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Vestibular Rehabilitation201122718329


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									Vestibular Rehabilitation             Referrals
                                                                            Do You Experience…
A specialized physiotherapy           No referral required. However, we
treatment program.                    do recommend that you be

An exercise program that will
                                      assessed by your physician prior           Dizziness?
                                      to commencing a vestibular
improved the quality of your life.    rehabilitation program, to
Vestibular Rehabilitation is an
                                      determine the nature of your                Vertigo?
exercise based approach to
relieve the symptoms and
discomfort of vestibular disorders.   Our Qualifications                      Unsteadiness?
Dizziness, vertigo, unsteadiness
and balance problems can all be       Doreen Sharpe and Jenny Palmer,
treated through a gentle exercise     Physiotherapists, have completed     Balance Problems?
program tailored to meet the          Vestibular Rehabilitation courses.
specific needs of the patient.

Throughout North America,             For further information
people are getting better and
returning to normal lives through     please contact –                       Vestibular
Vestibular Rehabilitation.
                                      Therapacc Physiotherapy
                                      4 – 119 Isabella Street
What can you expect?                  Campbellford, ON                            Can Help!
                                      K0L 1L0
Following your assessment with
the physiotherapist, you will be
given an individualized home          Phone 705.653.0551
exercise program. You will
continue to see the therapist to      Fax 705.653.5073
monitor your progress and
enhance your program. You can         campbellford@therapacc.com
expect to see improvement in
your symptoms within 6 to 8           www.therapacc.com
                                                                           Doreen Sharpe & Jenny Palmer
Each year many people complain       The Inner Ear                       Initial Assessment
of dizziness, unsteadiness,
vertigo, and balance problems.
                                                                         At the initial assessment a
There are numerous causes of
                                                                         physiotherapist will examine and
these symptoms. However, a
                                                                         evaluate the three areas related
large percentage originates from
                                                                         to vestibular problems:
a problem with the part of the
                                                                            • Eye and head movements
inner ear and the brain that helps
                                                                            • Balance and walking
control balance and eye
                                                                            • The musculoskeletal system
movements. This is known as the
‘vestibular system’. If disease or
injury damages the system, a                                             Treatment Option
vestibular disorder can result.
                                                                         Treatment for vestibular disorders
                                     What causes                         varies according to the diagnosis.
The Symptoms                                                             Vestibular Rehabilitation is a drug
                                     Vestibular disorders?
                                                                         free approach involving specific
                                                                         exercises to improve balance
Symptoms range from mild             Vestibular disorders are common     function, decrease dizziness
dizziness and unsteadiness to        and can affect people of all ages   symptoms and increase general
severe vertigo lasting from a few    and all walks of life. They are     activity levels.
seconds to months to years.          most often caused by:
                                       • Head trauma (car                Your program may include one or
Other symptoms include:                    accidents, falls, impact      more of the following
                                           sports)                         • Balance retraining exercises
  •   A spinning sensation             • Ear infections                    • Specific vestibular exercises
  •   Difficulty reading or            • Aging                             • Supervised therapy
      concentrating                    • Illness or disease                    sessions to monitor
  •   Poor balance                     • Medications                           progress and continually
  •   Disorientation                   • Stroke and brain injury               challenge the vestibular,
  •   Nausea and vomiting
                                                                               visual and balance systems
  •   Headaches
                                                                           • Repositioning maneuver for
  •   Sensitivity to bright lights
                                                                               B.P.P.V. (Benign
      and noises
                                                                               Paroxysmal Positional
  •   Poor tolerance of crowds
                                                                               Vertigo) which is a
                                                                               condition where the crystals
                                                                               are caught in the inner ear.

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