle         the grass, on the streets, in the ivy, on the     ting is light and open with exposed
to upper middle class; some downright            rock pathways. For the decade that I have
                                                                                                   brick and communal tables. Food
wealthy. We are artistic, creative, sophisti-    lived in the Dell, I have regularly noticed
cated, intellectual, liber-                                         this distressing situation     is decent, but the coffee here is
a l l y m i n d e d , g re e n ,                                    around my lovely home.         the real star. Its Black Gold blend
ecolog ically aware,
friendly and generous.
                                 ... the                            I know there are many in
                                                                    our neighborhood that
                                                                                                   was highlight by the Los Angeles

Quite frankly, some of us
are just a little too groovy.
                                 amount of                          are as appalled as I am. I
                                                                    know they even clean up
                                                                                                   Times for the quality of the roast.

                                                                                                   Groundwork Cafe
A little too entitled. Lack-
ing a little too much per-
                                 dog waste is                       after other people’s dogs,
                                                                    being uber-responsible in
                                                                                                   1501 Cahuenga Blvd.

sonal responsibility.
    One of my neighbors is
                                 outrageous:                        order to make up for the
                                                                    few who aren’t.                SolAr de cAhuengA
a dear friend who moved
into the neighborhood a
                                 in the grass,                         So I beg you. Please
                                                                    pick up after your dog.
                                                                                                   of the three coffee establishments

number of years ago from
Silverlake. At first, she
                                 on the                             Stop talking on your
                                                                    cell phones and ignoring
                                                                                                   featured here, solar de Cahuenga
                                                                                                   clearly has the best food. Their crepe
was enchanted with our
neighborhood for most
                                 streets, in                        what your dog is doing.
                                                                    And if you see others
                                                                                                   and panini selections are terrific, but
                                                                                                   many have a particular fondness for
of the reasons aforemen-
tioned. But then she
                                 the ivy, on                        doing these things, please,
                                                                    say something!                 their argentine pastries. and there is
started noticing the mess:
dog feces everywhere
                                 the rock                              These are our homes;
                                                                    it is our neighborhood,
                                                                                                   always an interesting cast of char-
                                                                                                   acters walking through the doors.
(both bagged and not),
trash, abandoned and
                                 pathways.                          our community. If we
                                                                    don’t care for it, surely no   Solar de Cahuenga
stored cars. To her it was                                          one will.                      1847 Cahuenga Blvd.

Volume 33, Number. 3                                           Summer, 2009                                                                    13
 ROSE WARE & Terry Canfield Schmidt
           E s tat e & A r c h i t e c t u r a l D i r e c t o r s
                      Chairman’s Circle
     To p 1 % o f a l l P r u d e n t i a l Te a m s N at i o n w i d e

               Repres ent ing a p or tf o lio o f u niq ue
                E st at e and A r chi tect ur a l hom es .

             From M o d ern to Me d i te r r a ne a n,
          we mar ket you r ho m e f or a ll it ’s wor t h.

            Serving your community since 1986.

                                      P RUDENTIAL C ALIFORNIA R EALTY
                                           213.369.9171 or 323.854.4607
         An independently owned and operated member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.

                                                     Terri Gerger, GRI

                                                          9200 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 200
                                                            Los Angeles, California 90069

     Interior designer’s home                             6226 Rodgerton Dr.

14                                                                                        Summer, 2009   Hollywood SpotligHt
PuBLIC GaIns aCCess To easTeRn
seCTIon aFTeR MoRe THan FouR YeaRs
By GeorGe SkarpeloS

         he road along the Hollywood          schedule permits access from 6:30 AM to         slope out there,” according to DWP’s Steve
         Reservoir has long been one          7:30 PM, though this will adjust as the         Cole. In addition, surface drainage on the
         of Los Angeles’ most popu-           days get shorter.                               east side of the Reservoir needed to be
         lar walking and jogging trials.         “Lake Hollywood is one of those much-        addressed and portions of the roadway
However, record rainfall in the winter        loved, hidden treasures of Los Angeles          required reconstruction and repaving.
of 2004/2005 wrought havoc on this            and so this day is particularly welcome to
recreational area. The resulting landslides   people who love coming here and getting         WeSt Side rePAirS
forced officials to close most of the popu-   away from the hustle and bustle of the          Work continues on the West Side Road.
lar walkway in 2005. After much work          city,” said Councilmember Tom LaBonge           DWP completed the construction of an
and expense, DWP has finally opened           at the official reopening.                      access road to bring equipment and mate-
one section of the path.                         “Today is a great day because we get the     rials to the affected areas. DWP now needs
   On Thursday August 6, Hollywood            east side of the Lake Hollywood Reservoir       to reinforce the hillsides in that area using
Dell residents along with Councilman          back,” said LaBonge.                            cast-in-place piles to support failed sec-
LaBonge, Representatives from DWP and            According to DWP, landslides threat-         tions of slopes below Lakeridge Drive.
the media celebrated the reopening of the     ened the operations of the water system.           After these piles are in place, DWP will
East Perimeter Road of the Reservoir, a       The hillside below the 750,000 gallon           build retaining walls and restore the slopes
1.4 mile path from the Weidlake Gate to       Mulholland tank had shifted, so the slope       with engineered fills. The entire West Side
the Tahoe Gate in the Hollywood Knolls.       was repaired and stabilized.                    project is estimated to be completed by
   Along with the opening of the eastern         “We set up a very big, very large retain-    spring of 2011. Until then, no portion
side, DWP reinstituted regular hours of       ing wall that’s going to retain that in the     of the West Side Road will be open for
public access to the trail. Currently, the    future and it increases the stability of that   public access.

                                                                          North Gate            HOLLYWOOD

                                                                                                       tahoe Gate

                                                                         West Side Road
                                                                          Closed Due to                                 East Side Road
                                                                           Landslides                                      Reopened
                                                                                                                          August, 2009
                                                                        Scheduled to Reopen
                                                                            Spring, 2011


                                                                                                  Weidlake Gate

 HDCA President Patti Negri and Councilman LaBonge at the              A 1.4 mile portion of the East Perimeter Road is now open.
 reopening of the Hollywood Reservoir East Side Road                   The West Side Road is still closed due to construction

Volume 33, Number. 3                                       Summer, 2009                                                                  15
   ImportaNt NumbErS                                                                      corner
city councilman                 county Supervisor         State Assemblyman
tom labonge                     Zev yaraslovsky           Mike feuer
district 4                      district 3                9200 Sunset Blvd, PH15                      WeLCome!!!
200 N. main St, #430            Hall of Administration    West Hollywood, CA 90069    Did you know that the Dell has a Welcoming
los Angeles, CA 90012           #821 500 West Temple St   voice: (916) 319-2042       Committee? If you know of anyone who has
voice: (213) 485-3337           los Angeles, CA 90012                                 recently moved into the neighborhood call
fax: (213) 624-7810             voice: (213) 974-3333                                 Patti negri at 323.465.8407 or e-mail her at
                                fax: (213) 625-7360                         

LaPD Hollywood                                                       (213) 485-4302               e-mAiL ALeRTs!
                                                                                      our e-mail broadcasts keep residents in-
LaPD Community Rep officer Mike shea                                 (213) 793-0710   formed of upcoming events and shared
L.a. Dept. of Transportation                                         (213) 485-4282   neighborhood incidents. sign up for e-mail
                                                                                      alerts at and click
Hollywood Beautification Team                                        (213) 243-9601   on “subscribe” link.

valley Council office                                                (818) 755-7630                DeLL meeTings!
Bulky Item Trash Pick-up (call day before)                           (800) 773-2489   Help us prioritize where we focus our time
                                                                                      and money. The HDCa meets regularly, usu-
Parking enforcement                                                  (213) 485-4184   ally the second Wednesday of each month.

street use Inspector                                                 (213) 485-3711
                                                                                                  WRiTe An ARTiCLe!
abandoned Cars                                                      (800) aBanDon     send a letter to the editor (hdca@mediaart.
                                                                                      com), post a notice on the HDCa website
Lake Hollywood Footpath Hotline                                      (323) 463-0830
                                                                                      Bulletin Board, or contact a government of-
DWP Hollywood Water Quality Improvement Project (HWQIP) Hotline      (213) 367-4373   ficial. We welcome your input.

 HDCA, P.O. BOx 93094
 HOllyWOOD, CA 90093

 Joining the HDCA...
 A great way to meet
 your neighbors
 and improve your

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