PRISM Letter by amycappelli



      PRISM is Olmsted #64’s Parent Resources In Student Mentoring
program. Parent-volunteers share their expertise, special interests, talents, and/or
hobbies with students through our Type I classes. Some past presentations have
included the 5-String Banjo, Cardiology, Antiques, Roman Ship Building, Visually
Impaired, the Viola, Yoga, and Sewing Hats.

        As adults in the “real world,” you have an opportunity to bring your
skill or interest into the school setting, allowing youngsters to have an
enriching and life-long learning experience. You may choose to present to
one or more classes, with a small or large group.

      If you would like to present an expertise to our Olmsted students,
please complete the bottom portion and return at your earliest
convenience. You will be contacted and scheduled as time permits
throughout the school year.

       As always, thank you for your time, patience, and support.

       ~GT Resource Teachers

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                        PRISM VOLUNTEER FORM

Parent’s Name _______________________________________________

Your Child’s/ Children’s Name(s) ________________________________

Your Child’s/Children’s Homeroom(s) ____________________________

Topic/Talent ________________________________________________

Grade K, 1, 2, 3, 4 Preference(s) ________________________________

Available Day(s) & Date(s) _____________________________________

Available Time(s) _____________________________________________

Special Accommodations/Needs _________________________________

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