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					 September • 2009                                                                          Volume 67 Number 1


                    A MessAge froM the Co-Presidents
                                      Gloria Taylor and Judy Pfeil - Co-Presidents
Breaking through barriers, a mission in motion, has true      a combined effort with other organizations or we produce
meaning to each of us as a member of our great organization   programs independently.
Here in California we truly have the opportunity to break
through barriers and put the mission that we hold so dear     In her program at our recent convention, Karen Ramorino,
into motion, especially during                                EdD asked, “How do different generations participate
this time of national economic                                in our mission? What are some differences that you see
difficulties. Many Americans are                              between your generation and generations other than
facing economic struggles such                                your own? Research indicates that all generations have
as lost jobs. Many communities                                similar values, but they often express them differently.”
have had to decrease services                                 We can bring in new members by recognizing these
and school districts have had to                              generational differences and putting their assets, such as
reduce employees and programs.                                                         their adaptability and technology
Some of us have had to rethink                                                         expertise, to work on our mission.
how we spend our resources.                                                            Think outside the box and find a
                                                                                       project that will involve all the
This brings us to our opportunity           Gloria Taylor                              generations of your branch and
to put our “Mission in Motion.”                                                        will promote our mission in the
On a State level we have continued to expand our                                       community.
mission based programs such as Tech Trek, Speech Trek
and our newest endeavor, Financial Literacy. We have                             Steering the statewide AAUW
also expanded our support for our branches by making                             activities this fiscal year is a group
available “Leaders on Loan,” and “Mini Conferences,”                             of energetic, knowledgeable state
                                                                     Judy Pfeil
through Leadership development, working together with                            committee members that met last
the Branch Liaisons. This collaboration will strengthen month to develop active, progressive strategies for AAUW
our efforts to support branch membership and branch CA. These committees and the Directors look forward
leadership                                                to working with each branch this year, and we promise
                                                          that our members will have all our AAUW CA resources
On the branch level, each member has the opportunity available to them.
to design mission based programs to support local
communities. Although some may find their incomes
are less than what they would like, we want to encourage
you to continue your membership and remember the               Advancing equity for women
value you receive as members of this great organization
that is actively Breaking Through Barriers. Much can be         and girls through advocacy,
done in our communities and in our state when we join
together to work on mission based programs, whether it is        education and research.
2                                                                                              September • 2009

          California                                          give A grAd A gift
        PERSPECTIVE                             AAUW members can give a recent grad — a friend, daughter, son,
                                                granddaughter, grandson, niece, or nephew — a free AAUW membership
             AAUW California
                                                within two years of graduation. At no cost to you or them!
                Judy Pfeil                      Expose the grad to the power that comes from belonging to a national
               Gloria Taylor                    women-led organization of more than 100,000 members who believe
                                                in and advance equity and education for women and girls.
             Vice President
           Carlynne McDonnell
              Harriet Tower                     Expand their networking opportunities through career development
                                                opportunities and community action projects. They will experience
          Chief Financial Officer               the rewards of working with and learning from successful AAUW
              Bakula Maniar                     mentors.
                                                Keep them current on the events and people that affect their life as they
              Kathleen Doty
                                                receive Mission & Action, AAUW Outlook, Action Network alerts,
                Directors                       and more.
             Lynne Batchelor
              Rozanne Child                     Increase their buying power with access to discounts at The Princeton
               Kris Downey                      Review, Barnes&, health and life insurance, auto insurance,
             Cathy Foxhoven
                                                AAUW research reports, credit cards and other members-only benefits
              Jo Harberson
               Anne Henke                       such as and TravelSmart.
              Sherry Ludwig
                Sue Miller                      Best of all, she/he will receive a free one-year AAUW national
             Shelley Mitchell                   membership at no cost to you or them! So send no money! Remember,
              Megan Smock                       only members can take advantage of this offer.
        Communications Director
            Harriet Tower                       Complete the online membership application ( now!
                                                Or download the application (PDF). Your grad will receive a one-year
     California PERSPECTIVE Editor              member-at-large membership — a $49 value. They can join a branch
             Amber Chiang                       at any time but will be responsible for paying branch dues. If your
                                                grad lives in California, let us know ( as
  California PERSPECTIVE is published
                                                AAUW CA has waived the state dues for 2009-2010 for Give-a-Grad-
   periodically by and for the members of
AAUW California. Dues paid by members           a-Gift recipients.
 include a subscription to this publication.
  Third class postage paid in Sacramento,       Membership Campaigns Continue for 2009-2010
                 California.                    The membership campaigns in effect for the past year will continue for
                                                2009-2010: Member-Get-a-Member, Shaping the Future, and Give-
Email articles, with author’s name, branch,
                                                a-Grad-a-Gift. The details for the campaigns can be found online at
position, email, address and phone number
to: Ads          the AAUW website ( and will be included in the fall
  for branch EF/LAF fundraisers will be         membership mailing to branch membership vice presidents.
accepted and included on a space-available
                    basis.                      AAUW Member-Get-a-Member Campaign Grand Prize Winners
                                                AAUW Member-Get-a-Member campaign grand prizes were awarded at
 If you move, please send address changes to:   the 2009 AAUW Convention in St. Louis. The grand prizes were based
                   AAUW                         on the number of members recruited by Individuals, branches, states
          1111 Sixteenth St. NW
                                                from June 16, 2009, to June 15, 2009. All members who recruited
       Washington, D.C. 20036-4873
                                                continued on page 3
California PERSPECTIVE                                                                                            3
          new Cfo And finAnCe                                                       September 2009
                                                                                   Volume 67, Issue 1
                             Bakula Maniar                                              Table of Contents
As a new Chief Financial Officer and chairperson of Finance Committee         1     Co-Presidents’ Message
of AAUW-Ca., I would like to thank all of you who gave me a tremendous
amount of support and courage. I had not planned to take this position        2     Give a Grad a Gift
nor was I prepared for it. However, the death of Letitia Corum created a
situation in which someone had to take over or the financial well being       3     New CFO and Finance
of our organization would be in disarray. I knew that Letitia had years             Committee
of experience and knowledge of AAUW history. There is no way I can
replace her. All I can hope to do is continue what she did for years with     4     Speech Trek Continues in 2010!
diligence and hard work. There is not a meeting when we do not think
about her and miss her presence. Every critical decision we make we will      5     Branch Liaison Committee
always think of Letitia.
                                                                              6     Does Tech Trek Make a
The new Finance Committee includes the two Co-presidents, Gloria Taylor
and Judy Pfeil, one of the Co-Vice-presidents, Harriet Tower, and new         7     Turn Those Minuses Into Pluses!
director, Sue Miller as well as myself. During the leadership meeting, the
Finance Committee worked the entire day and completed the budget with         7     Expanding Our Global Vision
many rounds of going back and forth to balance it. Saturday we presented
budget to the board and with some more adjustments we approved the            8     Financial Literacy
                                                                              9     Lilly and Wustner Research and
I am learning a lot from the questions I am getting from various                    Projects Fund
treasurers. I know there is a need for changing many reporting and tax
filing requirements. So as and when needed, with help from the Finance        10    The Quick and Easy Way to
Committee, I am going to provide more information through email and                 Amend Branch Bylaws
the website as well as snail mail and personal contact. Rarely a day goes
by when I do not receive a tax question or question on filing reports. I      11    Call for Candidates
am personally trying to answer every question I receive and if I don’t have
                                                                              11    Online Branch Officer Report a
an answer I am trying to get it. I am also planning to visit Interbranch
meetings so I can train the treasurers to do their job accurately and with
minimum frustration.                                                          12    Report from the St. Louis National
Needless to say I am learning much in the process. I appreciate each and
every member who has helped me to do this formidable job. Please contact
me at with any questions.

continued from page 2
at least one new paid member in the year were entered in a drawing
to win $1,000. And the winner was Violet Wagener of the San Diego
branch. Laurie Pina, of the AAUW Rockland County (NY) Branch
was the individual who recruited the most new members—19. The
AAUW Poughkeepsie (NY) Branch recruited the most new members for
a branch—56. The AAUW Bedford County (VA) Branch recruited the
highest percentage of new members for a branch—48.5 percent. Utah
recruited the highest percentage of new members for a state – 10 percent.
And California recruited the most new members for a state – 432.
   4                                                                                        September • 2009

                      sPeeCh trek Continues in 2010!
We are pleased to announce that sufficient funding has new theme—Breaking through Barriers. Obtain the new
been received to insure continuation of Speech Trek ‘10. contest Tool Kit at>Programs>Tool
We exceeded our $3500 goal by $900. Special thanks to Kit.
those who made it happen!
                                                          Speech Trek leadership will begin matching local 4H
Alexandria Aiello, a high school                          clubs and school speech and debate teams with AAUW
senior from Porterville High                              branches to facilitate outreach and growth.
School, won first place in the
Speech Trek 2009 competition                              Would you like to hold a contest at your branch? Email
at State Convention. Maria                                us:
Florendo, San Mateo’s branch’s
competitor and Alexandra                                  2009-10 Speech Trek Theme and Background -
Lossada,          Alhambra/San                            Breaking Through Barriers
Gabriel’s finalist both tied for                          The American Association of University Women (AAUW)
second place. All three speakers        Alexandria Aiello recently defined Breaking through Barriers as the
were excellent. Their speeches                            organization’s unifying focus. This new focus is designed
were well written, researched speeches, and performed continued on page 5
with passion and poise.
                                                              Speech Trek Supporters
                                                              Kay Arnaudo              Jane King
The contestants wrote and delivered a five-minute             Virginia Ball            Kathryn Kort
speech on “Educational Equity – does the rise of female       Lynne Batchelor          La Mesa - ElCajon Br.
                                                              Marilla Baxter           Virginia Lloyd
achievement come at the expense of their male peers?” The     Sharen Bealer            Judy Magnuson
finalists were chosen from 12 branches’ first place winners   Elaine Benoit            Teron McGrew
                                                              Sallyanne Berendsen      Bakula Maniar
by a panel of six judges from the San Mateo area. First       Anne Berry               Marin Branch
place at State won $500 and the second place winners          Helen Blanchard          Paula McConnell
won $300 each, plus travel expenses for the contestant        Judy Borden              Donna Mertens
                                                              Barbara Brogan           Patricia Miller
and a chaperone.                                              Marilyn Burgeson         Sue Miller
                                                              Steven Butler            Mary Mix
                                                              Marilyn Cameron          Morro Bay Branch
Alexandra Lossada’s mother wrote “ I cannot begin to tell     Claudia Collier          Jeanene Obrien
you the wonderful things it (Speech Trek) has done for my     Katherine Colman         Bette Outlaw
beautiful daughter, Alexandra”. Maria Florendo’s mother       Deborah Cummings         Palm Springs Branch
                                                              Ann Daluiso              Mary Lynn Pelican
wrote “It was an enriching experience and a real honor for    Ellen Davisson           Gaye Peltzman
her to be in the contest.”                                    Patricia Dilks           Suzanne Pfau
                                                              Suzanne Dings            Pomona Valley Branch
                                                              Pattie Dix               Redlands Branch
Following the convention, two of the finalists were asked     Carol Dooley             Cynthia Robbins-Roth
to give their speech at a branch anniversary celebration      Kathleen Doty            Roseville/So. Placer Branch
                                                              Peggy Dunievitz          Barbara Ryon
and at an IBC event. We are so pleased!                       Janet Enright            Redding Branch
                                                              Donna Erickson           Sacramento Branch
                                                              Glenda Ernst             San Mateo Branch
With our financing in place, we begin the task of looking     Cathy Foxhoven           Georgia Schall
for a annual convention contest sponsor. If you have a        Rozner Frances           Evelyn Stanton
suggestion of an individual or organization that may be       Gilroy Branch            Linda Stinebaugh
                                                              Sharon Gomez             Shirley Summers
interested, at $3000 a year, let us know.                     Jean Guthrie             Gail Swain
                                                              Wendy Haydon             Mary Helene Tietz
                                                              Libby Hausman            Eve Marie Toles
Find Speech Trek on YouTube. View a sample contest            Elizabeth Helgerson      Nancy Turner
speech and student interview.                                 Kathleen Hixon           J Viner
                                                              Rochelle Johnson         W. Fountain Valley Br.
                                                              Judith Kaho              Gloria Weston
Coming Soon:                                                  Rita Keefe               Whittier Branch
2009-10 Speech Trek Contest begins September 1 with a
California PERSPECTIVE                                                                                             5
                            BrAnCh LiAison CoMMittee
                                     Lynne Batchelor - Co-Branch Liaison Director

Welcome to another inspiring year of AAUW membership! We are here to serve you and to ensure support for your
The Branch Liaison Committee was established last year branch. Have a great year!
to provide a link between the state organization and the
branches. I am honored to be serving again as a director The Branch Liaison committee met in July to set our
for this committee and I have been joined by two other goals for the coming year which are:
knowledgeable AAUW CA Directors—Anne Henke
and Megan Smock. Together we three will assist you Leadership Development
to maximize your branch potential and minimize your       • Plan and provide a leadership training
branch problems.                                              opportunity for all branches
                                                                 •   Facilitate opportunities for branch members to
Anne and Megan will spearhead the leadership                         network with state leaders including Leader-
development aspects of the committee’s work and are                  on-Loan
already working on a new leadership model which is               •   Encourage attendance at convention
being piloted in three state areas in late August. I will
spearhead the communication piece and will be emailing         Communication
a monthly news bulletin which among other things will           • Serve as the vehicle for two-way
showcase successful branch programs, so please send me            communication between the branches and
information from your branch to include in it.                    AAUW CA
                                                                • Identify resources available from AAUW CA
In addition to the three of us, we have a strong committee        and from National
which has representatives in most areas of the state, so        • Provide an opportunity for branch visibility at
please include them in your newsletter distribution               our state convention in the Connection Corner
information and invite them to your events.
                                                               Branch Support
You will find a list of our committee members and contact       • Serve as a resource for branches
information for them in the front of the new AAUW CA            • Encourage branches to work together on
Directory and on the website. If your area does not have           projects and showcase successful branch
a representative on the committee and you would like               programs and ideas
to serve, please contact me. All three directors and each       • Support and encourage mission-based
committee member will be serving as a resource for the             networking opportunities
branches, so email or call us with questions, suggestions,
problems, etc.

continued from page 4
to “illuminate our path into the future. It describes what    does AAUW identify what issues members will target
we believe and what we do. It is equally appropriate for      next. It merely identifies the broad areas of “educational,
application to women’s educational, economic, legal,          economic, legal, political and socio-cultural challenges”
political and socio-cultural challenges. It is somewhat       facing women. This is AAUW’s next quest - identifying
provocative, identifying our target issues as externalities   our target issues.
to be attacked, rather than limitations in women’s ability
                                                      If you could organize 100,000 women, millions of
or will to succeed. And it suggests the confidence we have
                                                      dollars in resources and thousands of volunteer hours
to break through those targeted barriers to achieve our
goal for all women to have a fair chance.”            to bring equality to women in one area. What would
                                                      that area be? Why? All high school students are invited
You will note that nowhere in this new unifying focus to tell us in a 5 minute speech.
   6                                                                                        September • 2009

                  does teCh trek MAke A differenCe?
                            Nancy Andren & Carol Holzgrafe - State Tech Trek Coordinators

“Organized, fabulous time, friends for life, priceless,
satisfying, learned without realizing, fun, will rethink her
future, more confident” – these are just a few descriptive
words from parents of the 600 girls who attended a Tech
Trek Science Camp for Girls this summer.

The seven Tech Trek camps are now history, having
provided these girls with a fresh, new view of their future
as they enter 8th grade.

With classes including robotics, rocketry, chemistry,
physics, marine biology, astronomy, mathematics; with
special presenters offering bats, raptors, biotechnology,
forensics; with programs introducing girls to professional
women, to the realities of college financing, to historical
women in science and math and much, much more, the                                      Tech Trek campers at Stanford
collective 12-years of Tech Trek has inspired more than Much information about Tech Trek is at
6,000 girls to reach for the stars (and ocean floors).      under Programs, including links to videos of Fresno and
                                                            Stanford camps – fun to watch and helpful for fundraising
Girls enjoy field trips to Challenger Learning Centers and raising branch enthusiasm.
(mars missions), marine biology boat trips, kayaking,
canoeing and snorkeling.                                    Former 2004 Whittier camper and junior counselor
                                                            Jennifer Rios wrote a letter to Marie Wolbach, Tech Trek
More quotes from UC San Diego: “She was so surprised founding director, relating her plans.
she got to learn so much in one week of her core class
than in a regular school that takes months. She also loved “I have decided to attend the University of Redlands this
the dorm experience and liked meeting so many new fall. I am very excited about starting school and beginning
friends.”                                                   my journey to becoming a doctor. It feels almost surreal
                                                            to me. This is a big step and I will be living away from
And from a Santa Barbara Dorm mom: “I filled her my family….. I have to thank Tech Trek for pushing me
“momlessness” place so she didn’t get homesick.”            to take as many science classes as possible because, as a
                                                            result, I graduated with honors in health sciences and
It is rewarding to hear these comments from campers and took every science subject possible at my school. It totaled
their parents since producing these camps is such a huge seven science classes within four years of high school. I
effort. It could not be done without our camp directors just wanted you to be able to see an example of how much
and dorm moms, our fine teaching staff and hundreds of Tech Trek not only inspired me, but also encouraged me.
other volunteer AAUW branch members.                        Thank you again for all that you have done in creating
                                                            such a wonderful camp for girls.”
From a Stanford camper: “I get homesick sometimes but
only when I’m not busy – and with 15 hour days, I’m And this final word from a camper mother: “Please
never not busy. Love camp!”                                 share my gratitude with all of the women who made this
                                                            possible. It really has touched our family in many ways.”
Other campers’ comments: “I have learned so much
about the power we have as women.”—Sarah. “Every This compliment is for all of us, all AAUW members who
time I see a laboratory my pulse quickens. I feel like that contribute to Tech Trek in any way. We are a good team.
is where I belong”--Shaina                                  Thank you all.
California PERSPECTIVE                                                                                              7
     turn those Minuses                                       exPAnding our gLoBAL
        into PLuses!                                                 vision
         Cathy Foxhoven - Co-Program Director                     Sherry Ludwig - International Advocacy Director
AAUW CA’s New Branch Recognition Program                    Expanding our global vision means all eyes are on the U. N.
Branches throughout California are frequently               for AAUW’s mission toward global women’s empowerment.
experiencing lower membership, and fewer members are        But human rights begin at home and are then exported
willing to take leadership positions. It has, therefore,    across borders to our sisters in nations of conflict. Every
becoming increasingly more difficult to offer members       time AAUW steps forward to take a position on critical
the mission-based programs that prompted them to join       global issues, the organization’s actions are translated into
AAUW.                                                       action abroad.

How can those minuses be turned into pluses? Simply         In St. Louis, National (as it is again known), set forth and
by “Reaching Out”. Reach out to other branches and          voted on its Biennial Action Priorities, which included
like-minded organizations. Plan mission-based programs      wording to the effect that AAUW advocates support for
that include the branch nearest you and groups like         U. N. programs that address human rights and women’s
League of Women Voters (LWV), Soroptomists, Business        and girls’ concerns. To support those efforts, AAUW CA
Professional Women (BPW), or National Organization of       continues to have an International Advocacy committee to
Women (NOW) and even Toastmasters. So much can be           spearhead our organization’s efforts.
accomplished through numbers!
                                                           The AAUW CA International Advocacy committee has set
Are you having trouble sponsoring a successful EF or new goals. They are as follows.
LAF event because of declining or aging membership?           1. To provide branches with information about
Is it difficult to find chairpersons for those committees?        CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all
Reach out to another branch in planning these events.             Forms of Discrimination Against Women) and how
It will increase participation and help make your event a         to assist in its ratification.
success.                                                      2. To provide branches with information about refugee
                                                                  settlement and relocation to include micro-lending
This year, the AAUW CA Program Committee will be                  and education for women and girls.
honoring branches that have “reached out” not only to
other organizations with shared missions, but also to It is our hope that you will influence your branches to
neighboring branches that are lacking leadership.          promote programs toward increasing human rights, financial
                                                           literacy and education for women and girls globally. That is
Within the next couple months, your VP-Programs will an ambitious agenda indeed!
be receiving communications and the newly revised
“Branch Program Recognition Form”. Many branches Please share this information with your leadership to
have already planned their yearly programs but it is never expand your branch’s global vision. Networking is of vital
too late to include others. Consult your AAUW National importance to the success of AAUW CA’s mission. As your
website’s ( “Program In A Box” for creative ideas Director, I am available to help you organize your efforts
that have been developed and tested for success.           in the development of programs and activities. I am also
                                                           excited to hear about what you might have in the works.
                                                           You can reach me at
 Camp directors, state presidents, Tech Trek coordinators and others will meet in Morgan Hill during
 October to debrief 2009 and plan 2010. The branch packets for 2010 should arrive before Thanksgiv-
 ing. Branch members around the state can help make Tech Trek planning run more smoothly by read-
 ing the packet carefully, particularly the parts about how to make out checks and what to do with them.
 And please do make sure that Nancy and Carol know who will be your branch Tech Trek coordinator
 and her current contact information.
 8                                                                                         September • 2009
                                                  finAnCiAL LiterACy
                                                  Bakula Maniar - Financial Literacy Director
                               The Financial Literacy Committee is ready to roll into its second year. After
Leadership Training
                               completing a very successful first year of mission-based programming, the Financial
This year, AAUW-CA
has embarked upon an
                               Literacy Committee is ready to launch new ideas and programs. The timing was
aggressive Leadership          very appropriate due to the economic disaster in which we find ourselves; it is
Development program.           even more crucial that we pursue these programs vigorously. There is a tremendous
As an adjunct to the Job       need for this type of information, which fulfills our vision of achieving financial
Alike Training, we are         security and fitness for women and girls throughout life. We set our goals and plan
implementing leadership        of action during the leadership meeting in July at which our enthusiastic committee
development that               members shared their bold and exciting ideas.
identifies potential leaders
and works to help develop      To stay true with our convention theme of “Reaching Out,” we are planning to reach
those skills. We are also      out to the branches by providing various tools and programming ideas. Any branch
working with branches          that wants to do a financial literacy program can reach anyone on the committee
on branch analysis as a        and we will be there to help. We also would like branches to collaborate with like-
means to create greater        minded organizations so we can reach out in the communities where we live.
recruitment, retention
and programming
                               We are in the process of incorporating a few new ideas. The “Budget Challenge”
opportunities. The AAUW-
                               program for high school students was recognized both at the State level in the
CA Leadership Training
Institute will kick-off at
                               “Hall of Fame” and at the National level at “Taste of Success”. It is going to be
the 2010 Convention            introduced as an Interbranch level program. A few branches in the Los Angeles
on Friday, April 30 with       area are planning to do it together. We are also hoping to introduce “Start Smart,”
training in negotiation,       a new program for junior and senior college women that trains them to enter the
activism, leadership,          workforce so they can negotiate fair wages or salaries. We are hoping to work with
project management and         our University partners to initiate this program in California for the first time.
more. Please save the
date! If you wish to have      After talking with two of our new committee members who are recent university
a speaker, please contact      graduates, we discovered that there is real need for budget training among this
Carlynne McDonnell.            population. When they receive first professional pay check many of these women
                               have no understanding of what to do with it. How does someone negotiate for
Younger Member Initiative      rent or mortgage? How does a 401k work? What is a credit report and how does
(50 and under)                 one read the score? What type of health insurance is the best for me? In short they
August saw the official        have no practical life skills. These two new enthusiastic members have volunteered
launch of the Younger          to plan and organize a workshop at Berkeley to train their peers in just knowledge.
Member Initiative survey
period. There is still time
                               The Sacramento Branch will again present the “Money Wise Women” conference.
to be included and your
participation is important!    This is their third year and they are collaborating with many other women’s groups
Responses from the             and expect a large turnout, which tells us there is a need and hunger for this kind of
survey will help us create     programming. Details will be forthcoming on the web site.
programming to address
these needs. Let us know       The success of these programs indicates the importance of Financial Literacy for
what you think! Send           women who still earn only 78 cents for every dollar earned by a man. There are
your name and e-mail to        many Lilly Ledbetters who are running into wage and promotion discrimination            every single day. One obvious solution is developing Financial Fitness for Life
                               and the Financial Literacy Committee encourages our branches to plan programs
                               related to finance in practical life.
California PERSPECTIVE                                                                                         9
   LiLLy And wustner reseArCh And ProjeCts fund
Donna Lilly and Rita Wustner wish to thank the Del            Project. To access and apply for a Community Action
Mar-Leucadia branch, the Walnut Creek branch, the             Grant go to
Concord branch and all the individual members who             directory/community.cfm
graciously contributed to establish the Lilly and Wustner
AAUW Research and Project Fund in 2008. The good           In summary, 17 one-year grants in the range of $2000-
news is that the fund is more than fifty percent complete  $7000 were given this year and 18 two-year grants in
with approximately $40,000 toward the $75,000 goal to      the range of $5000-$10,000 were awarded this year. Six
complete the named fund.                                   of the 35 Research and Projects Grants were given to
                                                           Californians in 2008-2009 year. The total awarded this
What does the AAUW Research and Project Fund year was $259,000. We are proud that some day our
support? Established in 1972 the R & P Fund gives seed Research and Project Grant will make a difference in the
money through Community Action Grants to hundreds lives of women and girls, thanks to your thoughtfulness.
(does “hundreds” modify all the following nouns?) of
women, AAUW branches, AAUW state organizations and
local nonprofit organizations around the U. S. to advance
                                                                          Convention 2010
education and equity for women and girls. Early projects
                                                             The Convention will be held in San Ramon, CA on
focused on public interest issues, including women’s         April 30 – May 2. Guest rooms are $89/night. The
struggles to balance home and work life, the establishment   hotel is beautiful and has great amenities. Come
of women’s resource centers on college campuses, and the     and relax!
emergence of women’s political involvement in the anti-
nuclear movement.                                            Calling all vendors! Pass the word – we want lots
                                                               of vendors. The Vendor Marketplace will take
Tech Trek Science Camp for Girls, a very successful program    place on Saturday May 1, 2009 from 7 am – 5 pm.
of AAUW California, is a good example of an organization       Please forward names and e-mails to caralex@
that received a $5000 Community Action Grant in 1996. and an application will be sent.
Today with an annual budget that
exceeds $600,000 and with more
than 6,000 alums, Tech Trekkers
continue to report that their one
week experience on a California
college campus is the most
influential personal or academic
experience of their middle school
years. In the Report on the Impact
of the AAUW California Tech
Trek Science Camp for Girls 2007,
Trekkers indicated much higher
levels of science and math course
taking in their high school years
than the national average. For a
full report, go to www.aauw-ca.

Community        Action      Grants
continue to bring together AAUW
members and community groups
such as Girl Scouts, YWCA, Girls
Inc. and National Girls Collaborative      Your 2009-2010 AAUW California Board of Directors at their June retreat.
 10                                                                                           September • 2009

  the QuiCk And eAsy wAy to AMend BrAnCh ByLAws
                                          Jo Harberson - Bylaws Director

Mandatory Amendments                                      with a team or a leadership council. Maybe you want
As a result of the new bylaws adopted by the delegates    fewer committees. The branch is now free to consider
to the AAUW convention in June, 2009, each branch         alternative structures that will fit the needs of the branch
will have to make mandatory amendments to its bylaws.     in carrying out the AAUW mission.
Branch bylaws must be in conformity with the AAUW
Bylaws.                                                    If you think you might like to consider some structural
                                                           changes, the CA bylaws committee urges you to spend
The branch president should have received a memo from time assessing your needs before making changes. Create
Caroline Pickens, chair of the AAUW Bylaws Committee, a bylaws committee so that various possibilities can be
listing the seven necessary mandatory amendments. considered. In October or before there will be suggestions
Mandatory means that the president or the bylaws chair for alternative structures on the AAUW website. There is
or another officer can simply make the seven amendments no deadline for making these kinds of changes.
without submitting them to the branch membership
for a vote. If you cannot locate a copy, ask your bylaws Some branches have already begun to consider changes.
committee representative for one.                          If your branch is one of those, contact your rep for the
                                                           exact procedure to amend the bylaws when a vote of the
There is a deadline of October 31, 2009 for submitting membership is needed.
a copy of branch bylaws containing the mandatory
amendments. It’s simple – why not do it now?               The 2009-2010 AAUW CA Bylaws Committee
                                                           Jo Harberson, chair
Here’s The Procedure:                            
   •	 Update your bylaws to include the seven
       amendments. In the last line, write mandatory Carla Pancheco, districts 2, 4A and 4B
       amendments and the date.                  
   •	 Find the name and e-mail address below of the
       CA Bylaws Committee representative who acts Jan Cook, districts 7 and 8
       as a liaison to the branch. We continue to use
       district numbers. Send her by e-mail a copy of the
       amended bylaws. She will check for the mandatory Sandy Kirkpatrick, districts 1, 3A and 3B
       amendments and send you a return e-mail certifying
       that your bylaws have been updated or helping you
       with any errors or omissions.                       Donna Lilly, districts 5A, 5B and 6
   •	 When you receive the certifying e-mail, print it out
       and keep it with the branch copy of the amended
       bylaws. That’s it!
   •	 No hard copies going from branch to rep to branch              Past President’s Pin
       to office! The CA Bylaws Committee has gone                 Sterling                           Adaptable
       green!                                                       Silver                            as pendant
Possible Structural Changes                                                                                  to EF
The memo also explains that branches may have a more             Polished
flexible structure than they have been allowed to have            Pewter                                   1 3/8 in.
in the past. For example, branches no longer must have             $30                                     diameter
                                                                Please add $5.00 per order for Postage and Handling.
the seven required positions of president, program,               Allow 4 weeks for delivery and order prepaid from:
membership, finance, AAUW fundraising, public policy           AAUW Past Presidents • P.O. Box 61 • Napa, CA 94559
and communications. Maybe you want to run the branch
California PERSPECTIVE                                                                                               11
                                     CALL for CAndidAtes
                                       Karen Jackle - Nominating Committee Chair

As we move forward into the 2009-2010 AAUW CA year,               1. VITA. Use the form available on the AAUW CA
it is already time to look ahead to elections in April, 2010.        website Include your AAUW,
We need dynamic, flexible, and geographically diverse                employment, and skills information.
leaders to team together creatively. In other words, we           2. STATEMENT OF GOALS. Submit a statement of
need people like you!                                                goals not to exceed 75 words. This will be sent to
                                                                     branch presidents in the pre-convention mailing and
We need candidates to elect eight AAUW CA Directors.                 also in the convention program. The goal statement
What is an AAUW CA Director? The description is found                will also include your photo in the Winter (Pre
in Article III and IV of the 2008 state bylaws. They are             Convention) California Perspective.
available online at You must be an               3. PHOTO. Your photo may be color or black & white
AAUWCA member in good standing to qualify as a                       (it will be published in black & white). It should be
candidate. The deadline for receipt of the following documents       no smaller than 2” x 2” and no larger than 8” x 10”
from potential candidates is November 15, 2009.                      to include full head and top of shoulders. It will
                                                                     be printed no larger than 2” square, so your head
                                                                     should be centered in the frame and occupying
                                                                     half to two-thirds of the frame. Avoid distracting

 onLine BrAnCh offiCer                                               shadows on the face and distracting backgrounds.
                                                                     Digital graphics (jpg, tif, etc.) are preferred. Please
   rePort A suCCess                                                  do not send graphics within a word processing file
                                                                     (ex. MS Word).
        Harriet Tower - Communications Director
                                                                 We encourage you to submit these documents
 One of the features of our website, newly designed last
                                                                 electronically. The Vita form on the website can be
 year, is the Online Branch Officer Report. New branch
                                                                 downloaded and filled out as a MS Word document. The
 leaders’ names and contact information were entered
                                                                 goals statements can also be sent as MS Word documents
 directly into our database instead of being written on
                                                                 attached to an email. Please identify all documents with
 a form and mailed to our Office Administrator, Pamela
                                                                 your name.
                                                                 Materials should be sent to: Nominating Committee
 Outgoing (2008-09) presidents were given usernames
                                                                 Chair Karen Jackle at Or you
 and passwords to log into our website and submit
                                                                 can mail them to Karen Jackle, 18652 Florida St. #300
 their branches’ new officers. The vast majority of the
                                                                 Huntington Beach, CA 92648. If you decide to submit
 presidents experienced little or no difficulty with the
                                                                 your documents by regular US mail, please include two (2)
                                                                 copies of the Vita and goals statements. Your submission
                                                                 must be postmarked by November 15, 2009.
 From the few who had problems with the entry form,
 we have learned much about how it can be improved
                                                                 While AAUW CA is made up of many individuals, it
 for next year. Instructions will be more detailed and
                                                                 is truly more than the sum of its members. When we
 there will most likely be an alternative method available
                                                                 work together and support each other, our strength is
 for those who are unable to log in.
                                                                 multiplied. We need to take advantage of that strength to
                                                                 make an impact on our communities and to further our
 We are very pleased with the results of this new feature.
                                                                 mission. Leadership is developed through experience. If
 Thank you all for your cooperation.
                                                                 you are hesitant to seek election please notify the AAUW
                                                                 CA board and volunteer to be considered for an appointed
                                                                 position on a state committee.
 12         California PERSPECTIVE                                                                  Non-Profit
                                                                                                September •Org.2009
                                                                                                     U.S. Postage
            PO Box 160067
            Sacramento, CA 95816-0067                                                                      PAID
                                                                                                      Sacramento, CA
                                                                                                      Permit No. 1047

  rePort froM the st. Louis nAtionAL Convention
                                              Jo Turner - Riverside Branch
An amendment to the proposed Bylaws to keep the               judgment by the Supreme Court in a 5 to 4 vote. Later
educational requirement for membership in AAUW passed         Lilly sat out in the hall autographing papers and everything
by a standing vote of 477 to 360 and a multiple card count    else. She raised over $5,000.00 for the EF fund.
of 863 to 564. The Bylaws, including “one member, one
vote’ passed by 1363-36 multiple card count vote.             Representative DeLauro, who introduced the Paycheck
                                                              Fairness Act twelve years ago, took the stage to a standing
The newly elected board is: President Carolyn Garfein,        ovation and gave a rousing, motivational speech praising
Vice President Gail Nordmoe, Finance VP      Mildred          the work of AAUW. “Do not underestimate the power of
Hoffler-Foushee, Secretary      Jacqueline   Littleton,       big ideas,” she said in connection with making equal pay
Directors-at-Large:    Kathy Anthon, Marcia Capriotti,        a reality. She pointed out that members of congress are all
Kathleen Cha, Alicia Hetman, Connie Hildebrand, Patricia      paid the same – equal pay for equal work – and that should
Ho, David Kirkwood, Betsy McDowell, Linda Tozier, Krys        be the reality for everyone. She ended by reading a quote
Wulff.                                                        from her mother written in 1933, “Come on girls. Let’s
                                                              make ourselves heard.”
Ruth Sweetser called the convention to order. A beautifully
played flute rendered the National Anthem and an honor        At the Saturday night banquet, Ruth Sweetser and Linda
guard of Girl Scouts led the flag salute. After remarks by    Hall presented Ledbetter with a framed proclamation from
Sweetser and Linda Hallman, we saw a video welcome            President and Mrs. Obama and a frame filled with AAUW
message from White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett       symbols from all the states. The speaker for the banquet
who extended a special greeting from President Barack         was Jackie Speier (CA) who told of her experiences in the
Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and applauded             California Assembly and now recently in Congress fighting
AAUW’s commitment to gender equity, work-life balance,        for improvement in the lives of women.
and education.
                                                              In addition to these, there were other great speakers,
Keynote speaker Lilly Ledbetter spoke simply and effectively, informative workshops and lots of opportunity for
telling the story of her mistreatment by Goodyear, her networking with members and leaders from all over the
million dollar win in court, and the overturning of the country.

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