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									What is the artificial insemination

What is the artificial insemination


Is the artificial insemination patients need what condition


In the condition of artificial insemination:

Artificial insemination for male infertility patients, the effect is not
beautiful, because of poor quality of sperm inject uterus, even can conceive.
Therefore, requirements for the semen has won a certain amount of energy can
sperm. According to the world health organisation standards, such energetic
sperm counts more than 2000 million/ml, reached the minimum requirement of
natural granted pregnant.

If her husband sperm activity is too low, below 2000 million/ml, can consider
the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – embryo transfer technical IVF, ET/Vitro
Fertilization/embryo spread, the so-called test-tube baby. If you don\’t
succeed, then consider IVF eggs the cytoplasm sperm injection ICSI. Finally,
consider Artificial insemination piece Artificial insemination, namely, but by
using Artificial insemination of sperm donor.

In the condition of artificial insemination:

Generally, a request to accept the condition can accept artificial

1 no menstrual disease. The reproductive organs without any influence of
disease, conception and monthly menstrual cycle rules on health and mature
from eggs. Through oneself or to hospital please gynecological doctor based
temperature measurement and doing B to exceed an examination, grasp the
ovulation time in advance.

2 genital tract, including the vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tube must
unimpeded. Chronic inflammation, oviduct without genital tract obstruction, no
sperm and eggs can meet with egg.
3 uterine cavity environment suitable for cultivation and development
conditions of the fertilized eggs. If organic lesion or uterus with
endometrial dysfunction, can affect conception.

4 the must be healthy, no serious disease, infections, visceral genetic
diseases and intelligence obstacle.

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