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					                                                         Quarterly Meeting
                                                          3rd February 2010
                                                              1.00 – 3.00PM


Barnet                   Dadia         Conti
Bexley                   Tom           Strannix
Camden                   Mohamed       Hussein
Croydon                  Hilary        Bell
Ealing                   Halima        Abouannaoual
Enfield                  Claire        Whetstone
Havering                 Geoff         Hartnell
Kingston                 Judith        Naylor
Lewisham                 Kate          English
Lewisham                 Nicola        Kelly
Sutton                   Toni          Walsh
Tower Hamlets            Alex          Nelson
and from:
Children England         Sharon        Long
London Youth             Gary          Hartin
City London              Valerie       Judge
CWDC                     Marcia        Diago Daley


Bromley                Judy        Kimmins
Croydon                Sara        Milocco (on maternity leave)
Hackney                Kristine    Wellington
Havering               Ann         Baughen
Hillingdon             Fiona       Millar
Kensington & Chelsea   Debi        Gardner
Lambeth                Amy         Zawislak
Merton                 Rob         Mobile
Newham                 Marcia      Samuels
Southwark              Jamal       Ettetuani
Westminster            Razia       Sattar
Westminster            Margaret    Jones
                                                                       Quarterly Meeting
                                                                        3rd February 2010
                                                                            1.00 – 3.00PM

Chair: Hilary Bell, Croydon
Minutes: Toni Walsh, Sutton

Agenda    Minute and actions                            Who   By
Item                                                          when
1         Minutes and Matters Arising:
          Minutes of the meeting on 8 December
          2009 were agreed.

2         Pan London CAF Protocol
          Valerie Judge from GOL ran through the
          Pan London CAF Protocol which is
          available via the Young London Matters
          website www.younglondonmatters.org
          There is an ELearning Course being run
          by ME Learning which is currently free of
          Thresholds and descriptors within the
          protocol are useful for VCS organisations.
          A discussion on Boroughs’ experience of
          using the CAF followed. VJ – CAF
          should be used first and foremost as an
          ‘assessment’ and could then be used to
          refer on. VJ asked VCS to feedback on its
          experience of using the CAF.
          Toni will be representing the VCS at the
                                                     TW       25 Feb
          Pan London Integrated Working Network
          meeting on 25 February.

3         Follow up from WSPP Meeting of 3 Feb
          Sharon Long reported that discussion on
          future funding was still happening and
          that a decision was due by the end of
          February. If we haven’t heard by then we
          won’t hear until June.
4.        CYP Engage Update
          a) CAF training Pan London Protocol –
          March 2010
          b) Quality framework for alternative
          provision – 2 days training being offered
          in March 2010
          c) Mayor’s Youth Fund LDA. Papers will
          be out in August but fund will probably go
          to 6 or 7 large providers. VCS needs to be
          aware of this and investigate collaborative
          working in order to be in with a chance.
                                                      Quarterly Meeting
                                                       3rd February 2010
                                                           1.00 – 3.00PM

     d) Market development for
     commissioning providers of DV services
     (may be happening)
     e) TDA, CSP, C4EO support processes
     around School Based Commissioning.
     f) C4EO looking at tools on how the VCS
     can engage with the Child Poverty
     g) Map of Influence currently being put
     h) Safe Network doing cascade training on
     2&3 March.
     j) SL circulated Safeguarding Standards
     produced by the Safe Network and asked
     for comments. To be attached to the        All
     k) VCS London Manifesto is to be
     launched at the House of Parliament on 3
     March. 7K copies being printed. Some
     people suggested some amendments to the
     document which SL will feed back. Gary
     Hartin to enquire if youth organisations
     are producing a manifesto of their own for
     young people.
5.   CYP Together Update
         i)      Terms of Reference were
                 agreed and Kate thanked for
                 producing them. Discussed
                 having membership from YOU
                 London (Youth Organisations
                 in Uniform).
         ii)     Liaison Roles 2010/11. Some
                 networks are covered by
                 others so new list to be
                 produced to show this.
         iii)    TW fed back on the Effective
                 VCS Representation and
                 Strategic Engagement training
                 run on 28 January.
         iv)     KW fed back on the
                 Evaluating Effective
                 Representation Action
                 Learning Sets. Tool being
                 produced which will be shared
                 with the network. Next session
                 on 4 March 10-12 at Friends
                 House, Euston.
         HB asked about further training. VCS
                                                                          Quarterly Meeting
                                                                           3rd February 2010
                                                                               1.00 – 3.00PM

       Engage has money for next year.
       Possibly look at running a day to look    CYP           May
       at increasing the effectiveness of        Together
       representation with discussions around    Network/SL
       Children’s Trusts and Commissioning.
       End of June beginning of July.
6   No time for sharing. Agreed that this
    item should be put at the beginning of the
    next meeting agenda.
7   Future events – covered earlier.
    Roles & Responsibilities document            All CYP       As soon
    circulated last year still needs to be       Together      as
    completed by 19 Boroughs. Link on the        members who   possible
    CYP Together website                         haven’t
    www.cyptogether.org.uk                       already
    Next Meeting: Wednesday 19th May, 2-
    At: TBC
    Chair: Alex Nelson, Tower Hamlets


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