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					                                                ROBERT STEVENS

6642 Canterbury Way                                                                      801-768-1891
Highland, UT 84003

5225 Pooks Hill Road #1711 N                                                             301-565-9119
Bethesda, Md. 20814

            Lead Programmer, Software Project Manager, User Interface/Experience Designer,
                          Inventor, Architect, and Web Marketing Expert

   Incremental Find: Now used everywhere on the Web. For example, type something in the Google edit bo x and a list
    appears. Read my history at
   WriteExpress 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters: The ult imate tool for writing letters. Sold hundreds of
   WordPerfect 5.1 Thesaurus for Windows . Remember the three scrolling list bo xes with the cool hand icon marking the
    last word you double clicked?
   Rhy m: The world’s first online rhy ming dictionary. Searches through 94,000 words and phonetic
    representations in milliseconds. Try it.

   MS, Co mputer Science Course Work co mp leted, Brigham Young University
         o Specialized in expert systems and artificial intelligence, and later co mputer graphics
   Scholarship award recip ient for network management research
    BS, Co mputer Science, Brigham Young University
   Fall 2009—Entrepreneurial Market ing 400-level course, Brigham Young University

   Brigham Young Un iversity IT Depart ment: 2004 – Present

   Develop ment Languages: Java, JSF, JSP, JavaScript, Bash/SH Shell Scripts, LAMP, Per l, PHP, ASP.NET, C, C++,
    C#, CGI, CSS, DHTM L, DOM, EJB, HTM L, Intel 80x86 Assembly, Regular Exp ressions, T-SQL, XAML, XHTM L,
    XM L. Knowledge of Adobe Action Script, AJAX, ASP.NET M VC, Flex, JQuery, Ruby on Rails, Silverlight, WPF
    and Web Services
   Methodologies: Agile, Iterative Develop ment, XP, Waterfall, Hibernate.
   Application Frameworks: J2EE, JBoss Seam, .NET Framework (2.0, 3.5), Apache Struts, Win32; Adobe Flex.
   Analysis/Design Methodologies: Object-Oriented Application Design, Ob ject-Oriented Development, Object-Oriented
    Design Patterns including M VC, Unified Modeling Language
   Databases: Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Relational Database Management Systems (RDM S).
   Cloud Co mputing: Exp loring A mazon S3, Bungee Connect, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine
   Applications: DreamWeaver, Excel, MS Office, Outlook, Pligg, PowerPoint, Visio, Word.
   Servers: Apache HTTP Server, Apache To mcat, IIS, GlassFish, JBoss AS.
   Operating Systems: DOS, Linu x, UNIX, VMware, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT
   Programming Tools: Ant, CVS, Eclipse, Ho mesite, InstallSh ield, Maven, MySQL Ad ministrator, MySQL Query
    Bro wser, NetBeans, PHPMyAdmin, PhotoShop, PuTTY, PVCS, Subversion (SVN), Visual Studio, W inDiff, W inSCP.
   E-Co mmerce: Dig ital River, PayPal, ShopSite, Yahoo! Store
   Pay-Per-Click (PPC): Google, Miva, SearchFeed, M S AdCenter, Overture (Yahoo! Search Market ing)
   Online Marketing: Entrepreneurial Market ing, Search Eng ine Optimizat ion (SEO) Expert
WRITEEXPRESS                                                                                                 2002 - Present
Lead Programmer, Architect, UI Designer, and Web Marketer
   Currently learn ing SharePo int, JQuery, C# 2010 and the .NET 4 Platform
   Created m using WordPress 3
   Team lead, researcher and subject matter expert for—a cloud-based, high-volume co mmun ity for startups,
    inventors and investors with a Blue Ocean Strategy business model.
    o Mentored three graduate student teams.
               Introduced them to Microsoft Exp ression Blend 3 and Sketch Flow to mock up user interface designs,
                  which generates XAML code for Silverlight 3.
               Interviewed stake holders, created use cases, flows, wireframes, class diagrams, Web Service,
                  requirements, and database schema diagrams. Used Visio, Word, HTM L, and Wikimed ia.
               Evaluating Google App Engine, A zure, and Amazon EC2 and S3 cloud computer platforms for scalable
                  code and database
               Researched and developed ideas and business model.
               Trained on Silverlight 3, Expression Blend 3 and WPF wh ile evaluating technologies for team.
   Researched and designed business model and user interface for - a Website for architects and home
    o Programmed using Apache Struts with M VC, Java, J2EE, JSP, JDK, JDBC, MySQL, JSTL and To mcat
    o Programmed 2nd version using JBoss Seam, J2EE, Hibernate, and JSF on JBoss AS
    o Managed a 3rd version in Ruby on Rails
    o Researched and designed UI or User Experience
    o Performed CSS Slicing and heavy modifications of CSS code
   Upgrading our WriteExp ress Yahoo! Store to the new Yahoo Ed itor. Modified custom template using RTM L. Added
    more than 1,000 down loadable stationery templates. See
   Created resume -writing services using CSS, HTM L, PHP and Yahoo! Store.
   Supervise, train and mentor staff including writers, ed itors, translators and proof readers to develop thousands of pages
    of content for Websites.
   Designed user interface and developed, Beg m, and Rhy m using CSS (Table and
    Bo x Model), HTM L, JavaScript, Linu x, Perl, PHP, and UNIX. CGI, C, C++, and XM L resulting in more than a million
    unique visitors each month and sustaining revenues.
   Used JQuery for tabs but replaced it with a s maller JavaScript solution.
   Optimized pages for search engine optimizat ion (SEO). Managed pay -per-click advertising (PPC) using Google
    AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture), Microsoft Ad Center, Miva and SearchFeed.
   Coordinated with vendors, customers, and development partners.
   Programmed WriteExp ress retail products using C, C++, InstallSh ield, XM L and Win32, which sold hundreds of
    thousands of copies online, in retail and with partner bundles.
   Developed Boo m utilizing Pligg, PHP, MySQL and HTM L.
   Evaluated ASP.NET, Adobe Flex and Action Script, JBoss Seam, PHP and Ruby on Rails
   Designed and managed content, programming and database for the Website, developed using MySQL,
    JavaScript, HTM L, CSS, Google Adsense and Ruby on Rails.
   Led team in the design of, a startup advertising system using JBoss Seam, Java, JSF, J2EE, Hibernate and
    Lucene. Mig rated customers to shortly after.
   Set up site search using Lucene and then later Google Web Search
   Admin ister Linu x Websites using Apache, Bash, PHPMyAdmin, Putty and WinSCP.
   Coordinated with box designers, editors and resellers to create retail products th at sell.
   Resurrected ASP.NET Parent/Teacher software project for BYU Tech Transfer Office. Delivered working system on
    VMWare to eager professor.

NET-ENDEAVOR.COM                                                                                                        2002
Software Developer
   Developed ASP.NET controls in survey software for client KPM G at startup using ASP.NET and
    C#, DOM, DHTM L, CSS, HTM L and JavaScript.

COGITO                                                                                                          2001 - 2002
Senior Software Developer
   Redesigned and programmed the graphical user interface (GUI) for Cogito in C++ and Win32. Cogito is a cognitive
    database that produces graphical views of co mplex data (see Cog
   Programmed a Scalab le Vector Graphics (SVG) file expo rt.

NOVELL                                                                                                   1999 - 2000
Sr. Developer/Technical Lead
   Merged Netscape Enterprise Web Service and iPlanet Code into Novell's Port. Intensive understanding of the HTTP,
    C, and C++ code resulted in pro motion to technical lead. Used mu lti-threading and kernel debugger.

INSTALLSHIELD, NETSCHOOLS, IMALL, WORDCRUNCHER and BRODERBUND                                            1997 - 2000
Software Developer/Configuration Manager
   Programmed in C, C++ and Win32, Oracle and P HP
   Built installations using InstallShield
   Developed search engine strategies for WordCruncher, a search engine company

WRITEEXPRESS                                                                                             1995 - 1997
Founder, Software Developer
   Created a new retail product fro m scratch named Easy Letters. Programmed Easy Letters and using C and Win32, and
    its installation using InstallShield.
   Managed more than thirty writers.

WORDPERFECT                                                                                              1987 - 1995
Sr. Programmer/Technical Lead
   Programmed on highly v isible teams on WordPerfect and WordPerfect Office Products (now GroupWise) in Assembly
    Language, C and C++ during period of 1,300% co mpany sales growth.

—Programmed entire Web site using PHP, HTM L, CSS, JavaScript, Eco mmerce (Yahoo! Store,
    ShopSite, and Digital River), Google Analytics and AdWords, and more than 1,000 pages of content in English and
    Spanish. WriteExpress is one of the most successful, longest-lasting, content-based e-commerce sites on the Web.
   BeginTo & Read—Hooked on Phonics competitor written in HTM L, CSS & PHP.
   Rhy m &—Bu ilt with CGI, HTM L, CSS, Google AdSense
—Built with Ruby on Rails, HTM L, CSS, Google AdSense
   Boo m—Bu ilt using WordPress 3. Previous version was a s ocial bookmarking site using Pligg, PHP, MySQL,
    HTM L and CSS
—Programmed an HTM L/ CSS design without using tables.
—experimented with a CSS grid design, fixed width, fluid, and elastic layouts. Shelved because Google
    AdWords will not let us advertise competing Websites owned by the same co mpany.
 m—Struts with M VC, Java, MySQL; Later JBoss Seam, Hibernate; 3rd Version in Ruby on Rails.
    Shelved until we re -program it for the cloud.

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