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									2                                                               Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011

                  OUR ADVERTISERS
    Livingston Economic Development Council .................... 3
    Convention & Visitors Bureau .......................................... 4
    Integrity Insurance ........................................................... 5
    Woman’s Hospital ............................................................. 6
    All Premier Insurance ....................................................... 8
    RSS Realtors ..................................................................... 9                                                               Photo by AAron hogAn

    Ascension Ready Mix ....................................................... 9
    Garry Lewis Properties ................................................... 10                    A publication of the Livingston Parish News
    Our Lady of the Lake ...................................................... 11
                                                                                                                          Jeff M. David
    North Oaks Health System ............................................. 13                                              Publisher
                                                                                                                           Mike Dowty
                                                                                                                        Managing Editor
    Leaps & Bounds .............................................................. 15                                     Leesha Gleber
                                                                                                                       Advertising Director
    Farm Bureau Insurance .................................................. 16
                                                                                                      Graphics:                Sales:             Pictured surround-
    Quick ’N Handy Cleaners ................................................ 16                      Paul Hatton          Leesha Gleber &       ing Executive Director
                                                                                                   Photography:            Patricia Burns       and CEO Stuart Litvin
    Livingston Parish News .................................................. 17                  David Normand                Cover:           are (clockwise) Abigail
                                                                                                       Writers:          Designed by Paul        Lefebvre, Truk Tynes,
    Dutch Physical Therapy .................................................. 16                 Alice Dowty, Carol    Hatton, our cover fea-      Kaylynn Kinchen,
                                                                                                 Stuart, Lisa Dowty,    tures the leadership       Jeff Woods, Mary
    Pinnacle Builders ............................................................ 19            Jamie Webb, Mike       and directors of the        Broussard, Greg
                                                                                                       Dowty           Livingston Economic      Gilmore, Will Clark and
                                                                                                                       Development Council.          Ferdie Genre.
                                                                     Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011                                                                    3
                                        LEDC looks to the future
  LIVINGSTON — The Livings-             Litvin said.                          elements together to foster the
ton Economic Development Coun-            LEDC is currently assisting on      parish’s growth and prosperity,”
cil supports the Livingston Parish      five industrial oriented projects,    Litvin said.
business community, and also            two in the Co-Mar Industrial Park       LEDC’s Leadership and Eco-
seeks to bring in new companies.        in Walker, one in Watson, one         nomic Development Program
  LEDC President and CEO Stuart         in Denham Springs and one at          prepares the parish’s emerging
Litvin said that a wide range of        Magnolia Bridge north of Denham       leaders to create a vision for the
support services are needed to          Springs, Litvin said.                 future of the parish.
retain local companies and assist         Programs related to workforce         LEDC also conducts a Disaster
their expansion, as well as attract     development and marketing are         Preparedness course to minimize
new businesses and encourage            available through a partnership       the disruptions that can follow
local entrepreneurs.                    with the Small Business Devel-        natural and man-made disasters.
  Needs and opportunities can be        opment Center at Southeastern           “LEDC plays an important role
identified through the e-Synchro-       Louisiana University.                 in making Livingston Parish a
nist program, based on informa-           In addition to these efforts, the   business-friendly place,” Litvin
tion gathered from companies.           LEDC’s Livingston Tomorrow            said. “We try to put the right
During interviews with local            campaign targets job creation,        resources and people together in a
businesses, LEDC’s Randy Rogers         entrepreneurship, workforce           timely manner.”
also addresses possibilities such       development, and education.             North Oaks medical center
as state incentives and financing         A six-week course (“Write Your      recently opened at the Satsuma
avenues, Litvin said.                   Own Check: Be an Entrepreneur”)       I-12 exit, adjacent to Suma Cross-   Livingston Economic Development Council President and CEO Stuart Litvin
  Denham Springs officials cre-         was developed in cooperation with     ing, and big retail developments     (left) discusses the diverse opportunities created by a new business with
ated the Range Couplet Economic         the Livingston Tomorrow Work-         on the horizon include Sam’s         co-workers Abagail Lefebvre and Randy Rogers. The LEDC is now located on
Development District to encourage       force and Education Committee         Club in Denham Springs and the       the second floor of the new Government Building in the Town of Livingston,
redevelopment through the Resto-        and Southeastern Louisiana            parish’s third Wal-Mart, which       near I-12 and next to the Health Unit.
ration Tax Abatement Program.           University.                           will be built in Watson, Litvin
This state program freezes prop-          Livingston Tomorrow, a five-        said.                                  Juban Crossing will combine         for the parish and its residents,”
erty tax for five years to reduce the   year funding campaign, provides         Our Lady of the Lake and Juban     shopping, restaurants, entertain-     Litvin said. “The quality and
overall costs of making improve-        strategic planning and resources      Crossing will soon break ground.     ment, and office space as well as a   quantity of the investments be-
ments to property.                      for these programs.                     Our Lady of the Lake will begin    variety of living options.            ing made in Livingston Parish
  Albertson’s is taking advantage         “Through Livingston Tomor-          construction of its medical com-       “It is evident that there is a      express confidence that this is a
of this property tax incentive,         row, we are able to bring diverse     plex just south of I-12 in Walker.   growth trend that bodes well          great place to do business.”
4                                                                    Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011

 Tourism poised for growth
  ALBANY — The basic ingredients for a
surge in tourism are coming to Livingston
Parish next year.
  “We are interested in the features that
bring people to a location, and the factors
that keep people there,” said Eric Edwards,
executive director of the Livingston Parish
Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.
  Interstate 12 brings hundreds of thou-
sands of potential visitors right across the
center of the parish.
  Safe, affordable housing and a good
school system brings new residents to
Livingston Parish.
  “This year we are beginning to add
features which will turn potential visitors
into local shoppers and hotel guests,”           This unnamed boy with the fishing pole
Edwards said.                                    has come to represent the peace and the
  “We are also seeing developments that          potential of Livingston Parish in brochures
will make Livingston Parish an even more         distributed by the Livingston Parish Conven-
desireable place to settle. When all these       tion and Visitor’s Bureau.
factors hit critical mass, they will start
reinforcing one another, and residents           and less attractive areas, Edwards said.
who used to go to neighboring parishes for          One major ingredient, a full-scale
entertainment, for shopping, and doctors’        convention center, is still missing from
visits will be able to do all that without       the development plans now moving off the
crossing the Amite River,” Edwards said.         drawing board into a construction phase.
  The Livingston Parish Convention and              “Livingston Parish is a great location for
Visitor’s Bureau Board members are               conventions,” Edwards said. “And conven-
Ricky Goff, Donna Jennings, Denise Mar-          tions stimulate new development geared
tin, Kenny Morrison, Julius Prokop, Gail         toward tourists.”
Sanders and Bridget Rushing.                        “We were on a springboard, ready to
  Edwards and the board members find             dive into the future a few years ago when
creative ways to reach people who are            the national economic downturn discour-
interested in the things Livingston Parish       aged investment. But now we’re back on
has to offer.                                    track,” Edwards said.
  “We already have a wide variety of at-            Suma Crossing, located on both sides of
tractions, such as our scenic waterways,         I-12 at the Satsuma exit, is already boom-
golfing, the Denham Springs Antique Vil-         ing, with a variety of residential options,
lage, the Tickfaw State Park, the science of     the North Oaks medical center, shopping,
LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitation           and the possibility of two schools.
Observatory), Bass Pro, and great places            Financing arrangements for Juban
to stay while visiting,” Edwards said. “But      Crossing, a 471-acre retail and residential
in the not too distant future we’ll have a lot   complex off I-12 at Juban Road, are being
more.”                                           finalized.
  The hotel industry has already targeted           “These huge developments point up the
Livingston Parish as an upcoming tourist         advantages of having large tracts of land
destination, as proven by the revenue that       available right on I-12,” Edwards said.
supports the Livingston Parish Conven-           “None of them would have been feasible if
tion and Visitor’s Bureau. The LPC&VB            Interstate frontage was already occupied
gets a 3 percent surcharge on hotel and RV       by smaller developments.”
park occupancy.                                     The same applies to the 236 acres pur-
  “Our budget has doubled in the past four       chased off I-12 at Walker by Our Lady of the
years, and more hotels are already on the        Lake.
drawing board,” Edwards said.                       “The medical complex in Walker is also
  Life-long residents may be concerned           scheduled to break ground in the near
about the changes to come, but Edwards           future,” Edwards said.
said that change also brings a measure of           Our Lady of the Lake future plans call
stability, if grown children can come back       for a retirement complex, which will
to their home parish to work and raise           bring visitors to the parish as well as new
their own families.                              residents.
  “Self-sufficiency is also a positive thing,”      “Our new medical facilities will be a big
Edwards said. “It means being able to get        asset in terms of attracting people looking
what you want without making a long trip         for a new retirement home,” Edwards said.
to unfamiliar places.”                           “People who are looking for the beauty
  As the parish becomes more self-suffi-         of the countryside but still want all the
cient, it also becomes more of a destination     comforts and conveniences of the suburbs
for people who live in less self-sufficient      are going to be coming here.”
                                                                   Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011                                                                          5
                 Wide array of insurance available at Integrity
   Integrity Insurance, Inc. offers a wide     sure that you are taken care of. Trust is
range of insurance packages, discounts         one of the cornerstones of Integrity Insur-
and low down payments through some of          ance.”
the best insurance carriers. Whether you         Davis began her own company in 1991.
need insurance for auto, home, health, life,   Her business shops for the best rates. But
recreational vehicles, mobile home, flood,     what Integrity Insurance prides itself on
commercial, motorcycles, general liability     is how it helps its clients understand the
or workmans’ comp, our agents will find        coverage that is offered to them.
the best deal possible. We also offer large      Because Louisiana is considered a
discounts when packaging your home and         sportsman’s paradise, Integrity Insurance
auto insurance.                                offers a wide range of recreational vehicles
   Our goal is to consistently provide great   including RVs, boats and four wheelers.
insurance coverage for our clients. We un-       We also offer homeowner’s insurance
derstand that finding the best insurance to    without additional wind and hail or name
fit your needs and your budget can be very     storm deductible, a concern among many
difficult. Our agents will consult with you,   clients due to past hurricane disasters,
listen and find out the amount of coverage     such as hurricanes Katrina and Gustav.
that is right for you. We have hand picked       “If you have a policy with a two through
the companies to ensure that you will get      five percent deductible and would like to
the best coverage at a good a price.           have a policy without this type of deduct-
   Integrity Insurance, located at 20185       ible, you can just give us a call,” Davis
Iowa St. in Livingston, offers residents a     said. “We will make sure you get a quote.
peace of mind. That’s because owner Lou-       We even ensure homes for builder risk
ise Quezada Davis knows that clients need      coverage.”
someone they can trust.                          Integrity Insurance offers help to those
   “We have grown a lot during the 15 years    that are searching for good quality insur-
we have been offering insurance to area        ance with the best rates, even if they are
residents,” Davis said. “And we have done      not clients.                                   Integrity Insurance is located at 20185 Iowa Street in Livingston. Pictured (from left) are Randy
that primarily by referrals from our cus-        Business hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.       Koles, personal lines agent; Morgan Koles, commercial lines agent; Megan Koles, personal lines
tomers. What I want people to know is that     Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to         agent and Louise Quezada Davis, owner/agent.
we will work for you. It’s my job to make      noon on Friday.
6                                                     Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011

               Surgery with a Woman’s Touch
         oman’s is defi-        lower body lift, or breast
         nitely known for       reconstruction following
         delivering babies      cancer, Woman’s offers
         and is recognized      unique resources for the
for excellence in mammog-       best results.
raphy, but did you know           Often, a breast cancer
that Woman’s also provides      diagnosis can require a
surgical procedures cater-      breast surgery. “Woman’s
ing exclusively to women.       has a team of surgeons that
With a female’s mind and        are dedicated exclusively
body at the forefront,          to breast cancer surgery,”
Woman’s provides a sanc-        says Plastic Surgeon John
tuary for some of the most      A. Dean. “Patients typi-
requested day procedures        cally arrive in my office
and overnight stays.            within 24 to 48 hours of
                                a diagnosis, and I im-
  Have No Fear! Take con-       mediately begin working
trol of your life by allow-     with Woman’s surgeons to
ing Woman’s to tailor a         develop a plan from breast
safe, comprehensive, and        removal to reconstruc-
individualized weight loss      tion.” Dr. Dean and Dr.

                                                               ‘Take control of your life by allowing Woman’s to
program with expert care        Gary Cox, with Associates
and privacy.                    in Plastic Surgery, perform
  Over the years, the types     the full-spectrum of breast
of weight loss procedures       reconstruction and mi-
have grown to include out-      crosurgical breast recon-      tailor a safe, comprehensive, and individualized
patient techniques, inpa-       struction, such as the DIEP
tient surgeries, permanent
surgical interventions, and
removable devices. Bariat-
                                Flap, at Woman’s.
                                  Some women just want to
                                improve upon their appear-
                                                               weight loss program with expert care and privacy.                                           ’
ric Surgeon Dr. Andrew          ance, and for that, the op-
Hargroder offers the most       tions are endless. Current-
current procedures at           ly, one of the most popular
Woman’s, including laparo-      requests is for body con-
scopic approaches, gastric      touring procedures; those        The foot and ankle               about scheduling a mam-         bloating and distension.
banding, and sleeve gast-       that fine-tune and reshape     surgical team at Woman's           mogram, but when it comes         In the United States,
rectomy.                        the body. Dr. Cox explains     understands how dramati-           to colonoscopies – well,        fewer than half of people
  From the decision to          that, “Body contouring         cally orthopedic problems          that’s another story. This      older than 50 are screened
undergo a procedure, to         can run the gamut from a       can impact mobility and            is just one of those times      for colon and rectal cancer.
understanding individual        full body lift to eliminate    comfort since symptoms             when women really appre-        Some of the reasons behind
nutritional needs before        extra skin from significant    can be magnified by walk-          ciate a little privacy, and     colonoscopy jitters are fear
and after surgery, to           weight loss to liposuction     ing and standing. It is for        that’s where a private room     of the prep - the dreaded
achieving and maintaining       around the delicate neck       these reasons that Wom-            before and after a colonos-     bowel cleansing - and
a physically active post-       region.” Whether fine tun-     an’s works to find the most        copy at Woman’s comes in        simple embarrassment, but
surgery lifestyle; Woman’s      ing, reshaping, or rebuild-    individualized treatment           handy.                          at Woman’s private rooms
has the right team of physi-    ing, our goal is to make       options. Remember, ortho-            “The purpose of a             take care of at least one of
cians, expert surgical staff,   you better than ever.          pedic intervention doesn’t         colonoscopy is to view the      those obstacles in order
registered dietitians, and                                     always equate to surgery.          inside of the colon to assess   to give you all the privacy
exercise physiologists to         You’re in Good Hands – and   Woman’s treats many                for polyps or other disease     you deserve.
navigate you through your       Feet! It is estimated that     musculoskeletal conditions         processes,” says Dr. Kelly        General recommenda-
weight loss.                    nearly 75% of American         with medication, exercise,         Finan, colon-rectal sur-        tions by the American Can-
                                women will suffer from         and other rehabilitative or        geon. Finan continues, “We      cer Society indicate that
  Reshaping & Fine Tuning.      foot problems at some point    alternative therapies. How-        can prevent nearly 90%          starting at age 50, men and
Sometimes in a woman’s          in their lives. Don’t suffer   ever, when surgery is the          of colorectal cancers with      women should receive a
life, she either desires or     needlessly. With a multi-      best course of treatment,          timely and routine colonos-     colonoscopy at least every
requires a little help from     disciplinary approach that     you're in good hands – and         copy.” An advantage to a        ten years. However, there
the expert hands of a plas-     includes physical therapy      feet!                              Woman’s colonoscopy is          are exceptions, so talk to
tic surgeon. Whether it’s       and fitness, let Woman’s                                          the use of a CO2 endoscopy,     your physician if you have
contouring your body with       work to keep your lovely        Privacy, Please! Most             so women don’t suffer as        a family history of colon
liposuction, performing a       bones in working order.        women don’t think twice            much from uncomfortable         cancer or polyps.
Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011   7
8                                                                   Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011

                  Affordable insurance with All Premier Agency
  DENHAM SPRINGS — All Premier Insur-            Insurance Agents of Louisiana and has been                                                                              All Premier Insurance
ance Agency provides affordable insurance.       the president of the PIA Baton Rouge chapter                                                                            Agency is located
  The agency writes homeowners, automo-          and surrounding areas. She is currently                                                                                 at 125 Hazelnut St.
bile, boat, motorcycle, RV/camper, 4-wheeler,    serving as a PIA state board director.                                                                                  in Denham Springs,
mobile home and flood insurance, as well            Bryant, who received the Insurance Agent                                                                             across from Wal-Mart.
as landlord policies, rental insurance and       of the Year award in 2009, served on the                                                                                Pictured (from left) are
builders risk, owner Karen Bryant said.          Agency Council Advisory Board for ASI                                                                                   Megan Bryant Viator,
  One of her main objectives is to dispel a      Insurance in 2009 and 2010 and has been co-                                                                             licensed insurance
myth that has been going on about hurricane      chairman of the Louisiana Legislative Insur-                                                                            agent; Karen Bryant,
deductibles. “It’s a myth that all insurance     ance Affairs for the past three years. She has                                                                          licensed agent/owner;
companies have a percentage hurricane            also been a member of the Baton Rouge and                                                                               Jessica Miller, licensed
deductible. I still represent some companies     Denham Springs Chambers of Commerce.                                                                                    agent; Robin Bush,
that do not,” Bryant said.                          All Premier Insurance Agency writes for                                                                              customer service
  “You can still have a low hurricane deduct-    several companies: ASI, the number one                                                                                  representative.
ible with a low premium. Actually, we’re still   writer for homeowners insurance for new
writing $500 and $1000 hurricane deduct-         business in Louisiana; Progressive, one of         “We take the time to go over your policy         “We enjoy working with builders and
ibles.”                                          the top auto insurance companies in the          to make sure your needs are being met and        Realtors as well as individual clients and
  Bryant is a licensed, independent agent.       state; Safeco, a company that has been in        make sure you are receiving every discount       also offer free quotes and will evaluate your
She started her insurance experience 33          business for more than 80 years writing auto     that you qualify for,” Bryant said.              existing policy for free,” Bryant said.
years ago at Blue Cross and then continued       and homes policies; and Foremost Insurance         Some of the discounts are for multipolicy        “We try to do our best to keep the premi-
to work at two other insurance agencies          Group, another top Louisiana insurance           packages, such as auto and homeowners poli-      ums low and affordable to the clients while
before taking a leap of faith and starting her   company.                                         cies, while others are for professionals, such   at the same time giving them adequate
own agency seven years ago.                         The agents also write flood insurance         as teachers, doctors, policemen or firemen.      coverage so that when there is a disaster or
  Bryant only writes for A rated companies       through Fidelity National and ASI.               Customers with good driving records, col-        catastrophic event, they are covered.
that are backed by the Department of Insur-         Bryant’s employees are Jessica Miller,        lege degrees, claim free policies and students     “We are sure we will be able to continue to
ance.                                            licensed agent and office manager who is         also receive discounts.                          offer insurance well into the future because
  “Because I’m an independent agent and          currently the secretary/treasurer of the PIA       “We work with all of the mortgage and title    all of our insurance markets are sound com-
represent numerous companies, I can shop         Baton Rouge board; Megan Bryant Via-             companies in the state of Louisiana, and we      panies that are backed with major reinsur-
around for the best coverage and rates,”         tor, licensed agent and sales manager who        can actually write insurance over the entire     ance,” Bryant added.
Bryant said.                                     received a bachelor’s degree from SLU; and       state,” Bryant added. “We also have some of        “All Premier Insurance Agency would like
  Over the past seven years, she has main-       Robin Bush, customer service representa-         the lowest insurance premiums on new con-        to thank all existing and future clients for
tained membership in the Professional            tive.                                            struction homes, as well as homes of any age.    making us a great success,” Bryant said.
                                                                   Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011   9
 RSS Realtors about service
  BATON ROUGE — Reynolds, Sumrow                ing and safeguarding the capital asset, (2)
& Scruggs, Inc., Realtors, better known as      maintaining the greatest possible return
RSS Realtors, has been serving the Baton        over the life of the asset, and (3) enhancing
Rouge community as a full-service, inde-        the value of the property through skillful
pendent Realtor since 1962.                     management and well-considered improve-
  RSS Realtors, located at 3999 S. Sher-        ments,” Hughes said.
wood Forest Blvd. Suite D in Baton Rouge,         RSS Realtors presently manages more
provides residential and commercial sales,      than 150 properties in Baton Rouge, includ-
leasing, and property management.               ing condominium associations as small as
  “Our goal as a company is to be large         eight units up to home owners associations
enough to serve the Baton Rouge market-         with over 400 owners.
place, yet small enough to be very personal-      “We have been active in the property
ized in our sales approach,” Matt Hughes        management business for more than 25
said.                                           years with a combined staff experience of
  Hughes was made partner in RSS Real-          more than 100 years,” Hughes said.
tors on January 1, 2011, joining fellow busi-     Hughes, a graduate of Live Oak High
ness partner Bruce MacMorran.                   School in Watson, currently resides in
  “We believe in a hands-on approach to         Denham Springs. He grew up in the real
the marketing and management of real            estate business, watching his father and
estate,” Hughes said. “We are active partici-   grandfather throughout their careers in
pants in the Multiple Listing System and        the industry.
encourage cooperative sales and leasing           Hughes became licensed in 2006 and
activity with all real estate firms in our      has been with RSS Realtors since 2008. He
market.”                                        currently manages and sells real estate all
  The RSS property management division          over the Baton Rouge metro area.
offers a full range of management services        “I am thrilled and excited about the
from single-family residential to multi-fam-    future of our business,” Hughes said. “2010
ily apartments, office and retail buildings,    was a year of growth and our best year
and home owners associations.                   ever. We expect 2011 to be even better.”
  “We have three established goals for our        For more information, contact RSS Real-
property management division: (1) preserv-      tors at 225-923-2800.

 Ascension Ready Mix part
   of quality building in
     Livingston Parish
  Ascension Ready Mix is a family                 We pride ourselves on the ability to
owned and operated business serving             maintain a large number of trucks less
the Livingston, Baton Rouge and Ascen-          than four years old.
sion areas for over 11 years.                     We have assisted in building proj-
  We are committed to providing the             ects for Livingston Parish Schools, the
highest quality concrete and service at         North Oaks Medical Complex in Sat-
a competitive price.                            suma, and Louisiana State University.
  Free quotes are offered to all hom-             We have also worked with many hom-
eowners and contractors from 6 a.m. to          eowners in Livingston Parish.
5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Services            Our current locations include 24910
are available Monday through Friday             Walker South, 12010 South Choctaw in
from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from         Baton Rouge, 3211 North Bolton Ave. in
6 a.m. to noon. After hours service rates       Alexandria, and our home office at 16105
are available upon request.                     Hwy. 73 in Prairieville.
  Ascension Ready Mix has a staff of              We are looking forward to opening a
ACI certified employees. By using two           new location in south Baton Rouge at
way radios and GPS systems in our               8303 Nicholson Dr. in Baton Rouge.
trucks, Ascension Ready Mix can as-               Call us at 761-1117 or 677-7177 or fax us
sure delivery as promised.                      at 677-7178.
10                                                                 Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011

               Suma Crossing blends beauty with convenience
  SATSUMA — Suma Crossing combines
the convenience of on-site amenities with
the beauty of lakefront living.
  Gary Lewis Properties, which has served
the Greater Baton Rouge area for more than
20 years, is developing a 1,037 acre commu-
nity at the Satsuma I-12 exit with a unique
blend of urban style and suburban solitude.
  So far, 84 apartments and townhomes
have been completed in Suma Lake, a beau-
tiful neighborhood on the north side of I-12,
with another 70 under construction.
  Balconies and a swimming pool overlook
a 9 acre lake with a fountain.
  Housing options range from a two or
three bedroom, two bath, apartment from
1,100-1,400 sq. ft., or a three bedroom, two
bath, townhome from 1,350-1,500 sq. ft.          construction in Suma Crossing this year.
  The floor plans optimize living space, add       One shopping center includes an 800-seat
a touch of elegance with granite counters        theater-style entertainment and conference
and modern fixtures, and were also de-           center, and another area has been reserved
signed to furnish maximum storage.               for lakefront dining.
  Underground utilities preserve the spec-         The configuration of Suma Crossing will
tacular lake and forest panorama.                allow residents to enjoy the convenience of
  Later this year, single family homes will      shopping, dining, entertainment, and medi-
also be available in another phase of devel-     cal facilities without commercial crowding.
opment called The Quarters.                        Suma Crossing will also be developed on     Suma Lake, part of Suma Crossing at the I-12 Satsuma exit, offers a unique blend of urban style
  Development plans include three small-         the south side of the Interstate, with more   and suburban solitude. So far, 84 apartments and townhomes have been completed on the
scale, picturesque shopping centers on the       retail shopping, single and multi-family      north side of I-12, with another 70 under construction. Balconies and a swimming pool overlook
north side of I-12 and points of interest such   homes, and the 47,000 sq. ft. North Oaks      a 9 acre lake with a fountain. Suma Crossing will also be developed on the south side of the
as the four-diamond ball park.                   outpatient medical center, which opened       Interstate, with more retail shopping, as well as single and multi-family homes.
  A Holiday Inn Express is scheduled for         Jan. 24.
                                                                      Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011                                                                     11
                                              Our Lady of the Lake
       Continued                        pm and Saturday and Sun-
                                        day, 9 am – 6 pm and treats
                                                                                                                                                                          counseling and testing
                                                                                                                                                                          offered by the Cancer
     Commitment to                      illnesses from
                                        cough, colds and
                                                                                                                                                                          Program helps those
                                                                                                                                                                          at risk for hereditary

    Livingston Parish

  Our Lady of the Lake has long
                                        fever to injuries
                                        such as possible
                                        broken bones and
                                        minor cuts that
                                        may need
                                                                                                                                                                          cancer discover option
                                                                                                                                                                          for prevention and
                                                                                                                                                                          treatment and a more
                                                                                                                                                                          healthy future.
                                                                                                                                                                            New Amenities Enhance
                                                                                                                                                                          Patient Experience
                                                                                                                                                                            The hospital is
served the people of Livingston         Surgical                                                                                                                          now offering At Your
Parish and the hospital continues       Technology En-                                                                                                                    Request Room Service
to grow to meet the needs of this       hances Patient                                                                                                                    Dining® for patients.
thriving community. The hospital        Care                                                                                                                              This means patients
will break ground for a new                Our Lady of                                                                                                                    can order whatever
medical complex in Walker later         the Lake Regional                                                                                                                 they want, when they
this month. Since the hospital          Medical Center in Ba-                                                                                                             want it as long as the
purchased the property two years        ton Rouge brings some                                  crinology; Emer-         symptoms and conditions.                        kitchen is open and as
ago, there has been a great deal of     the most advanced                                        gency Medicine;          The latest technological ad-        long as the requested meal is in
planning. Groundbreaking is only        technology to the                                         Gastroenterology;     vances in equipment along with        line with the physician ordered
the first of many milestones. Our       area to enhance                                           Hematology/On-        specially trained and experienced     diet.
Lady of the Lake Livingston is          patient care and                                          cology; Hospital      physicians have prepared medical        Before room service was an op-
scheduled to open in the summer         help patients get                                          Medicine; Infec-     teams at Our Lady of the Lake to      tion, patients were able to choose
of 2012.                                back to life more                                          tious Disease;       do sophisticated procedures to        their meal, but they had to make
  When complete, Our Lady of the        quickly. Recently,                                      Intensive Care;         correct abnormal heart rhythms,       their meal decisions almost 24
Lake Livingston will include a          the hospital began using the da         Nephrology; Neurology; Neuro-           problems related to congestive        hours ahead of time. With At Your
free-standing emergency depart-         Vinci Surgical System for prostate      surgery; Ophthalmology; Ortho-          heart failure and valve abnormali-    Request Room Service Dining®,
ment, outpatient services such as       removal, kidney removal and             pedics; Psychiatry; Pulmonology;        ties.                                 patients are now able to select
a lab, imaging services such as         certain complex head and neck           Genetics and Surgery.                     And care does not end when you      from an extensive restaurant-
CT, ultrasound, X-ray and MRI,          procedures such as removing               In addition, Our Lady of the          leave the hospital. Our Lady of       style menu and can order anytime
and physical therapy. In addition,      tumors from the base of the tongue      Lake Children’s Hospital, has a         the Lake has a dedicated patient      between 6:30 am and 8 pm, seven
the facility will house physician of-   or removing stones from saliva          special partnership with St. Jude       experience coordinator and a          days a week.
fices, including many specialists.      glands. Our Lady of the Lake is the     Research Hospital in Memphis.           comprehensive cardiac rehabilita-       “Giving our patients the ability
  “Our Lady of the Lake Regional        only medical center in the area us-     The hospital is home to one of only     tion program that help educate        to choose their meals will not
Medical Center in Baton Rouge           ing the da Vinci Surgical System        six St. Jude affiliate clinics in the   patients about the importance of      only improve their satisfaction,
has about 500 team members who          for these types of procedures.          country allowing many children          maintaining a healthy lifestyle       but it will also result in less food
live in Livingston Parish, includ-         “The ability to offer robotic sur-   who are diagnosed with cancer           following surgery.                    waste,” said Stephanie Manson,
ing myself,” said Dean Williams,        gery is a tremendous resource and       to receive treatment right here in        Tomorrow’s Cancer Care Today        Our Lady of the Lake Vice Presi-
Our Lady of the Lake Vice Presi-        another tool allowing us to provide     Baton Rouge, close to home.               The Cancer Program of Our           dent of Operations.
dent of Operations and Our Lady         a best in class experience for our        For more information on the           Lady of the Lake and Mary Bird          Patient rooms will soon be
of the Lake Livingston Project          patients,” said Scott Wester, Our       specialized pediatric services          Perkins combines nationally           equipped with the GetWellNet-
Administrator. “When construc-          Lady of the Lake Chief Executive        available, visit www.ololchildrens.     recognized care where patients        work. This means patients will
tion is complete, residents will        Officer.                                org.                                    are treated for all types of cancer   have access to specific resources
have access to emergency care and          Patients who choose robotic            Best-In-Class Heart Care              and advanced technology to bring      allowing them to learn more
other healthcare services in their      surgery experience a less invasive        Our Lady of the Lake’s commit-        the absolute best treatments pos-     about their condition, treatment
own backyard. I am pleased to be a      surgery and typically have less         ment to providing best-in-class         sible. The Cancer Program is one      plan, care team, services avail-
part of something that is bringing      pain, a shorter hospital stay and a     heart care is recognized with the       of only 30 U.S. cancer centers that   able at the hospital, and discharge
much needed healthcare services         faster return to normal activity.       highest designation when it comes       have been selected to work with       instructions. Patients will also be
to my hometown.”                           Dedicated Children’s Hospital        to treating patients with chest         the National Cancer Institute’s Na-   able to contact caregivers directly
  Two Our Lady of the Lake Phy-            Our Lady of the Lake Children’s      pain. Our Lady of the Lake is the       tional Community Cancer Centers       about their room temperature
sician Group clinics are already lo-    Hospital is a “hospital within a        only hospital in south Louisiana        Program to develop the highest        and provide feedback on their
cated in the parish. Primary Care       hospital” and is one of the largest     to achieve Cycle Three Chest Pain       quality standard of care for com-     care. The enhanced communi-
of Denham Springs is located on         providers of pediatric services in      Accreditation. This designation         munity healthcare facilities like     cation features enable hospital
311 Veterans Boulevard, suite B,        the state serving over 70,000 chil-     from the Society of Chest Pain          our own.                              employees to immediately re-
where patients can be seen by Dr.       dren each year. OLOL’s Children’s       Centers means when patients               The Cancer Program provides         spond to their patients’ needs for
Thiravat Choojitarom, Dr. Shana         Hospital is only hospital in the        come to Our Lady of the Lake with       patient navigators to help guide      an improved patient and family
Hart, Dr. Keren Ray or certified        area that provides a full range of      Chest Pain they will receive care       patients through their cancer         experience.
nurse practitioner Laura Hollis.        pediatric services from a Pediat-       equal to or better than national        treatment by coordinating care,         The bedside system will also
  Dr. Brandi Basso and Dr. DeSha        ric Emergency Department that           quality of care measures.               providing education and answer-       give patients access to an interac-
Folgar, both residents of Liv-          operates 24 hours a day, to a 14-bed      The hospital is also recognized       ing any questions. In addition        tive TV system where they can
ingston Parish, treat patients at       Pediatric Intensive Care Unit           as a Blue Distinction Center for        there are four multidisciplinary      watch free on demand movies,
Primary Care of Live Oak located        and a team of certified Child Life      Cardiac Care by the Blue Cross          teams; colorectal cancer; head        play video games, listen to music,
at 31995 La Highway 16.                 Specialists.                            Blue Shield Association.                and neck cancer; brain (neuro)        surf the internet, check email and
  In addition, Lake After Hours,           Specialists in 19 different areas      Heart specialists with Our Lady       cancer; and lung cancer. The          send text messages to friends and
located at 31985 La Highway 16,         of pediatric specialty care practice    of the Lake treat patients with         teams are led by physicians and       family. These communication
treats minor illness and injury on      at OLOL Children’s Hospital             chest pain, people having heart         ensure that patients receive the      tools will help patients feel more
a walk-in basis. The clinic is open     including: Allergy/Immunology;          attacks, heart failure and those        best treatment for their par-         at home, connected and relaxed
12   Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011
Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011   13
14   Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011
                                                                       Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011                          15
                     Growing by Leaps and Bounds
        hen Michelle and Greg Lavergne founded
        Leaps & Bounds Sports Center in Denham
        Springs 13 years ago, they probably did not
expect the astounding growth that was ahead for
  Michelle, a competitive gymnast and acrobat in
college, has a national championship and a degree
in business manage-
ment from LSU on
her resume. When
she chose to start a
business in Livingston
Parish giving tumbling
lessons to children, her parents were
a bit skeptical.
  “At the end of the day I enjoy teaching the kids more
than anything,” she admitted. “My mom said, ‘We
spent all that money sending you through college
and you want to teach cartwheels?’”
  But it became much more than that. Leaps &
Bounds began its long run of expansion almost im-
mediately, moving three times from its first location
on 4-H Club Road and Florida Boulevard until, eight
years after the most recent upgrade, it sits in a 6,100
square foot facility at 11033 Laird Lane off Lockhart
  However, next year by this time Leaps and Bounds
will be headquartered in a 19,000 square foot gym
about to begin construction on Veterans Boulevard.
The expansion is needed to accommodate the 400
students enrolled at any one time taking instruction
from a staff of 40.
  The business offers gymnastics, tumbling, sum-
mer camp, after school care, dance, a pre-school
educational program, swimming in its two pools on                                                                          Above left are Lauren

site and acrobatics. In addition it offers programs for                                                                    Estrada and Lacey Rivette,
autistic and special needs children.                                                                                       Acrobatic Gymnastic
  It sends numerous teams to local,                                                                                        partners from Leaps and
regional and national competitions                                                                                         Bounds Sports Center in
that have brought home many hon-        I  General Info                                                                    Denham Springs, who
ors. Last year its All Star squad                                                                                          returned last August with
Cheer Energy sent four squads to           | 11033 Laird                                                                   gold medals from the USAG
nationals and all returned with                                                                                            National Junior Olympics
medals, including a national               Lane off Lockhart Road                                                          held in Orlando, Fla. Above
championship. This past August,                                                                                            are some of the aspiring
the Acrobatic Gymnastics pair              (Just east of the railroad track)                                               stars of future teams: (front
Lauren Estrada and Lacey Rivette                                                                                           row, from left) Elise Darden,
brought home a national title from         |225-665-7200                                                                   Madison Wagner, Delanie
Orlando in their event.                                                                                                    Daigle, Siena Lavergne,
  The school has sent performers           |                                                   Michelle Lavergne, Hayden
to the Sugar Bowl and offered its                                                                                          Colvin, Isabella George,
facilities for high school cheering        |Owners: Michelle and Greg Lavergne                                             (second row) Brayden
squads to practice.                                                                                                        Bourgeois, Josie McBride,
  The secret to this remarkable            |Staff and coaches: Andrea McBride,                                             Alexis Duhon, Makayla Pat-
success, Michelle believes, is a           Susan Jones, Kiril Kirov, Janet Schu-                                           terson, Sara Martin, Hannah
committed, caring staff that offers        maker, Daren Bourgeois, Jordan Teekel,                                          Guidry, Halle Jones, Emily
a positive experience for fami-            Eva Underwood, Shannon Ducote,                                                  Howell, Anna Howell, (third
lies. Imagine the piece of mind of         Gary Chapman, Karolina Ellard, Kaitlyn                                          row) Kiril Kirov, Andrea
parents who know their children            Humphrey, Stacy Durham, Rebecca                                                 McBride, Breanna Roberts,
will be picked up from school and          Moore, Rachael Gazea, Julie Martin,                                             Jessie Ratliff, Lanah Rog-
taken to a place where they are un-
                                           Tina Denett, Morgan McAlister                                                   ers, Lauren Foster, Maddie
der constant adult supervision, do                                                                                         Brown, Susan Jones, Hunter
their homework, get exercise and                                                                                           Micheli, Daren Bourgeois
develop the self-discipline and self-esteem that comes with learning athletic                                              and Logan Mayers. Below,
skills and discovering teamwork.                                                                                           the national championship-
  That family atmosphere is what makes Leaps & Bounds special. Birthday                                                    winning Leaps & Bounds
parties, Friday Fun Night and a Kids Summer Camp are all part of the last-                                                 Cheer Energy all-star team
ing appeal.                                                                                                                practices.
16                                                                  Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011

      Farm Bureau Watson: Proven
        record, competitive rates
  The Farm Bureau in Watson has a              right policy.
proven track record of providing the types       “We write life insurance through
of insurance Livingston Parish residents       Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance
want, at competitive rates.                    Company,” Bahlinger said. “Our rates are
  “We know how important it is to have         competitive and our agents will come to
insurance from a local agency, from peo-       your house to meet with you and discuss
ple who can give you the straight facts and    all your insurance needs.”
will be here when an emergency arises,”          Health insurance has become an
said Agency Manager Lewis Bahlinger.           increasingly complicated issue, but Farm
  Bahlinger, who was recently promoted         Bureau agents are ready to listen to the
to manager of the Livingston Parish Farm       needs of individuals and businesses.
Bureau office, said his agency’s customer        “We offer health insurance through
service will be the best in the parish.        Blue Cross, for individuals and groups,”
  “Livingston Parish residents come to         Bahlinger said.
us for homeowner and auto insurance be-          Long term care has become an im-
cause we can write the policies they want      portant health insurance component,
and then follow through,” Bahlinger said.      because people are living longer, and often
  Agents and adjusters work out of the         advanced age comes with some degree of
Farm Bureau office on La. 16 near Arnold       disability.
Road.                                            “Each type of insurance, and all poli-
  “There is no waiting for somebody to         cies together, need to fit the customer’s
show up from Baton Rouge or Hammond,”          budget,” Bahlinger said. “That is our
Bahlinger said.                                business. Not just selling quality insur-
  Finding the right life insurance can be      ance, but also finding the right package at
difficult, but Farm Bureau has a selection     the right price for every individual, family
that allows the customer to find just the      and group.”

Quick & Handy: Local ownership,
     quality cleaning results
  Quick & Handy Cleaners has been family         The solvents used are petroleum based
owned and operated in Denham Springs           and safe. Quick & Handy has never used the
and surrounding areas since 1973. To some      carcinogenic perchloroethylene.
people that is still important, because it       “We don’t cut corners,” Kay said. “We
guarantees the little touches in service and   always try to provide a high quality job. We
expert laundry care you might not be able to   sew on your buttons when they break. If the
get just anywhere.                             belt loop needs to be sewn on or the hem is
  Owners Maurice "Scooter" Keen and            out, those are all things that are included in
wife Kay took over the business from his       the price. When you get the clothes back, we
parents in 1985. Some other names regular      want you to be able to wear them.”
customers might recognize from among the         Quick & Handy also has three convenient
staff of 32 are longtime manager Mary Ann      pickup locations: 2626 S. Range Avenue
Lemoine and Scooter’s sister Lisa Hamby.       across from the Bass Pro Shops develop-
  Five years ago the main store modernized     ment, on Walker South Road next to
with its move to a brand new 8,000 square      LeBlanc’s supermarket and in Oak Point
foot building at 397 East Railroad Avenue,     Shopping Center in Watson.
Denham Springs. The facility is unique           The services in both wet and dry clean-
in that it was designed and built to house     ing are numerous, among them wedding
a high tech laundering operation. It has       dresses and attire, full-service alteration,
reclaiming tumblers to remove all traces       leather, household items like drapes and
of solvent from the environment and state      comforters.
of the art equipment such as computer-           “From waterproofing the hunting clothes
ized records systems that store personal       for the summer to cleaning the formal
information on the preferences of individual   gowns and tuxedos for the upcoming
customers to assure the highest quality        Mardi Gras season, we’re here to do what’s
service. The latest German technology al-      needed,” Kay said. “Our everyday custom-
lows the precise measurement and tracking      ers are the husband and wife who work and
of all chemicals used, which both assures      they don’t want to spend their time cleaning
                                                                    Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011                                                                      17

               Award-winning News since 1898

The walls of the Livingston Parish News are covered with awards the paper wins year after year for its community journalism. Above are the staffers who play a key role in the continued success
of the paper. They are (from left) Alice Dowty, John Dunlap, Leesha Gleber, Paul Hatton, Benji Wheat, Rebecca Wilson, Mike Dowty, Cheryl Gothard, Jeff David, Ashleigh David, Linda Avila, Jamie
Webb, Lisa Dowty, Amy Carter, Steven Burch, Odom Bradford, Daniel Stewart, Carol Stuart and Johnny St. Angelo. Not pictured are Patricia Burns, Christy St. Romain, Jason White, Sam Muffo-
letto and David Normand, who took the photo.

         Livingston Parish News covers the community in print and on the Internet
     he Livingston Parish News continues to set standards          Like the parish it serves, The News has changed substan-       way since its founding by George Minton, an educator
     of excellence in covering the news of one of the fastest-   tially from its humble beginnings. The News also pub-            by trade and a community leader by inclination. Minton
     growing and most dynamic communities in America.            lishes a shopper, The Livingston Parish Dispatch, giving         first founded a college in Denham Springs in the late 19th
   As evidence of this, last year the News garnered 22           the publication a combined circulation of close to 30,000        century on what is now the site of Denham Springs Elemen-
awards from the Louisiana Press Association, including 11        households.                                                      tary on Range Avenue. The school brought faculty and
first place plaques, and seven national awards, including a        In addition, the paper’s website, www.livingstonpar-           boarding students into the area, enough of them to justify
first place, from the National Newspaper Association.  , enjoys over 50 million hits every year from         beginning a newspaper, which Minton did in July 1898.
   Visitors to the News office at 688 Hatchell Lane, Denham      3,000-plus unique visitors each day, including over 44,000       Five years later, Minton helped found and incorporate the
Springs, will immediately notice the walls covered with          registered users.                                                city of Denham Springs and became its first mayor. For 29
plaques and awards going back decades. Excellence in its           The Denham Springs Publishing Co., parent company of           years, Minton toiled weekly to put out his paper. He finally
work is a long-held standard at the News.                        the News, also publishes the Antiques Gazette, a regional        died on the job in 1927. He was followed by his son, Truvie
   Serving as a voice for the community and keeping you          monthly antiques magazine. The Denham Springs Publish-           Minton. The paper then passed in succession to publishers
informed of the events shaping your lives are the missions       ing Co. began printing that publication after the magazine       W.G. “Lide” Jones, Paul Tulane “P.T.” Jones, O.G. Allen,
of the Livingston Parish News, and have been since 1898.         lost its New Orleans headquarters and printing facilities        C. Leroy Miller, G. Norman David, and Jeff M. David, who
If you are new to our community, you will find the News          following Hurricane Katrina and took over the specialty          inherited the paper in 1977 from his father and now has the
an invaluable resource in helping you discover everything        publication completely in 2006.                                  distinction of being its longest serving publisher in his 38th
18                                                                Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011

                                                                                            Members of the News editorial staff are (from left) publisher Jeff David, managing editor Mike
                                                                                            Dowty, writers Alice Dowty and Lisa Dowty, assistant editor Carol Stuart, writer Jamie Webb
                                                                                            and photographer David Normand. Not pictured is sportswriter Sam Muffoletto.

                                                                                            Above, embers of the press and production team with publisher Jeff David are (from left) Dan-
                                                                                            iel Stewart, Odom Bradford, production foreman John Dunlap, Linda Avila, Steven Burch, Amy
                                                                                            Carter, Jason White and Johnny St. Angelo. Not pictured is Christy St. Romain.

                                                                                            At left, members of the graphics and front office staff at the news, pictured with publisher
                                                                                            Jeff David at the center, are (from left) graphics artist Paul Hatton, reception and circulation
                                                                                            staffers Rebecca Wilson and Benji Wheat, bookkeeper Cheryl Gothard, administrative assis-
                                                                                            tant Ashleigh David and advertising director Leesha Gleber. Not pictured is advertising sales
                                                                                            representative Patricia Burns.

   Dutch Physical Therapy
  hosts free seminar: Helping
       You Help Yourself
  DENHAM SPRINGS – On February
2nd, Dutch Physical Therapy and the
Livingston Parish Library will host the
                                             I The   DeTaIls
                                              | Feb. 24, Denham Springs-Walker library,
24th “Helping You Help Yourself” free
seminar to educate Livingston Parish          6:30 p.m.
and the Greater Baton Rouge communi-
ty on improving their quality of living.      |Dr. R. David Rabalais, Baton Rouge
  Featured speaker will be sports medi-
cine specialist, Dr. R. David Rabalais, of    Orthopedic Clinic, Chris Fussell, Physical
Baton Rouge Orthopedic Clinic.
  Dr. Rabalais will discuss various types     Therapist, featured speakers
of shoulder pain, including tendonitis
and rotator cuff tears, and present op-       |RSVP for free at at or by
tions for conservative and surgical treat-
ment. Chris Fussell, Physical Therapist,      calling or e-mailing Amy McCoy Sweat 225-
will discuss how physical therapy can
aid in the healing of shoulder pain and       588-2068,
the recovery of surgery.
  The seminar will be held at 6:30 p.m.      refreshments will be provided. Future
at the Denham Springs – Walker Branch        events will discuss “Blood Pressure: A
on Florida Boulevard in Denham               Silent Killer”, Back Pain, Osteoporosis,
Springs.                                     Sport’s Injuries, Headaches, and many
                                                                    Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011              19
    Pinnacle Builders Inc. offers quality, service, respect
  One size never really does fit all and neither           time and really listens to what the client needs
does one house plan or even a handful of them.             and helps to sketch a plan that fits those needs.            With a pecky
Homes offered by tract builders may occasionally           Only then does he take the drawing to an archi-              cypress
be exactly what a client has in mind, but most are         tect to have a custom set of blueprints drawn and            ceiling and
faced with compromises, from small things like             with plans in hand, Roblin will go with clients to           flagstone floor
tile color to huge things like the floor plan itself.      the mortgage broker to help them get financing.              (left), custom
  But buying a tract house is not the only choice            “At Pinnacle you don’t have to worry about                 cabinets and
available. Home buyers who want to own distinc-            being sold something that you don’t really want,”            fixtures (left),
tive custom homes, built to their invidual needs           Roblin said. “With our homes, you will get to say            hardwood
and taste, need look no further than Pinnacle              what you want every step of the way.”                        floors and re-
Builders Inc. of Denham Springs.                             When it comes to choosing matereals, Roblin                cessed ceilings
  In these difficult economic times most of the            will confer with his clients about every fixture,            (below left),
subdivision lots in Livingston Parish have been            molding, floor, window and door. They can take               arched open-
purchased by tract builders and many custom                their time, looking through showrooms in Baton               ings and door-
builders have gone out of business. But Pin-               Rouge to find exactly what they want.                        ways and wide
nacle Builders Inc.continues to thrive by putting            As for the construction itself, Roblin uses only           crown molding
clients at the center of the building process from         the best craftsmen in every field. And he knows              everywhere,
design to completion.                                      them and their work because he’s been in the                 this Pinnacle
  “We want Livingston Parish home buyers to                business of building since he started working                Builders Inc.
know that they can still have a custom home                part time for his grandfather when he was 13.                house, built
whatever their price range,” Pinnacle Builders               “I’ve been in this business all of my life,” Rob-          in Harrell’s
Inc. owner Mike Roblin said. “We are keeping               lin said. “It’s a family tradition going back to my          Ferry Land-
quality in the area.”                                      great-grandfather, then my grandfather, then his             ing for George
  Roblin is committed to taking the same careful           three sons and now his grandsons.”                           and Connie
steps in building a $150,000 home as he has taken            When he isn’t busy building new homes, Roblin              Torres, was a
for the past eight years of building million dollar        does take on other projects. Since the building              hit in the CRBA
homes in Livingston Parish’s most exclusive                boom has collapsed, he’s done patios, gazebos and            2006 Parade of
subdivisions, including Harrell’s Ferry Landing            additions.                                                   Homes.
and Canyon Road..                                            In an unusual step for the residential builder,
  Like any custom built home, houses construct-            Pinnacle took on a historic renovation job as a
ed by Pinnacle Builders Inc. hold their value              favor to a local businesswoman. Michelle Wall,
better than tract homes, Roblin said, adding that          owner of ABC Case Management, which is
99 percent of the time, when people move into one          housed in the historic old train depot building on
of Pinnacle’s homes, they already hold equity in           Centerville, wanted to renovate the neighboring
them. And they are less likely to get devalued or          house as an annex. Roblin took it on, and instead
to depreciate over time.                                   of replacing floors and framing with a newer
  “A lot of people still want quality because this         style, he renovated the newer building to look
is the biggest investment of their lives,” Roblin          like the old one.
said. “And when we build your house it will be                Whatever the project, from an addition that
one of a kind from the start. If you don’t have a          really conforms to the existing house and the
lot, we’ll help you find one.”                             homeowners’ vision, to a brand new million dol-
  Then, instead of offering a limited number of            lar home, clients get what they want at Pinnacle
house plans with minor variations as tract build-          Builders Inc. No hard sell, no construction short
ers will do, building the same house over and              cuts, just the comforts and style they want to
over throughout the subdivision, Roblin takes his          enjoy for the next 30 or 40 years.
                                                             “We offer quality, service and respect,” Roblin
                                                           summed up, “not to mention a home that is less
                                                           likely to depreciate over time.”
                                                               To find out what Pinnacle Builders Inc. can
                                                           do for you, call Mike Roblin at 772-3638.

When Michelle Wall wanted her annex building (above)
remodeled to match the original Denham Springs Train
Depot on Centerville Street that houses her ABC Case
Management offices, she turned to Mike Roblin at Pin-
nacle Builders Inc. “Mike was personable and profes-
sional,” Wall said. “He guided us through the process
from the overall planning to the small details. It was a
very positive experience for us.”
20   Business and Industry, Thursday, January 27, 2011

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