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					Metric system, Height &
   Define the Apothecaries and the metric system.
   Review the household measurements.
   State the rationale for converting measurements
    between systems.
   Explain the process of converting measurements
    within one system.
   Summarize the process of converting
    measurements between systems.
         Objectives ( cont.)
 List the metric, apothecary, and household
 Practice converting measurements from
  household or apothecary to the metric
             Metric System
   The basic measurement units are the meter,
    liter and the gram.
          Apothecary System
   Originated in England and is based on the
    weight of one grain of wheat. The grain is
    the basic unit of weight and the minim ( the
    approximate volume of water that weighs a
    grain) is the basic unit of volume.
           Household System
   The least accurate of the three systems. It is
    not ordinarily used to calculate dosage, but
    only a reference to help the client. The units
    of liquid measure are gtt, tsp, Tbsp,oz and
        Height and Weight
 Assess the client’s ability to stand
 Determine whether current clothing is
  similar to that worn previously
Obtain accurate weight
Client incurs no injury
Client maintains privacy
               Standing Scale
   Check identification band
   Place scale near client
   Calibrate scale to zero
   Ask client to remove shoes and to step on scale
    and stand still
   Electronic Scale: Read weight after digital
    numbers have stopped fluctuating
   Balance Scale:Slide the larger weight into the
    notch most closely approximating the client’s
    weight. Slide the smaller wt. to the so that the
    balance rests is in the middle. Add 2 nos.
Ask client to step down.
Wipe scale with appropriate
Cleanse hands
 The height measuring rod is also found on s
  standing weighing scale.
 The metal arm attached to the back of the
  sclae is extended to gently rest on top of
  patient’s head
Hoyer Lift
Chair Scale
Infant Scale
Flatform Scale