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                                    Quit Smoking!

  Quit Smoking!                   Individual Counseling

  You want to. You need to.       A trained, smoking
  And now you can get extra       cessation counselor can
  help. You can do it. These      meet with you to help you
  quit smoking options are        quit smoking. You will
  now available from Capital      discuss ways to avoid
  Area Partners for Smoking       smoking triggers and find
  Cessation.                      ways to help you get
                                  through the first few
  Call (517) 887-4315             weeks without smoking.

                                  Nicotine Patches and            Support Groups
                                                                  Support groups can
                                  Nicotine patches or gum         provide extra support to
                                  make it easier to quit          help you quit smoking.
                                  smoking by reducing             Meetings consist of two or
                                  withdrawal sysptoms.            more people who share
                                  These quit smoking aids         their common desire to be
                                  are now sold without            smoke-free.
                                  prescription. Both have
                                  been shown to work
                                  better combined with stop
                                  smoking counseling or
                                  classes. Check with your
                                  insurance provider to see
                                  if it covers nicotine

                                  Zyban Support
                                                                  Self-Help Quit Kit
                                  Zyban is a nicotine-free,
                                  prescription drug that has      Many smokers quit on
                                  been shown to increase          their own. A
                                  smoking quit rates. Zyban       comprehensive self-help
                                  must be prescribed by           kit is available for those
                                  your physician or nurse         who want this option.
                                  practitioner. Patients
                                  using Zyban can further         Phone Support
                                  benefit by using other
                                  stop smoking services           Call (517) 887-4315 for
                                  along with their use of         more quit smoking
                                                                  information and support,

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                                  Zyban. Check with your          including how to choose
                                  insurance provider to see       the method that will work
                                  if it covers Zyban.             best for you.

  Capital Area Partners for Smoking Cessation: (517) 887-
                     4315 Call Today!
For more information, please contact: Heidi Devereux at: 887-4315.

    Health Promotion Page          Ingham County website or the                  Health Dept

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