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					Philipp Kamhuber
Vienna: views
Reviewed by Philipp Kamhuber

This book, called vienna: views is a collection of various kinds of writings about Vienna. The
many authors of the book wrote texts such as invented stories, poems but also real life stories
about their experiences in Austria’s capital.

As a reader of this book you will be surprised to find all these clichés about Vienna and its
people in it: for example that Viennese people are rude and unfriendly, that they are hostile
towards foreigners and that there is dog shit all over the place.

I, as an Austria who lives not too far from Vienna, am used to the mentality of the people in
our capital city and Vienna has been to me like that ever since. Thus I did not have the
slightest idea what exactly would bother a foreigner staying in Vienna. But it is clearly this
that makes this book such a good read: to see how others see our capital.

The authors of vienna: views are mostly from the English speaking countries of the United
Kingdom and the United States. Furthermore there are German and Austrian authors who
write down what they think about Vienna too. On the whole, there are many authors who
seem to have certain reservations about Vienna but there are also some who seem to love it.

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