We welcome you at Amaya to experience fine Indian cuisine. Drawing

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We welcome you at Amaya to experience fine Indian cuisine. Drawing Powered By Docstoc
					We welcome you at Amaya to experience fine Indian cuisine. Drawing on influences from the                   blend of tomatoes and cream and dry fenugreek leaves                                        17
major food regions of India, our dishes use only the best ingredients and combine classic                   chicken madras south Indian curry with toasted coconut & red chillies                       17
traditional recipes with a modern interpretation creating a true culinary experience. Our
                                                                                                            lamb roganjosh a lightly spiced lamb braised in kashmiri red chillies and frresh spices     17
commitment to regional cooking sees a combination of tandoori flavors from the north,
dishes from south and seafood specialties from Goa on the west coast.                                       masala lime lamb tender lamb in coconut lime curry                                          17
Amaya Tasting Menu                                                                                          lamb 'lollipops' tandoori spiced lamb chops marinated with wine served in mint and
                                                                                                            fenugreek sauce                                                                             21
Tasting Menu for 2                                                                                 59.95
                                                                                                            lamb vindaloo spicy Goan curry with tamarind and white wine vinegar                         17
Appetizer of the day
                                                                                                            surf n turf beef tenderloin cooked with tangy sweet and sour flavour of tomato, cumin,
Mains (choose any 3 dishes from our main menu)                                                              ginger and peppercorns & pomegranate shrimp                                                 21
2 of which may be chicken or meat; 1 of which may be vegetarian                                             beef masala diced beef cooked in tradional curry ginger, onion, tomato & pepper             17
Pilaf Basamti and 2 plain naans
Dessert of the day
                                                                                                            sweet and sour eggplant roasted japanese eggplant with tamarind, mustard seeds and garlic   11
(replace chicke or meat with seafood, $4.00 extra per dish; vaild for two guests only, sharing by more
than two people not allowed)                                                                                mutter paneer fresh paneer & green peas in coriander & yogurt sauce                         10
Appetizers                                                                                                  aloo gobi potato & cauliflower florets with toasted cumin                                    9
                                                                                                            saag paneer spinach purée accented with cukes of paneer {Indian style cottage cheese}       11
our signature dish: amaya prawns – spring onion, peppers and green mango sauce                        16
                                                                                                            paneer butter masala Indian style cottage cheese in butter chicken sauce (makhani sauce)    11
squid amaya’s variation of popular salt & pepper squid: dusted with spiced flours, lightly fried
 with a tamarind & ginger dipping sauce                                                                9    dal makhani black lentils cooked with tomatoes and butter                                    9
chicken tikka morsels of chicken marinated in tandoori spices , served with                                 rice | bread | sides
mint-coriander chutney                                                                                14    saffron pilau basmati fluffy basmati rice                                                    4
chicken 65 the legendary chicken 65, the stories surround it are as fascinating as the dish itself with     brown basmati with cumin, bay leaf, green cardomom, shreeded mint leaves, cloves & onion     5
50,000 google hits                                                                                      9
                                                                                                            plain or butter naan traditional dough baked in the tandoor                                  3
grilled lamb kebab marinated in ginger, garam masala and lime juice                                    9
                                                                                                            garlic naan or spring onion parantha                                                         3
chef’s platter vegetable samosa, onion haji, pakoras & chutney platter                                 9
                                                                                                            chilli paneer naan baked with indian cheese and green chillies                               5
'chat' sprouted beans, potatoes, chickpeas, puffed, pomegranate seeds, yogurt and tamarind with
mint-coriander chutney                                                                          7           pappadums (4pcs per serve)                                                                   2
                                                                                                            assorted chutney plate spicy tomato, plum, mango pickle, raita                               5
Main Dishes
coastal prawn curry jumbo prawns in a coconut chilli masala scented with lemongrass                   19
malai halibut roasted and flavoured with bay leaf, cardomom in a coconut ginger sauce                 19
sweet & sour fish south Indian style fish delicacy, cooked in tandoor                                 17
chicken tikka chasni tossed with mango chutney, tomato, mango chutney, lemon and mint                 17
amaya’s butter chicken, roasted in the tandoor and then pan finished with subtly spiced

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