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					The rise of specific immunotherapy in China

Southern newspapers published the morning News (Xinhua / Zhao Qiyu
correspondent / Dai Lijuan)” mites, asthma and rhinitis is the most important
allergens. At the present, China About a 130 million -2.6 million people
suffer from variations rhinitis. The popularity of disease after 15 years of
surveys, 13-14 year-old junior high school students in Guangzhou asthma
increased from 3.2% in 1994 to 7.8% in 2009. “Said Academician Zhong Nanshan,
specific immunotherapy is the best way to improve the immunity of patients.

yesterday, specific immunotherapy 100th anniversary of the symposium held at
the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, Zhong Nanshan
Academy leaders attended the seminar as a discipline.

With the social development, pollen, animal hair, blankets, curtains,
chemicals and other allergens to bring more and more problems, this The most
common asthma and rhinitis are mostly mites and other allergens from the lead.
academician Zhong Nanshan said treating allergic patients, treatment is more
important than prevention, and specific immunotherapy is an important

What is immunotherapy? It is the first volume, specific immunotherapy and
vaccine were similar mechanism of action, which is extracted protein allergen
sensitization to low-dose injections to patients, increased step by step,
until a patient can be tolerated dose The best limits. in the course of
treatment, the patient

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