Artefact Projects Ltd.

                          ARTEFACT - THE EMERGENCE

Monumental engineering and architectural creations like the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids and the
Great Wall of China have kept mankind in awe since time immemorial. Such manmade built-
structures have inspired the best amongst us to excel in the building of lasting engineering
Our venture drew similar inspiration and in course of time blossomed into a thriving
infrastructure services Company. We decided to give it a form and a name and we called it

ARTEFACT PROJECTS LTD., inspired by ‘Vishwakarma’, the engineering deity revered
in India, undertook the challenge to establish itself in the field of consultancy for infrastructure
and specialized project services till then, considered an exclusive domain of firms from
developed countries.

With contiguous combination of technical expertise and Project Management experience, we
have been able to bring projects from concepts and designs stage to their successful

These Projects reflect our commitment, sincerity, dedication and sense of purpose, apparent in
all our ventures, that result in client satisfaction.

The company is providing project services for Highways, Urban Infrastructure and Airports
presently as focus areas of expertise

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                   2
                                                                       Artefact Projects Ltd.

                                          THE COMPANY

INFRASTRUCTURE              is Backbone for any Economic Development     and is critical for
sustained growth.
ARTEFACT is leading Infrastructure Services Consultancy Organization.

PLANS infrastructure development, covering technical, contractual, environmental and
financial aspects of projects.
DESIGNS and ENGINEERS projects, systems, processes.

MANAGES project implementation

PROVIDES end to end solutions with its spectrum of services

ARTEFACT provides Project Management services for Highways, Airports & Urban
Development Projects.

ARTEFACT has Global presence and reach of services. It has enviable foreign affiliations. It
has formed a foreign company, Artefact Projects, Sdn. Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

ARTEFACT is an ISO 9001:2000 Company certified by TUV Germany.

our Organization.

ARTEFACT operates More than 25 Site and Project Offices in India to service clients.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                           3
                                                                              Artefact Projects Ltd.

ARTEFACT has well equipped infrastructure, Hardware, Software Technology, processes and
a large IPR of case studies along with technical data bank to support its operations.

               View of Delhi-Agra section on NH 2 - Comprehensive O&M services contract

              FOCUS SECTORS                                           SERVICES

SERVICES SPECTRUM :                                  SERVICES OFFERED :

n EXPERIENCE AND EXPOSURE IN :                         DESIGN :

   ¨ Surface Transportation – Roads and                ¨ Preparation of Detailed Engineering,
     highways                                            Designs & Project Report

   ¨ Urban Infrastructure Development –                ¨ Master Planning - feasibility study,
     Townships,           SEZ’s, Urban                   traffic studies and forecasts
                                                       ¨ Advisory services-financial,       legal,
   ¨ Airport Terminals                                   contracts documentation

   We provide “soft wear” and act as                   PROJECT MANAGEMENT :
   catalyst to enable infrastructure                   ¨ Bid and contract management
                                                       ¨ Project Supervision and Project
                                                         implementation Management
                                                       ¨ QA and Technical auditors
                                                       ¨ Operation & Management of existing

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                     4
                                                                             Artefact Projects Ltd.

                                   COMPANY OVERVIEW :

n Incorporated in 1987. Forayed into Infrastructure Consultancy Services in 1998 as
  Engineers, Planners & Project Management Consultants.

n Provides entire bandwidth of services from Concept to Commissioning.

n Service boutique of Engineering, Architecture & Project Management

n Manned by multidisciplinary professionals and enviable talent pool.

n Established client base with repeat business.

n Public Limited Company, listed on BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

n Market Capitalization as on August, 2008, stood at Rs 360 Mns.

n National & International Operations.

n Robust growth of more than 30% CAGR since past 5 years.
n Contracts of fees amounting to more than Rs. 1.95 billions under execution. Cost of
  projects being handled exceeds Rs. 86 Billion.

n Highway Assignments completed – 22 Nos. – 3590Kms. – Cost : Rs. 16 billion

n Highway assignments Ongoing –3859.81 Kms, Cost :- Rs. 86.6 billion

               Delhi – Agra Tollway
                                                        Master Plan - Special Economic Zone –
                                                            Raipur (CADA) Competition

           Adjudged 2nd Prize Winner                      Trivendrum International Airport
       amongst 28 International Consultants          Terminal Design & PMC Assignment bagged in
for Global Design for Capital City of Chhattisgarh         Global Design competition (AAI)

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                  5
                                                                                 Artefact Projects Ltd.

                                     QUALITY POLICY

    To achieve our growth plans, we aim at :
    Alignment of our Mission.
    Resource mobilization for utmost Customer Satisfaction.
    Training of our Professional team for enhancement of Performance oriented skills.
    Empowerment of Staff to attain Optimum Efficiency.
    Focus on the Needs and Expectations of Stake Holders.
    Analytical approach with a Focus on Continual Improvement.
    Compliance to Requirements of Standards and Statutory Regulations.
    Technology upgradation for Value Added Operations

                       Model of Capital City Planning, Raipur Chhatisgarh Site

       Trichy Airport Deign Completion                  Major Bridge on NH 5, GQ, Rajamundry
                 Concept Plan                                        Tuni Section

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                     6
                                                                            Artefact Projects Ltd.

Our multidimensional portfolio of services in the field of Engineering, Architecture and
Project Management. provides one-stop solutions for specialized services making extensive
use of the latest technology, development concepts, financing options, and operational

Sectors to cater in which Artefact has built in capacities and domain expertise are :

                                         Fees based Infrastructure

                      Domestic                                             International

     Roads            Airports               Townships &         Onsite Project        Offsite Design &
                                                Urban              Services           Talent Outsourcing
                                             Development                               Services (KPO)

  NH          SH, Urban,
              Rural Roads

                                          ITPs /            Satellite             Specialized
                                        IndParks           Townships               Services

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                 7
                                                                         Artefact Projects Ltd.

Any Project development cycle typically follows a hierarchy of activities which is explained in
brief as under :-

Project Development Cycle

Typically, Project Development Cycle consists of 5 phases ;

v           Stage 1 , Commences with Concept and Master Planning
v           Stage 2 , Designing, drawings, detailing and estimations
v           Stage 3 , Contract Award and Financial closure
v           Stage 4 , Project Implementation
v           Stage 5 , Operations and Management (O&M ) stage ,upto Concession
                      period in case of PPP projects

The time span from project conceptualization to award takes typically 1 to 2 years.

The construction and implementation takes 2 to 3 years.

Hence, every proposal of any infrastructure development project begins with professional inputs
and services. There is no Gestation for services for the projects. The Action is NOW.

ARTEFACT’s Expert services for projects, are the necessary SPINE for any infrastructure
development. We act as a catalyst to the entire project development cycle.

Artefact’s performance is backed by thorough techno-commercial-legal, financial, Project
Management strength and operational knowledge on the basis of three-dimensional approach.

We combine our forces with world-wide experts to offer proficient, cost effective and competent

ARTEFACT PROJECTS LTD. has special expertise in Privatisation Projects and urban sector

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                              8
                                                                            Artefact Projects Ltd.

Services we render for each major areas are :-


      Master Plans, Surveys, Investigation, Research, Special Studies and Technical
      feasibility Studies.

      Detailed designs, Engineering, Drawings, Cost estimates, Environment Impact study, R
      & R study.

      Institutional Arrangements, Implementation Structure construction.

      Projects Construction Supervision, Quality Assurance, Contract Management till
      project completion.

      Supervision of Operations & Maintenance, Tolling, Advanced Highway & Traffic
      Management System.

        Illumination at NH5                8 LANE TOLL PLAZA            Bitumen Laying
                                          NH-2 Delhi – Agra Section   Work in progress at site

For Townships/ Buildings, SEZs, Airports, Urban Development Sector, We Provide

      Concept Plans, Urban Planning and Urban Designs.

      Architectural Plans, detailed designs, Structural & Architectural Designs.

      Detailed Designs of Utilities, Electrical, & Mechanical & Environmental Planning.

      Detailed Engineering, Drawings, Cost estimates.

      Privatization Studies, construction contract award Financial Closure, Institutional
      arrangements, and Project funding.

      Construction Supervision, Quality Assurance, Contract Management during entire
      construction till completion.

      Marketing Assistance.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                 9
                                                                        Artefact Projects Ltd.

         Raipur SEZ-Master plan                              Capital City – Layout Plan

The detailed services provided by ARTEFACT for each area includes :

                                        “HIGHWAY SECTOR”
A. DESIGN & DPR :- These services mainly include services required at Stage 1 & 2 of
    Project Development Cycle stated above including:-

    1. Master Planning, Detailed Surveys, Site Investigations, Design, Detailed Engineering,
       specifications and standards, Planning, Drawings, Feasibility and Preparation of
       Detailed Project Report (DPR).

    2. Traffic Surveys Analysis and Traffic Forecast
    3. Detailed Engineering, specifications and standards                AND DESIGN

    4. Quantity and Cost Estimates

    5. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Studies

   services generally relate to Stage-3 and include:-

    1. Review of Detailed, Project Report, Designs, Drawings, Standards, Specifications
       w.r.t. actual site implementation.

    2. Preparation of Tender Documents, Contract Documents

    3. Preparation of Concession Agreement and Project Agreements for Privatization
       Projects (BOT/Annuity Projects)

    4. Bids evaluation services, Contract Management Structure and Legal Services

    5. Financing Structure and Plan
                                                                    FINANCIAL CLOSURE
    6. Financial Risk Management                                      AND CONTRACT
    7. Finance Syndication / Financial Closures Assistance

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                            10
                                                                        Artefact Projects Ltd.

    AS INDEPENDENT ENGINEERS :- These services are required at Stage-4, Project
    Implementation, Supervision Stage and includes:-
    1. Review & Approval of DPR, Designs, Project Contract / Concession Agreements

    2. Construction Supervision and approvals of Works, Materials, Billing, Claims, Contract
       Compliances and Quality Assurance

    3. Supervision of Highway Traffic, Safety Management
    4. Facilities Management Maintenance                            AND PROJECT
    5. Training and Technology Transfer & Client MIS.

    6. Technical, Financial and day to day Contract Management on behalf of owner client.

   SERVICES)” :-

    These services offer a huge continuous potential of consultants, service providers due
    to its never ending requirement and includes:-

    1. Review and approval of O&M schedule, plan, program, specifications, etc.

    2. Supervision of all Operation and Maintenance Activities, including:-

             Ø Road Maintenance Management

             Ø Facility Management

             Ø Road Property Management

             Ø Budgeting

             Ø Public Relations and Law Enforcement

             Ø Environmental Management

             Ø Operation and Maintenance Center

    3. Review, approve and supervise implementation of Advanced Highways Traffic
       Management System (ATMS), Advanced Technique in Highway and Public Safety.

    4. Review, approval and supervision of Advanced Computerized Tolling Systems.

    5. Preparation of Engineering Up gradation Proposals during O&M periods.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                            11
                                                                           Artefact Projects Ltd.


    These are specialized revenue audit and risk management services required by
    lenders and includes:-

    1. Review of Traffic Survey Data and Estimation of toll revenues, sample Traffic
       Surveys, Analysis of Traffic Study Data and Traffic Projections

    2. Review Contract Documents, PIMs and RFP Documents,                various approvals and

    3. Appraisal and Review of Project Design, Engineering Drawings, Construction
       Schedule and Operation plans

    4. Pre-sanction, Appraisal and Assessment of Financial Viability, Monitoring of
       Concessionaire’s Operations during construction, Financial Disbursements, and project

    5. Review of Toll Collection Arrangements

    6. Advice Lenders on Loan Disbursement, operation of Escrow Accounts.

    7. Satisfaction of Post Sanction Fulfillment of Lender’s stipulations, etc.


    These are project or sector specific specialized studies, requiring expertise for major
    project approvals:-

    1. Economic and Financial Viability Analysis, Project Appraisals,

    2. Valuations, Sensitivity Analysis etc.

    3. Preparation of Detailed Project Report,

    4. Structuring of Project contracts, for         Departmental funding or PPP Model
        like/BOT/BOOT/BFT/BOLT/DBFT etc, assistance for Syndication of Finance from
        Banks, Financial Institutions and funding agencies for the Project,

    5. Privatization Policy, Programmes, Structure, methods.

    6. Project Advisory Services for privatization projects.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                               12
                                                                         Artefact Projects Ltd.

                                              DESIGN, TOWNSHIPS

    1. Detailed Surveys Soil Investigations, Mapping and Geographic Information System

    2. Urban Planning, Urban Design and design of Transportation Networks, utilities, water,
       sanitation, etc.

    3. Project Feasibility Studies, Project Implementation Strategies, Environmental and
       Social Impact Assessment Studies.

    4. Structural and Architectural Designs, Detailed Cost Estimates, materials specification,
       façade engineering, landscaping, etc.

    5. Master Plan and Physical Planning

    6. Preparation of Development Plan Studies, City / Plans, Regional Development control
       rules, etc.

    7. Project Management & Supervision, Contract Management, Marketing Assistance.


    These domain expertise can be leveraged to offer services to Private sector clients to
    successfully take up PPP Projects, KPO and outsourcing services, Overseas project
    services, due to adherence to global technical standards of performance.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                             13
                                                                                 Artefact Projects Ltd.

Artefact Projects has collaborated and formed long term joint ventures with globally renowned
Consulting Engineers, Architects and Planners.

This alliance make it possible for Artefact to serve its clients needs of special expertise and
international experience. The alliances supplement specific and specialized expertise for
projects as well as enhance Bidding value due to their fast track record.

Artefact has more than 6 major ongoing collaborations and a number of other project based

Artefact’s commitment to deliver quality service has resulted in continuous availability of
specialist global expertise and resources for client , as well as gives an opportunity to
Artefact to absorb latest technology.

The collaborators with whom Artefact has ongoing projects assignments, includes :-

                                                             ZAIDUN-LEENG SDN. BHD.,
                                                   Artefact has completed and undertaken a number of
                                                   ongoing project assignments for rendering Project
                                                   Services in India in JV with M/S Zaidun Leeng
                                                   Sdn. Bhd on a continuous ongoing collaboration
                                                   since year 2000. Zaidun-Leeng Sdn. Bhd. is a
                                                   reputed civil, structural, mechanical and electrical
                                                   engineering company since 1975 in Malaysia.
                                                   Zaidun-Leeng is an ISO Certified Company. The
                                                   company has involvement in more than 1,500
                                                   major infrastructure projects providing Engineering
                                                   Services, Design and supervision of Highways,
                                                   Bridges, Townships, and Industrial, Resorts,
                                                   Residential, Commercial, Educational, Geo-
                                                   technical and other infrastructure projects.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                      14
                                                                               Artefact Projects Ltd.

                                                                 ATKINS PLC, UK
                                              Artefact & Atkins jointly have taken up projects in
                                              Urban Infrastructure, Township Planning and Airports.
                                              Atkins, a more than 80 years old reputed Multi-
                                              disciplinary Consulting Company in UK, (represented
                                              in India by it’s 100% wholly-owned subsidiary,
                                              W.S.Atkins (I) Pvt. Ltd.) is one of the leading
                                              integrated planning, management and engineering
                                              consultancies in Europe. It has worldwide operations.
                                              WS Atkins has substantial expertise, skills in
                                              development and successful formidable track record of
                                              various Urban & Regional Development, Residential &
                                              Industrial Townships, Aviation Projects, Highways,
                                              Rail, Education, Energy, Ports, Water, Waste
                                              Management and various other urban infrastructure
                                              projects. Artefacts Projects and Atkins have associated
                                              recently for the :

                                              Planning, Design & Supervision assignment of
                                              International Passenger Terminal Building of
                                              Trivandrum Airport (Area 23000 Sq. Mtrs & Project
                                              Cost Rs. 1.39 Billions).

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                    15
                                                                               Artefact Projects Ltd.

                                                       AJM- PUDG Sdn. Bhd., MALAYSIA
                                              Artefact Projects, in collaboration with AJM Planning
                                              & Urban Design Group Sdn. Bhd.(AJM-PUDG), has
                                              rendered Proof Consultancy services for the planning
                                              of new Capital City of Chhattisgarh,India.

                                              AJM - Planning & Urban Design Group Sdn. Bhd.
                                              Malaysia is a renowned leading firm of Town Planners,
                                              Urban Designers and Environmental
                                              Planner in Malaysia.

                                              Their services include Urban Planning and Urban
                                              Design. Their completed assignments in planning and
                                              architecture includes Master Planning for townships,
                                              Development Plan, Urban Design, airports, transport
                                              terminals, educational institutions, health facilities,
                                              mapping and applications in GIS

                                                         PROJECT BASED VENTURES

                                              Artefact had submitted proposals in past based on
                                              project specific JV/MOU with many other reputed
                                              Consultants and Expert Organisations.

                                              To name a few :-

                                                   ICRA Ltd., Mumbai.
                                                   National Environmental Engineering Research
                                                   Institute, Nagpur (NEERI).
                                                   Ove Arup, U.K.
                                                   Multimedia Consulting Engineers, Ahmedabad.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                    16
                                                                              Artefact Projects Ltd.

                                                      SHELADIA ASSOCIATES INC. USA
                                              Sheladia Associates Inc., USA is a consulting
                                              engineering firm established in 1974 in USA, both the
                                              firms are jointly rendering consultancy services to the
                                              Operation & Maintenance contract of Gurgaon-Kotputli
                                              Amer section of NH-8 for NHAI and Independent
                                              Consultant services for Vadape-Gonde section of NH-3
                                              on BOT basis ( kms) in Maharashtra, India.
                                              Sheladia has expertise on development of Transportation,
                                              Highways,   irrigation, planning, architecture, water
                                              resources & engineering, structures, energy & natural
                                              resources management, soil & geo-technical services,
                                              environmental    engineering,   agricultural   &   rural
                                              development, private sector development.

                                                      MEINHARDT SINGAPORE PTE LTD
                                              Artefact has collaboration and joint venture with
                                              Meinhardt for ADB funded State and Rural projects in
                                              the state of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in India.
                                              Meinhardt Singapore Pte Ltd forms a part of the
                                              Meinhardt International Group, and was established in
                                              1974. The firm provides integrated engineering,
                                              planning and management services.         The group
                                              provides services in the specialist fields of Roads,
                                              Bridges, Railways & Aviation, Marine, Land
                                              Development, Townships, Hospitals, Hotels & Resorts,
                                              Leisure & Entertainment, Structural, Water Supply &
                                              Sanitation, Environmental, Transportation and related
                                              engineering disciplines.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                   17
                                                                            Artefact Projects Ltd.

                             PROJECT EXPERIENCE
Artefact Projects has provided consultancy services for prestigious Domestic projects in
sectors of Highways / Roads, Airports, Townships, Urban Development.

The Artefact has undertaken more than 50 assignments in infrastructure sectors. Projects
illustrated in each sector profile the technical capability and Experience of Artefact.

Artefact follows a system based process of Contract Management and Technical performance.
Its design team has been in the forefront of very critical and specific design requirements.

Artefact has vast successful experience, exposure and proven capability in Privatization
Projects taken up on BOT / Annuity basis, especially in the Highways sector.


Highlights – Highways
Detailed Design & DPR – 4200 Kms.
Construction Supervision – 4535 Kms
Supervision of O&M Contracts - 550 Kms.

Artefact has been rendering specialized Project Services for Road Sector involving more
than 10000 Kms of Roads. Few such projects services are as below:-

I. Detailed Design / DPR

Artefact has completed detailed design & DPR for more than 4200 kms of highways &
other Roads. DPR prepared by Artefact were held good for construction & were implemented
without modifications.

II. Independent Engineers (Implementation, Monitoring & Project Management) :

Artefact was one of the first few Companies to act as Independent Engineers for Privatized
National Highways Projects on BOT/Annuity Basis. The scope of works included expert
services in Design, Construction, Financial Closure, O&M Supervision and Quality Control of
Tolled National Highways for National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) under it’s
Golden Quadrilateral Program. Artefact handling such Independent Engineer’s assignment for

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                18
                                                                          Artefact Projects Ltd.

11major National Highway Projects for 4/6 laning of 1029.27 Kms of NH sections & 2 major
State Highway Projects for 4 laning of 250 Kms of SH sections in various states.

III. Project Management

Artefact, along with Meinhardt Pte, Singapore, has undertaken services as Project
Management Consultants for prestigious Chhattisgarh Rural Roads Development project
funded by ADB, for Design ,Supervision & Construction of 2100 Kms Roads in 6 Districts
of Chhattisgarh State with Project Construction cost of Rs.6000 Millions approx.

IV. O & M Supervision

Artefact has also been awarded Comprehensive Construction and Operation and Maintenance
(O&M) of numerous prestigious Tolled National Highways and State Highways for length
exceeding 550 Kms. as Engineers. Salient features of the above O&M Contracts are - Use of
Advanced Highways Traffic Management Systems (HTMS), Computerized Automated Toll
Systems, various Advanced Techniques in Highway and Public Safety, Public Relations and
Law Enforcement, Road Property and Facility Management.

V. Lender’s Engineer

Artefact has also rendered services as Lender’s Engineer to various Financial Institutions viz.,
State Bank of India, Infrastructure Leasing and Finance Services (IL&FS) and SICOM for the
development of Highway Projects.

VI. Design & Supervision – Urban Roads

Artefact has been rendering services for Urban Transport Infrastructure and Integrated Urban
Road Development Sector also, and are appointed as Project Management Consultants for
DPR, supervision of development schemes for the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development
Authority (MMRDA) under Mumbai Urban Infrastructure Project (MUIP), and Traffic
Dispersal Scheme for the development of Urban Road Infrastructure network in Mumbai. The
major component of prestigious MUIP project in Mumbai involved development of 6/8 lane
missing links, 4 lane ROB (600 mtrs.), 2 lane ROB (850 Mtrs) 2 lane ROB with Road
(5980 Mtrs) 2 Flyovers (4 lane) of length 500 mtrs and 600 mtrs & Major Bridges. Similar
Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                               19
                                                                         Artefact Projects Ltd.

assignment was also completed by Artefact for Agra City, which included preparation of
Detailed Design of more than 41 Kms. Urban Road stretches within Agra City, under
Integrated Road Development Program (IRDP).
Artefact has also been awarded Consultancy assignment for World Bank Funded Project of
Pedestrian Grade Separators under MUIP for the construction of 6 subways in Mumbai
(Client MCGM). Two Subways are successfully completed & are operational.

                                                               Car/Bus Bays on
              NH-4 National Highway                       Dharmavaram – Tuni section


Our dedicated efforts, and ability to gauge the clients needs has helped us convert the Town
Planning ideas into realities. Some of our prized contributions are:

Artefact has successfully participated in Global Design and Planning with it’s international
consortium / JV Members – M/s Atkins Plc., U.K., M/s Zaidun-Leeng Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia,
and APUDG Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia.

Due to their world class Designs, Planning and Architecture inputs, Artefact has been able to
provide Urban Planning solutions and have also won Global Bids and Competitions. To state
a few:-

Planning & Design of New Capital City near Raipur in Chhattisgarh State

The capital city of Chhattisgarh, Raipur is probably the best endeavour in the field of
contemporary urban planning. It was floated on a global design competition that involved
active participation of over 40 international consortium. The entire process triple in terms of
scale to Chandigarh (by way of comparison), spanned the period of almost a year and required
time bound deliverables and proposals for submission of the Capital Complex Design. Our
team created a Master Plan which was adjudged winners and largely adopted for

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                              20
                                                                        Artefact Projects Ltd.

Design and Planning approval assignment for Planning & Design of New Capital City,

Artefact Projects was awarded Proof Consultancy for Design and Planning of New Capital
City of Chhattisgarh. The proposed project has a land area of 7474 hectares and is estimated
to cost Rupees 200 billions.

                  Global Design Competition- Prize Winning Entry- City Planning

Special Economic Zone in Chhattisgarh State

Master Planning and Techno-Economic Feasibility Study for the proposed New Special
Economic Zone on land area admeasuring 1236 hectares in the proposed capital complex
for Raipur in Chhattisgarh State at a project cost of Rupees 10 billions.
Artefact rendered Expert Urban Planning, Design, Architectural and Urban Infrastructure
services for the Special Economic Zones. The said project is under implementation.

                         Master Plan-The capital city of Chhattisgarh

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                            21
                                                                            Artefact Projects Ltd.


Artefact is providing Design & Drawings Proof Consultancy services to M/s IJM
Infrastructure Ltd. for a mega project of Civic Center at JLN Marg in New Delhi, with Project
Cost exceeding Rs. 5000 Million.

The project site has area exceeding 46700 sqr meters and comprises construction of
commercial offices for MCD; Recreational facilities, provision of cultural activities,
Restaurants, Banquet halls, Entertainment Zone etc.. It has three basement floors for parking
for 2500 vehicles and area for other services (70000 sq. mtrs.).

The total construction involves 1,16,755 sqr meters of built up area and the height of the
building is 102.30 meters i.e. 31 floors the project is a very prestigious high rise tower of Delhi

                          Proposed MCD Building At Delhi (Client IJM)

Artefact has been in the forefront in Planning & Development of various other Urban
Infrastructure for Municipal Corporations, Urban Development Authorities and State
Govt. organizations.

Artefact has conceptualized, Planned & Designed various Urban Infrastructure developments
including mini-Residential Township, Shopping Complexes, Housings, Hawker’s Markets,
Bus Depots in Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                  22
                                                                                 Artefact Projects Ltd.


Artefact Projects in collaboration with various international collaborators has provided
services    for    Airport     sector    as    Design   and   Project     Management      Consultants.

Some of our premier projects:
Upgradation of Trivandrum International Airport after being adjudged 1st prize winner in
global design competition of Planning and Design of new International Passenger Terminal at
Trivandrum Airport (with Rajiv and Moni Choudhary Architects, WS Atkins, AJM – Planning
and Urban Design Group Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia), Artefact commenced its professional services.

A major entry in Airport sector was on appointment as Architectural Consultant for
Planning, Design and Construction Supervision of International Passenger Terminal
Building associated landside and airside development at Trivandrum Airport with
estimated cost of Rs.2024 Millions approx. and constructed area of approx. 32600 sqr.mtrs.
under Airport Authority of India. The client also further awarded two expansion phase-II of
the design assignment.

The proposed Terminal comprises a 3000 sq.mtrs departures concourse including entry search
and baggage screening facilities, 18 check-in desks, with provision of 6 desks in future. It also
includes passport control area with 10 desks with provision for further 5 desks. Proposed
development also includes provision of Airport specialist systems, central security search
areas, hand baggage and an international departures lounge, customs area.

Artefact is also short listed and prequalified for participating in design competition of
International Passenger Terminal Building and Landside Development for other Non-Metro
Airports in India.

           New Trivandrum International Airport (AAI)                   Master Plan Trivandrum Airport

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                         23
                                                                         Artefact Projects Ltd.

                                     SOCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS



Artefact undertook the designing, architectural planning, structural engineering and complete
project management services on No Profit No Loss basis of 150 housing units, school, health
center, Panchayat office, water-storage reservoir, power-supply distribution centre and other
allied physical infrastructure of earthquake-affected Mavnugam village in the State of Gujarat,
under the Earthquake Rehabilitation Program, on a land area admeasuring 70418 square
metres. The village was formally handed over for habitation on November 26th, 2002,
providing shelter and succour to a 1000 homeless people.


Artefact Projects collaborated with a large Public Charitable Trust and with other government
organizations in the Planning, Architecture Design and Project Management of their
development and Social projects including shopping centres, housing complex, community
halls, educational institutions, sports complex, bus depots, Crematoriums, Markets, Hospitals,
Public Libraries.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                              24
                                                                        Artefact Projects Ltd.


Permanent Tenements for Rehabilitation of Project Affected Households (PAH) : Designs
approvals and supervision of construction of permanent tenements in Mumbai for
Resettlement and Rehabilitation of a part of 35,000 households, under Mumbai Urban
Infrastructure Project (MUIP).

Other Contributions :

Approval        of     Multi-modal         Cargo   Hub   project   at   Nagpur    (MIHAN)

MD of Artefact Projects was appointed as a member of high level Steering Committee by
CM, Government of Maharashtra, for the Multi-modal Cargo Hub project at Nagpur. He
Was responsible for approval of Nagpur Airport as International Airport for Cargo Movement
and in AAI, conceptualizing, finalizing and approval by the State Government of International
air Cargo and Multi Modal Hub Project costing more than 10000 crores in Nagpur.

Conceptualizing and development of 20 tourism development projects in Vidarbha

As a member of the high level steering committee under the Principal Secretary and Divisional
Commissioner of Nagpur, was responsible for conceptualizing and development of 20
tourism development projects in Vidarbha and was instrumental for obtaining a grant of
more than Rs 10 crores from the Central Government. This was the first major tourism
development initiative for Vidarbha in the past 50 years.

Urban Development Projects in Nagpur

The MD, Mr. Manoj Shah was also appointed as Convenor of the Apex Planning Committee
of NMC. The said committee recommended a large number of Urban Development Projects
to NMC for City of Nagpur, a large number of them being already implemented. This has
resulted into Nagpur being classified as 2nd fastest growing Tier II cities in India.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                            25
                                                                       Artefact Projects Ltd.

                                        Committed to Quality
Artefact has bagged ISO certification for its commitment to Quality and systems from

TUV, Germany valid upto 14.11.2010

                                          ISO CERTIFICATE

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                           26
                                                              Artefact Projects Ltd.

                                  ILLUSTRATIVE APPRECIATION

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                  27
                                                                                     Artefact Projects Ltd.

Artefact is established in its focus sectors and is qualified to bid for all major projects in global
competitive bidding with its collaborators, due to their vast experience & expertise, built over
past years of successful track record.

Artefact Projects has exhibited in successful project completion duly commended by various
completion certificates / appreciation letters. Various Empanelments and certifications include :

            Organization                                                   Details
TUV Management Services GmbH                       ISO certified for applying Quality Management
Trading as TUV South Asia private
                                                   System for Providing Project Management
                                                   Consultancy in the field of :
                                                   Infrastructure Development Projects including
                                                   Industrial Park
                                                   Urban Planning
                                                   Housing, Airports
                                                   Highway Projects
Consultancy Development Centre                     Corporate Member of Consultancy Development
(CDC) New Delhi.
                                                   Centre & Executive Member of Governing Council.
CII                                                Artefact’s Director, Mr. Mohan Adige is nominated on
                                                   Executive Committee of CII Western Region for
National Highways Authority of                     Consultancy Services as Independent Engineers for
India (NHAI), New Delhi.
                                                   large BOT/ Annuity Projects exceeding 100 kms
Mumbai Metropolitan Region                         Consultants for projects of:
Development Authority (MMRDA).
                                                   ROB’s / Elevated Roads

               Organization                                                Details
   Mumbai Metropolitan Region                      Project Management Consultant” for Traffic Dispersal
 Development Authority (MMRDA),                    Scheme & Integrated Road Development Program in
             Mumbai                                Mumbai Suburbs, for
                                                    nFlyovers, vehicular subways, missing links, new

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                         28
                                                                                    Artefact Projects Ltd.

                                                    nRoad network improvements, widening of roads,
                                                      traffic management schemes, junctions
                                                      improvements etc.
Chhattisgarh Infrastructure                        Consultant for :
Development Corporation Ltd.,
                                                   Urban Infrastructure Sector
Raipur (CIDC).
Ministry of Statistics & Programme                 Project Management & Monitoring
Implementation (Infrastructure &
                                                   Infrastructure Performance Management
Project Monitoring Div).
Construction Industry Development                  Lender’s Engineer for providing consultancy services
Council (Govt. of India), New Delhi
                                                   to the Bankers/ Financial Institutions in areas of :
Chhattisgarh Public Works                          Consultant for :
Department, Raipur
                                                   Bridge/ flyover Work
Haryana State Roads & Bridges                      Consultant for :
Development Corporation Ltd.
                                                   BOT Road
                                                   Bridges Works
Madhya Pradesh Road Development                    Project Consultants for Highways :
Corporation Ltd. (MPRDC), Bhopal
                                                   Detailed Project Report Preparation
                                                   Project Management & Supervision of BOT Projects.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                          29
                                                                           Artefact Projects Ltd.


       Airport Authority of India (AAI)
       National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
       Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (Infrastructure and Project
        Monitoring Division), Govt. of India

       Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai / Brihanmumbai Mahanagar Palike (MCGM)

       Capital Area Development Authority (CADA), Chattisgarh

       Mumbai Metropolitan Road Development Corporation (MMRDA)

       Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation (MPRDC)

       Madhya Pradesh Rural Roads Development Authority (MPRRDA)

       Chhattisgarh Rural Road Development Authority (CGRRDA)

       Directorate, Urban Administration and Development, Govt. of Chhattisgarh

       Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC)

       Public Works Department, Chhattisgarh (PWD-CG)

       IJM Infrastructure Ltd (a subsidiary of IJM Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia)

       ICICI Ventures Ltd.

       Chhattisgarh Highway Development Co.Ltd

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                               30
                                                                          Artefact Projects Ltd.

                                    INDUSTRY OUTLOOK
                                          DOMESTIC DEMAND
Planners & Governments since 1995 have emphasized on the need for substantial spending in
infrastructure sector to sustain the GDP and economic growth. For achieving the projected GDP
growth exceeding 8% plus from the year 2007 onwards, the Government has accepted the need
to expand infrastructure sector. Infrastructure sector affords substantial growth prospects &
demand for companies engaged in construction, services and supply to this vital sector of
economy. Artefact plays a pivotal role as an Infrastructure Derivative software Company
providing a vital link between plans, policies and its implementation.

The total infrastructure sector spending in next 5 years is estimated to be USD$ 374 Bns.

Infrastructure development is a National Priority. It has approval of Policy makers, planners and

FOCUS ON INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT:                          Large infrastructure development
programs, include :

National Highways development Outlay alone exceeds Rs. 1996 Bn for next 5 years.

A substantial part of the development program is proposed on Privatisation basis enhances the
scope of services for Private sector.
•   Non-metro Airports modernization is under implementation, with committed budget
    exceeding Rs 400 billions. Metro airports have undertaken upon privatisation basis.
•   Urban development & renewal is planned with investment of Rs. 1740 billions. Opportunity
    for services for township & urban development emerges for projects including SEZ’s ,
    Township Development.

The normal Bid requirements stipulate approx. 7 to10 years of past successful track record of
completed projects, which makes it very difficult for any new entrants to bid and compete in
near future. It creates a niche market for few established service providers being early Cucles in
infrastructure sector with a large space to grow.
Besides major contracts awarded to service providers and consultants fall under public domain
and have a 3 to 4 years time frame of execution, the revenue visibility of consultants is much

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                31
                                                                             Artefact Projects Ltd.

higher stable and definite. The very nature of time based consultancy contracts make most of
these contracts immune to time and cost overruns of the project.
Infrastructure sector has growth prospects which sustain irrespective of economic cycles.
                                    OVERSEAS DEMAND:

Besides Domestic sector growth, due to Cost effectiveness and High Technical skills, India is
soon emerging as Global Engineering Design and knowledge Outsourcing (KPO) Hub. Indian
Technical Services for Infrastructure development especially in developed economies and Gulf
is fast emerging as potential market exceeding USD $300 Bns P.a. The boom for Infrastructure
Services (Engineering, Architectural and other services) has just begun. It is a beginning of an
endless opportunity.

Understanding the growth potential, Artefact makes efforts to position itself as a key and
dominant player for infrastructure services.
Artefact is strategically positioned to exploit this potential. Artefact strategizes exploitation of a
large barrier of past successful track record of completed projects, to cater to the emerging
Artefact endeavours to achieve Organic growth by expanding sectorial services, geographic
spread and client spreads in focus sector verticals of Highways, Airports, Townships Urban
Development, Enhanced leadership in Privatization and O&M Project Services.

Artefact also strives for enhancement of its infrastructure to match growth and global standards
of Technical performance and to expand human resources in a manpower centric growth.

Artefact is also open to exploring market reach by undertaking overseas project services,
formation of project development consortiums to provide Technical, design, contract
management and project management skills.

Artefact is operating in a sector which is scalable with Economic Development .

Artefact aims to Enhance all the Stakeholders value.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                   32
                                                                            Artefact Projects Ltd.

                                        HUMAN CAPITAL

                              THE PROPELLING POWERHOUSE

ARTEFACT happens to be a “Knowledge Centric” Organization.

ARTEFACT is spearheaded by enterprising young professionals who have stood by the
evolution and grew the Company till its present position. These promoters are, Mr. Manoj Shah,
Mr. Pankaj Shah, Mr. Chetan Shah.                   With their Engineering & Project Management
qualifications and skills in place, they combined their professional experience and expertise to
guide the Company for growth along professional lines.

The      company          considers       its      human    capital   as   its      biggest   Asset.
The Company has a sizeable strength of technical, contract, legal and project management
professionals. The total staff strength exceeding 400 numbers is increasing rapidly. This
includes a substantial number of Expatriates and foreign Technical professionals, Engineers,
Architects also. Professionals and Technocrats with Artefact have National and International
experience and a proven track-record in their respective field of specialization.
Artefact believes in attracting and retention of talent. The management style is,
Participative, flexible with an eye for detail

Ability to nurture ,develop and retain right talent

Strives for excellence through improvisation

Focused on “Enterprise Governance”

Committed to “ Customer Centricity

The broad break-up of present manpower strength is as below:

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                 33
                                                   Artefact Projects Ltd.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                       34
                                                                          Artefact Projects Ltd.


Artefact has Corporate Office at Nagpur with Branch Offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Raipur,
besides various project site offices at more than 25 locations.

The Corporate Office is fully equipped with all modern facilities, equipments, and
communication systems, audio-video systems for an efficient and conducive working
environment. The company uses latest software and hardware platforms as well as technical
library for the works of survey, data analysis, designs, drawings, documentation, project
management and project monitoring. The Company is well-equipped with testing & quality
control laboratory, for catering to the requirements of geo-technical engineering and quality

control for Civil Engineering Works.

Artefact has also embarked on an expansion of its Infrastructure estimated at a cost of Rs.
1200 Mn to create a Global Design Center in approx 30000 sq.ft of constructed office (with
expansion possibility of adding further 45000 of additional space) and also upgrade its
Technical infrastructure, Hardware, Software to be capable to cater to overseas projects
services, emerging area of business and to meet grown expansion needs.

                               Global Design Centre – Artefact projects
                                        (Under Construction)

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                35
                                                                        Artefact Projects Ltd.

           EDP Department at Work,                  CBR Testing conducted at site laboratory
                 Nagpur HQ

                   Work at MP-3                    Laying of Wet Mix Macadam along Km 130

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                            36
                                                                        Artefact Projects Ltd.

Artefact Projects has sizeable financial strength. The Company had Market Capitalization more
than Rs.320 Millions, as on August, 2008. The company enjoys bank credit facilities exceeding
Rs.285 millions.

Since the year 2003, the Company’s Project Services receipts have grown by more than 270 %
from Rs. 79.93 millions in FY – 2003-04 to Rs. 296.06 million in FY 2008-09. The company’s
Net Worth is in excess of Rs. 139.66 Mn as on 31st March 2009. The Company has Revenue
visibility of ongoing Contracts for Fees for project services which exceed Rs 676.88 Mn, to be
executed in next 3 to 4 years. The contracted revenues can easily cover its operating costs and
margins for next 4 years of foreseeable future.

                                  GROSS INCOME (Rs. in Million)

         300                                                                      296.06


         150                                       144.17

         100                         81.51


                      03-04          04-05         05-06     06-07    07-08        08-09

                                                   FINANCIAL YEAR

Artefact is committed to match resources to its need for expansion and market development as
well as expand its reach and presence aimed to yield robust overall financial performance in
coming years. For this, Artefact does bank upon the present Global sectorial opportunity as well
as strong support and contribution from all its stakeholders.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                             37
                                                                               Artefact Projects Ltd.


Artefact Projects Ltd., disclaims all responsibility for any errors, omissions, mistakes or
inaccuracies of the information and disclaims all liability, loss or damage of any kind which may
directly or indirectly be attributed to the use of information on this profile. The content of this
profile is not intended to serve any particular purpose of use.

Except for historical information, certain statement made in this constitutes forward looking
statements. These include statement regarding the intent, belief or current expectations of
Artefact Projects Ltd, and its management regarding the company’s operations , strategic
directions, prospects and future result which in turn involve certain risks and uncertainties.

Certain factors may differ materially from those contained in the forward looking statements.

The company assumes no responsibility with regard to publicly amending, modifying or revising
the statements based on any subsequent developments, information or events that may occur.

The information contained in this profile is not meant for any use or purpose and company shall
not be responsible for any claims there of.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Artefact Projects Ltd. owns all information and material stated in this
profile. The information is protected by copyright. The contents are not available outside the
private sphere or copied for any purpose other than for private information or as prescribed by
involuntary      statue,     except      with      written   consent   of   Artefact   Projects   Ltd.
Copying would also cover downloading and storage on any computer, disk or other device or to
reproduce the material of the profile.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                   38
                                                   Artefact Projects Ltd.

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                       39
                                                                            Artefact Projects Ltd.

                                     CONTACT ADDRESS

                                   Registered and Corporate Office :

                               1st Floor, Bhivapurkar Chambers, Dhantoli,
                                   Nagpur-440012, Maharashtra (India)
                                       91-712-3018197/ 3018198


                                              Branch Offices
                                          Delhi, Mumbai, Raipur

                                        Site Offices
  Rajahmundry (AP), Vadodara (Gujarat), Kota & Kotputli (Rajasthan), Trivandrum (Kerala),
 Trichy, Dharmapuri & Erode (Tamilnadu), Banglore & Kolar (Karnataka), Seoni, Mandsaur &
 Ratlam (MP), Mumbai, Bhandara, Nashik & Igatpuri (Mah), Faridabad & Bilaspur (Haryana),
  Jhansi, Lalitpur & Moradabad (UP), Bilaspur, Raipur, Janjgir, Ambikapur, Korba, Koriya &
                                       Jashpur (CG)

                                        Overseas Subsidiaries :
                                       Artefact Projects Sdn. Bhd.
                                 Selangor, Malaysia, Pin Code – 47 400;
                                         Tel : 019 – 361 – 3593
                                      Email :

Focused on Excellence in Infrastructure Services                                                40

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