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Transitioning to Excel


									Transitioning to Office 2007

 Distance Learning, Middlesex Community College
 Chapman 632/633
 Workshop Site:

 Special thanks for Rhoda Dewitt who originally developed the handout and
 allowed MxCC Distance Learning staff to revise the handout and use it for MxCC
 training. Rhoda Dewitt is Distance Learning & Web Support Associate in
 Connecticu community college system office.
Getting Started
    New Features in Office 2007
       1. Microsoft Office Button
       2. File Formats
       3. Ribbon
       4. Live Preview
       5. Quick Access Toolbar
       6. Status Bar, Zoom Slider
       7. Mini Toolbar
       8. Shortcuts
       9. Training Resources
Microsoft Office Button

Performs many of the functions that were
located in the File menu of older versions.
File Formats
   Office button:
      Save, save the document as:

          Word, .docx

          Excel, .xlsx

          PowerPoint, .pptx
            Smaller file size in Office 2007 applications compared with previous versions.
            Use new features in Office 2007 applications.
            Cannot open in Office 2003 and older.
            If you use Office 2003 or older, you need to install MS Office 2007 converter
             downloadable from
       Save As:
            Word 97 – 2003 Document
            Excel 97 – 2003 Workbook
            PowerPoint 97 – 2003 Presentation
            .pdf - download .pdf converter downloadable from
            Other Format
                  Word: Rich Text Format, Web Page (filtered), text

          Font                Paragraph grouping         Styles
          grouping                                       grouping

   Each “tab” (such as “Home”, “Insert”…) will open a ribbon with several
    command items each in similar groupings.
   Home: has the common formatting tools, clipboard, fonts, paragraphs,
    styles, editing.
   Insert: picture, clip arts, table, page break, page#, header/footer, date &
    time, symbols, SmartArt, Charts.
   Page Layout: margins, orientation, watermarks.
   Exit out a group window:
       Click on a Tab.
       Click on X to close the group window.
Live Preview

 Use the same Word practice document.
 Highlight the text, change font, size,
  color, styles, etc.
 You will see how the text looks like when
  you change font, size, color, styles, etc.
 When you select a different style, the
  document changes its style.
Microsoft Office Button

   The Microsoft
    Office Button
    also contains the
    choices that
    used to be under
    “Tools, Options”.
Status Bar
   Document information and shortcuts
      Click on the Status Bar to see more details.

   Customize Status Bar: Right-click on the Status Bar,
    check or uncheck a status to show.
Quick Access Toolbar
                   You may add your most
                    commonly used commands to
                    the Quick Access toolbar.
                      Click on the drop down
                        arrow and select a
                      Right-click on any
                        command and choose
                        “Add to Quick Access
                          Check Spelling to place
                            it in the Quick Access
Zoom Slider

 The Zoom Slider makes it easy to
  zoom in and out by sliding the zoom
 It is located on the bottom right.
Mini Toolbar

   This is a floating toolbar that appears when
    you select text and slightly move your
   It displays common formatting tools, such as
    bold, italics, fonts, font size and font color.

   When you press the Alt key on the
    keyboard, all visible keyboard shortcuts

   Next, press the letter or number that
    represents the shortcut.
Same Look & Feel throughout Office 2007




Resources for Learning Office 2007

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