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					             High Speed Mach in in g Cen t er

                                                              5-Axis Vertical Machining Center

Monarch Machine Tool, Inc.
641 NYS Route 13 South, PO Box 749, Cortland, NY 13045
Phone 607-753-6001 s Fax 607-753-7127
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                                                                         Table Design

                                                                   1000 mm x 800 mm rotary table with 0.001
                                                                   degree positioning, high precision worm gear
                                                                   with hydraulic clamping when positioned.

                                                                   The rugged table design also provides the
                                                                   Y-axis slide incorporated into the casting.

                                                                                 Hardened and precision ground linear roller ways offer both a
                                                                                  rigid design platform and allow for high rapid traverse rates.

                                                                                   Linear way packages offer low maintenance and stable
                                                                                    positioning as there are no gibs that require periodic
                                                                                     readjustment. They also provide low friction which allows
                                                                                            for quicker acceleration and provides for faster
                                                                                                      machine response while contouring.

                                                                                                      The precision 50 mm ball screws and AC
                                                                                                      servos help insure response.

                                                                                                      The robust castings insure rigidity and
                                                                                                      insure machine accuracy minimizing any
                                                                                                      machine deflection.

 Spindle Head and Drive

The innovative design swivel milling head provides machining flexibility. The
fully automatic 0.001 degree positioning from vertical to horizontal positions is
accomplished by use of a torque motor. This positioning feature provides flexibility
for multi – sided machining, 5-sided machining or full 5-axis machining when using
the rotary table as well.

15,000 rpm, 26.7 hp spindle is standard on the UMC-1000, Optional spindle speed
of 20,000 rpm is available.

BT, Cat or HSK spindle tapers are available.

The spindle is supported by a pair of precision angular-contact ball bearings at
the front and by another pair of precision angular-contact ball bearings at the rear.
These pairs are mutually preloaded by their mounting in the “O” arrangement.
Bearings are lubricated with grease having long-lasting service life.
 Side Mount Automatic Tool Changer

More tools, more workspace and faster tool
changes = more productivity and reduced
setup time.

Reliable cam operated double arm tool
changer with 40 positions is standard.


                                                         The machine is fully enclosed.
                                                         The machine enclosure and
                                                         guarding complies with CE,
                                                         and other safety standards
                                                         requirements. The working
                                                         area is accessible through the
                                                         interlocked sliding door by the
                                                         machine operator and provides
                                                         complete access with a crane.

                         Standard accessories such as
                         the tilting spindle assembly
                         coupled with the rotary table
                         allow for 5-axis simultaneous
 Specifications UMC-1000

X – axis (worktable)                                                    39.3" / 1000 mm
Y – axis (saddle)                                                        31.4" / 800 mm
Z – axis (spindle head)                                                  27.5" / 700 mm
Spindle nose to table                                            5.9"-35.8" / 150 mm – .910 mm
Max. feed rates X, Y, Z                                               393 ipm / 10 mm/min
Rapid traverse X, Y and Z                                              944 ipm / 24 m/min

Surface                                                           29.3" x 31.4" / 1000 x 800 mm
Number of T – slots x width x pan                                       5 x 18 x 125 mm
Max. Load                                                              3300 lbs / 1500 kg

Positioning (P) X, Y/Z                                                       0.0004
Repeatability (Ps max.) X, Y, Z                                              0.0003

SPINDLE – taper 40
Spindle taper                                                                CAT 40
Speed                                                                      16,000 rpm
Power/S3-60%                                                         21.7/26.7 hp / 17/ 21 kW
Max. torque/S3-60%                                                 179/222 ft lbs / 244/301 Nm
Transmission type                                                         Motor spindle
Spindle orientation                                                         Electrical

Number of tools                                                                40
Change time                                                                3.5 seconds

Weight                                                                33,000 lbs / 15,000 kg
Floor space                                                       146" x 177" / 3700 x 4500 mm
Power                                                                        40 KVA

                                    Monarch Machine Tool, Inc.
                                    641 NYS Route 13 South, PO Box 749, Cortland, NY 13045
                                    Phone 607-753-6001 s Fax 607-753-7127
                                    Email: s Website:

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