2011 RPC Bus Plan Sep 2010 by ashrafp


									                                                        2011 Volunteer Group Business Plan
Volunteer Group: Respiratory Protection Committee
Date Submitted: 27 September 2010

Section 1: Annual Volunteer Group Tasks
Record the responsible person and completion date as you assign and complete the tasks during the year. It is
expected that this section would be completed by the end of the plan year.

                                                                                                                    Date Completed / Person(s)
                                                                                                                           Assigned To
                            Podium Session Arranger(s) assigned for AIHce 2012 (July 2011). Can be marked
                                                                                                                            May 2011 / TBD

                            “NA” if there are no volunteer group sponsored sessions planned for AIHce 2012.

                            PDC Reviewer(s) assigned for AIHce 2012 (August 2011). Can be marked “NA” if
                            there are no PDCs submitted in the volunteer group’s area of expertise for AIHce           May 2011 / RPC Officers


                            Awards Coordinator assigned for the 2011 calendar year.                                         Jan 2011 / TBD

                            Information submitted for the Volunteer Showcase/Volunteer Collaboration Café for
                                                                                                                        May 2010 / C. Manning
                            AIHce 2011.

                            Secretary elected by close of AIHce 2011 to serve the 2011-2012 term.                    May 2011 / Search by Manning

                            Review the Volunteer Group webpage hosted on the AIHA website in 2011?                     Jan & May 2011 / A. Berg

                            2012 Business Plan completed and submitted on time (September 2011).                        Sep 2011 / C. Manning

                            2012 Project Proposals completed and submitted on time (September 2011).
                            NOTE: Project proposal required for all requests in excess of $3,000. Finance               Sep 2011 / C. Manning

                            Committee review will occur for all project requests in excess of $3,000.

                            2011 Annual Report completed and submitted on time (End of 2011/Early
                                                                                                                        Dec 2011 / C. Manning

                            Review the Membership List for accuracy at least once in 2011.                              May 2011 / M. Swanson
                            2011 Conflict of Interest forms submitted by all active/full volunteer group members
                            (as requested by AIHA), or within 30 days of becoming a full (active) member of the         May 2011 / RPC Officers
                            Review and reconfirm or revise the VG mission, vision, goals, etc., in 2011.                May 2011 / RPC Officers

                            AIHce planning meeting conducted approximately one month prior to AIHce 2011.                 Mar 2011 (Teleconf)

                            At least one face-to-face meeting conducted annually.                                         May 2011 at AIHce

                            Leadership Workshop attended by Secretary or Designee.
                            Can be marked “NA” if the incoming Secretary has attended Leadership Workshop                 May 2011 / S. Smith
                            within the past three years.
                            Meeting minutes drafted and posted/distributed within 4 weeks of every meeting
                                                                                                                      Apr, Jun, Nov 2011 / S Smith
                            and conference call.

                            List all online meetings, conf. calls, etc. held during 2011 (e.g., monthly EC calls,
                                                                                                                       March 2011 and Oct 2011
                            quarterly project team calls, etc.).
 Section 2: AIHce Submittals
 Is your Volunteer Group planning to submit PDCs or Roundtable presentations for AIHce 2011?
       PDC/RT Title                                                                                     Submitted in      Presented at
                                                      PDC/RT Description
        (or subject)                                                                                      2010?           AIHce 2011?
Respirator Selection,        Guidance on proper selection, use, maintenance of CBRN respirators
                                                                                                             YES                YES
Use, Maintenance PDC         including APR, PAPR, SCUBA, and APER
                             Review issues related to compliance of Respirators with a variety of
International Stds (RT)                                                                                      NO                 YES
                             international standards; Review harmony of Int’l Standards

NPPTL Tech Prog (RT)         Presentations related to NPPTL’s Technology Program                             NO                 YES

Podium Session               Podium Session dealing with Respiratory Protection topics                       YES                YES

 Section 3: 2011 Projects
 Please use the TAB key in the bottom right cell to add more rows or copy and paste your project list from Excel.

 2011 Projects with funding needs/requests above $3,000
 Ensure a complete Project Proposal Form is submitted for each funded project listed. Please note that funding for projects is NOT
 Please note: Do not include requests for funding for symposium, PDC, or other technical session development or expenses. Such
 requested are handled through AIHA’s Meetings and Education Department.

                                                                                          Project Team Leader
    Project Title                            Project Description                                                     Funding Request ($)
                                                                                               (if known)

 2011 Projects without funding needs/requests or requests under $3,000.
 Do not repeat tasks listed in Section 1 or AIHce submittals from Section 2.
 Project requests of $3,000 or less will be reviewed for potential funding after the 2011 AIHA budget is finalized and approved by the
 AIHA Board. Including your requests for these smaller projects at this time will help determine the 2011 pool of funds allocated such
 projects. Please note that funding for such projects is NOT guaranteed.

                                                                                          Project Team Leader
    Project Title                            Project Description                                                     Funding Request ($)
                                                                                               (if known)

Tech Talk/Showcase Presentation at AIHce on RPC Activites                                 J. Parker / C. Manning         Not Required

RPC Newsletter         Issue a semi-annual newsletter sharing RP Topics                        M. Schmoldt               Not Required
Meth Lab               Make final revision of Meth Lab White Paper and gain approval
                                                                                                G. Nelson                Not Required
White Paper            by AIHA Board

Synergist Article      RP Summary of a topic of interest in the IH Community                        TBD                  Not Required
                       Presentation on Color Coding of Respirators                               J. Parker
AIHA Webinar                                                                                                             Not Required
                       Presentation on Selection and Use of CBRN Respirators               J. Parker, R. Metzler
John M. White          AIHce Award presented by RPC in honor of John M. White for
                                                                                                 K. Potter                   $ 300
Award                  outstanding Respiratory Protection publication during year

 Section 4: Future Planning
 Use this section to list any projects that you would like to keep on your Volunteer Group radar, but that you do not expect to initiate
 2011. This allows for better Volunteer Group continuity.

                                                                                                                   Project Team Leader
       Project Title                                      Project Description
                                                                                                                        (if known)
                            Conduct a Survey of Respirator Users aimed at better understanding needs
RP Survey                                                                                                            James Johnson
                            and improving Products and Procedures
                            Communication Project that addresses “culture clash” between RP pros and
RP Public Policy                                                                                                          TBD
                            Heath Car Infection Control practitioners with respect to respirator use

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