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32  February
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      opportunities. Our holistic
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      classroom connects adults
      into further education and
      skill enhancement                             Thursday, March 31st at 6:00 p.m.
•     alternative points of            Western Development Museum—2610 Lorne Avenue
      accessing literacy supports.
      Our Good Book Bins,
      distributed throughout          Tapas style dining is designed to encourage conversation, mingling and making
      public waiting areas                          new friends. There’ll be lots to eat and lots to enjoy!
      encourages families to
      choose a new or gently used      Join Richard Brown, READ Saskatoon’s host as we celebrate literacy, fun and
      book from the box and read                                       friends.
      it together. They can take
      the book home, bring back
      at the next visit, replace it
                                                       Featuring Saskatoon’s Glitterrati:
      with another, or keep it;       U of S Huskies; Saskatoon Blades; Curtis Anderson — Shaw Television; Saskatoon
•     an award winning                  writer Amy Jo Ehman; “Stilletto Vibe” - Club Mynx; Mike Lieffers - Canada’s
      workplace literacy model        Wakeboarding Coach; Sensational Yogis Vincent Lu and Yohannes Petros ... and
      that supports lifelong                                           more!
      learning on the job;
•     research to the literacy            Tickets $35. Available at picatic.com and READ Saskatoon at 652-5448.
      community in Saskatoon,
      Saskatchewan and Canada.
                        Miseducation of
                         The Doodle
                               By Sunni Brown


Saskatoon is a         In the winter of 1969,       taking, and rote               breakthroughs related to
                       Virginia Scofield faced a    memorization, Virginia         HIV transmission. She
                       daunting challenge. It       chose to unleash a             credits much of her
                       was a recurring              powerful, primitive tool       success, then and now, to
organization and
                       challenge—more like a        that ultimately turned         her world-turning
fulfills its mission   nightmare—and she had        out to be her saviour:         decision to doodle.
                       already failed miserably     The Doodle. Virginia
  using funding        at her first attempt. This   decided to draw                            So what exactly
                       particular obstacle was      rudimentary         “The beauty of the     does it mean “to
  derived solely       one that most people         visual                                     doodle?” If you
                       consider themselves          representations doodle is that it requires reference any
 through project                                                                               standard
                       lucky to never face:         of every concept
                       undergraduate organic        in her Morrison no educational degrees, dictionary, it
   grants and
                       chemistry.                   and Boyd                                   will offer up a
                                                                       no financial status, no
                                                    textbook. She                              variety of
                       At the time, Virginia was    deployed a                                 disreputable
                                                                        training. It only asks
                       a biological sciences        problem-solving                            definitions: To
                       student at the University    technique that     that we unleash it and
                                                                                               dilly-dally, to
                       of Texas. Her career plan    defied                                     fiddle around,
                       bumper sticker could         conventional        let it do what it does to make
                       have read “Ph.D. or          wisdom and all                             meaningless
                       Death!” as there was no      the academic        best: help us think.” marks, or to do
                       alternate route to           advice she had                             something of
                       pursuing her doctorate.      received. And                              little value,
                       She had to learn,            the story has a happy           substance, or import. But
                       integrate, and retain        ending. Not only did            considering what
                       organic chemistry’s          Virginia ace her organic        doodling did for Dr.
                       masochistic detail, and      chemistry final and             Scofield and what it does
                       time was not on her side.    eventually become Dr.           for hordes of humans
                                                    Scofield, she also              around the world, these
                       Having exhausted             became a celebrated             definitions are nothing
                       traditional learning         immunologist, earning           short of obnoxious.
                       methods such as              accolades for one of the        People have been solving
                       highlighting, note-          biggest scientific              problems and making

Page 2
    sense of the world using               or the portions of
    simple visual language for             the visual cortex
    over 30,000 years. A more              that allow us to                                                        Did you know
    appropriate definition is              see mental
                                                                                                                   you can book
    long overdue.                          imagery and
                                           manipulate                                                              private space
    Doodling may be better                 concepts,
    described as ‘markings to            • enhance access to                                                       for tutoring
    help a person think.’ Most                                          modalities and an
                                           the creative, problem-
    people believe that                                                 emotional experience is an
                                           solving, and                                                            sessions at the
    doodling requires the                                               impressive feat for such an
                                           subconscious parts of the
    intellectual mind to                                                outwardly simple                           following
                                           brain, while allowing the
    shutdown, but this is one                                           behavior. Lo and behold,
                                           conscious mind to keep
    misrepresentation that                                              this “useless act” is really a             branches of the
                                           working, and unify three
    needs correcting. There is                                          highly functional
                                           major learning                                                          public library:
    no such thing as a mindless                                         technique with broad
                                           modalities: visual,
    doodle. The act of doodling                                         applications for the way
                                           auditory, and                                                           •   Alice Turner
    is the mind’s attempt to                                            we work and the way we
    engage before succumbing                                            think. It’s no happy
                                                                                                                   •   Carlyle King
    to mindlessness. Doodling                                           accident that Thomas
                                         That last benefit of the
    serves a myriad of functions                                        Edison was a prolific                      •   Cliff Wright
                                         doodle is no slouch.
    that result in thinking,                                            doodler and also one of
                                         Learning experts assert
    albeit in disguise. This                                            our most applauded                         •   Frances
                                         that, for information to be
    universal act is known to:                                          inventors. Neither is it a
                                         truly integrated, it must
                                                                        coincidence that many of                       Morrison
    • increase our ability to            incorporate at least two of
                                                                        the most innovative
     focus (especially when              the major learning
                                                                        companies use doodling                         (Main)
     handling dull or complex            modalities or it must
                                                                        and visual language to
     subject matter),                    incorporate one modality                                                  •   Mayfair
                                                                        stay ahead of the curve.
    • increase information               coupled with a strong
     retention and recall,               emotional experience. For                                                 •   Rusty
                                                                        To read the rest of the article, go to
    • activate the “mind’s eye,”         the doodle to offer up the     this link: http://m.alistapart.com/
                                         possibility of all three       articles/the-miseducation-of-the-doodle/       McDonald

                                                                                                                   •   Library on

Upcoming Events at READ Saskatoon                                                                                      20th Street
•     Freedom to Read Week — February 20—26
•     Office closure — Mid-term break — April 13-17                                                                Call the branch
•     Volunteer Orientation — Wednesday, March 23, 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. — READ Saskatoon office                       directly to learn
•     Volunteer Orientation — Thursday, March 24, 1 to 3:30 pm — READ Saskatoon office                             about the
•     Literacy Tutor Training — Saturday, March 26                                                                 procedures for
•     READ ‘n’ Feed Celebrity Auction — Thursday, March 31 — Western Development Museum
                                                                                                                   booking your
•     Adult Homework Help—every Tuesday 3:30-5:30p.m. at the Library on 20th EXCEPT Feb. 22 & April
      26                                                                                                           space!
•     Mavis’ birthday (It’s a big one) — April 28

                                                                                                                               Page 3
                        Sound Discrimination Activity
  If you would like to work on letter sounds, this is a great
  way to practice together. This exercise can be used for
  improving letter sound identification as well as
  pronunciation. Read the words in each exercise column to
  your learner: they will use the next page to circle “same” or
  “diff”, depending on the sound they hear. Look over their
  results together to find out what they heard. Remember
  this is not a test, just an exercise for fun. It’s also a great way to build vocabulary!

            Exercise 1: L & R             Exercise 2: S & Z            Exercise 3: B & V
          0) flight – fright           0) loose – lose               0) beer – veer
                                                                                              Saskatoon is a
          1) late – rate               1) price – prize              1) bile – vile
          2) cord – cord               2) ceased – seized            2) best – vest
          3) glass – grass             3) case – case                3) value – value
                                                                                               in supporting
          4) foal – four               4) singer – zinger            4) valid – ballad
                                                                                              literacy activities
          5) frank – frank             5) cent – cent                5) marble – marvel
                                                                                                and lifelong
          6) class – class             6) sunny – sunny              6) very – berry
          7) clock – crock             7) seal – zeal                7) bowels – vowels

          8) blight – bright           8) rice – rise                8) verses – verses

          9) cramped – cramped         9) raising – racing           9) banished – vanished

          10) breed – bleed            10) zones – zones             10) bubbles – bubbles

          11) sold – sold              11) cores – course            11) vent – bent

          12) blushed – brushed        12) silence – silence         12) voices – voices

          13) clutch – crutch          13) sipped – zipped           13) bowl – vole

          14) bowls – bowls            14) please – police           14) votes – boats

          15) clashed – clashed        15) roses – roses             15) burn – burn

Page 4
                                Exercise 1:                  Exercise 2:                   Exercise 3:
                          0) same – different          0) same – different         0) same – different

                          1) same – different          1) same – different         1) same – different

                          2) same – different          2) same – different         2) same – different

                          3) same – different          3) same – different         3) same – different

READ Saskatoon            4) same – different          4) same – different         4) same – different

    has been              5) same – different          5) same – different         5) same – different

                          6) same – different          6) same – different         6) same – different
                          7) same – different          7) same – different         7) same – different
  a safe way for          8) same – different          8) same – different         8) same – different

people to learn for       9) same – different          9) same – different         9) same – different

                          10) same – different         10) same – different        10) same – different
  over 30 years.
                          11) same – different         11) same – different        11) same – different
READ Saskatoon is
                          12) same – different         12) same – different        12) same – different
   proud of its           13) same – different         13) same – different        13) same – different

operation, supports       14) same – different         14) same – different        14) same – different

                          15) same – different         15) same – different        15) same – different
its employees and

 volunteers, and

  cares about the
                                   Storybag Highlights
  community of
                      This month, why not borrow a Storybag from READ
    Saskatoon.        Saskatoon’s lending library to use with your learner and
                      their family? Each Storybag contains a children’s book
                      (minimum of six copies to be used by parents), props,
                      puppets or back drop to retell the story, activities
                                                                                   The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
                      (colouring pages, games and crafts, non-fiction
                                                                                        by Jon Scieszka Great for Pre
                      materials, snack ideas and activity suggestions related to     Kindergarten to Gr 8. A fractured
                      the theme of the book) and parent handouts.                   fairy tale that proves there are two-
                                                                                             sides to every story.

                      Storybags can be used for toddler ages to grade 8 and can be incorporated into any
                      theme. They are a wonderful tool for families of all literacy levels to enjoy stories
                      together and to help create stories to come alive. Just call the office to book a Storybag
                      or view the available titles at: http://www.readsaskatoon.com/pdfs/

                                                                                                            Page 5
                                                          Letter to the Editor
                                                           January 24, 2011:
                                                     Literacy Woes Need Strategy

                     The Star Phoenix                  have children who also     at home, with parents as
                     recently published an             struggle with literacy     their children’s first
                     article which discussed           skills.                    teachers and as crucial
 Saskatoon is        the literacy levels of                                       partners in their
                     youth in Saskatchewan.            These statistics           children’s education
  about more         The article suggests that         demonstrate the urgency    within the school system.
                     youth in Saskatchewan             needed for a focussed      Creating a learning
 than words …        are scoring lower than            strategy supported by      culture requires
                     their Canadian                    schools, families,         partnership between
    We have          counterparts, with about          communities, and           home, school, and
                     15% (1 in 6) not meeting governments. Schools                community and means
   developed                                           recognize the need for
                     what would be                                                greater successes for
                     considered “baseline              higher achievement and     children and parents.
                     proficiency.” While this          are actively working to    Within this partnership,
                     statistic may be                  improve learning; they     parents at all levels of
   strategies to
                     alarming, it                               also stress the   literacy can be involved in
engage volunteers    comes as no        Try to remember that need for a           supporting success and
                     surprise if one your learner may have holistic approach      addressing the identified
in the delivery of   considers the                              which involves    gaps as reported.
                                          very different ideas
                     literacy rates of                          collaborative
 our mission and     adults in the            about what        support from      More adult and family
                     province.           satisfactory progress families,          literacy programs offered
         vision.                                                communities,      within the school as well
                     The                                        and government.   as community settings
                     International Adult               The response needs to be   would benefit children
                     Literacy and Skills Survey immediate in                      and their families, schools
                     from 2003 shows that              programming,               and the province as a
                     one in three adults in            accountability and         whole. Families benefit in
                     Saskatchewan do not               practices based on sound   terms of their health and
                     have the literacy skills          research.                  well-being, fulfillment of
                     necessary to fully engage                                    personal goals, as well as
                     in society. Considering         READ Saskatoon and the       improved school
                     one in three                    Saskatchewan Literacy        achievement,
                     Saskatchewan adults             Network have over fifty      employment
                     struggle with their             years of experience          opportunities and skill
                     literacy skills, it stands to   supporting literacy within   levels. Schools benefit by
                     reason that those adults        family and community         enhancing attitudes
                     who are parents could           settings. Learning begins    towards learning, as well
Page 6
 as developing parental       These benefits will be          Sincerely,                     How can there
 support and involvement      realized only through           Carm Michalenko,
                                                                                              be a literacy
 in school. The province      deliberate, strategic, and      Board Chair, READ
 as a whole benefits as       focussed attention with         Saskatoon                        problem in
 citizens are better          schools, community                                             Canada, when
                                                              Mark Williment,
 prepared to actively         organizations, and
                                                              President, Saskatchewan        most adults can
 contribute to their          government coming
                                                              Literacy Network
 communities and              together to address this                                       read and write?
 economies.                   alarming trend.

                                                                                              Many people
                                                                                             misinterpret low
Collaborative Seniors’ Computer Literacy Project                                                literacy as
READ Saskatoon and the        Using a mobile computer         mentorship                         illiteracy.
Saskatoon Public Library      lab (laptops and a              to this                        In fact, very few
have a long history of        projector in a portable         project. In
                                                                                             Canadian adults
working in close              box), a Senior Trainer and      addition to
partnership, and the          an Assistant will travel out    READ                               are truly
Seniors’ Computer Literacy    and do hands-on basic           Saskatoon,                         illiterate
project is a great            computer training for           other
                                                                                             (unable to read
continuation of that          groups of seniors where         partners
relationship.                 they live and congregate.       with the                           or write).
                              This free computer training     Library in this project are       The main
The Outreach Services         will occur in seniors’          the Community University
                                                                                                concern is
Department of the             residences and seniors’         Institute for Social
Saskatoon Public Library      centres around Saskatoon        Research (CUISR) and the
                                                                                              regarding the
serves seniors and people     and will use laptops with       Saskatoon Community             millions who
with disabilities. Outreach   wireless Internet. Training     Clinic. Gwen Schmidt            possess some
Services has received grant   will focus on the basics,       from the Library is
funding from the                                                                              literacy skills,
                              such as mouse, desktop,         coordinating the project.
Government of Canada,         and Internet, and could                                          yet who are
through the New Horizons      even include tools like e-      We are all very excited
                                                                                                below the
for Seniors Program, for a    mail, Facebook, and Skype       about the possibilities that
project entitled                                              this project can bring to
                              if the seniors in a group
“Connecting Older Adults:     can already do the basics.      older adults in Saskatoon,         accepted
Seniors’ Computer             Five seniors are able to take   and especially to those         standard for
Literacy”. The Seniors'       training at a time with the     who cannot easily travel to
                                                                                               coping in a
Computer Literacy project     mobile lab.                     get to training. If you
is all about giving seniors                                   know a group of seniors        modern society.
the tools they want and       READ Saskatoon is               who would benefit from              Reading the Future
need, so that they can stay   providing literacy support      this training, please call                 ccl/reports/
connected with family,        and project management          Gwen in Outreach Services                   index.htm
friends, and community.                                       at 975-7606 for more
                                                                                                     Page 7
          Nominate your learner for the READ Saskatoon Adult
                            Learner Award

  Does your learner deserve a special award? READ Saskatoon is recognizing one
  adult learner who has shown extraordinary commitment to the learning process             Nomination Deadline
  and their tutor. If you think your learner deserves special recognition, please write   March 11, 2011 at 4 p.m.
  or e-mail us a letter highlighting the following facts:

  •    How your learner has challenged your preconceptions about learning;
                                                                                            Mail your nomination to:
  •    Examples of how your collaboration has benefited your learner and yourself;
                                                                                                READ Saskatoon
  •    How your learner has achieved his or her goals;                                      Rigby-Wilcox Nomination
  •    How your learner has exceeded your or their own expectations.                               Committee
  READ Saskatoon is committed to ensuring that learner anonymity and                        #304-1114 22nd Street West
                                                                                             Saskatoon, SK S7M 0S5
  confidentially is maintained. We ask that you ensure your learner is aware of the
                                                                                                  or email to:
  nomination. The award will be
  presented at our annual fundraiser,
                                                                                               or fax to: 652 4205
  on March 31, 2011 READ ‘n’ Feed
  Celebrity Auction.

READ Saskatoon READer, Volume 32, February, 2011


  In Saskatchewan,
  66% of people who
      are at the lowest
  level of literacy are
                                                       Green is the colour
         employed.                                   Donations are the Game
       - LITERACY in Saskatchewan
      Implications of Findings from
                         IALSS 2003     We’re all together and literacy is our aim!
                                      Thank you TD Canada Trust for ensuring READ Saskatoon continues to
                                              provide free literacy services to adults and families.

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