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                                                                                        Nov/Dec 2010

Coding &
Oh My!
Providing Care to
Medicare Beneficiaries

Preparing for Upcoming
Changes to Insurance Billing

Good Collection Practices

                         The Connecting Point for Chiropractic in Washington State
                           Published by the Washington State Chiropractic Association
2   w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
     Inside this Issue
4      President’s Message            15    What Does “Bundling”
7      Executive Director’s Message         Mean to You?
7      Plexus Publication Schedule    16    Providing Care to Medicare
       Changes to Quarterly in 2011         Beneficiaries
                                            What You Need to Know
8      WSCA 2010 Fall Conference
       a Success                      18    After College Shock:
                                            Newly Licensed Chiropractors
11     Government Affairs                   Speak Out
       Valuing Consistency,
       Relationships and Money        20    Business Management
                                            Who Does Your Billing?
12     Money Matters
       Good Collections Add Up        22    Welcome, New & Returning
       to a Successful Practice             Members
13     Greg Thompson Wins WSCA’s      24    Member Spotlight
       “Hole in One” $10,000          26-28 Classifieds
       Cash Prize                     28    Ad Index
14     Upcoming Changes to            30    Seminars & Events
       Insurance Billing—
       Tips to Prepare

                              Diane Sherwood-Palmer, DC                                                                        Plexus is published by the
                                                                                                             Washington State Chiropractic Association as a member benefit.
                              President, WSCA Board of Directors
                                                                                                             WSCA, 21400 International Blvd., Suite 207, SeaTac, WA 98198
                                                                                                                 206-878-6055 or 800-824-4918 • Fax 206-878-8699
                              During the holiday season it is a time to be excited about the                  e-mail: • website:
                              year to come and to reflect upon the year that has passed.
                              Your organization, the WSCA, has had an eventful 2010 and                          For display advertising rates, call Jane Rial at 541-317-4141
                                                                                                                             or email
                              it is fully due to our strong leadership and membership base.
                                                                                                                                 For classified advertising rates,
                          After the legislative session ended in Olympia this past                                           call 206-878-6055 or 800-824-4918
 March, it was a blessing to spend a weekend at the beautiful Skamania Lodge in April
 for our Spring Conference and to listen to powerful speakers from around the United                                                   Editorial Board
 States present cutting edge science and business practices. Our Fall Conference in                     Lori Bielinski, Executive Director                        Douglas Long, DC
                                                                                                        Shawn Gay, DC                                          Doug Nordstrom, DC
 October was a huge success as well—over 170 people attended. It was an honor to                        John Huber, DC                                         Kenneth Shotwell, DC
 have General Halstead speak and celebrate Dr. Gerry Clum’s forty years of practice
 and work. All of our speakers at both conferences were very well received. Our 2011                                                           Writers
                                                                                                                                   WSCA Staff & Volunteers
 Spring Conference, “Believe, Achieve, Succeed!” is April 29 to May 1, 2011 and
 will be at the Marriott Seattle Airport Hotel. Our workshops range from marketing,
 systematic approaches to attracting and retaining patients, taxes and financial                                                Editor, Layout & Design
 planning, to conflict in the workplace, and to break-through science regarding                         Jane Rial, Rial Marketing Communications                          541-317-4141
 rehabilitative exercise.                                                                                                         WSCA Staff Members
                                                                                                        Executive Director &                                             Lori Bielinski
 During the baseball season, we advertised and marketed chiropractic on ESPN                            Government Relations Director
 710 radio, reaching thousands of listeners. A man fixing the air conditioning at the                   Membership Director                                                  Jen Drake
 WSCA headquarters recounted, line by line, our radio ad! As part of our marketing                      Administrative Assistant                                         Shaka Forest
                                                                                                        Finance Manager                                                  Aloria Mercer
 strategy and partnership with ESPN 710 radio, we sponsored a Chiropractic Day
 with the Mariners—it was a thrill to go to the Mariners game on August 28th and see                                           WSCA Board of Directors
 the sections of chiropractors and their families enjoying the “boys of summer” and                     President, Diane Sherwood-Palmer, DC                            206-242-3700
 supporting our marketing programs. All 500 tickets were claimed by chiropractors                       President-Elect, Lorri Nichols, DC                               253-874-0198
                                                                                                        Past President, Jeffery Abrams, DC                              206-789-5704
 from around the state.                                                                                 COCSA Representative, William Pratt, DC                          509-782-1312
 Our annual Golf Classic in Mukilteo at the Harbour Pointe Golf Club was a blast!                                                WSCA Board Members
 Did you know that Greg Thompson, brother of Tom Thompson, DC became the                                Larry Bain, DC                                                  360-694-1575
 first person to ever win WSCA’s $10,000 on the hole-in-one contest? (See page 13                       Randy Baze, DC                                                   425-251-5715
                                                                                                        David Butters, DC                                              206-723-2820
 for details.)                                                                                          John Emde, DC                                                  360-424-3900
 We has a beautiful day for the Golf Classic and we all had a hilariously good time. Be                 Tom Hurst, DC                                                   509-884-7163
                                                                                                        Mark Jones, DC                                                 509-928-1400
 sure to join us in 2011—you could be next year’s $10,000 cash prize winner!                            Phillip Kriss, DC                                               425-432-4621
                                                                                                        Michael Long, DC                                                253-473-0300
 We are very proud of our new website! We receive over 15,000 visitors per month,                       R. Bradley Ulrich, DC                                          425-893-9200
 most of whom are visiting our “Find a Chiropractor” referral site. This translates into
 new patients for the member field doctors. Be sure to update your services, techniques,                It is the policy of the WSCA to produce publications for the following
                                                                                                        purposes: to keep the membership informed on issues of concern and
 and contact information on your profile!                                                               current news; to improve communication and cooperation between members
                                                                                                        of the profession, and between the profession and the WSCA; to promote
 The end of 2010 marks a full year of powerfully-packed WSCA-sponsored events,                          and advance the activities, goals and objectives of the WSCA; to provide a
 ranging from our successful lobbying in our state legislature this past legislative                    forum for input and exchange regarding the direction of healthcare and the
 session to our Fall Conference. We have planned our legislative agenda for this                        chiropractic profession; and to provide a venue for promotion of the WSCA’s
 coming January and I hope each one of you attend your respective legislative day with                  corporate membership while providing financial support to the WSCA.
 WSCA executive director Lori Bielinski. If you cannot attend your scheduled day you                                         Display Advertising Policy
 can contact Lori for any day that you can come to Olympia. Schedule through the                        It is the policy of the WSCA to extend display advertising opportunities in
 WSCA office at 206.878.6055.                                                                           Plexus only to those companies and/or individuals who choose to affiliate
                                                                                                        with the WSCA as Corporate Members. DCs who maintain outside business
 I would love it if I could just adjust people all day long and not worry about insurance,              interests in addition to their chiropractic practice are invited to increase
 billing, and coding. That is just not how it works. This issue of Plexus is loaded with                their involvement as Corporate Members and thus enjoy the privilege of
                                                                                                        advertising their products in Plexus.
 information on these very important topics, and while you may think the title topics
 are dry, the information within will keep your practice running smoothly.                                                       Editorial Submissions
                                                                                                        Submit news releases, articles and photos for consideration by email to:
 Have a wonderful holiday season!                                                             

 Chiropractors in History
                                                                                                                 Printed with recycled paper
 Dr. Mabel Heath Palmer (1889-1949), the “First Lady of Chiropractic” was an expert anatomist and
 wrote the book Chiropractic Anatomy. She was a professor at Palmer for almost forty years and
 was influential in the early years of chiropractic—authoring books, directing the Palmer institution
 financially, and was involved in the early study of x-ray; she supported the future of women
 chiropractors as the charter president of the Sigma Phi Chi Sorority.
6   w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
                                                                                     ExECutivE DirECtor’S MESSAgE

                           Lori Bielinski
                           WSCA Executive Director & Government Relations Director

                           Veteran Coverage and Insurance Integration of Preventive Services
                           Veterans have long been denied access by the Along with VA allowing access to chiropractic care is having insurers
                           U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to cover preventative services. I recently wrote several letters to the Office
                           chiropractic care a veteran deserves.               of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight regarding coverage
                                                                               of preventative services under the Patient Protection and Affordable
 Senator Patty Murray proposes to correct this severe disparity by introducing
                                                                               Care Act (PPACA). Our Board of Directors believes that greater
 S. 1204, the “Chiropractic Care Available to All Veterans Act” that would
                                                                               guidance to insurers is needed regarding appropriate provider types for
 bring an end to the limitation of care for the brave men and women who
                                                                               the covered preventive services. Without such guidance, insurers may
 have served in our armed forces.
                                                                               develop policies that are restrictive, limiting the patient’s ability to access
 Chiropractic care is a proven and cost-effective healthcare choice. In preventive services and stifling the competitive nature between provider
 recognition of the value and benefits of chiropractic care, Congress choice by patients and services offered.
 passed legislation establishing a permanent chiropractic care benefit for
                                                                               Additionally, I have concerns that limiting the waiver for cost-sharing
 America’s active-duty military personnel and veterans. Nevertheless,
                                                                               to in-network providers may encourage insurers to limit their provider
 more needs to be done to overcome barriers to chiropractic care and
                                                                               network, thus limiting access to providers able to perform needed
 ensure that doctors of chiropractic are integrated fully into Federal health
                                                                               preventive services. I urged Secretary Sebelius, of the Health and Human
 programs, like the VA health system, without further delay.
                                                                               Services (HHS) to allow both in and out of network providers to perform
 Additional Congressional action is needed to correct this unacceptable the covered preventive services at least until 2014 when PPACA Section
 situation—as huge numbers of veterans suffer from a variety of lower 2706 takes effect. Section 2706 is an anti-discrimination section and does
 back disorders. Recent VA data (analysis of VA Health Care Utilization not allow insurers to discriminate against provider types with regard to
 Among U.S. Southwest Asian War Veterans, October, 2009) cite back participation. Once this provision is implemented, concerns regarding
 pain as the number one ailment of Iraq/Afghanistan veterans accessing access to providers will be minimized. I can only hope that the VA
 VA treatment.                                                                 system will allow chiropractors to be fully integrated into their system of
                                                                               care by 2014 as well; thus far, we are on a solid track to fully integrate
 We hope the VA will bring chiropractic care to all major VA medical
                                                                               chiropractic care into the new healthcare reform plan.
 centers within the next three years. Currently only one doctor of
 chiropractic is working at a VA medical center in all of Washington,
 Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska. To the thousands of veterans who utilize the
 Walla Walla, Vancouver, and Spokane facilities, the chiropractic benefit is
 dependent upon the referral process and is virtually non-existent.

Plexus Publication Schedule Changes to Quarterly in 2011
Beginning in 2011, Plexus will shift from a bi-monthly to a quarterly schedule. The next issue will arrive in March 2011. Here’s a preview of the 2011
Plexus, and the scheduled arrival dates:

 Issue                    Editorial Focus                                          Issue Arrival Date

 March                    Protecting Your Passion                                  March 22, 2011

                          Spring Conference Issue

                          Plus Marketplace Pullout Section

 June                     Profitable Decision Making                               June 22, 2011

 September                Healthy, Wealthy & Wise                                  September 22, 2011

                          Fall Conference Issue

                          Plus Marketplace Pullout Section

 December                 Brand Yourself                                           December 15, 2011


        A. Dr. Thomas Hurst of East Wenatchee hugs
        General Becky Halstead.

        B. Richard Leone, DC and Kathryn Ward,
        account manager for Center for Diagnostic
        Imaging (CDI).

        C. Dr. Timothy Igielski, DC (center) at the
        Exhibit Hall.

        D. Dr. Gerry Clum is presented with an award by

        Dr. Diane Sherwood-Palmer, WSCA president.

        E. John Peick of Peick | Conniff PS gets a pat
        on the back from paralegal Janice Salim as he
        helps sell raffle tickets.

        F. Dr. Diane Sherwood-Palmer presents Speaker
        Frank Chopp with the Al Adams House Award.

        G. Fox Q13 interviews General Becky Halstead.

        H. (l to r): General Becky Halstead greets Drs.
        Kenneth and Danan Bakke.

        I. (l to r): Drs. Shawn Gay, Marv Gaddis,
        Butch Corbin and Alan Ludwig.

        J. Rep. Tom Campbell, DC.
    I   K. (l to r): Drs. Liz Faletti and Leslie Van Romer.

E       L. (l to r): Dr. Diane Sherwood-Palmer presents
        Senator Tracey Eide with the William S. Day
        Senator Award.

        M. (l to r): Andi Moshier from Foot Levelers,
        General Becky Halstead and Miriam Battson
        from The Pettibon System.
WSCA 2010 Fall Conference a Success!
                                               Dr. Diane Sherwood-Palmer, WSCA President, and
                                               Dr. Lorri Nichols, WSCA President Elect

                                               Thank you to everyone who made the WSCA 2010 Fall Conference a success. We would like to give special
                                               recognition to our vendors and Corporate Sponsors who provided the opportunity to bring world-class
                                               speakers such as Brigadier General Becky Halstead (U.S. Army Retired), president of Life West Chiropractic
                                               College Dr. Gerry Clum, and former Olympic athlete Dr. Jeffrey Spencer to our Washington State Chiropractic
                                               Association. Special thanks also to the WSCA staff and board members who orchestrated this event and to the
                                               many WSCA members who were in attendance.
                                               It was an honor to hear General Halstead speak of her experiences in the armed forces and the impact
                                               chiropractic care has had on her health, life and career. General Halstead now speaks on behalf of chiropractic
                                               through the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to increasing
                                               public awareness of the benefits of chiropractic. Dr. Gerry Clum also shared his thoughts on his 40 years of
                                               chiropractic service, Looking Forward and Looking Back, and was presented with a distinctive award from
                                               the WSCA. Dr. Jeffrey Spencer brought us his unique chiropractic approach to treating elite athletes such as
                                               Lance Armstrong, Bobby Labonte and Troy Glass.
                                       L       In addition, we were also delighted to present numerous leaders in the profession who addressed our members
                                               on clinical practices and practice management. Dr. Tom and Kim Klapp, Drs. David Marcarian, Tom Necela,
                                               Steve Troyanovich and Mario Fucinari were among those remarkable speakers. Many political chiropractic
                                               supporters were honored and in attendance throughout the weekend including Representative Tom Campbell,
                                               DC, Senator Tracy Eide and Speaker of the House Frank Chopp.
                                               Our speakers and honored guests brought to us tremendous knowledge and insights; however the most
                                               significant part of this conference was the opportunity to spend time with our colleagues and fellow
                                               practitioners. These occasions allow us to reconnect with old friends and for those of us who have been in
                                               practice for many years, an opportunity to meet the younger doctors just entering our profession. Our staff met
                                               with other chiropractic assistants and took great pleasure in sharing their work and life experiences.
                                               Please join us at the WSCA Spring Conference at the Marriot Seattle Airport April 30 and May 1. It will be
                                               another wonderful opportunity to procure your continuing education, learn from leaders in the field and share
                                               time with your valued colleagues.
                                      M        Thank you again to everyone who participated in making our 2010 Fall Conference a success.

Thank You!
Many thanks to all those who made the Fall 2010 Conference so successful, and particularly to the nearly 200 doctors and staff who took part in the
conference. Their involvement made this one of the most widely attended sessions in recent years.
We also want to thank these organizations that brought us such outstanding speakers: Foundation for Chiropractic Progress for sponsoring lunch with
General Becky Halstead, Erchonia Medical for Saturday’s keynote speaker Dr. Jeff Spencer on Low Light Laser, NCMIC for Dr. Mario Fucinari’s Medicare
presentation, Foot Levelers for Dr. Steve Troyanovich’s “Clinical Messages from the Trenches,” and The Strategic Chiropractor Dr. Tom Necela on “7
Costly Billing and Coding Mistakes.” That appreciation also extends to our Sunday morning keynote speaker, Dr. Tom Klapp and his wife, Kim, for her well
received chiropractic assistants workshop.
We also want to thank our other program sponsors: David Marcarian of MyoVision, Larry Wieber of Test for Nutrition, Kory Korfiatis of Legwork Software
and John Alexander of the John Alexander Law firm. They joined these Corporate Members who exhibited at the conference:
Biotics Research, NW                  CompliantCare                           RBC Wealth Management                     University of Western States
ChiroTouch                            Bowen, Inc.                             Shaklee Health                            Thera Tek
The Zielke Law Firm                   Fortune Bank                            Premiere Billing Management               Centur y Payments
The Orthotic Group                    Protocol For Life                       Gem Clinic                                Adler Giersch PS
EON Systems                           Center for Diagnostic Imaging           Pacific X-Ray                             Seattle Medical Group (SMG)
Standard Process NW                                                           The Pettibon System                       Life Chiropractic College West
                                      Nutri West Pacific
Graham Lundberg & Peschel                                                     Medicfusion                               Foundation for Chiropractic
                                      Peick | Conniff PS                                                                Progress
Radia Inc.                                                                    Cherrish for Health
                                      Aspen Medical Products                                                            Many, many thanks to you all.
BioGenesis Nutraceuticals                                                     Paragon Claims

                                                                            P l e x u s                   N o v / D e c             2 0 1 0                      9
                Increase Back Office Revenue!
                                                                                               Test for Nutrition of Washington, LLC
                                                                                                           Offers a turnkey web-based
                                                                                          T                  nutrition testing program
                                                                                     S NO
                                                                              T HIS II-LEVEL
                                                                                   T                      Developed by Maile Pouls, PhD
                                                                                                Earn $1,500 to $10,000 with NO investment

                                                                                           Program includes:
                                                                                           • 24-hour urine test by federally licensed lab—
                                                                                             provides a significant clinical advantage to your practice
                                                                                             (Urine test done by patients in privacy of their own home)
                                                                                           • No stocking of product
                                                                                           • Free website provided
                                                                                           • No up-front costs
                                                                                           • Affordable solution for your patients
                                                                                           • State of the art online nutritional propriety software
     “We’re very excited to offer a scientific and objective nutritional                   • Customer service backed by our panel of doctors
 supplement to our patients. With it’s extensive research, Test for Nutrition
                has been a great addition to our practice.”                                Get onboard this opportunity now!
                                                              —Dr.Tim & Mary McFadden
                     inBalance Wellness Center formerly Redmond Spinal Care, Redmond, WA

                                   Call 360.303.2624 or email
                           Go to for more info and to see sample test results.
                               See why so many professionals have joined Dr. Pouls’ proven program!

                     Save the Date!                                                                                                Making Changes
                                                                                                              The World Has Changed and So Must Chiropractic
                                                                                                              Dr. Bruce Parker
                                                                                                              Founder of the Parker Process
                                                                                                              Saturday’ Featured Speaker

                                                                                                              Long Live FaceBook and Blogs
                                                                                                              Siouxsie Jennett
                                                                                                              Founder and president of Mambo Media
                                                                                                              Sunday’ Featured Speaker

                                                                                                              Individual Workshops—More than ever before!
                                                                                                              Choose the sessions that best fit your needs!
                                                                                                              Achieving an Effective Office Routine
                                                                                                              Judith Richard, JR Consulting
                                                                                                              Achieving a More Balanced Balance Sheet
                                                                                                              James Bowen of Bowen Inc.
                                                                                                              Achieving More Effective Recovery for Your Patients
                                                                                                              Dr. John Hyland
                                                                                                              Achieving a Harmonious Office Culture
                                                                                                              Danna Beal
                                                                                                              Achieving More Effective In-Office Marketing
                                                                                                              Korey Korfiatis, Legwork Software
                                                                                                              Achieving the Best Form of Therapy
                                                                                                              through Applied Kinesiology
                                                                                                              Dr. Gary Domby
                                                                                                              Achieving an Increase in the Adjustment Potency
                                                                                                              Dr. Lee Wood

For more info, call the WSCA at 26.878.6055 or 800.824.4918
Valuing Consistency, Relationships and Money
                          Lori Bielinski
                          WSCA Executive Director & Government Relations Director

                           The fate of many politicians has been       We will pursue efforts to better define and clarify the chiropractor’s
                           decided this past November. The 2010        ability to delegate duties to auxiliary staff in a manner that
                           election cycle was a tough bid for many     insurers will not take exception, keeping providers away from the
                           candidates, such as our own Dr. Tom         risk of audits or worse.

                           Campbell. We also saw The Year of
                                                                       As we reflect on the past election cycle I cannot help but ask—
the Initiative, a record breaking 76 initiatives submitted, ranging
                                                                       did you do your part? Did you contribute to the Washington
from legalizing marijuana to passing a state income tax on those
                                                                       Chiropractic Trust (WCT) so that we can elect a chiropractic
earning a higher income. Of those Initiatives, only six received
                                                                       majority in the state legislature? Did you doorbell for Rep. Tom
enough signatures to be placed on the general ballot this past
                                                                       Campbell, DC?
November, including I-1082, concerning the privatization of
workers’ compensation which your WSCA Board of Directors               Did you know that on average only 300 people donate to the
took a strong position against.                                        WCT, which raised and delivered more than $130,000 in this
                                                                       election cycle to political candidates who support the chiropractic
After the 2010 legislative session and special session ended
                                                                       profession? Did you know that the Washington State Medical
in Olympia this past spring, I began the arduous process of
                                                                       Association pays more than three people to lobby the state
scheduling and meeting with current legislators and with those
                                                                       government for medical physicians? Did you know that every year
candidates running for open seats. I met with Rep. Marko Liias
                                                                       the business community, lead by the Association of Washington
of the 21st district, Sen. Mike Hewitt of the 16th district, Rep.
                                                                       Business, which includes Boeing, Weyerhaeuser, Building Industry
Tami Green of the 28th district, Rep. Sam Hunt of the 22nd district,
                                                                       Association of Washington, the Chambers of Commerce and the
Sen. Curtis King of the 14th district, Rep. Doug Erickson (who
                                                                       National Federation of Independent Business, work against your
is running for an open Senate seat) in the 42nd district and many
                                                                       legislation that requires insurers to treat you fairly?
others throughout the state. The miles on my car kept ticking,
the long days of driving, networking, and speaking kept my             Our consistent meetings with candidates and legislators are
schedule impossible to change—and yet, it was all worth it             important to establishing relationships, and let’s face it: money
to further our chiropractic cause and consistently discuss our         talks. Your donations to the WCT directly support candidates
important issues and solidify our relationships. This summer,          who are pro-chiropractic and who will vote for your patients,
many chiropractors set up appointments with their legislators.         practices, and policies.
Dr. Jeremy Welch of Bellevue worked with me in setting up an
                                                                       Starting in January I will be “making the call” to you and your
appointment with Congressman Reichert to discuss chiropractic
                                                                       Associates to join me in Olympia for your legislative day. The
issues—our power-packed 30 minutes educated Reichert on
                                                                       schedule will be posted on the website, and letters will be sent
caring for patients in an effective manner, and informed him how
                                                                       to your clinic. Last year over 600 physical therapists showed up
he could help support that agenda. Dr. Warren Kragt of Ritzville
                                                                       for their one day, but we consistently show up nine times, and I
arranged a very successful meeting with one of his 9th legislative
                                                                       am there every single day. Your profession needs your consistent
district Representatives and Senator, and we were able to discuss
                                                                       commitment to not just attend your assigned legislative day,
our upcoming 2011 legislative issues to ensure chiropractors are
                                                                       but to donate to the WCT, to schedule district meetings before
fairly represented and defended.
                                                                       the session begins, to write your legislators, to set up personal
It is time now to look to the future and work hard to further          appointments with them like Dr. Welch and Dr. Kragt did, and to
our chiropractic agenda. The 2011 agenda includes opposing             stay informed.
the physical therapist’s effort to obtain spinal manipulation in
                                                                       Thank you for your continued support of not just your professional
their scope of practice. They have yet to demonstrate education
                                                                       Association but also the larger agendas of chiropractic. I look
and training in spinal manipulation beyond weekend seminars.
                                                                       forward to another successful legislative session and seeing you
We have challenged what we believe is inadequate training in
                                                                       on your legislative day.
diagnostics and in imaging such as X-Ray, CT, MRI.
We will protect the “Every Category of Provider” law and all the
laws that we have passed over many years to allow a patient to
choose your chiropractic care and for chiropractors to compete
in the market despite being controlled by the insurers and the
conventional medical community.

                     Donate to the Washington Chiropractic Trust
                                                   Send contributions to:
                                        WCT, PO Box 77627, Seattle, WA 98177-0627

                                                                          P l e x u s                    N o v / D e c             2 0 1 0       11
               Good Collections
               Add Up to a Successful Practice
               Tamara Everett, Paragon Medical Claims Servicing
               WSCA Corporate Partner

               Do you think of collections the same way as going to the dentist      Doctors & Their Staff
               for a root canal? Most providers’ offices do not enjoy the process,   Doctors—keep up on your charting daily and keep it from
               but with a few helpful suggestions, we hope to make that process      going “cookie cutter.” Why contribute to your claims not being
               a lot less complicated and far less painful.                          paid from some of your highest reimbursement rates—auto and

               What Makes a Strong Practice                                          worker’s comp claims—because your charting is illegible, not
                                                                                     being done or is incomplete as to what was done for a patient on
               A successful practice has two basic requirements. The first is an
                                                                                     a specific day?
               adequate patient load and the second is the collection of patient
               charges. The patient load can become secondary if collections are     Do you ever feel you been put in the position of being held hostage
               not being properly taken care of. Then the provider is focused on     by your employees or your billing service? Doctors, there are just
               collections rather than treating his patient.                         too many good prospective employees and billing services out
                                                                                     there to accept substandard work from your employees or your
               The successful collection of charges begins with the initial new
                                                                                     service. There may be some initial set up or training, but do
               patient visit. The office staff must verify insurance benefits if
                                                                                     not let this hold you back from making your practice run more
               applicable and then make sure that the correct identification and
                                                                                     efficiently collection wise. In the end, you will be much further
               group numbers are entered into the patient record with the utmost
                                                                                     ahead and have the peace of mind that comes from a positive
               accuracy. Making sure these simple steps are done correctly
                                                                                     cash flow.
               will minimize problems receiving payment from the insurance
               carriers. Close attention to detail is critical at this point.        Insurance Write Offs & Follow Up
               It should also become routine for the office staff to periodically    Write offs to the patient accounts, other than what is required by
               verify with patients if there are any changes in the insurance        the insurance carrier, is a major loss of revenue for the provider.
               coverage, patient address and phone numbers. Once this step is        These write offs happen when follow up on insurance claims is
               completed, the claims can be submitted in a timely manner to the      not carefully and consistently done to find out why payment has
               various carriers.                                                     not been issued. The carriers have many excuses why payment
                                                                                     is not forthcoming. Sometimes it is as simple as not receiving
               When payment is received, inaccurate and sloppy posting to the        the claim. If that is the case, make sure that another copy is
               patient accounts can become a cause for missed revenue to the         quickly sent. Another reason is because the provider’s office
               provider and will contribute to some patients leaving the provider    has not provided the carrier with the supporting documentation
               and going elsewhere for services. You work too hard to get new        required to process the claim or a specific procedure. Take the
               patients, so listen to your patients when they express concern        time to make the necessary phone call to clarify why a claim or
               regarding their accounts or your personnel. Patients will rarely      partial claim has not been paid. After enough time has passed and
               mention their dissatisfaction, but simply switch to one of your       payment is not received the provider’s office will either ignore
               colleagues for treatment.                                             the charges altogether or simply write them off. Either way this is
                                                                                     poor collections and revenue is lost to the provider.
                                                                                     Collections are really quite straightforward—it takes time, and
                                                                                     usually a great deal of it, but the results are well worth the effort.
                                                                                     Without an adequate collection process the provider can lose
                                                                                     considerable revenue. Other than good patient care, collections
                                                                                     are the most important task for every provider. It is up to each
                                                                                     provider to make sure that they have assigned this important task
                                                                                     to the most proficient person either in his office or to an outside
                                                                                     billing service. Considering how busy many offices are, often
                                                                                     times the best solution is an outside billing service as long as the
                                                                                     selected billing service has a good track record. In the end, proper
                                                                                     collection procedures will help your practice flourish, even in
                                                                                     today’s economy.

                                                                                     —Tamara Everett is the owner of Paragon Medical Claims Servicing which
                                                                                     has been assisting the chiropractic profession with billing and collections
                                                                                     for 13 years. Contact Tamara at 253.941.3865 or tamarae@paraclaims.
                                                                                     com for additional information.
            Greg Thompson Wins WSCA’s

              “Hole in One”
                  $10,000 Cash Prize!                                                               2


Greg Thompson, a Tacoma resident and the brother of Tacoma chiropractor, Dr. Tom
Thompson, hit a hole in one during the WSCA Golf Classic at Harbour Pointe Golf Club in
Mukilteo on Sept. 11, winning a $10,000 cash prize.
The tournament, sponsored by WSCA Corporate Partner Graham, Lundberg and Peschel,
marks the first time in which a golfer has won the hole-in-one cash prize at the WSCA event.
The Thompson brothers were on their second hole of the day, number 7, with fellow team
members Ron Johnson and Dave Turner when Greg Thompson hit his winning shot. Hole 7 is a
challenging par three with a 140-foot-long green on a peninsula that juts into wetlands, creating
some interesting pin positions and long putts.
“It was my first ever ace in 25 years of playing golf!” Thompson said. “I was extremely
shocked to learn that my hole in one yielded such a large cash prize.”
Melissa Collins, the official representative of Graham, Lundberg and Peschel, was stationed to
verify all hole number 7 strokes.

  1. (l to r): WSCA executive director and lobbyist Lori Bielinski, winner Greg
      Thompson, Mark Rashell, head professional of Harbour Pointe Golf Club and
      Ken Golden of Graham, Lundberg and Peschel.

  2. (l to r): Dr. Robin Shampine and Lori Bielinski.

  3. (l to r): Drs. Bill Davis, Diane Sherwood-Palmer and John Emde.

  4. Drs. Diane Sherwood-Palmer and Rod Handly.

  5. (l to r): Scott Shampine, Dr. Robin Shampine and Dr. Jerry Brady.

                                                                         P l e x u s                N o v / D e c   2 0 1 0   13
     Upcoming Changes in Insurance Billing
     Tips to Prepare
     Darrel Krehbiel, CPC, Premiere Billing Management
     WSCA Corporate Partner
     The next few years will hold a large variety of changes for both e-billers     Most of the information being used in EHR is not related to the
     and paper billers. The reason everyone will be affected is because of ICD-     chiropractic discipline but lends itself to the hospitals and major clinical
     10 and the 5010 software format necessary to process the new diagnosis         environments. The key to remember is you have to meet the “meaningful
     code sets and EHR/EMR requirements.                                            use” qualification for the incentive program.
                           4010 Format to 5010 Format                                                                ICD-10-CM
     Starting this January 2011, two elements come into the picture of               (International Classification of Disease Version 10 Clinical Modification)
     insurance billing. The first is a mandate from Medicare for software           We have heard a lot about this new diagnosis code set over the past
     vendors, insurance companies and practitioners (whether paper biller or        years; well it is going to happen on Oct. 1, 2013 unless CMS changes the
     e-biller) to begin the process of transitioning from one computer format       date. The following table gives an overview of what is and what will be
     to another. Currently all billing software is written in 4010 format which     on Oct. 1, 2013.
     must change to the 5010 format to get ready for ICD-10 and being able
                                                                                                                 Diagnosis Code Revisions
     to print on the CMS 1500 forms. You will need the year, as there are
     conversion issues that come from moving from one format to another. My
     software vendor has already told me that he has seen these issues at the          ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Codes                        ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes
     beta test sites. If you have a large gap in your version of the 4010 format
     you currently use and where your software vendor is right now, you may            3-5 Characters in length                        3-7 Characters in length
     have some upgrade issues. One plan might be to ask your software vendor
     if you have the current version and if not, how large a step it would be to       Approximately 14,000 codes                      Approximately 68,000 codes
     get you fully upgraded in 4010 format before moving to the 5010 format.
     One thing is for sure, you will need to spend some money to get ready.            First digit may be alpha (E or                  Digit 1 is alpha; digit 2 and 3
     One of the issues is that you will need to have both diagnosis coding             V) or numeric. Digits 2-5 are                   are numeric; digit 4-7 are alpha
     systems in your software, as you will have services with ICD-9-CM from            numeric                                         or numeric
     before Sept. 30, 2013 and then ICD-10-CM after Oct. 1, 2013. You need
     to make sure your software vendor has taken this into consideration for           Limit space for new codes                       Flexible for adding new codes
     you for billing follow-up.
          EHR (Electronic Health Record)/EMR (Electronic Medical Record)               Lacks detail                                    Very specific
     Travel cards generally do not contain enough information to prove
     medical necessity. Most insurance companies and government healthcare             Lacks laterality                                Has laterality
     funding sources prefer written chart notes signed by the provider the same
     day as the encounter. Dictated chart notes must be reviewed and signed                                                            Specificity improves coding
                                                                                       Difficult to analyze data due to
     within a reasonable time (up to a few days). Any changes, corrections or                                                          accuracy and depth of data for
                                                                                       non-specific codes
     additions to a chart note made after the date of the original encounter must                                                      analysis
     be separately documented, signed by the provider and dated the day the
     changes were made. So comes EHR/EMR. This can be in a stand-alone                 Codes are non-specific and do
                                                                                                                                       Detail improves the accuracy of
     program or embedded in your billing software. SOAPs will need to be in            not adequately define diagnoses
                                                                                                                                       data used in medical research
     narrative format and easily readable and legible. If not, an auditor doesn’t      needed for medical research
     have to ask for your interpretation, it will be denied.
                                                                                                                                       Supports interoperability and the
     If you want to get in on the incentive program with Medicare, you can             Does not support interoperability
                                                                                                                                       exchange of health care data
     enroll by going to, type the search subject as “EHR” and              because it is not used in other
                                                                                                                                       between other countries and the
     read through and complete the necessary forms and meet the initial                countries
                                                                                                                                       United States
     deadline for the first year by January 2011. By the way, it has to be
     from one of the 33 certified EHR programs that are available. In a year,       Dept of Health and Human Services, Federal Register, Vol. 73, No. 164, Friday, Aug. 22, 2008.
     you are supposed to get your first check. The other way is to purchase a
     standalone SOAP program from vendors such as www.gotdocumentation.
     com, click on “Documenting SOAP Notes” or visit www.quick-charts.                                  —Darrel Krehbiel, CPC is president of Premiere Billing
     com, click on “Watch a Demo” or “Request a Live Demo.” Quick-Charts                                Management. If you have questions you may contact him at
                                                                                                        888.533.7583 or via email at
     are in the final stages of certification with HHS (Health and Human
     Services) so it will qualify with Medicare’s incentive program. Also,
     Documentation Plus has a program for SOAP noting and patient records.

14      w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
What Does “Bundling”
Mean to You?
John Angell, Kirkland Billing
WSCA Corporate Partner
We’re not talking about getting your phone, TV, and DSL here in one            “improper un-bundling of a code” and would leave the chiropractor open
package, but the “bundling” of CPT codes. CPT stands for “Current              to audits and/or disciplinary action. Remember also that 97140, 97112
Procedural Terminology” and represents the pesky codes we use to bill          and 97124 have time factors with them. One unit would be 8 minutes to
insurance companies for most of the services we provide.                       23 minutes. When billing these codes, a chiropractor should add to their
                                                                               chart notes the starting and ending time for each procedure. If you spend
The most common code used by chiropractors for chiropractic adjustments
                                                                               less than 8 minutes, then you should also append the modifier “-52” for
is 98941. This code is by definition “Chiropractic Manipulative Treatment,
                                                                               “Reduced Services” to indicate you did not spend the full time element.
spinal, 3-4 regions.” These regions are as defined by Medicare (1)
cervical; (2) thoracic; (3) lumbar; (4) sacral; and (5) pelvic. Under NCCI     Another bundling issue that comes up frequently is that of “Range of
Edits (National Correct Coding Initiative), there are approximately 118        Motion” and “Muscle Testing.” There are a number of vendors who
separate CPT codes contained in these edits for CPT 98941. The three           sell devices. Some selling these tell you that you can bill separately for
most common bundled codes mis-used by chiropractors are 97112                  the range of motion testing (CPT 958xx). Range of motion testing is a
(neuromuscular re-education); 97124 (massage therapy); and 97140               bundled component of your E/M codes (992xx) and also your CMT codes
(manual therapy techniques). When you bill CPT 98941 for a specific            (989xx). It is assumed that a chiropractor will do range of motion testing
region, it is assumed that you also perform 97112; 97124 and 97140 on          with examinations (992xx) and also as part of there pre-adjustment
the same regions. I often hear, “Yes, I adjusted the neck, but also did        evaluation (989xx). Most chiropractors use the computerized range of
muscle work—can’t I bill for that muscle work separately?” The answer          motion testing whenever they do examinations. In these cases, again,
is no—you cannot, for it is assumed you did muscle work with the               you cannot unbundle the range of motion testing and bill it separately.
adjustment code.                                                               There are only two scenarios where you can bill Range of Motion testing
                                                                               separately. The first is if the patient comes in, has the Range of Motion
The best example I have where you can bill CPT 98941 and 97140 in
                                                                               Testing only (no examinations, no adjustments) and then leaves the office
the same encounter is this: The patient specifically requests that you not
                                                                               to come back another day for other services. The only other way is if you
adjust their neck. So you adjust the thoracic, lumbar, and sacral region.
                                                                               can demonstrate that the range of motion testing was separate and distinct
For the neck, you do not adjust it, but instead do distraction work. In this
                                                                               from the examination and/or adjustment on that day. I for one cannot see
case, you can bill 98941 for the thoracic, lumbar, and sacral region; then
                                                                               how this can be demonstrated as range of motion testing is a common
bill 97140 for the cervical region. Your chart notes must clearly indicate
                                                                               part of examinations.
the regions of the spine adjusted and the region of the spine receiving the
manual therapy (97140). These regions cannot overlap. In this scenario,        Understanding these issues and keeping accurate and legible chart notes
you would bill 98941 and 97140-59. The addition of the modifier “-59”          will help you get paid avoiding delays and thereby avoid audits.
indicates that you are reporting a code that is a component of another
code reported and are “unbundling” the codes and reporting the 97140
was performed as a “separate and distinct” procedure.                                         —John Angell, owner of Kirkland Billing, can be reached
                                                                                              at 360.691.2084.
Again, it all comes back to your chart notes! Do your chart notes clearly
indicate that the region receiving the 97140 did not receive the 98941?
IF you bill 98941 and 97140 for the same spinal region, it is considered

                                                                          P l e x u s                  N o v / D e c           2 0 1 0                  15
     Providing Care to Medicare Beneficiaries
     What You Need to Know
     John Huber, DC
     Chair, WSCA Medicare Committee

     There are several key issues that must be considered when care is               • Sign progress notes for hospital and custodial care facility
     provided to Medicare beneficiaries. Is your care going to be considered           patients—all entries should be dated and signed by the healthcare
     “Reasonable and Necessary” (aka Medically Necessary) after review of              provider who actually examined the patient.
     your chart notes? Did you correctly bill for your services? Did you use
                                                                                     • Provide sufficient detail to support diagnostic tests that were
     the correct date in Box 14? Should you be Par or Non-Par? E-billing
                                                                                       furnished and the level of care billed.
     Medicare issues for 2011-2012 are addressed on page 14. Other Medicare
     issues (e.g., ABN, Patient Inducements, LCD# L23711, PART) will be              • Do not use statements such as “same as above” or ditto marks
     covered in future articles.                                                       ( “ ). These are not acceptable documentation that the service was
                                                                                       provided for that date.

     Reasonable and Necessary
                                                                                   Billing and Coding
     If you ask a CMS or Medicare carrier employee to define “Reasonable
     and Necessary,” they will refer you to LCD# L23711 (available on the          The only chiropractic service covered by Medicare Part B is spinal
     Noridian website). The LCD is about 18 pages of details that should help      adjustment/manipulation 98941, 98942 and 98943. The spinal adjustment/
     you derive an impression of the meaning of “Reasonable and Necessary.”        manipulation must be linked to the appropriate level spinal subluxation
     Generally “Reasonable and Necessary” means that you provided active           code 739.0-5 and to a same level symptom/condition. The list of approved
     spinal adjustment(s)/manipulation(s) care to a Medicare beneficiary who       ICD-9 diagnosis codes are listed in the LCD# L23711. Some Medicare
     had a significant neuromusculoskeletal symptom(s) that directly caused        Part C plans offer coverage for addition services.
     the spinal subluxation(s). Active spinal care must have a reasonable
     expectation of recovery or improvement of function. If dynamic thrust
     is used, the benefits must clearly outweigh the risks, and the beneficiary    Box 14 Date
     must be notified of the risk. In addition, documentation of the risk notice
                                                                                   Medicare instructions for Box 14 on the paper claim form CMS 1500
     must be in the beneficiary’s records.
                                                                                   08/05 are frequently misunderstood. The date in Box 14 is the day of the
                                                                                   first encounter for the current case management plan. The date in Box
                                                                                   14 should change when a new case management plan is started. The date
     Chart Notes
                                                                                   format in Box 14 on the paper claim form should be 8 digits with spaces
     Chart notes should be complete and legible and should include:                MM DD CCYY.
       • The reason for the encounter and relevant history, findings and           Many providers incorrectly think the date in Box 14 should always
         test results                                                              stay the same and should be the date the patient first started care. Some
                                                                                   providers incorrectly think the date in Box 14 should be the original
       • An assessment and impression of diagnosis
                                                                                   date of injury or the date of the last exacerbation for the patient’s current
       • A plan of care and the date and legible identity of the observer          complaint.
         (if any)
                                                                                   If the date in Box 14 is more than 6 months prior to the current date of
       • The records should not only substantiate the service performed, but       service, Medicare may think the current care is for a chronic condition
         also the level of care required.                                          and deny the claim as not reasonable and necessary. It is very important
                                                                                   to update the date in Box 14 and update the diagnostic codes in Section
                                                                                   21 when the patient presents with a new or changed condition. Medicare
     Providers billing Medicare for their services must:                           requires a case management plan for each series of care. Long term
                                                                                   weekly, twice a month or monthly care would not be an acceptable
       • Document in appropriate office records and/or hospital records each
                                                                                   case management plan. Medicare expects to see intense short term case
         time a covered Medicare service is provided.
                                                                                   management plans (e.g., Mild case: 5-10 adjustment within 30 days.
       • When providing concurrent care for hospital or custodial care             Moderate case: 10-15 adjustments within 60 days. Severe case: 15-20
         facility patients, physicians should identify their specialty in order    adjustments within 90 days).
         to help support the necessity.
       • Write medical information legibly and either sign each entry with a
         legible signature, or ensure that the identity of the provider /author/
         observer is present and legible. The medical information should be
         clear, concise and reflect the patient’s condition.

16      w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
Par or Non-Par
CMS/Medicare really wants you to be a Medicare participating
(Par) provider rather than a Medicare non-participating (Non-Par)
provider because it saves Medicare beneficiaries money. They
continue to search for methods to encourage all providers to
participate ( non-par providers usually receive a letter each year
asking if they would like to become Par). Many providers would like
to completely “opt-out” of Medicare due to the extensive regulations
and severe penalties for Medicare mistakes/abuse. Unfortunately,
chiropractors are not allowed to “opt-out” of Medicare, so many
chiropractors choose to be Non-Par as an alternative. There are
advantages and disadvantages of both Par and Non-Par.

Par Advantages
Par providers may collect deductibles and co-pays at the time of
service, then Medicare reimburses Par providers directly for their
portion of allowed services. Medicare automatically forwards the
billing information to the patient’s Medigap policy for consideration.
Medigap payers who are linked to the Medicare computer system are
supposed to pay Par providers directly for any coinsurance for which
they are responsible. Par providers bill Medicare for their normal
retail fees. Medicare discounts to the allowable amount and pays the
Par provider directly. Par fees are a little higher than Non-Par fees.

Par Disadvantages
The main Par disadvantage is a slower collection process. Many
people believe that Par providers are at higher risk of Medicare
reviews and audits. To my knowledge, Medicare has not published the
review/audit rates of Par and Non-Par, however both are equally liable
for abiding by all Federal and Medicare health services laws/rules.

Non-Par Advantages
Non-Par providers can collect up to the limiting charge at the time
of service. Medicare discounts the limiting fee to the allowable
Non-par fee and reimburses the beneficiary for a portion of allowed
services. Non-Par providers who accept assignment collect the
allowable Non-Par fee at the time of services and can bill Medicare
for their normal retail fees. Medicare discounts the retail fee to the
Non-par allowable and reimburses the beneficiary for their portion
of allowed services.

Non-Par Disadvantages
Non-Par provider’s patients have to pay more for Medicare services.
Many Medicare beneficiaries will avoid Non-Par providers. Non-
Par providers who do not accept assignment can’t bill Medicare
for any more than the limiting Non-Par fee. The limiting Non-Par
fee extends to all insurance coverage for Medicare beneficiaries.
When a Medicare beneficiary is injured in an auto accident, Non-
Par providers who do not accept assignment cannot charge the PI
payer any more than the Medicare limiting fee. Fee discrimination
warning! It is illegal to have a fee chart with different fees for the
same code.

—John Huber, DC, is Program Manager of the Chiropractic Technician
Training Program at Highline Community College in Des Moines, Wash. He
can be reached at 206.878.3710, ext. 3071.
 After College Shock:
 Newly Licensed Chiropractors Speak Out
 Jen Drake, WSCA Membership Director
 What is it like to be starting one’s career in 2010? Is it any different from   primary doctor practice along the mechanical model or more along the
 2000? 1960? Are the questions the same—“will I survive?” “Can I make            philosophical chiropractic model? Is the doctor looking for a work horse
 my school and practice payments?” “Can I juggle all the requirements            to help him out, or is he looking to train someone to one day open a
 to be successful?” Three newly licensed chiropractors share vignettes of        new clinic? Does the doctor practice the ‘right’ chiropractic technique?
 struggle, management, learning office procedures and styles of handling         Will the associate be paid a low salary with a high commission or visa
 business, and triumphantly facing those struggles with determination.           versa? Does the practice focus solely on adjusting or does it incorporate
                                                                                 nutrition, massage, decompression, and overall wellness care? And lastly,
 While the economic downturn has hurt many professions, Dr. John
                                                                                 does the doctor and the associate get along personality-wise?” These
 Vang, a recent graduate of Life Chiropractic College West, sees the
                                                                                 issues and others have made the interviewing process a roller coaster
 positive side, since “there will always be people with health issues
                                                                                 ride for not just Dr. Nadel, but many newly licensed graduates. Dr. Nadel
 and injuries. I don’t see it as a down economy in our profession.” The
                                                                                 admits that he’s had relationships that were less complicated, but, “I guess
 difficult task is not overcoming a down economy, but rather explaining
                                                                                 that’s just all part of the package.”
 the benefit of chiropractic in an easy-to-understand fashion. “Once this is
 accomplished,” Dr. Vang told me, “all else will follow.”                        Dr. Vang found that the beliefs of practicing in school and the realities
                                                                                 of actual practice formed an apparent disconnect. “The biggest thing
 The larger issue facing newly graduated chiropractors is the rising cost of
                                                                                 that I’ve learned since graduation is that you have to work hard at not
 tuition, the amount of which could fully pay for a decent three-bedroom
                                                                                 just maintaining your business, but also expand it,” he stated. “You must
 starter home in a modest neighborhood. Dr. Kris Royal graduated from
                                                                                 always be five steps ahead and be precise at time management.”
 Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida this past June. He is not alone
 in his initial fear of not being able to pay a school loan and daily living     Dr. Royal concurs that time management is essential to expansion,
 requirements. “We as new doctors have to look at the fact that we are           coupled with a key component not taught in school: excitement. “I am so
 coming out with $170,000 in debt,” Dr. Royal stated. “Our monthly               excited about treating patients and making a difference in the community
 payments for a 25-year loan are $1,200 a month.” Fortunately, Dr. Royal         I live in; it’s great to meet skeptics and turn them into chiropractic
 landed a job with Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness Center in Seattle,         believers,” he said. Dr. Nadel enthusiastically agrees—he loves waking
 but he admits that opening his own practice was not feasible, “considering      daily and knowing he is able to help and heal.
 the amount of debt incurred from school in addition to opening a
                                                                                 For many new chiropractors, the chance to work as an associate provides
 new practice.”
                                                                                 invaluable business and marketing skills. Dr. Vang works at Abrams
 Dr. Gabe Nadel, a recent graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic,             Chiropractic Clinic in Seattle, established for 28 years and admits that his
 informed me that after graduation, the next step is interviewing.               mentors have been “absolutely instrumental” in motivation and learning
 “Interviewing for a chiropractic position as an associate is very much          to be a better chiropractor and business person. Passing the national
 like dating,” he said. Why, you may ask? “Because both parties have             exam, applyng for Washington state licensure, finding a job, applying to
 to see eye to eye on a plethora of issues,” he explained. “Does the             insurance networks, researching upcoming health fairs and community

18   w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
events, working late and on weekends, chiropractic is truly a tough gig         being lazy.” By Christmas time of that same year, he repaid the loan to
for any new doctor. Dr. Vang’s secret to success? Streamlining his work.        his mom, paid his rent and other bills, and bought two round-trip tickets
While every person has their own way of doing things, Dr. Vang and the          to introduce his new girlfriend to his parents. “The rest was history,” Dr.
other doctors “try to be as uniform as possible, from our adjusting style to    Kriss said. “My practice has had its ups and downs, but the magic of
patient interactions to note taking. I have to observe and mimic,” he notes,    expectation continues to drive a very busy successful practice.” When
because “I have to master what they do since it works. It has worked for        asked what guaranteed his success, he said, “Attitude. I was convinced I
28 years in this office.” Dr. Royal confirms that learning the logistics of a   would be successful. I thought chiropractors would open their doors and
new practice is spent with 2-4 weeks of observing and training.                 100 people a day would start walking in. Nobody told me otherwise, so I
                                                                                assumed that to be true.” Dr. Kriss included a special post-script note—
“The hardest aspect for me is marketing myself and letting others know
                                                                                “P.S. - Kriss Chiropractic is hiring new chiropractors with the same
that I am an expert at what I do,” Dr. Vang added. On top of marketing,
                                                                                attitude I had.”
Dr. Vang realizes that he has “to introduce myself to new patients as
‘Dr. Vang’ and set precedence,” which allows the patient to know he             “New beginnings are never easy, and starting out, my chiropractic career is
is a qualified practitioner to meet their needs, despite feeling so new         no exception,” Dr. Nadel candidly explained after sharing his journey from
to the job. “I have to deal with patients with difficult issues, insurance      graduation this past December to now. “Who knows what life has in store
company requests, Labor and Industries standards, and a whole list of           for me, but one thing I can tell you: I am learning, and that’s what beginnings
‘To Learn’ tasks.”                                                              are all about. I also know that I have an extremely powerful tool that can
                                                                                change lives.”
Perhaps Dr. Nadel is right. Starting out in practice is a lot like dating.
Complicated, always complicated.
Are you a newly licensed doctor in need of advice? In one week alone,
Dr. Nadel went on seven job interviews—staying focused and motivated
while exuding his vision. Stay the course. Dr. Vang told me, “I have a list
of goals that I’ve written down, and one of my goals is to do something
new each day. Being in the office allows me to reach that goal.” Dr.
                                                                                      Interested in Being a
Royal’s advice on finding work is to have a purpose of how and where
you want to practice. “Luckily there are plenty of jobs available in the
                                                                                      Chiropractic Mentor?
state of Washington, and so finding an associate’s position is attainable”            Do you remember your first year of licensure,
with the right marketing and interviewing skills.
                                                                                      full of questions? Would you like to work
Dr. Phillip Kriss has been practicing for 27 years in Maple Valley
                                                                                      and perhaps network with newly licensed
and has a special message for newly graduated chiropractors—it’s all
about attitude.                                                                       chiropractors or chiropractors looking to
                                                                                      move to Washington State and help answer
Just out of school and loaded with school debt and no money to start
a practice, he borrowed $10,000 from his mom and built a shoestring                   their questions?
budget—two chairs, a stapler, and a 4x8 sheet of plywood he painted dark
blue and attached white lettering. “Maple Valley Chiropractic” was born!              Contact Jen Drake at the WSCA office,
                                                                             or 206.878.6055 to be
“At that time, the economy was also in shambles,” Dr. Kriss told me.
“Inflation was high and new chiropractic practices were rare.” He                     listed as a WSCA Chiropractic Mentor.
bombarded the area with personal contact marketing, visited all local
businesses, believing that “if I didn’t meet three new people a day I was

                                                                           P l e x u s                   N o v / D e c             2 0 1 0                    19
                                                                                                   claims submitted, so that they are compliant with current regulations
                                                                                                   and policies.
                                                                                                   It’s also frustrating to have claims be denied because of errors and/
                                                                                                   or omissions in your claims simply because your biller doesn’t know
                                                                                                   and understand everything the insurance companies need from you.
                                                                                                   Are the claim forms complete with all the necessary and correct
                                                                                                   information? Do the diagnosis and procedure codes agree with
                                                                                                   the chart notes? Whether it’s a Medicare, health insurance, auto or
                                                                                                   occupational injury claim, your biller must know how to process it so

                                                                                                   that it is not questionable.
                                                                                                   If you tend to prefer having a biller on your staff, remember that
                                                                                                   an experienced and knowledgeable chiropractic billing specialist
                                                                                                   is hard to find, and when you find one then you must consider
                                                                                                   a substantial salary, benefits and payroll taxes, and that they
                                                                                                   will need time off for illness, personal and family time. Have
                                                                                                   they mastered your (expensive) software? Can they inform you
                                                                                                   of your current billing status at all times? Also, how does their
                                                                                                   personality fit in with the harmony of the essential people in
                                                                                                   your office?
                                                                                                   Coding rules change frequently. Be sure that your biller is intimately
                                                                                                   familiar and current with what the codes and modifiers represent,
                                                                                                   and how mistakes in coding can impact your collection rate and your
                                                                                                   liability. Are you billing too much for what you are providing? Are
                                                                                                   you billing too little? Are you applying the correct code and modifier
                                                                                                   to maximize your income for the procedure? Does your modifier
                                                                                                   exceed the actual procedure performed? If your biller knows the
                                                                                                   rules, they can tell you if you’re billing over the acceptable limits, or
                                                                                                   under. You could be at risk of audit, or you may be getting paid less
                                                                                                   than you should be. An expert chiropractic coder should be able to tell
                                                                                                   you which, after becoming familiar with your chart noting.
                                                                                                   An outsource billing service is paid at a percentage of what you
                                                                                                   receive every month by their efforts, so they have a strong incentive
                                                                                                   to perform for you dollar-wise, but they should also be looking out

                     Who Does
                                                                                                   for your best interests by advising you about possible compliance
                                                                                                   violations in your coding before the claims go out. They should also
                                                                                                   advise you about how you could improve your coding to maximize
                                                                                                   your income, while protecting you with compliance oversight.

                     Your Billing?
                                                                                                   Chiropractic billing is a specialized and complex world. Interview
                                                                                                   with your prospective staff biller or billing service to learn about the
                                                                                                   people and see what they have to offer. Will they go after your old
                     Victoria Skoff, CompliantCare, LLC                                            accounts receivable? And, what about follow-up? Does your biller
                     WSCA Corporate Partner                                                        know who and how to call to pursue denied claims? Do they speak
                                                                                                   the language of the insurance companies and Medicare? Can they get
                     You are a healer. You probably rely on someone else to do your                to the right person who can tell them what’s wrong or missing? Can
                     billing. It’s hard to manage a complex staff when you have so many            they then argue knowledgeably and aggressively on your behalf? Can
                     patients who need your attention and care, and yet you have to tend           they give you reports on the status of your receivables, and how old
                     to the affairs of business. They didn’t teach you much about billing,         they are?
                     compliance and the legal aspects in school, so you either have to rely
                                                                                                   This article is only a very brief synopsis of the world of billing and
                     on someone who already knows and practices it, and stays current
                                                                                                   coding, but I hope it contributes to your knowledge, and helps you
                     with the changing rules, or learn it yourself and keep up with it. The
                                                                                                   to understand what your biller should be doing for you. Fees differ
                     former intuitively seems more desirable.
                                                                                                   between outsource companies. Don’t go cheap. You usually get what
                     Billing poses risks and time consumption in your business, and                you pay for. Be sure you know what you’re getting for your buck. It’s
                     it’s the only part of your practice you can eliminate from your               about diligence to you.
                     office environment.
                     Compliance to coding rules is absolutely necessary for you to not                             —Victoria Skoff is owner and general manager of
                     only get paid, but to avoid audits. Audits regularly assess six-figure                        CompliantCare, LLC. Victoria is an accountant with 30
                     (and higher) penalties for patterns of “mistakes” made in the billing                         years experience in medical billing. She and her staff
                     process, such as inappropriate coding for procedures, as related                              specialize in protecting and profiting chiropractors.
                                                                                                                   Victoria is available for consult at 360.691.3108
                     back to the diagnoses. Insurance companies and Medicare are very                              or via email at
                     serious. It is essential that your biller protect you with oversight of the                   Visit for more information.
                    2010 Has Been a Great Year, Thank you!
      We Look Forward to Working With You and Your Patients in 2011

    Graham Lundberg & Peschel 2011 CE Luncheon Seminars
                                       Medical Liens
                                       February 2011
                               Debunking the Attorney Myth
                                         May 2011
                               War Stories From the Front-
    For King, Snohomish,        Battling Insurance Tactics           For Pierce, Kitsap,
        Island, Skagit,                September 2011             Mason, Jefferson, Lewis &
San Juan, & Whatcom Counties                                          Thurston Counties
  Contact: Melissa Collins     Hot Topics In Your PI Practice     Contact: Lindsey Johnson
      (800) 422-4610                   November 2011                  (800) 273-5005

                  All Seminars are Complimentary and lunch is provided.
                       Chiropractors earn 1.5 CE credits for attending.


                                           P l e x u s         N o v / D e c      2 0 1 0     21
                                 Welcome, new & returning WSCA Members!
     New Doctor Members                      Jacob Harris, DC                 Grant Morlock, DC               Returning Doctor                     Mark Jyringi, DC
                                          DC Health Chiropractic              Blaine Chiropractic                                                Roosevelt Chiropractic
         Benjamin Atwood, DC                    Burlington                          Blaine                       Members                               Seattle
              Vancouver                                                                                          Kurt Adams, DC
                                           Warner Hettick, DC                 Gabriel Nadel, DC              Adams Chiropractic Inc. PS           Jason Kitzman, DC
          Mychal Beebe, DC                  Dynamic Chiros                        Bellevue                          Silverdale                  Skagit River Chiropractic
        Health First Chiropractic              Redmond                                                                                                 Burlington
            Sedro Woolley                                                    Tobin Panattoni, DC                   Jay Baker, DC
                                            Adam Ingles, DC              Pacific Highway Chiropractic      Health Source of Federal Way             Russell Kun, DC
           Roseann Berg, DC            Innovative Chiropractic and                  SeaTac                          Federal Way                  Evergreen Chiropractic
       Chiropractic at The Center               Massage                                                                                                 Seattle
                Seattle                         Mill Creek                    Cheris Paresa, DC                   Peter Carr, DC
                                                                           Vibrant Life Chiropractic         Dynamic Chiropractic Clinic           Frank Lawler, DC
             Luke Boyer, DC                Sean Joseph, DC                         Sumner                            Seattle                     Madigan Army Hospital
                Pullman               Sound Chiropractic & Physical                                                                                    Tacoma
                                               Medicine                       Tedd Perkins, DC                   Stephen Chan, DC
            Gerald Brady, DC                   Silverdale                         Puyallup                  Strategic Health Chiropractic             Paul Lund, DC
              Port Ludlow                                                                                             Bellevue                           Fall City
                                            Deborah Kim, DC                   Joseph Perin, DC
         Christopher Breon, DC         Bellevue Center for Health        Balanced Living Chiropractic            Herbert Cho, DC                     James Mahar
       Lake Meridian Chiropractic            Bellevue, WA                      Vancouver, WA                    Chosen Chiropractic               Kenmore Chiropractic
                  Kent                                                                                               Bellevue                          Kenmore
                                             David King, DC                 Reanna Plancich, DC
         Shane Carnahan, DC                    Gig Harbor                Discover Health Chiropractic           Kimberly Corbin, DC               Scott Massengill, DC
         Carnahan Chiropractic                                                     Seattle                    Corbin Chiropractic Clinic          Straight Chiropractic
               Pullman                     Adam Klassen, DC                                                           Renton                           North Bend
                                         Health First Chiropractic            Tony Rhodes, DC
         Josh Christensen, DC               Sedero Woolley                      Portland, OR                   Robyn DeSautel, DC                 Eric Middendorf, DC
       Pinnacle Health Solutions                                                                               DeSautel Chiropractic           Mile Hill Chiropractic Clinic
             Olympia, WA                   Phillip Kogler, DC             Anthony Rodriguez, DC                      Seattle                          Port Orchard
                                        Wellness One of Eastgate         Bauman Chiropractic Center
             Jenna Cook, DC                     Bellevue                        Longview                         Tara Douglas, DC                  Matthew Nash, DC
          Elite Sport and Spine                                                                                  Atlas Spinal Care                 Nash Chiropractic
                 Bellevue                    Lisa Kouzes, DC                 Kristopher Royal, DC                   Vancouver                          Edmonds
                                                Tigard, OR                Graham Rehabilitation and
          Matthew Cooper, DC                                                       Wellness                    Charles Dwyer, DC                   Michael Neely, DC
          BC Chiropractic Clinic            Dave Kreider, DC                        Seattle                  Dwyer Chiropractic Center        South Sound Pain Relief Clinic
               Vancouver                Bellevue Wellness Center                                                    Clarkston                           Olympia
                                                Bellevue                      Dylan Semu, DC
        Brandon Couchman, DC                                                Murry Chiropractic and                 Corey Ebbin, DC                Thomas Ovenell, DC
              Richland                      Chi Min Lee, DC                      Associates                  Vitality Chiropractic Center        Ovenell Chiropractic P.S.
                                      Cha and Lee Chiropractic Clinic            Bellingham                            Bellevue                     East Wenatchee
            Brian Covey, DC                   Federal Way
       Natural Way Chiropractic of                                          Stephen Sherman, DC                 Elizabeth Faletti, DC              Allan Sheen, DC
               Bellingham                   Frank LeRay, DC              Tuttle Chiropractic Center PS               Kennewick                  Natural Way Chiropractic
               Bellingham              Heritage Chiropractic Clinic                 Seattle                                                             Ferndale
                                              Tacoma, WA                                                         Justin Favreau, DC
          Michael Curtin, DC                                                 Richard Sikka, DC                    Align Chiropractic               Marcy Sullivan, DC
        Full Circle Health Center         Mathew Lucas, DC               Meadows Family Chiropractic                   Seattle                   Community Chiropractic
              Vashon Island              Oberg, Larson, & Lucas                  Kirkland                                                              Olympia
                                              Chiropractic                                                      Thomas Floch, DC
          Richard Dinubilo, DC                  Richland                        Un Song, DC                 Precision Chiropractic Clinic           Calah Tenney, DC
           Chiropractic Center                                          Washington Family Chiropractic             Aberdeen, WA                Port Townsend Chiropractic
                 Seattle                 Anthony Marasco, DC                       Everett                                                           Port Townsend
                                       Kaufman Chiropractic Clinic                                               David Froines, DC
            Paul Dodson, DC                    Bothell                         John Tong, DC                        Silverdale                      Ralph Visco, DC
     Balance Chiropractic & Massage                                       Whole Health Chiropractic                                            SeaTac Burien Chiropractic
                Richland                  Dana Matthews, DC                      Shoreline                      David Gauthun, DC                       Burien
                                          Grobelny Chiropractic                                                 Gauthun Chiropractic
          Maki Drollinger, DC                    Yelm                         John Vang, DC                           Sequim                       Derrik Williams, DC
               Bellevue                                                   Abrams Chiropractic Clinic                                                     Renton
                                          Nicholas McBride, DC                    Seattle                       Scott Hammons, DC
           Aaron England, DC             Issaquah Wellness and                                                 Elite Sports and Spine                  Earl Zini, DC
           Petett Chiropractic                Chiropractic                    Brian Walters, DC                       Bellevue                         Oak Harbor
              Renton, WA                        Issaquah                   Corbin Chiropractic Clinic
                                                                                   Renton                      Stefanie Haugen, DC
          Bradley Franklin, DC            Benjamin McKee, DC                                                    Plateau Chiropractic
        Franklin Chiropractic, P.S.     Stemp Family Chiropractic              Jimmy Wang, DC                       Sammamish
                Silverdale                      Tacoma                   Vitality Specific Chiropractic
                                                                                    Seattle                     Patrick Hunter, DC
            Dawn Geiger, DC               George Miskovic, DC                                             Premier Chiroopractic No. 5, PLLC
      Carlsborg Chiropractic Center       Midway Chiropractic                Ty Weingard, DC                           Seattle
                Carlsborg                   Des Moines, WA                  Avanti Health Pain
                                                                         Management & Chiropractic                Seth Hutton, DC
          Trevor Gilbert, DC               Brandy Morgan, DC                  Coeur D’ Alene                   Vancouver Chiropractic
        Spine Performance and              Summit Chiropractic                                                       Vancouver
            Rehabilitation                     Silverdale                   Brian Wickstrom, DC
            Redmond, WA                                                   Absolute Life Chiropractic            Xavier Ibarreta, DC
                                                                                 Vancouver                      Midway Chiropractic
                                                                                                                 Des Moines, WA

22      w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
P l e x u s   N o v / D e c   2 0 1 0   23
 Member Spotlight
 The Strategic Chiropractor
 Dr. Tom Necela, DC, CPC, CPMA, CCP-P has expanded his support of the Association
 by bringing The Strategic Chiropractor into the WSCA as a Gold Level Corporate
                                                                                              CorPorAtE PArtnEr
 Partner. Dr. Necela is chiropractic’s first and only Certified Professional Auditor          SPECiAL rECognition
 dedicated to teaching chiropractors proper billing, coding, documentation and business
                                                                                              LEADErSHiP LEvEL
 strategies so that they can work smarter, not harder. Unlike most “front end” heavy          The Highest Level of Partnership
 coaching and practice management groups, he focuses on the often neglected “back end”
 of your practice otherwise known as the “business side.” To reach him, call Dr. Necela       Adler giersch, PS
                                                                                              Richard Adler, Attorney at Law
 at 253.370.6156 or email His website is           206-682-0300
                                                                                              Center for Diagnostic imaging (CDi)
                                                                                              Jill Nuss, Senior Account Manager
 Weyer Law Firm                                                                               866-942-7226
 The Weyer Law Firm joins WSCA as a Gold Level Corporate Partner. It is owned by              graham Lundberg & Peschel
 Kimberly Gaddis Weyer, daughter of Dr. Marv Gaddis. The Weyer Law Firm is a leading          Brian Peschel, Managing Partner
 Washington law firm experienced in the representation of personal injury victims,            Ken Golden, Managing Partner
                                                                                              North Sound: 800-422-4610
 including cases involving auto collisions, bicycle, pedestrian, watercraft accidents, and    South Sound: 800-273-5005
 wrongful death cases. Kimberly can be reached at 800.366.5153, by email to kweyer@           nCMiC, or on the web at                                      Michael Whitmer, Professional Relations Representative
                                                                                              800-321-7015, ext. 4350
                                                                                              radia imaging
                                                                                              Sharon Gibbons, Corporate Marketing Administrator
 Four additional partners also have joined at the Regular Corporate Partner level:            425-297-6238
 The Pettibon System                                                                          PLAtinuM LEvEL
 The Pettibon System, created by Dr. Burl Pettibon, is a comprehensive rehabilitation         A Superior Level of Involvement
 system for the spine’s hard and soft tissue correction. It uses a comprehensive analysis     Biotics research nW, inc.
 process for diagnosis, assessing progress, and proof of treatment effectiveness. It tests    Gray Graham, President
 each patient’s ability to respond to care, and trains patients in home care for faster       800-636-6913
 correction. Inquiries should be directed to Miriam Battson, 888.774.6258 or on the web       Foot Levelers
 at                                                                   Legwork Software
                                                                                              Korey Korfiatis, CEO/Brand Strategist
 Cherrish for Health                                                                          Peick | Conniff PS
 We also welcome Cherrish for Health. It is a natural power drink that strengthens and        John C. Peick, Attorney at Law
 provides protection to prevent or fight against many serious health conditions. This all     425-462-0660
 natural, no sugar added juice is made from Montmorency Cherries, identified as being an      the Zielke Law Firm
                                                                                              Robert A. Zielke, Attorney at Law
 antioxidant super fruit that help boost immune systems, ease joint pain, and slow aging.
 To learn more, call CEO Dan Haggart at 425.829.2087 or email daniel@drinkcherrish.
 com. You will find them on the web at                                 goLD LEvEL
                                                                                              Support Above and Beyond Regular Level Partnership

                                                                                              Erchonia Medical
 Century Payments                                                                             Charlie Shanks, Vice President
 Century Payments provides on-site and online payment processing services that are unique     Diane Southwick, Wash. Rep.
 to the industry. At Century, every new merchant receives a guarantee that you will receive   888-242-0571
 your promised savings for as long as you remain a customer. The local representative is      Hardwick & Pendergast, P.S.
                                                                                              Morton Hardwick/Joseph Pendergast III, Attorneys at Law
 Dave Dusek at 360.790.2474 or by email at                    425-228-3860
                                                                                              Justin Lee, DC, Owner
 Gem Clinic                                                                                   425-864-3536
 Gem Clinic is a one-stop source for optimal health through nutritional therapy, education    Metagenics
 and supplements. Their goal is to offer a world class facility where chiropractors and       Doug Gaynor, Marketing Director
 clients can interact in a pleasant, professional setting. Founders and clinic directors      800-692-9400
 Katherine and Brent Kohler can be reached at 360.456.3036, email at brent@gemclinic.
                                                                                              David Marcarian, President
 com or on the web at                                                   800-969-6961
                                                                                              ouM Chiropractor Program
                                                                                              Kiran Edwards, Marketing Specialist
 Discontinued Corporate Memberships                                                           800-423-1504
 It is with regret that we report the following companies have ended their Corporate          robinson & Kole
 Membership: Bob Wagner Insurance and People’s Injury Network. Look for substitute            David Robinson, Attorney at Law
 organizations in the Marketplace section of the WSCA website at         360-671-8112
                                                                                              Law offices of Morris H. rosenberg, P.S.
                                                                                              Morris H. Rosenberg, Attorney at Law
                                                                                              Standard Process nW, inc.
                                                                                              Jerry Linnenkohl, President

24   w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
                                       WSCA Corporate Partner Profile

Year Established: 1999                                                  Geographic Areas Served: United States and Canada.
Key Management: Judith A. Barnes, President,                            Company Philosophy: “We provide exceptional products with
Matthew N. Richard, VP Software Development                             exceptional customer support. At JR Consulting, we like to say that
                                                                        all of our customers can be used as references.”
Description of Business: JR Consulting provides software, training
and consulting services for chiropractors who want to produce the       About Being a WSCA Corporate Partner: “We are proud to be
highest quality documentation quickly and in their own words. They      a partner of the WSCA. We are especially proud to support the
are a Premier Partner with Nuance Communications, the developers of     chiropractic profession and have a passion for chiropractic care.
Dragon Medical speech recognition software. They provide CE classes     When it comes time for WSCA conferences, we fight over who
across the U.S., teaching doctors and staff how to utilize the latest   gets to go to Washington! The splendor of the landscape takes our
in computer and speech recognition technology to streamline daily       breath away.”
activities and optimize productivity.

                                                            Jr Consulting
                                                Contact person: Judith Barnes
                                           Tel: 952.474.3426 Fax: 952.474.3129
                              Mailing address: 17730 Arrowhead Trail, Minnetonka, MN 55345

EON Systems Updates WSCA Member Discount
EON Systems has updated the special discount it offers WSCA DC
                                                                              When You Buy Supplies from Thera Tek,
members. EON donates $100 to WSCA for each new client who                               You Support the
purchases one of the company’s fine software products for EHR                  Washington Chiropractic Trust (WCT)
solutions. The Digital Office™ components include: Documentor™,
for possibly the most revolutionary documentation; Document
Solution™ for document management and storage; and The Practice                    10% of All Thera Tek Supply Sales
Solution™, for full-featured billing and practice management. Each                     are Donated to the WCT
is available separately. New clients must state that they are members
of the WSCA. Contact Ian Lyons at 800.955.6448 or email at info@ Their fax number is 253.517.5844.                             If every DC in Washington State purchased one
                                                                             box of table paper from Thera Tek, the contribution
                                                                                to the WCT could exceed $45,000 in 2010.
Correction to Premiere Billing Management                                                  Thank You, Thera Tek!
in Marketplace Fall 2010
In the WSCA Marketplace Fall 2010 section of the Sept/Oct 2010
issue of Plexus, the listing for Premiere Billing Management was
printed incorrectly. We apologize for the error. The correct company                        Contact Noel Davenport at
listing is:                                                                                206.781.1776 • 800.858.0250
Darrel Krehbiel, CPC owner of Premiere Billing Management,
is a nationally recognized certified professional coder and billing
expert. Premiere Billing Management maximizes collections by
proper coding and accurate EOB and fee evaluations; and is expert
in countering claim denials and fast maximum dollar flow and audit
protection strategies. Contact Darrel at 888.533.7583 or find out
more at

                                                                    P l e x u s                 N o v / D e c           2 0 1 0               25
                             WSCA Plexus                                                PRACTICES FOR SALE                            SEAttLE, WA- new listing. Excellent location overlooking
                CLASSiFiED ADvErtiSing rAtES & PoLiCiES                                                                               Lake union. Small diversified, staffless longstanding
                                                                      nEED A ProFESSionAL PrACtiCE BroKEr? Why not use                practice. Asking $110K. Seller willing to request
                                                                      Washington’s largest and most experienced? We have              transfer of regence and Premera contracts to the new
             Classified advertising space is available in Plexus      strong demand for practices and the current practice            owner. Call Dr. Peseau at Epracticesales 1.800.227.6603
             and on the WSCA website to all chiropractors in          sale market is stronger than ever despite the economic          or see online,
             Washington State and WSCA Corporate Partners.            downturn. Call Washington’s largest practice broker
             The WSCA may accept classified ads from outside          today and let’s talk. We sell over 90% of all Washington        tuKWiLA,WA- Located 10 minutes south of Seattle.
             advertisers (i.e., non-chiropractors or chiropractors    chiropractic practices and are also available for appraisals,   Beautiful 2,500 sq. ft. office well equipped for chiro,
                                                                      expert witness testimony, and valuations associated             rehab and massage. Consistent growth every year with
             outside Washington State) in the "DC Wanted,"            with divorce, partnerships and legal disputes. Strictly         ‘09 coll. $351K and profit of $162K. Perfect location in
             "Space Available" and "Equipment for Sale"               100% confidential. Call Dr. Peseau at Epracticesales            high density and traffic area, 10 minutes from Seattle
             categories. Certain restrictions apply and pre-          1.800.227.6603.                                                 without the traffic headaches. this is a first class, thriving
             approval is required. Contact the WSCA for details.                                                                      practice and the seller is willing to stay for a smooth
                                                                      nEED A PrACtiCE APPrAiSAL? Epracticesales offers                transition to the new owner. Asking $292K. Call Dr.
                                                                      comprehensive appraisals for financial planning, divorce        Peseau at Epracticesales 1.800.227.6603 or see online,
             StAnDArD AD rAtES                                        settlement, legal proceedings and pre-sale discovery. 
             Active Members - Active members are entitled             Affordable fee of $1,000 with 48 hour completion of an
             to any 30-word ad in any 2 issues of Plexus              extensive 10-15 page appraisal document. if the practice        WEnAtCHEE, WA- new listing. Established, consistent
             each calendar year, with concurrent coverage of          is eventually listed for sale with Epracticesales, we will      performer. Pettibon, thompson, decompression services.
             the same ad on the WSCA website. Additional              credit the appraisal fee towards any broker fees due at         Priced under $100K. Call Dr. Peseau at Epracticesales
                                                                      closing of the sale! Strictly 100% confidential. Call Dr.       1.800.227.6603 or see online,
             advertising is offered to WSCA members at a special      Peseau at Epracticesales where we broker over 90% of
             member's only rate of $40 per ad, which includes         Washington practices. 1.800.227.6603.                           Activator practice for sale must have proficiency
             coverage in 1 issue of Plexus + 2 months concurrent                                                                      rated. i am retiring due to health. i am working 15
             coverage on the WSCA website.                            WAntED PrACtiCES For SALE! Seattle, tri-cities, Spokane         hr per week, many state workers, 2500 files to start
                                                                      practices wanted immediately. We have buyers now!               with, need full time Dr. Practice $40,000, 10-20%
             inactive Members - Inactive members may                  Contact Dr. Peseau at Epracticesales where we broker over       down, will carry contract. My 3 rental office building
                                                                      90% of Washington practices. 1.800.227.6603.                    is also for sale, $285,000. Buy one or both, good extra
             advertise with the WSCA at the full price rates of                                                                       income, will stay to get you started. Located 15 min.
             $85 per 30-word ad, which includes coverage in 1         KEnt, WA- Well established 19 year old practice, located        south of olympia. tenino Chiropractic Po box 676
             issue of Plexus + 2 months concurrent coverage on        in high traffic and exposure strip mall on busy street. Low     tenino WA 98589. Phone 360.264.5999 for meeting.
             the WSCA website.                                        overhead, low stress operation with one staff member.           Dr. ron Coulson DC.
                                                                      Consistent performance, with the best year yet in 2009!
                                                                      Perfect practice for the doctor that wants something            Yakima is described as the “Palm Springs of Washington”.
             *non-Members - Non-members, upon approval                simple and easy to build on. Asking $84K. Call Dr.              Would you like to live in Yakima and practice in a small
             from WSCA, may advertise with WSCA at the rate of        Peseau at Epracticesales 1.800.227.6603 or see online,          town 8 miles away, and be the only Chiropractor in town.
             $120 per 30-word ad, which includes coverage in 1                                         Arguably the best weather, skiing, hunting, and fishing in
             issue of Plexus + 2 months concurrent coverage on                                                                        the state. This practice has been going for over 30 years.
             the WSCA website.                                        oAK HArBor, WA- new listing. Small but well                     It is reasonably priced and ready for a full time Dr. Easy
                                                                      established practice in the best location in town! Asking       access with a wonderful location on main street with rent of
                                                                      price is $48,500. Seller financing is available to qualified    $400. Unlimited potential. Price $35K. Contact Dr. Berreth at
             ADDitionAL FEES                                          buyers. Call Dr. Peseau at Epracticesales 1.800.227.6603
             oversize Fees                                            or see online,
             Ads must be 30 words or less. Ads exceeding the                                                                          SELLEr$ & BuYEr$ - Win/Win! First in service and sales
             size limit will incur oversize fees for each word over   oAK HArBor, WA- Small 400 sq. ft startup in perfect             since 1989. Complimentary value estimate of your practice
             30 at the following rates:                               location. Diversified technique. Perfect for a new doctor       via phone from a highly acclaimed, seasoned chiropractic
                                                                      that wants an existing patient base, without the hassles        sales agent and consultant. Representing Sellers and Buyers.
                  $.50/word for Active Members                        of a build out and furnishing the practice. turnkey with        National Seller/Buyer database. Substantial financing
                  $1.00/word for Inactive Members                     big upside potential. Averaging 28 new patients per             available. Practice Opportunities: Washington - Seattle,
                  $2.00/word for Non-Members                          month! Asking $50K. Seller financing with qualified             California, Hawaii, illinois, Louisiana, nevada, oregon,
                                                                      buyer. Call Dr. Peseau at Epracticesales 1.800.227.6603         texas and Wyoming. Letters of recommendation on request.
             Enhancements                                             or see online,                          STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. If you want straight talk and great
                                                                                                                                      service with proven results please call Professional Practice
             BOLD enhancement is available for $15/issue.             oLYMPiC PEninSuLA, WA- Well established large, thriving         Specialists, inc. 800.645.7590,
                                                                      practice, 30 minutes from olympia. High traffic area with
             DEADLinES                                                great exposure. Brand new listing. Call for pricing and         WAC-0911 SEAttLE ArEA – 35 year family practice collecting
             Deadlines for submitting a classified ad will be on      details. Call Dr. Peseau @ Epracticesales, 1.800.227.6603       $200,000+ per year with great potential for growth. Diversified
             the 15th of the month prior to publication for each      or see online at                        and Palmer. Clinic is located in a commercial building with lots
             quarterly issue. Ads are placed on a space available,                                                                    of parking and great signage. This 1,900 sq ft clinic has four
                                                                      oLYMPiC PEninSuLA, WA - Small office located in close           treatment rooms, along with exam/diagnostic room and
             first-come, first-served basis.                          proximity to the olympic national Forest. Excellent             massage room. Doctor is retiring. Motivated Seller! Priced
                                                                      location for the outdoor enthusiast. Brand new listing!         to move quickly. Professional Practice Specialists inc.
             Deadline                issue                            Call for details and price. Call Dr. Peseau @ Epracticesales,   503.645.7590. NEW PRICE REDUCED
             Feb. 15, 2011           March 2011                       1.800.227.6603 or see online at         TO $75,000 EXCLUDING AR’S OR $123,000 INCLUDING AR’S.
             May 15, 2011            June 2011
                                                                      KitSAP PEninSuLA, WA- Well established diversified/             WAC-1001 LAKEWooD, WA - Wonderful long established
             Aug. 15, 2011           September 2011                   activator practice in great longstanding location. this         Diversified practice collecting about $30K+ per month with high
             Nov. 15, 2011           December 2011                    practice is well known in the community and the doctors         profit. Great staff, location, and parking with freeway access
                                                                      are retiring so they are looking for someone who can            nearby. Modern office with hardwood flooring throughout.
                                                                      transition successfully and take the practice to new            Doctor is available for a transition. Professional Practice
             ContACt tHE WSCA                                         heights. Collected $550K in 2009 with excellent profit          Specialists inc. 503.645.7590.
             For more information about classified advertising        margins. Call for price. Call Dr. Peseau at Epracticesales      PRICE AT $355,000 INCLUDING AR’S.
                                                                      1.800.227.6603 or see online,
             rates, deadlines and policies, contact the WSCA at                                                                       Would you like to buy or sell a practice? great
             (206) 878-6055 or (800) 824-4918 or email:               roY-WA- Close to Yelm. Established gonstead, diversified,       opportunities are available! Please see our website at
                                         motion palpation office with great location and warm   for information on each of
                                                                      healing environment. Collections in 2009 were $152K             our nationwide practices available. northwest Practice
             The WSCA provides classifieds advertising services       on 3 day work week. Plenty of growth potential. Seller          Advisors, inc. 800.863.9373
                                                                      financing available to qualified buyer. two options for the
             for the convenience of its members and the               sale price: $30K with $10K down and $20K seller financed        FEDERAL WAY, WA -Diversified practice located in a new
             chiropractic community. The WSCA makes no                or $24K for an all cash at closing sale! Call Dr. Peseau        shopping center, well established, fully-equipped. 2,800 sq
             representations or warranties for the content of the     at Epracticesales, 1.800.227.6603 for details or see at         ft clinic. 16 np/month with the doctor seeing 171 pv/week.
             ads, promises made, quality/reliability of offerings                                          Collections average $480K+ over the last 4 years! Professional
             in all ads, adequacy, accuracy, completeness or                                                                          Practice Advisors, Inc. 800.863.9373
             timeliness. The WSCA accepts no responsibility for       SEAttLE, WA- A stellar location and unique management
                                                                      systems make this one of the most profitable practices          Once in a lifetime opportunity! Step into to a beautiful fully
             errors, omissions or inaccuracies in information         in Washington. Located in north Seattle within walking          equipped 25 yr.+ N. Seattle clinic for smooth transition as Dr
             contained in the advertisements.                         distance of the university of Washington. the practice          retires. Ave. 20k+collections past 18 mo. Available for $225K,
                                                                      has had has yearly growth since inception in 2006. gross        including $90K AR, website, domains, x-ray, and computerized
                                                                      collections in 2009 were $782K with net profit of $580K.        office. Financing available for qualified buyer. dweberdc@
                                                                      the office space is beautiful and the layout is designed or 206.365.2371.
                                                                      for efficiency and high volume. this is a rare, one of a
                                                                      kind clinic, and the seller is willing to teach the purchaser   Do you want to ENJOY YOUR LIFE outside of practice in a
                                                                      all of the procedures and systems that have created this        recreational paradise? Join the largest, nicest and most
                                                                      highly profitable office. Asking $635K. Call Dr. Peseau         modern diversified clinic in Port Angeles with ownership path
                                                                      at Epracticesales, 1.800.227.6603 or see online at              on very favorable terms. The Olympic Peninsula - endless
                                                                                                     miles of hiking, biking and running trails, kayaking, skiing and

                                                                                        TO ADVERTISE IN THE PLEXUS CLASSIFIEDS, SUbMIT
                                                                 QUESTIONS? CALL 206.878.6055 OR EMAIL: CLASSIFIEDS@CHIROHEALTH.ORg

26   w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
    boating, with a million acre national park in your backyard!        successful chiropractic clinic. Receive Five Star Management         Decompression and rehab. unbeatable location. Come
    Live in paradise, but easily access Seattle, Tacoma or charming     training from Dr. Noel Lloyd. Contact 206.779.3200 or email          learn how to run a successful practice and then we can
    Victoria, BC. This is a Tremendous Opportunity to train, learn                                             open a satellite clinic. Canadians ok. Call 425.422.3478 or
    and develop your practice debt-free while building a practice                                                                            email your info to
    that you will own. Send resume to            Bellevue chiropractic office is looking for an
                                                                        associate to work at a satellite office. Please email                Gonstead Associate/Independent Contractor Wanted in
    WAC-1005 – vancouver, WA - Est. 1995. Drop Table, Diversified and or call 425.445.8980                           Seattle - Growing Gonstead office in South Seattle just off
    Best. Collected $299,000 in 2009 with 10 weeks vacation. Long                                                                            of I-5 seeking motivated chiropractor to practice alongside
    time (10 years), happy staff, willing to stay. 99% CASH practice!   Opportunity available in South King County, WA to treat              GCSS Diplomate of 24 years experience. Practice in a 2,500
    Practice price reduced to onLY $99,000. Real Estate available
    for only $99,000 also. Professional Practice Specialists inc.       chiropractic patients, direct the clinic and purchase the            square foot office equipped with full spine x-ray equipment,
    503.645.7590.                                 practice. You will need to be able to deliver a successful           massage therapists and a fabulous office team. Begin
                                                                        manual chiropractic ‘adjustment’ for all the different               seeing patients from day one and start your own office
                         SPACE AVAILABLE                                spinal levels (as needed by the patient) as well as manual           hours in as early as a month!! Negotiable base salary plus
                                                                        ‘adjustments’ extremities (again, as needed). Salary begins          excellent bonus system makes your earnings potential
    Great Bellevue location to start a practice or transfer an          fixed three months to start then will be based upon a percent        endless. 206.957.7950, or
    existing practice. Everything is taken care of for you except for   of collections. A rare opportunity exists to be a provider for
    you to grow and maintain your practice. Possible buy out of         Regence as part of the package. 253.677.3711 call today.
    existing practice in 5 years. Call Dr. Kaplan at 425.746.7841.                                                                           BELLingHAM- Are you looking to practice in Washington
                                                                        Burien: Beautiful, state of the art newly remodeled chiropractic     State and enjoy the amazing environment it provides?
    Tumwater, Great Location! I-5 & Exit 102, adjacent to freeway.      and wellness center seeking enthusiastic, passionate, reliable       Don’t spend hours commuting- EnJoY Your LiFE! Live
    1.000, 1.500, 2.500 sq. ft. or combination, $17-$18 plus cam,       independent contractor. The clinic has 5 adjusting rooms,            and work in our young, energetic community of 20,000
    or negotiate, generous tenant improvement allowance. Call           decompression table, rehab/gym with personal trainer,                university, community, and technical college students.
    Robin 360.412.8040                                                  massage rooms, infra red sauna and pet adjusting room. The           Like the water? We have 3 major lakes within 5 minutes
                                                                        practice was built to handle multiple doctors, has a great staff,    and many others just outside of town. What about the
    Johns Landing, Portland, oregon sublet/purchase .                   all you have to do is start building your own practice. Adjustable   ocean? Bellingham Bay is 5 minutes from our office and
    Since 2005. Beautiful, 2,000 square foot remodeled                  profit split until you get going and are on your feet. Looking for   is the main harbor that leads to the San Juan islands. if
    Chiropractic office to sublet/purchase. turn key, excellent         a long term business relationship. Call office manager/business      running, hiking, or biking is more your style, we have the
    opportunity for new doctor/satellite clinic. Corner                 consultant Les Starkey 727.773.6375 or email        interurban trail that connects almost everything in town.
    location. Main intersection. High traffic, high visibility.         for scheduling meeting and tour of office.                           if this sounds attractive to you, and you are a self-starter
    Furnished, equipped with new x-ray, adjusting tables,                                                                                    that is ethical and hard working, call us to live and work
    massage table, Saunders 3D Active trac Decompression                this is not an associate position. Do what you love and              your dream. Salary + %. Call Dr. Hansen 360.671.1710 or
    table, high quality website, and more. Spacious, upscale,           love what you do! Build a practice with an enthusiastic,             email resume to:
    easy access, parking. Walk in, plug in, go t work. Practice         experienced staff. Buy out opportunity available for the
    has been underutilized due to busy other practice.                  right Doctor. Must be self-motivated and serious about               Bellevue: Associate with potential Affiliate Partner/satellite
    Pictures available at                   growth. Send resume to                   position. Salary with incentives program. Over 23 years on the
    Click on classifieds. george Siegfried, DC. 503.472.6550                                                                                 eastside. We are a strong philosophical based office, we love                                                   KIRKLAND ASSOCIATE WANTED. Opportunity to join a                     helping people and we have a great time doing it! If you are
                                                                        successful multi-doctor chiropractic office in interdisciplinary     looking to be part of a great TEAM...WellnessOne is the place.
    Gig harbor - Existing 1,835 sq. ft. Chiropractic Suite available    complex. Our office is located just blocks away from the             Call 425.644.8386 or email
    for lease in Harbor Park Professional Center (2 building            new Google headquarters, Microsoft, Seahawks, and
    medical-dental complex) PH: 851.9173                                other top corporations. We are looking for a doctor who is           Belltown Spine & Wellness, a 15 year old practice, has an
                                                                        motivated, principled, ethical, and wants to build own practice      associate position available. Practicing primarily CBP we
    NORTH SEATTLE PRIME LOCATION – Spaces for chiropractor,             within a structured and fun business environment. Practice           are an integrated center with acupuncture, naturopath, and
    and/or acupuncturist 850 sf – 1,050 sf. Lease all or part.          management and clinical skills training available. Salary,           massage. Incredible opportunity to help people in a high-tech
    Walk to Northgate Mall, Transit Center & I-5. Excellent rate.       commission, and profit sharing options offered. Please send          state of the art subluxation based clinic, and train one on one
    Convenient parking. 206.660.4965.                                   resume to Dr. Carson Odegard at codegard@u.washington.               with a successful DC. Contact: Scott Mindel DC. 206.441.7984
                                                                        edu or Fax to Odegard Chiropractic Associates 425.827.1941.
    OLYMPIA, Space available. Furnished office and TX room,
    X-ray and electronic records. Share space or independent            Temporary DC position. Looking for newly licensed doc                Yakima Associate Position: One of the largest chiropractic groups
    contractor arrangement. Contact Dr. Evans 360.570.8151 or           interested in covering for DC having surgery that will not           in Central Washington is seeking a motivated, enthusiastic                                               physically be able to practice for several months. Living            associate doctor. Excellent starting salary and benefits with
                                                                        accommodations available. Snohomish county location.                 double commission. Progressive learning environment based
                                                                        Contact Kathy at 425.923.0251.                                       on procedures, philosophy, and technique. Great opportunity
                         DC/STAFF WANTED                                                                                                     for the doctor who has goals for high achievement. Our
                                                                        Are you a self starter DC with a good work ethic and                 associates average $5,000 - $6,000 per month net income
    Associate position available at Baze Chiropractic in Renton,        enthusiasm? We are looking for a new associate for our               after the first year. Bilingual is a plus. Contact Dr. Warninger at
    WA. If interested please send resume to          established South Puget Sound clinic. With this associate            570.937.3064 or
    or call 425.251.5715.                                               position comes a lot of patient responsibility, you will not be
                                                                        just an exam doc. Our clinic offers a full rehab suite, massage      new cutting edge multidisciplinary rehab clinic is
    Downtown Seattle opportunity! Here is your chance                   therapy, and chiropractic. If you are ambitious and have a           looking for an all-star Chiropractor. the right person
    to build and own a practice only a stone’s throw from               positive attitude please email your resume and cover letter          for us is certified in Active release and/or graston,
    the Pike Place Market, Space needle, and Waterfront.                to or call 206.498.3513 to set up           and is confident in their skills. if you have this, and
    Join our dynamic, established diversified practice,                 an interview.                                                        are hard working, have high levels of integrity, and
    build your clientele and assume full ownership in only                                                                                   are great with people, we want you! Come be part of
    two years! Work towards your own future without                     ASSoCiAtE oPPortunitY in EvErEtt, WA Join one of the                 something amazing near the downtown area of Seattle.
    incurring more debt. generous pay, friendly staff and               most successful CBP/rehab offices in the country! We       
    all of downtown Seattle walking by your door. Contact               are looking for a self-motivated, teachable individual                                           with high personal and business ethics. Excellent                    ASSOCIATE DOCTOR-Arlington, WA. Seeking motivated DC
                                                                        training program including all aspects of practice                   for busy Snohomish County office. Practice management
    Live and play in Gig Harbor, WA with your dream upper               development and management. Learn how to build a                     seminars & excellent salary + benefits. NO SPINAL SCREENINGS
    cervical/KST practice. Gig Harbor is one of America’s most          successful, balanced chiropractic office utilizing powerful          REQUIRED. Call Arlington Family Chiropractic: 360.435.3900 or
    picturesque and livable small towns. This is a great place          communications and marketing. Previous knowledge                     fax resume: 360.435.1105.
    to raise a family – right on the Sound with a rich cultural         of CBP/Pettibon a big plus but not required. Long term
    life, nearby colleges, Natl Forests, sailing and skiing.... This    potential available. Past associate references available.            Seattle University District- Associate needed ASAP. Our mission
    practice is 34 years old, well known and respected, and             Dr. Hanson at 425.418.6848 or email chiropete@comcast.               is to help as many people as possible AND have fun doing it! If
    very successful. It is soon time for my retirement and I am         net for an associate training outline.                               you are motivated, organized and have a desire to constantly
    looking for an associate who will purchase the clinic for a                                                                              improve, send resume to
    fair value in a few years. This is an opportunity to learn, to      Looking for a DC to join an established practice in Anacortes
    train, to develop the practice without the crushing debt and        with eventual buyout. Great location. Gonstead, diversified,         DoWntoWn SEAttLE: Learn evidence based CBP technique
    “reinventing the wheel” that comes with starting your own           extremity techniques. Ben Jennings, DC – 360.299.8999,               in the shadow of the Space needle! Excellence driven
    clinic. The best of both worlds: you take some time to build                                                    training program designed to give you the tools you need
    your business and know the patient base debt-free, with                                                                                  for super success within this clinic, followed by all the
    the guarantee of a purchase. If you are conscientious with          Full time/ part time entry-level position available for an           practice skills you need to start and run your own clinic. this
    strong adjusting skills, send your resume and references to         honest, hardworking and motivated chiropractor with good             office was the only chiropractic clinic invited to 40+ Health Also see                communication skills, Spanish or Russian speaking preferred,         Fairs at some of Downtown Seattle’s best companies;
                                                                        to join well-established practice of 18 years. Three office          leverage our turnkey marketing to grow quickly!
    Opportunity available in Silverdale, WA to treat chiropractic       locations in Puget Sound with a good mix of workman’s comp,          Amazon’s world headquarters opening up across the street
    patients directly in the clinic. With opportunity to purchase       PI/MVA, group insurance, and cash. Training will include help        in 2010! Call Dr. Steffen at 206.245.9637. Send email to
    the practice. You will need to be able to deliver a successful      in developing clinical, adjusting, and doctoring skills. Great
    manual chiropractic ‘adjustment’ please email your resume           opportunity for long-term future with Chiropractic Physicians or call 360.710.3690                    Inc PS. Salary begins at 50K a year with a 10K yearly increase       Organized, on purpose, high energy office is looking for an
                                                                        for the first 5 years full time. Email resumes along with a 5 &      associate to help Adjust, Grow and Learn in our Mill Creek,
    Sound Chiropractic Center is offering an excellent career           10 year plan and photo to                    WA practice. We are one of the best practices in the state. I
    opportunity for the right doctor. If you want to work and                                                                                would like to work with someone who is excited to learn and
    be trained to run a large structurally based chiropractic           incredible opportunity for an energetic Chiropractic                 ready to do what is needed to become a great chiropractor
    practice, contact me! Extensive training in technique               Associate in the Mill Creek / Lynnwood area. Beautiful,              inside our practice and then go out on their own if they like. 2
    case management, patient marketing and how to run a                 fun, state of the art office with Digital Motion x-ray,              year commitment. Great pay and great team to work with. We

                                                                                                                                                             continued on page 28

                                                                                                             P l e x u s                                 N o v / D e c                         2 0 1 0                  27
             focus on structurally based corrective care with a high level of                         VACATION RELIEF                               X-Ray Machine Like new. 2005 GTR Labs Valuegen. 300/125.
             philosophy. Please call Brad Marshall-Inman at 206.818.0724.                                                                           Huestis X-ray tube carriage system with floor and wall mount.
                                                                                Dr Evan: Palmer-Diversified, 20 yrs experience, Long term,          Adjustable to various distances. Summit Industries Bucky and
             Downtown Seattle practice (20+ years) is seeking skilled,          short term, short notice OK. Olympia to Seattle area and East.      Wall Stand. Also included: leaded film box, black light, ID Box,
             self-motivated chiropractor interested in building their  and phone number: 206.849.8446 cell.             28x17 viewbox, calipers, supertech, leaded glass window.
             own practice within an established clinic. this is an                                                                                  Pictures available at Click
             excellent opportunity with longer term buy-out potential           Certified Activator Methods relief doctor with                      on classifieds. $9,995 George Siegfried, DC. 503.472.6550
             for the right person. Please email your resume to                  rehabilitation, orthotics, and nutritional assessment     , Portland, Oregon.
                                          subspecialties. relief work history. nCMiC insured. Stephen
                                                                                g. Clausen, DC. 206.453.5857 (ofc), 206.605.0752 (m).               For Sale: Portable table $800, BioAnalogics ElectroLipoGraph
             ASSoCiAtE or inDEPEnDEnt ContrACtor oPPortunitY                                                           $599, and other equipment and posters. All in good condition.
             At tuttLE CLiniCS--Join one of the most successful offices                                                                             For details and pictures: www.chanchiropracticclinic.blogspot.
             in the country! We have 2 high volume offices located in           Chiropractic Physician Service Network, Inc. is the only online     com or email
             Seattle and Bellevue. Please call/email: 206.291.6900,             source for chiropractors needing credentialed DCs and CAs. Go
                                            to to view profiles, video of adjusting/
                                                                                philosophy and calendar of availability. You can then reserve                                  SERVICES
             Bremerton, WA Diversified practice for sale. Collects 21k/mo.      the locum that is right for you online. For questions please
             Beautiful 2,500 ft office. Tied in to all local marketing events   email If you are interested           KMD-Stat Billing - Serving the Chiropractic community for
             for consistent new patient influx. Asking 175k. Email inquiries    in becoming a credentialed locum tenen please contact Dr.           27+ years. Provides full service billing services, affordable,
             to                                             Suzanne D. Lady at                             direct access to your patient data in real time, staff training &
                                                                                                                                                    tech support. Committed to providing dedicated, professional
             Associate opportunity! We have just relocated our                  take a break! You deserve it! Professional vacation relief          service for your clinic. Contact Kathryn Dennis at 360.554.8054
             practice into a state of the art facility with digital motion      by Michael Wasserman, DC. in practice since 1982, vacation
             x-ray, Drx 9000 decompression, CBP therapy equipment               relief since 1990. great references. 206.523.0311, email:           Kirkland Billing - More than just a billing service” John Angell,
             and beyond that, a wealth of knowledge and skills                                                       owner. Providing services to chiropractors from billing to in-
             to help turn you into not just the chiropractor, but the                                                                               office consulting and training. Twice-yearly training seminars.
             business person you want to be! We have only 1 position            Looking for someone to cover your time off? Mondays,                Call 206.465.9405 Now
             available for this fortunate new associate. We have a              Wednesdays and/or Fridays Dr. Heather Bergfors DC DABCO.            accepting new clients.
             proven system to help you groW and SuCCEED. Work in                NYCC 2002, Diversified, Manual & Instrument Adjustments,
             million $ practice with unlimited potential, or spin off           Spinal/Extremities, and Exercises. Proficient, Adaptable, Fair      nEED A ProFESSionAL PrACtiCE BroKEr? Why not use
             into a satellite facility where you can take the reigns            rates. Dr. Heather 206.914.3417                                     Washington’s largest and most experienced? We have
             as owner. Please email your resume and cover letter to:                                                                                strong demand for practices and the current practice
    206.963.3321                      Don’t Worry, Be Happy Now”                      sale market is stronger than ever despite the economic
                                                                                Just Go! When Experience Counts, Count On Me. *Primarily            downturn. Call Washington’s largest practice broker
             Chiropractor wanted. South Lake Union Seattle, CBP practice:       Diversified, *1/3m with NCMIC, *Volume Practice’s                   today and let’s talk. We sell over 90% of all Washington
             Come work with us in a fun, new and beautiful space.               Welcome, *Reference, *$425.per/day, $275.per/1/2day.                chiropractic practices and are also available for appraisals,
             We’ll teach you to adjust & rehabilitate the spine using           *E-M , 206.550.9362 Greg Geer, DC                    expert witness testimony, and valuations associated
             CBP protocol. In addition you’ll learn to market and grow                                                                              with divorce, partnerships and legal disputes. Strictly
             a practice. Call me at the office 206.397.3457 or email at         Eric Marsh, DC, 1989 Palmer honor graduate recently                 100% confidential. Call Dr. Peseau at Epracticesales
                                             retired from busy family practice. Light or firm touch.             1.800.227.6603.
                                                                                Excellent thompson, gonstead, Diversified techniques.
             At Fodor Chiropractic, we are a wellness based clinic              Will care for your practice and patients while you are              Advanced Images, Inc. 25 + years servicing the Pacific
             looking to hire a driven associate with a competitive salary,      away., 253.740.9559                         Northwest. For all of your imaging needs, digital xray,
             bonus pay scale and paid vacation. For the right associate,                                                                            processor service, xray film and radiology accessories, & paper
             this could become a partnership. Interested? Contact                                                                                   product’s. We service all imaging equipment and used xray
                                                               EQUIPMENT FOR SALE/WANTED                              film purging. 1.800.875.7311

             Don’t miss this opportunity! very busy and growing office          WAntED: used integrator! Please contact rebekah at
             in Puyallup, Washington looking for an associate to help           360.653.8307                                                                              MISCELLANEOUS
             share the life changing principles of chiropractic with the
             world. We are Pettibon chiropractors and love to correct           X-ray processor, mini medical 90, 2007 runs perfect                 Dr. Darcy Fox is an expert in providing impairment ratings.
             spines and teach how to as well. great opportunity for             $1,950 with stand and tubes; 4 8X10 cassettes $200; 2               Does your patient still suffer from their work injuries
             future practice ownership is made for the right DC and i           full spine cassettes - $200 each; All cassettes are Green.          even though at MMI? Please do refer them to me. Call
             take great care of my associates. if you are energetic, hard                                         206.522.5339. Offices in Kirkland, Seattle and Kingston.
             working, eager to learn and passionate about changing
             people’s lives e-mail Dr. tye at                Hessco Aquatherapy table. I haven’t used it in three years.         “Topics in Clinical Chiropractic” - 27 issues ranging from 1995
                                                                                Table is in Burlington and $1,200 obo. Works great just need        - 2000. Ken Shotwell Arlington, WA.
             Capitol Hill Seattle practice seeks a philosophically driven,      the room. Come pick it up. I think its 8 years old. 360.757.7373
             professional, friendly, upbeat Chiropractor to join an exciting,
             fun, growing, dedicated team with a mission to serve the           2 lightly used xray processors (Hope and Mini Medical)
             people of greater Seattle with the best Chiropractic care          and 26 cassettes (green and blue) for sale. Need to
             possible. Email your resume to or fax         sell. Make us an offer. Call Clint 425.644.5556 or email
             resume to 206.323.6639                                   

             Downtown Bellevue. Superstar Chiropractor needed. We
             are seeking a motivated, enthusiastic, passionate human
             being. Someone who is coachable and willing to do
             whatever it takes to grow personally and professionally.
                                                                                Go DIGITAL for less with this used CR system. Only 3 years old,
                                                                                used in a small medical office. Call Bob 253.531.4070 or email
                                                                                me @                                                   Ad Index
             Work in one of the most successful and state of the                X-ray system: 1994 summit x-ray system, 300ma full power
             art wellness centers in the country. Paid vacation                 with 14x17, 14x36, or tilt bucky. $7,500. Includes installation         Adler Giersch PS .......................................... 31
             and medical coverage. Potential buy-in for the right               and 1 year warranty. High frequency system also available.
             individual. no marketing required. 503.860.8859 cell               Come see all new packages in our x-ray show room. Have                  Biotics Research Northwest ........................ 21
                                         used processors, cassettes & accessories. Call Mike at
                                                                                253.335.9332                                                            Bowen Inc. .................................2, back cover
             Three years experienced DC, looking for an associate position                                                                              Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) ............. 3
             in Seattle area. Can adjust with Diversified, Drop, Gonstead,      For Sale: Portable table $800, BioAnalogics ElectroLipoGraph
             and Activator. Certified in Graston Technique and Kinesio          $599, and other equipment and posters. All in good condition. For       Compliant Care .............................................. 2
             Taping Technique. Please contact Dr. Adrienne Owens                details and pictures:
             503.544.8452                                                       or email                                           Fortune Bank ................................................. 6
             northwest Spine Clinic has immediate openings for                  X-ray headclamps for sale! $375/obo. Great condition. Call              Graham Lundberg & Peschel....................... 21
             licensed WA chiropractor for Seattle, Bellevue and                 253.565.2225, Milasich Chiropractic Center. Thanks!                     NCMIC .......................................................... 29
             Federal Way locations. industry leading pay (salary +
             commissions) and signing bonus if hired. Please email              Hill Table Activator hilo style, black, like new. $1,500.               Paragon Medical Claims Servicing ................ 6
             resume to or call              Adjusting Bench, brown, excellent condition, great for billing
             425.354.8311.                                                      office $150. Call Dr. Penry at 425.889.4701.                            Protocol for Life Balance ............................... 6
             Well known in community. Competitive wages with bonus.             1993 Bennett High Frequency Generator with GE Tube $3,000;              Seattle Radiologists ...................................... 5
             Full support staff and LMPs. City of Burien WA is under            Futura 3000SV processor with buckets & silver recovery
             tremendous growth offering great opportunities. Email              $2,500; Also: (2) 10x12 cassettes, film box, 11 x 13 grid               Siena Productions........................................ 23
             resumes                                     (103L).                                             Test for Nutrition of Washington LLC .......... 10
                                                                                Saunders Decompression Table Like new. Saunders                         The Strategic Chiropractor ........................... 31
                                     CA WANTED                                  3DACTIVETRAC Decompression table. Cervical Unit included.
                                                                                Navy blue color. Pictures available at www.oregonwellnescare.
             P/T Receptionist for chiropractic office in Orting. Full           com. Click on classifieds. $9,995. George Siegfried, DC.
             days Monday and Wednesday, Thursday afternoons.                    503.472.6550, Portland, Oregon.
             Chiropractic and/or    medical     office  front   desk
             experience a must. Fax resume: 360.893.3908 or email:
             Busy North Seattle office looking for a bright, enthusiastic,
             efficient receptionist. Hour: Mon, Wed, Fri 10am - 7pm; Tues
             and Thur 2pm - 7pm; Third Sat 8:30 am - 12 noon. Please
             email your resume to

28   w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
                                                                Seminars and Events
     4                 insurance/L&i/Medicare/Compliance Seminar                                Mark These Future Conference Dates
     time:             Insurance billing, coding, and documentation 12 - 2 pm
                       L&I and Medicare 2 - 4 pm                                                April 29-May 1, 2011   WSCA Spring Conference at the
                       Compliance and self audit 4 – 6 pm
     Location:         Highline Community College                                                                      Marriott Hotel SeaTac Airport
                       Building 26 Room 213, 2400 S. 240th St., Des Moines
     register:         Contact Dr. Huber at 206.718.3146 or
                       email                                              Oct. 7-9, 2011         WSCA Fall Conference at
     Fees:             $100 each person - Cash, Check, Visa/MasterCard payable
                       to Huber Health Services (pay at the seminar).                                                  Campbell’s Resort on Lake Chelan
     John Huber DC, the WSCA’s Medicare Chair, brings you a six-hour program to help with                              Celebrating the Association’s
     these important issues.                                        6 CE credits available                             20th Anniversary
                                                                                                April 27-29 2012       WSCA Spring Conference at
     12                Washington Chiropractic trust Crab Feed
                       (See ad below for details)                                                                      Suncadia Lodge in Roslyn
     26 & 27           validating Chiropractic
                       Presented by Dr. Malik Slosberg                                          Oct. 5-7, 2012         WSCA Fall Conference at the
     time:             Saturday registration 11 am - noon; program noon – 7 pm
                       Sunday program from 8 am - 2 pm                                                                 Yakima Convention Center
     Location:         Holiday Inn At SeaTac International Airport
                       17338 International Blvd., Seattle
     register:         Call the WSCA office at 206.878.6055
     Fees:             $250 for WSCA members; $275 for non-members;
                       $300 at the door DCs; $180 other healthcare professionals;
                       $125 for CA/student and non-DC spouse.

     Dr. Malik Slosberg brings you the very latest chiropractic research in a practical, yet
     inspiring way. Doctors and staff will learn how to integrate the newest information into
     daily practice and improve patient compliance, education and outcomes.           13 CEs

             Washing on Chiropractic Trust (WCT)
                                                             CRAB FEED
             SATURDAY • FEB. 12 • 2011
               ABERDEEN EAGLES • 6 PM
             AGE 21+ • $35 PER PERSON

       TICKET & LODGING INFORMATION:                                                                                           TWO HOURS
       360-532-0888 or EMAIL                                                                             CE 3-5 PM

30        w w w . c h i r o h e a l t h . o r g
                                                       PRSRT STD
                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
                                                       SEATTLE, WA
                                                      PERMIT #9312
         21400 International Blvd., Suite 207
         S e a Ta c , W a s h i n g t o n 9 8 1 9 8


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