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					Our Goal
To be a “versatile and innovative resource”
 for the yellow pages industry throughout
 the life cycle of their customer’s accounts.
Our challenge is to “listen and learn from our clients”
how best to meet and exceed their needs and
expectations in providing credit investigation,
accounts receivable management, collection and legal
We Keep Watch
  Provide effective, results-oriented 3rd party
  collections; as well as a wide range of credit
  investigation and legal services.
  Utilizing proven investigation and collection
  methods ensures you a maximum return.
  Dual points of contact provide industry specific
  experience backed by a targeted collection team
  assigned to your accounts.
  Reporting and remittance schedules tailored to
  your needs.
Options & Results
You work hard to utilize your strengths and resources
  to improve overall performance. We provide:
   •   Credit Investigations/Pre-lending Searches
   •   Pre-collect letter series
   •   A/R Management – letters/calls
   •   Dedicated Collection Teams
   •   Asset & Liability Searches
   •   Bank Searches
   •   Managed Attorney Collections/Pre-Legal via CLLA
Credit Information
A building block for success!
   Want to make informed, critical decisions for your
   company? We provide the necessary information.
   •   Current credit and financial information
   •   Database and direct investigations
   •   Flexible report formats
   •   24-48 hour or 7-14 day turnaround options
Reporting Options
  Asset & Liability Searches
  Pre-lending Background Investigations
  Bank/Stock Searches
  Commercial Credit Reports
  Skip Traces
  Employee Screening
  Title Reports
  Pre-Deposition Investigative Reports
  Merger & Acquisition Analysis
Why Outsource?
  Expand recovery by utilizing an industry specific,
  dedicated team of professionals to represent your
  Recovery yields on YP paper via 3rd party outsourcing
  can range between 25 to 32% over a 9 month
  collection period.
  Reduce overhead costs by targeting in-house
  resources on past due accounts, rather than repeating
  efforts as the accounts continue to age.
Critical Watch
  Identify and target high exposure risk.
  Implement credit risk evaluation parameters for Sales.
  Cross reference accounts by name, address or phone
  number to identify multiple listings to group together.
  Strategic use of investigative options.
  Retain credit investigation reports with customer
  contracts or files for future reference.
  Identify overpayments or misapplied payments and
  update customer accounts.
  Develop a plan of action to get you paid first!
Together-Keeping Watch
Over What’s Yours!
 Information on the right subject, at the right time, in the right
 hands can dramatically impact the success of hiring, credit, and
 recovery processes!
Sandra Lovett-Tillman, VP-Client Development
    Donna Nevels, Sales Manager/Program
                  Tel: 1-800-283-0909 (1075/1072)
                Fax: 1-888-726-8458 or 866-761-6137
          800 CM Fagan Drive, Suite C, Hammond, LA 70403